Work for a while,The eight-spear spiders who were just looking at each other actually stood in order,And there is one on the surrounding stone pillars。
Then their heads turned upright,Under the gaze of the two of them, the other party collectively started spinning。
What do they want?
The black thread goes straight to the sky,Countless roots appear at the same time,Make the scene at this moment extremely spectacular。
The black rushing to the sky reached a very high altitude,Start to stretch around,Gradually a piece of black appeared in the sky。
“not good!”
Too late to explain,Xia Chenglong’s body has gone towards the sky,Zanglong waved a gorgeous flame in his hand,Mixed with a strong fire attribute aura, cut a sword。
When the sword light soars into the sky,A piece of black quickly condensed in the sky above him,and“Windfall”’S power was actually blocked by those black threads。
even-No ripples appeared!
The body catches the momentum and rotates to one side,Then he swung the same sword in another clearing,Such a perfect move and shot,It didn’t play any role。
After shooting another sword,Wherever the sword light went, a piece of black appeared again,Directly block the sword light。
“No way,It must be destroyed before it is fully formed。”
Xia Chenglong made up his mind,I don’t know if I can use that trick without the Xiaotian Sword,But this is probably the only chance。