In Muzi, the eyes were obsessed with flashing.,A clear flavor is around him,What is the unique flavor of her body?,Such a beautiful one,Can you really belong to him??

Le Yu:“Son,Be unhappy,You first take the injury,I have received a script in these days.,Now I am now looking at the script.,If he likes, this role will be interpreted first.,As for my other artists,I have already contracted it.,I have worked hard for many years.,Just give yourself a fake now,Only responsible。”
These seven years,Different people and blue brothers,Really the tensioned belt,Not stopping your own progress。
She also got her hard work.,these years,She also earned a lot of money.。
“what”Mu Ziyou looked at this,I suddenly wanted to cry.,Sure enough, I guess it.,He is relaxing,The opportunity is slipping from him.。
“Gather,How can you do this to me??
Don’t you say that you have to sign a contract with me??
I do not care,I want to work with you.。”
Mu Ziyou looked at her grievance,Just like instant abandoned puppies。
“hehe”Le Yu looks at him.,Can’t help but laugh,This Mu Zi hesites her feel like a child.。
“Muzi,Opportunity, I still leave it.,but,If there is a good resource,I will not give up,I have a humanity under my hand.,Are you afraid that you have no one here??
Raw acting,It is a well-known industry director.,Now,It is a good opportunity for him.,As long as the script is good,People have good,I don’t want him to miss it.。”
Mu Ziyou looked at her,“Gather,You are really good,Ok, there is a good mom like you.,Of course happiness,His mother is also very happy。”
And the three people who listen to this outside are a misty water.。
Xu Fengguang passes through the glass,Detailed look at Le Yu,She has children.?
Le Yu:“of course,Blue child,Also my child,I am doing the job of the mother.。”
Xu Feng this is understanding,She thought that this girl has a child.?
Scared her big jump。
but,Looking at the son and talking about it.,Do you want to wait for a while??
Xu Feng this idea has not fallen,A gloomy land of Lu Si is pushed in。
“Mu big brother。”
Lu Si He looked at Mu Zizi in the bed,When watching Mu Ziqi,She became gentle again。
Suddenly someone comes in,And still Lu Si,Mu Zizi, gentle water,Herone face change,Some unbelievable looks。
How do she know that he is in the hospital??
“How did you come?”
Icy tone,Let Le Yu are also a glimpse,I have known Mu Zi Yu for a long time.,I have never seen him so cold.。
Constantine,I didn’t expect that he is still so cold to himself.,He thought he has always been such a cold person.,But she wants to be wrong.,He saw that he saw another side she had never seen.,He can also be so gentle?
and,It is gentle as another woman.。
She toughly pulled out a smile,“Mu big brother,I and Mu Auntie,Uncle Mu,I heard that you are hospitalized.,Just come over and see you,You are fine.?
I will stay in tonight.。”

Yuan Yu Daojun,Also practiced《Yanhe Escape》,Master Chaos Water,The flight speed reached eight times the limit of heaven,It is extremely fast in the Taoist level!

Normal edge,It’s five times the limit speed of Heaven。
The God of Aura on Speed,It’s only six times!
Unfortunately,The Dharmakaya cannot perform this escape technique,So her deity shot,Carry three puppets,Is absolutely sure!
On the same day, Qiongzong and Huangshen Taoist counted the timing of each other.,There was a slight change in the temple of the gods。
The main hall of the pupil hall,The real core‘Temple of God’Inside,A statue wearing a burly golden armor,Two ordinary arms,Two legs,But there are three pairs of faces,The six-eyed golden puppet opened his eyes。
“What a long time。”
“It seems,It is the little guy who is qualified to be trained by the master again.。”
“let me see!”
Golden puppet,But he followed the god pupil,The strongest puppet under his command。
On strength,He has reached the so-called king-level puppet level—Which is comparable to the peak Taoist,It is also one of the biggest gains of the god pupil emperor in the dark sea。
God pupil emperor,Very old,Even served as the lord of the holy city for a while。
By contrast,Long before Tianqiong’s ancestor Hedao eternal,He left the endless territory early。
Leaving the Temple of God,But it’s not just for kindness to nurture younger generations。
“The master and the eternal family took over the great enmity,Although leaving the endless territory,But also left the heart。”
“Eternal race,The Devourer of the Daoist,Enemy with the Dao League。”
“Although the strength is far inferior to the Dao League,But the Dao League can’t help the eternal kingdom!”

