Lin Yoona shook her head again,What’s wrong with myself,Why are you thinking about husband and wife again?。

Speechless all the way,Lin Yoona never felt that the journey to the company was so long,If you don’t get off,She feels embarrassed。
Take a sneak peek at Xiao Fan,This smelly man,really,Still dead,I look like this,He’s still like a okay person。
Okay,Soon,The two arrived at the company。
After the car is parked,Xiao Fan came to her office with Lin Yoona。
Although it is not time to go to work,But when the two arrived at the office,Lin Yuner’s secretary Xia Qing is already waiting at the door of Lin Yuner’s office,Xia Qing is also in her twenties,Wearing one at this timeOLuniform,Pure appearance,Plus the proud figure,Very eye-catching,She has just graduated from graduate school for one year,I came to Lin Yoona’s company。
When Xia Qing saw Lin Yuner brought a man to her office,I was shocked,Because in her impression,President Lin has never brought a man to the company,After all, she is very cold。
And Xia Qing saw that the man in front of him was dressed in ordinary,But his temperament is very unusual。
You know that Lin Yoona is from a very good family,Is the only daughter of the Lin family,And he looks very beautiful,So no matter where you stand,Lin Yoona is the brightest one in the crowd。
So many people are chasing Lin Yoona,Especially Fang Zixuan is the most violent。
But since the Fang’s accident happened some time ago,There is no other man next to Lin Yoona.。
And today there are more than men,Lin Yuna personally brought it to the company,So Xia Qing was curious about this man。