“My dad……Really almost died?”

Cai Yuhe has a lingering heart。
She is just crazy!
“Didn’t you see it yourself?His dying state,So he needs more time to rest……And he is worried that you will also be affected,So let me rush over!”
Fang Yu said calmly。
“Can you save us……That means。You can catch that person too?”
Cai Yuhe grabbed Fang Yu’s hand,Said seriously。
“Miss Cai……Why don’t you let go。In case someone misunderstands,I can’t explain!Theoretically so……But the other party is supernatural。You think you can catch?
Furthermore,before this,You may not be safe now!”
Fang Yu reminded。
“He will come?”
Cai Yuhe looked solemn。
that person,Don’t let them go?

“The results of it?”

Li Lili took out an injection like the one seen in the video,Said helplessly:“Our serum samples are not enough,Blood drawn from the arm of a zombie,Only enough to condense into4Injection,3The branch has been taken by us for research,This is the last one。”
“If you want to dilute the serum,Find the range value that humans can bear,More serum is needed for experiments!”
Chen Xiu finally understands what Li Lili’s purpose is to find herself overnight,Said with a wry smile:“You asked me to provide you with more zombie material?”
There are so many zombies on this planet,At least Chen Xiu knew that there were quite a few four generations under Zhu Huiwei and Zhang Haibao、Five Generations of Zombies。
But if the two of them know that they want to capture their hands and do experiments,They have to skin themselves。
of course,In this world, there are not only the two three-generation zombies,If according to the current knowledge,There were a total of five second-generation zombies transformed by Ge Hong,And the zombie transformed into Zhu Huiwei is one of the second-generation zombies“Zhang Sanfeng”。
From the perspective of the relationship between Zhang Haibao and Zhu Huiwei,Zhang Haibao may also belong to the zombie bloodline of Zhang Sanfeng。
And Guo Jing, the third-generation zombie who injured Zhang Haibao before, is probably the bloodline of another second-generation zombie.。
If this theory holds,There should be no less than a hundred zombies on this planet。
To catch other zombies with blood inheritance,Zhang Haibao and Zhu Huiwei will not have much opinion。
Just a huge crowd,To find a hundred zombies from a population of seven billion,Undoubtedly looking for a needle in a haystack。
Chen Xiu asked for the last zombie serum injection from Li Lili,From the outside, it’s about half the potion,He can’t see the magic。
“I took this serum。”Chen Xiu just put the serum in his pocket。
“No way!”

“Holding grass,This is the brain water?Such an expensive thing。”

“I’m also a little confused about this。”
“what,have pictures,It turned out to be like this,I want it,Ten million。”
Many people were still skeptical,But after seeing the photo,And those things were forgotten by them instantly。
All kinds of battles,Qin Feng also saw that the ginseng was almost 50 million。
But Qin Feng is not happy,Because he knows,This is to trouble him。
It’s the same thing to know how to take away these fifty million,Also, when some people make trouble, it will make your scalp numb.。
But thinking that the money can handle most situations,Qin Feng didn’t think so much。
“What happened this time has nothing to do with me,I just leave,You are responsible for passing it on yourself。”
Qin Feng looked at this force and said,The backpack in his hand is also for the other party,Anyway, as long as he has money,If there is no money,He won’t let go。
“it is good。”That person also quickly took things away,Qin Feng just got a check back。
Qin Feng also has a headache,The money is not so easy to handle。
This is also nothing,Anyway, when the money should be used,I can hold on here。Qin Feng just wanted to see it,But Qin Feng found out that there are many treasures,So he also directly expressed his request。

She is full of curiosity about all unknown things,That’s why I came here,Not hesitate to waste,Make clothes for others,Let’s take a look at the so-called sacrifice summoning heroes.。

