I won’t offend my classmates when I go to school,Spend most of the time with Zhao Luo,After work,I didn’t offend my colleagues either,Even if it’s not done well,Really offended,Not to the point of killing people。

She thinks about it,I really don’t understand,Who did you offend?,She’ll kill her at every turn,Last kidnapped,It was a fluke to meet Wang San,Only got his life back。
240 A murderous look
That person really treats her endlessly,Why on earth?For this,Xia Shuyue thought about it all morning,My head hurts,Still don’t understand。
in the afternoon,Yang Yong picked up the child early,Go back to the store and wait for Xia Shuyue,Finished today,Take the kids to her house for dinner。
Is a little girl,Shoulder-length short hair,Flickering eyes,“Kids,how old are you?”Xia Shuyue walked over and asked her。
Since pregnancy,Xia Shuyue started to like children,No matter boys or girls,I like it,All feel cute。
Little girl take a look at her,Straighten up,Thought for a while,But answered very unkindly,“Humph,How old do you care about me,I don’t call your mother anyway,My mom said,Stepmother will give me poisoned apples。”
Xia Shuyue did not expect,This kid who doesn’t speak very clearly,Would say something like this,She can only smile awkwardly,“I am not a witch,rest assured,No poisonous apple。”
“Anyway i ignore you。”Little girl holding arms,Look very twitchy。
Yang Yong embarrassedly made an apologetic gesture to Xia Shuyue,“cough,Was taught by her mother。”
“Nothing,Kid,immature。”Xia Shuyue can only smile。

Even Xu Kaishan admits,This Chen Jiannan’s ability is really too strong,Much more powerful than the previous eight fingers,With him in the company,I don’t have to think about anything as my boss,Do nothing,Just sit at home and count the money。

And Xu Kaishan knows very well,As long as I firmly grasp the relationship with the official,Open up the upper channel,No matter how tough someone like Chen Jiannan is,Brave again,It’s just a knife in my hand,Not to be afraid。
Silver Lake Villa,Early morning mist。
The entire mountain villa seems to be shrouded in a cloud of smoke,Like a fairyland。
Lu Menglin and Jin Soyeon walk hand in hand on the small road in the morning。
Breathing slightly moist fresh air in the nose,And the fragrance of vegetation,Refreshing。
“The air here is pretty good, right?!Good view!There will be fish to eat later。”Lu Menglin introduced with a smile。
Kim Soyeon nodded in satisfaction,She likes the feeling of being in contact with nature。
“The boss here is very nice,Just crazy,The special meeting remembers not to talk to him!”Lu Menglin smiled casually。
“Ok,Ok!”Kim So Yeon has a good way of acting as a little woman,The voice is so waxy。
A wonderful way to get along!The current relationship between the two,Between friendship and love,Quite ambiguous,But it didn’t take the crucial step。
Could this be the legendary friendship has reached,Less than lovers?of course,no!
Facing the temptation of Korean beauties every day,Lu Menglin almost gave up his principles,Get rid of that damn virgin body。
but,Kim So Yeon seems to have changed her mind,She enjoys every minute and every second of getting along with Lu Menglin,But I didn’t plan to entrust myself to him so soon。
Maybe she enjoys this sultry feeling more!It made her feel like she was back to the pure school days,Purely like someone,She likes herself like this。
Two people go together,Entered the entrance of Silver Lake Villa,Came to the fish pond on the top of the mountain。
Jiang Qizhi has been waiting here for a long time,When I saw Lu Menglin, I brought a beautiful girl up the mountain.,The smile on his face looked helpless。

The peso exchange rate dropped sharply in three days42.17%,Mexico’s entire financial market is in chaos,The entire world economy was hit hard!

