Liu Zimin finished,Hung up,It might be inconvenient for him to talk on the phone。The phone is hung up,But Xia Jian didn’t feel sleepy at all,He didn’t understand why Du Xiaoli did this。

This night。Xia Jian hardly fell asleep,May be the reason why he has something in his heart,Fell asleep for a while,I don’t know why I fell asleep again,I always hear the rustling rain outside the window.。
Just toss about until dawn,Xia Jian actually fell asleep。In sleep,He was sleeping soundly and woke up by a ringing of his cell phone。
Xia Jian opened his eyes and took a look,Found dawn,The pendulum clock on the wall is almost nine o’clock。Xia Jian quickly stood up and got up。Took a look at the phone,See it’s a provincial phone number,But he doesn’t know。
Who could this be?Xia Jian hesitated,Should he answer this call??Maybe it was too long,Hung up。
Since it’s hung up,There is no need for him to pick it up。When Xia Jian was about to put the phone down,I didn’t expect this call to come again,It seems that the other party must let him answer the call。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He quickly connected the phone,Just listen to the voice of a woman inside:“Are you Xia Jian, the mayor of Donglin Township??”
Woman’s voice is deep and strong,Give people an invisible shock。But Xia Jianneng can tell,This woman is not young anymore,Should be over forty years old。
“I’m,Who are you?What’s up with me?”Xia Jian paused for a while,Said softly。
Just listen to the woman who raised her voice sharply:“I’m Gao Ju, the newly appointed municipal party committee secretary of Pingdu,On the way to Pingdu。Half an hour ago,Major landslide accident in Donglin Township,You rushed to the scene to deal with the accident immediately,I’ll talk about other things after I arrive”
Xia Jianyi heard this,The head can’t help but buzz,He was stupid。How could this be?Is this a dream??
“Did you hear clearly?”Gao Ju yelled loudly on the phone。
Xia Jian wakes up like a dream,He suddenly recovered and replied:“I heard Secretary Gao,I will go right away”Xia Jian finished,Lost the phone,The whole person almost rolled off the bed。
So possible?A landslide will occur in Donglin Township?He just got emotional,This happened。If something really happened,Xia Jian can’t escape this responsibility。
Xia Jian moved quickly and got dressed,When he first started shoes,The door was pushed open with a bang。Ma Yan ran in panting,She shouted:“A landslide occurred in Donglin Township,Deputy Mayor Qin asked me to rush to the scene immediately”
“what!Why did the phone call you?My phone doesn’t ring at all”Xia Jian said,Put on your shoes and run to the bathroom。
Ma Yan chased up from behind,She said loudly:“You are so embarrassed to say,The phone is out of service。It’s the money that the deputy mayor Qin just charged me,Should work now。Urgent,She filled you up,Called me immediately”
Oh my god,This mobile phone bill has never been owed,Why is the phone in arrears at the critical moment??Who is going to talk about this matter??
“Do you want us to help?Such as vehicles or people”Ma Yan asked loudly while standing outside the bathroom。
Xia Jian shouted while washing his face:“You immediately notify Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu,Select dozens of villagers with experience in this field,Bring tools and follow me to Donglin Township”

Otherwise, you will not know so clearly.。

Come to the bar,Nie Yang is sulking。
I saw that Li Hui is coming.,Also just nod, greeted。
There is no previous enthusiasm。
Although Li Hui is prepared by him,But his heart is still not happy.。
After all, he is to Jin Xijie.,It is really feeling right for this.,And this is the land of his guardian.。
“Nie Lao Big,What’s wrong?
A face is happy。”
I will not see Nie Yang’s face.,I immediately walked to Li Hui’s side.:“That Gong Hongyu is a traitor,I have already ran now.,And I also put us before running.。”
Although the sound will not be great,But I was heard by Nie Yang.。
Nie Yang heard this will not be deep,Face is more ugly。
“Hahahaha, I am angry.?”
“Who is Gong Hongyu??”
I heard the question of Li Hui Feng,Nie Yang is a little wish:“Ye Fengchun’s old silver coin!”
“He is still far away from us.?”
“Then I feel that he should have started to the Di Hut.,After all, your people have adjusted the bar.,Then the Di Hall is definitely not protective。”
Nie Yang heard this,The face is not so ugly before.。
“fine,I have already arranged there.,If he went to it, he can’t gain it.。”
Li Hui Feng has a little doubtful to Nie Yang.,That’s time before,He never found that Nie Yang has any protection means。
“This is really true.,I have also struggled with them for so many years.,What is the character of each other?,Ye Fengchun has been hitting my idea here.,But I am also playing my idea over there.。”
“So we have half a catty,If he is smart, it should not come.。”
When I said this,Nie Yang is also full of confidence。
At this time,Gong Hongyu has directly rushed to the Di Hall with a group of people.,If you don’t have anything, you have to start smashing.。
As a result, he just prepared to do it.,I found that things are not bad.。
Because a police car appeared soon,Sni。
Instant,He knows.。
Following him, it is also scared to escape.。
Gong Hongyu did not escape,But he is going to see the direction of his brother’s escape.,He choice。
soon,He found that as a younger brother is arrested,The police force outside the outside police is also slowly relaxing。
I immediately threw something directly,Then take the jacket off,Taking advantage of others,Turned into a crowd of not far away。
Gong Hongyu went back,Ye Fengchun directly wants to swear。

