[Can I drink chrysanthemum tea in the first trimester?]

[Can I drink chrysanthemum tea in the first trimester?]

Early pregnancy is a relatively important period of time. At this time, the development of the baby is not very stable, so we should pay attention to the work arrangements, and we often drink chrysanthemum tea, so do you know whether pregnant women can drink chrysanthemum tea?

In fact, pregnant women drinking chrysanthemum tea properly will not hurt, but it should be noted that if their spleen and stomach are weak, it is not suitable for too much.

First, can pregnant women drink chrysanthemum tea?

1. Chrysanthemum tea tastes sweet, bitter, and slightly cold.

Can evacuate wind and heat, clear the liver and eyesight, clear heat and detoxify, and lower liver yang.

Many female friends usually drink chrysanthemum tea, but can pregnant women drink chrysanthemum tea?

Many people don’t understand this issue. Today it is still necessary for women to be beautiful to talk about whether pregnant women can drink chrysanthemum tea.

2. According to experts, pregnant women can drink chrysanthemum tea, which has no effect on pregnant women. There is no other alternative for chrysanthemums. It is just a bit colder, which is no problem for pregnant women.

Many people say that pregnant women can’t drink chrysanthemum tea because it is afraid of the absorption of iron from tea ingredients, but other teas other than chrysanthemum tea will not cause this situation.

3, but chrysanthemum tea is cold, after all, pregnant women must pay attention to the amount of chrysanthemum tea, remember to drink light, there is a degree of everything, it is best not to drink too much, drink a little time without hindrance.

In addition, pregnant women are prone to constipation. Drinking chrysanthemum tea can effectively alleviate this situation.

Second, little common sense: brewing method of chrysanthemum tea 1, when brewing chrysanthemum tea, it is best to use transparent glass, put four or five capsules each time, and then brew with boiling water.

When drinking chrysanthemum tea, add a few sugar candies to the tea cup, so that it tastes sweeter.

2. Every time you drink chrysanthemum tea, don’t finish it all at once, leave an extra cup of tea, add new tea, soak for a while, and then drink.

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銆 愯 渹 铚 Cang Xuan 氯 鰪 鰅 鋂 鋳 鑳?銆 慱 Hoo 囝 箞 甽 悽 悡 悍 甍 甽?
铚傝湝鏌氬瓙鑼惰繖鏄汉浠棩甯哥敓娲讳腑寰堝父瑙佺殑涓€绉嶉ギ鍝侊紝涓昏鍘熸潗鏂欏氨鏄渹铚滃拰鏌氬瓙锛岃繖涓よ€呴兘鏄浜庝汉浣撳瓨鍦ㄦ湁璁稿濂藉鐨勯鍝侊紝闀挎湡椋熺敤鍙互杈惧埌缇庣櫧鐨勬晥鏋滐紝骞朵笖瀵逛簬浜轰綋鐨勮偁閬撲篃瀛樺湪鏈夋瘮杈冨ソ鐨勮皟鐞嗕綔鐢ㄣ€傝€屽ぇ瀹舵兂蹇呴兘鐭The chain of rain and the gong falls into the sky and the sky is awkward. It ‘s fine. It ‘s fine. It ‘s fine. It ‘s the same as the altar.Cangxuan stunned by hydrogen?Do you have any trouble with the rudder and rudder?鍙互鍠濄€傝渹铚滄煔瀛愯尪鏈韩骞舵棤鏄庢樉鐨勬瘨鍓綔鐢紝鏅氫笂鍠濅篃鏄彲浠ョ殑锛屾櫄涓婁篃涓嶅疁鍠濆緱澶锛屽惁鍒欎細澧炲姞灏忎究閲忥紝褰卞搷鐫$湢锛岃€屼笖铚傝湝鏌氬瓙鑼剁殑鑽€у瘨鍑夛紝鍠濆お澶氬彲鑳戒細鍒烘縺鑲犺儍锛屽紩璧疯偁鑳冧笉閫傦紝寤鸿姣忓ぉ鏅氫笂鑸€1-2鍕哄啿娉″氨鍙互浜嗐€傛櫄涓婂枬鏌氬瓙鑼惰兘鍑忚偉鍚棧垮彲浠ヨ捣鍒颁竴瀹氱殑鍑忚偉鏁堟灉銆傛煔瀛愪腑鍚湁澶ч噺鐨勭淮鐢熺礌C鍜岃喅椋熺氦缁达紝鑳藉鏈夋晥镄勪绩杩涗汉浣撶殑鏂伴檲浠何阿锛屽府锷╂帓鍑轰汉浣揿唴镄勬瘨绱狅纴骞の笖铚傝湝镆锣跺叿链夋鼎娉借偁閬撶殑濂藉锛屽彲浠ュ府鍔╂敼鍠勪究绉樼殑鎯呭喌锛岃€屾櫄涓婄殑娑堝寲鍔熻兘杈冪櫧澶╁急锛屾湇鐢ㄦ煔瀛愯尪鍙互甯姪淇冭繘娑堝寲锛屼粠鑰岃揪鍒板噺鑲ョ殑鏁堟灉銆傝渹铚滄煔瀛愯尪浠€涔堟椂鍊欏枬濂?楗悗涓€灏忔椂銆備竴鑸キ鍚庡崐灏忔椂鍒颁竴灏忔椂宸﹀彸锛屾槸鑳冨垎娉岄叾鏈€寮虹殑鏃跺€欙紝杩欎釜鏃跺€欏枬铚傝湝鏌氬瓙鑼讹紝涓€鏂归潰鏄彲浠ヤ娇鑲犺儍鏇村ソ鐨勫惛鏀惰渹铚滄煔瀛愯尪涓殑钀ュ吇鎴愬垎锛屽彟涓€鏂归潰鏄彲浠ラ槻姝㈣渹铚滄煔瀛愯尪鐨勫瘨鍑変箣鎬у埡婵€鑲犺儍锛岃€屽紩鍙戣偁鑳冧笉閫傘€傝渹铚滄煔瀛愯尪涓€澶╁枬鍑犳?2-3娆°€傝渹铚滄煔瀛愯尪铏界劧鍚湁鏋侀珮鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊硷紝浣嗘槸鏈嶇敤涔熶笉瀹滆繃澶氾紝涓€鑸缓璁竴娆″枬1-2鍕猴紝涓€澶╁枬2-3娆″乏鍙冲嵆鍙紝鍥犱负铚傝湝鏌氬瓙鑼跺懗閰哥敇锛屾€у瘨鍑夛紝鏈夎緝濂界殑娑﹁偁閫氫究鐨勬晥鏋滐紝濡傛灉涓€澶╂湇鐢ㄦ鏁拌繃澶氾紝鍙兘浼氬奖鍝嶈偁鑳冨仴搴凤紝瀵艰嚧鍑虹幇鑲犺儍涓嶉€傘€?

