Commercial transport rocket project wins "starting in Beijing"

Original title: Commercial launch rocket project won the "Entrepreneurship Beijing" this newspaper (Reporter Deli) Yesterday, the 4th "Entrepreneurial Beijing" entrepreneurial innovation competition organized.

The contest is the theme of "Entrepreneurship Beijing Dream Jing City", with 36 enterprises and entrepreneurial teams to participate in the finals, divided into two groups of entrepreneurial projects and innovation projects, the final setup group of Star River Power Projects – a new generation of low cost, high reliable business carrying Rockets and innovative Banguang Quantum Projects – a new generation of millions of Bitbent quantum AI coordinator, awarded a prize.

  This competition is jointly hosted by the Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Beijing Agricultural Rural Area, Beijing Development Reform Commission, Beijing Science and Technology Commission and other departments, Beijing Employment Promotion Center, Tongzhou District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau It is an important part of the Beijing venue in Beijing. It is also an important measure in the municipal promotion, steady employment, and help rural revitalization.

  The contest started from June this year, got a positive response from the city’s entrepreneurial team and enterprise, a total of 1317 project registration registration, involving cultural creativity, medical health, Internet TMT, modern service, country new service, agricultural cultural industry, agriculture The productive service industry and information service industry and other areas.

All districts in the city have organized a district-level selection competition through a variety of forms such as on-site road, online review, online live broadcast, and created a strong atmosphere of active innovation and entrepreneurship in the city.

  This competition gives full play to the strength of the capital resources, will provide financial support, financial capital docking, entrepreneurial services for the excellent enterprises and teams. The award-winning project can prioritize equity financing, creditorial financing and other opportunities, and it is eliminating the anti-guarantee when applying for Beijing’s entrepreneurial guarantee loans.

In addition, the award-winning project will also be included in the city’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau outstanding entrepreneurial project library, enjoy policies and services such as training guidance, exchange show, talent recruitment, "big creation" listing. In addition to the conventional entrepreneurial innovation main body, this year’s "Entrepreneurship Beijing" entrepreneurial innovation competition also specially supported the rural revitalization project, focusing on agricultural entrepreneurship projects, encouraging farmers to increase their reception. It is understood that since 2018, Beijing has successfully held the four "Entrepreneurship Beijing" entrepreneurial innovation competition. As an important platform for the development of "Double Creative" development, the four contests attracted 4055 entrepreneurial enterprises and entrepreneurial team registration, including 9 projects in the "China Wing" Entrepreneur Innovation Competition National Finals, 168 A project was awarded in the municipal final. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.

Beijing Chaoyang Zuosun Shuangyao volunteers shoulder Winter Olympics

  77-year-old Tao Zhenguo adheres to learning English, online, and also wants to design the Winter Olympics, I hope to serve more people. Text / Photographic reporter Cheng Gong has adjacent to the Winter Olympics, the 77-year-old Tao Zhenguo, who lives in the Olympic Village Street, and Tao Zhenzheng, also stepped up his service Winter Olympics.

In addition to participating in various volunteer activities, he insisted on exercising, please ask your 13-year-old grandchildren to teach yourself, "I think the Winter Olympics will ask the volunteers to be broader, this is also the demand for the development of the times." So I step up learning, I especially want to do the Winter Olympics volunteer service. "Tao Zhenguo said. After retired in 2006, Tao Zhengers moved to the streets of Olympic Village. It just caught up with the Beijing Summer Olympic Games soon. All people around me are preparing for volunteer services. Tao Zhenguo has become a community volunteer. In 2007, due to the good performance in volunteering, the Tao Zhenzhi’s representative of the street party members of the Olympic Village have issued an initiative with a smile service Olympics.

In addition, Tao Zhenguo also actively initiated, participating in "1 + 1" to help work around "respecting the old, respecting the elderly, loved the old" to carry out volunteer services.

At that time, the volunteer service team in Tao Zhenge had a total of 23 retired veterans – the oldest 77 years old, the smallest 65 years old.

They helped the 23-year-old elderly people in the community.

