In other words,When others are busy with relatives,Xia Jian can also take a break at home。He is lying on his bed,Staring at the roof。

starting today,Xia Jian has to change his way of life。Should take care of,Should also take care of。He can be regarded as someone supervised。Thought of here,Xia Jian suddenly panicked。Are you afraid of getting married?
Just at this time,I only heard the door bang when I was pushed open。Then came the voice of Chen Erniu:“This car parked at the entrance of the village,Isn’t he going to Ma Yan’s house again?!”
First2291chapter Someone is in charge
Xia Jian heard Chen Erniu’s voice,Hurriedly got up to welcome out。I saw Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu coming。Holding a salute in one hand,The other is holding a plastic bag,It’s all filled with tickets。
Xia Jian patted his forehead,He just remembered。Today is the third grade,They said they were going to burn paper on Zhao Hong’s grave,By the way, put it at Xia Jian’s house,Zhao Hong’s tablets are also burned。
Xia Jian hesitated,A bit clueless。Chen Erniu said nothing,Got a big snakeskin bag,An ancient tablet of Zhao Hong,And her picture,Stuffed into a snakeskin bag。
Then he said to Xiajian:“Open the window,Auntie said,This room will be the guest room from now on,No more paper burning”Xia Jian just understood。All this was originally arranged by the fuck,Otherwise Chen Erniu won’t be so caring。
Zhao Hong’s tomb is behind the vegetable growing shed in Xiping Village。Because people often come to clean up,So her grave is round and full,There is not even a weed on it。
The pines and cypresses planted on both sides of the tomb have grown lush,Feel like standing in two rows。Breeze blowing,Pine and cypress branches move slightly,Seems to be beckoning to them。
First incense,Some wax,Then burn the Ming ticket。Wait for the fire to burn,Chen Erniu put Zhao Hong’s wooden tablet on the fire,The flame burst out。
“Blast!”With Chen Erniu’s command。Xia Sanhu who was ready,So he lit the big salute he brought。With the deafening cannon sound,Xia Jian’s heart also feels soaring。
They burned a lot of paper tickets for Zhao Hong,Xia Jian looked blank during the whole process。He doesn’t know if it’s useful to burn these,But he knew very well,This is everyone’s heart。
When returning from Zhao Hong’s grave,Night has come,The last round of salute sounded in the village。After tonight,There will be fewer and fewer people shooting,Means that the Spring Festival is over。
Sun Yuejuan coming back from Ma Yan’s house,Happy face。Not to mention the achievements of Xia Ze,His dark face is slightly red,And when I saw Xia Jian,And smiled at him。
“Yo!This is two drinks!”Xia Jian sees his father so happy,He’s not good at making him happy。So he sat down on the sofa opposite him。
Xia Zecheng shook his head first,Then he laughed:“Not bad!I have little contact with your father-in-law,I didn’t expect we met today,I feel very angry。He is a bold man,And I am a refreshing person,This marriage is paired”
“Your dad!Everything is good。After two drinks,Started talking nonsense,Can’t stop it”Sun Yuejuan complained a little。
Xia Zecheng was not happy to hear it,He stared and shouted“You old lady,Tell your son right after he comes back。What is nonsense,Am I not telling the truth?”