Dahua Shares (002236) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Steady Quarterly Results and Steady Growth in Stock Repurchase Demonstrate Confidence

Dahua Shares (002236) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Steady Quarterly Results and Steady Growth in Stock Repurchase Demonstrate Confidence

The company achieved revenue of 43 in the first quarter of 2019.

48 ppm, +20 a year.

19%, net profit attributable to mothers3.

16 trillion, ten years +7.

05%; the company expects 2019H1 performance growth to fall between 0-15%, corresponding to a net profit of 10.

800 million-12.

400 million yuan.

At the same time the company plans to not exceed 25.

The price of 37 yuan / share repurchases 2-400 million shares, which shows the company’s long-term development confidence.

We are optimistic about the steady development of the company brought about by internal reforms, and maintain the “overweight” rating.

2019Q1 revenue growth is high, H1 performance indicators fell between 0-15%.

The company achieved revenue of 43 in 2019Q1.

48 ppm, +20 a year.

19%, net profit attributable to mothers3.

16 trillion, ten years +7.

05%; net profit after returning to mother 2.

86 ‰, at least -1.


The company’s Q1 revenue grew steadily, mainly due to the continued increase in market share and the recognition of revenue from overlapping Shache projects; the gross profit margin decreased by -1.

5% to 37.

4%, mainly due to the weakness of the industry; in terms of expenses, we extended the company’s exchange loss gains in the first quarter of about US $ 100 million, added back the fair value gains generated by the hedging, and recovered actual exchange losses of approximately 0.

60 billion?

7 billion.

In addition, we predict that the company’s single quarter equity incentive expenses will be close to zero.

50 ‰ (expected growth of nearly 2 ‰), other expenses increased mainly from research and development expansion.

The company’s 2019Q1 real interest rate implanted 5.

7% per year -5.

Nine cases were mainly derived from tax shield effects brought by preferential policies such as research and development expenses plus replacement and deferred income assets that could be offset by temporary differences.

Looking ahead to 2019H1, the company expects the growth rate of the first half of the year to fall between 0-15%, corresponding to a net profit of 10.


400,000 yuan, according to this calculation the 2019Q2 performance center is 7.

8%, we are optimistic about the company’s performance.

In 2019, we will focus on the B-end market, and we are optimistic about the internal reform and development of the company for a long time.

Looking forward to 2019, we are optimistic about the development of the company’s B-end market in the context of AI, and open up the outer space of the security market.

From the perspective of the company, since the first half of 2017, the reform of the appointment is still underway, and some overseas regions have already highlighted, and the first quarter of 2018 has achieved initial results. The company strives to continue to grasp the potential of overseas safe city construction (such as Mexico 30 million(Large order); the company is forging ahead in China. In 2019, the company clearly divided the domestic business into four business segments (ToG + ToB + SMB + ToC) to improve operating efficiency, and launched the “HOC architecture” to propose more solutions.At the same time, focus on value customers to expand the business-end incremental market.

We expect the company reform to continue, and we are optimistic about the company’s steady development brought about by internal reforms.

The stock repurchase program demonstrates consensus confidence.
The company issued an announcement that plans to not exceed 25.
The price of 37 yuan / share repurchases 200 million to 400 million company stocks, which are used as the source of stocks for the implementation of distribution incentives or employee stock ownership plans.

The total repurchase amount measured at the current total accounts for 0 of the company’s total market value.


8%, and the maximum upper limit of the repurchase price exceeds 56%, demonstrating the company’s confidence in the company’s long-term development.

Risk factors: The growth of the security industry is accelerating, the 北京夜生活网 company’s internal reforms are less than expected, and overseas progress is blocked.

Investment suggestion: While the company is carrying out internal management reform, increase the development of overseas markets. We continue to be optimistic about the company’s development for a long time and maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021.



61 yuan, giving an 18x PE estimate for 2019, corresponding to a target price of 18.

90 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Tesla concept total dragon head myth shattered 200 million large single fund withdrawal

Tesla concept “total dragon head” myth shattered 200 million large single fund withdrawal

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  [Super Big Order]Tesla’s concept of “Total Leader” is shattered, and 200 million big order funds are withdrawn. Source: DataBao original Lin Lifeng ‘s super big order funds are a net replacement of 286.

Xiuqiang Co., Ltd. has denied that it is a Tis1 supplier. Today, the “Limit Limit Show” ended, and the total amount of large single funds exceeded 200 million US dollars.

  The three major A-share stock indexes today are collectively scaled. The GEM index was weaker and eventually closed. The Shanghai index fell 0.

32% reported 2975 points, the ChiNext Index fell 1.

45% reported 2139 points, and the total turnover of the two cities exceeded RMB 1 trillion, reaching RMB 10388 billion.

The industry sector saw gains less and more. Gold, diversified finance, pork, railway infrastructure, Tesla and other sectors had the highest gains; agriculture, medicine, online games, online education and other sector standards.

Northbound funds reversed today’s net inflow of 37.

4.5 billion.

  The two cities have a net allowance of 286 for a single large fund.

2.6 billion, of which Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 net reduction of 73.

1.2 billion, GEM net decrease of 97.

