Beijing Normal University Daliang Mountain Practice Research Team: Employment Rural Revitalization and Continued "Millennium Legends"

Original title: Beijing Normal University Liangshan Practice Research Team: Employment Rural Revitalization Continued "Millennium Legend" Beijing Normal University Teachers and Students Investigate in Liangshan.Respondents are mapped "Formerly because of economic reasons, there is no mobile phone, let alone computer.

My understanding of network literacy is starting from college, I found that I will not reasonably assign attention.Through these two days of learning, I understand the importance of attention management.

"Aiihua is a Yi students from Xichang National Normal College College. After participating in the network literacy workshop opened by Beijing Normal University, she wrote in my personal report.

  This school is located in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is the main faculty cultivation of rural kindergartens in Liangshan, is also a counterpart support institution of Beijing Normal University.

From July 16th to 18th, Beijing Normal University opened a network literacy workshop in Xichang National Normal University College, covering the "network rumors" "network rumors" "New Media and VR image" The topic of "Internet literacy" and more than 80 teachers and students are involved in training.

  "Liang Mountain is a special place. They have important significance to cross the millennium, digital empowerment and wisdom empowering them from relatively backward into modern civilization.

We hope to be able to enplacement through wisdom, enhance the core level of basic education teachers and students. "The Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Normal University Journalism and Communications

  After the founding of New China, the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture "step across the millennium" entered socialism, and now Liangshanzhou has achieved historical development of all poverty counties in the end of 2020. In April this year, Beijing Normal University, Sichuan Daily, Xichang Ethnic Normal University College, jointly launched the revitalization of teachers and students in Liangshanzhou. From July 16th to 25th, more than 40 teachers and students from Journalism and Communication Academies went to Liangshan Prefecture, carrying out practical investigation, politing Huizhi, helping Liangshan to continue "Millennium Legends". During the visits of Suining County, Zhaojue County, the Beijing Normal University implements the new rural construction, the current situation of rural rejgience and cultural communication, the red revolution and the integration of the Yi culture and cultural and cultural exchanges, the spread of aerospace science and technology, government blending The theme of media center construction, witnessed the era of tensile attack in Liangshan State.

Teachers and students are not only for the revitalization of rural resolution, but also effectively carry out the "Scholarship, Strong Belief, and Party". Zhang Hongzhong, executive president of Beijing Normal University News Communication, said that the results of the poverty alleviation in Liangshan, in the Zhaojue County Mu Enxi community, the collective relocation resettime of 5,000 poor mountain residents, the community management is in order, and the community culture is rich. Before and after the relocation, the change in residents’ lifestyle is very large, and it is more important to integrate the current urban life and enjoy the bonus brought by the country. Yan Xuejing introduced that all research team teachers and students gave visited an Village, which is known as the "Cliff Village".

Once, the villagers must hit the village must climb 17 vine ladders and have no security. In 2016, the vine ladder was upgraded to steel ladder, and the villagers also moved to the new home Muunsheng community located in Zhaojue County.

From the vine ladder to the steel ladder to the stairs, the villagers’ lives continue to be happy to be happy.

"Tell us the old, medium and green three generations of the situation, tell us that several generations of people have successfully achieved dream experience, and impressed our teachers and students, and conducting a vivid national education for us. , Patriotism education and party history education. "Zhang Yihang, the students of the Beijing Normal University, told Chinese Youth Daily, in the interview, Mr. Shamar Malmal, who was held by the Haihai, the whole year of the sea, Mr. Shama At the time, he was deeply shocked by the performance of Shama Yigu, and was also hired by the inheritance of this history and stick to this history.

  "I learned about the red history of Liangshan. I saw the success of the Liangshan people from the rushing of the Liangshan people. Not only made me grow, it is no longer trapped in my previous shallow and even some proud cognitions, but also has a higher work. Chongjing, has a deeper sense of the land; also let me firmly determine the determination to contribute to the grassroots level in the future. "Zhang Yihang said.

  In this survey, the Beijing Normal University gathers high quality resources. Through cooperation with Xichang National Normal College, China has jointly built a Media Center and VR workstation, donated VR equipment to help Xichang’s secondary schools improve the quality of teaching and cultivate quality talents.

  "We also signed the Practice Base Agreement with the Zhaojue Middle School of Zhaojue County, Liangshanzhou, signed the Practice Base Agreement. In the future, we will go there during the winter vacation, and we will train their two-county primary and secondary school teachers. Ending their curriculum settings.

