So-called fierce land,Refers to the place where the beasts gather。The fierce beasts are as weak as ordinary humans,The strong ones are comparable to warriors,Grandmaster martial artist and even warrior master martial artist have。

Shenwu Continent,In fact, there are stars、Constant star、Cosmic argument,But what most people call is the honorific title。
Star rating,Just ordinary people in Shenwu Continent,Normal people can reach planetary level three or four in adulthood,As long as you reach the seventh level,The strength is obviously stronger than ordinary people,Quasi-warrior。
Constant star,Martial Artist。
Universe,Great Warrior。
As for the domain master,Is respected as a master warrior。
As for the master class?Li Ming is not clear,
As for the spiritual teacher?Generally not mentioned separately,After all, the spiritual teacher also needs the corresponding martial artist level。
In Shenwu Continent,The title of warrior is quite solemn,A bit similar to the earth in the base city period。
Any warrior,Are considered privileged,And the great warrior is either side‘State domain’Senior figures。
‘State domain’,It’s a region divided by Shenwu Continent,‘Yan Ye domain’It’s a relatively small state,But it also has an area of tens of billions of square kilometers。
Shenwu Continent does not have a unified force organization,Generally, the major forces develop within their own state,Only some top forces will rule several states。
According to what Yang Shi introduced,‘Yan Ye domain’The highest status is‘Qi Feng Wuguan’Guan Qifeng,And the owner of Lieshan Martial Arts Hall‘Old Man Lieshan’—The former is the name,The latter is the title。These two are‘Yan Ye domain’The two strongest masters on the bright side—Of course Yang Xiaoya and Yang Xiaoshi both said,There may be hidden masters。
The strongest under these two martial arts,Five big families and two big chambers of commerce,Legend has it that every family has a master and martial artist level.。The master martial artist-level guest of the two major chambers of commerce is on the bright side.。
And it is said that in a powerful state that is closer‘Lettuce’Inside,The most powerful is sectarian power,It is said that the ancestors of the sect have surpassed the master martial artist。
“But although side-by-side,These two siblings are not clear‘Shenwu Order’Things,But know‘Black list’!This Shenwu Continent is quite similar to the world view depicted in some Gaowu martial arts works on earth—Actually, those who are extremely evil are written into the black list,Then the whole continent is open!But with this ability,It is estimated that there must be a unified force in the upper levels of these many states.,It’s just that the brother and sister are not sure。And the two of them just knew there was a black list,Who is on the black list but knows nothing—The black list is heavenly to them。”Li Ming thinking:“It seems,And to‘Yan Ye domain’Get some connections。”
“Koishi、Xiaoya,You two seem to be close to the martial artist so young,Is it a member of the two martial arts??”
“Brother Li,Quasi-warriors like us,It’s not easy to join the two martial arts,Either pass the test,Or you have to pay extremely high fees,Get a full five hundred dollars,In fact, we have made a lot of money over the years,It was enough to hunt down a fierce beast close to the warrior level.。”Yang Xiaoshi smiled bitterly:“I’m nothing,But Xiaoya actually has the potential to pass the test。But this girl has to wait for me to join the martial arts hall。”Li Ming almost understands here,This one‘Big money’The value of is still quite high。