7.1 billion yuan.

More than 1,100 shares in the two cities were in net circulation, and more than 2,000 shares were in net circulation.

  Today, 28 industries in Shenwan have a large net inflow of funds in 6 industries, and the turnover of 8 industries exceeds 1 billion yuan.

The largest single inflow of the non-banking financial industry came first, with a net inflow of 9.

At 7.4 billion US dollars, some brokerage stocks rebounded. National Gold Securities once hit an intraday limit and closed at an increase of over 7%.

Food and beverage large inflows4.

9.9 billion yuan, the industry index against the market rose 1.

15%, Huifa Food daily limit, Shuanghui development, I miss you rose by more than 6%, news, dairy products, meat products and other people’s livelihood essential enterprises have resumed work.

  Large public utility inflows1.

8 trillion yuan, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and leisure services delivered over 60 million yuan.

Leisure services rose sharply today.

81%, tourist hotel stocks rebounded across the board today, China National Tourism United rose by more than 7%, Zhangjiajie rose by more than 6%, Jinjiang Hotel, Xi’an Tourism, Zhongxin Tourism and other high returns.

On the surface of the news, the epidemic has eased, many scenic spots have reopened to the outside world, and many local governments have issued tourism assistance policies.

  The electronics industry reversed 65.

2.8 billion yuan, the industry index closed slightly down.

The pharmaceutical biotechnology and non-ferrous metal industries exceeded RMB 4 billion.

The large amount of funds in the pharmaceutical and biological industry continued to decrease, and the cumulative amount in the past five trading days has reached 14.2 billion US dollars.

In the non-ferrous metal industry, the concept of rare earth permanent magnets has been replaced across the board, and China National Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has dropped its daily limit. Zhongke Sanhuan, Xiamen Tungsten Industry, Tiantong Co., and Yahua Group all fell by more than 5%, and individual stocks can be very concentrated.

The computer industry exceeds 3.8 billion and the media can exceed 2 billion.

  As for individual stocks, the inflow of 42 large single funds in the two cities exceeded 100 million yuan.

National Gold Securities large single inflow 7.

At 7.2 billion U.S. dollars, the company hit a daily limit during the intraday trading session, and it gradually increased by 24% in the past four trading days.

In addition, the inflows of Huatai Securities, Northeast Securities, and CITIC Securities exceeded 100 million yuan. According to the news, the performance of the securities firms in January was still outstanding. From the 32 listed securities firms that have released their financial briefings in January, the operating income and net profit in January were respectivelyIncreases by 4 per year.

55%, 18.

62%, the profit side slightly exceeded expectations.

In addition, the recent transaction volume of the two cities has continuously reached new highs, and today it has even exceeded the trillion mark.  Affected by the mitigation of the epidemic, tourist hotels, civil aviation airports and other sectors directly affected by the epidemic rebounded today.

From the perspective of funds, China National Travel’s large single inflow exceeded 50 million, and the funds from the north also participated in the fundraising, and today bought 6 net.

5.8 billion; Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airport and other inflows exceeded 30 million yuan.

Some tourism stocks only have capital investment. For example, Jinjiang Hotel rose more than 5% today, but the large single fund repeated more than 16 million yuan, and the first travel hotel had a maximum of more than 5 million.

  The chicken industry and the pig industry are also strong today. Huaying Agriculture, Haili Biological Daily Limits, Tiankang Biological, Shengnong Development, etc. have soared.

According to the news, due to the spread of new crown pneumonia and the spread of African swine fever, pork prices have risen slightly after the Spring Festival, and it still takes time to recover production capacity.

From the perspective of funds, Zhengbang Biological ‘s large single inflow exceeded 200 million yuan, Tiankang Biological and Wen ‘s shares entered more than 100 million yuan, Huaying Agriculture, Shengnong Development inflow exceeded 70 million yuan, Muyuan shares, Tangrenshen, Xinwufeng, XianAlternate shares, Lihua shares, and other large orders alternate net replacement.

  Today, there are 113 stocks with more than one million funds, including 31 in the electronics industry, 16 in computers, and 13 in non-ferrous metals.

Luoyang molybdenum industry replaces 7.

With 4.7 billion, it has a sustainable limit.

Today, the cobalt concept stocks collectively fell, the news 厦门夜网 surface, media reports said that Tesla will promote cobalt-free batteries, and Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. entered.

800 million US dollars, Han Rui Cobalt replaced 2.

1.7 billion.

Some stocks of lithium batteries also suffered a large single fund hit today, Ningde Times replaced 7.

1.3 billion, Tianqi lithium industry replaced 6.

600 million US dollars, China’s Baoan, GEM, Ganfeng Lithium, billion Wei lithium energy and other hundreds of millions of capital investment.

  The electronic industry stocks have a higher amount of money produced by Opel Optoelectronics, Sanan Optoelectronics, BOE A, Changxin Technology, Jingfang Technology, Huatian Technology, etc., the above-mentioned stocks each generated more than 300 million yuan.

  After the bullish stock Xiuqiang shares board for 11 consecutive daily limit, today opened 佛山桑拿网 the daily limit, has been almost flat, large single fund flow2.

With a budget of 3.3 billion U.S. dollars, the stock has been replaced for two consecutive days, and more than 60 million yuan were replaced on Tuesday and Tuesday.

On the news, the company responded to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiry letter saying that the company is not a Tier 1 supplier of glass products for Tesla charging piles, has not directly participated in the Tesla Shanghai project, and does not involve the core technology and core of the Tesla Shanghai project.Production of parts.

  Disclaimer: All information content of DataBao does not constitute investment advice. Securities are risky and investment should be cautious.

Bafang Co. (603489): Demand for Electric Treadmill Motor Leader + ASP Boosts Growth

Bafang Co. (603489): Demand for Electric Treadmill Motor Leader + ASP Boosts Growth

Sales of overseas electric treadmills have maintained rapid growth, and the long-term market can reach tens of millions of vehicles.