Strange,Although Mu Feiyan is not the most diligent one among the Mu clan,But she is the most talented one in the family,Known as the first genius in Hongliu City,Many levels of practice,It’s extremely difficult for others,But with her,But it can easily cross。
In fact, she has a faint feeling,So-called genius,Maybe it’s because of my true temperament,Not focused on improving,On the contrary, the state is more relaxed,Easier to break through。
only,Mu Feiyan also knows,Difficult to change the old habits of God people,If I make such an argument rashly,,Not only won’t be approved,And may be regarded as heresy,So she just wants to wait until her level is higher,After reaching level 40,If it can continue to lead the trend,Overwhelm your own generation,It’s never too late to propose again。
Among the three generations of the four families of Hongliucheng,Mufeiyan maverick,Unconventional,Bei Gong Wang Qian is gentle and heavy,Long sleeve dance,That Ding’s Ding Fu has a fat man with yin and yang,Has always been out of gregariousness,There is also Qin Mingsheng, the eldest son of Qin,I went to Crazy Battle City a few years ago,I heard enlisted in the mad war army,I’m not the same with them。
So Mu Feiyan can barely see it,There is only the Beigongwang brother in front of you。Two years ago, there were elders who thought about rubbing Bei Gongwang and Mu Feiyan,However, it was later revealed that Mu Feiyan beautiful women are more interested than men,This matter can only be left out。
“The goal of our trip,It’s the Hall of Cow Demon。I heard that the bull demon over there has been resurrected。”Nangong glanced at the hero Lu Menglin,Then he said to Mu Feiyan。
Mu Feiyan nodded,I knew I was coming to Cangyue Island before I went.,She guessed that the most likely end point is the Great Hall of Bull Demon。
There are three dark monster dens on Cangyue Island,They are Cow Demon Temple、Bone Demon Cave and Corpse Demon Cave,Among them, the dark monster is the most powerful,The most explosive rate is the Cow Demon Temple。
It’s not easy to get rid of the Bull Demon King,No wonder the two giants of Hongliu City are needed to join forces.。
“We have to deal with the bull devil?Is this decision too hasty??If I knew I had invited a forty-level archmage over。”Mu Feiyan frowned,Said。
Originally, she thought that the level 30 or so manpower she brought was enough,But that is only for the periphery of Niu Modong,The bull generals and bull magicians outside the temple are not weak,And the burst rate is not bad,It is an area frequented by masters of the gods。
Bei Gongwang laughed,Tao:“Bull Demon King is one of the strongest monsters we can kill at this level,If you don’t burst it,How can it embody the role of summoning heroes??Besides, I want to take a look,Sacrifice with the Bull Demon King,Will it increase the success rate。”

Xiaohua in pain is going crazy。

He wanted to get up and fight with the tank angrily,But at the moment he has no strength to resist,Can’t even stand up,So he had to keep the tank’s legs,Not let him kick down,Shouting angrily:“What are you pretending to be!Don’t you just like Xiaoji?What are you pretending to be!Who knows the relationship behind you?Why are you helping Xiaoji?I’m with her and you don’t care!Have you fallen asleep long ago?So you don’t care if she has a boyfriend!is not it?”
No power to fight back,Under the pain of being beaten,angry、The cry of Hysteria yelled out the doubts and speculations that had been accumulated in the heart for a long time……
that moment,Xiao Ji was dumbfounded……
She never dreamed,In Xiaohua’s heart,Turned out to be this kind of person?
If Xiao Ji suffered a crit before,At the moment,Is close to a fatal blow。
Xiao Ji stared at Xiaohua,I wonder if he has always known him、The one I like。
“I am in your heart,Such a woman?”
“How do i know if you are?How do i know if you are?Didn’t you take the initiative to kiss me that day?Who did you learn so proactively??Is a tank a good person??He is a bastard!Why does he help you with such a bastard??Why don’t you even care if you have a boyfriend?It’s because he sleeps, you don’t need to care, right?!”Xiaohua has no choice but to speak,Painful stimulation drives him crazy,He has no strength to fight back,At this moment, subconsciously use all the words to counterattack,To attack,To hurt!
“Son of a bitch!”The tank grabbed Xiaohua’s hair,Punched past。
Chen Wenjin in the dark came out quickly,Holding the tank by the wrist,Stop him from continuing to punch and say:“Don’t punch the head!”
Chen Wenjin knows tank training,I haven’t used punches just now, but I still have a sense of measure,I’m a bit irrational now,Hit Xiaohua on the head so lightly,Very likely to happen。
The tank is a little awake,Push Xiaohua to the ground,Another fierce kick。
In the dark,Qiangwei said worriedly again:“Almost done,Have been playing for so long,Don’t fight,Something to happen……”
Chen Wenjin is convinced,Qiangwei is a full set of acting,Obviously one more:It’s over,Xiaohua didn’t realize the result of being cheated。
A liar,Can take care of the aftermath,It abruptly turns the scam into one that convinces the victim‘Good story’,This level,Really high enough!
Xiaohua who was deceived by her might not realize the truth forever,Maybe even when I think about Qiangwei in the future,Still moved,I miss the short and beautiful contact that I once had……
Chen Wenjin thinks it’s almost done,Just say:“tank,about there。Xiaoji just needs to recognize this guy’s true face,It doesn’t make sense to kill him。”
The key to this is Xiao Ji,And deliberately clicked the word kill。
Xiaoji recognized Xiaohua’s true face,For tanks it means、He has hope。

