Qin Hao pondered for a long time,I didn’t figure out what Flying Wolf wanted to say。

Back to the room,Qin Hao saw Huang Xiaoding packing up。
“Brother Hao,Are you going to have a holiday?”At this time, Huang Xiaoding said to Qin Hao。
“how,You also have a holiday?”Qin Hao was surprised。
Qin Hao thought he was the only one on holiday,Others don’t have holidays?
“The whole Jagged Blade is on holiday,do not you know?”Huang Xiaoding asked rhetorically。
“Brother Hao,Is there something big going to happen?”Huang Xiaoding smelled an unusual smell。
Qin Hao didn’t know what was going on,But this kind of sudden collective holiday,This seems very unusual。
Because even if it’s a holiday,It’s impossible for the iron and blood blade to be on holiday,Some people will stay behind。
But now,Suddenly Jagged Blade is on holiday。
Even Huang Xiaoding felt a scent of dark tide surging from inside the iron-blooded blade。
suddenly,Qin Hao popped out the words “Secret Bureau of Investigation” in his mind。
Maybe it really has something to do with it,Qin Hao thought thoughtfully。
“Brother Hao,Brother Hao,”Huang Xiaoding shook Qin Hao’s hand and said。
“what happened?”Qin Hao reacted。
“what do you know?Is something serious??”Huang Xiaoding looked at Qin Hao suspiciously。

Above heaven,The plaque in the center is very eye-catching,Seven gilded characters in the letter,‘South Gate of Huoyan Temple’。

Chapter Eighty Hundred Soul Reaper
‘Huoyan Temple’?Li Tianzhen pondered the literal meaning,But there is no relevant information in the poor memory fragments,Jia Chou、Qi Ling they all call him‘Lord of Seven Flames’,Is there some connection in it??
Li Tianzhu thought,Edge forward,Unexpectedly, the two divine beasts in front of the door suddenly came alive,The milky stone shattered,Reveal the crystal clear bones inside,Vessels and meridians begin to grow rapidly on the bones,Then the flesh and blood quickly covered the whole body,Finally the hair,When the last bunch of coarse hairs on the tail of the brave,This thing shakes its head suddenly,Trembling violently,Hiss up,A dark red flame burst up all over the body,So majestic。
The same is true for the unnamed beast,Afraid of flapping wings,The fan-out wind with red flames,Hot and fierce,Li Tianzhen desperately urged his vitality,Hard to get close,Amazed,The cultivation base of these two beasts,No one is under the unicorn beast,It’s just a gatekeeper outside Nantian Gate?
what?As if it gave birth to induction,There was an inexplicable roar in Li Tianzhu’s body,An instant bulge in the pubic area,The dark golden ball of light began to spin frantically,The sea of vitality reappeared,Then surging,The seven-color light field below is gradually brighter,Every beam of light becomes thicker,green、The gold and purple runes are also beginning to appear,Suddenly,The vitality of the entire gods is restored as before。
A more peculiar and spectacular scene appeared,With the roar of Pai Xiu and the nameless beast,Outside the Tiangong is like a prelude to etiquette,There are ghost images of gods in the Nantian Gate,Arrange left and right,Until it extends below the jade platform of the Tiangong,At a glance,I’m afraid there are hundreds of people。
The gods are tall and straight,Mighty,They wear various armors,Hand-held magic weapon,The monstrous coercion released is much more fierce than the two divine beasts just now,Li Tianzhi now understands,The reason why the old evildoer can’t enter the Nantian Gate,Is too much care,What it invades the gods is only a ray of spiritual consciousness,Look can’t beat,Had to slip away。
Actually Li Tianzhen was only half right,The old evildoer really can’t beat these many gods,But it has many means to avoid bypassing,In order to achieve the purpose of entering the temple,The most unsure is the ray of divinity in the depths of Tiangong,It feels this divine nature is extremely hostile to it,Just a ray of divine knowledge,Of course you can’t control the other party,That’s why the old evildoer decided to retreat。
Take a closer look at this seemingly grand and grand ceremony ahead,Li Tianzhen did not feel the slightest kind of friendliness and kindness,On the contrary,He was suddenly enveloped by an unspeakable pressure,Hard to move at once,The flesh and blood on the body seems to be dragged down fiercely by some force,I’m about to fall from the sky outside Nantianmen。
“I’m going home!”Li Tianzhen screamed,Crazy stimulus,The sea of vitality surges,Colorful light field starts to flicker,Countless runes flew straight to the sky,Outside the Nantian Gate, it revolves rapidly around Li Tianzhen’s body,Green runes are the most active,After Li Tianzhu’s dark golden short knife appeared,Suddenly flew into the sky and quickly condensed,More runes gather,Gradually put together a pattern,Finally, a large diamond-shaped piece of nails with a narrow top and a wide bottom was formed。
at the same time,The phantom of Li Tianzhu’s divine consciousness also began to manifest,A figure similar to the little golden man gradually appeared,Eventually became Li Tianzhi who was one size smaller,His whole body,Holding a golden knife,Those green diamond-shaped armor pieces flew into his waist in a string,Just form a circle of murderous skirts。
The runes around are still gathering crazy,The yellow runes also began to condense and form,Soon there were pieces of armor parts,Breastplate、Pauldrons、The rib armor and the wrist armor flew into various parts of Li Tianzhen’s body one after another,Merge quickly,Add another point to the murderous spirit of the entire armor。