"Yu Xuejing introduced the road," At the same time, we also donated two future classrooms to these two schools, and the future classroom was equipped with our distance education system. We hope to pass hardware, software, remote collaboration and line teaching, enhancing the ability of Liangshan Basic Education and Basic Education Teachers. "In addition to gathering high quality education resources, the Beijing Normal University also combined with Sichuan Daily for more than 150 backbone reporters edited by 17 county-level media centers in Liangshanzhou, the media integration and new media used business training, helping the media team to adapt to the new situation. A new requirement for news propaganda reports.

In Zhaojue County, Suining County Heading Media Center, the Beijing Normal University New School is listed in the practice base, will promote college students’ internship practice activities, implement news selection joint planning, and jointly promote the development of Liangshan State Media Industry and Talents. Beijing Normal University New School has held the development of "new technology and rural revitalization" development communication seminars in Xichang. At the meeting, more than 10 scholars combined with field investigation, targeting the construction of the Media Center in Liangshan area, the public health dissemination strategy, the development of the Wenbao industry, and the revitalization, and scientific and technological empowerment provided policy recommendations.

  Looking back in the journey of Liangshan, the Professor of Beijing Normal University said, I hope that more researchers go down and put low gestures to the fragrance of the soil, go to chat, interview, and study.

"This academic idea and academic achievements will always haunt in thinking, become a humanistic feeling that stimulates yourself to further research, and do academic humanism." The Party Secretary of the University of Beijing said that the college teachers and students participated in Liangshan Wisdom Employment Project It is a new form, new platform, new way, through service society, can enhance the sense of resulinage and mission of China’s land and serve national strategies. (Intern Su Jingjing Reporter Ye Yuting) (Editor: Wen Wei, Li Yihuan) Sharing let more people see.

Beautiful life upgrade and improvement (building a higher level civilized city)

Original title: Beautiful life upgrade is improved (constructing a higher level civilized city) "The old-cutting of the wall of the residential area is worn, and the network is hung, the road pit is swim.

Nowadays, I am new, everyone is happy. "After the transformation, Yanjiao Community, Yan’an City, Yan’an City, Yan’an City, Yan’an City, is clean and neat. Resident Zhao Mingjie is exercising on fitness equipment. Since 2019, Yan’an City has started to transform 504 old communities. After the transformation, the old community, not only water, not only water, not only water The infrastructure such as electricity, gas, warm, letter, and road has increased, and there is also a parking space, which is equipped with fitness and leisure, greening and security facilities.

"Walk, share the restaurant to eat to eat.

"Less than 12 noon, the residents of Beituan Street Community, Baota District, Yan’an City, shared the restaurant, and the restaurant was fragrant, and many neighborhoods were dining here.

"I am old, one person lives, sometimes I will come here, and the meals here are only delicious and affordable.

"Community Low Purchaser Jia Ming said.

Since 2019, Yan’an has built 15 shared restaurants, with affordable prices to provide nutrient delicious meals. Create a civilized city, let the people live happier and comfortable. Since this year, Yan’an has increased more than 400 communities "15 minutes living circle" construction, built 40 pension service, created 15 rest assured consumption demonstration blocks … "Yan’an’s air quality is getting better and better." Bringing a foreign friend Visiting in the new district, Yan’an citizens are very proud. In Yan’an, we have promoted the governance of air pollution. Last year, the number of air quality in urban area reached 339 days; persistence, unremittingly consolidating the results of returning farmland, as of the current forest coverage reached%, vegetation coverage,%, urban green coverage rate reached%. "You can do things in a window, and it’s fast." "Just in the Yan’an New District, Liu Baoyan, who has been a good license to the people’s service hall, said excitedly.

Yan’an New Area has set up 49 units in the Ministry of Service, setting up to 183 windows, 4,000 average setup, can handle and provide 1150 administrative examination and approval, public service and convenience service, and the completion rate is 100 %, Approval services, 97% of the municipal levels, the government service matters, basically realize "enter a door, do everything".

Rhythm Happy Allegro, happy northern Shaanxi folk song, full of northern Shaanxi characteristics … In Zhidan County, there is such a "civilized caravan" that brought a laughter and laughter, wherever they are deeply loved.

"We use rural wedding, rural market, rural festival, around the theoretical policies, red inheritance, laws and regulations, cultural life, shifting, etc., etc., carried out the ‘civilized caravan’ volunteer service activities.

"The cadres of the Xinxian Civilization Practice Center of Zhidan County said. As of now, Zhidan" civilized caravan "entered the country market, the session and the wedding event site 413 times, serving the people more than 60,000 people." People’s Daily "(November 13, 202) (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Dasta Dongwang · 2021 National Language Strokes Sounds Successful Dialogue

People’s Network Beijing October 20 (Pool Dream) October 19 , Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau hosted by the Drama Summit Summit Dialogue Summit in the Longfu Cultural Center.

