Zhejiang Dingli (603338): The results of the third quarter report slightly exceeded our expectations

Zhejiang Dingli (603338): The results of the third quarter report slightly exceeded our expectations

The 3Q19 performance declined slightly. We expect Zhejiang Dingli1?
3Q19 revenue 14.

4.5 billion, +9.

The year-on-year increase was 0%, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 4.

4.4 billion, +12.

Increased by 0% year-on-year.

Revenue in the third quarter of 19 5.

97 thousand yuan, +10.

The year-on-year growth was 4%, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 1.

830,000 yuan, -3.

The year-on-year rate of 9% was slightly lower than our expectations, mainly due to the decrease in the decrease in gross profit margin.

  In the third quarter of 19th, revenue grew steadily, but the growth rate of gross profit margin was extended.

In the third quarter of 19 years, the revenue growth rate was 10 in ten years.

At 4%, we estimate that the domestic revenue growth rate is faster than overseas, especially the US market is affected by the Sino-US trade friction and caused a high base in the same period last year, which is estimated to cause a drag on the overall growth rate.

Looking at the first three quarters, we estimate that the scissor slightly overlaps, and the arm type maintains rapid growth.

In terms of gross profit margin, taking into account the imposition of tariffs on U.S. export products, and we estimate that the company’s average discount to the U.S. distributors in the third quarter reached 8
10%, the margin dragged down the gross profit margin.

Gross profit margin fell in the third quarter of 194.

0ppt to 39.

6%, 1?
3Q19 gross margin margin increased slightly by 0.

2ppt to 40.


  During the period, the expense ratio decreased, investment income decreased, and net profit margin decreased.

In the third quarter of 19, the company’s sales / management (including R & D) / financial expense ratios continued to decline.



2ppt, we estimate that this is mainly due to the increase in scale effect and the company’s ability to reduce costs and control costs.

In 3Q19, investment income decreased by 90% year by year.

5%, mainly due to the sale of financial assets in the third quarter of last year, a long-term equity investment generated long-term investment income generated a high base.

In the last 3 quarters, the 19 net profit margin decreased year by year.

6ppt to 30.


  Operating cash flow declines every year.

As of the end of the third quarter, the company’s inventory / receivable balance increased by 2 compared with the beginning of the year.

1 trillion / 46.46 million yuan, the balance of accounts payable decreased by 19.04 million yuan compared with the beginning of the year.

Net cash inflows from operating activities in the third quarter of 192.

72 ppm, a decrease of 1 per year.
04 billion.

  The development trend looks forward to the volume of new arm products next year.

The company’s growth in 2019 is facing heavy pressure. Overseas is affected by Sino-US trade friction, while domestic is affected by the impact of new entrants on the market.
Looking forward to 2020, we believe that under the low 北京夜生活网 base of 2019, the drag on the overall growth rate will shift, and the volume of new arm-type products will bring growth elasticity.

And after the new production capacity matures, we predict that the gross profit margin of the arm type will also have a shift to improve, and Zhejiang Dingli’s profit scale is expected to reach another level.

  Earnings forecasts and estimates Taking into account the slightly higher-than-expected third quarter report, we lower our EPS for 2019 / 20e.

6% / 9.

7% to 1.


19 yuan.

The current sustainable correspondence for 2019 / 20e 40.

2x / 28.

7x price-earnings ratio.

Considering that we have lowered our profit forecast, we have reduced our target price by 9 accordingly.

7% to 76.

74 yuan, corresponding to the target price-earnings ratio of 2020e 35x, with a potential increase 南京夜网 of 21.


Maintain “Outperform” rating.

  Risks The volume of new products fell short of expectations, and Sino-US trade frictions escalated.

[Eating grapefruit in early pregnancy]_Grapefruit_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

[Eating grapefruit in early pregnancy]_Grapefruit_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

Women who want to conceive must supplement folic acid before pregnancy until the first three months of pregnancy. They can also eat foods high in folic acid, such as grapefruit, and also prevent pregnant women from anemia. At the same time, pregnant women need to know that certain fruits are notGood to eat.

First, can pregnant women eat grapefruit grapefruit also contains natural folic acid.

Folic acid is not only important for early pregnancy, it is also essential throughout pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the body tissues of pregnant women grow rapidly, and pregnant women need a large amount of folic acid to meet the needs of the fetus.

Folic acid deficiency continues to increase in pregnancy-induced hypertension, and the increased incidence of placental abruption will lead to pregnant women with megaloblastic anemia, intrauterine growth retardation, premature birth and low birth weight.