  Just when the Tao Zhen State was prepared in the 2008 Olympic Games, the family also came to the news, the Tao Zhenguo daughter gave birth to an Olympic baby, only a few days later than the Olympics.

On the side of the daughter, it is necessary to take care of the Olympic Games.

Although it is a double happiness, it is not good to throw it.

In order not to affect the service Olympic, Tao Zhenuo and the old companion Zhang Yaqing division, the old companion took on all of the taking care of her daughter, and Tao Zhenguo continued to participate in the Olympic volunteer service.

In this way, the Volunteer service of the Olympic Games did not fall, although there were there so a few young grandchildren who have just been met, but Tao Zhenguo did not feel regret.

Nowadays, grandchildren have grown up. Under the influence of Tao Zhenguo, the layman time and grandfather participated in community volunteer service, pick up the garbage in the green space, the code to pour the bicycle next to the road, the bus platform guides passengers to have a car … often see the ancestors The figure of grandson. "I have been preparing for the Winter Olympics volunteer service, not only in daily life, not only in the community, I have been exercising, I have been going to run, and I will run the marathon in all parts of the country. Purpose for exercise It is a good body, better participation in the Winter Olympics volunteer service, and can also show the spirit of Beijing as the city of Shuangbo.

"Tao Zhenguo said, with the help of the grandson, picked up the English of the 2008 Olympic Games, although it was a bit slower now, but he had been persistent, just in order to serve the Winter Olympics next year, And the grandchildren stand together, smiling and said to guests from all over the country: "Welcometobeijing! "- Beijing welcomes you! (Editor: Mensus, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Antarctic: "White Desert" Global GO belonging to all mankind

Antarctic, an extremely beautiful and extremely mysterious world. Before the 20th century, before the First World War, human beings have conquered the South magnetic poles and south poles, and many of the amenities have emerged, and they are a well-deserved hero.

In 1901, the Exploration Team, led by the British Scott, took a sledge to the South latitude 827, Dongjing 16330, and completed a series of scientific observations. On December 14, 1911, Norwegian Amoun finally arrived at the South Actress after a thousand and five hundred kilometers, he was proud of the Norwegian flag, set up a camp and set the Observatory, and conducted a 24 hour for 24 consecutive hours. Sun observation. After a month, the Exploration of Scott’s captain has also been hard to reach the South Pole, but unfortunately in the Antarctic mainland, even in the last moment of life, they still retain more than 10 kilograms of rock specimens, write a history of Antarctic exploration. The most beautiful chapter. In only one hundred years, more than 40 countries have established more than 100 scientific inspection stations in the Antarctic, including China Great Wall Station, Zhongshan Station, Taishan Station and Kunlun Station. On February 7, 2018, the fifth Antarctic Kingdom Station of China Rose Hain New Station was laid a foundation. South Pole, it seems no longer so far. Today, Phoenix Network invites the travel of the Antarctic trip to Daren, follow the pace of predecessors, and explore this clean mainland that has not been developed, unpalady, with you with awe-in-law, and share a shocking Antarctic with everyone. journey of. Wen: Xu Keji: Chen Haiyu, Xu Kexi wants to understand the Detailed Raiders of Antarctic travel, pay attention to Phoenix Tourism WeChat (Travel_ifeng), can be charged to the South Pole. If the Antarctic is music, it must be Mozart; it is art, that is Mikai Langqi Luo; is literature, it is Shakespeare. Moreover, it must be more great than these.

From the first wise people on the earth, they walked out of Africa, to modern humans conquer each continent, every small island, every jungle & hellip; & hellip; we explored history over 70,000 years.

In the long years, human beings are in the next generation of this blue planet, printing footprints in various corners. The southernmost part of the southernmost earth in the Earth is an exception, and the first time in human and Antarctic occurs on February 7, 1821, a seal hunter JohnDavis drove to the Antarctic corner, so far in 200 years. .

Until now, the Antarctic is still a magical land. It is like an alien ball that remains on the edge of the world. There is no permanent resident, and there are countless unknown mystery waiting for human to explore. As the mainland of the world, NANXE is closest to South America, with only 970 kilometers wide Drake Strait; about 3,500 kilometers from South Hemisphere, Australia; and Beijing, Beijing. It is such a mystery, attracting more and more people who have long been yearning for this unknown land, eager to have the opportunity to go to the Antarctic, look at the scenery of the world.

