“Chengyu was small before,Don’t understand the difficulties of uncles and aunts,Now his ideas will naturally change,In his heart,Mom and Dad are the most important,Auntie, don’t be sad。”

“Auntie is not sad,Just a little bit emotional,Chengyu is very sensible now,I can listen to different opinions,My father and I are very pleased。”
AThe only relative in the city is gone,He still refuses to go home,Mr. Zhou and Mrs. Zhou don’t understand,Learned he was for a woman,So I don’t force him to come back anymore。
Who knows that when I come back, I call for help,Although it was framed,But the problem still lies with him,No matter how annoyed, we must solve the problem first,Must be handled,There will be no difference in the future。
I’m not happy,It’s misfortune for my son to be calculated,So lucky to go home,Years of exercise,His ability and courage have greatly improved,Can take over the company,The credit for all this is Yang Liu,Mrs. Zhou can’t figure out whether she should be gratified or sad。
Yang Liu didn’t know what Mrs. Zhou was thinking,Since having a child,Deeply understand the difficulty of being a parent,In the dead of night,She will reflect on what she has done over the years,To the father who has always loved her,Repay a deep guilt。
Turn around and hug Mrs. Zhou,Comforting softly in her ear,“Aunt,Don’t be sad,Everyone’s fate is arranged by heaven,Even if you want to compete, you can’t compete。no matter what happens,Are all destined,so,Don’t always think about the past,You and Chengyu are mother and son,This is an unchangeable fact,I didn’t see that he was not kissing you,It’s just that men are restrained,It’s not like we women cry when they want to cry,You have to believe,He is the person who loves you most in this world。”
Destined?Mrs. Zhou wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes,Looking at willow incredulously,Such a young girl,How can you have the mentality of an old man?
Yangliu naturally saw what she thought,Can’t help nodding,My mood is indeed much older,“Aunt,Although Chengyu has suffered a lot,,But his efforts and achievements it’s the same,If not……
Mrs. Zhou sees her stuck,Knowing that she remembered the unpleasant things again,Quickly turn off the topic,“Yiyi,Come and taste,I made this ribs corn soup,Have been cooking for an afternoon,The ribs are so crispy,Corn is sweet and soft,Zhou Zhou likes it the most,I’ll serve it alone for him later,If we don’t like it, add some salt.。”
Mr. Zhou and Mrs. Zhou are so kind to their mother and child,She and Chengyu are friends,It’s normal for a friend to have two ribs,I didn’t expect such a generous return in exchange for。
Yangliu’s eye circles are red,“Aunt,You are so good to us,I don’t know how to thank you。”
Mrs. Zhou gave her an unhappy look,Feint:“What are you talking about?When you and your mom wanted to sell the house to save Chengyu,Ever wanted to repay?I’ll say this later,Auntie is going to be angry。”
Mr. Zhou didn’t know when he came,Hear my wife’s words,Very agree,“Yiyi,These years,Haven’t you considered us as a family??”
Yangliu didn’t mean that,Just about to explain,Was interrupted again,“You helped us Chengyu before,Still helping him,This is between you,We have no right to intervene,Zhouzhou,”
Zhou Zilin hugged Xiaodoudinger who was following,Looked at with a smile,“Zhouzhou is our grandson,Bring countless joy to our old couple,Just by this,You don’t have to be grateful。”
Continent where people look the most,Immediately kiss Zhou Zilin on the face,“Zhouzhou loves grandpa the most。”
See grandpa wink,Xiaodoudinger understands,Turn your head and look at grandma,“Zhouzhou loves grandma the most。”Thought for a while,Added:“Zhou Zhou loves his mother the most,I love uncle the most。”
names not listed in order,There is no favoritism,The family is his favorite。

“village head,I have to take my brother to the patriarch’s house,Don’t he have a few treasures in his house??Brother is fair,Sell him best。”

The village chief waved his hand:“then you go!Xiao Hu is indeed a real person,There is nothing wrong with selling things to him。”
A pair of stone lions,Just give one million,I believe that other antique buyers can’t give it,Can give one hundred thousand,I’m afraid it’s all found by conscience。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Nine Get angry
When Hu Yang rushed to the house of the so-called patriarch,Found that there are still people left,Bargaining,Has given up to half a million。
No wonder,The host didn’t drive this person away,Give to 500,000,Is already rare,At least it seems sincere to the villagers?
The villagers who brought Populus and the others are a bit embarrassed,Said it is only sold to Populus,But found that there are still people left,Look at this posture,If Populus and they don’t come,Maybe it’s already a deal。
“All 500,000 is not enough。”A middle-aged man shook his head and said。
Hall,The oldest old man did not speak,Quietly watching these people talk about prices,Not involved,Doesn’t seem to care too much。
Some people have questions in the live broadcast room,Many older generations,Heirlooms are rarely sold,Feel shameless。But this village,Doesn’t seem to be the case。
They ignored,The source of these items,Strictly,These are loot,Not created by my ancestors,So I didn’t insist on saying that what I uploaded cannot be sold。
Hu Yang, they listened:All 500,000?
They look over,There are seven or eight objects on the table,Most gold and silverware,Almost all ancient women’s jewelry,Put them in a three-layer box。
In the eyes of rural people,Gold and silverware must be more valuable than ordinary things。Give all 500,000,A little dissatisfied。
Just say go to the gold shop to buy gold bracelets,Slightly larger,Tens of thousands!Tens of thousands are not in the minority,Not to mention antiques。