Therefore, grapefruit is also the fruit of choice for pregnant women.

Second, pregnant women can not eat any fruit 1, persimmon: cold persimmon, has heat, lungs, Shengjin, thirst, antitussive, expectorant and other effects, suitable for the treatment of hypertension, chronic bronchitis, arteriosclerosis, hemorrhoids and blood in the stoolStool dry embolism.

Its nutritional and medicinal value are suitable for pregnant women.

In particular, pregnant women with pregnancy-induced hypertension can “get two for one”.

The persimmon pedicles and leaves are both Chinese medicine.

Shidi can reduce adverse qi, stop nausea, treat hiccups, belching and so on.

Persimmon leaves have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and antihypertensive effects, and are commonly used in folk medicine.

Although persimmon has good nutritional and medical effects, it also has shortcomings.

Persimmons have astringent taste. If you eat too much, you will feel astringent and have a strong astringent effect.

It can agglomerate when it meets acid, and it will precipitate after binding with protein.

Therefore, you should stop eating persimmons.

So pregnant women can eat persimmons but not more.

2. Kiwi: Kiwi is rich in nutrition and known as the “King of Fruits”.

The pregnant mothers who love beauty can eat more kiwi, so there is no need to worry about their white faces being “invaded” by their chloasma during pregnancy.

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C to keep your skin fair.

Also, kiwis are good, but not everyone.

Because kiwi is cold, those with spleen and stomach deficiency should be cautious, and those with frequent diarrhea and frequent urination should not eat it.

It is appropriate to eat 1-3 hours after a meal. It should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

Pregnant moms with threatened abortion should never eat kiwi.

3, pineapple, banana, rose grapes, pomegranate and apricots: eat these fruits in moderation.

Fruits such as pineapple, banana, and muscat grapes are high in sugar content, obese, and pregnant women with a family history of diabetes should also eat less, so as not to consume excessive polysaccharides.

If pregnant women have anemia, you should also eat less pomegranate and apricots.

4, hawthorn: promoting blood circulation and stasis and pass through the menstruation, have a certain role in stimulating uterine contraction, should pay attention to eat a small amount in early pregnancy, pregnant women with a history of abortion or symptoms of abortion should not eat, even hawthorn products are no exception.

5, litchi, longan: from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, after pregnancy, women’s constitution is generally hot, Yin blood is often insufficient.

At this time, some hot fruits such as lychee and longan should be eaten in moderation, otherwise constipation, tongue sores and other symptoms of fire are prone to occur, especially pregnant women with threatened abortion should be cautious, because hot fruits are more likely to cause fetal disturbances.

China Shenhua (601088): The decline in performance was mainly due to the increase in the cost of self-produced coal and the transfer of three supply and one industry

China Shenhua (601088): The decline in performance was mainly due to the increase in the cost of self-produced coal and the transfer of “three supply and one industry”

Key Investment Events: The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 264.1 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 6.

2%; net profit attributable to mother 438.

700 million, down 2 every year.

6%; net profit attributable to non- mothers is 460.

7 ppm, a 10-year increase2.

1%; operating net cash flow of 8.88 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 7.

3%; basic income 2.

21 yuan.

Dividend 0.

88 yuan / share (including tax), 40% of dividends.

Comment: The decline in 2018 results was mainly due to the decline in the profit of the coal sector and the net profit of 438 returned to the mother by the “three supply and one industry” company in 2018.

700 million, down 2 every year.

6%, initially including: First, the profit growth of the coal sector has fallen, that is, the profit of the sector with a large proportion of equity has fallen. The operating income of this sector has been US $ 41.4 billion, which has gradually declined4.

4%; Second, non-operating expenses increased sharply, the current period was 3.5 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 177.

7%, mainly due to the transfer of “three supply and one industry” and external donations; the third is that investment income has dropped significantly, 5.

93 trillion, down 55 a year.

1%, mainly due to the decline in investment income of associates; fourth, other incomes fell sharply, 3.

1.7 billion, down 20 a year.

9%, mainly due to the reduction of government subsidies for gas power plants.

In 2018, the profit of the coal segment declined, mainly due to the increase in the unit production cost of self-produced coal. The company’s operating income of the coal segment in 2018 was US $ 41.4 billion, which gradually declined4.

4%, the first is the added value of unit cost of self-produced coal, which was 113 in 2018.

4 yuan / ton, up 4 before.