The International Antarctic Tourism Organization Association stipulates that the number of limited people who landed in the Antarctic will be about 30,000. According to the association statistics, during 2015-2016, the number of tourists visiting the South Pole is 3,558, accounting for% in the world, and became the third largest passenger country that is second only to the United States, Australia.

In the past two years, the number of Chinese tourists traveling to the South Pole is changing high-speed growth. It is estimated that China is expected to become the second largest guest of the Antarctic tourism only in the United States.

Going to the southernmost end of the earth, going to the Antarctic travel is no longer a distant dream. The empty spirit and pure use in any language is difficult to say, I am afraid that only the can only go to the ice and snow. Before going to the Antarctic idea, I have thought that the Antarctic is the most serious place, as if a elder, the face is face, not a lot of laughing, and I think that the Antarctic is the most quiet place, as if a landscape, The beauty is beautiful, but it is eye-catching.

However, until it was intimate contact with it, I found that I was wrong with the Antarctic youth, and the people were approximately, as if the neighbors of my brother, gave you a lot of cute gifts, and I said a joke again.

From China, before the official opening of the Antarctic trip, you need to pass through three long spends more than 30 hours. When you stand in the southernmost port city of Chile, you will be more than 10,000 kilometers away from Beijing. The place, looking to the direction of the cruise, at this moment, the Antarctic trip officially begins. The white desert Antarctica belongs to the southernmost earth in all mankind, surrounded by the Pacific, Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic, which covers an average thickness of 1700 meters, only 2% of the long-term ice, suitable for animals and plants. Survive.

Because there is a thick ice cover, Antarctica has an average sea level up to 2350 meters. It is the world’s average sea level continent; the Antarctic is the most hot place in the world. The average temperature in the world is -25 ° C, extreme minimum temperature, Zeng Da – ° C; it is also the most storm on the earth, the largest wind, the maximum wind speed can reach more than 90 meters per second, 3 times the 12-level typhoon. In the cold, the wind, let the Antarctic air are very dry, there is almost no precipitation near the extreme, so this continent also has a white desert. However, this desert contains the most valuable resources of human beings. Antarctic stores 90% of the world’s total freshwater, and rich oil, natural gas, gold, silver and other mineral resources and biological resources such as squid, krill. From human beings, it is beginning to surrounded by Antarctic adventure and conquest, sovereign and resource competition, until December 1959, 12 countries signed a "Antarctic Treaty", and peace is really coming.

The Antarctic Treaty has frozen all countries to the Antarctic sovereignty requirements, prohibiting all military nature and nuclear explosions and processing radiology in the Antarctic region, which specifies that the Antarctic is only used for peace purposes. The Antarctic does not belong to any country, it belongs to all mankind.

The Antarctic Tour is a practice that is worth the life.

Any beautiful scenery is not easy to reach, the Antarctic is the same. Geographically, the Antarctic contained NAI in South America, but the 970 km of the middle is known as the Delek Strait, which is known as the Devil Channel, Death Corridor. Here, the wind is blowing here, and the wind is high. Although we have a total tonnage of 16,000 tons of Midnatsol cruise, we are sailing in the Antarctic vessel, but in the intense bumps of up to 40 hours, more than half of passengers They are suffering from the pain of the halo, and the vomiting in the cabin is coming. In the relevant book, when the light sailor passed through the west wind, they were tied to bed to prevent them to commit suicide due to dizzy pain. The Drake Strait is like the mysterious Antarctic mainland, guarding the original place with the wind and giant waves, so that human beings can look at its face after paying countless difficulties and expenses.

Because of the particularity of the destination, there is no way to travel in the Ice and Snow World like a regular travel, most of the time spent on the cruise. But this does not mean that the Antarctic trip is not as good as expected, because the open deck of the cruise is itself a fairly good viewing platform, and you can enjoy the scenery of the bay and the iceberg. Holding a seal, penguin floating from the ship, even more fortunate, you can see the whale is not in the boat.