“Sister Bai,I didn’t expect you to think so,I still think I can help you by your side。”

“I have nothing to fear like this,I didn’t expect you to let me design it,I have to learn well。”
“I don’t want to disappoint Xiao Fan,I don’t want to disappoint those who trust me。”
“Your school is for children who can’t afford to go to have a place to go,Never let them down。”
“Sister Bai,Look here and here,These designs are mainly not too different from our teaching building。”
“Because our teaching building has only three floors,So the design should be quite relatively simple, right??”
“Yes。So there are only three floors,That is not bad,Because what we design is that the school does not have much to do with the usual household design。”
“School design words,The whole class,Occasionally, a few will differ from others,The internal structure of the class should be similar。”
“So you don’t have to worry too much about me anyway, I’ll help you,If you have a mistake or a bad job, I will naturally point it out to you,Do not worry。”
Lin Yoona is still under great pressure,Although Xiao Fan,Baiqi has already said so,But she is still scared。
But it doesn’t matter,What should come is always coming,I will be involved in the design of the teaching building soon,Why is he still afraid?,I have to rely on him!
She has to work hard with Bai Qi,They are in the office,A piece of data studying architectural design。
The second design department just started work,The workload at this time is not very large,Their new products for the new season have already begun production。
So the design of the design department in the next season,Is slowly going on,No need to worry,their job,Not too much。
so,Baiqi and Lin Yuan, the two talents, can have enough time to study the design of the teaching building。
In Xiao Fan’s office,Xiao Fan sat alone at the desk in a daze。
Lin Yun spent a week in his office before,Work with her every day。Suddenly Lin Yoona is back to Design Part 2,He still feels a little uncomfortable。

Several people drove back to Yunshi,Xiao Fan kept holding Lin Yoona’s hand while driving,The two said nothing,But it just feels very solid,Because of being around,Because not leaving,Because of mutual trust。

Xiao Fan knew someone wanted a necklace,But no one really has the ability to take the necklace from him,No one can hurt Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan is not worried about these people,He will not let anyone hurt him easily now。
Gu Jin called Xiao Fan yesterday,Said Xiaonian Gao missed him,I might go to see Xiao Fan these days,Xiao Fan smiled helplessly,I missed him after only a few days away。
Xiao Fan asked Xiaonian Gao to answer the phone,The small nian gao babbled at the other end called Uncle Xiao Fan,Listening to his little milk voice, Xiao Fan felt that he missed him a little,Just tell Gu Jin and the others to be careful on the way。
Xiao Nian Gao knew that he could see Uncle Xiao Fan again,So very happy,Gu Jin pretended to be angry and said that he liked Uncle Xiao Fan more than Dad。Little nian gao seems to understand,Put a kiss on Gu Jin’s face。
Gu Jin couldn’t get angry right away,no way,Who makes this kid so smart and cute。Bai Chen will also go this time,After all, Gu Jin can’t bring a child by herself。
Su Ran told Shen Lin to let him take over the new base.,Be careful about everything,Shen Lin touched her head and said she was a small housekeeper,Su Ran smiled and wanted to hit him。
In fact, little trouble in life is the simplest happiness,Like Su Ran and Shen Lin,Although the two are young,But there are so many things we experienced together,Although not so romantic,But there is a real sense of happiness。
Yiming had a great time at Greenwood Villa this time,Now the base is well managed,The company is operating normally,Boss Xiao Fan is back,He thinks his life is complete,Besides being a single dog。
But what Yiming doesn’t know is,I’m about to meet true love soon,I’ll be single soon,Our Yiming life is really a complete success。But he still has to work for Xiao Fanxiao’s boss。
But for Yiming,Helping Xiao Fan is his most successful place,This is unconditional support,No matter what, Xiao Fan has a diehard fan of Yiming。Loyalty。
Why do you feel so comfortable,Because someone supports you unconditionally,This sentence is most suitable for Xiao Fan,But actually the good is mutual,Xiao Fan is also good to Yiming。
Yiming is backcbase,Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner returned to Lin’s house,Shen Lin sends Su Ran backAbase,Then go to the new base,The new base is called the new base without a code。This is also special。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner returned to the Lin family,When I went back, Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng were sitting in the living room and chatting,Saw them back,Happy to let them sit down and rest。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona sat down,Two people are as loving as before,Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng looked happy,Nothing is more important than the happiness of your daughter。
Xiao Fan feels tolerated by everyone,Lin Yuner thinks Xiao Fan tolerated her,Therefore,The relationship between two people is so good,I always feel that the other person treats me better。

This damn Xiao Fan,Wouldn’t you say it well if you are good??

