And looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng didn’t feel anything at all。

“Zhang Yunfei,Now should you say something?”
When Wang Teng saw this,Wang Teng said to this side even more rudely。
Not far away,Zhang Yunfei gritted his teeth。
“Wang Teng,You are purely funny here。”
Chapter 177 Zhang Yunfei’s Surprise
in fact,Such a thing,In itself,It doesn’t feel much at all。
I just looked at him subconsciously,Look at these,Wang Teng at this time,I don’t think there are many problems。
slowly,Seeing these,Wang Teng said directly:“Stop talking nonsense,Hurry up on me!”
The people around see here,obviously,In their hearts,Began to doubt。
Next,What should I do?
After all, look now,Such a problem,It’s still necessary to solve this problem properly.。
And the more so,In fact, looking at the front again。

Four people exchange details,Zhou Ye is responsible for providing detailed medical history,From Xu Tianfu, sent to the rescue room,Includes all drugs and first aid measures used by Zhou Niwu before him before him。

Discussion,Do you still have to determine the cause of the patient suddenly arrest.。
“May be myocardial infarction,Or brain bleeding。”Chen Riyuan face。
In order to exclude myocardial infarction,Chen Riyuan looked at Zhou Ye to make an electrocardiogram again to the elderly.。
This time, the ECG, Zhou Ye, is very serious.,He hopes to draw conclusions from the ECG.。
But still did not find obvious、Typical heart infarction pattern
“Is it talking to the family??”Chen Riyuan suddenly asked。
Zhou Ye I thought……
“Forget this!”He took the head,I quickly walked out of the guardroom to contact Xu Tianfu’s son.。
Overseas,Front of the corridor。
unconsciously,It’s been late at this time.,I think of I have yet to eat yet.,Zhou Ye I touched the stomach,Swallow。
This is probably a doctor’s fate.。
After phone call,Waiting for a long wait。
Xu Tianfu’s son is also finally arrived.。
It’s a middle-aged man who is a four or five years old.,Black hair although it is not negligible,But the eyes are clear and determined,Integrity。
Simple clothes,Black short-sleeved hair whitening jeans。
Due to Chen Riyuan is another side,The son responsible for receiving Xu Tianfu became a Zhou Ye.。
He pulled his hand in Zhou Ye.,Anxious。
“doctor,How is my father??I am here, I am calling me in my card.”
Said that I said that I have no words。
Zhou Ye, I understand his mood,It also speculates that this person may be to raise medical expenses.。
People are always not easy to mid-year,There is a small under the old,Ease of eyes,Who can rely on?
Zhou Jixiang is sitting down:“Your father just got a heartbeat.。”
Brief,Zhou Ye is in front of the middle-aged man shaking。
“but……Now heartbeat has come back.,Just this, the child is still coma。”Zhou Niwu is rushing to supplement。
Middle-aged man looked at Zhou Ye,At this time, the face is slightly eased.。
Waiting for gradually coming,He began to catch the situation of Zhou Yengheng asking the specific situation:“Why do my father suddenly stopped?It is a problem with the heart itself.?Still elsewhere?”
Zhou Ye knows that he knows his hand-drying and dry dryness.,Middle-aged man in front of the middle,I am very uncomfortable in my heart.。
Think about it,Still calm:“I don’t know the specific reasons for the patient’s heartbeat stop.,This requires further examination,May be related to blood pressure,It may also be that there is no problem.…”
“The most important thing is now,”Zhou Ye men suddenly。“Your father’s heart is stopped after all.10minute,Although in this ten minutes,We do our utmost,But there is still no partial damage to the heart。”
“Ten minutes,May have a certain impact on the brain。”
“This is very strict……is it serious?meeting……How……how?”The middle-aged man started to come back.。
“Because of this10The blood supply of the brain in minutes is not enough.,The best situation is normal。”Zhou Ye wrote in a word,“Worst,It is a vegetative person。”