Electric treadmills are more labor-saving and safe, meeting the needs of commuting, travel and extreme sports, and have formed a healthy cycling trend in areas with high per capita GDP.

In 2018, the sales of electric treadmills in Europe, Japan and the United States were 2.5 / 67/33 million, respectively. Bicycle sales accounted for 13% / 42% / 2% respectively. Some leading regions in Europe, such as Belgium, have reached 50%%.

In Europe and the United States, the sales of electric treadmills have maintained rapid growth, and Japan has stabilized. In 2023, the sales of electric treadmills in Europe, Japan, and the United States may reach 8 million units, reaching 10 million units in the long run.

Ranked first-line, the market share continued to increase.

The company is one of the few companies that master the core technology of inverter sensors. In 2018, the company’s motor sales reached 920,000 units, an annual increase of 40%, and its market share in Europe and the United States is close to 30%.

Compared to large groups such as Bosch, Panasonic and Yamaha, the company is a pure motor and kit 夜来香体验网 supplier, with cost-effective products and responsive timeliness advantages.

Compared with domestic enterprises, the company has first-mover advantage and scale advantages. The products are stable in supply to overseas customers. Usually, the overseas major customers have a product verification time of about 3 years.).

60,000 wheels 41.

60,000). In the future, the company will continue to expand the company’s scale advantage after the production and investment projects (460,000 units in the center and 160,000 wheels) are put into production.

Motor manufacturers are transforming into complete electrical system suppliers. The continuous increase in the supporting rate of meters, controllers and batteries has driven the company’s ASP growth.

The “EN15194: 2017” announced by the European Standardization Commission stipulates that motors, controllers, sensors, meters and other products need to be certified for a complete system, driving downstream vehicle customers’ “one-stop” kit procurement requirements to rise, driving the company’s kit matching rate in 2019Significantly increased, the instrument supporting rate for 2019H1 reached 54.

93% (relative to 2018 + 14pct), the supporting rate of controllers reached 37.

83% (compared to 2018 + 10pct), battery matching rate reached 7.

21% (compared to +3 in 2018.

95 pct). The initial investment project includes an annual output of 250,000 sets of supporting lithium power production lines, which will further strengthen the company’s integrated supply capacity.

With the increase in the kit matching rate, the company’s ASP has also risen rapidly. After 2017-2019H1, the company’s ASP is 840/888/1040 yuan. Assuming that the company’s kit and battery will achieve 100% independent matching in the future, the ASP can reach more than 2,000 yuan, which is feasible.Times space.

The investment proposal predicts that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 13/18/24 trillion US dollars, with a long-term growth of 37.

5% / 37.

2% / 36.

4%, net profit reached 3 respectively.

15, 4.

32, 5.

6.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of 36% / 37% / 30%, corresponding to an EPS of 2.



69 yuan.

The electric treadmill industry is in a rapid growth period. Considering the company’s leading position, the company is given 35 times PE in 2020, corresponding to a target price of 126 yuan, and given a company buy rating.

Risks remind the risks of European and American trade policies; the risks of industry policy changes in electric treadmills; and the risks of market competition.

Yoga rookie faq

Yoga rookie faq

Q: Why is it unsuitable to practice yoga within 2 hours after eating?

  Answer: 1.

Abdominal fullness cannot cooperate with breathing; 2.

The blood is most acidic within 2 hours after eating. At this time, the result after exercise is to cause discomfort and even sore joints. Suggestions-you can use fluid food or keep half full

  Q: What are the advantages of doing a handstand in the morning?

  Answer: 1.

Inverted is advantageous to empty the two stools; 2.

In the morning, there will be a standing phenomenon on both legs, and the handstand can be immediately lifted; 3.

Supply blood to the head and evenly distribute nutrition. Note-1.

Do not force a handstand without maturity; 2.

Alternative postures-stand on your shoulders and stand upright (obviously ask your yoga instructor for advice).

  Q: In what order should I practice?

  A: The general practice sequence is bathing-breathing-posture exercises-relaxation-breathing-meditation.

  Q: Why does yoga practice snorting?

What’s so bad about breathing by mouth?

  Answer: Firstly, it takes less time to breathe through the mouth than with the nose. Secondly, occasionally, you should develop yoga breathing.

  When you breathe through the mouth, you will take away a lot of water, which will cause the airways and esophagus to dry;The openness of the mouth during yoga practice can affect meditation.

  Q: May I practice yoga before, during, or after.

Is there a requirement for drinking water?

  Answer: Empty two stools before practicing, and it is not advisable to drink water after going to the toilet for the last time.

It is not advisable to drink water unless you can sip a little unless you are thirsty during the exercise; after the exercise, you can sip it bit by bit.

  Q: Yoga has many similarities with qigong. Will yoga practice be as biased as qigong.

  Answer: Although yoga seems to be similar to qigong in some places.

But the biggest difference is that yoga has a lot of postures, and the pacing must be practiced after the posture is practiced, which avoids the problem of deviation.

  Q: Can you tell me what the coach said about taking a deep breath or exhaling?

Normally we need to inhale as if to abdomen, and then exhale to relax, but yoga seems to be the opposite.

  A: Deep breathing is abdominal breathing. As for whether the abdomen is inflated or inflated when inhaling, we recommend that the posture be inflated when inhaling and exhaling when exhaling.

Ordinary people actually do n’t exercise the abdomen and breathe, and yoga practitioners usually have to breathe in the abdomen. The abdomen is usually inhaled during inhalation or abdomen during expiration.

  Question: I see in the book that yoga can’t be done on the bed, so can it be at home on the 6th floor?

  Answer: Not being in bed means not to practice under soft and thick backrest conditions.

Practice on the floor of any floor.

  Q: If the bed is not very soft, it’s OK.

  Answer: Do not practice on Simmons bed.

There is only one quilt on the hard bed to practice.

  Q: I just saw on your website that women can do yoga properly during menstruation, but I checked it out on other websites and said that women should stop practicing during menstruation and pregnancy. What is right?