Lu Yizhong, deputy director of the Culture and Tourism Art Division, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department, Wang Jie, Municipal Film Bureau, Wang Jie, Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau First-level inspector Guanyu, and Dongcheng District leaders Zhou Jinxing, Tang Qinfei, Zhao Haiying, Liu Juncai, etc. attended the event. Lu Yizhong, Wang Jiequn, Zhou Jinxing conducted a speech, Tang Qinfei released the results of 2021 Dongcheng original repertoire review.

This peak dialogue is the theme of "the new era of imagination, the drama is youth", gathered dozens of domestic drama industry leading characters, senior experts, and central radio and television Taiwan view to listen to new media centers, Weibo drama, Tencent art video and other internet The industry representatives discusses the development and innovation of the drama industry, explore the drama and urban relationship. The peak dialogue surrounded the "Chinese drama" "The Dramatic Development of the Double Cycle" "The Drama Creation" "Media Convergence" "Drama Creation and Urban Link" "Drama Creation and Urban Link" Drama thought feast. Tian Qin Xin, the deputy chief of the Chinese National Diarassh, Guangming Daily, the founder of the Yanghua Drama, Wang Jiran, Century Hua Peng, Wang Pengfei, celebrated the "Chinese drama", published a chair, sharing unique characteristics The Chinese drama and how to let the drama return to the story of China’s story.

Since the establishment of the "City of Drama", Dongcheng has gradually formed a gradientized theater space, gathered a group of high-level drama institutions and drama talents, pregnant and accumulated a group of original repertoires, formed " Original creation, small theater, socialization, support, and distinctive "drama ecological chain.

In September last year, Dongcheng District has issued the "Implementation of the" Chongwen Charde "concept to further strengthen the implementation of" cultural Dongcheng "construction (2020-12025)", strive to build a "one-axis two-zone five-band five city" cultural development pattern Among them, the "City of Drama" is an important part of the "five cities" construction, and the role of the Dongcheng cultural construction is more prominent. "Look at the drama to Dongcheng, do the drama to Dongcheng" is constantly strengthening, "The Drama Top" has become a brand in the country with a unique position and advantage.

As an important sector of the "Drama Dongwang · 2021 National Drama", the peak dialogue has implemented the "Chongwen’s first" concept and "the big play to see Beijing" work requirements, and strive to inspire regional drama development vitality, seeking new, seeking, Explore the high degree of exploration, concentrate on guiding, leading, representative, through urban linkage, to create the top drama exchange display platform in the Chinese drama industry. It is reported that "Dado Dongwang · 2021 National Language Drama Survey Exhibition" is the theme of "Town City, the City", will also hold a repertoire, theme activity, through high-level repertoires, high-quality activities to show the inclusiveness of the drama and Farhood. Through the selection of the National Wentow Department, 30 excellent repertoires from the country will be concentrated in the Capital Theater, Beijing Poly Theater, National Theater, China Pedicine Holiday Medicine, Honeycomb, Barley Super Theater, etc., comprehensive highlights As the unique cultural quality of Dongcheng, strive to create Dongcheng as an international influence and radiation drama center, and make greater contributions to the construction of national cultural centers. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.

2021 National Network Security Promotion Zhou Hebei Activiteiten begonnen in oktober

Volgens rapporten is de huidige publiciteitsweek van het netwerkbeveiliging met het thema van "Netwerkbeveiliging de mensen, Network Security Relying op de mensen", de "Gegevensveiligheidsrecht" "Persoonlijke Informatie Protection Law" en Promotion Network Security Grote vooruitgang opzeggen en Werkprestaties in het veld, promotie van netwerkbeveiligingskennis in de hele samenleving, verbetering van de bewustzijn en beschermende vaardigheden van het netwerkbeveiliging. 3 gecentraliseerde activiteiten, 5 Speciale evenementen en 6 activiteiten van 6 onderwerpen tijdens het evenement. Sinds 2014 is de provincie van Hebei nog steeds 7 nieuwe netwerkbeveiligingspromotie- en weekactiviteiten, en de verschillende afdelingen van verschillende afdelingen hebben de eerste lijn van Grassroots ingeschreven, die netwerkbeveiligingskennis populteren, het bewustzijn van het netwerkbeveiliging verbeteren, en een enthousiaste respons en actieve participatie hebben ontvangen in de gemeenschap., Wordt een jaarlijks evenement voor netwerkbeveiliging.