Yang Li’s analysis,Let everyone suddenly shine:Yes indeed,Why didn’t I expect?

In terms of influence,Of course, the White House Christmas dinner can’t match the annual Super Bowl finals.、Shopping carnival“Black friday”On par,But also one of the hot news in recent days,include《New York Times》、《Washington post》Many newspapers, including the top media in the United States, gave a large report on Reagan’s first New Year’s dinner after his stay at the White House.。
Chen Geng,As the first yellow person to appear at the White House New Year’s Dinner、Chinese,Plus his identity as the youngest billionaire in America,Naturally attracted the attention of countless media chasing。
If it’s just like this,According to the statements of many American media,Reagan Commander and Fernandez·Chen Yi sees it like before、See you late,During the new year dinner,The two did it twice、Total time40Multi-minute communication,This is unique during the entire New Year’s dinner。
These media are not just making up,Many newspapers have taken as evidence the photos of Chen Geng and Reagan leader Hand Yanhuan,in the photo,Chen Geng and Reagan Commander are facing the camera,Smile happily。
If this can’t prove anything,So at the press conference held at the White House the next day,When a reporter asked about it,,The White House spokesperson frankly admitted that Mr. President and Fernandez·Chen Yi sees it like before、The two split twice during the dinner、Talked in total42Minute message,Enough to make the whole embassy look at it、And immediately revised Chen Geng’s importance level again。
Think now,Maybe this is exactly what the military officer Yang said,First, let the embassy know about Chen Geng and the White House、The relationship with the president is very good,Then there followed Chen Geng’s embassy trip,The whole thing is actually a signal sent by the White House and the U.S. government to the embassy and China.:Chen Geng is very important in the development of China-US relations,He came to the embassy this time,Actually has a special mission。
“Makes sense!”
Lian Changheng also shines,He grabbed the rope and refused to let go:“Lao Yang,You analyze and analyze,Mr. Chen Geng is here this time,What are you going to say?”
“I don’t know that,”Yang Li gave a wry smile:“anyway,If Chen Geng’s intention is so easy, we can guess it,The U.S. government doesn’t have such a big fanfare.?”
No one speaks,Everyone exchanged eyes:seem,It’s the same reason。
“Mr. Chen,welcome!”
See Chen Geng,Lian Changheng, who was specially waiting at the gate, strode forward,Shaking Chen Geng’s hand vigorously,A bright face is like a flower,A mess of enthusiasm:“Let me tell you,You came just in time,The old master Wang from the cafeteria returned home to visit relatives a few days ago,I went to learn a few tricks from a few state banquet masters,A coincidence,Just caught up,I see,Lao Wang’s craft is specially prepared for you。”
Ding Haijun nodded frequently,Two sentences with no,Perfectly acted as a supporter。

Su Ran nodded,Yiming and Shen Lin also had a lot of feelings after seeing this scene,Because they are really good friends,So I don’t want the other party to be overworked because of themselves。