  Answer: If you take 5-7 days of rest every month because of menstruation, we are worried that the first, the bones are stiff, and the second is ineffective, so we need to practice moderately.

If blind experts stop practicing, would you please observe that the female yoga teachers are suspended for 5-7 days every month?

  Q: I am pregnant. Can I practice yoga?Is there any professional guidance in this regard?

Is there a choice to learn yoga in a targeted way?

  Are there any professional coaches in this regard?

I think if I study well, it should help my body?

  Answer: Yes.

Yoga exercises help the fetus grow and deliver smoothly.

However, stop practicing for three months before you go to the basin. In the practice, you should avoid any pressure on the abdomen.

  Q: Is yoga a vegetarian diet?

What are the benefits of vegetarian diet for yoga practice?

  Answer: Advocate but not barely.

At least it should be vegetarian.

Non-vegetarians can also succeed if they only pursue asanas (posture), but it is more beneficial to grow vegetarian spiritually.

The transition to vegetarianism is a natural process.

  Q: Can women practice yoga during menstruation?

Shouldn’t a certain movement be practiced during menstruation?

What problems should I pay attention to?

  Answer: Yes.
But to reduce the degree to not fatigue.

Practice at this time helps emotional stability and relieve dysmenorrhea.

Handstand and shoulder standing cannot be practiced.

  Question: Why do I feel the forehead swell when I bend over and sit up after each exercise?

Is there any mitigation?

  Answer: 1.

After bending down, you should use waist force, not reset force.

Forced intelligence can cause the forebrain to swell.


This situation can also occur with extremely low fasting dialysis blood glucose.


If you eat too much, most of the blood will be in the stomach, and the blood flow will be slow.

  When this happens, you should continue to sit down with both palms and hold your head to rest immediately.

Steamed buns are more nutritious than flat cakes

Steamed buns are more nutritious than flat cakes

After fermentation, the nutritional value of pasta is increased by 3-4 times. Yeast or liver protection is also pasta. Fermented steamed bread and bread are more nutritious than unfermented food such as flat cakes and noodles.

Studies have shown that yeast not only changes the structure of dough, making them softer and more delicious, but also greatly increases the nutritional value of steamed bread and bread.

  There are many ways that yeast can protect the liver and allow flour to ferment, such as baking soda fermentation, old noodle fermentation, yeast fermentation, etc.

These methods are the same in principle, that is, a large amount of carbon dioxide gas is generated in the dough by the starter. During the cooking process, the carbon dioxide is heated to expand, so the pasta becomes soft and delicious.

However, the first two methods have their own disadvantages. Baking soda will seriously damage the B vitamins in the flour. Old dough fermentation will cause the dough to have a sour taste. Only yeast fermentation can make the pasta taste good and improve its nutritional value.

  Yeast is divided into two types: fresh yeast and dry yeast. It is an edible, nutrient-rich, single-cell microorganism. It is called “an inexhaustible source of nutrition” in nutrition.

In addition to protein, carbohydrates, and lipids, yeast contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Experiments have shown that the protein contained in 1 kg of dry yeast is equivalent to 5 kg of rice, 2 kg of soybeans or 2.

Protein content of 5 kg of pork.

Therefore, steamed bread and bread contain 3 to 4 times more nutrients than biscuits and noodles, and protein has increased by almost 2 times.

  Fermented yeast is also a strong antioxidant, which can protect the liver and has a certain detoxification effect.

Selenium, chromium and other minerals in yeast can fight aging, tumors, prevent arteriosclerosis, and improve the body’s immunity.

After fermentation, a phytic acid in the flour that affects the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron and other elements can be broken down, thereby improving the body’s absorption and utilization of these nutrients.

  People with weak digestive function should eat more fermented bread. Steamed bread is good for digestion and absorption. This is because the enzymes in yeast can promote the breakdown of nutrients.

Therefore, people who are thin and have weak digestive functions, such as children and the elderly, are more suitable to eat this kind of food.

Similarly, it is best to eat fermented pasta such as bread for breakfast, because the energy in it will be released quickly, which will make you full of energy throughout the morning.

  Spontaneous flour does not increase the nutritional effect of the face. To make the yeast fully function, you can add a small amount of sugar, but it is best not to overdo it, otherwise it will inhibit the growth and reproduction of yeast.

Generally, the ratio of sugar to yeast is 11: 1, and the amount of yeast used is 1 to the weight of flour.

When 5% -2%, the fermentation effect is the best.

  Many people like to buy spontaneous flour or baking powder instead of yeast, which is convenient but loses much nutrition.

Because they are fermented with baking soda, they cannot increase the nutritional value, but will destroy the B vitamins in flour.

Typical psychological factors that can lead to derailment of modern marriage

Typical psychological factors that can lead to derailment of modern marriage

Introduction: We have noticed that the number of unfaithful people in the society has been increasing rapidly, forming a continuous trend.

According to the latest survey, about 50% of married women and 70% of married men have at least one intention of infidelity.

  Experience tells us that if the victims of extramarital affairs can detect dangerous romances early.

Most can take precautions before things happen.

We have summarized the three main reasons for having an extramarital affair, if this typical danger sign also exists in your marriage life.

So whether or not your spouse does have an affair, your relationship has begun to deteriorate.

  One, a lonely wife said to us: “My husband Zhang fiddled with his computer endlessly as soon as he got home.

One day I went to the bookstore and when I wanted to get my wallet, the books and groceries on my hands fell to the floor.

A kind man helped me lift up the book and asked, ‘oh, do you like classical novels?

‘I went to that bookstore a week later and happened to meet him again.

We talked for more than three hours the next day.

Things are always relative to each other, but to be honest, it is not sexual relative conversation that drives our relationship.

To Zhang, I’m just a reproductive machine, nothing more than that between us.

This lonely individual is intolerable.

“If a person incorporates intimate feelings in life, if he finds someone to share the big and small things in life with him.

A sense of loneliness will spontaneously arise.

This feeling of loneliness is precisely the main cause of extramarital affairs.