9 yuan / ton, an increase of 4.

5%, mainly due to the increase of earth replacement consumables such as Harwusu and the increase in the size of excavation of wells and mines, as well as the increase in labor wages of some production units.

From the perspective of production and sales volume and coal tungsten carbide, it contributes positively to the performance of the coal segment, of which commercial coal production is 296.

6 million tons, up 0 before.

4% of coal sales were 460.

9 million tons, up 3 before.

9%, coal average formaldehyde 429 yuan / ton (excluding tax), an increase of 0 over the past.


In 2018, the profit of the power sector increased, mainly due to the increase in volume and price and the decrease in unit costs. The company’s operating income of the power sector in 2018 was $ 12.7 billion, an increase of 71.

9%, including: First, the generation and sales of electricity increased by more growth, the current total generation of 285 billion kWh, an increase of 8.

5%, total sales of 268 billion kWh, an annual increase of 8.

7%, mainly due to the maximum growth of the whole society, so the company ‘s average unit utilization hours were 4877 hours, an additional 194 hours; the second is the increase in electricity sales prices, the current average electricity sales price of 318 yuan / MWh, more than 6Yuan / MWh, an increase of 1.

9%; Third, the cost of electricity sales has dropped, and the average cost of electricity sales during the period was 253.

8 yuan / MWh, a decrease of 5 per year.

7 MWh, a decrease of 2.

2%, mainly due to the increase in electricity sales, unit labor, depreciation and amortization costs fell. The profitability of the transportation sector in 2018 is strong or weak, mainly due to the increase in unit cost. The company’s 2018 railway, port, and restructuring sectors have different profitability, with operating income of 17.7 billion and 23, respectively.

300 million, 7.

23 ppm, with annual growth rates of 0.

9%, -7.

4%, 9.


The profit growth of the three sub-segments increased in the first half of the year, and the performance in the second half improved. The first was the increase in transportation unit costs, of which railway unit costs were zero.

052 yuan / ton-kilometre, an annual increase of 4% (fuel and labor costs increase), and the unit cost of the port is 10.

7 yuan / ton, an increase of 13 in ten years.

8% (increasing dredging costs due to weather), conversion unit cost is 0.

035 yuan / ton 深圳桑拿网 nautical miles, an increase of ten years.

7% (chartering costs and fuel costs increase).

The integration of thermal power assets started, and the company size of the industrial chain synergy is worth looking forward to. On August 29, 2017, the SASAC issued a news announcement that the company’s controlling shareholder, China Shenhua Group, would be renamed National Energy Group and merged with China Guodian Group. February 2018On the 5th, National Energy Group and Guodian Group formally signed the “Merger Agreement”, a listed company framework, the company will take out some power assets (19 thermal power companies and 3 associates), and set up a power joint venture with all power assets of Guodian PowerThe two parties respectively hold 42 shares.

53%, 57.

47%, which is held by Guodian Power. This will play a synergistic effect on the upstream and downstream industry chains. As of January 31, 2019, the relevant assets have been transferred and transferred. The company’s future power generation assets will be replaced. The long-term equity investment will increase accordingly, and the income statement will reflect more.Investment income.

Earnings forecast: EPS for 2019-2021 is 2.

26, 2.

42, 2.

At 50 yuan, we expect the future trend of coal prices, the increase in production at the Harwusu Mine, the resumption of production at other coal mines, and the successive launch of new company projects. The company’s future performance may further improve.

It is estimated that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 2.

26, 2.

42, 2.

50 yuan, currently 21.

13 yuan, corresponding to PE for 2019-2021 is 9 respectively.

4X / 8.

7X / 8.

4x, maintain the company’s “Buy” rating Risk reminder: Macroeconomics is less than expected, supply-side reforms are less than expected

Baby-loving room (603214) quarterly report comment: deduct non-net profit +24.

9% year-on-year growth in gross profit margins across industries highlights channel value

Baby-loving room (603214) quarterly report comment: deduct non-net profit +24.

9% year-on-year growth in gross profit margins across industries highlights channel value

1Q1 revenue 5.

4.5 billion, net profit attributable to mother 0.

18 billion.

1Q1 revenue 5.

45 billion, +13.

21% year-on-year; net profit attributable to mother 0.

18 billion, +46.

A year-on-year increase of 44%; net profit after deducting non-attribution is 0.

14 billion, +24.

Year-on-year growth of 91%; EPS is 0.

18 yuan / share.