This female devil,He is defined。

“People like a sword,Sword,Nice sword,Your evil sword,I will make good use in the future.。”
Delicate Liao Wenjie,Ghost throws the short sword,I only see a green light instant,Did you break the heavy emptiness like lightning,Go through……
Not cross,Get out of the forehead,叮 嗡 嗡 鸣,Then bounced。
Liao Wenjie flashed,Turn out the green light range in three small small migration,I am afraid of touching the forehead after a face.:“horrible,Fortunately, the golden body of the poor is strong enough.,Otherwise, the head is gone.。”
Discuss,Although the short sword in the ghosts is beautiful,Absolute gods level。Unfortunately,His golden body is the Buddha’s own hammer,The color is much higher than the usual gold body.,Ghost wants to use this sword to take him life,The golden word sign of the Buddha is still not?
“Golden body……”
Ghosts heard the words,A pair of exquisite appearance。
Before,She spent the strength of the Peacock Daming in the peacock and empty.。This sensor is the hell king to give her.,It is very simple purpose,She uses it to thunder,Hell king sits。
Everything in hell is owned by the prison king,If you don’t think there is anything wrong?,Every hell creature is thoughtfully glory of hell king.,Dear is also at all。
But very quickly,She found that Liao Wenjie’s threat is far above the two.,Collected clues before the prison,It also shows that hell is difficult to invade the people in the past.。
Hell king prepared multiple means,Guarantee the door of hell to open,Peacock, Dami, the same,Liao Wenjie with gold body is the best proof。
Think of this,Ghosts can’t help but hook their mouths,Recognition,Command important intelligence through black empty cave。
The backhand of Peacock Ming is all found.,Hell king can be officially invaded and started with a low pillow.!
Ghost, this is the end of the night.,Liao Wenjie quickly found the same as that of Tokyo,Continuously turn on the closed swirl crack big piece of bulk。
Test,Start centralizing strength,The truly hell door is to open.。
Liao Wenjie is dark frowning,No longer born new cracks,It is a good thing in him.,Not only don’t continue to distract their own strength,Can also take a part immediately,A great increase in the victory of ghosts。
Bad news is,He can’t kill the ghost in a short time.,The opening of the door of hell is close at hand。
A hindrance,Liao Wenjie deeply sighed,Time luck,Fate is not enough,The mirror is can’t get it.。
“The door of hell is about to open,Human state,You and the end of this world come。”
Information delivery is completed,Ghosts,Iceberg face smiles like flowers,Chau Liao Wenjie throws a hob:“I don’t say anything, I will not say it.,Take care of him,I don’t agree with you。”
“As long as you know。”
Liao Wenjie lightly returned to a sentence,Exchange in common,Positive‘Take care of him’This idiom buckle word,Time is now urgent,No heart thinking yellow。
“Shape like sword!”
Red man,He straits the red light straight to the ghost.。
“Knowing the dead,Yourself,Don’t blame my heart.。”
Ghosts don’t have hesitation,Hand take out treasure mirror,The green light is covered with the face of Liao Wenjie。
at this time,A white light is bright in the Red Mang,Bright,Unparalleled,Contains powerful destruction。
Although the red mang is set to half the air,But white light is full of temporary,It is like a broken bamboo to wear the green curtain,叮 声 击 宝。


First2403chapter For the sake of my son
“Hey!There is no King Fa, right??Call the police if it doesn’t work,Big deal, let’s lose some money”Wang Youcai’s fire when he hears it,He yelled。
Wang Youfa shook his head and said:“Where is it so simple as you think”
“then what should we do?”Wang Youcai is getting a little impatient,Song Fang is the only one in my heart,I won’t come back。Anyway, there is this woman,They don’t have a stable life。
Wang Youfa took a look at Wang Youcai,Suddenly burst into tears:“If Song Fang can’t get home,I don’t want to live anymore。You as my brother,Then figure it out”
“Yo ha!This is lazy。Looks like he recognizes his brother again this time”Wang Youcai really wants to say that Wang Youcai sent a few words。But seeing his pitiful face with tears,He can’t bear it。
How to do it?The way he came up with,Wang Youfa said no,Then this matter can be very troublesome。Wang Youcai thinks about it,Just can’t think of a good way。
Finally out of helplessness,He had to tell Wang You:“This is too big,I really don’t know what to do。Or let’s go home,Listen to our dad”
that’s it,Wang Youcai pulls Wang Youfa,The two went home together。Wang Degui heard this,Blew hair on the spot,He cursed Wang Youfa and bowed his head in silence,Even Chen Yueqin was too scared to say a word。
It seems,Wang Degui is really angry this time。Wang Degui cursed the breath in his heart,He stopped the voice。Curse,After all, Wang Youfa is his own son,Something happened to the son,I’m not in a hurry,Who can be anxious。
“It seems simple,Actually quite troublesome,Not that you can solve the problem by calling the police。I read,Someone has to go down here”Wang Degui finally calmed down,He took a long breath and said。
Wang Youfa listened,Quickly nodded and said:“I think so too,But I don’t know who should go down。SZWhich side is different from ours,Those who go are not strong,Don’t say it’s taking people back,I’m afraid the people who go will get into trouble too”