This is the famous Mexican financial crisis in history!
of course,This is something。
Clean the battlefield,Qiao Tianyu and Rubin bid farewell to Mr. Dawson and George,Can’t wait to rush to the hospital。
Lily, who was just rescued, has been sent to the hospital for examination,Qiao Tianyu wants to know if Sato Junji embarrassed her。
Qiao Tianyu swears secretly,If Sato Junji dared to touch her,,This time I must understand the rest of that dog day!
Fortunately, it was a false alarm,Lily was only under house arrest by Junji Sato in an apartment,Didn’t hurt。
When she saw that it was Dad here,Happy to have to kiss and hug high。
“This guy,Act like!”Qiao Tianyu smiled knowingly。
In the last life, Qiao Tianyu didn’t know that Lily’s acting was so good,There is no sense of disobedience to the mentally retarded child,Also absolutely。
And even more so,The girl was imprisoned and not only suffered no harm in the past few days,On the contrary, it is more white, tender, delicate and shiny,It seems she has enjoyed it these days。
To prevent repeating the same mistakes,Rubin spends heavily to ask security company to send bodyguards to protect his daughter day and night,No more problems!
Ok,You can play in the rich city!
Nervous for days,Qiao Tianyu is already exhausted physically and mentally,After making sure that Lily is fine,Qiao Tianyu returned to the apartment,Sleep before bathing。
This sleep can be described as dimly sleeping,Impermanence,I slept until noon the next day,Finally, I was awakened by the chubby face who returned from China。
“Lazy pig!get up!get up!Get up soon!”
The chubby face after returning seems very happy,Abruptly dragged Qiao Tianyu who was sleeping,Qiao Tianyu short-circuited for a long time。
“What’s so happy?”Qiao Tianyu asked, rubbing his eyes in a daze。
“About Qiao Yuanshan,Figured it out!”The excitement of the chubby face is beyond words。
“Really?”Qiao Tianyu jumped up when he heard it,The sleepiness just disappeared。

but,This is also his scruples about the existence behind the woman in black,This woman in black would never think,He has been calculated several times before,So I have been alert to this silent method of disturbing my mind。

otherwise,I am afraid that at this moment, he will really stupidly treat the weird woman in black as a relative.,Then know everything,Endless words。
but,Who is he?He Sun Wukong is the master of a thousand world monster races,King of the Demon King,Relatives?What a joke?He only has people,No relatives。
Chat Group Hall,Nezha looked at the affectionate look of Sun Wukong on the live broadcast screen.,And the seemingly affectionate words just said,Leaning on the chair and laughing almost fell off the chair。
He didn’t expect Monkey King to be so powerful,This method of opening your eyes and telling lies is really powerful,If he didn’t know the nature of Monkey King,,I must think that Monkey King is really so funny。
“I didn’t expect that Monkey King group members are so powerful,It’s courageous to be like this,It’s good to just say that I will send you to the west to see the Lord of Buddhism Tathagata,Said so affectionate as the sea,No matter how you look,Feel awkward。”
Sedum looks at the live broadcast in front of him,Sighed,With emotion,He didn’t expect,Sun Wukong, who has always been killing and decisive, will open his eyes and talk nonsense,This is obviously bullying the black-clothed woman’s nature of not seeing Monkey King。
“Brother Nezha,What does the Monkey King mean??Why can’t understand anything,Big Sedum and Big Brother Nezha smile so happily?”
Sanqi sitting on a chair,Staring blankly at the live broadcast in front of me,I glanced at the big brother Nezha who was smiling happily,And at the moment, the big Sedum with a smile on his face,Curiously asked。
do not know why,She feels that she should also laugh with Big Brother Nezha,It’s just that she really doesn’t know what Nezha and Sedum are laughing at。
Magic Sword looked at the live broadcast in front of him,A smile flashed on his face,She didn’t expect,It seems that the decisive Monkey King would have such an affectionate side。
but,She glanced at the Nezha group members and Sedum bosses who seemed to be smiling and extremely happy,I know I think too much,Monkey King is just fooling that foreigner。
and,If she remembers correctly,She should have gone to the pub in the heavens before, with the big brother Jingtian and the members of Nezha,Why does the Monkey King know so clearly?Could it be that King Sedum told the Monkey King?
Zhang Chulan calmly watched the live broadcast,Although he hasn’t been in a relationship,But he knows there is never any love for no reason,therefore,Zhang Chulan made up his mind。
If one day,There was a woman who only met for the first time so affectionate that she wanted to be with him,He doesn’t need to think,Don’t hesitate,Slash it directly with sword energy,This is obviously bad intentions。
“Can’t the members of the Sanqi group understand??Let me talk about it for you,Monkey King wants to confuse this foreigner,First dawn with affection,And then take advantage of it,Let the guest from another world be wiped out,The kind with no bones。”
“So members of the 37th group should be more cautious in the future,Don’t be careless,Otherwise it is easy to encounter danger,Some people,Looks affectionate,Actually, I was thinking how to kill you without leaving any troubles。”
After Nezha heard the question from the Sanqi group,Leaning on the chair,Said with a smile,It seems that Monkey King also knows what it means to be cautious,Did not rush,Instead, he chose to let the black woman relax her vigilance first。