“what do you mean?Why are you here suddenly??“Xia Jian still couldn’t bear it,He couldn’t help but asked coldly。

Ouyang Hong passed the tea in Xia Jian’s hand,Then he said with a smile:“People go high,Water flows down。Don’t look down on here。Moreover,You know the layout of Pingdu,Mayor Chen makes me unhappy,But there is another Qin Xiaomin,How can you keep me staying??“
“Qin Xiaomin is coming or not,Doesn’t seem to have much to do with you?”“Xia Jian said unceremoniously。
Ouyang Hong looked at Xia Jian and said:“You don’t understand the officialdom,Pingdu City will not have two female deputy mayors”
First1351chapter Show up
This official matter,Xia Jian really doesn’t understand。
Ouyang Hong left him speechless with a word,But he knew。Ouyang Hong transferred to work in the provincial capital is definitely not as easy as she said,Must have something to do with him,
But they don’t admit it,He can’t say anything,Not to mention that Yao Junli is by their side。The smart Xia Jian did not make the atmosphere of the conversation look awkward,He couldn’t help but laughed and said:“It seems that I am too worried”
“You know!”When Ouyang Hong said this,There was an elusive look in the eyes。
Yao Junli took a sip of Ouyang Hong’s tea,Can’t help laughing:“It’s still easy for people like me,Nothing to pursue,Have nothing to worry about,So I live easily”
“Alright!You almost got into the eyes of money and still have nothing to pursue,Saying that, I think only ghosts believe”Ouyang Hong laughed and said。
Yao Junli sighed and said:”Apart from my parents,The rest is even if the money is the closest“She is a very clever joke。
The atmosphere of the three people’s chat was improved a lot by Yao Junli’s words。Ouyang Hong didn’t know it was pretended,Or she really didn’t know the truth in her heart,Mandu is always smiling anyway。

Wang Teng waved his hand,Don’t forget to say here。

“Actually all this,itself,It doesn’t matter anymore。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,obviously,To make those around you,Look all over here。
After all, such a problem,How to solve it。
Just this,In fact, it has become very difficult。
And seeing these,Now,Wang Teng looks here,Even more directly。
“All right,What you want me to say,Actually let’s next,There is no need to continue to toss。”
“Make the Li family happy for a while,Isn’t it a good thing?”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,The people around see here。
Actually here,These people feel more and more thinking about it,these questions,In fact, this is absolutely necessary,It should be handled properly.。
And Wang Teng itself,Actually don’t think there is anything。
“It’s too simple for you all。”
“Let the Li family do this,Actually, it’s for our people,Easier to start!”

So-called fierce land,Refers to the place where the beasts gather。The fierce beasts are as weak as ordinary humans,The strong ones are comparable to warriors,Grandmaster martial artist and even warrior master martial artist have。

Shenwu Continent,In fact, there are stars、Constant star、Cosmic argument,But what most people call is the honorific title。
Star rating,Just ordinary people in Shenwu Continent,Normal people can reach planetary level three or four in adulthood,As long as you reach the seventh level,The strength is obviously stronger than ordinary people,Quasi-warrior。
Constant star,Martial Artist。
Universe,Great Warrior。
As for the domain master,Is respected as a master warrior。
As for the master class?Li Ming is not clear,
As for the spiritual teacher?Generally not mentioned separately,After all, the spiritual teacher also needs the corresponding martial artist level。
In Shenwu Continent,The title of warrior is quite solemn,A bit similar to the earth in the base city period。
Any warrior,Are considered privileged,And the great warrior is either side‘State domain’Senior figures。
‘State domain’,It’s a region divided by Shenwu Continent,‘Yan Ye domain’It’s a relatively small state,But it also has an area of tens of billions of square kilometers。
Shenwu Continent does not have a unified force organization,Generally, the major forces develop within their own state,Only some top forces will rule several states。
According to what Yang Shi introduced,‘Yan Ye domain’The highest status is‘Qi Feng Wuguan’Guan Qifeng,And the owner of Lieshan Martial Arts Hall‘Old Man Lieshan’—The former is the name,The latter is the title。These two are‘Yan Ye domain’The two strongest masters on the bright side—Of course Yang Xiaoya and Yang Xiaoshi both said,There may be hidden masters。
The strongest under these two martial arts,Five big families and two big chambers of commerce,Legend has it that every family has a master and martial artist level.。The master martial artist-level guest of the two major chambers of commerce is on the bright side.。
And it is said that in a powerful state that is closer‘Lettuce’Inside,The most powerful is sectarian power,It is said that the ancestors of the sect have surpassed the master martial artist。
“But although side-by-side,These two siblings are not clear‘Shenwu Order’Things,But know‘Black list’!This Shenwu Continent is quite similar to the world view depicted in some Gaowu martial arts works on earth—Actually, those who are extremely evil are written into the black list,Then the whole continent is open!But with this ability,It is estimated that there must be a unified force in the upper levels of these many states.,It’s just that the brother and sister are not sure。And the two of them just knew there was a black list,Who is on the black list but knows nothing—The black list is heavenly to them。”Li Ming thinking:“It seems,And to‘Yan Ye domain’Get some connections。”
“Koishi、Xiaoya,You two seem to be close to the martial artist so young,Is it a member of the two martial arts??”
“Brother Li,Quasi-warriors like us,It’s not easy to join the two martial arts,Either pass the test,Or you have to pay extremely high fees,Get a full five hundred dollars,In fact, we have made a lot of money over the years,It was enough to hunt down a fierce beast close to the warrior level.。”Yang Xiaoshi smiled bitterly:“I’m nothing,But Xiaoya actually has the potential to pass the test。But this girl has to wait for me to join the martial arts hall。”Li Ming almost understands here,This one‘Big money’The value of is still quite high。

