In other words,When others are busy with relatives,Xia Jian can also take a break at home。He is lying on his bed,Staring at the roof。

starting today,Xia Jian has to change his way of life。Should take care of,Should also take care of。He can be regarded as someone supervised。Thought of here,Xia Jian suddenly panicked。Are you afraid of getting married?
Just at this time,I only heard the door bang when I was pushed open。Then came the voice of Chen Erniu:“This car parked at the entrance of the village,Isn’t he going to Ma Yan’s house again?!”
First2291chapter Someone is in charge
Xia Jian heard Chen Erniu’s voice,Hurriedly got up to welcome out。I saw Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu coming。Holding a salute in one hand,The other is holding a plastic bag,It’s all filled with tickets。
Xia Jian patted his forehead,He just remembered。Today is the third grade,They said they were going to burn paper on Zhao Hong’s grave,By the way, put it at Xia Jian’s house,Zhao Hong’s tablets are also burned。
Xia Jian hesitated,A bit clueless。Chen Erniu said nothing,Got a big snakeskin bag,An ancient tablet of Zhao Hong,And her picture,Stuffed into a snakeskin bag。
Then he said to Xiajian:“Open the window,Auntie said,This room will be the guest room from now on,No more paper burning”Xia Jian just understood。All this was originally arranged by the fuck,Otherwise Chen Erniu won’t be so caring。
Zhao Hong’s tomb is behind the vegetable growing shed in Xiping Village。Because people often come to clean up,So her grave is round and full,There is not even a weed on it。
The pines and cypresses planted on both sides of the tomb have grown lush,Feel like standing in two rows。Breeze blowing,Pine and cypress branches move slightly,Seems to be beckoning to them。
First incense,Some wax,Then burn the Ming ticket。Wait for the fire to burn,Chen Erniu put Zhao Hong’s wooden tablet on the fire,The flame burst out。
“Blast!”With Chen Erniu’s command。Xia Sanhu who was ready,So he lit the big salute he brought。With the deafening cannon sound,Xia Jian’s heart also feels soaring。
They burned a lot of paper tickets for Zhao Hong,Xia Jian looked blank during the whole process。He doesn’t know if it’s useful to burn these,But he knew very well,This is everyone’s heart。
When returning from Zhao Hong’s grave,Night has come,The last round of salute sounded in the village。After tonight,There will be fewer and fewer people shooting,Means that the Spring Festival is over。
Sun Yuejuan coming back from Ma Yan’s house,Happy face。Not to mention the achievements of Xia Ze,His dark face is slightly red,And when I saw Xia Jian,And smiled at him。
“Yo!This is two drinks!”Xia Jian sees his father so happy,He’s not good at making him happy。So he sat down on the sofa opposite him。
Xia Zecheng shook his head first,Then he laughed:“Not bad!I have little contact with your father-in-law,I didn’t expect we met today,I feel very angry。He is a bold man,And I am a refreshing person,This marriage is paired”
“Your dad!Everything is good。After two drinks,Started talking nonsense,Can’t stop it”Sun Yuejuan complained a little。
Xia Zecheng was not happy to hear it,He stared and shouted“You old lady,Tell your son right after he comes back。What is nonsense,Am I not telling the truth?”

Two people muttered to the side,at this time,Soldiers from the bases rushed into the underground palace one after another,Acquaintances headed by,Hu Dehai、Quan Xingguo、Gu Jian et al,Everyone looked at this huge and magnificent natural cave,I can’t find North,See Li Tianzhi again,Wu Fang,Even more shocked,One by one rushed over excitedly。