  Second, there is a man who is monotonous, “Although I have been thinking about other girlfriends for 11 years, I never wanted to really find an affair.

One night, as my wife was out, I attended a party alone, and a lady invited me to her place for a drink or two.

At first I was afraid and nervous and told her I couldn’t go.

But that thought kept stimulating me, and two days later I hung up with her and things happened.

“The temptation of external stimuli is the second most common cause of infidelity between couples.

After five or six years of marriage, the enthusiasm began to cool, and the way was fixed alternately during the ten years. The once free couple also had children, and the sex life was always performed in the same way at the same time.

The opposite is true for extramarital affairs, which offers a lot of risk factors: teasing, chasing, danger, unleashed lust, and fear of being found trembling.

  Third, lack of communication We heard a description of the couple’s quarrel: “I am very angry that my husband Liu has never helped take care of the children.

I also have my job, and the annoying thing is that cooking chores becomes my own business.

One Friday afternoon, he asked me what to eat for dinner, and I replied, ‘Go northwest!

‘After hearing it, he became furious, my anger was diameter.

He ran outside and shouted, ‘I do n’t have to endure this!

‘Later he told me that he and his girlfriend went to bed for the first time that night.

“Many couples lack awareness of the damaging ways of communicating in their marriage. They blamed each other. As a result, the emotions of anger and bruises penetrated into all aspects of life, especially sexual life.

The establishment and maintenance of husband and wife relationship is realized through the exchange of thoughts and feelings, and sexual life is the most intimate way of emotional communication.

  Ms. Li told us: “We quarreled about sex, and my husband felt that he was always active on his own, so he was upset.

It is true, he has a face to me all day, so I do not want to take the initiative at all.

Then he turned over to sleep and went to sleep, and ignored me in the morning.

“From these damaging ways of communication, or both parties suffer a lot, and they will have a stronger sense of abandonment, angry and scolding these attacking communication methods flood the entire life of the couple.

A mother admitted, “He was driving me crazy, and I wouldn’t let it go.

“A female lawyer refused to say that, although she was discouraged, she had to give up on the surface.”I have the final say at work and I give advice to others.

But at home, no matter what the facts are, my husband always thinks he is always right and I am always wrong.

“Think about it, would a couple in such a relationship go outside of marriage to seek a love and sexual relationship?

  It is a bit harder to save an endangered marriage than to destroy it, and it takes continuous time to end it.

But if you are determined to try to rebuild your relationship, whether or not an extramarital affair has occurred, the following suggestions will help you: help ▲ establish the concept of spouse first.In a study, she ignored her husband and family life.

One night she went through a tense job and went to bed at 12:30.

Her husband got angry: “I’ve had enough!

I’m not even as good as your job.

“In everything you care about-work, children, family, etc.-your relationship with your spouse must be inserted first, and the main time and energy must be spent on the relationship between husband and wife, followed by other aspects of life.
If you can’t straighten out the primary and secondary relationship like this, it is better to break up with your spouse early.

  ▲ Set realistic goals If you insist on revisiting your dreams during your wedding, you will be disappointed.

Of course, this is not to say that sex is no longer exciting, and romantic love is gone forever.

But the joy shared at the time of new marriage cannot be used as the standard for a new relationship between husband and wife.

Both husband and wife are changing, and the relationship between them has become different-perhaps in a sense richer.

  ▲ Seeking Change A stockbroker suspected: “I always wanted my wife to know that I needed more care and affection.

Sometimes I almost asked her to touch me, but she always broke the topic.

Both spouses should have the expectation of seeking change, starting from the meticulous care of each other, paying attention to the needs of each other, the love will rise spontaneously, and sexual life will gradually become a meaningful act of showing love.

Rebuilding a good husband-wife relationship takes time, and the experience of loving couples shows that the continuation of this process is uncertain.

They never see the cooperation of their spouses as a matter of course.

  ▲ Avoid prone to arguing. Communication can both hurt feelings and learn from feelings. It can also hurt people and build self-esteem.

Improper communication can easily surround destructive ways.

This method will erode people’s self-worth, and will eventually destroy the cherished husband and wife relationship.

Fair said: “It’s always like that when we quarrel.

She was very angry with me for something, and then ran out to buy clothes, and I was very angry about it.

We quarreled and scolded for money, and money became the trigger of our quarrel.

“People often surround this vicious circle.

Break through this cycle and stay awake to avoid issues that are prone to quarrels, such as economic expansion categories that are likely to cause unpleasant spouses.

If you recognize these issues and deal with them in an eclectic way, the relationship between the two will become more and more harmonious, and the relationship between husband and wife will become more harmonious.

  Both men and women form an unwritten contract in love, which is usually the tacit understanding of the husband and wife-the two are a whole, it was formed long before the marriage vow.

The union of husband and wife is exclusive, and this exclusivity is marked by the closeness of the union between the sexes.

The world of husband and wife is built on a contract that contains children, houses, and common friendship.

This mutual understanding becomes the basis for spousal relationships not to be damaged.

  Compilation: In the analysis at the end, we can’t determine what caused a particular person to break this contract and abandon his or her spouse to replace the arms of others.

However, we can do it. If you eliminate certain destructive factors in your marriage life, you can support the opportunity of infidelity, enhance the relationship between husband and wife, and create a kind of fun and happiness that is shared by both husband and wife.The joy of heaven.

When children experience cold violence in kindergarten

When children experience cold violence in kindergarten

A young mother told her: “My baby is 3 years old, and I only went to kindergarten this year. I found a teacher who has no feelings for my baby, because every time I see her talking to other baby, my baby always says that the teacherIf you do n’t talk to her, smile at other children. If you see her, you will be unhappy. When the family wants to know things clearly, when the teacher is mentioned, the doll feels scared.Dodge.

  In fact, this is “cold violence” where the child detained the people around him!

Pay attention to life. In the community, some parents report that their children say hello to the elderly living in the same community but ignore them. The child may ask what is going on?