Thus,Zhu Minglang feels even more that the art of knowing the dragon is actually the art of metaphysics。

Gamble on dragons later,Be sure to bring the star painting girl,It is estimated that you can make a lot of money!
“Queen Xiayu,I wish Minglang no merit,Please also pass this hundred thousand gold to the little maid by your side,Also express my sincere thanks for me,This little firefly,I like it very much。”Zhu Minglang said。
First399chapter Fit Spirit Chain
Queen Xiayu accepted the gold,Smiling and looking at Zhu Minglang。
Zhu Minglang just keeps a polite smile。
“Gongzi is leaving??”Queen Xiayu asked。
“Yes,I am very satisfied today。”Zhu Minglang said。
“After you leave the palace, release this wild scorpion into the bay by the way,As a little merit?”Queen Xiayu handed the petite wild dragon to Zhu Minglang。
Zhu Minglang glanced at this poor Xiaoye Jiao,Nodded。
Leaving Xiayu Gambling Dragon Palace,Zhu Minglang and Luo Shaoyan walk towards How To Train Your Dragon。
Luo Shaoyan looked at that Xiaoye Jiao,Sighed:“This is fate,Why are you not Thunder King?,If it is Thunder Dragon,The whole city will be a sensation for you,It just happens to be a wild bird,I almost got used to make wine。”
Zhu Minglang walked to the bay,Put this Xiaoye Jiao into the water gently。
Use clean water,Washed away the mud from its shoes,Then Zhu Minglang picked it up again。
“What are you doing?”Luo Shaoyan puzzled。
“Do you think it’s a new born Xiaoye Jiao,How long can you live in this bay?”Zhu Minglang said。

Xia Jian’s mother Sun Yuejuan,Holding a two thousand eight hundred yuan remittance slip in his hand,This is the other day,Xia Jianhui gave them,This little money order,In Xiping Village,Can set off a lot of fluctuations,Everyone said everything,Some people say that Xia Jian is ready,Must be the boss,And some people say,Xia Jian can send so much money to his family at once,Maybe it’s the underworld。Public opinion,The troubled Xia Zecheng and his wife are very uncomfortable。