“Brother,Give this jade to me!”Xin Zhao immediately smelled the business opportunity。

This rare jade,One piece is one piece less,Many jade merchants are hoarding goods,Also in recent years,One of the reasons why jadeite rose so sharply。
Xin Zhao himself,See good jade,I can’t help but stock up。
Currently,In his collection room,Jade is more than ten yuan,Five of them are glass,But not big。This jade,Scarce resources in the future,Baoyu that money can’t buy。
Hu Yang had no plans to play by himself,And nodded:“Yes you can!”
in fact,Hu Yang wants to make something better for his mother。Have perspective eyes,He believes he has a chance to get the emperor green,Please design by master carver、Carve a few pieces of jewelry。
The same did not say the price,Let Zhao Chengli praise,Treat this kind of friend,He will never treat him badly。
“This piece,35 million!”
Populus nodded,Hold fist:“Then thank Brother Zhao for his generosity。”
Although it is a glass jade,Still green,Personal King Green Jade,But it’s still missing,Can only dig a bracelet,And a few pendants。
“It should be me thank you,This kind of baby,There is much room for appreciation in the future。”
Others also shocked the glass jade with a bigger fist,Someone bought it over 30 million on the spot。Everyone knows,This wool,Which is tens of thousands of dollars。
From tens of thousands to tens of millions,Only half an hour。
“No wonder,Betting on rocks can make people addicted。”Hua Zi thought to himself。

[Can papaya and watermelon be eaten together?

]_ Xiagua_ eat together

[Can papaya and watermelon be eaten together?
]_ Xiagua_ eat together

Papaya is a common food. It is not a fruit or a vegetable.

Most of the people who eat papaya in life are women, because in today’s society, having a full sex is king for women, and papaya has a certain breast enhancement effect, which is loved by women.

However, various foods in life should be carefully matched. Can papaya be eaten with watermelon?

Papaya and watermelon can be eaten together.

Watermelon cannot be eaten with peaches Strictly speaking, watermelon and peaches cannot be eaten together, but they cannot be eaten together in excess. Eating together may cause diarrhea.

For people with more sensitive stomachs, if you want to eat these two fruits, it is recommended to eat one after a short period of time before eating the other.

In addition, watermelon and peach are both extremely sweet fruits. It doesn’t taste good and is sweet and sweet. It is not recommended to eat together.

Watermelon cannot be eaten with mutton. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eating watermelon after eating mutton is likely to “damage your vitality.”

This is because mutton is sweet and hot, and watermelon is cold, which is a cold product. After eating, it greatly reduces the warming effect of mutton and hinders the spleen and stomach.

For patients with yang deficiency or spleen deficiency, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach dysfunction.

Therefore, after eating lamb, it is not advisable to eat a lot of cold foods such as watermelon and cucumber.

Watermelon and shrimp can not be eaten with shrimp. Watermelon and shrimp are both cold foods. The two foods may irritate the gastrointestinal tract and may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. It is not recommended to eat them together.

Watermelons cannot be eaten with mangosteen as cold fruits, especially those with deficient constitution. People with normal constitution can eat three or four a day. It is best not to eat with watermelon, soybean milk, beer, cabbage, mustard,Bitter melon, winter melon and other cool food to eat together.