In the extremely pure world, you seem to explore the pulse of the Earth, so that the soul is alternately bapt in the natural world. Of course, the ship line is in the right continent. When the weather is allowed, you also have the opportunity to take the assault boat to travel and log in, with the Antarctic contact. At the same time, you can choose an extra payment project according to your own needs. Under the leadership of the guide, you can experience the kayak in the Antarctic sea area, and you can take a short photography parade with a professional station photographer. At the same time, there is often a variety of lectures on Antarctic history, geographic, animal and plants, so even if there is a white desert without any attractions, the Antarctic trip will never make you feel monotonous and bored.

Beijing zet 100 miljoen yuan gesubsidieerd groen preventie en controleproducten van dit jaar

Onlangs heeft de verslaggever geleerd van het landbouwgebied Beijing landbouwgebied. Het beleid is officieel geland. Het is duidelijk dat Peking in 2019 100 miljoen yuan heeft ge?nvesteerd, en de belangrijkste bijsnijdtoets-promotie past groene preventie- en controleproducten toe om groene producten te subsidi?ren. Er wordt gemeld dat na de formele implementatie van het subsidiebeleid, alle boeren of productie- en verrichtingorganisaties die zich bezighouden met de landbouwproductie in Beijing, zolang ze van toepassing zijn op de relevante afdelingen van het geslacht, kunnen ze genieten van het groene productsubsidiebeleid.

Op dit moment zijn boeren die genieten van het subsidiebeleid in de hele stad allemaal meer dan 12 boerenwegen en 28.310 geregistreerde boeken, en de subsidiedekking heeft 10.000 mu bereikt. Volgens het "Programma" is de specifieke subsidie ??van groene producten: 90% van de natuurlijke vijandige productsubsidies, biologische pesticiden, fysisch-chemische en chemische en chemische stof, enz. 50%, hoog-effici?ntie en laagstiftig laag-residu-chemisch pesticide Productsubsidies 30%, geleidelijk begeleidende boeren om groene controlechnologie en producten voor ongedierte en ziektepreventie toe te passen. De belangrijkste gewassubsidies dekt het gebied van 10.000 MU, waardoor een groene preventie- en controleklepingspercentage en een doel van continue vermindering van het gebruik van het chemisch pesticiden.

De verslaggever heeft geleerd van het Peking-fabrieksbeschermingsstation. Na twee jaar van de exploratiepraktijk heeft Beijing een subsidiemodel van groene ecologie-geori?nteerd geori?nteerd en nam de leiding in het land, "overheid begeleiding, marktoperatie, boeren vrijwillig" groen ecologisch Richtlijnen voor landbouwsubsidies. Het land van dit beleid heeft de boeren voordelen gebracht, zodat de Beijing-voorsteden drie transformaties hebben in het gebruik van drugsbewustzijn: ten eerste, de overgang van wachten vrij om te proberen groene controleproducten te kopen; ten tweede, aangezien de investeringskosten in rekening worden gebracht -Cost hoogrisico-investeringen om te genieten van subsidies om hoogwaardige veiligheidsgroene besturingsingangen te kopen; derde is om te vertrouwen op chemische pesticiden om de transformatie van het hele proces geleidelijk te herkennen. Momenteel zijn van het perspectief van de implementatie, de landbouwers bevordert meer om niet-chemische pesticidenproducten, zoals natuurlijke vijanden en fysisch-chemische en chemische en chemische en chemische chemicali?n voor pesticidenpreventie en -behandeling en niet-chemische bestrijdingsmiddelenaanvragen tot% te werken , dat de chemische pesticiden effectief vermindert.

Can accommodate radioactive substances thousands of years!my country’s nuclear waste curing capacity is a major breakthrough

The project was approved by the National Atomic Energy Agency in 2004, using international cooperation models, jointly designed by China, Germany, China Nuclear Industry Group, China and Nuclear Sichuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is responsible for construction, and many units participate in collaborative research.Through this project, the key equipment work mechanism, curing process system parameters, accumulated rich experience in critical special materials, key equipment, etc. of glass curing.After the facilities are transported, it is expected that hundreds of cubic meters high-plasma waste liquid can be handled safely, and the treated glass body will be deeply buried in the underground, and the goal of the radioactive material and the biosphere isolation is achieved.Provide a solid guarantee for nuclear energy utilization.(Editor: Zhao Zhuqing, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The head of the Hangzhou Asian Games delegation was successfully held

  On September 9, the head of Hangzhou Asian Games delegation successfully completed the agenda and successfully concluded.

