“It is indeed possible……but,You come to me now,She instructed you,Or you want to come by yourself?”

“Is her plan,Is her last instruction。”
Yu Zhe suddenly laughed,It’s just that there is a bit of sadness in this smile。
Shi Muluo still wants to kick her out after all,Of course he knows that the other party just wants him to survive,But compared to living alone without thinking about it,He would rather meet death with Shi Muluo。
“Can i see her again……”
“I can’t even see me now。”
“What’s her situation now?”
Zheng Ye sighed again after another,Don’t know how to answer。
“Not very optimistic,She had always concealed the fact that she had recovered,I just don’t want to cooperate with Qi Xianwei’s plan,But you saw it that day,She was completely normal in front of Qi Xianwei……I don’t know what conditions she used in exchange to make everything go smoothly,Anyway since that time,I will never see her again。”
The two were silent with their own concerns。
Yu Zhe is distressed,Just meet up in a hurry,In the end, I couldn’t even say a word,The distance between the two was only five meters,But it’s like a gap that cannot be crossed,In the end everything just returns to the original starting point,He still couldn’t find any news about Shi Muluo。
And Zheng Ye is also desperate,He has no bottom now,Although he and Shi Muluo are on the same front,But compared to revenge,He is now worried that Shi Mu Luo no longer needs him,So I will try to get rid of him who knows too much。
Just thinking,suddenly,The room door was opened again,The two of them are probably too fascinated,So that I didn’t notice that there were other people outside the door,Really was a little scared by the sound of the door opening。
But fortunately,An acquaintance came in,
The two of them are relieved now。
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Come,Come,I killed me.。”

Xu Tianci said that when this is said, it directly stretched his head toward Li Hui Feng.。
Peng I haven’t waited for him yet.,It is directly sent to Li with the wind.。
There is no strength, he hasn’t had any strength.,I climbed a few times on the ground and swayed.。
“Stinky boy,Today, I don’t give a lesson.,You are really a sick cat.。”
But I haven’t waited for him to continue.,Li speaks directly to light down.,Directly played up with a big mouth。
Li Hui Feng flew out directly。
Connect two times,Let Xu Tianci also can’t help but。
“You can continue,As long as you can withstand me,I can let you say。”
“Boy,Don’t be arrogant,Waiting for me.,I must make you born.。”
Li Hui said that this is directly smiling.。
“Xu Tianci,Do you know that you are too stupid??
At this time, I still dare to quit me.?”
Finish,Li Hui Feng is an foot of the opposite。
This time I took a painful Xu Tianci rolled over the ground.。
Xu Tianci looks slowly from Li Hui,The first time I have a fear of emotions.。
“You don’t come over。”
“Hey-hey,You want to let me be born.,I don’t want to come over this time.?
Are you stupid??”
Li Hui said, while talking directly to the other somewhat thin body.,Then bundle with a rope。
Hold the other party under the tree,Then look at each other calmly。
“listen,Since you want me to be born,So I am going to let you experience in advance.,You choose to be biting by a poisonous snake.,Still being climbed by countless ants?”
Li Hui said with the wind.,I quickly got a little honey from the side of the tree, I ran back.。
The honey seam of the orchard is increasing,Li Hui Feng is also the taste of curious these honey。
But now it is obvious that his honey is not use.。
Chapter 109 Uniform Xu Tianci
Looking at Li Hui’s slow approach,Xu Tianci’s pupil fierce。
He has already put it out of the brain, and it is put the body with the wind and then countless insects to eat his appearance.。
“Stinky little,I just said that I just said.,Don’t really be true。”
Under Li Hui’s powerful oppression,Xu Tianci is not from。

It’s nothing,The key is that my aunt has something like this,I feel a little embarrassed to stay here“Lin Wei stood by Xia Jian,Whispered。