Xia Jian laughed and said to Nalanyu。

Nalanyu smiled slightly:“My family troubles you too much,I am embarrassed to speak。But when I saw my mother hurt so much,I just can’t bear it。I told my dad that you are here last nightGZ,But my dad said,Can’t always trouble you,My mother should be fine after a two-day rest”
The two are talking,Walked to Nalanyu’s house。Step into the courtyard,The fragrance of flowers in the courtyard is coming。It can be said to be colorful,Beautiful。
When Nalanyu accompanied Xia Jian in,,Dad Nalande was lying on a wicker chair in the yard enjoying the cool。The old man saw Xia Jian,Stood up excitedly,I didn’t even have shoes to wear。
“Ouch!You are our savior,Everyone has difficulties,You can show up in time。I said that,I won’t trouble you this time,But she invited you over”
Nalandeping said,Reach out,Shake with Xia Jian twice。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You are always polite。I come this timeGZA little business,Everything is done now,Just wait for a result,So in these few days,I still have time”
When Xia Jian was talking to Nalande,,Nalanyu’s mother lying on the bed in the house heard Xia Jian’s voice,She yelled。
Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly walked in with Nalanyu。Old lady lying in bed,Keep calling,Feel the pain。
Xia Jian said nothing,Go to the bathroom and wash your hands quickly,Then came to the bed,He smiled and said:“Aunt!Didn’t it mean that there were no problems with the results?Then why does it hurt so much?”
“You quickly help me see,The hospital’s machine does not report。It hurts to death,The result of the test turned out to be no problem,It’s like I’m pretending to hurt”
The old lady called,Beckon Xia Jian to go over。
Xia Jian let her lie down,Reached out and pressed gently on her leg,He pressed,While asking:“Does it hurt,If it hurts,Speak in time”
Check it by hand,Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“The old lady should be hurt,I’ll give him a few stitches,As far as it doesn’t work,This is really hard to say。But I have to rest,There should be no problem after a few days”

“My dad……Really almost died?”

Cai Yuhe has a lingering heart。
She is just crazy!
“Didn’t you see it yourself?His dying state,So he needs more time to rest……And he is worried that you will also be affected,So let me rush over!”
Fang Yu said calmly。
“Can you save us……That means。You can catch that person too?”
Cai Yuhe grabbed Fang Yu’s hand,Said seriously。
“Miss Cai……Why don’t you let go。In case someone misunderstands,I can’t explain!Theoretically so……But the other party is supernatural。You think you can catch?
Furthermore,before this,You may not be safe now!”
Fang Yu reminded。
“He will come?”
Cai Yuhe looked solemn。
that person,Don’t let them go?

“The results of it?”