Also at this moment,Zhao Feng has an inexplicable impulse in his heart,Eager to shoot an arrow in person,Not in conscious space,But in reality,I really shoot an arrow with a crossbow in my hand,Don’t care if you hit the target。

“Put it down,But don’t just throw it away,Slowly let the bowstring return to its original shape,Feel where the power comes from,Where did it disappear again……”
Follow Tantai Diabolo’s instructions,Zhao Feng begins to let go,But when the string is played, it consumes more energy,Causing the muscles of the right arm to tighten instantly,The elbow even trembles slightly because the force reaches its limit,Zhao Feng didn’t even have time to feel where the power went,Was brought to the half-string position by the bowstring,And then return to the initial state。
“Ha ha,It’s hard……Are you still going to give up?”Tantai Diabolo smiled,If Zhuang Chongyang was there,I’m afraid I might think I saw an illusion,His old friend has not smiled since his wife passed away。
“Really hard,but,I have confidence!Thank you senior for your guidance!”Zhao Feng hurries to thank you。
“Ok,Since you want to continue learning,I have to rearrange your homework as a teacher……You are right-handed?”Tantai Diabolo’s claim to Zhao Feng changed,It can be seen that Zhao Feng has been regarded as an official disciple。
“The first thing,You from now on,You can only pull the bowstring with your left hand!”
“Second thing,Since today,No matter how strong your impulse,Before getting permission to be a teacher,Forbid you to take the arrow!”Tantai Diabolo quickly recovered its former indifference,Said sternly。
“This……”Zhao Feng was stunned,He just thought about finding a chance to experience the real feeling of archery。
“how?You can’t do it?”
“Is not……Disciple lead!”Zhao Fengyi gritted his teeth,Agreed。
“Ok,The original homework of drawing a full bow 500 times a day for seven days,Also change……You practice for a month first,One month later,Based on your achievements,Decide whether to let you fight……You go。”Tantai Diabolo nodded,Wave your hand,Then turned back to the bamboo house。

Listen to Jiang Qizhi’s words,Zhu Xiaoguang was shocked,He heard the meaning of the other party’s words。

It turns out that Jiang Qizhi didn’t deal with Lu Menglin,The man behind the annexation of Menglin Group,But someone else,And the other party’s power is so strong that even Jiang Qizhi is almost desperate。
“I just want to survive,If you have a choice,I don’t want to stand up and be scolded。do you understand?”Jiang Qizhi smiled bitterly。
Zhu Xiaoguang looked in a trance,Frowned:“After finding Nan Ge,What are you going to do?”
At this moment,The screen of Jiang Qi’s phone on the table lit up,He picked up the phone and took a look,Said calmly:“Chen Jiannan is different from you,He is too dangerous,For self-protection,I must send him to prison。”
Zhu Xiaoguang smiled,Asked rhetorically:“You are not afraid that Lu Menglin will come back to you to settle the account?”
Jiang Qi said flatly:“I said it before,Lu Menglin can’t come back。He has gone to another world。Actually, there is one more thing I am curious about。”
“what’s up?”Zhu Xiaoguang faintly felt that Jiang Qizhi’s expression was a bit wrong,Can’t help but ask。
Jiang Qizhi smiled slightly,Tao:“I am curious,Why don’t you press the signal transmitter in your belt??”
This remark,Zhu Xiaoguang’s face changed drastically,He didn’t expect Jiang Qizhi to discover his plan,Hands stiff in place,The whole person is stiff。
“Let me help you!”Jiang Qi snapped his fingers,Someone immediately held Zhu Xiaoguang from behind,And touched his waist with my hand。
Zhu Xiaoguang struggled,It’s a pity that the big hands behind you are like iron tongs,Caught him immobile,The signal transmitter around the waist was quickly found。
Almost simultaneously,Opposite the company building,In a van parked on the road。
“Nange,He was found!”Ah He who had been monitoring the sound suddenly took off his headphones,Look up。
Chen Jiannan narrowed his eyes,Big hand wave,Tao:“go,Save people!”
The eyes of the people squatting in the van all lit up,There was a fanatical light in the eyes。

“Sister Bai,I didn’t expect you to think so,I still think I can help you by your side。”