The Austrian Council fully affirmed the staged results of this meeting to discuss the effectiveness and preparation work.

The End of the conference, the Olympic Governors issued an invitation to the Olympic Committee of the Asian and Oceania countries.

  After the meeting, the Olympic Government jointly held a press conference with the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee. Olympic Board of Director General, International Swimming Union Chairman Hussein Musalam, Olympic Council Lifelong Honorary Vice Chairman Wei Ji-shi, Olympic Council Asian Games and Competrators Director Hyde French, Olympic Council International And the Olympic Committee of the Olympic Committee, Director Vi Niwai, attends the press conference through the video connection. Deputy Secretary-General of Hangzhou Asia Organizing Committee, deputy mayor Chen Weiliang, attended the conference. The preparation of the Hangzhou Asian Games is about to enter the new year. The Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee will take the head of the head as a new starting point, actively strengthen the Austrian Council, the participating countries (regional) Olympic Committee, Asian and International Sennomes. The communication and cooperation of the meeting, actively learn from the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the preservation of the competition registration, the epidemic preparation, etc., do a good job in emergency plans and drills, hold a "Chinese characteristics, Zhejiang style , Hangzhou charm, exciting "Asian Games event.

At that time, Hangzhou welcomes the athletes and friends to participate in the Asian Games and share the joy and friendship brought by the Olympic Movement. With the support, participation and guidance of the Olympic Board, Each Party (Region) Olympic Committee and the State Sports General Administration, this group of conference announced the total competition schedule, carried out policies such as transportation, logistics, ticketing, security. In detail, accurately understand the needs of the participants, fully listen to the valuable recommendations of the parties, and the agenda is successfully completed. In the next preparation work, Hangzhou Asia Organization Committee will strictly implement the standard requirements of the game, hold the Asian Games, and grasp the epidemic prevention and control. In the epidemic situation, the epidemic will hold a long-term presence, success, successful Asian Games meeting. Hussein was highly praised by the Delegation’s head meeting and the Hangzhou Asian Games. He said that as a milestone event organized by the international large-scale sports event, the successful convening of the head of the head of the Group marks the latest sprint phase of the Hangzhou Asian Games. At present, the event, venues and Asian Games Village construction, competition project settings, market development and other fields have progressed smoothly. I believe that the Hangzhou Asian Games will be a sports event for green, intelligence, thrift, civilized, providing high levels of service guarantee for athletes, technical officials, etc. of countries and regions. The Austrian Council’s large family will celebrate the anniversary of the countdown of Hangzhou Asian Games, and join all the participating Olympic Committees to Hangzhou, together.

(Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The wind and rain are unimpeded to be "dressing"

  National Day holiday, in order to create a comfortable and beautiful environment for the majority of tourists, the city garden workers adhere to the post, do a good job in landscape green management, and play a good national celebration with the hard work. Just after the 2nd morning, Wang Xia came to Tianjin Station in front of the square.

As one of Tianjin’s "portal", there is more than 100 square meters, the theme "Victory Boat" is a large three-dimensional flower bed. Rattage, summer hand … 8700 pot flowers and nearly 400 green plants are waiting for her.

  "The passenger flow here is relatively large, the quality of landscape maintenance directly affects the image of Tianjin, so the potted pottion is replaced, but also properly watering, so that each pot of flowers will show the most full state.

"In the past Mid-Autumn Festival, Wang Xia did not rest in one day, almost every morning, he will come to her beloved baby. Next to the century clock and the Tianjin station, the square flower altar is red, the Century Red and other 50,000 pot flowers It is also quietly waiting for her. "For the National Day, there are more than 20,000 potions, basically get water every day. "" After the National Day holiday, you can rest for a few days. When I arrive, I can go back to my hometown to see my parents and children. Wang Xia is from Zaozhuang Village, Zaozhuang, Shandong, although it can live a mobile video every night, but she doesn’t want to go home for half a year, "I just got to kindergarten, I would like to see it. I am afraid that the child even me. acknoledged.