Dit jaar zal HEEEI het zwaartepunt van de netwerkbeveiliging in het grass-niveau blijven bevorderen en de netwerkbeveiliging in de Gemeenschap organiseren, het landelijke betreden, de onderneming binnen te gaan, de overheid in te voeren, in de campus, Voer het gezin in, enz. Publiciteit en popularisatieactiviteiten. De mensen zijn gemakkelijk te begrijpen, en de vormen van onszelf hebben kennis- en beschermende vaardigheden voor netwerkbeveiliging gepromoveerd. Alle lokale afdelingen gebruiken verschillende vormen, zoals een netwerkbeveiligingsthema, themapark, themakank, themacampus, themarestaurant, enz. Gemeenschap, wandelen in duizenden huishoudens, waardoor een sterke sfeer van netwerkbeveiliging publiciteitsweek cre?ert. (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

The State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission requested central enterprises to increase energy insurance to ensure the people’s people warm winter

People’s Network Beijing October 4 (Reporter Du Yanfei) Since September, since the superimposed effects of various factors, my country’s electric supply and demand is tightened. Hao Peng, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission, recently made the current enterprise, and the deployment and arrangement of the current and booquaking and warmth of this winter, demanded efforts to do the energy preservation work, play the strength of the central enterprise, "top pillar" role, more It is good to meet the needs of people’s lives and provide strong support for the promotion of economic and social stability.

Hao Peng said that power grid enterprises must be uniform all network resources, scientific scheduling, accurate management to ensure the safety and stability of large power grids; to maximize power balance, strictly implement the "limited electricity distribution" requirements, and actively cooperate with local governments Use electricity program, strengthen supervision and implementation, improve emergency plans, and resolutely protect people’s lives, public services and other electricity demand.

Power generation enterprises should strengthen power generation equipment management, strictly follow the power grid dispatching instructions to ensure that the thermal engine can be sent to the hair, should be sent to the hair; we must scientifically do the electric coal reserves, effectively improve the power generation capacity, promote wind power, Hydropower, nuclear power, photoelectric and other cleaning energy is full, multi-channel improve power supply capacity. Central Enterprises provide nearly quarter of coal production in the country, and has played an important role in China’s electric coal supply. Hao Peng said that it is necessary to increase the increase in the production of coal production as the current working weight, further strengthen the analysis of the analysis of the demand situation, under the premise of strict implementation of national policies, accelerate the release of coal advanced production capacity; scientifically formulate production plan, adjust Product structure, increase electric coal production, timely transportation, increase import coal procurement, maximize resource, and implement increase in coal production.

Hao Peng emphasized that we must strengthen the cooperation between enterprises, fully stabilize the supply, stabilize the price of stable market, and have a strong effective guarantee of energy operations; always put safety production in the first, strengthen safety management, and resolutely hold the safety and environmental protection bottom line red line Petroleum Petrochemical and Pipe Network Enterprises must ensure that domestic gas fields are stable and increased production, actively expand importance resources, improve pipe network operation efficiency, planning in advance today, and ensuring that the people are warm.

In this regard, the State Grid Corporation said that it is necessary to protect the power safety supply as the primary task, strengthen the unified dispatch, do a good job of load forecasting, optimize the power grid control strategy, and ensure that the power grid is safe and stable; adhere to the full network "a plate", increase the precision , Restlessness, support power balance, timely master all kinds of power supply capacity, guarantee all kinds of power supply "can be exhausted, can be used"; firmly keep abiding with the vital power line, actively cooperating with the government Solution, do everything possible to protect the people and public service demand.

"We must explore power supply potential, strengthen resource tuning, strengthen equipment operation and maintenance, supervise the overtime of the error, resolutely avoid the pull limit; further improve the load forecasting ability, serious dispatch discipline, keep the system standby, hold safety Bottom line; collaborative power generation enterprise to release coal and electricity, air electricity generation capacity; do a good job in prediction, forecasting and warning, do everything possible to ensure power supply ordered. "Southern Power Grid Company said.

State electricity investment, focusing on the northeast region, doing electric coal supply, strengthening the cooperation between self-owned coal supply in Northeast China, formulating a group of one strategy, a factory-stamped power supply emergency plan; obeying dispatch, Strengthen communication with grid companies and optimize operations. Huaneng Group said that we must improve inventory, increase the internal industry synergy, and make a good job of coal, improve coal production capacity, do coal production and preservation work; ensure safe and stable operation of power generation equipment, do a good job in reserve maintenance unit The boot preparation; the preparations for heating in advance will strengthen the centralized professional management of heating business.