“I have nothing to fear like this,I didn’t expect you to let me design it,I have to learn well。”
“I don’t want to disappoint Xiao Fan,I don’t want to disappoint those who trust me。”
“Your school is for children who can’t afford to go to have a place to go,Never let them down。”
“Sister Bai,Look here and here,These designs are mainly not too different from our teaching building。”
“Because our teaching building has only three floors,So the design should be quite relatively simple, right??”
“Yes。So there are only three floors,That is not bad,Because what we design is that the school does not have much to do with the usual household design。”
“School design words,The whole class,Occasionally, a few will differ from others,The internal structure of the class should be similar。”
“So you don’t have to worry too much about me anyway, I’ll help you,If you have a mistake or a bad job, I will naturally point it out to you,Do not worry。”
Lin Yoona is still under great pressure,Although Xiao Fan,Baiqi has already said so,But she is still scared。
But it doesn’t matter,What should come is always coming,I will be involved in the design of the teaching building soon,Why is he still afraid?,I have to rely on him!
She has to work hard with Bai Qi,They are in the office,A piece of data studying architectural design。
The second design department just started work,The workload at this time is not very large,Their new products for the new season have already begun production。
So the design of the design department in the next season,Is slowly going on,No need to worry,their job,Not too much。
so,Baiqi and Lin Yuan, the two talents, can have enough time to study the design of the teaching building。
In Xiao Fan’s office,Xiao Fan sat alone at the desk in a daze。
Lin Yun spent a week in his office before,Work with her every day。Suddenly Lin Yoona is back to Design Part 2,He still feels a little uncomfortable。

“I’m fine,What’s your business?”Although Qin Feng just slept,,But I heard Zhang Dong cares about himself so much,Also very pleased。

“Is such a boss,The classmates gathering tonight was originally scheduled,Changed to this afternoon,Now the classmates are in heaven and earth,You’re the boss。”Zhang Dong on the phone said anxiously。
“This afternoon?Isn’t it tomorrow’s class reunion??”Qin Feng thought he had heard it wrong,Asked again。
“Not tomorrow or today,Didn’t I tell you yesterday to set the time at night?,Later, the students discussed,Haven’t seen it for a long time,Want to talk more,It’s set for this afternoon。”Zhang Dong explained。
“You told me this morning,Is tomorrow,Why did it change today??”Qin Feng hates this most,Decided,Suddenly changed。
“Not this morning,Yesterday morning!”Zhang Dong thought,I started calling last night,I haven’t responded until now,I couldn’t find Qin Fengren at all in the morning,How can you tell him。
“What day is today?”Qin Feng asked in a daze。
“The seventeenth。”Compared to Qin Feng,Zhang Dong is not much better,I was confused by Qin Feng’s words。
“Row,I know,Go right away。”hang up the phone,Qin Feng glanced at the phone,It’s really number seventeen,Why have I slept for so long?。
Qin Feng wore a casual dress,Go out and see Jiang Yan in the living room,Said hello,Jiang Yan ignored him either。
Qin Feng had to tell him that he had something to go out,Don’t know when to come back,Tell Jiang Yan not to wait for him and leave the house。
“Zhang Dong,When will Qin Feng come?,How long have we been waiting,Is he coming anymore。”Zhang Dong just hung up the phone,A voice rang in his ear。
“You didn’t hear me calling,I’ll be there after a while。Traffic jam now!”Zhang Dong said angrily。
They all found out,The classmate meeting this time obviously has ulterior motives。
Just some good people,Let’s watch the jokes of the bad guys,At this moment, Zhang Dong hopes Qin Feng will say he will not come,Then he only needs to say that he has not contacted Qin Feng,Even if the students blamed him, they would only blame him alone。
but,If Qin Feng comes,What is waiting for him may be the cynicism of his classmates。
in those days,Qin Feng is a man in the school,There are all kinds of women who chase him,There are school flowers,There loli,You Yujie,This makes the students very jealous。

After graduating from university,The salary earned is very low,If according to that wage level,The money that may be invested in for a lifetime,Can’t get it back!

Not even dare to think about it,The cost of the child’s future marriage!。
I feel the book is for nothing,Meaningless at all,Just wasted a lot of time out of thin air!
The family becomes very sleepy because of the child’s education。
Instead of,It’s better to save the money from the beginning。
Leave it to the kids to do a business,Buy a house and car!
But later he had his own child,Look back at those who he thinks are not good。
Not only do they already have a lot of income,And has a high social status。
The same opportunity lies ahead,People can easily grasp it after going to university。
But without that diploma,Don’t even think about it!
At that time he understood a truth,As long as it is a book that has been carefully read,It’s definitely not a waste of time!
That knowledge will bring more insights,More opportunities,A broader view……
Zhou Xiang’s words left the students in silence。
“What Lao Zhou said makes sense,Sometimes we don’t look down on people who have gone to college,Say they are nerds。”
A male classmate sighed。