"Wang Xia humbles himself. In Nankai District Nancuiping Park, there are 3 large flower beds and 2 small flower beds, the century red, peaglast, skewless … Total pot flower is purple, and the whole park is beautiful. .

  "I encountered the harsh weather, raining and other bad weather, everyone is rushing to the house, but as a garden worker is going to the inspection.

Our mobile phone is standing 24 hours, if there is a burst, it will immediately rush. "Because Nan Cui Ping Park is a 24-hour park, as Wang Jing, deputy director of garden landscape department, I will patrol these 5 flower beds before 8:00 in the morning, and I will change it quickly. If I lack it, I will make up "They are the same as the child, you need to take care of you, and when you see that every flower is very beautiful, there is a sense of accomplishment. "Wang Jing said and said. (Reporter Qu Qingwei Liu Guo).

Suqian Su Yu: Small and Melon

Workers are picking melons.

The people’s online Cold Kingming took the time, in the 10,000-mu of Puoyan Industrial Park, Daxing Town, Suyu District, Suqiu District, Jiangsu Province, a row of cement columns, or green or yellow melons like a small The lanterns hang high.

Square seeds can be produced, and the melon root stem can be used, and the whole body has the economical value of the melon is becoming the rich "Golden Bean" in the Suzhou Xiaowei.

"This year is a harvest year!" Fuqing melon planting professional cooperative, Wang Zhanzhen, said with a speech, while holding the scissors, hand, fell, and moved well.

50-year-old Wang Zhanzhen is a veterans.

Because the hometown of Anhui Province is a melon plantation, in 2017, he chose to start a business when he was transferred from the army.

In order to quickly master the marketing technology and investigation market, he ran more than ten cities in the five provinces in just a few months, both of the Agricultural Sciences studied, and also went into the field to teach farmers.

"Select seedlings are like finding objects, and seedling is like ‘marriage’, next is the process of ‘borno’. From spring species to autumn harvest, there are many nodes of melon planting, so it must be refined." Talking about the experience of planting melon, Wang Zhanzhen played an image.

This year is the third year of him planting melon. It has also entered the harvest from the investment period. The comprehensive income of each acre melon is between 12,000 yuan, and his more than 400 acres of planting base is about 5 million yuan. . Daxing Town Double Tea Community Village Gao Shu Lanni furtorned, in Wang Zhanzhen’s cooperatives.

"My family has 5 acres, and the previous wheat rice is only two or three thousand yuan."

"The old man said, after the land is turned to the cooperative with 900 yuan per acre," I have been working here.

One year, we have worked more than 30,000 yuan in the income of land circulation. "With the increasing increasing effect, in addition to foreign contractors, many locals in foreign workers have also returned to entrepreneurship. 3 years ago, Daxing Town" 90 "Youth Han Kun resigned returned home from Suzhou, contracted 86 acres of meloni, annual profit of approximately 300,000 yuan, driving more than 20 villagers. "Usually encounter grown problems, you can find technical personnel of agricultural service center.

"He said.

At present, the local area has established a standardized production base for planting, and Suqian City Xingyi Kemaken Co., Ltd. develops a variety of casual foods, and the melon industry chain extends. On November 11, in the company’s live broadcast, a stage printer kept "spit" out of the express delivery. The positive value "Double Eleven", the company ushered in the peak season, the order of orders all over the country fly. The little peasant "species" out of the rural resolution. Nowadays, Daxing Town has formed a melon industrial park integrated with guanle, product development, production and processing, and tourism.

Caihuo, Secretary of Daxing Town, said that the local melon planting area has reached 13,000 mu, ranking among the national towns and towns, and the industries have driven more than 5,000 villagers, and the per capita increasing approximately 4,500 yuan. (Editor: Zhang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.

Primary and secondary school students make winter Owen created approaches Winter Olympics and Glass Culture

Students show practical results.