But at the same time I also hope that the other party can live well,Able to solve the immediate difficulties,Then return to a normal life,Four people can continue to work effectively。
Xiao Fan looked at these four people and was very moved,I also feel relieved,Because he cultivated these four people and really hoped that the four of them could support each other。
If one day he really needs to go out to deal with some other things,In that case, he would be relieved to give all the things on hand to the four of them.。
Now it seems that he can really rest assured,Because the four of them have no grudges,And there is no other strange mind,Are all for each other sincerely。
So Xiao Fan doesn’t have to worry about anything,Xiao Fan felt very uncomfortable watching Su Ran cry,Because after all, no one can face such things calmly。
And Su Ran has grown a lot after experiencing such a thing,Force myself to calmly deal with Fan’s illness,Deal with things in the villa。
Xiao Fan looked a little distressed。Xiao Fan told Chu Yao and Su Ran:“You two should do your own thing according to each other’s wholeheartedness。
Since Chu Yao didn’t feel tired,And I feel that doing these things can give me peace of mind,Then Su Ran,You just bear it silently,After all, this kind of thing will sooner or later you will share the joys and sorrows together。
Now you have trouble asking them to help you,Until one day Chu Yao and the others encountered difficulties,You will help them without hesitation,So don’t care too much。
The four of you are a neat team,Forward and backward,So now you are in difficulty, they both help you,It’s also their own part,Don’t feel guilty,Don’t feel like you don’t know how to repay。”
Su Ran heard what Xiao Fan said and felt that it made sense again,Then I can only think about treating Yiming and Chu Yao well in the future。
Several people chatted a few more words,Most of it revolves around Fan’s condition,These days Xiao Fan is almost always staying in the villa,Because he has to observe Fan’s condition repeatedly,Then know exactly where the problem is。
I hope I can wake up Fan Lao soon,Only then can we know all the truth。But Xiao Fan also knows that this kind of thing can’t come,The more anxious, the more mistakes you may make。
So he hopes to dig out the truth a little bit,Fortunately, Mr. Fan has no life worry now,Nothing else,Just unconscious。
So Xiao Fan is also testing what kind of poison it is,He often stays in his small research room recently,Want to research these things。

Which of the CSI 300+ CSI 500 funds has the best performance?

Which of the CSI 300+ CSI 500 funds has the best performance?

CSI 300 + CSI 500, which fund performed best?

  Which of the funds currently tracking the CSI 300 and the CSI 500 Index in the current market of the United Negotiation Base performs best?

This is a question raised by a small partner, and I think it is also a topic that many investors care about. Let me try to talk about it (the product involved in the article, required for conversion analysis, non-investment recommendation), what is wrong, 佛山桑拿网 welcome criticismCorrect me.

  This question raised by this scientist, I guess he wants to obtain the largest excess return, so we directly check the performance of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index funds at different time periods: the above picture is all the tracking Shanghai and Shenzhen in the market this yearThe 300 index results ranked in the top 10 funds, including Furong CSI 300 Index enhanced A and C, GF Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index enhanced A and C, TEDA Manulife CSI 300 Index enhanced C ranked higher, with growth rates exceeding 38%., And this year the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose by 29.

4%, as a result, the average value of the enhanced funds in the above figure exceeded the underlying index, and achieved a certain excess return.

  So can all enhanced funds be considered good?

Can you get extra income?

Let ‘s look at the chart below: The above chart shows all the funds that tracked the performance of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index in the last 10 this year. We will find that the bottom 10 are also enhanced funds, which also shows that the so-called enhanced funds sometimes do notIf it is not enhanced, it may be attenuated. At the same time, not every stage is enhanced. Therefore, my choice is to choose an index that has long-term performance and outperformed the target.With this thinking in mind, let’s look at the performance of funds in other periods: The picture above shows the top 10 performance of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index funds in the past two years. Among them, the western gains of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index have strengthened, the Xingquan CSI 300 index A, rich countriesCSI 300 Index strengthened, Puyin AXA CSI 300 Index strengthened, Anxin Quantitative Select CSI 300 Index enhanced the top five of the A rankings, all increased by more than 10%, outperforming the CSI 300 Index (a rise of -0 in the last 2 years).


  The picture above shows the top 10 performance of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Funds in the past three years. Its Xingquan Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index A, the rich country Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index strengthened, Puyin Ansheng Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index strengthened, SDIC Yinrui Shanghai and ShenzhenThe 300 index classification, the Invesco Great Wall Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index strengthened the top five, with an increase of more than 37%, outperforming the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index (in the past three years, the increase was 17).


  From the comparison of the three time periods in the figure above, we will find that no bottle fund appears in the above three pictures at the same time, which also illustrates a problem. An enhanced fund wants to maintain a leading performance in each time period.difficult.