Not much time,The sun has exposed half of his face from the top of the mountain,The entire forest is reflected in a golden color,The birds started moving at this time,Gradually,The tranquility of the night has quietly left,The replacement is the fragrance of birds and flowers。

Xia Jian took a long breath of fresh air,Stood up,Moved my bones,He couldn’t help sighing:“This place is really nice!”
“Yes!This should be the primeval forest,But this group of people has begun to destroy”Dragon Ball responded to Xia Jian’s words,I kept looking down the mountain。
Heiwa who didn’t say a word overnight,I walked to Xia Jian’s side,He said softly:“President Xia,I heard you say this Mausen,Is a soldier,Then our next action,Be extra careful,I’m afraid he will set up agencies or ambush all around”
Expert,I know if there is,Heiwa’s words reminded Xia Jian,He is busy calling everyone here,Whispered:“Wait,We divide into two groups of actions,Heiwa and Dragon Ball set,Me and Fang Fang,Heiwa and Fang Fang are soldiers,Know how to avoid risks”
Dragon Ball nodded,Did not speak,Fang Fang smiled slightly,I left a secret note on the big rock with a marker,Four people got up immediately,Touch down the mountain。
This primeval forest,But it’s not as easy to walk as expected,Fortunately there are footprints left by two people last night,Everyone followed the path they stepped on,Walking slowly step by step。
Big tree,Nofuji,Blocked the light outside,Walk to this big forest,It feels like it’s dark again this day。Okay,The black baby who is walking in the front is smooth,Did not find any fortifications。
Approaching the foot of the mountain,I heard the rushing water,My eyes suddenly opened up。On a rare open flat ground,Lush weeds,Fresh flowers,And around this flat land,More than a dozen small houses were built out of trees,The weird thing is,These little houses are separated separately,And between one and one,At least more than ten meters away。
Heiwa said to Xia Jian softly:“President Xia,The layout of the house is exquisite,Don’t look at the mess,But both offense and defense,I can see that Mao Sen still has two hands”
Xia Jian nodded slightly,Lowered his voice and said:“Everyone act separately,The four of us,One direction per person,Don’t be stunned,After finding out the situation in the room,Rush back here to gather”
“West of me”Fang Fang finished,People have escaped。
Xia Jian said to Dragon Ball:“You north,Be convenient when withdrawing,I go south“
Heiwa still wants to talk,But Xia Jianren has jumped out,Submerged in the grass。
To the south,I can only touch it from the foot of the mountain,But accidentally,Most likely to be discovered。Xia Jian lying in the grass,With a knife at the waist,Cut some weeds,Quickly knit a straw hat,Put it on the head,Follow the eastern slope,I quickly touched it towards the south。
More than ten wooden houses,Very quiet,It feels like no one lives inside,Xia Jian while running,While thinking about this problem in my heart。

I felt surprised when I came to Qin Feng,Will the guards be overconfident??after all,How dare they be sure that there is no ambush here?If they get some explosives to play a big blast,Isn’t all the guards dead??

So in Qin Feng’s opinion,These guards are a group of muscular brains and simple stuff。
Fengmeng’s office is not big,About thirty square meters in size。But this size is enough for more than twenty people。So basically these people walked in with arrogance。
“Watch the bomb!”
Qin Feng yelled very wickedly,At the same time threw something out。of course,Just a toy bomb。
It’s just maybe because Qin Feng’s voice is a little loud,Plus they are already in a hostile relationship,So these two teams fell directly。
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Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Six Clamp
Twenty people all lying on the ground,That toy grenade just fell to the ground,Make the sound of plastic hitting the ground。
The person lying on the ground feels a little embarrassed。They found themselves being tricked by people as monkeys!but,What’s the use of them even if they are angry?Blame them for being too arrogant,I didn’t find a scout before I came in。
it’s good now,Got this hand,Lost face。
Change to other times,Maybe they will rush to fight the person who humiliated them desperately。but now,They dare not act rashly。
Because it’s obvious,They discovered that there are actually two heavenly powerhouses opposite。For the appearance of Qin Feng and Bill,They actually know。
After all, the information of these two people is publicly circulated on the Internet!