“Attention to each group,Immediately seal all holes、Entrance,No one can go in and out at will。”Old Dai ordered loudly,He just exchanged opinions with the instructor,The situation in the cave is complicated,Many things are unclear,A strict cordon must be established first,Secondly, notify Shanwai,The entire outer area of Wuming Mountain has also been strengthened.,Until things are clear。
Dark night,Gale Fury,Rows of military tents have been erected on the edge of the northeastward canyon in Wuming Mountain,There are sentries around one of the tents,Five people sitting in the tent,Seriously and seriously listen to Shen Yingjie’s description of the incident,Li Tianzhen is unwilling to talk to people,Sitting alone in the underground palace quietly,But anyhow there is a sentence to explain,I will have a private chat with the instructor tomorrow,Other people are free,Can’t believe it。
Except for instructors、Lao Dai and Li Shaobo,And Gu Changfeng who just arrived and a strange old man。
The whole incident was full of horror、Weird and incredible,But the preliminary cleaning results from the underground palace to the cave show that,There are indeed traces of several fierce fights and gun battles,There are many destructive impacts on the rocks that are beyond human reach。
Many corpses were cleared from dozens of battle scenes, large and small,Close to hundred,This does not include the ancient corpses in the cave,Many of the Zhang family dressed in black,There are also many old men in gray coarse clothes,These are called‘Tianzhenwei’Mystery,When I look at these corpses,Zhang Changting and Fu Tong’s expressions have different abnormal reactions,The instructor observes very carefully。
There is also a kind of weird corpse,The number is about a dozen,Wearing a blue-gray stretch tights,Very special material,Can’t cut it with a dagger,The whole body exudes a strange smell,From the fact that the face is about to shrink and collapse,Seems to have been dead for a long time。
The most peculiar corpse is the gleaming silver giant called Akui,About two feet tall,Very strong limbs,The facial features are not much different from ordinary faces,But the body is so heavy,Dozens of fighters can’t move together,Had to give up temporarily。
There was a small disturbance in the process,Li Shaobo ordered the body to be lifted,Was immediately rejected by Li Tianzhen,Li Shaobo insisted,But was almost grabbed and beaten by Li Tianzhi,If not for the instructor’s presence and mud,Things must be troublesome。
But everyone present was secretly surprised,Li Shaobo’s skills are no worse than instructors,But Li Tianzhen casually pinched his neck and couldn’t move。thus,Many people believe that‘Ranger’’S shadow members are not in vain,May be more vigorous than the legend。
There is another silver giant,Didn’t die,I’m just weak and unable to move temporarily,Stuck in a cave,Hidden danger,Is it the god-man Shin Yingjie said?,Or a new mutant species,No one knows,Anyway, everyone is like a big enemy,Layers of fortification。
Li Tianzhen is also very concerned about this monster,Call it Jiachou,Actually moved from the underground palace to sit in the cave,Sitting beside the giant,No one to persuade,Threats are useless,Instead, he was surprised by Li Tianzhen’s instructor and Li Shaobo with a word.。
“Once this person wakes up,No one can stop。The escaped Li Wushuang and Zhang Huagen are the key points,The limited manpower need not be wasted on me。”
Shen Yingjie spoke for more than an hour,Nothing to hide,No need to hide,She knows very well,Her words will directly affect Li Tianzhi’s situation,Even though the opponent has a stunt against the sky,But after all, one less troublesome thing is one thing,After all, there are ordinary family members to live。
“So Zhang Zhiqiang ran away?And that Taoist who can chant mantras, you confirm that it is Zhang Baogen?”Gu Changfeng asked。
“Convinced,It’s the dead‘Tianzhenwei’What the old man said,It was later confirmed by Li Tianzhi,Zhang Baogen’s disfigurement,I am an old man in Liuyun Guan,But the actual age will not exceed fifty。”
“Logically,How could he hide from Daoist Baiyun who gets along with him day and night?”Instructor shaking his head。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven Talk about yourself

But the monk of Shaolin Temple……It is estimated that it will also be transformed into this“Secret language”,You can still have a few points left.。