  In the last two graphs, we will find that 3 funds appear in the top 5 of the performance at the same time, namely Xingquan CSI 300 Index A, rich country CSI 300 index enhanced, Puyin Ansheng CSI 300 Index enhanced, so we todayCompare these three funds. At the same time, I invested in the Invesco Great Wall Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Enhanced Fund. I can also compare and analyze, see the figure below: The above chart is the comparison of the returns of the four Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index enhanced funds at various stages.Figure, where the best performance at a certain stage is marked with a red box.

It can be grinded from the figure: 1. Among the comparable 9 stages, the best performing fund is either Xingquan CSI 300 (the best in 4 stages), or Puyin Ansheng CSI 300 (5 stages)The best); 2. The short- and medium-term performance of Puyin Ansheng CSI 300 Index Enhanced Fund performed better, and the long-term performance of Xingquan CSI 300 Index A performed better; 3, the performance of rich countries CSI 300 was also good,It is relatively close to the performance of Xingquan CSI 300 Fund, and there is not much difference; 4. The performance of Invesco Great Wall CSI 300 is slightly inferior to the other three, but its performance in each stage still outperforms the CSI 300 Index.Points need explanation.

  From the above comparative analysis, we have a general understanding of the current performance of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index funds tracking the entire market. Among them, the Xingquan CSI 300 Index A which has performed well and stable in each stage of performance, and the rich country CSI 300 index has strengthenedThe Shanghai Puyin Ansheng Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index has strengthened. Personally, I believe that small partners for additional investment in enhanced index funds can include one of the three funds to invest.

  Finally, it should be noted that the performance of enhanced index funds has been susceptible to the management ability of fund managers. There is also an influencing factor, which is the asset size of the fund. From the past experience, a large number of enhanced fundsWhen the size of assets increases significantly, the enhancement effect tends to weaken. Therefore, when choosing a small partner, you can take this factor into account.

  Unconsciously it’s late at night, so tonight’s analysis of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Funds, we will continue to analyze the analysis of another index in the text (CSI 500) tomorrow, good night everyone!

  Of the funds in the market currently tracking the CSI 300 and CSI 500, which one is the best?

This is the topic of analysis yesterday, but yesterday, because of the time relationship, only the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index funds were analyzed. Today, the performance of another index (CSI 500) fund is analyzed today. Please see: Currently tracking the CSI 500 index in the market.There are two main types of funds: one is purely passive, and the main pursuit is to minimize tracking errors and deviations. The closer to the target index, the better. ETF linked funds are more alternatives; the other is enhanced funds.What it is pursuing is that on the basis of tracking the underlying index, it is expected to obtain higher excess returns.

  The starting point of this question is that I think it should be an achievement. Therefore, this article is based on a comparative analysis of the historical performance of all CSI 500 index funds in the current market. Let’s first look at the performance of the CSI 500 index fund in the market over the next yearWhat it is: The picture above shows all the funds that tracked the performance of the CSI 500 Index in the market since the beginning of this year. The performance of these funds has outperformed the underlying index (CSI 500 increased by 19 this year.

17%). Among them, the Shenwan Lingxin CSI 500 Index has the largest increase of A, reaching 39.

87%, far outperforming the CSI 500 Index (outperformed by 20 points). The latter ones also performed well. For example, Shenwan Lingxin CSI 500 Index strengthened A, Boshi CSI 500 Index strengthened A and C, SDIC China Securities.The 500 index quantifies and enhances the A and TEDA Manulife 500 index ratings, outperforming the target index by about 10 points, and even waiting for more.

  Has performed well this year, so can this prove that this fund is good?

At least I don’t think I can make a conclusion on this. From the first-level investment experience, we will find that some funds may perform well in the existing stage, but perform very poorly in the other stage. Therefore, I am used to choosing an index with long-term performance that can outperform the target.And in most stages, the performance of appropriately enhanced funds is strong. With this in mind, let’s look at the performance of funds in other periods: the picture above shows the top 10 performance of the CSI 500 index fund in the past 2 years, of which Shen WanlingThe CS 500 Index is preferably enhanced by A, the Cathay Pacific CSI 500 Index is enhanced by A, the Celestica CSI 500 Index is enhanced by A and C, the Cathay CSI 500 Index is enhanced by C and the Shenwan Lingxin CSI 500 Index is enhanced by the top five.Win CSI 500 Index (The increase rate in the past two years is -24.


