[Can pregnant women drink mung bean soup]_Mung bean soup_Pregnant women_Can you drink

[Can pregnant women drink mung bean soup]_Mung bean soup_Pregnant women_Can you drink

Mung bean soup is a good way to clear heat and relieve heat in summer, and not everyone is suitable for drinking mung bean soup.

Many pregnant women do not know if they can drink mung bean soup when they are pregnant.

For pregnant women, diet needs special attention. Mung bean soup can be drunk properly, but it is best to be warm.


Mung bean soup is the summer food of choice for many people. Drinking mung bean soup in the middle of summer is cool and delicious to prevent heat.

Mung beans contain lysine, an amino acid essential for humans.

It is an important raw material for the synthesis of protein, which can improve the utilization rate of protein, thereby improving appetite and digestive function.

It can promote development, improve intelligence, increase height, and gain weight, so it is called nutritional amino acid.

Pregnant women who drink a little mung bean soup in summer are good for themselves and their babies.


Mung beans also contain starch, trace, protein, multivitamins, and zinc, calcium and other minerals.

Traditional medicine believes that: mung bean has a sweet and cold taste, is nontoxic, has heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, relieves heat and quenches thirst, replenishes water and swells, repels eyesight, and has the effect of skin beauty.

Therefore, for pregnant women, drinking mung bean soup can both reduce fire and remove fetal poisons, and also help resolve constipation during pregnancy.

From these aspects, pregnant women can drink mung bean soup.


Pregnant women can drink a small amount, but it is not suitable for long-term drinking. Mung beans are yin, which is not suitable for those who have a cold and weak spleen.

Pregnant women can drink mung bean soup, but don’t put too much sugar.

When cooking mung beans, you can add some red beans and dates to cook together, which can nourish qi and nourish blood. In addition, red adzuki soup can diuretic and eliminate leg swelling in the third trimester.

Do not put too much sugar in the mung bean soup to prevent pregnancy-induced hyperglycemia.