Non-recurring gains and losses are mainly income from wealth management products, contributing 279 million in the current period; government subsidies included in the current profit and loss of 1.58 million yuan.

In terms of stores, six new stores opened in 19Q1, 1/1/4/0 in Shanghai / Zhejiang / Jiangsu / Fujian, and another 19 have been signed and are expected to open in the next three quarters, and Shanghai / Zhejiang / Fujian will be 13/4/2 5 stores closed in 19Q1, with a total of 224 stores at the end of the period.

E-commerce business income is 0.

1.3 billion, an increase of 84% in ten years.

In terms of revenue, by type, 19Q1 store sales revenue4.

9.8 billion (accounting for 91.

31%), an annual increase of 16.

54%, e-commerce revenue is 0.

1.3 billion (accounting for 2).

47%), an annual increase of 84.

18%, wholesale income 0.

0.8 billion (accounting for 1).

41%), a year-on-year decrease of 63.

89% of the baby’s touching income was zero.

0.4 billion (accounting for 0.

67%), a decrease of 2 per year.


Food sales income is 0.

40 billion (accounting for 7).

34%), an annual increase of 20.


1Q1 income of the first category of milk powder2.

6.2 billion (47%).

97%), an annual increase of 18.

73%, income from supplies1.4 billion (accounting for 25.

61%), an increase of 10 in ten years.

57%, cotton spinning income is 0.

4.9 billion (9%).

04%), an increase of 13 in ten years.

93%, food income is 0.

40 billion (accounting for 7).

34武汉夜生活网%), an annual increase of 20.

15%, toy income 0.

2.5 billion (accounting for 4).

68%), an increase of 17 in ten years.

20%, the lathe category income is 0.

3.0 billion (accounting for 0.

56%), a reduction of 72 per year.

01%, income from baby touch service is 0.

0.4 billion (accounting for 0.

67%), a decrease of 2 per year.


Zhejiang’s revenue has grown rapidly, with 19Q1 revenue growing 41 year-on-year.

2% reached 0.

9.3 billion.

1Q1 Shanghai revenue 2.

6.7 billion (accounting for 51.

11%), an annual increase of 3.

78%; Zhejiang income is 0.

9.3 billion (17%).

76%), an increase of 41 per year.

19%; Jiangsu’s income is 0.

8.1 billion (15%).

41%), an increase of 18 in ten years.

50%; Fujian revenue is 0.

8.2 billion (15%).

71%), an annual increase of 20.


Profit-side analysis: 19Q1 gross profit margin 26.

46%, ten years +1.

32pct; net interest rate 3.

56%, ten years +0.


Period expenses total 1.2 billion, previously +20.

09%, period expense ratio 22.

01%, ten years +1.

29 points.

Of which: Sales expense ratio is 19.

90% for ten years +3.

18pct, mainly due to the newly opened stores and property management fees, increased labor costs; management expense ratio 2.

34% a year -1.

32pct; financial expense ratio -0.

23%, -0 per second.

56 points.

Maintain profit forecast and give Buy rating.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 19-21.

47 yuan, 1.

77 yuan, 2.

2 yuan, corresponding PE is 28xPE, 23xPE, 18xPE.

Risk warning: New store advances less than expected; chain retail model has risks such as rising rents.

Lanyan Holdings (000968) Annual Report 2018 and 2019 First Quarterly Commentary: Endogenous officially enters the pre-production period and benefits from the reorganization of the pipeline network and the reform of Shanxi