Xia Jian was taken aback,I immediately understood what Lin Wei said,He laughed and said:“These are two different things,What she did wrong has nothing to do with you,But I think you go to Qingshan County Sales Office to be a supervisor,This is also a workout for you“
“I have this idea too,But something like this happened to my aunt,I dare not tell Mr. Xiao“Lin Wei heard Xia Jian suggested she go to Qingshan County,Suddenly came the spirit。
“What are you talking about?So happy talking“Xiao Xiao opened the door and walked in。
Xia Jian glanced at Xiao Xiao and said:“Secretary Lin followed me,I asked her to do various projects in Pingdu,Whether it’s sales or management,She is very familiar,So I suggest let Lin Wei go to Pingdu where Guo Meili is!“
“Humph!You let all the big beauties of the group go to Pingdu,Are you trying to build a harem for yourself?!“Xiao Xiao snorted coldly,Said such a sentence。
Lin Wei’s face flushed to the root of his neck.,Xia Jian glanced at Xiao Xiao,Whispered:“Can you pay attention to your words?“
“Did you say it wrong??Guo Meili is not pretty?Xi Zhen and Lin Wei can be said to be young and beautiful。They all went to Pingdu,Is it convenient for you?“Xiao Xiao said,Can’t help but laugh。
Xia Jian did not expect,Xiao Xiao, who has always been serious, will make such jokes in front of his subordinates,He chuckled,No more words,But after two sips of porridge,Handed the plastic box to Lin Wei’s hand。
Lin Wei was about to turn around with the plastic box,Xiao Xiao said to her:“can!Go to Guo Meili and get some exercise,Starting this afternoon,You take Li Lan to get familiar with secretary work“Lin Weiyi listen,Smiled immediately。?
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quickly,Several projects scheduled by Xia Jian called,That the work is going well,This makes Xia Jian and Xiao Xiao very happy。
Xiao Xiao also showed Xia Jian the plan for the financial center again,Xia Jian made comments on several small links,Then he called Lin Na and explained it in person.。
Lin Na on the phone and yesterday are different,She not only has a soft voice,And very polite。There is no impenetrable wall in the world,Xia Jian and Lin Na’s first match in the group yesterday,It spread in the group。Old employees know Xia Jian’s details,So they think Lin Na is defeated without guessing,But new employees don’t think so。

She is beautiful,Not amazing,Put in the crowd,Very ordinary。

But Lu Haozheng,But never give up her。
Her scorpion looks like Gu Anan,“Gu Anan,Cherish what you have,It is the best you get.。”
Blue Xin finished,Get up and leave。
Gu An An is a gloomy station in the same place,what?
Cherish that she is all best now.。
Gu Anan,What is she now??
Nothing at all。
and,Gu Jia promised to give her dowry,I haven’t given her too late.,She is absolutely can’t divorce Lu Haokai,otherwise,She didn’t have anything.。
hehe“Anan,Our coffee must be drunk.,Are you still coming??”
Qin Ning shouted,Listen to her voice,Some unhappy,Lin Zikai is late to agree to cooperate。
She is not happy in her heart。
Gu An’an soothes his emotions.,Go to Qin Ning’s direction。
Blue Xinyi back to the venue,Go to the lounge of the pavilion to find Lu Haozheng。
Big lounge,Lu Haocheng is sitting on the window,In the sun,He is like a beautiful man who is coming out of the comics.。
Although it is covered by the sun,But can’t cover up the breath of the cold.,Don’t get into the breath。
A man looking at this,Blue Xinyin hurt,“I am back。”
She is very light。
A cold man,It seems to return from hell to heaven,Look back,The cold look suddenly gave up soft。
Men slowly get up,Tall figure,Going out from the sun,In the sun,He is like the return of the king,That is difficult to understand,Dazzling and luxurious。
Lu Haocheng stands in front of Blue Xin,Watching her eyes deeply,Low tone,“Blue,Talk??
Let me guess,Our blue words are very persuasive.,Gu Boyu affirmed it.,Yes or no?”
Lan Xin smiled nodded,“agreed,I have hope in my second brother and Jiaqi.,and,My future nephew,Dad is also。”
at this point,Undoubtedly, she is most happy。
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Lu Haoge looks slightly flash,Excited girl looking at you,Excited than anyone,He smiled gently:“Yi Lin will also be very happy。”
“Um!Second brothers have always thought to be with Jiaqi.。
This second brother can be relieved.。”
Blue Xin is very happy,Lovers get married,Is the best ending。
but,Jiaqi’s side,It’s really hard to say。