Chu Deirers are not well estimated,How big is this version of this version and Dharma?!
《Wash》It is also different from the current Chu Deirers.,For ordinary people,Its effect is once repaired its internal force,The obvious attribute of the inner internal force,Even cultivation of its cultivatics,Can wash the characteristics of the bones。
Means of,If you practice the ice and the like,Improve《Wash》Later,The internal ice feature gradually disappeared,And if you practice the external work like iron waters,Pilot《Wash》After the external work,I will lose my bumper、Solid as the characteristics of iron!
At the same time“feature”The shortcomings will also disappear,Like cultivation“Iron cloth”Later,The affected flexibility will be restored。
It seems that it is self-abuse,However, it is true that it can make a smooth renovation other martial arts.,Two……“Want to use it,Fruity”This is the communication,no《Wedding clothes》exclusive。
《Wedding clothes》There is also a statement——Martial arts Zen,Wedding clothes——visible《Wedding clothes》Although it is not a Buddha martial art,But there is also a Zen reason in which。
《Wash》Like this,And not self-abuse,By passing“Wash the marrow”,To make it inside and outside to adjust to the best state。
The higher the martial arts,Cultivate《Wash》,“fall back”Bigger,But with this,The benefits of getting it will also be。
After that, even if it is a re-cultivation of your original martial arts,Can also be easily recovered、And more on the stairs,If cultivation is matched《Easy》,It is also easy to achieve Zen Master.……
For Chu Deirers,《Wash》Some effects!
Because it is directly thoroughly mastered the foundation,And need to“Integrate”Way trigger,So the Chu Deirers found,《Wash》For yourself,Effect“weird”……
general speaking,Washing!
In“gas”Or“body”Integrate,The product is not a kind of product,Why——One of them《Wash》itself,The second is“wash”Outstanding martial arts,Hears……Be“wash”Afterward,Flexible fusion product。
In turn,《Wash》Seemingly“Integrate”,Actually“Convergence”,Ability to wash a martial art,And for the Chu Deirers in the state of “,Which is controlled!
certainly,Not limited to continuous continuous“wash”,Washing internal strength,It’s in the end of itself.,Equivalent to a small scatter,Not restored to the peak、Or before the internal force is not resolved,Continuous“wash”Danger,It is possible to completely scatter。
After the hard work,Both bone fading will feel very cool——Because this is equivalent to a part of the practice“feature”,But the body is stronger、Or as a“human body”More qualified,So very comfortable……
However, the same body intensity will be lowered,continuous“wash”More danger,May make the body crash!
For Chu Deirers,《Wash》There are three effects,One is“gas”Convinced,Chu Dee people finally have the opportunity,Regeneration of finishing internal strength,Strive to recover soon“Three points return”,And it can be not“gas”part,Also wash。
for example《King Kong is not bad》,exist“Taoine release bad”Only playing only“gas”part,That“body”Part of it is wasteful,Now just“wash”come out。
Second is“body”Aspect,In fact, I gave the courage of Chu Dee.——Always,Chu Deirers“body”Are cautious,Because you can’t change the badge,Is really blending with your body,Slightly, it will damage the fundamental,So Chu Deirers“body”Be least。
And now has《Wash》,Even if it is wrong,You can also“wash”come out,With its own body stability,Never even“wash”There is no chance to come out.,So I can put it up.。
Its three《Wash》Positive and child effect……
“Wash”Meanwhile,Also“Add qualification”,This after a few years of salty fish drunk crabs,The qualification is finally called“Slightly”Chu Deirers,This is very tempting。
In“gas”Aspect,“Wash”After that, the spirit of spirit,After asked with Chu Deirens、I have a combination of ways for a long time.,Can form a tire……
only《Wash》Basic limitation,Chu Deirers also can’t split the tires unlimited,After all, there is only an internal recovery to the relative peak.、After stability,Can you once again“Wash the marrow”。
But even so,鹿 人“Generous”A lot,Although the tires of the four swordsms have not been gone,But it is a gift to Wei Xiaobao.!
After all, this small variable is too much.,Even if there is no martial arts, it is possible to be covered by him.,As for direct killing……Absolutely and the Qing court、And the heavens and the earth will celebrate at the same time。
more importantly,Chu Deirers also want to study,Special“Mood”——At this time, the Chu Dee can basically determine,Although Wei Xiaobao is getting started,But there is some kind“Mood”。
Because of lack of foundation、And uncontrollable,This“Mood”Can’t make him tall,Instead, it is more like a reinforced heart.……
But as a rare example,Chu Deirers feel very research value,After all, the Chu Deirers are“Mechanism”In,“Heart”Is the weakest——only“Come”Several Zen Head,A sorghum、God’s level,Attachment is not worth mentioning、Worthless。
The two days of the world are now“Trend”and“Heart”,Other rivers and lakes are also above these,Gradually build a tree。