Can be eaten in moderation, watermelon taste cold, if you eat too much it will hurt the spleen and stomach, will cause abdominal pain or diarrhea.

[How can Chinese cabbage not be rotten]_How to save_Saving method

鐩镐俊澶у閮界湅鍒拌繃涓€浜涚數瑙嗗墽涓挱鏀惧寳鏂瑰啲澶╃殑鐢熸椿锛屽叾涓崡鍖楁湁涓€涓緢澶х殑鍖哄埆锛屽氨鏄寳鏂瑰ぇ閮ㄥ垎閮芥湁鍦扮獤锛岃€屼笖姣忓埌鍐ぉ浠栦滑閮戒細鏀堕泦澶ч噺鐨勭櫧鑿滀娇鍏跺洡鏀惧湪鍦扮獤涓偍瀛橈紝骞朵笖杩欑鏂瑰紡淇濆瓨鐨勭櫧鑿滄椂闂撮潪甯搁暱涔咃紝杩樹笉浼氬嚭鐜扮儌鐨勬儏鍐点€傚叾瀹炰笉鍗曞崟鍙槸鍦扮獤锛岃繕鏈夊叾浠栫殑鏂规硶鍙互闀夸箙鐨勪繚瀛樼櫧鑿滃苟涓旀椂鏈熶笉鐑傘€?.閫氳繃鍦扮獤鏉ュ偍瀛樺ぇ瀹堕兘鐭ラ亾鍦ㄥ啲澶╃殑鏃跺€欙紝鍖楁柟浜轰細鍦ㄥ閲岃鏈夊湴绐栨潵瀛樺偍涓€浜涢鐗╋紝鎵€浠ュ氨鍙互鍒╃敤鍦扮獤鏉ユ潵瀛樺偍澶х櫧鑿溿€傚師鍥犲緢绠€鍗曪細鍥犱负鍦扮獤鍦ㄥぇ鍐ぉ鐨勬俯搴﹁繙杩滈珮浜庡湴琛ㄧ殑娓╁害銆傛湁鐫€鍐殩澶忓噳鐨勭壒鐐广€傛墍浠ュ啲瀛f斁鐧借彍鍦ㄥ湴绐栭噷锛屽彲浠ュ緢濂藉湴閬垮厤澶х櫧鑿滃彈鍐汇€?.I’m going to go to the top and the bottom of the window to get a good look. It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of time.The following are the most common problems in the world: the most common ones are the most common ones, the most common ones are the most common ones, the most common ones are the most common ones, and the most common ones are:链掕繘鏀捐繘澶х櫧鑿滅殑澶у潧瀛愰噷闈€傜劧鍚庨渶瑕佹斁鍏ヨ荆妞掋€佽姳妞掋€佺敓濮滅墖銆佸悇绉嶅ぇ鏂欍€侀粍閰掔瓑杩涜罐屽埗銆傝伞镙峰偍瀛樿捣鏉ュ氨涓新细鍧忔帀锛屽弽钥岃缮锅氭垚浜嗕竴阆撶编锻崇殑娉¤彍銆备篃鏄ぇ瀹舵瘮杈冨枩娆㈠悆鐨勩€?.鐢ㄥ湡鍌ㄥ瓨鍦ㄦ瘡骞寸殑瀛h妭杩涘叆鍐鐨勬椂鍊欙紝澶╂皵灏变細娓愭笎鍙樺噳銆傝繖鏃跺€欏氨鍙互鎻愬墠瀵瑰ぇ鐧借彍杩涜鍌ㄥ瓨浜嗐€傞偅灏辨槸鎶婂ぇ鐧借彍鍩嬪湪搴櫌閲岀殑鍦熷¥澶勩€傞鍏堬紝闇€瑕佹寲濂戒竴涓湡鍧戯紝鍦ㄥ厜鐓т笅鏅炬檼涓ゅぉ锛岄伩鍏嶅湡澹や腑鐣欐湁澶ぇ鐨勬箍姘旓紝浣垮緱澶х櫧鑿滃彂鐢熺儌鏍圭幇璞°€傚湪鍦熷潙鏅炬檼濂戒互鍚庯紝鎶婄櫧鑿滆窡鏈濅笅鍩嬪ソ锛岀瓑鍒板ぉ姘斾竴鍐风殑鏃跺€欙紝灏辫繘涓€姝ュ湪鐧借彍涓婅竟鍔犲叆骞插湡杩涜瑕嗙洊銆傜瓑鍒拌鍚冪殑鏃跺€欏氨鍙互涓€涓€鎸栧嚭鏉ュ悆浜嗐€?.鏀剧儹闃插喕鐨勬柟娉曞叾瀹炲ぇ瀹堕兘寰堟竻妤氾紝澶х櫧鑿滄渶瀹规槗鑵愮儌鍦ㄩ珮娓╀笅锛岃€屼笖鍦ㄤ綆娓╃幆澧冧笅涔熷鏄撳喕鍧忕殑銆傚洜姝ら€傚疁鐨勬俯搴﹀浜庡畠鏉ヨ鏄嚦鍏抽噸瑕佺殑銆傛墍浠ワ紝鏈€閫傚疁瀹冪殑娓╁害鏄湪0鈥?搴︺€傞亣鍒板啲澶╂殩姘旀埧鐨勯珮娓╃幆澧冨氨鍙互鎶婄櫧鑿滄斁鍦ㄩ櫌瀛愰噷鎴栧湴涓嬪銆?