Okay,Everything is in his plan,The warriors from other places are coming in this direction,That his battle is effective。

Chapter six hundred and eighty two Escape the golden cicada
After the delay,It’s still an hour and a half before dark。
So no matter what, he must go to forcibly shake a Saint-level master who is above Rank 5,This kind of thing is not a joke,Even if he is supernatural,No matter how powerful,It’s not strong enough to fight with dozens of Level 5 or higher masters。
But their purpose has changed,The invitation from the very beginning became a mandatory retention,So Martial Artists around him appeared in front of him at the same time。
So I plan to do it at the same time!
well,Xia Chenglong likes this atmosphere very much。
Someone stood up,The Three Elders of the Tujia,Tu Cancan’s Third Grandpa Tu Zhi,The other party is a genuine Eight-Rank Entering Holy Land,Look at the grade,They belong to the same,But Tu Zhi also felt that he could not defeat the black-robed man in front of him,So he stood with everyone。
“Throughout the ages,No one in Lingxiao City can come and go as freely as you,Whether you stay or not today,Will be an important part of history here。”
“I just want to kill someone who doesn’t matter to you。”
Tu Zhiyixiao,Put your hands in each other’s cuffs:“So you achieved your goal,Lingxiao City is still very sensible in this respect。”

Don’t let the heroes shed blood, sweat and tears!

And for Qiao Tianyu,The creed he has always upheld is,Everything that is beneficial to China’s national and social development,Everything that can improve the quality of life of the Chinese people,He will spare no effort to promote,This is also his lifelong pursuit of the heart of a flaming child!
“Keying,You immediately help me meet the vice president,If the other party agrees,I want to treat him to dinner。”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“okay,no problem!”Soon after the little fat face hung up,Then he called,“The other party agreed!”
See each other,Qiao Tianyu was overjoyed,Hurry up and make an appointment with the little fat face to be the most expensive in Dubai in an hourLa pitabile Maiso
Meet at the restaurant。
However, the chubby face quickly replied that the other party was in a bad mood,No mood to have a big meal,I made an appointment with them at a regular cafe on the beach。
Not in the mood for a big meal?
Qiao Tianyu keenly captured useful information,It seems to be similar to Qiao Tianyu’s previous expectations,They did meet**annoyed,Otherwise, they won’t keep the high180Ten thousand dollars in cost,Wandering on the coast of the Persian Gulf。
Without delay,Qiao Tianyu immediately took a taxi,Arrived at the agreed coffee shop a quarter of an hour before。
Before the other party comes,Qiao Tianyu specially asked for a quieter private room,He doesn’t want to be interrupted when he talks。
About ten minutes later,Xiao Pang Lian quickly rushed over with the vice president,Qiao Tianyu greeted each other quickly and came to the private room to sit down。
After some introduction and greetings,Qiao Tianyu knew that the other party was called Huang Shuliang,Is China’s third largest oil company—Vice President of Huayou Group。
But Qiao Tianyu found a detail,Since I saw the first side,To everyone to meet each other,Mr. Huang always frowned,Even if you smile politely,It always gives people a bitter smile。
It seems like the little fat face just said,President Huang is indeed in a bad mood,Should be encountered**annoyed。
Qiao Tianyu wanted to ask what happened,What’s the difficulty?,Qiao Tianyu hasn’t asked yet,Mr. Huang can’t sit still。
“Mr. Joe,I heard from Li Dahai of China Energy International Construction Group,You are proficient in financial trading,Is a big man who can stir Wall Street,They Zhongneng International won the Mexican railway project more than half a month ago,All thanks to you,I came here today too!”
Li Dahai of China Energy International Construction Group?
Hear the name,Qiao Tianyu glanced at Xiaopang’s face,The chubby face smiled and stuck out his tongue at Qiao Tianyu。

“village head,I have to take my brother to the patriarch’s house,Don’t he have a few treasures in his house??Brother is fair,Sell him best。”