Since the beginning of this year, it has challenged the water to be biased, the electric coal supply is tight, the rapid growth of electricity demand is required. The Three Gorges Group requested the hydropower production unit to strengthen the forecasting and forecasting of water and rain, using good autumn resources, planning the water storage, and maintaining the peak of the power station Power generation capacity. The thermoelectric enterprise should further strengthen the coal procurement and storage, and ensure that the electric coal supply chain is stable to ensure that the production capacity of the power station is fully released. The National Energy Group said that it is necessary to work hard to stabilize the stability, and the coal production unit must strictly implement the national guarantee requirements. In the fourth quarter, according to the 1/4 of the annual approved capacity, strive to achieve comprehensive production, full supply. The foreign coal unit must be made three hundreds of coal length association contract cash rate and maximize organizational resources. It is necessary to prepare in winter to use coal in advance, increase the power plant inventory below the Northeast Regional Words to reasonable levels to avoid serious events such as coal-off shutdown in critical moments.

China’s oil, Sinopec, China’s oil, China’s oil is also fully promoting natural gas. All oil fields in China continue to increase domestic natural gas production, ensuring that the production capacity of all gas fields is released in winter; the alluring storage is increasing, ensuring that the gas storage is complete before the end of October, and puts the store Treatment of gas in the winter.

Sinopec Natural Gas Branch is expected to form billion cubic meters of effective work and gas volume, increased year-on-year, this winter will plan to raise 13.3 billion cubic meters of overseas LNG resources, to achieve the storage capacity construction goal in advance, new gas storage capacity billion square. China’s oil and Qatar Oil Company have been signed for a long-term LNG purchasing sales agreement for 15 years, 3.5 million tons / year. It has a significant significance for timely supplementation of domestic gas and gaps to meet the significance of domestic gas demand.

"We will add multi-channel to energy insurance for resources. According to law, we will release coal advanced capacity according to law. In order to increase coal import, we will do our best to increase domestic natural gas production, maintain the stability of Central Asian pipeline gas, compact affordable protection of coal and electromechanics Hair. "The National Development and Reform Commission said," my country’s energy supply is guaranteed by this winter, there is a resource, condition and ability to protect the people warm winter. (Editor: Sun Hongli, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

China Youth Net Comment: Green yearned for the party, to celebrate the centenary

  Centennial, nationwide celebration.

  Seventy-one eve, young people everywhere to carry out a variety of activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China was founded.

Jiaozuo in Henan revolutionary site, new party members to join the party this year, together with the old party members, solemnly pledge to the flag; in three sand Yongxing Island, Isle old leader, the soldiers were standing on the rocks, review the party oath; Shandong Provincial Museum, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China – "let the flag will fly forever" theme exhibition on the launching ceremony, the people from all walks of life, schoolchildren sing, recalling the history of the red singing, soulful singing and blessing of the party.

  A hundred years big party, from the bloody battles of the Revolutionary War, the trailblazing socialist construction, reform and opening up to the wind and thunder stirring, and lead the people drawn on a magnificent, magnificent historical picture, write the song a sense of heaven and earth, magnificent the struggle hymn.

  Once, as a weapon to cast big country, hundreds of thousands bid farewell to his wife and children their parents, rooted in the Gobi desert, from anonymity, gave birth to that of a loud noise shocked the world; but each in order to allow Alan Yangtze, the Three Gorges migrants Leibie millions of generations live homeland, embark on a new home, start a new life. Now, in order to achieve the Millennium dream of a well-off society, poverty alleviation countless young cadres and the masses of the poor to eat together, live together, doing together, writing a miracle in the history of human poverty reduction.

In human history, but 100 years is just a blink of an eye. However, it is that in such a short period of time, the Communist Party of China led the Chinese people have created and continue to create rare in the world of wonders, in a poverty-stricken on the basis, draw a wonderful Emaki as the most beautiful.

  In the centenary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China on the occasion, it is what kind of power, so that so many young people for the party "birthday"? The answer is simple.

The new era of real change and achievement, and build a solid foundation of love for the motherland, stimulated people Chung party Well, praise China’s real feelings.

Under the Party’s leadership, today’s China, from the manufacturing floor to the cultural arena, large and small, are showing a thriving scene weather.

Love dream by countless young Chinese, encouraged innovation and entrepreneurship, to achieve the ideal of life in all walks of life. "Internet +", breaking numerous barriers, help young people see the wider world, the future soar. From the grand national strategy to livelihood issues details of China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, to the youth runway, to the youth stage, giving young people the opportunity to give birth to color. Singing Ode to the party Well, move to the Future. "Sound" love confession good, worked hard both mean "green" concrete action yearned for the party.

Today’s youth know that society as a whole force of the most active and most powerful angry, this generation is responsible for the hope of the country, picking up the future of the nation. Not long ago, "the youth chapter written in the motherland," the network theme publicity and interactive activities start guide, many young people leave a message on the Internet: the power of faith to make vigorous endless played progressive learning a new chapter.