At home, some parents are indifferent to their children, and they do not know it. This unknowingly leads to the emergence of “cold violence” in the family, but adults do not notice it . Noun explanation: cold violence, cold violence, as the name suggests, is first of allThis means that the problem is not resolved through violence such as beatings, or is manifested as indifference, contempt, indulgence, alienation, and indifference, resulting in mental and psychological violations and injuries to others.

Its performance range is very wide, mainly in families, work units and schools, which directly caused a lot of social tragedies. Here we discuss the issue of kindergarten teachers’ use of “cold violence” against children.

  ”Cold violence” manifestation 1.

Indifferent: Adults ignore children and are indifferent to them.


Types of lessons: adults are high above, blindly criticizing, education becomes lessons.


Threatening: Adults criticize children with a frightening, threatening tone, such as: “If you don’t follow the discipline, I will let your mother pick you up.

“You hit another kid, hit 110, and let the police catch you .” 4.

Taunting type: Adults sneer at children who often violate discipline and scold their companions, such as: “Why do you always beat people?

Hit me again and get out. ”


Isolation: Adults unfairly isolate children.

For example, isolate him and keep his companions from playing with him.


Control type: Some teachers and parents are used to giving orders and closely monitoring the children’s every move, so that children absolutely obey their will and wishes.

Ten new products to help you change your skin’s fate

Ten new products to help you change your skin’s fate

Of course, long-term maintenance is an indispensable task for every woman, but those high-efficiency maintenance that can see the effects in a few weeks or moments still make us tempted.

With the continuous development of technology and the deepening of research in the field of dermatology, many brands have launched their own new products!

Today, you will count the new spring day products of high-efficient beauty, change the destiny of the skin, and start from today!

  Brand: Dior New Product: Xue Jing Ling Huan Bai Liangcai Night Repair Essence Time to Market: March 2010 Innovation: Dior Dior and the French Atomic Energy Commission’s Nucleic Acid Damage Research Laboratory have successfully discovered that it can accurately identify and monitor the DNA repair at nightDuring the process of biochemical enzymes, scientists from both sides have further perfected the complex composed of active ingredients, and fully activated the efficacy of this biochemical enzyme through the latest transfection technology, thereby helping cells to “transform” due to the chain reaction.Excessive melanin makes the skin heavy and flawless.

  Editor’s comment: DNA repair is a hot keyword in the beauty industry in 09-10. DNA damage cannot be effectively repaired during the day.

Only by sleeping at night can skin cells be protected from daytime aggression, thereby transforming the damage suffered.

This unprecedented serum will match the skin’s repair rhythm at night, acting on the core part of the target cell, significantly lightening the pigmentation, achieving the best translucency during the golden repair period at night, making the skin shine like top diamondsBright, crystal clear.

  Key recommendation: Dior Dior Snow Whitening Night Recovery Essence RMB950 / 30ml Brand: Chanel New Product: Whitening Series Time to Market: February 26, 2010 New Point: Chanel Skin Research Laboratory has experimentally proven that Chanel is exclusively developedThe four-effect complex of melanin sleep can lock down some key factors that inhibit melanin formation, successfully block the various chain reactions of melanin formation step by step, and effectively control the activity of pigment mother cells.

  Editor’s comment: The new products launched by Chanel Whitening Series this season include a variety of new skin care products and new makeup products. As always, the pure white packaging is noble and elegant, which is impressive.

The skin care series has selected high-efficiency active ingredients that effectively fight against pigmentation, perfect balance between efficacy and skin comfort, with silky viscosity and refreshing and elegant fragrance.

The new makeup series is the best extension of the whitening skin care and maintenance series with exquisite makeup ideas.

  Key recommendation: Chanel whitening and nourishing light cream RMB925 / 50g Brand: 嫒 Bizhi New product: Nourishing and brightening beauty liquid Time to market: February 2010 Innovation point: episteme nourishing and brightening beauty liquidCapillary niacin produces a mixture of phenolic esters and orange peel. It is used for self-massage of capillaries during application before lotion. This step of strengthening and anti-aging promotes better absorption of subsequent skin care products and effectively improves dullness., Puffiness and other issues.

  Editor’s comment: The skin problems caused by aging can not be avoided. The blood circulation in the capillaries becomes slower and the blood flow is insufficient, which causes the skin to appear dry, dull and dark circles.

In addition, changes in the external temperature and the environment can easily stimulate the capillaries, weakening the nutrient transport function of the capillaries, and the skin care products cannot be fully absorbed.

As the first step of strong anti-aging, episteme launched the beauty liquid before skin lotion-nourishing and brightening beauty liquid.

Tough and anti-aging, promote the absorption of subsequent skin care products, improve dullness, puffiness, improve dark circles and puffiness, it can be described as a full-effect product.

  Key recommendation: Bi Bizhi nourishing and brightening beauty liquid RMB700 / 27g Brand: French Guerlain New product: Heng Cai kinetic energy compact introduction mask Time to market: April 20, 2010 Innovation point: every Heng Cai kinetic energy compact series productsBoth are based on pure amber extract, which stimulates the synthesis of Tenstroptrophin’s elastic firming factor.

Guerlain laboratory in France found that Tensotrophin is a key molecule in the epidermal layer, which can break down the dermal mechanism to prevent wrinkles and relaxation.

  Editor’s comment: The millennium energy from amber is ancient and magical. Guerlain intensively introduces the energy of pure amber into the skin, which significantly improves the substitution phenomenon of the skin, adjusts and supports the contours from the inside, enhances the skin’s elasticity, and the facial skin obtains “micro-shaping”” The face-lifting effect, the corners of the eyes and mouth are firmer and upturned, presenting the perfect Camera Face!

  Key recommendation: French Guerlain Lanheng Moisturizing Firming Mask RMB730 / 60ml Brand: Yves Lixue New: Organic Plant Concentrate Series Listing time: March 2010 Innovation point: Yves Rocher Yves RocherSnow created a brand new cultural bio-organic plant condensed extract series by natural planting and production methods, pioneeringly selected 19 organic plants from all over the world, and obtained double certifications of Ecocert and COSMEBio.Standard, manufacture every product.