The village chief waved his hand:“then you go!Xiao Hu is indeed a real person,There is nothing wrong with selling things to him。”
A pair of stone lions,Just give one million,I believe that other antique buyers can’t give it,Can give one hundred thousand,I’m afraid it’s all found by conscience。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Nine Get angry
When Hu Yang rushed to the house of the so-called patriarch,Found that there are still people left,Bargaining,Has given up to half a million。
No wonder,The host didn’t drive this person away,Give to 500,000,Is already rare,At least it seems sincere to the villagers?
The villagers who brought Populus and the others are a bit embarrassed,Said it is only sold to Populus,But found that there are still people left,Look at this posture,If Populus and they don’t come,Maybe it’s already a deal。
“All 500,000 is not enough。”A middle-aged man shook his head and said。
Hall,The oldest old man did not speak,Quietly watching these people talk about prices,Not involved,Doesn’t seem to care too much。
Some people have questions in the live broadcast room,Many older generations,Heirlooms are rarely sold,Feel shameless。But this village,Doesn’t seem to be the case。
They ignored,The source of these items,Strictly,These are loot,Not created by my ancestors,So I didn’t insist on saying that what I uploaded cannot be sold。
Hu Yang, they listened:All 500,000?
They look over,There are seven or eight objects on the table,Most gold and silverware,Almost all ancient women’s jewelry,Put them in a three-layer box。
In the eyes of rural people,Gold and silverware must be more valuable than ordinary things。Give all 500,000,A little dissatisfied。
Just say go to the gold shop to buy gold bracelets,Slightly larger,Tens of thousands!Tens of thousands are not in the minority,Not to mention antiques。

But don’t worry everyone,When the company turned back, negotiated with the city leaders about the land,Everyone knows that our company is rich,This matter is the big boss nodded himself,As long as the city approves the land for us,Our family area will start soon……I understand what the big guy means,But the big guy, don’t worry,I am still looking forward to dividing a big house,Can i not care,The big guy said is it true?”

Everyone burst into laughter!
While laughing,The grassroots、The middle-level leading cadres finally calmed down:Yes,This is a house,This is a big deal for any family,How could Director Chen not care?
Someone in the crowd shouted:“Plant manager,Tell me more about the regulations of the house division?”
Yes indeed!
The grassroots who were just happy、The middle-level cadres also realized this in an instant:Divided the house,This is a good thing,But how is this house divided??Specifically, what size house can I get?
For any family in this era,This is the top priority!
Chen Xiaoshan smiled and nodded:“There is nothing to say about this,What the boss meant,It must be impossible to eat big pot of rice,We are a Sino-foreign joint-stock company,Different from those state-owned enterprises that eat big pot of rice,So the principle of dividing the house this time is very simple,Who works seriously、Who works actively、Who brings more benefits to the company,Who can divide the house first、Big house。”
Regardless of seniority,It depends on the individual’s contribution to the company?
Everyone was in an uproar!
Not waiting for everyone to speak,Chen Xiaoshan went on to say to himself:“What the boss meant,Is to divide the whole project into three phases,About five buildings built in the first phase,So I don’t have to say anything,Talk to the frontline comrades after everyone goes back,from now on,Their performance directly determines when they can be allocated a house、What size house can be allocated。
Oh,correct,The boss said,This time the house not only has two bedrooms and one living room,There are three bedrooms and one living room、Four bedrooms and one living room,Even villas……”
I heard there is a villa,But you middle class、The response of the grassroots cadres is not so excited:Even if you can get a set of three rooms and one hall, it will burn a lot of incense,villa?That thing has nothing to do with me……
But soon,They found out that the villa could have something to do with them。
“Big boss said,villa、The four rooms and one hall are not exclusive to the cadres,He will take out a single-family villa from inside、Three sets of townhouses and five sets of four bedrooms and one hall to reward those with outstanding ability、Or outstanding workers and engineering technicians who have made outstanding contributions to the company,In addition, those who have obtained the villa can also get a private car donated by the boss。”
While saying this,Chen Xiaoshan said in his heart that it is impossible not to envy,The boss didn’t say whether he could get a villa,But envy is envy,Chen Xiaoshan understands better,For the boss’s decision,It’s better to execute honestly。
Be the team leader、After the workshop directors took the news back,,Workers, look at me、I see you,I can’t believe that such a good thing will fall on my head:I also have the opportunity to be divided into a big house with four bedrooms and one living room、Villas or even cars?!