  The picture above shows the top 10 performance of the CSI 500 index fund in the past three years. Among them, Chuangjinhexin CSI 500 Index A and C, TEDA Manulife 500 Index Rating, Tianhong CSI 500 Index Enhanced A and C, CICC CSIThe 500A and the rich country CSI 500 index ranked in the top five, and their performance also clearly outperformed the CSI 500 index (the index has increased by -23 in the past three years).


  The above lists the funds with the highest performance of the CSI 500 Index Fund in the past two years and the past three years. We will find that the funds that appear in these three charts at the same time are: Shen Wanling CSI 500Index Enhancement A, TEDA Manulife 500 Index Classification and CICC CSI 500 Index A, etc. 3 funds.

  If you have a careful observation of the partners, you may find that this year and the past two years, the top performance of the Shenwan Lingxin CSI 500 Index has preferably enhanced A but does not appear in the third chart (in the past 3 years), because the fund was establishedThe time is January 2017, so the time is less than 3 years. In the undivided statistics, the Bosch CSI 500 Index Enhancement A has also occurred. Therefore, these two funds are compared with the above three funds for a comparative analysis.: The figure above is a comparison chart of the returns of the five CSI 500 index funds at various stages. The best performance of a certain stage is marked with a red box.

It can be grinded from the drawing: 1. In the first 7 stages, the Shenwan Diamond CSI 500 Index has preferably enhanced A (000986). There are 5 stages with the highest rate of return. From the historical performance point of view, I personally think that the fund performs well; 2, Shenwan Lingxin CSI 500 Index Enhancement A (002510) has the best performance in recent March, and the performance of other stages is not much different from 000986, and the performance is also good; 3, TEDA Manulife 500 Index Rating, CICC CSIThe 500 index A and Boshi CSI 500 index enhanced A three enhanced funds have different performances at each stage, with no obvious difference; 4, these 5 funds are selected from short, medium and long-term performance, both performanceYes, the performance of each stage is superior to the CSI 500 Index.

  After looking at the analysis above, you will find that some of the old CSI 500 index enhanced funds have not been on the list, such as CCB CSI 500, Wells Fargo CSI 500, etc. These funds have performed well in the past, and nearly 1,The two-year performance has been too inferior. The reason for this has been explained in yesterday’s post. Now I will say again that the performance of enhanced index funds has been easily affected by the management ability of fund managers.From the past experience, the asset size of this type of fund has shown that too many enhanced funds have a declining trend when their asset size increases and increases. Therefore, when choosing a small partner, you can consider this factorIncluded.
  The picture above is the asset size chart of the above 5 funds. We will find that the size of these funds is not large, and its enhancement effect is relatively easy to show, but it is not to say that the smaller the size, the better, because the size is too small, which may trigger liquidation.Risks, such as asset size less than 5,000,000 (Class A + C), etc. I think that you can consider choosing an index fund with a scale of billions, but it is best not to exceed 20 billion.

  Based on the above analysis, I personally think that from the perspective of historical performance, the three funds of Shenwan Lingxin CSI 500 Index Enhanced A (000986), Shenwan Lingxin CSI 500 Index Enhanced A (002510) and Boshi CSI 500 Index Enhanced A are good.Yes, any one can make a fixed vote.

  Finally, the above analysis is from the perspective of historical performance. As for the previous performance?

Is the booster still up, or can the booster run ahead?

We cannot predict, and this needs to be understood.

Relative to some small partners, he said that he is a short-term dual operation, so you need to consider the issue of the rate. The general principle is: choose A for long-term holdings, and choose C for short-term operations. This critical time varies with different funds.It is about 10 months, and it needs to be recalculated.

  Well, today ‘s analysis of the CSI 500 Index Fund ends, so the question in the article head- “What is the best performing fund among all the funds 夜来香体验网 tracking the CSI 300 and CSI 500 Index in the current market?”” After analyzing these two days, I think you should have your own answers.

  These two articles analyze the average historical data of the post data. The product replacement analysis involved in the article is required. It is not an investment recommendation!