Ziguang (000938) 2018 Annual Report Comment: Core Products Continue to Lead the Revenue Quality and Steady Improvement

Ziguang (000938) 2018 Annual Report Comment: Core Products Continue to Lead the Revenue Quality and Steady Improvement
Key Investment Events: The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 483.1 billion, an annual increase of 23.6%; net profit attributable to mothers was 1.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 8.9%; net profit attributable to non-mothers 13.100 million, an annual increase of 35%. Revenue continued to grow steadily, and the proportion of high value-added services continued to increase.The company achieved operating income of 483 in 2018.1 billion, an annual increase of 23.6%, maintaining steady and rapid growth.In terms of gross profit margin, the gross profit margin of basic products business and distribution business were 37.1% and 7.2%, a decrease of 6 compared to 17 years.95pct and increase by 1.85pct, mainly due to the report that the increase in the proportion of sales revenue of products with low gross profit margins such as remote servers has driven the gross profit margin of IT infrastructure products slightly shifted. Core products maintained a leading position, and Ziguang Digital and Xinhua San continued to expand.The report merged, and Ziguang Digital and Xinhua San, the subsidiary platforms of the company, continued to expand and achieved 202 in revenue respectively.500 million and 297.900 million, an increase of 11% and 25% previously, achieving steady growth.The company’s core products were quickly updated in 2018. The world’s first 400G platform core switch, containerized operating system and 25G / 100G data center solution were launched. The exchange collection of the three major operators continued to grow, and the cloud-based operation 天津夜网 router CR19000 broke through the operatorWith high-end core scenarios for enterprise customers, wireless products have released a big wireless strategy, launched more than 30 AC and AP products, entered the wireless LAN market share domestically, and the second largest internal market share of switches and routers. The core products continued to lead. Operating cash flow has improved significantly, and financial expenses have increased due to scale expansion.The company’s 2018 net operating cash flow inflows were 48.700 million, a substantial increase of 175% compared to 2017, and the quality of income has improved significantly.The continued expansion of the company in 2018 led to an increase in the value of Ziguang Digital, leading to an increase in financial expenses.82% is up from 2017.5.The company’s 18-year net net interest rate is 6.1%, compared to June 2017.The overall change of 7% is small, and the company’s overall profitability is relatively stable. Profit forecast and investment recommendations: The company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 is expected to be 22 respectively.200 million, 27.47 ppm and 33.840,000 yuan, maintaining the level of “prudent increase”. Risk warning: Smart transportation business advances less than expected, and security business overseas expansion fails