Xiao Fan felt puzzled here,Xiao Fan over there immediately recovered。

Yes,This is Lin Yoona’s temperament,Isn’t it?
Chapter nine hundred and forty nine lay down
The Lin Yoona I know,Should have been a pungent temper,Should have been a person who doesn’t like to suffer。
Even though the temper of Lin Yoona in this life is good,But for Xiao Fan,She is always compared to the original Lin Yoona,Something so short。
so,Lin Yuna with this personality should be the one with whom she has been familiar for many, many years, right??
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona,Oh,Do not,wrong,Should be looking at the familiar Lin Yoona,I couldn’t help but laughed out。
then,Just when Xiao Fan just laughed,Lin Yoona was immediately unhappy。
This Xiao Fan,Today is too weird,Like this for a while,Like that for a while,I’m about to confuse myself。
then,Lin Yoona didn’t hold back any of them,I just wanted to say something to Xiao Fan,I heard Xiao Fan’s voice。
“Yoona,When you just now,When I was in the big banyan tree,Have you really recovered your memory??”
“what did you say?”Lin Yoona didn’t expect Xiao Fan to jump on this topic so much,So that,After she heard Xiao Fan’s question,I thought there was something wrong with my ears,I misheard the words myself。
“I said,Just now,That is when the big banyan tree,Have you really recovered your memory??”Xiao Fan asked repeatedly。
This time,Lin Yoona didn’t directly answer Xiao Fan’s question,Instead, after a long period of time,He gave Xiao Fan an affirmative answer with a serious expression。
Xiao Fan heard the seriousness in Lin Yuner’s words,I even heard the formality in Lin Yuner’s words,then,After a bitter smile in my heart,Just continue to speak to her:“Are you sure you have remembered everything?”
Lin Yuna looked at the roof,My eyes seem to be absent for a moment。
“Yes,From the first meeting,Including why we were separated,Even including my manager’s life and life,Every cycle,It’s all in my mind!”Lin Yuner said stupidly。
“Since you already remembered,Could it be that you don’t blame me?Why after you recovered your memory,Still treat me as always!”Xiao Fan asked inexplicably。

[Can I drink chrysanthemum tea in the first trimester?]

[Can I drink chrysanthemum tea in the first trimester?]

Early pregnancy is a relatively important period of time. At this time, the development of the baby is not very stable, so we should pay attention to the work arrangements, and we often drink chrysanthemum tea, so do you know whether pregnant women can drink chrysanthemum tea?

In fact, pregnant women drinking chrysanthemum tea properly will not hurt, but it should be noted that if their spleen and stomach are weak, it is not suitable for too much.

First, can pregnant women drink chrysanthemum tea?

1. Chrysanthemum tea tastes sweet, bitter, and slightly cold.

Can evacuate wind and heat, clear the liver and eyesight, clear heat and detoxify, and lower liver yang.

Many female friends usually drink chrysanthemum tea, but can pregnant women drink chrysanthemum tea?

Many people don’t understand this issue. Today it is still necessary for women to be beautiful to talk about whether pregnant women can drink chrysanthemum tea.

2. According to experts, pregnant women can drink chrysanthemum tea, which has no effect on pregnant women. There is no other alternative for chrysanthemums. It is just a bit colder, which is no problem for pregnant women.

Many people say that pregnant women can’t drink chrysanthemum tea because it is afraid of the absorption of iron from tea ingredients, but other teas other than chrysanthemum tea will not cause this situation.

3, but chrysanthemum tea is cold, after all, pregnant women must pay attention to the amount of chrysanthemum tea, remember to drink light, there is a degree of everything, it is best not to drink too much, drink a little time without hindrance.

In addition, pregnant women are prone to constipation. Drinking chrysanthemum tea can effectively alleviate this situation.

Second, little common sense: brewing method of chrysanthemum tea 1, when brewing chrysanthemum tea, it is best to use transparent glass, put four or five capsules each time, and then brew with boiling water.

When drinking chrysanthemum tea, add a few sugar candies to the tea cup, so that it tastes sweeter.

2. Every time you drink chrysanthemum tea, don’t finish it all at once, leave an extra cup of tea, add new tea, soak for a while, and then drink.