[Can you drink dandelion water for menstruation]_Menstrual period_Can you drink it?

[Can you drink dandelion water for menstruation]_Menstrual period_Can you drink it?

We all know the role of dandelion, mainly to remove heat and heat, so many people get angry because of the weather in summer. At this time, often drinking some dandelion water can effectively remove the lung fire in the body, but there areSome women also like to drink some dandelion water during menstruation. In fact, women cannot eat cool foods during menstruation. So can they drink dandelion water during menstruation?

For dandelion, it can be used as a medicine or as a food. For example, it can be used as a dish or drink tea. Different methods of use have different effects, and dandelion has a good effect on certain diseases., And the application of dandelion is more and more widely, some people also like to use dandelion to make tea and drink, it also has many benefits to our body, but when you drink tea, it depends on your body’s fitness,So can I drink dandelion tea during menstruation?

Is it possible to drink dandelion tea during menstruation? You can drink dandelion tea during menstruation. Dandelion can clear heat and detoxify. It has certain effects on the lactation of female friends, so it is also very suitable for postpartum women.In addition, it also has a certain therapeutic effect on mastitis diseases. If dandelion is often taken in an appropriate amount, it will also have a good therapeutic effect on the liver, and it will have a therapeutic effect on indigestion and constipation.Some skin diseases have a good healing effect.

However, there are many ways to use dandelion. Not only can it be used in dishes, but it can also be replaced by making tea. At the same time, it has high medical value. Therefore, dandelion is loved by the masses. Generally, more dandelions are used.People like to stir-fry dandelion or cook it for consumption. Different methods of use have different effects, so when you use it, you can choose some methods that are beneficial to you according to your own situation, so that you can make your own body.Healthier and better treatment for disease.

Can I drink dandelion tea during menstruation?

Dandelion has been recognized by everyone. It is meaningful for dandelion tea to our body, and it can prevent and treat certain diseases. Therefore, it is possible to drink dandelion tea during menstruation. For menstruation, it isIt has no effect, but you should not drink too much when you drink it, otherwise it will have an adverse effect, just drink a moderate amount.

[Can coffee be drunk?]_ Danger_Bad

[Can coffee be drunk?]_ Danger_Bad

Coffee is a common fashion drink in everyday life.

Coffee is mellow and refreshing.

So it is very popular among student parties and office workers.

But many times we buy our own bagged coffee and go back to ourselves.

When we store it improperly, the coffee will easily become damp and caked. If the coffee is still at the quality level, you can continue to drink it. However, if the coffee is moldy, the coffee will deteriorate.We are healthy.

Can coffee be drunk after all?

First, whether the damp coffee can be drunk: if the damp coffee is still in the shelf life, but if the coffee is not only agglomerated, but also has long hair, then it belongs to spoiled coffee, so don’t drink it.

Second, the danger of coffee moisture: If the coffee beans are wet, when the coffee powder is ground into coffee, the viscosity of the coffee powder will increase, and it will be inserted into the coffee grinder, which will adversely affect the coffee machine.

Coffee beans are damp, easy to deteriorate and mold, and the shelf life will be shortened. Not only does the coffee taste bad, it is bad for your health.

Third, the coffee is damp and agglomerated and restored: After the coffee is damped and agglomerated, as long as the coffee is stored in the refrigerator at the shelf life level, it will not agglomerate; you can also cut the apples into small pieces and put them in the coffee.After a few days, the lumps will disappear.

Fourth, how to save coffee to avoid moisture 1.

After opening the package of bagged coffee, be sure to clamp the opening to prevent the coffee from contacting the air.

2, the coffee bag is sealed, put the bag in a jar and sealed for storage.

3. Coffee should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Fifth, identify whether the coffee has expired. The coffee powder is dark and dark, and some are iron-black. There will be agglomeration due to moisture or other reasons, the aroma will become weak, and even the burnt taste.

After the spoiled coffee is brewed, there is a sediment at the bottom of the cup, the liquid color is dark, brownish black, the aroma is light and the burnt taste is heavy, and the bitterness and acidity are strong when drinking.

Therefore, it is better not to drink damp coffee. After buying coffee in the future, try to store it properly.