“Stop smoking,You said something?“Sun Yuejuan looked worried。
Xia Zecheng knocked off the soot,Shook his head and said:“No way,Let’s not go,As big as Bucheon,More than our average city,It’s not easy for kids to make money,We can’t mess around,Let’s take it out and store it in the bank first!“
“What do you say about this,This bear kid,Just know to send money,Nor give a detailed address,New Year is coming”Sun Yuejuan’s eyes were full of tears。
Xia Zecheng felt uncomfortable looking at his wife,He is not a taste,It’s been a long time before he whispered:“I heard that Zhao Hong is back,She seems to go to Bucheon,Did you say she was with our bastard??”
“Nonsense”Even though Sun Yuejuan said so,But my heart still shook。
Xia Ze grew up and said with a sigh:“For this bastard,Don’t care about face anymore,Go to Zhao Hong’s house at night,Just ask,If it’s like what I said,Don’t say anything,Child is older,We can’t control it”
“Hey!I ran away from Zhao Hong’s house and said this,Don’t forget this old face”Sun Yuejuan sighed,I shouldn’t have said that to Zhao Hong。
Night in the countryside is called night,Black invisible。
Zhao Hong sitting in the room,Reading a book about vegetable growing,Her trip to Bucheon,It’s not small,Not only learned the technology of greenhouse cultivation,more importantly,The report she sent to the Provincial Academy of Agriculture to help with the test came out,Her classmate said,The soil in Xiping Village,Most suitable for cultivation in a greenhouse。
suddenly,On the wall of the yard,Strange noise,Zhao Hong hurriedly stood up,Shouted softly into the yard:“Who?”
Shadow flash,People have entered the house。
Under the light,Wang Youcai smiled,It’s late autumn,This kid also wanted to show his spirit in front of Zhao Hong,Only wore a white shirt,Although the black leather shoes are shiny and shiny,But let his fat feet support,Doesn’t look good。
“Wang Youcai,You are a dog,Leave the gate alone,What wall,Be careful i call people,Interrupt your dog leg”Zhao Hong’s beautiful mood,Vandalized in an instant。
“Don’t sister!Not dare next time,If there is another time,You don’t have to shout,Hit directly”Wang Youcai was laughing,Don’t sit down。

“Mr. Ye,this late,has not rested yet?”

Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty meeting
Ye Qing walked straight to Kong Xi’s side in a professional outfit,Her face and temperament,Almost no different from daytime,As if this whole day’s work didn’t affect her at all,I have to admire her energy。
“Team Kong is also watching this video?”
“Can’t help it,Competition at sea is the highlight of the next stage,Can Warwick rise in a short period of time,Probably just watch this time。”
Kong Xi’s words are really not alarmist,Actually Warwick’s current situation,Already very severe。
City side,Before the start of the global war,Hardly any major changes,Even if,With Warwick’s current foundation,Can’t get better,therefore,The competition at sea is particularly important。
And maybe it’s really God Bless Warwick,Not long ago,Han Ming led the guild members in the process of continuously completing team tasks,I was lucky enough to get a canoe drawing。
This is probably the second one in China。
And this,It is a golden opportunity for Warwick。
After all, I believe in old guilds like the Warring States Period,Limited by Lu Zhe,The number of canoes is very limited,It is difficult to carry out a regular marine expedition,And the canoe has mileage and time limit,It is possible that none of them are gone now。
Warwick,But in the previous period,Hard to accumulate canoes,Ye Qing is very willing to spend money,Just the materials in the game,Already invested tens of millions of RMB。
And all this confidential work is done very well,No one knows so far,If Lian Lu Zhe didn’t have Wu Miao, this little spy,,No way to know。

Li Qingqing, who was bowing his head to eat, also pricked his ears,She hasn’t said that Hu Lai already knows his father is his coach.,She wants to hear what Dad has to say about Hu Lai。