The new era of youth being attitude striver, by their own hands to create a better future.

  A hundred years, from yesterday to today, so that history into the future, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, a century of humiliation is cleaned up, the Millennium ills be swept away, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation dawn.

Green yearned for the party to celebrate the party’s centenary, it is more action, meet a better future.

(Li Qun).

Take measures to do your best to do energy insurance

  Since the winter heating season, the energy demand in Qinghai Province has increased significantly. In order to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, the provincial energy bureau in accordance with the spirit of the provincial party government on the implementation of the conference of this winter, the Spring Festival Energy, and is related to major energy insurance Guarantee the production and life of all ethnic groups in the province.

  On October 15, Qinghai County, Qinghai County, Hainan Province, the pilot project, Qinghai County, National Middle School, officially completed. As the annual key task of the provincial energy bureau, Qinghai Province Clean Heating Demonstration County Construction Key Project, Xinghai County’s largest clean energy supply pilot project, the project is built, in order to accelerate the revitalization of rural villages, promote Qinghai Province clean heating construction and Energy-saving and emission reduction, the first to achieve carbon peaks in Qinghai Province provide strong service support, and effectively improve the strength of heating in Xinghai County national middle school, ease the operation of the county city concentrated coal-fired boiler, and improve the level of energy use of regional energy. It has a good demonstration significance for the advancement of the county.

  Recently, the weather mutation in the Qinghai Oilfield Qaidam Basin, the temperature suddenly dropped.

In this regard, the Provincial Energy Bureau actively connects Qinghai Oilfield to urge the winter safety production. The Shubei Pick-up field is the first time to do the rain and snow risk warning, ensuring that personnel, equipment, pipelines, etc. are safely controlled, and the gas field stations are safe and smooth.

At the same time, it will hold a special conference in time, and study this winter Spring is guaranteed, and the "2021 涩 北 气 田 生产 生产 生产 生产 生产 方案" At the same time, the Provincial Energy Bureau actively cooperates with the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department, strengthening closely related to major companies, further broadening energy supply channels, and enhancing energy security.

Supervise the major energy guarantees, should be sent to hair, can send more, steady and full, ensure power safety production, power safety and reliable supply. In order to ensure the implementation of various increased production, it is better to play the role of government staff assistant. The Provincial Energy Administration organizes the provincial related enterprises to hold the first three-quarter energy economic situation analysis, analyzes energy production operation in the first three quarters, for the fourth quarter Energy production and supply and demand are predicted, collect and summarize materials to report the provincial government office, and actively prepare for this winter.

In addition, relying on the online platform, set up a line to ensure the information contact group, insist on weekly reporting system, strengthen the research and monitoring and forecasting warning, refine, and accurately do energy protection.

(Editor: Chen Jing, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Rules hard bad "balance due" and "double-October" can not be a good shopping

  With the pull "double-October" the curtain of the annual "shopping carnival" come again. With the same time came, the business is all kinds of rules in the promotion of goods – Cross shop coupons per 300 by 40; store coupons full 200 by 30; 50 yuan to enjoy double the down payment discount, plus purchase specified goods over 200 minus 20 …… complex calculation discount so that consumers get confused, but also to many consumers away from mathematics for many years, had to pick up the "nine-year compulsory education results" to deal with. But in the process, there are all kinds of chaos still frequent: dark up next fall, refused to be returned at midnight to pay the balance due and a series of "divine action", many consumers have lamented that "can not be a good two-eleven buy things? "is more dumbfounding it is that many consumers had previously paid the deposit payment only to find that moment, the moment the price actually paid after the deposit than their" balance due price "cheaper, it makes a lot people shouted "fooled." Generates all the chaos, both from some businesses and contrary to the weak legal awareness of the principles of integrity, lack of supervision platform as well as some factors that laissez-faire.

In reality, some of the short-sighted businessmen holding "a fortune" mentality involved in similar promotional activities, although it is possible to obtain a good income in the short term, but similar market transactions contrary to the principles of good faith practice, after all, not a long-term solution.

Moreover, such acts to some extent as well as illegal too. Take the "dark up next fall," the acts of some businesses, if the once confirmed, the suspected fraud.

In this regard, "Consumer Protection Law" clearly provides operators to provide goods or services fraud, the consumer should compensate the appropriate fee. In addition, some claiming to be special merchandise will be labeled "caveat emptor" at the time of sale. This adds to the responsibility of consumers, and these responsibilities should not be borne by the consumer.

