In Muzi, the eyes were obsessed with flashing.,A clear flavor is around him,What is the unique flavor of her body?,Such a beautiful one,Can you really belong to him??

Le Yu:“Son,Be unhappy,You first take the injury,I have received a script in these days.,Now I am now looking at the script.,If he likes, this role will be interpreted first.,As for my other artists,I have already contracted it.,I have worked hard for many years.,Just give yourself a fake now,Only responsible。”
These seven years,Different people and blue brothers,Really the tensioned belt,Not stopping your own progress。
She also got her hard work.,these years,She also earned a lot of money.。
“what”Mu Ziyou looked at this,I suddenly wanted to cry.,Sure enough, I guess it.,He is relaxing,The opportunity is slipping from him.。
“Gather,How can you do this to me??
Don’t you say that you have to sign a contract with me??
I do not care,I want to work with you.。”
Mu Ziyou looked at her grievance,Just like instant abandoned puppies。
“hehe”Le Yu looks at him.,Can’t help but laugh,This Mu Zi hesites her feel like a child.。
“Muzi,Opportunity, I still leave it.,but,If there is a good resource,I will not give up,I have a humanity under my hand.,Are you afraid that you have no one here??
Raw acting,It is a well-known industry director.,Now,It is a good opportunity for him.,As long as the script is good,People have good,I don’t want him to miss it.。”
Mu Ziyou looked at her,“Gather,You are really good,Ok, there is a good mom like you.,Of course happiness,His mother is also very happy。”
And the three people who listen to this outside are a misty water.。
Xu Fengguang passes through the glass,Detailed look at Le Yu,She has children.?
Le Yu:“of course,Blue child,Also my child,I am doing the job of the mother.。”
Xu Feng this is understanding,She thought that this girl has a child.?
Scared her big jump。
but,Looking at the son and talking about it.,Do you want to wait for a while??
Xu Feng this idea has not fallen,A gloomy land of Lu Si is pushed in。
“Mu big brother。”
Lu Si He looked at Mu Zizi in the bed,When watching Mu Ziqi,She became gentle again。
Suddenly someone comes in,And still Lu Si,Mu Zizi, gentle water,Herone face change,Some unbelievable looks。
How do she know that he is in the hospital??
“How did you come?”
Icy tone,Let Le Yu are also a glimpse,I have known Mu Zi Yu for a long time.,I have never seen him so cold.。
Constantine,I didn’t expect that he is still so cold to himself.,He thought he has always been such a cold person.,But she wants to be wrong.,He saw that he saw another side she had never seen.,He can also be so gentle?
and,It is gentle as another woman.。
She toughly pulled out a smile,“Mu big brother,I and Mu Auntie,Uncle Mu,I heard that you are hospitalized.,Just come over and see you,You are fine.?
I will stay in tonight.。”