“That number fourteen。I didn’t see anything when training alone,But in the team game,I just found out that he runs very well without the ball。”Yang Mingwei said。
Li Ziqiang first glanced at his daughter who bowed her head to eat,Then said:“You mean Hu Lai。”
“Correct,Just this weird name……”
“He is really talented,But his foundation is not good enough。In fact, he only started to get into formal football training when he joined the team in October last year.。”Li Ziqiang explained to his friend。
Yang Mingwei’s eyes widened:“What?”
“So actually he only played two games in my team,And both games are played off the bench。”
“Turned out to be like this……”Yang Mingwei leaned back in the chair,“A pity。”
“But he is improving quickly。”Li Ziqiang said。
Heard dad say that,Li Qingqing took a quick look at her father。
“You see, his performance in the team competition is not like a beginner, right??”
Yang Mingwei recalled what he saw,Then nod:“Correct,He feels good in front of the door。but……Besides,There seems to be nothing dazzling,His talent is mainly reflected in running without the ball。”
“This is the performance that the foundation has not been firmly laid,After all, his exposure to football is too short。I plan to make him a surprise soldier in the national competition。Just like in the Anton Cup final,Let him play when the team can’t start the game。”

Several people drove back to Yunshi,Xiao Fan kept holding Lin Yoona’s hand while driving,The two said nothing,But it just feels very solid,Because of being around,Because not leaving,Because of mutual trust。

Xiao Fan knew someone wanted a necklace,But no one really has the ability to take the necklace from him,No one can hurt Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan is not worried about these people,He will not let anyone hurt him easily now。
Gu Jin called Xiao Fan yesterday,Said Xiaonian Gao missed him,I might go to see Xiao Fan these days,Xiao Fan smiled helplessly,I missed him after only a few days away。
Xiao Fan asked Xiaonian Gao to answer the phone,The small nian gao babbled at the other end called Uncle Xiao Fan,Listening to his little milk voice, Xiao Fan felt that he missed him a little,Just tell Gu Jin and the others to be careful on the way。
Xiao Nian Gao knew that he could see Uncle Xiao Fan again,So very happy,Gu Jin pretended to be angry and said that he liked Uncle Xiao Fan more than Dad。Little nian gao seems to understand,Put a kiss on Gu Jin’s face。
Gu Jin couldn’t get angry right away,no way,Who makes this kid so smart and cute。Bai Chen will also go this time,After all, Gu Jin can’t bring a child by herself。
Su Ran told Shen Lin to let him take over the new base.,Be careful about everything,Shen Lin touched her head and said she was a small housekeeper,Su Ran smiled and wanted to hit him。
In fact, little trouble in life is the simplest happiness,Like Su Ran and Shen Lin,Although the two are young,But there are so many things we experienced together,Although not so romantic,But there is a real sense of happiness。
Yiming had a great time at Greenwood Villa this time,Now the base is well managed,The company is operating normally,Boss Xiao Fan is back,He thinks his life is complete,Besides being a single dog。
But what Yiming doesn’t know is,I’m about to meet true love soon,I’ll be single soon,Our Yiming life is really a complete success。But he still has to work for Xiao Fanxiao’s boss。
But for Yiming,Helping Xiao Fan is his most successful place,This is unconditional support,No matter what, Xiao Fan has a diehard fan of Yiming。Loyalty。
Why do you feel so comfortable,Because someone supports you unconditionally,This sentence is most suitable for Xiao Fan,But actually the good is mutual,Xiao Fan is also good to Yiming。
Yiming is backcbase,Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner returned to Lin’s house,Shen Lin sends Su Ran backAbase,Then go to the new base,The new base is called the new base without a code。This is also special。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner returned to the Lin family,When I went back, Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng were sitting in the living room and chatting,Saw them back,Happy to let them sit down and rest。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona sat down,Two people are as loving as before,Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng looked happy,Nothing is more important than the happiness of your daughter。
Xiao Fan feels tolerated by everyone,Lin Yuner thinks Xiao Fan tolerated her,Therefore,The relationship between two people is so good,I always feel that the other person treats me better。

Watching Shen Congxin being taken into a police car,What’s the follow-up story,Xiang Chen has no thoughts anymore。