When I heard the first half of what he said,Still very happy。
But I have to add the last sentence,I don’t even have a good mood at all。
So after Lin Yoona gave Xiao Fan a stern look,Just coldly snort,Then he turned his face out of the window。
Don’t look at that pesky,It will only increase your worries。
Enjoy the beauty on this road for yourself!
To say this provincial city,Actually, Lin Yoona has never been here。
I just came here while discussing business.。
And Lin Yoona still remembers,Every time I talk to people in the provincial capital,People will ask themselves,Is it related to the Lin family in the provincial capital?。
And Lin Yoona has always been a very strong person,So every time someone asks this,She will tell them very firmly,Lin Yuner has nothing to do with the Lin family in the provincial capital。
She only belongs to the Lin family in Yun City。
Lin Yuner is very aware of the influence of the Lin family in the provincial capital,If I say she is from the Lin family in the provincial capital,So many of her businesses,Will do a lot easier。
But she doesn’t want,She is not willing。
Lin Family Home,Lin Yoona has never been there once。
Now I’m getting closer and closer to the destination,Lin Yoona’s mood becomes more upset。
Even if she is now enjoying the beauty outside the window。
“You are worried about the Lin family in the provincial capital?”Xiao Fan suddenly asked。
After Lin Yoona heard the sudden voice,Also turned his head immediately。

Really unexpected,This fat guy has directly broken through the third rank,Something。

Wait for the other person to open their eyes,Feel the change in one’s realm,I can’t smile already。
Harvest a piece of black silk soft armor that can resist the attack of the gods,Will be upgraded to third grade,This kind of harvest is already extremely satisfying。
“Long brother,How!”
“That is,Don’t look at my business chart……Who is his eldest brother?”
There is no need to stay here anymore,The last thing Xia Chenglong did was to re-seal the caves。
There is nothing good in it,It’s the home of pure Jian Chen,He wants to keep it peaceful forever。
“Long brother,Where do we go next?”
“Let’s go up first!”
“Go up,It’s not easy,Me one……”
Shang Tutu smashed the space jade slip in his hand,However, one thing that is very embarrassing is,Space jade slip doesn’t work。
The magnetic field here is not so simple,This space jade slip is useless。
So when I thought of climbing up step by step,Thinking of their experience when they fell,Some people just crash。

Shen Yan’s face became more and more excited,Hands grabbed her shoulders involuntarily,Look at her hard with a pair of eyes。

He really can’t understand,I haven’t seen her in the past week,Why did things suddenly become like this。
“Calm down。”
Wu Xiaorou struggled to free his hands,Walk to the window,Rubbed the sore shoulder,Watching him continue:“Nothing happened,I just don’t want to get married now。”
Try to keep a calm tone and finish these words,Wu Xiaorou looked at Shen Yan who was still standing by,Some unbearable eyes。
After all, I took up the body of his sweetheart,I still want to be a scum,To corrupt her image in his heart。
“Since you don’t want to get married,Why do you still say those things to me?
Are you playing with me?”
Shen Yan looked at Wu Xiaorou in despair,Still can’t believe she will say those words。
“No,I never played with you,The words used to be true。”
Wu Xiaorou dare not look into his eyes,Look down at your toe,Keep saying:“It’s just that I really don’t want to get married now,Sorry,Shen Yan。”
Some words,Actually Wu Xiaorou really wants to say it,But it came out,Will Shen Yan believe it??
After all, she is still standing here alive,But find a suitable reason,She can’t find it,I can only say that sentence repeatedly。
“Shen Yan,You calm down,perhaps,We really don’t fit。
I know you are a good person,but,I don’t want to,I really can’t marry you。”
Didn’t wait for Shen Yan to answer,Wu Xiaorou continued。
Having said this,She quickly took advantage of Shen Yan’s unresponsiveness,Left his house in a hurry,Ran towards grandma’s house。
“perhaps,I’m really not a qualified scum,I can only send you a good person card。”
Out the door,Wu Xiaorou said。

The peso exchange rate dropped sharply in three days42.17%,Mexico’s entire financial market is in chaos,The entire world economy was hit hard!