Li Lili took out an injection like the one seen in the video,Said helplessly:“Our serum samples are not enough,Blood drawn from the arm of a zombie,Only enough to condense into4Injection,3The branch has been taken by us for research,This is the last one。”
“If you want to dilute the serum,Find the range value that humans can bear,More serum is needed for experiments!”
Chen Xiu finally understands what Li Lili’s purpose is to find herself overnight,Said with a wry smile:“You asked me to provide you with more zombie material?”
There are so many zombies on this planet,At least Chen Xiu knew that there were quite a few four generations under Zhu Huiwei and Zhang Haibao、Five Generations of Zombies。
But if the two of them know that they want to capture their hands and do experiments,They have to skin themselves。
of course,In this world, there are not only the two three-generation zombies,If according to the current knowledge,There were a total of five second-generation zombies transformed by Ge Hong,And the zombie transformed into Zhu Huiwei is one of the second-generation zombies“Zhang Sanfeng”。
From the perspective of the relationship between Zhang Haibao and Zhu Huiwei,Zhang Haibao may also belong to the zombie bloodline of Zhang Sanfeng。
And Guo Jing, the third-generation zombie who injured Zhang Haibao before, is probably the bloodline of another second-generation zombie.。
If this theory holds,There should be no less than a hundred zombies on this planet。
To catch other zombies with blood inheritance,Zhang Haibao and Zhu Huiwei will not have much opinion。
Just a huge crowd,To find a hundred zombies from a population of seven billion,Undoubtedly looking for a needle in a haystack。
Chen Xiu asked for the last zombie serum injection from Li Lili,From the outside, it’s about half the potion,He can’t see the magic。
“I took this serum。”Chen Xiu just put the serum in his pocket。
“No way!”

“Holding grass,This is the brain water?Such an expensive thing。”

“I’m also a little confused about this。”
“what,have pictures,It turned out to be like this,I want it,Ten million。”
Many people were still skeptical,But after seeing the photo,And those things were forgotten by them instantly。
All kinds of battles,Qin Feng also saw that the ginseng was almost 50 million。
But Qin Feng is not happy,Because he knows,This is to trouble him。
It’s the same thing to know how to take away these fifty million,Also, when some people make trouble, it will make your scalp numb.。
But thinking that the money can handle most situations,Qin Feng didn’t think so much。
“What happened this time has nothing to do with me,I just leave,You are responsible for passing it on yourself。”
Qin Feng looked at this force and said,The backpack in his hand is also for the other party,Anyway, as long as he has money,If there is no money,He won’t let go。
“it is good。”That person also quickly took things away,Qin Feng just got a check back。
Qin Feng also has a headache,The money is not so easy to handle。
This is also nothing,Anyway, when the money should be used,I can hold on here。Qin Feng just wanted to see it,But Qin Feng found out that there are many treasures,So he also directly expressed his request。

She is full of curiosity about all unknown things,That’s why I came here,Not hesitate to waste,Make clothes for others,Let’s take a look at the so-called sacrifice summoning heroes.。

Strange,Although Mu Feiyan is not the most diligent one among the Mu clan,But she is the most talented one in the family,Known as the first genius in Hongliu City,Many levels of practice,It’s extremely difficult for others,But with her,But it can easily cross。
In fact, she has a faint feeling,So-called genius,Maybe it’s because of my true temperament,Not focused on improving,On the contrary, the state is more relaxed,Easier to break through。
only,Mu Feiyan also knows,Difficult to change the old habits of God people,If I make such an argument rashly,,Not only won’t be approved,And may be regarded as heresy,So she just wants to wait until her level is higher,After reaching level 40,If it can continue to lead the trend,Overwhelm your own generation,It’s never too late to propose again。
Among the three generations of the four families of Hongliucheng,Mufeiyan maverick,Unconventional,Bei Gong Wang Qian is gentle and heavy,Long sleeve dance,That Ding’s Ding Fu has a fat man with yin and yang,Has always been out of gregariousness,There is also Qin Mingsheng, the eldest son of Qin,I went to Crazy Battle City a few years ago,I heard enlisted in the mad war army,I’m not the same with them。
So Mu Feiyan can barely see it,There is only the Beigongwang brother in front of you。Two years ago, there were elders who thought about rubbing Bei Gongwang and Mu Feiyan,However, it was later revealed that Mu Feiyan beautiful women are more interested than men,This matter can only be left out。
“The goal of our trip,It’s the Hall of Cow Demon。I heard that the bull demon over there has been resurrected。”Nangong glanced at the hero Lu Menglin,Then he said to Mu Feiyan。
Mu Feiyan nodded,I knew I was coming to Cangyue Island before I went.,She guessed that the most likely end point is the Great Hall of Bull Demon。
There are three dark monster dens on Cangyue Island,They are Cow Demon Temple、Bone Demon Cave and Corpse Demon Cave,Among them, the dark monster is the most powerful,The most explosive rate is the Cow Demon Temple。
It’s not easy to get rid of the Bull Demon King,No wonder the two giants of Hongliu City are needed to join forces.。
“We have to deal with the bull devil?Is this decision too hasty??If I knew I had invited a forty-level archmage over。”Mu Feiyan frowned,Said。
Originally, she thought that the level 30 or so manpower she brought was enough,But that is only for the periphery of Niu Modong,The bull generals and bull magicians outside the temple are not weak,And the burst rate is not bad,It is an area frequented by masters of the gods。
Bei Gongwang laughed,Tao:“Bull Demon King is one of the strongest monsters we can kill at this level,If you don’t burst it,How can it embody the role of summoning heroes??Besides, I want to take a look,Sacrifice with the Bull Demon King,Will it increase the success rate。”