In this case, the consumer is placed into the legitimate rights of a "forcibly transferring" position, which is illegal. "Consumer Protection Law" stipulates that the operator shall not standard terms, notices, announcements, shop notices, etc., to exclude or limit the rights of consumers, reduce or waive the responsibility of the operator, increased consumer responsibility for consumer does not unfair and unreasonable regulations.

  Since the relevant provisions of the law, why a similar phenomenon still abound in reality? This is because the operators to use the average consumer is not familiar with the law.

This is exacerbated by the middle of asymmetric information consumers disadvantage. At the same time, weak law enforcement forces, inadequate regulatory mechanism is also an important factor.

  In addition, these routines, many people have a "multi-less attitude" mentality, and not bother with the business, "passing the buck."

Many consumers are also concerned that if the issues such little things "annoy" operator, personal information may have been compromised.

Prior to that, since a case of a few bad comments lead to conflict. This requires that the parties concerned should strengthen the supervision of aspects of the platform, operators and logistics to effectively protect consumers’ personal information.

Recently, the "Personal Information Protection Law," the official landing implementation of law enforcement agencies to crack down on such acts, and to the case of interpretation. Do not let these additional factors affecting consumer rights.

  Of course, we also look forward platform to further smooth the path of consumer rights. On the platform, to report complaints against the interests of consumers behavior is not a scourge, "blocking as sparse," the truth do not have to repeat them.

In this connection see, the platform may wish to further improve the relevant mechanisms to strengthen cooperation with law enforcement agencies to help consumers safeguard their rights.

Look at the long term, it can also strengthen consumer recognition of the platform.

  Here also advise some "businessmen effort", rather than let consumers hard discrimination "rules", it is better business sense. After all, the market transactions in good faith assumption that once they are exhausted, it will lead to consumer backlash.

  After all, consumers follow the logic of the market economy, recognition of legitimate business promotions, are willing to pay for it, but if the cause consumer resentment heart with too much routine, but worth the candle.

Less routine, multi-faith, so that the "double 11" shopping easy on us.

The 46th episode of the party history in the art works "Jiangshan is so beautiful"

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, use the times with the era of the vocabulary, under the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department, Culture and Tourism Art Division, People’s Network, People’s Oriental Publishing Media Co., Ltd. jointly produced a hundred collection of short video programs History Times – Party History in Art Works.

From "Shenghang" "New China Birth" to "Chunchao" "Boiling China", the program took more than 100 historical representative excellent artworks, using the beauty of the art, the spirit of the song.

Among them, the short video of this episode "Soap" is a famous Chinese painting work for the older generation of famous artists Fu Zhi, Guanshan Moon created.

The work "Su Mountain is so beautiful" is the beautiful picture of Shenzhou University, "Red-shelled, and Excellence". The picture is bright, the red day is brilliant, shining the earth, so magnificent scene, with touching art charm, It also symbolizes the vitality of new China. This work is from the new Jinling Painting Person’s second generation painter Guanshan Moon, which has been completed in 4 months. Wang Ying, a professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts: "The two painters use the creation of realism and romantic combination, so that the picture appears to be strong and very much.

The author has broken through the time and space boundaries of traditional landscape paintings, and the four seasons of the picture, the Great Wall, Jianghe Shanchuan, and the sun, and the sun, the scenery, the great motherland, the great motherland.

"光辉 历 时 时 画 – Party history in art works.

Overseas media: Chinese female astronauts have attracted attention

On November 8, according to Tasshine, Beijing, on November 7, according to China CCTV’s 7th evening, the astronauts on the China Space Station have begun to work.

According to the report, Wang Yizhang, a Astronauts, Dynasty, and Qi Quanzhi, and the female astronaut Wang Yiping have already leaving the cabin, and the Astronaut Ye Guangfu is in contact with them and coordinated work. The work will last for 6 hours. According to the report, the Shenzhou-11 spacecraft containing three astronauts was launched from China’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on October 16, Beijing. After about 9 and a half hours, three astronauts entered the China Space Station Day and the core cabin, launched a 6-month space life. According to the Hong Kong 01 website, on November 7, according to the China Manned Space Project Office, the Shenzhou 13, astronauts, take the first outstanding activities on the 7th evening. Astronaut Qi Zhigang, Wang Yalang is in China’s new generation flight space service, successively out of the cabin from the day and core cabin nodes. China’s first open space, Qi Zhigang once again made a chartered event after 13 years, and Wang Yapai became the first female astronaut in China.

According to the report, Qi Zhi Ganggang has completed successfully at 18:00.

