She cried,Tu Shanming laughed,But Liu Wenzhang was so sad。

Ok!Drinking,Drank the little girl and cried,If the princess knew,I don’t know what to think of us yet!
Liu Wenzhang sighed in his heart,But patiently persuaded:“Miss Xiaojuan,Don’t cry!Don’t drink it?”
“Who said I can’t drink anymore?I want to drink!Mother, I just feel aggrieved,Drink if you want,Cry if you want!Which onion are you,Can you control it??”Xiaojuan girl with sharp teeth,Liu Wenzhang was speechless。
Tu Shanming laughed loudly:“Then drink!Happy to drink!Think about the unhappy things?”
Liu Wenzhang sees Miss Xiaojuan still drinking,Had to reach out,Snatched the wine bowl from her,Shen Sheng:“enough!You drink too much!”
Miss Xiaojuan squinted her eyes slightly,Like a lazy cat,Blinked,Chuckle:“what happened?I’m not happy!give me!”
Talk about it,Miss Xiaojuan has to lean over,Go grab the wine bowl in Liu Wenzhang’s hand。
In a hurry,Liu Wenzhang raised his neck directly,I drank all the wine in the girl’s bowl。
His action,Really hard to the extreme,But in the eyes of others,Except for being hard,It’s a bit more of a spin。
Xiaojuan also shook her body slightly,Actually stabilized my figure,Staring at him。
Liu Wenzhang is drinking,Smiled sadly:“you are not happy?Can you make me unhappy?”
“What happened to you?What’s unhappy,It feels better to say it out!”Xiaojuan suddenly became a lot quieter,Soft channel。
“Yes!What’s unhappy,Say it and make us happy!”At this moment,A slightly hoarse voice suddenly appeared at the table。
It turned out to be Huang Shaotian,This beautiful swordsman did not know when he entered the hall,Maybe he came in with the smell of wine,She sat opposite Liu Wenzhang with a calm face,Lightly。
Liu Wenzhang shook his head and smiled bitterly,Unwilling to speak。
“Speak!We are companions,Something to say,We will help you!If we can’t help you,And him!”Huang Shaotian’s eyes stay on the desktop,Say word by word。
“Yes indeed!Tell me!Anxious!Don’t say it,How to drink this wine?”Girl Xiaojuan drunk her eyes slightly,Said angrily。