Whether Shen Congxin is alive or dead,With current technology,You can find everything about him,This is a fact that cannot be changed,Xiang Chen is not the savior,Can’t save every poor person。
Bow and leave,The cost of watching the excitement is not great,Just a waste of time。
No one stopped Xiang Chen,Xiang Chen’s departure is naturally unimpeded,But out of the fire,Han Yuxiang chased up panting。
“Are you still angry about Tian Dazhuang??”
Just experienced a thrilling scene,Han Yuxiang doesn’t think there is anything,Just trot to catch up with Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang feels a little tired。
A pair of star eyes kept staring at Xiang Chen,As if telling him,Don’t just think of an answer and just perfunctory。
“Shouldn’t i be angry?”
Xiang Chen asked back,Want to turn around and leave,But Han Yuxiang began to show her persistence again。
Say nothing,Just not let Xiang Chen leave。
“Officer Han,We are all adults,Don’t be playing such a naive game!”
Xiang Chen said helplessly,And then bypassed the Korean Xiang。
Korean Xiang still doesn’t speak,Even if Xiang Chen didn’t mention a word,But when I spoke upright,But everything in my mind is the shadow of Tian Dazhuang。
Dressed coarsely,Self-deprecating smile on his face,Han Yuxiang looks down on himself a little bit,Obviously he was upright in dealing with Shen Congxin’s incident,But in Tian Dazhuang’s case,Restricted everywhere,Fearful。
It’s not Korean, Xiang doesn’t want to explain to Tian Dazhuang,But how can one person fight against a group??The helplessness in my heart wants to roar,But no one can talk。
“You appeared long ago,Never did it,Do you just want to see me panicking?”
Silent for a long time,Han Yuxiang lowered his head,The voice of speaking is also low。
I heard the question from Xiang in Korean,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but grimaced,Frowned,I don’t know what the woman in front of me is thinking,Thinking so big。
Shook his head,Xiang Chen said with a wry smile:“After I got in,I wanted to do it,But in this person I found something unnatural,So just waited a while!”
Sighed helplessly,Xiang Chen’s voice is also a little helpless,“I didn’t notice at first,Just instinctively,This person is dangerous,The moment he lost the lighter,I found out that he should be helping with explosives,Only after I caught the lighter,There is no way to do anything else,I can only use the opportunity to return the lighter to him,Unplug the detonating cord。”

May asked curiously:“Gold why don’t you smoke?”

Chen Wenjin hasn’t answered yet,Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“He may think smoking is easier,It’s harder not to smoke, right。”
“What do you mean?”May be confused,Unknown so。
Chen Wenjin smiled,Pointed out:“I’ll go to the rain to cool down。”
“Won’t it be cold?”Xiao Xiao and Amei feel strange。
“May be used to it。”Chen Wenjin talked about walking,I heard Amei say:“really interesting,Your ex-girlfriend and Xiao Gao also went out in the rain,You and her didn’t know each other when it was raining?”
“……you’re so smart,I guessed it。”Chen Wenjin smiled and waved goodbye,Walk into the rain。
Chen Wenjin doesn’t think it’s too interesting to do anything now,Game bar,I have played all the fun in this era;Movie bar,I’ve seen all the good-looking ones。Two great entertainments are gone,He doesn’t like drinking and dancing anymore,Playing cards is too tired,Or waste brain cells,Or just send money to be happy with others。
Walking in the rain,Chen Wenjin thinks about the future,I feel this way to live again into the future,It’s still a few years,I have to have some fun……
‘What Justice League of Wang Shuai……If the main purpose is to punish evil,It’s interesting……’Chen Wenjin wondered,I think I can really think about it。
When Wang Shuai first mentioned it,He tried to guide Wang Shuai to shift the fun to the direction that has the least impact on the kind and innocent people.,So I didn’t say rejection,Now I feel,I’m still a little bit on this matter,Can also make sense。
Small beach by the sea at night,Almost submerged by the waves coming up。
When Chen Wenjin approaches,Saw two figures,It’s probably Huihe Xiaogao,So he changed direction,To a reef,So as not to disturb them。
The rain almost stopped,Chen Wenjin sitting on the rock,Listen to the waves,Howling wind。
The sound of nature to man,It doesn’t seem to be noise anymore,Obviously so loud,But can instead focus on thinking problems。
It’s about people in the reproduction of generations,I’m used to the background sound created by nature.。
In the dark,Amei came with Xiao Xiao,Saw the figure on the reef,Recognized for a moment,It’s basically Chen Wenjin。
May said:“Then i’m going back,Remember not to say that I came with you。”

Zhejiang Dingli (603338): The results of the third quarter report slightly exceeded our expectations

Zhejiang Dingli (603338): The results of the third quarter report slightly exceeded our expectations

The 3Q19 performance declined slightly. We expect Zhejiang Dingli1?
3Q19 revenue 14.