After the study of the Practice course of Beijing Winter Olympics, the students shared the design philosophy of the works, exchanged the course experience and feelings, and jointly expressed the good wishes of the Winter Olympics to spread China’s excellent traditional culture.Teacher Teacher said that this practical course society with modern technology and design philosophy to show traditional elements – glazed, I hope students can feel the charm of China’s excellent traditional culture and Winter Olympics.

China’s excellent traditional culture is an inclusive culture and is an open culture.The held in Beijing Winter Olympics, promotes youth sharing excellent cultural traditions and makes the world more similarly.(Editor: Hu Xue Rong, Zhang Fan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The Beijing Municipal Party Committee held the municipal parties (Party Committee) Secrets Secrets Monthly Comment

Original title: The Municipal Party Committee held the municipal party group (Party Committee) Secretary of the Secret Note Work Society (Reporter Liu Feifei Gao Branch) Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Party Committee held a monthly work point of the municipal parties (Party Committee) Secrets. Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, Municipal Agricultural Rural Area, Municipal Landscaping Bureau spoke in turn, and accepted the Municipal Party Committee Secretary Caiqi Site Review. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining, Secretary of the Party Group of the CPPCC, and Zhang Yankun, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. After the four departments have spoke, Cai Qi commented on.

The Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau pays close attention to atmospheric pollution management. The city’s fine particulate matter () has a total concentration of 33 micrograms / cubic meters. The best history is the best; solid promoting "double carbon" work, the city’s carbon emissions trading accumulates the total number of foreign residents Promoting the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, in the field of ecological environmental protection, and promoting cross-provincial horizontal ecological protection compensation; fulfilling the duties of the Municipal Inspector Office, fully promote the rectification of central ecological environmental inspections.

However, in the implementation of the party’s responsibility of the party, the volatile organic (VOCS) pollution control, dust management and control is still insufficient.

The Municipal Water Affairs Bureau actively responds to the ultra-typical season of this year, and the ultra-precision is abnormal. It has effectively guaranteed the safety of flood season; resolutely guards the safety of Miyun Reservoir, the groundwater position in the city of the city has rebounded for six consecutive years; comprehensive implementation of river long system In the country to start and complete the water-saving zone creation; build a patriotic education base such as official reservoir and Shi Tiling Reservoir and open to society. However, in terms of inspection, rural sewage treatment facility management, rural sewage treatment facilities management, but in terms of inspector, rural sewage treatment facility management. The Municipal Agricultural Rural Area has solidly promoted the beautiful rural construction, and the village planning realized "should be edited", and the domestic garbage treatment is basically fully covered; the agricultural production is rising, and high standards complete agricultural product quality and safety protection tasks; promoting Beijing Seed Assembly is China The seed industry conference, promoted China · Pinggu Agricultural Zhongguancun construction; in-depth development of "big shacks" issues clean up and rectify "look back". However, in the construction of party style and clean government, it is still not enough to promote farmers’ income, solve the historical legacy of homesteads.

The city garden greening bureau is planned to promote a new round of millions of mu of benefits, the city’s forest coverage is%; use the demolition and tending land, the corner land, etc. A tree in the hospital; serving Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association, built a city deputy center city green forest park, complete the Beijing-Tianjin Shanyuan governance engineering task; carefully do the founding of the party and National Day.

However, in terms of party members and cadre management, ecological security, municipal nature reserve protection, etc. Cai Qi pointed out that the four departments were an important sector that implemented green development requirements and promoted the construction of the capital, and the work was related to the capital urban ecological security and the green gain of the masses.

It is necessary to firmly establish green mountains and green hills is the idea of ??Jinshan Yinshan, strengthen cooperation with relevant departments and related departments, and do a good job in the rectification of central ecological environmental inspections. And, let the green water green mountain blue sky have become the base of the big country. The meeting was notified in October "recelament" situation.

According to the statistics of effective return, the top ten of the townships in the city in October is that the top ten of Dagu Township, Xingcheng Street, Ronghua Street, Yanyuan Street, Boxing Street, Daxie Mountain Township, Wenjing Street, Dongquan Street, Chengnan Street, Zhenlo Ying Town; 10th 10 is the Shangzhuang Town, Puyu Township, Huanggou Street, Dongsheng Town, Huangcun Town, Daxiang Street, Zhongang Street, Wuli Store Street, Chengshou Temple Street, Xia Yunling Township.

