Yuan Yu Daojun,Also practiced《Yanhe Escape》,Master Chaos Water,The flight speed reached eight times the limit of heaven,It is extremely fast in the Taoist level!

Normal edge,It’s five times the limit speed of Heaven。
The God of Aura on Speed,It’s only six times!
Unfortunately,The Dharmakaya cannot perform this escape technique,So her deity shot,Carry three puppets,Is absolutely sure!
On the same day, Qiongzong and Huangshen Taoist counted the timing of each other.,There was a slight change in the temple of the gods。
The main hall of the pupil hall,The real core‘Temple of God’Inside,A statue wearing a burly golden armor,Two ordinary arms,Two legs,But there are three pairs of faces,The six-eyed golden puppet opened his eyes。
“What a long time。”
“It seems,It is the little guy who is qualified to be trained by the master again.。”
“let me see!”
Golden puppet,But he followed the god pupil,The strongest puppet under his command。
On strength,He has reached the so-called king-level puppet level—Which is comparable to the peak Taoist,It is also one of the biggest gains of the god pupil emperor in the dark sea。
God pupil emperor,Very old,Even served as the lord of the holy city for a while。
By contrast,Long before Tianqiong’s ancestor Hedao eternal,He left the endless territory early。
Leaving the Temple of God,But it’s not just for kindness to nurture younger generations。
“The master and the eternal family took over the great enmity,Although leaving the endless territory,But also left the heart。”
“Eternal race,The Devourer of the Daoist,Enemy with the Dao League。”
“Although the strength is far inferior to the Dao League,But the Dao League can’t help the eternal kingdom!”