You have defeated Chinese martial arts。There are many masters of national martial arts better than me,Some people are in a state that you can never see。”

“Humph!It’s this lie again!Where is the national martial arts master you said?You Chinese,No one can fight!”TonyFeng proudly said。
“come on!Let me fight till you beg for mercy!”TonyFeng hooked his finger at Master Ye Tian,Said with contempt。
now,The audience is boiling again,Almost all Chinese are aggrieved by the arrogance of this Thai guy。
“Master Ye,kill him!”
“Master Ye, come on,Chinese martial arts must do!”
“Hit him!Wing Chun invincible!”
I don’t know who is taking the lead,Sang that familiar song,Everyone’s singing echoed over the boxing gym。
“The Great Wall will never fall,Thousands of miles of the Yellow River surging,Open your eyes.”
now,Master Ye Tian couldn’t help but lift up,With united support,He seems to regain his strength,There is even a passionate feeling of returning to a young age。
TonyFeng also heard high-pitched singing from all around,He shook his head with disdain and smiled:“You Chinese people like these bluffing things,It’s useless,Only strength is real!”
After speaking,TonyTwo steps in a row,I rushed to Master Ye Tian in an instant。
He held his head in a Muay Thai action,Protect the head, face and midline of the chest,Left knee suddenly lifted,Directly against the opponent’s chest and abdomen。
This is the fierce move in Muay Thai,Low knee impact,Under this collision,As if the air around the two of them had been drawn away,Formed a vacuum state,Iron knee,The wind whine。
This knee came so fast,Master Ye Tian had to gritted his teeth and pressed his arms down,Trying to block the opponent’s onslaught with the Wing Chun bridge hand。
The two-character pincers of Wing Chun,Not good at legs,Compared with Muay Thai kick,Slightly weaker,So Master Ye Tian decided to defeat the knee with his fist。
Hit one knee,A faint sound of breaking through the sky,Master Ye Tian’s palms touched the opponent’s iron knee,Suddenly feel bad。
He didn’t expect the opponent’s strength to be so strong?Far exceeded estimates。
Knee and palm,exactly,Master Ye Tian chose to quickly withdraw,Not fight against each other。
Don’t know TonyAfter the front’s knee hit,The whole person jumps up directly,With knees,Turned into a cannonball and crashed into the opponent。

“Chengyu was small before,Don’t understand the difficulties of uncles and aunts,Now his ideas will naturally change,In his heart,Mom and Dad are the most important,Auntie, don’t be sad。”

“Auntie is not sad,Just a little bit emotional,Chengyu is very sensible now,I can listen to different opinions,My father and I are very pleased。”
AThe only relative in the city is gone,He still refuses to go home,Mr. Zhou and Mrs. Zhou don’t understand,Learned he was for a woman,So I don’t force him to come back anymore。
Who knows that when I come back, I call for help,Although it was framed,But the problem still lies with him,No matter how annoyed, we must solve the problem first,Must be handled,There will be no difference in the future。
I’m not happy,It’s misfortune for my son to be calculated,So lucky to go home,Years of exercise,His ability and courage have greatly improved,Can take over the company,The credit for all this is Yang Liu,Mrs. Zhou can’t figure out whether she should be gratified or sad。
Yang Liu didn’t know what Mrs. Zhou was thinking,Since having a child,Deeply understand the difficulty of being a parent,In the dead of night,She will reflect on what she has done over the years,To the father who has always loved her,Repay a deep guilt。
Turn around and hug Mrs. Zhou,Comforting softly in her ear,“Aunt,Don’t be sad,Everyone’s fate is arranged by heaven,Even if you want to compete, you can’t compete。no matter what happens,Are all destined,so,Don’t always think about the past,You and Chengyu are mother and son,This is an unchangeable fact,I didn’t see that he was not kissing you,It’s just that men are restrained,It’s not like we women cry when they want to cry,You have to believe,He is the person who loves you most in this world。”
Destined?Mrs. Zhou wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes,Looking at willow incredulously,Such a young girl,How can you have the mentality of an old man?
Yangliu naturally saw what she thought,Can’t help nodding,My mood is indeed much older,“Aunt,Although Chengyu has suffered a lot,,But his efforts and achievements it’s the same,If not……
Mrs. Zhou sees her stuck,Knowing that she remembered the unpleasant things again,Quickly turn off the topic,“Yiyi,Come and taste,I made this ribs corn soup,Have been cooking for an afternoon,The ribs are so crispy,Corn is sweet and soft,Zhou Zhou likes it the most,I’ll serve it alone for him later,If we don’t like it, add some salt.。”
Mr. Zhou and Mrs. Zhou are so kind to their mother and child,She and Chengyu are friends,It’s normal for a friend to have two ribs,I didn’t expect such a generous return in exchange for。
Yangliu’s eye circles are red,“Aunt,You are so good to us,I don’t know how to thank you。”
Mrs. Zhou gave her an unhappy look,Feint:“What are you talking about?When you and your mom wanted to sell the house to save Chengyu,Ever wanted to repay?I’ll say this later,Auntie is going to be angry。”
Mr. Zhou didn’t know when he came,Hear my wife’s words,Very agree,“Yiyi,These years,Haven’t you considered us as a family??”
Yangliu didn’t mean that,Just about to explain,Was interrupted again,“You helped us Chengyu before,Still helping him,This is between you,We have no right to intervene,Zhouzhou,”
Zhou Zilin hugged Xiaodoudinger who was following,Looked at with a smile,“Zhouzhou is our grandson,Bring countless joy to our old couple,Just by this,You don’t have to be grateful。”
Continent where people look the most,Immediately kiss Zhou Zilin on the face,“Zhouzhou loves grandpa the most。”
See grandpa wink,Xiaodoudinger understands,Turn your head and look at grandma,“Zhouzhou loves grandma the most。”Thought for a while,Added:“Zhou Zhou loves his mother the most,I love uncle the most。”
names not listed in order,There is no favoritism,The family is his favorite。