4.5 billion, +9.

The year-on-year increase was 0%, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 4.

4.4 billion, +12.

Increased by 0% year-on-year.

Revenue in the third quarter of 19 5.

97 thousand yuan, +10.

The year-on-year growth was 4%, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 1.

830,000 yuan, -3.

The year-on-year rate of 9% was slightly lower than our expectations, mainly due to the decrease in the decrease in gross profit margin.

  In the third quarter of 19th, revenue grew steadily, but the growth rate of gross profit margin was extended.

In the third quarter of 19 years, the revenue growth rate was 10 in ten years.

At 4%, we estimate that the domestic revenue growth rate is faster than overseas, especially the US market is affected by the Sino-US trade friction and caused a high base in the same period last year, which is estimated to cause a drag on the overall growth rate.

Looking at the first three quarters, we estimate that the scissor slightly overlaps, and the arm type maintains rapid growth.

In terms of gross profit margin, taking into account the imposition of tariffs on U.S. export products, and we estimate that the company’s average discount to the U.S. distributors in the third quarter reached 8
10%, the margin dragged down the gross profit margin.

Gross profit margin fell in the third quarter of 194.

0ppt to 39.

6%, 1?
3Q19 gross margin margin increased slightly by 0.

2ppt to 40.


  During the period, the expense ratio decreased, investment income decreased, and net profit margin decreased.

In the third quarter of 19, the company’s sales / management (including R & D) / financial expense ratios continued to decline.



2ppt, we estimate that this is mainly due to the increase in scale effect and the company’s ability to reduce costs and control costs.

In 3Q19, investment income decreased by 90% year by year.

5%, mainly due to the sale of financial assets in the third quarter of last year, a long-term equity investment generated long-term investment income generated a high base.

In the last 3 quarters, the 19 net profit margin decreased year by year.

6ppt to 30.


  Operating cash flow declines every year.

As of the end of the third quarter, the company’s inventory / receivable balance increased by 2 compared with the beginning of the year.

1 trillion / 46.46 million yuan, the balance of accounts payable decreased by 19.04 million yuan compared with the beginning of the year.

Net cash inflows from operating activities in the third quarter of 192.

72 ppm, a decrease of 1 per year.
04 billion.

  The development trend looks forward to the volume of new arm products next year.

The company’s growth in 2019 is facing heavy pressure. Overseas is affected by Sino-US trade friction, while domestic is affected by the impact of new entrants on the market.
Looking forward to 2020, we believe that under the low 北京夜生活网 base of 2019, the drag on the overall growth rate will shift, and the volume of new arm-type products will bring growth elasticity.

And after the new production capacity matures, we predict that the gross profit margin of the arm type will also have a shift to improve, and Zhejiang Dingli’s profit scale is expected to reach another level.

  Earnings forecasts and estimates Taking into account the slightly higher-than-expected third quarter report, we lower our EPS for 2019 / 20e.

6% / 9.

7% to 1.


19 yuan.

The current sustainable correspondence for 2019 / 20e 40.

2x / 28.

7x price-earnings ratio.

Considering that we have lowered our profit forecast, we have reduced our target price by 9 accordingly.

7% to 76.

74 yuan, corresponding to the target price-earnings ratio of 2020e 35x, with a potential increase 南京夜网 of 21.


Maintain “Outperform” rating.

  Risks The volume of new products fell short of expectations, and Sino-US trade frictions escalated.