Xiaohua in pain is going crazy。

He wanted to get up and fight with the tank angrily,But at the moment he has no strength to resist,Can’t even stand up,So he had to keep the tank’s legs,Not let him kick down,Shouting angrily:“What are you pretending to be!Don’t you just like Xiaoji?What are you pretending to be!Who knows the relationship behind you?Why are you helping Xiaoji?I’m with her and you don’t care!Have you fallen asleep long ago?So you don’t care if she has a boyfriend!is not it?”
No power to fight back,Under the pain of being beaten,angry、The cry of Hysteria yelled out the doubts and speculations that had been accumulated in the heart for a long time……
that moment,Xiao Ji was dumbfounded……
She never dreamed,In Xiaohua’s heart,Turned out to be this kind of person?
If Xiao Ji suffered a crit before,At the moment,Is close to a fatal blow。
Xiao Ji stared at Xiaohua,I wonder if he has always known him、The one I like。
“I am in your heart,Such a woman?”
“How do i know if you are?How do i know if you are?Didn’t you take the initiative to kiss me that day?Who did you learn so proactively??Is a tank a good person??He is a bastard!Why does he help you with such a bastard??Why don’t you even care if you have a boyfriend?It’s because he sleeps, you don’t need to care, right?!”Xiaohua has no choice but to speak,Painful stimulation drives him crazy,He has no strength to fight back,At this moment, subconsciously use all the words to counterattack,To attack,To hurt!
“Son of a bitch!”The tank grabbed Xiaohua’s hair,Punched past。
Chen Wenjin in the dark came out quickly,Holding the tank by the wrist,Stop him from continuing to punch and say:“Don’t punch the head!”
Chen Wenjin knows tank training,I haven’t used punches just now, but I still have a sense of measure,I’m a bit irrational now,Hit Xiaohua on the head so lightly,Very likely to happen。
The tank is a little awake,Push Xiaohua to the ground,Another fierce kick。
In the dark,Qiangwei said worriedly again:“Almost done,Have been playing for so long,Don’t fight,Something to happen……”
Chen Wenjin is convinced,Qiangwei is a full set of acting,Obviously one more:It’s over,Xiaohua didn’t realize the result of being cheated。
A liar,Can take care of the aftermath,It abruptly turns the scam into one that convinces the victim‘Good story’,This level,Really high enough!
Xiaohua who was deceived by her might not realize the truth forever,Maybe even when I think about Qiangwei in the future,Still moved,I miss the short and beautiful contact that I once had……
Chen Wenjin thinks it’s almost done,Just say:“tank,about there。Xiaoji just needs to recognize this guy’s true face,It doesn’t make sense to kill him。”
The key to this is Xiao Ji,And deliberately clicked the word kill。
Xiaoji recognized Xiaohua’s true face,For tanks it means、He has hope。

Yang Li’s analysis,Let everyone suddenly shine:Yes indeed,Why didn’t I expect?