The leader of the Dark Dragon is very wise,All of a sudden, I got an insight into the key points of the battlefield change。

then,It spreads its wings,Flew straight to the space battleship。
Live broadcast via satellite communications,All humans on the earth are watching this battle for the survival of the entire human race。
When they saw the biggest and strongest demon in the sky flying towards the space battleship representing human hope,Stood up excitedly,Someone cursed,Someone prays,But more people are meditating in their hearts,Hope someone can stop that demon,Don’t let it break the last hope of mankind。
Lu Menglin sat on the bow of the ship,At the moment the leader of the dark dragon appeared,He has discovered the existence of the other party。
Because of the strong and deep space energy of the opponent,It’s so noticeable。
The leader of this dark dragon,Stronger than all the dark monsters Lu Menglin has seen before,Because of the spatial energy in its body,As if endless,Bottomless。
No wonder the leader of this dark dragon came out,It disturbs the earth world,Even Daoist Li Shixing died under its clutches,Beat the human coalition to almost lose confidence。
The leader of the dark dragon in the sky also found Lu Menglin,It doesn’t understand,A human,Why sit there alone,Seems to be waiting for myself。
“Terran,Where did these light-weave weapons and equipment come from?”The leader of the Dark Dragon is very cautious,Did not launch the attack immediately,Instead, it hovered in the sky above Lu Menglin’s head,Whispered。
Lu Menglin raised his head,Took a look at that mighty big guy,Smiled and hooked his fingers,Loud voice:“You come down!I’ll tell you when I come down!”
“This ship does not belong to the human race,It’s not a creation of the god nation!Do you dare to challenge my confidence,Is it from it??”The Lord of Dark Dragon roared。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you,Come down and have a good fight!I’ll tell you if I win!Hey,You are not afraid to fight?”
The leader of the dark dragon raised his head,Actually made an action similar to the human beings who laughed。
“you look like,A little better than the human races I killed last time,Let me send you into the realm of eternal death!”

after all,In case I admit it myself,Who knows what Xiao Fan will say to him in a while?!

so,For the pot Xiao Fan insisted on throwing himself,Lin Yoona can’t memorize anything。
Xiao Fan heard Lin Yuner’s answer,The whole person is almost stunned,What plane,This sentence is clearly what Lin Yuner said to herself just now。
but,right now,She didn’t admit it in an instant!
Xiao Fan is really very confused now,The beauty who is sitting in her own co-pilot now,Is she still her gentle wife?。
Why today,Xiao Fan suddenly felt that she was not the Lin Yooner she was familiar with.!
Own wife,The Lin Yoona I knew before is very gentle and virtuous。
But now Lin Yoona really doesn’t care how he looks,That’s not very reasonable!
What about Lin Yoona at this time?,She still has no guilty conscience at this moment,Just look at Xiao Fan,It looks like what I said is wrong。
Xiao Fan also said that he was really helpless。
Ok,You are my woman,Your biggest!
You just say everything。
but,Although Xiao Fan didn’t care about what Lin Yuner said just now,But she still asked Yoona:“That’s the one,Yoona,Can i ask you a question?”
“Just ask,You said,I’m listening!”Lin Yuner said indifferently。
“That one,If i remember correctly,Just now,Why didn’t you say that sentence?,You didn’t tell me like that,That’s why I unreservedly tell you the truest thoughts in my heart?”Xiao Fan asked suspiciously。
“no!Of course not what I said!Because that sentence is what you Xiao Fan said,Not what Lin Yoona said。”Lin Yoona still insists on her opinion。
“but.but.”Xiao Fan, who has always been eloquent, suddenly felt that his words were poor。
damn it!