these years,Dedication of God is worried about oneself,I didn’t kill Shen Guanghong,At the same time, it also uses the characteristics of monkeys.,Throwing fruit nucleus and throwing monkeys,And the monkey will also throw something counterattack,Among them, you can eat fruit.,Both people use this day……

Just Shen Guanghong took more than ten years of fruit,Already thin,The internal strength has declined a lot,And the court is really like a monkey.,I have eaten so many years,Be strong!
Chapter 51 hand
“It turns out this treasure rumor,It’s you throwing out.?”Chu Deirers have also confirmed at this time.,Emei once again appeared a treasure rumor,Sure enough, this little fish is ghost!
Before the little fish and the iron heart,Go back to Emei——Most dangerous place,Is the safest place。
I can’t think of it, I can’t think of it.,He actually hid in Emei。
However, it is still an accident.,First, I was taken away by the monkey.,After that, when I wanted to take it back,It’s lost cliff……
At the beginning, the little fish still saw her monkey is very lively.,However, she fell.,The little fish will not sit now,Fly、Save her down。
Unfortunately, the little fish is not diligent in the martial arts.,Yin Jiuyin,No school,Just after hugging the core orchid,Insert the dagger in the rock,Temporarily keep your life,But I can’t fill it.,Can only climb a little bit。
Several laborious,Tiexinlan finally climbed the rock wall,However, when two people want to climb up,But by the monkey group……
Small fish cover the core orchid,I fell.,Fortunately, the fruit of the god wants to talk more.,So saved him to the hole!
After knowing the originating committee,The little fish immediately thought of getting out of trouble.——Treasure this batch of treasures,One piece throws out。
Use monkeys and like to throw things、Characteristics of something,Victory of monkeys to pick up these treasures,Exhibition to others。
As a result,A pass ten、Ten pass hundred,Best, morning news will spread,As long as someone successfully found the cave,They also have the opportunity to go out!
certainly,These months,Giant,Although the reason is cause,Can’t enter the cave,But also make them get rid of,More tough。
But fortunately through the observation of this show.,Find these giant,It doesn’t seem to leave the range of clouds,When the fog is small,As long as someone has a vertical rope,They still have a chance!
The little fish is throwing a rare treasure this day.,But will be enough,Several or even want to give up this plan。
Just everything,Are used by small fish“Sunk costs”persuade——If you don’t throw it,I threw it before.!
“Hey-hey,Even Chu Chu is coming.,It should be over the city outside.?As long as this cloud is scattered……”The little fish is very happy at this time.。
Not only someone finds it,And I am also glad to find it in the Chu Deirers.——As a result,Dedication is not afraid!
“Do not,The news outside is still very vague,There is indeed some master missing nearby.,However, after all, there is a matter of the Emeizu Mastery.,Most people are reluctant to feel。I feel here before.……Some are not to,Those giants should be the Zhang Zhen people who have been awake after the door.,So I want to come and see。”Chu Deirens have not explained much,What is 天 门。
Even if I don’t know the fruits and Shen Guanghong,I didn’t think he was Hu Bao atmosphere.。
After all, although I haven’t seen it.,But you can also hear,Chu Dee people are on the cliff,“solve”A giant,And single,Dare to go straight to it straight、Come on the cliff!
Never say,It’s still a three-word trick.!
“This is some strange,Those monkeys show their treasures,Can’t see people,Be so beaten、Don’t go back to the meaning of the helper?And even if you kill yourself,This is not too clean for it.!”Little fish is also gotting up。
Be cautious、Fruits thrown on the side,At this time, a snot、Tears,Cry the Chu Deirers:“Chu Chuzi!It is a small one-eyed not to know Taishan,Your old row、Let me also save it.!”
Seeing the Chu Deirens did not take him,Fruits continue to dry:“Although the little is a wicker,But、But it is almost twenty years.!Even if I have a sin,More than ten years,I also wash my heart.!As long as you save me out,Something in the future, you are from……”
Chu Deirers are curious to ask Shen Weihong:“Darts feel,Does this person believe??”
Shen Guanghong looked at a pair of monkey eyes staring at your own fruit,Sigh:“although‘Jiangshan easy to change,It is difficult to move’,More than ten years……In addition to and an old opponent,More than ten years without anything else,People still may change。
I Shen Xiaobo that year,Also fight for a better victory,Others don’t dare to protect the darts,I must guarantee……But now I can find it.,After going back, it must be a retreat.,Self-cultivation、Cooking tea cooking,Extinguish the ambition of the past。As for his thief, what is the thief?,I don’t know.。”

