Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Three Rich and poor2
The old lady who sells tea eggs carefully observes Li Tianzi,It’s like packing tea eggs,I’m afraid that my hand will touch the tea eggs, causing Li Tianzi’s disgust and reducing my income,The old man watched Li Tianzi carefully and asked,Uneasy in the eyes,Also pray。
Li Tianzi couldn’t help feeling a little funny,I will bargain for a tea egg,But will never change the deal you have made。
The development plot is slightly off,Fortunately, it is not too biased,Still under Li Tianzi’s control。
Smile and don’t say anything,Just handed out a hundred yuan bill to the old woman who sold tea eggs。
“Find money, grandma!”
Li Tianzi’s eyes are proud,Also has a taste of success。
Standing opposite the old man,The handsome figure makes many passing men look sideways。
The old woman who sells tea eggs has made trouble again。
The stone dust in my heart settled,This big business is finally done,But this one hundred dollar bill,How can I get change by myself??