In terms of influence,Of course, the White House Christmas dinner can’t match the annual Super Bowl finals.、Shopping carnival“Black friday”On par,But also one of the hot news in recent days,include《New York Times》、《Washington post》Many newspapers, including the top media in the United States, gave a large report on Reagan’s first New Year’s dinner after his stay at the White House.。
Chen Geng,As the first yellow person to appear at the White House New Year’s Dinner、Chinese,Plus his identity as the youngest billionaire in America,Naturally attracted the attention of countless media chasing。
If it’s just like this,According to the statements of many American media,Reagan Commander and Fernandez·Chen Yi sees it like before、See you late,During the new year dinner,The two did it twice、Total time40Multi-minute communication,This is unique during the entire New Year’s dinner。
These media are not just making up,Many newspapers have taken as evidence the photos of Chen Geng and Reagan leader Hand Yanhuan,in the photo,Chen Geng and Reagan Commander are facing the camera,Smile happily。
If this can’t prove anything,So at the press conference held at the White House the next day,When a reporter asked about it,,The White House spokesperson frankly admitted that Mr. President and Fernandez·Chen Yi sees it like before、The two split twice during the dinner、Talked in total42Minute message,Enough to make the whole embassy look at it、And immediately revised Chen Geng’s importance level again。
Think now,Maybe this is exactly what the military officer Yang said,First, let the embassy know about Chen Geng and the White House、The relationship with the president is very good,Then there followed Chen Geng’s embassy trip,The whole thing is actually a signal sent by the White House and the U.S. government to the embassy and China.:Chen Geng is very important in the development of China-US relations,He came to the embassy this time,Actually has a special mission。
“Makes sense!”
Lian Changheng also shines,He grabbed the rope and refused to let go:“Lao Yang,You analyze and analyze,Mr. Chen Geng is here this time,What are you going to say?”
“I don’t know that,”Yang Li gave a wry smile:“anyway,If Chen Geng’s intention is so easy, we can guess it,The U.S. government doesn’t have such a big fanfare.?”
No one speaks,Everyone exchanged eyes:seem,It’s the same reason。
“Mr. Chen,welcome!”
See Chen Geng,Lian Changheng, who was specially waiting at the gate, strode forward,Shaking Chen Geng’s hand vigorously,A bright face is like a flower,A mess of enthusiasm:“Let me tell you,You came just in time,The old master Wang from the cafeteria returned home to visit relatives a few days ago,I went to learn a few tricks from a few state banquet masters,A coincidence,Just caught up,I see,Lao Wang’s craft is specially prepared for you。”
Ding Haijun nodded frequently,Two sentences with no,Perfectly acted as a supporter。

Su Ran nodded,Yiming and Shen Lin also had a lot of feelings after seeing this scene,Because they are really good friends,So I don’t want the other party to be overworked because of themselves。

But at the same time I also hope that the other party can live well,Able to solve the immediate difficulties,Then return to a normal life,Four people can continue to work effectively。
Xiao Fan looked at these four people and was very moved,I also feel relieved,Because he cultivated these four people and really hoped that the four of them could support each other。
If one day he really needs to go out to deal with some other things,In that case, he would be relieved to give all the things on hand to the four of them.。
Now it seems that he can really rest assured,Because the four of them have no grudges,And there is no other strange mind,Are all for each other sincerely。
So Xiao Fan doesn’t have to worry about anything,Xiao Fan felt very uncomfortable watching Su Ran cry,Because after all, no one can face such things calmly。
And Su Ran has grown a lot after experiencing such a thing,Force myself to calmly deal with Fan’s illness,Deal with things in the villa。
Xiao Fan looked a little distressed。Xiao Fan told Chu Yao and Su Ran:“You two should do your own thing according to each other’s wholeheartedness。
Since Chu Yao didn’t feel tired,And I feel that doing these things can give me peace of mind,Then Su Ran,You just bear it silently,After all, this kind of thing will sooner or later you will share the joys and sorrows together。
Now you have trouble asking them to help you,Until one day Chu Yao and the others encountered difficulties,You will help them without hesitation,So don’t care too much。
The four of you are a neat team,Forward and backward,So now you are in difficulty, they both help you,It’s also their own part,Don’t feel guilty,Don’t feel like you don’t know how to repay。”
Su Ran heard what Xiao Fan said and felt that it made sense again,Then I can only think about treating Yiming and Chu Yao well in the future。
Several people chatted a few more words,Most of it revolves around Fan’s condition,These days Xiao Fan is almost always staying in the villa,Because he has to observe Fan’s condition repeatedly,Then know exactly where the problem is。
I hope I can wake up Fan Lao soon,Only then can we know all the truth。But Xiao Fan also knows that this kind of thing can’t come,The more anxious, the more mistakes you may make。
So he hopes to dig out the truth a little bit,Fortunately, Mr. Fan has no life worry now,Nothing else,Just unconscious。
So Xiao Fan is also testing what kind of poison it is,He often stays in his small research room recently,Want to research these things。