At this moment,Lu Menglin held his head high,Strode to the podium。

All the classmates suddenly got a nest,I didn’t expect him to go up,This kid ate the bear heart and leopard gall,Still not awake?
Lu Menglin no longer pays attention to the surprised eyes around,Attention,No distraction,Grabbed the chalk,Written on the blackboard。
rustle,Sha Sha Sha!
A line of beautiful writing on the blackboard flows out of Lu Menglin’s chalk tip,Soon it filled the small half of the blackboard。
The classroom suddenly became silent,Horribly quiet。
Including Old Monster Liu,Everyone is dumbfounded。
This,How can this be?
Isn’t this a dream?!
Someone twisted his arm hard,Open mouth,Staring at the thin but powerful back on the podium with disbelief。
All houses are annihilated
All prosperity disappeared
The sea is overwhelming,The sea is boundless
What’s left today,Only one leaf boat,Go with the flow
How sad you will be tomorrow……
A total of five English-Chinese poems,All in front of the class,Neat and powerful handwriting,At least better than Old Monster Liu’s words。
The classmates with the best English scores all made a fuss。
Because the first two sentences written by Lu Menglin,Almost exactly the same as their standard answer,It’s just that the expression is more Chinese。
And then a few sentences,Although it is somewhat different from the translation in the English dictionary,But there are still similarities,Very worthy of scrutiny。
at least,It’s not like Lu Menglin’s English ability,It’s just like a dream。