Funeng (600483): Short-term wind power fluctuates slightly, and medium- and long-term wind power is under construction

Funeng (600483): Short-term wind power fluctuates slightly, and medium- and long-term wind power is under construction
Event: On April 27, the company announced the 2019 first quarter report.Realized income during the reporting period 18.40,000 yuan, an increase of 5 in ten years.17%; net profit attributable to mother 2.12 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.30%; deduct non-net profit 1.87 trillion, down 10 a year.55%. Wind power fluctuated in the first quarter, and the amount of wind power on the grid dropped2.44%.1) In Q1 2019, the company’s revenue increased by 5.17%, of which coal-fired electricity generation has grown for ten years.63%, the amount of electricity on the Internet drops by 2 every year.44% (we think it is mainly affected by changes in wind conditions), and the natural gas grid-connected power consumption decreased by 17%.15%.2) The company’s gross profit margin is 14.73%, an annual increase of 1.At 23 points, profitability improved.3) The company obtained 0 from asset disposal.44 ppm, an increase of 100% in ten years, mainly due to the subsidiary Sanyou Company’s acquisition of Fuzhou land acquisition and storage income.4) In cash, the company’s cash ratio is 98.38%, a decline of 10 per year.73pct, operating cash flow / net profit was 161.60%, a decrease of 27 per year.24pct. From the historical situation, the base in the first quarter is relatively small, and the changes in profit quality indicators are relatively continuous. Wind power has become a new growth point for the power leader of the Fujian State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.Fujian’s wind power resources are of high quality, and the province’s wind power has been fully absorbed, while enjoying the highest on-grid electricity prices. The company’s project returns are leading in the industry.By the end of 2018, the company had put into operation wind power installed capacity71.400,000 kilowatts, 107 wind power installations 北京夜生活网 under construction were approved.100,000 kilowatts (including offshore wind power 89.800,000 kilowatts, onshore wind power17.30 thousand kilowatts), there is plenty of room for growth.At the end of 2018, the company completed the issuance of convertible bonds to raise funds28.300 million, the initial conversion price of 8.69 yuan / share, the raised funds are planned to be used in the construction of wind farms in Waishan, Yangping, Panzhai and Pinghai Bay F area, and the production progress is guaranteed. Coal power is actively expanding endogenously, and gas power returns to a reasonable range.1) In the coal power sector, the company actively achieved growth through endogenous extension. In 2017, it participated in a large-scale project of China Resources Wenzhou 20% equity (received a cash dividend of 1 in the first half of 2018).1.8 billion); In early 2018, 51% equity of China Resources Liuzhi was acquired and consolidated. China Resources Liuzhi is a coal-electricity integration project, and the completion of supporting coal mines will gradually increase the profitability of the project. At the same time, Funeng Group promised to inject coal power resources by 2020.Promote the profit growth of coal power.2) In the gas and electricity sector, Jinjiang Gas and Electricity realized a net profit of 41.39 million yuan in 2018, adding 24 instead of electricity.7.3 billion kWh, the profit in ten years returned to a reasonable range.3) Nuclear power sector. As of the end of 2018, the company’s shareholding construction and reserve of nuclear power projects in Fujian amounted to approximately 16 million kilowatts, and the installed capacity of equity was 3.8 million kilowatts. Investment suggestion: Maintain the rating of “Prudent Overweight”.The company is a leader in coal power and wind power in Fujian Province. It actively promotes the growth of coal power through endogenous epitaxy. At the same time, it vigorously develops wind power sectors with high profit levels and reserves a large number of approved projects.We maintain the company’s net profit forecast for the mother at 2019-2021 to 12.22/13.91/14.76 trillion, a growth rate of 16.3% / 13.8% / 6.1%, corresponding to an estimate of 11 on April 26.5/10.1/9.5 times, maintain the rating of “prudent increase”. Risk warning: coal prices rise, wind power projects are not up to expectations, gas power policy adjustments, small non-embargo lifting and other risks.

Magical method to teach you to use expired cosmetics


Magical method to teach you to use expired cosmetics

What should I do if my cosmetics expire?