This is the famous Mexican financial crisis in history!
of course,This is something。
Clean the battlefield,Qiao Tianyu and Rubin bid farewell to Mr. Dawson and George,Can’t wait to rush to the hospital。
Lily, who was just rescued, has been sent to the hospital for examination,Qiao Tianyu wants to know if Sato Junji embarrassed her。
Qiao Tianyu swears secretly,If Sato Junji dared to touch her,,This time I must understand the rest of that dog day!
Fortunately, it was a false alarm,Lily was only under house arrest by Junji Sato in an apartment,Didn’t hurt。
When she saw that it was Dad here,Happy to have to kiss and hug high。
“This guy,Act like!”Qiao Tianyu smiled knowingly。
In the last life, Qiao Tianyu didn’t know that Lily’s acting was so good,There is no sense of disobedience to the mentally retarded child,Also absolutely。
And even more so,The girl was imprisoned and not only suffered no harm in the past few days,On the contrary, it is more white, tender, delicate and shiny,It seems she has enjoyed it these days。
To prevent repeating the same mistakes,Rubin spends heavily to ask security company to send bodyguards to protect his daughter day and night,No more problems!
Ok,You can play in the rich city!
Nervous for days,Qiao Tianyu is already exhausted physically and mentally,After making sure that Lily is fine,Qiao Tianyu returned to the apartment,Sleep before bathing。
This sleep can be described as dimly sleeping,Impermanence,I slept until noon the next day,Finally, I was awakened by the chubby face who returned from China。
“Lazy pig!get up!get up!Get up soon!”
The chubby face after returning seems very happy,Abruptly dragged Qiao Tianyu who was sleeping,Qiao Tianyu short-circuited for a long time。
“What’s so happy?”Qiao Tianyu asked, rubbing his eyes in a daze。
“About Qiao Yuanshan,Figured it out!”The excitement of the chubby face is beyond words。
“Really?”Qiao Tianyu jumped up when he heard it,The sleepiness just disappeared。

Lin Yoona shook her head again,What’s wrong with myself,Why are you thinking about husband and wife again?。

Speechless all the way,Lin Yoona never felt that the journey to the company was so long,If you don’t get off,She feels embarrassed。
Take a sneak peek at Xiao Fan,This smelly man,really,Still dead,I look like this,He’s still like a okay person。
Okay,Soon,The two arrived at the company。
After the car is parked,Xiao Fan came to her office with Lin Yoona。
Although it is not time to go to work,But when the two arrived at the office,Lin Yuner’s secretary Xia Qing is already waiting at the door of Lin Yuner’s office,Xia Qing is also in her twenties,Wearing one at this timeOLuniform,Pure appearance,Plus the proud figure,Very eye-catching,She has just graduated from graduate school for one year,I came to Lin Yoona’s company。
When Xia Qing saw Lin Yuner brought a man to her office,I was shocked,Because in her impression,President Lin has never brought a man to the company,After all, she is very cold。
And Xia Qing saw that the man in front of him was dressed in ordinary,But his temperament is very unusual。
You know that Lin Yoona is from a very good family,Is the only daughter of the Lin family,And he looks very beautiful,So no matter where you stand,Lin Yoona is the brightest one in the crowd。
So many people are chasing Lin Yoona,Especially Fang Zixuan is the most violent。
But since the Fang’s accident happened some time ago,There is no other man next to Lin Yoona.。
And today there are more than men,Lin Yuna personally brought it to the company,So Xia Qing was curious about this man。

What else does he say,But was interrupted by that person again,“Qi Yue,What did you call me just now?”

The other party seems to pause,Just whispered:“Yanzhi……”
Then it seemed to say something,Huo Rongxuan and they can’t hear them too far away。
At this moment, Shen Han suddenly told him:“Today the tutor asked me to talk,Said he wanted to accept me as his graduate student。”
Huo Rongxuan couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard this,But think again,I have been waiting for four years,Two more years is nothing。
It’s just that there is something wrong in my heart,Just when he adjusted his mood and just wanted to say something,But I heard Shen Han tell him:“I refused。”
Huo Rongxuan was really surprised,He can tell how much Shen Han likes the current school,Can’t help but be surprised:“how?”
He thought Shen Han had other favorite mentors or schools,But I didn’t expect Shen Han to tell him:“I want to go back to my country。”
He paused,Awkwardly explain:“I want to go home after graduation,be with you。”
At this moment,The clock on the square struck a few times,Tossing all night,It’s already past twelve by this time。Calculate according to domestic days,This day happens to be the time of New Year’s Eve。
This day has no special meaning to Westerners,On their side, only Huo Rongxuan and Shen Han stopped suddenly。
Austria is a bit cold at night,Huo Rongxuan first stretched out his hand to tighten the collar of Shen Han’s coat,Just squeezed his cheek,Seeing that kid still looked at himself with a silly look,He had no choice but to give the other party a New Year’s greetings first:“Shen Han,happy New Year。”