Also at this moment,Zhao Feng has an inexplicable impulse in his heart,Eager to shoot an arrow in person,Not in conscious space,But in reality,I really shoot an arrow with a crossbow in my hand,Don’t care if you hit the target。

“Put it down,But don’t just throw it away,Slowly let the bowstring return to its original shape,Feel where the power comes from,Where did it disappear again……”
Follow Tantai Diabolo’s instructions,Zhao Feng begins to let go,But when the string is played, it consumes more energy,Causing the muscles of the right arm to tighten instantly,The elbow even trembles slightly because the force reaches its limit,Zhao Feng didn’t even have time to feel where the power went,Was brought to the half-string position by the bowstring,And then return to the initial state。
“Ha ha,It’s hard……Are you still going to give up?”Tantai Diabolo smiled,If Zhuang Chongyang was there,I’m afraid I might think I saw an illusion,His old friend has not smiled since his wife passed away。
“Really hard,but,I have confidence!Thank you senior for your guidance!”Zhao Feng hurries to thank you。
“Ok,Since you want to continue learning,I have to rearrange your homework as a teacher……You are right-handed?”Tantai Diabolo’s claim to Zhao Feng changed,It can be seen that Zhao Feng has been regarded as an official disciple。
“The first thing,You from now on,You can only pull the bowstring with your left hand!”
“Second thing,Since today,No matter how strong your impulse,Before getting permission to be a teacher,Forbid you to take the arrow!”Tantai Diabolo quickly recovered its former indifference,Said sternly。
“This……”Zhao Feng was stunned,He just thought about finding a chance to experience the real feeling of archery。
“how?You can’t do it?”
“Is not……Disciple lead!”Zhao Fengyi gritted his teeth,Agreed。
“Ok,The original homework of drawing a full bow 500 times a day for seven days,Also change……You practice for a month first,One month later,Based on your achievements,Decide whether to let you fight……You go。”Tantai Diabolo nodded,Wave your hand,Then turned back to the bamboo house。