What should I do if I accidentally buy an inappropriate powder?

Read the following article to teach you a good way to change expired cosmetics from rotten to magical, all your worries are gone!


hzh {display: none; }  01.All expired cosmetics can be applied to the feet, which is a feast for the cold feet.


Lotion: Tonic alcoholic can wipe the dressing table, greasy table, tile, range hood, and then use a clean rag afterwards; moisturizing you can use the leather shoes and leather sofas; Lotion wipes the mirror, very clean!!


Facial cleanser: You can use a toothbrush to dipped the collar of the collar, you can also wash tourist shoes; summer is here, expired facial cleanser can also be applied to the area to be shaved for shaving cream.


Lotion: Use small pieces of makeup cotton to soak the lotion and wrap the nails. Remove them after 15 minutes to brighten the nails and help them grow. Can be used to wipe the neck and body.Prevent split ends, and the next day you will find that the hair becomes super soft and feels particularly good!

Can be used on the mask paper or cotton pads as a mask.


Cream: It can take care of leather goods, and it can be used as a conditioner at the end of hair.


Foundation, loose powder: Pack them in a delicate cloth bag and put them in the closet or shoes to remove moisture; the carpet is sprinkled with water, oil, juice, or something. You can use this loose powder to wrap it up and handle it.


Perfume: The general consumption method is spraying on the toilet, room, car “room”, or washed clothes; there is spraying on the cotton pad, you can wipe the traces left by the tape; but sisters are strongly recommendedIn the handbag, when he meets the satyr, he sprays on his mung bean eyes; wipe the dirty lamps with expired perfume, that is, it can be cleaned, and at the same time, the heat of the lamps is beneficial to the distribution of the perfume, which can make the home fragrant.


Shower gel: Washing the bathtub with shower gel is very clean!


Shampoo: Can wash woolen sweaters.


What if the mascara dries?

  A: Generally speaking, the best use period of mascara is half a year, but few people use it immediately after half a year; after half a year, when the eyelashes are drawn, it is easy to appear grains or fly legs, and the eyelashes will be damaged.Let’s make our precious eyelashes rarer, so there are simple ways to solve it: 1.

Tighten the mouth of the mascara and soak it in hot water for about 10 minutes. After taking it out, it was found that the mascara was new and smooth.

  * Note that this method is only suitable for those who have not done it for a long time. If it has not been used for several years, this method cannot be used.


Put a few drops of toner (that is, toner, toner, etc.), put the brush head in and gently stir.

  * Note that the oil content of the lotion is enough. Do not put lotion, and be sure to control the amount. Do not put more, try it drop by drop!


What should I do if my foundation or eyeshadow is broken accidentally?

  Answer: Use a small watering can to spray a little water, it is best to use lotion. It feels waste. Ordinary water can also be used. Then use a puff to lightly block it. After molding, dry it.

If possible, it is best to concentrate the crushed powder in a smaller box, and then the above operation will be better!


After using the lip gloss for more than half, I can’t get it on, what should I do?

  Answer: A few drops of water!
Don’t doubt it, it’s water!

But be careful not to overdo it!
The method is, use chopsticks (be sure to ensure that the oil-free is clean) with water, the first drop, tighten the bottle cap, shake it, and see if it is suitable, if it is enough, ok if it is not enough, drop a drop, and so on,Be sure to try it drop by drop, don’t overdo it, otherwise it will become very thin and eventually useless!


What should I do if I accidentally bought a powder of inappropriate color?

  A: We are often tempted by a counter lady to buy liquid foundation or powder under impulse. As a result, when I go home, I find that it is either too white or too dark, which is too different from my skin tone. However, things like cosmeticsI cannot return it, what should I do?

It’s hard to give away, but it’s a pity to throw it there, then we must use our brains and make good use of it!

  The general method is to use white highlights on the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin, and cheekbones.

If the color is too dark, use it as a shadow and apply it to the nose and cheeks.

If you find it troublesome, just use it to paint your neck. Most people’s necks are darker than their faces, so powders you don’t like should be used to paint your neck!