The more you talk to the soldier,The more the base soldiers are afraid.。

What is the law of the light?,Finally, I nodded.。This rhetoric,There will be no problem in a short time.。certainly,if it is real“Big break”NS,So,No matter how high,The soldiers under the bottom will believe that he is completely fine.!
Means of,The head of this army,There is no credit this kind of thing,In fact, look at the next one.,How to play。If you are playing,Gao Costardo can’t officially come out to appease the soldiers,So,Confidence established by Herfh,Collapse。
This army,I will be unbearable in the future.。
Amounts have roughly understand the current form。
“What is the Greater Corporation??”
Billow light。
Zheng Minmin spreads a big paper written,Give it out of the above content.。
For a long time,Billow light again。
Previous nod,It is because it is not convenient to pay attention.。Now nodding this time,Because he is very agree with this plan。
Take Li Mu, Zhao Guo,The big breaks of the Xiongnu in the plug。seriously,Take the current situation,It can be said that Tiansi will be in them.!
The Light is a little bit of this is Gao Baoyi’s policy.。
Moreover,People die,Can’t hold。The body will rot,Spring now,It is even more hidden.。It should be that Gao Bao is injured.,But I haven’t gotten a fatal point,But it is not convenient to command。
Turkic horses,Can not run,Field of field,It is very troublesome to deal with。So use points,This is a truth with a bamboo basket with a bamboo basket when you hunt?,You always have to prepare“Bait”。
“only,Time long,Morale is hard to say。”
Demertion is sighing。
Morary this kind of thing,Hard to say。
“If we don’t pay the Turk,That’s called morale collapse。Today there is only a entry,Broken Changan one road can go。Who is working,Who is lazy,Who is going to escape,Gao Zhaoxuan looks at it.。”
Zheng Minmin’s face showing a smile,With her white long hair,Come upon rear。
“Bamboo,The place will act according to the command。”
“Today’s things,The general of the lawn know that it is,Confidentiality is the top one。”
“At the end, I will know,Please thank the Greater host!”
Demertion,Zheng Minmin deeds Zhang Yu to the Governor’s government,Explain the intersection of the gourd“Tactical intent”。
She will always remember that Gao Biyi once told himself.。
“Using information asymmetry,Break down one by one,Only let everyone know that you want them to know,And try to reduce the exchange information between them,Chance to verify the authenticity of the message。”
“The army after winning,Is a vigilance of the lowest heart。When picking up the battle,It is the most vulnerable。When activities in the city,It is the slowest flight.。Working is just to create more favorable conditions for yourself,Create more disadvantages for enemies。”
Another sentence, Gao Baoyi said,In Zheng Minzhi。Spend a night,Just meet each of the generals of all the upper numbers of the goddess army.,She feels that the whole person is going to get off.。
“perhaps……Yes, no problem.?”
Zheng Minmin fell asleep on the table.。Bamboo pole slowly walks to her,Put a thin blanket for her。
“Gongsun family was assassination of Hanzong,And some are alive。Why is anyone who is not to see this??”
He has long sighed,hard to believe,A woman trusts Gao Bo Yi,Actually, you can go to this level。
“I think you are a female emperor is more than enough.。”


Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Three Rich and poor2
The old lady who sells tea eggs carefully observes Li Tianzi,It’s like packing tea eggs,I’m afraid that my hand will touch the tea eggs, causing Li Tianzi’s disgust and reducing my income,The old man watched Li Tianzi carefully and asked,Uneasy in the eyes,Also pray。
Li Tianzi couldn’t help feeling a little funny,I will bargain for a tea egg,But will never change the deal you have made。
The development plot is slightly off,Fortunately, it is not too biased,Still under Li Tianzi’s control。
Smile and don’t say anything,Just handed out a hundred yuan bill to the old woman who sold tea eggs。
“Find money, grandma!”
Li Tianzi’s eyes are proud,Also has a taste of success。
Standing opposite the old man,The handsome figure makes many passing men look sideways。
The old woman who sells tea eggs has made trouble again。
The stone dust in my heart settled,This big business is finally done,But this one hundred dollar bill,How can I get change by myself??


Work for a while,The eight-spear spiders who were just looking at each other actually stood in order,And there is one on the surrounding stone pillars。
Then their heads turned upright,Under the gaze of the two of them, the other party collectively started spinning。
What do they want?
The black thread goes straight to the sky,Countless roots appear at the same time,Make the scene at this moment extremely spectacular。
The black rushing to the sky reached a very high altitude,Start to stretch around,Gradually a piece of black appeared in the sky。
“not good!”
Too late to explain,Xia Chenglong’s body has gone towards the sky,Zanglong waved a gorgeous flame in his hand,Mixed with a strong fire attribute aura, cut a sword。
When the sword light soars into the sky,A piece of black quickly condensed in the sky above him,and“Windfall”’S power was actually blocked by those black threads。
even-No ripples appeared!
The body catches the momentum and rotates to one side,Then he swung the same sword in another clearing,Such a perfect move and shot,It didn’t play any role。
After shooting another sword,Wherever the sword light went, a piece of black appeared again,Directly block the sword light。
“No way,It must be destroyed before it is fully formed。”
Xia Chenglong made up his mind,I don’t know if I can use that trick without the Xiaotian Sword,But this is probably the only chance。

Lin Yoona shook her head again,What’s wrong with myself,Why are you thinking about husband and wife again?。

Speechless all the way,Lin Yoona never felt that the journey to the company was so long,If you don’t get off,She feels embarrassed。
Take a sneak peek at Xiao Fan,This smelly man,really,Still dead,I look like this,He’s still like a okay person。
Okay,Soon,The two arrived at the company。
After the car is parked,Xiao Fan came to her office with Lin Yoona。
Although it is not time to go to work,But when the two arrived at the office,Lin Yuner’s secretary Xia Qing is already waiting at the door of Lin Yuner’s office,Xia Qing is also in her twenties,Wearing one at this timeOLuniform,Pure appearance,Plus the proud figure,Very eye-catching,She has just graduated from graduate school for one year,I came to Lin Yoona’s company。
When Xia Qing saw Lin Yuner brought a man to her office,I was shocked,Because in her impression,President Lin has never brought a man to the company,After all, she is very cold。
And Xia Qing saw that the man in front of him was dressed in ordinary,But his temperament is very unusual。
You know that Lin Yoona is from a very good family,Is the only daughter of the Lin family,And he looks very beautiful,So no matter where you stand,Lin Yoona is the brightest one in the crowd。
So many people are chasing Lin Yoona,Especially Fang Zixuan is the most violent。
But since the Fang’s accident happened some time ago,There is no other man next to Lin Yoona.。
And today there are more than men,Lin Yuna personally brought it to the company,So Xia Qing was curious about this man。