The top ten in advance is Boxing Street, Tiantan Street, Wheat Store Street, Dongshen Street, Tanji Town, Pearl Spring Township, Wang Xinzhuang Town, Yujiaxiang Township, Shangdi Street, Unity Lake Street. Ten before the number of claims is the Town, Changyang Town, North Seven Town, Songzhuang Town, Zhangjiawan Town, Yongshun Town, Jixian Town, Ma Chikou Town, Dahongmen Street, and Right Anmen Street. The top three of the comprehensive scores of all districts are the Ximen District, Shunyi District, Dongcheng District, and the Ranking is the Fengtai District. In October, the city-level department comprehensive score is the first one is the Municipal Development Reform Commission, the Municipal Judicial Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Tiananmen Region Management Committee, Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau, Municipal Religious Committee, Municipal Prison Administration, Municipal City Management Law Enforcement Bureau , Municipal Talent Service Center, Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Municipal Letters and Turners, Municipal Civil Defense Office, Municipal Meteorological Bureau, Municipal Retired Military Affairs Bureau, Municipal Postal Administration, and Rankings are the Municipal Transportation Commission.

The comprehensive score of state-owned enterprises, the first is the first drainage group, Beichen Group, City Supply and Marketing Take Head, Beijing Electromechanical, Ranking is Beijing Electronic Control.

  The meeting conducted a report on the "one question".

The theme of October involves pension institutions charges and services, home pension guarantee. To compare the responsibility of the street township pension service, step up the facilities such as the complementary pension care center, the old-age service station, and improve the support service system to expand the supply of high quality pension services.

Currently, you should do a good job in elderly group epidemic prevention work, strengthen the management of pension institutions, reduce people’s flow, and ensure good health. "One question every month" should insist on the symptoms of the specimen, and the bottom is not loose.

"Responsiveness" is our intentive mission to meet the people ‘s important startings for good life.

All units of all levels must conscientiously implement the regulations, guide party members and cadres to actively carry out the work in accordance with the authority and responsibilities given by the Ordinance, and constantly improve the level of service. At the moment, "Response to" should enter the epidemic prevention emergency mode, and 12345 citizens’ service hotlines should have effect.

  For the next step, Cai Qi pointed out that epidemic prevention and control is the current primary task. To compact the "four-party responsibility", strictly grasp the work of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound". Strictly seal the cell management, epidemic prevention power to the community first-line concentration, do personal protection, material and living security.

Strengthen centralized medical observation points and fever clinics, do a good job of anti-hospital.

Strictly control the people in China and high-risk areas and return to Beijing and strict cold chain food management measures. Strengthen social surface prevention and control, do a good job in normalized nucleic acid screening, and promote vaccination.

It is necessary to do a good job in the economic work of the year, and continue to force in the "five sons" to ensure that the annual target task is completed as scheduled. Strengthen dispatching, key projects should be opened, synchronously planning reserve policies and projects. Use the "Service Pack" policy to strengthen innovative SMEs, especially "specializing new" enterprise orientation services and cultivation.

It is necessary to step up the implementation of key people’s livelihood projects and practical list tasks. Grasp the agreed price of agricultural and sideline products.

Strengthen the power supply and support, ensuring that the masses are warm in the winter. Strictly investigate the payment of the payment, and do a good job in preventing resolution.

At the end of the year, safety production cannot be relaxed. Strictly implement safety production responsibility system, strengthen various security risk investment and preventive, specially grasp the fire prevention and fire safety in autumn and winter, and resolutely prevent heavy accidents.

Fully grasp the comprehensive governance of gas pollution in autumn and winter. In-depth promotion of political and legal team education rectification work, and do a good job in problem rectification. Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government at the Review Party.

The 16th district, the relevant departments of the city and the relevant departments of the city are mainly responsible for comrades. The city’s township towns and towns are responsible for comrades in the form of a video conference. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.