According to the picture behind Yan Zhi, Qi Zhi Gang said: I have already caught the cabin and feel good! Wang Yaping said at the time: I will get out of the cabin for a while, I feel good! Ye Guangfu said: I will have a good next time! Reference Information Network November 8 report According to Tasshine, Beijing, on November 7, according to China CCTV 7th, the astronauts on the China Space Station have begun to work. According to the report, Wang Yizhang, a Astronauts, Dynasty, and Qi Quanzhi, and the female astronaut Wang Yiping have already leaving the cabin, and the Astronaut Ye Guangfu is in contact with them and coordinated work.

The work will last for 6 hours.

According to the report, the Shenzhou-11 spacecraft containing three astronauts was launched from China’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on October 16, Beijing. After about 9 and a half hours, three astronauts entered the China Space Station Day and the core cabin, launched a 6-month space life.

According to the Hong Kong 01 website, on November 7, according to the China Manned Space Project Office, the Shenzhou 13, astronauts, take the first outstanding activities on the 7th evening.

Astronaut Qi Zhigang, Wang Yalang is in China’s new generation flight space service, successively out of the cabin from the day and core cabin nodes. China’s first open space, Qi Zhigang once again made a chartered event after 13 years, and Wang Yapai became the first female astronaut in China.

According to the report, Qi Zhi Ganggang has completed successfully at 18:00. According to the picture behind Yan Zhi, Qi Zhi Gang said: I have already caught the cabin and feel good! Wang Yaping said at the time: I will get out of the cabin for a while, I feel good! Ye Guangfu said: I will have a good next time! After the operation of the unit, the spacer is completed in the mechanical arm, and will support the mechanical arm suspension and adapter mounting and the exterior of the arm. Waiting for work. Between, astronauts in the cabin supported two operations of the cabin astronauts.

In addition, according to the Australian Space Daily website, Shenzhou No. 13 passenger is planned to stay within 6 months in the space station, and complete the longest time in China. The task range of the passenger is wide, such as two to three outgoing codes, mechanical arm operation, verification key technologies, etc. Previously, the Shenzhou 12 flight mission has laminated 3 months and their colleagues ended in mid-September have implemented two outgoing activities.

According to reports, Wang Yaping, a 5-year-old girl’s mother, is the second female astronaut in China, implemented the Shenzhou 10 flight task in June 2013. In the Shenzhou 13 flight, she became the first Chinese female in the space station and the first Chinese female astronaut who implemented the charter.

According to Russian satellite, Moscow reported on November 5th, Shenzhou No. 13 astronauts have lived for more than 20 days in the space station. During this period, they transferred materials from Tianzhou No. 3 freight ship, tested new space clothes. In carrying out a number of space tests, a number of space tests were carried out, and emergency medical ambulances and drills in track emergency evacuation were carried out.

The China Manned Space Project Office said that all of the regions of the passenger officials are in good condition and the spatial station combination is stable.

According to reports, the first female astronaut in the Chinese space station, the first female astronaut Wang Yiping, and the first time I entered the space of the space. In the task of half a year, China Astronauts will conduct two-to-three-way events, carry out hand-controlled remote operation, and scientific experiments and technical tests within the space station construction framework and implement other tasks. On April 29, China’s days and core cabins were successfully sent to the track. In the future, ask the day laboratory and dream-day laboratory will be docked with the space station.

It is estimated that the space station will be completed before and after 2022. According to Tasshine, Beijing, on November 7, China’s Manned Space Project Office issued news reported that astronauts on the China Space Station recently drifted emergency evacuation in the case of accidental impact in the core cabin. According to the report, the main content of this drill is an impact of simulation days and core compartments, and three astronauts urgently evacuated to the return cabin of Shenzhou 13.

The main task of the drill is to ensure the safety of astronauts in the case where the core compartment is lost.

Lin Xili, deputy director of the China Manned Space Project Office, has said that if the space station affects the major fault of astronauts, astronauts can take the manned spacecraft to withdraw the space station in time, return to the ground.

He said that the space station is protected by minor fragments in structure, and motor circumvention can be implemented for larger fragment or spatial goals.

According to the report, China Space Station is approximately 400 kilometers from the ground, and it is scheduled to be built before and after 2022 and the design life is 10 years.

110 cubic meters of active space in the space station, can accommodate six astronauts during the rotation of three astronauts.

China announced that there will be an international cooperation project after completion of the Space Station. According to the Hong Kong Radio website, the Shenzhou 13 flight passenger passenger passenger passenger station has been stationed in China Space Station on the 16th of last month has passed for more than 20 days. When the Shenzhou 12 flight passenger passenger passenger station was set to unattended, Shenzhou No. 13 astronauts were stationed, and they need to be changed to someone, and related equipment and products are treated with ventilation, regeneration and water cycle. Set.

According to the report, the China Astronaut Research Training Center said that astronauts are currently in a very good health, describe it is good, sleep, stay good.