At this moment,Lu Menglin held his head high,Strode to the podium。

All the classmates suddenly got a nest,I didn’t expect him to go up,This kid ate the bear heart and leopard gall,Still not awake?
Lu Menglin no longer pays attention to the surprised eyes around,Attention,No distraction,Grabbed the chalk,Written on the blackboard。
rustle,Sha Sha Sha!
A line of beautiful writing on the blackboard flows out of Lu Menglin’s chalk tip,Soon it filled the small half of the blackboard。
The classroom suddenly became silent,Horribly quiet。
Including Old Monster Liu,Everyone is dumbfounded。
This,How can this be?
Isn’t this a dream?!
Someone twisted his arm hard,Open mouth,Staring at the thin but powerful back on the podium with disbelief。
All houses are annihilated
All prosperity disappeared
The sea is overwhelming,The sea is boundless
What’s left today,Only one leaf boat,Go with the flow
How sad you will be tomorrow……
A total of five English-Chinese poems,All in front of the class,Neat and powerful handwriting,At least better than Old Monster Liu’s words。
The classmates with the best English scores all made a fuss。
Because the first two sentences written by Lu Menglin,Almost exactly the same as their standard answer,It’s just that the expression is more Chinese。
And then a few sentences,Although it is somewhat different from the translation in the English dictionary,But there are still similarities,Very worthy of scrutiny。
at least,It’s not like Lu Menglin’s English ability,It’s just like a dream。

She cried,Tu Shanming laughed,But Liu Wenzhang was so sad。

Ok!Drinking,Drank the little girl and cried,If the princess knew,I don’t know what to think of us yet!
Liu Wenzhang sighed in his heart,But patiently persuaded:“Miss Xiaojuan,Don’t cry!Don’t drink it?”
“Who said I can’t drink anymore?I want to drink!Mother, I just feel aggrieved,Drink if you want,Cry if you want!Which onion are you,Can you control it??”Xiaojuan girl with sharp teeth,Liu Wenzhang was speechless。
Tu Shanming laughed loudly:“Then drink!Happy to drink!Think about the unhappy things?”
Liu Wenzhang sees Miss Xiaojuan still drinking,Had to reach out,Snatched the wine bowl from her,Shen Sheng:“enough!You drink too much!”
Miss Xiaojuan squinted her eyes slightly,Like a lazy cat,Blinked,Chuckle:“what happened?I’m not happy!give me!”
Talk about it,Miss Xiaojuan has to lean over,Go grab the wine bowl in Liu Wenzhang’s hand。
In a hurry,Liu Wenzhang raised his neck directly,I drank all the wine in the girl’s bowl。
His action,Really hard to the extreme,But in the eyes of others,Except for being hard,It’s a bit more of a spin。
Xiaojuan also shook her body slightly,Actually stabilized my figure,Staring at him。
Liu Wenzhang is drinking,Smiled sadly:“you are not happy?Can you make me unhappy?”
“What happened to you?What’s unhappy,It feels better to say it out!”Xiaojuan suddenly became a lot quieter,Soft channel。
“Yes!What’s unhappy,Say it and make us happy!”At this moment,A slightly hoarse voice suddenly appeared at the table。
It turned out to be Huang Shaotian,This beautiful swordsman did not know when he entered the hall,Maybe he came in with the smell of wine,She sat opposite Liu Wenzhang with a calm face,Lightly。
Liu Wenzhang shook his head and smiled bitterly,Unwilling to speak。
“Speak!We are companions,Something to say,We will help you!If we can’t help you,And him!”Huang Shaotian’s eyes stay on the desktop,Say word by word。
“Yes indeed!Tell me!Anxious!Don’t say it,How to drink this wine?”Girl Xiaojuan drunk her eyes slightly,Said angrily。