Culture Bio organic botanical extract series includes 7 products, day and night care, rejuvenating skin.

  Editor’s comment: Although the internal land has not been developed for a long time, Yves Rocher has a high reputation in France. As an advocate of plant beauty, this new organic plant condensate series is quite unique: daytime product selection has hydration, anti-oxidant, and evokesSkin effects botanical ingredients make the skin full of vitality every morning; night products are selected to make the skin relax, soothing, calming and moisturizing, making the night skin deeply nourished and repaired.

What’s more worth mentioning is, Yves?

Li Xue abides by the protection of the plant world, and always fully supports and advocates environmental protection and reduces damage to the natural environment.

The complete product packaging adopts environmental protection design, taking into account the carbon dioxide compensation, the bottle is made of recycled glass, the packaging box is taken from the wood that effectively manages the forest, there is no lined instruction manual, and the plant is printed with plant ink.

  Key Recommendations: Yves Rocher Yves Rocher Organic Plant Concentrate Good Night Beauty Repair Essential Oil RMB 480 / 30ml Brand: L’Oreal Paris New Product: Jinzhizhenyan Series Time to Market: March 2010 Innovation: New breakthrough young technology Pro-Calcium Calcium Causes, skin-friendly form Calcium directly reaches the skin’s origin, nourishes, restores, radiance, and fully revitalizes the youth of the skin!

  Editor’s comment: The new series of L’Oreal Paris has been nicknamed the “little gold bottle” by the industry. As the most expensive line in the existing brand, the listing of the Jinzhizhenyan series has been given special significance, and the landmark Pro-Calcium calcium factorIn the form of very fine porous particles, calcium ions are sent to the inside of the skin and easily reach the origin of the skin.

  Key Recommendations: L’Oreal Paris Jinzhizhen Essence RMB320 / 30ml Brand: Impression Beauty New Product: Impression Beauty Intensive Care Qinbai Gel Cream Time to market: March 2010 Innovation: Added with the active ingredient “tetrahydro magnol” and new formula coral grass extract Prevents rough skin, stains, etc. caused by UV damage and promotes skin metabolism.

  Editor’s comment: Impressive IC whitening products have been advocating to awaken the skin’s whitening impression. This brand-new medical whitening cream can prevent skin roughness caused by UV damage, absorb nutrients and moisturize, soften keratin, and accelerate the melanin-containingHorny alternative.

Effective whitening ingredients penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, creating bright, clear skin.

At the same time, the scent of roses based on Bulgarian white roses makes the treatment more comfortable and pleasant.

  Key recommendation: Impression Beauty Concentrated Qinbai Gel Cream RMB720 / 40g Brand: Yue Muyuan New Product: Moisturizing Revitalization Series Time to Market: March 2010 Innovation: Original Yue Muyuan Source The world’s top professional natural laboratory scientific researchersDeep in the smoky desert, the magical resurrection plant-Resurrection Grass (Jerico’s Rose) was found, and brought back to the natural laboratory. After years of in-depth research, it was found that the original Resurrection Grass (Jerico’s Rose)The reason why it has such a magical “regeneration” ability is precisely because it contains a high concentration of sugar essence, which can quickly absorb water and effectively penetrate into the damaged cell volume, replenish the cell water, play a repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate the cell.efficacy.

  Editor’s comment: The origin of the famous name is finally coming to us. The Moisturizing and Revitalizing Series is composed of four major ace moisturizing ingredients. It contains sufficient carbohydrate complex essence, which can effectively reduce skin photoaging and restore it.Deep moisturizing function of cells.

  Key recommendation: ORIGINS Moisturizing Revitalizing Cream is not priced / 50ml Brand: Sophina New: Foam Massage Moisturizing Cleansing Milk Time on the market: March 2010 Innovation: always trying to explore based on dermatologyJapanese brand SOFINA research has found that with age, the microcirculation inside the skin will gradually decrease, making blood flow in the capillaries slow.

This is one of the first causes of tiredness, dullness, and lack of gloss on the skin.

SOFINA beaute core beauty series launched a unique cleansing product that acts on the “core of the skin” (inside the stratum corneum).

SOFINA believes that the first key to beautiful skin starts with cleansing every morning.

  Editor’s comment: SOFINA also launched a new product at the same time, or started a brand new cleansing habit from this moment.That’s it-a new cleansing formula that cleanses and massages the skin with a carbonated stretch foam.

Ultra-fine carbonic acid molecules can quickly enter the capillaries of the skin and promote blood circulation through massage; promoting blood circulation can help the skin recover metabolites and promote the regeneration of skin cells.

The rich and delicate foam does not need to be rubbed by hand or mesh tool, and only needs to step on the pump mouth to start a convenient and comfortable cleansing process.

  Key recommendation: SOFINA foam massage moisturizing cleansing milk RMB230 / 170g Brand: Ollie Harrison (exclusively sold by SEPHORA) New product: Day and night care set Listing time: April 2010 Innovation point: From American professional SPA skin care brand OLEHENRIKSENOllie Harrison, adhering to the essence of nature, using natural plant extracts, OLEHENRIKSEN Ollie Harrison is favored by many celebrities, including Charlize Theron, Renee Zweig, Paris Hilton, JessicaAlba, Halle Berry, etc.

The full range of products is used in all treatments of the OLEHENRIKSEN brand’s own spa center, and is also retailed in the spa center.

  Editor’s comment: The founder of the brand, OLE HENRIKSEN, is also the author of several best-selling books and is sought after by many TV shows around the world.

The smartest way to try a new brand is to choose a special set of celebrity products. This special three-piece product contains the acclaimed OLEHENRIKSEN firming essence (30ml), OLEHENRIKSENLixun Silky Whitening Cream (28g) and OLEHENRIKSEN Refreshing Night Gel (28g).

  Key recommendation: OLEHENRIKSEN Day and Night Care Set RMB780 / set