Lanyan Holdings (000968) Annual Report 2018 and 2019 First Quarterly Commentary: Endogenous officially enters the pre-production period and benefits from the reorganization of the pipeline network and the reform of Shanxi
Core point of view 2019 is expected to become the first year of the company’s capacity growth again. Natural gas demand has maintained rapid growth. Under the background of Shanxi state-owned assets reform and integration of the gas platform, the company’s revenue and profit scale have great growth potential.Maintain “Buy” rating. 2018 performance was in line with expectations, and the first quarter of 19 slightly exceeded expectations.The company’s 18 years of revenue and net profit return + 23% and + 39%, Q1 19 years of revenue and return to net profit + 18% and + 15%, the company’s 18-year performance in line with expectations, 19-year Q1 performance exceededExpectations are mainly due to the company’s three rates and interest rates in 19Q1 were lower than our expectations. CBM planning goals are still far away, and policies and reforms have pushed the industry into an accelerated path. The top-down policy removes obstacles to the development of coalbed methane.In 2016, some coalbed methane exploration and exploitation approvals within the administrative region of Shanxi Province were directly replaced and approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources to be implemented and approved by the Shanxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources.In November 2017, Shanxi Province first publicized the exploration rights for 10 coalbed methane blocks to the whole country, and the company obtained the exploration rights for 4 blocks. The current scale of coalbed methane is far from the target space.The National Energy Administration and Shanxi Province respectively plan to extract 10 billion cubic meters and 19-22 billion cubic meters of coal-bed methane from the country by 2020.Shanxi Gas Group (the parent company of Lanyan Holdings) plans to form 3 to 5 billion cubic meters of new production capacity by 2022, and to draw 4.3 billion cubic meters in 2020.In 2018, the national surface coalbed methane production was 54.1.3 billion cubic meters, the output of Shanxi Province is 50.400 million cubic meters, the company’s output is 14.6.4 billion cubic meters, which is still far from the planned goals. Under the background of the national strategic prospects of coal-to-gas and natural gas improvement, it is inevitable that the development of coalbed methane will accelerate. The reform of Shanxi state-owned assets promoted the rapid development of Lanyan Holdings.According to the gas group’s restructuring and integration implementation plan, the gas group will gradually take the coal-bed methane as the core and gradually build a gas industry chain.As their 都市夜网 respective sole listing platforms, the company will benefit from the formation of the Gas Group and accelerate its development.At present, the first phase of the Gas Group’s capital increase and share expansion has been initially completed. The rapid development of the company’s new district has been carried out step by step, and it is expected to take effect in 19 years.In 2018, the company initially mastered the geological conditions of the new blockchain and clarified the occurrence status of the target reservoirs. Three of the four blockchains have successfully ignited gas, which is the first batch of ten coalbed gas displayed in Shanxi Province.The exploration progress in the exploration blockchain is accelerating.Construction in progress related to production capacity construction has remained at 7 since 2016.Above the scale of more than 100 million yuan; construction business income recovered to its historical high level in 2013 in 2018, indicating that capacity is under construction.Combined with the outgas of new projects, we expect the company’s production capacity / output to increase significantly in 2019. Risk factors.The project progress of the company exceeded expectations, and output was expected to be lower than expected; natural gas prices fell; the progress of Shanxi’s state-owned assets reform progress was lower than expected; the company’s resource quality exceeded expectations, resulting in insufficient long-term potential. Investment Advice.2019 is expected to be the first year of the company’s capacity growth again. Natural gas demand has maintained rapid growth. Under the background of Shanxi’s state-owned assets reform and integration of the gas platform, the company’s revenue and profit scale have increased growth potential.Increase the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-20 to 1.05/1.35 yuan (was 0).80/0.90 yuan), supplementing the forecast for 2021.At 83 yuan, the current expected PE is 12/10/7 times. According to 19 times 15 times PE, the target price is 16 yuan. Maintain “Buy” rating.

Playing badminton can help children prevent myopia

Playing badminton can help children prevent myopia

Core tips: “Let the child” in badminton: parents do not prevent “drawing as a prison” in their position, such as drawing a circle with a diameter of 2 meters, even if the ball is out of the circle, points are lost; the child can also choose the “windwind field” freely”It’s still a” headwind field. ”

  ◆ I. Improving the function of the eyeball The research of ophthalmologists found that the eyes must quickly follow the badminton in the process of playing. This pair of 5?

A 9-year-old’s perfect eyeball function has unexpected benefits.

5?9 years old is the most critical period for the development of children’s eyeballs, and the amblyopia rate of urban children at this stage is about 8% and the myopia rate is 14%, which are all shocking figures.

Experts believe that this is closely related to the fact that children are more in “study” and lack of ball games, especially badminton, a slightly strong “small ball”.

When badminton is flying at high speed, the human ciliary muscle contracts, the lens ligament inside the eyeball relaxes, the lens’s inherent elastic curvature becomes larger, the refractive index increases, and the direction of the incoming ball can be clearly seen; when the ball returns, it is just rightOn the contrary, the ciliary muscles relax, the suspensory ligament connecting the lens is tense, and the lens becomes loose, ensuring that you can see the badminton in the distance.

In the continuous batting and returning, the key parts of the child’s eyeballs such as the ciliary muscles, the lens and the suspensory ligament are all exercised, to prevent the development of amblyopia and myopia, and even to treat internal vision (to the eye),All have certain auxiliary effects.

  ◆ Second, prepare equipment to give the child a suitable racket. A racket that matches the height of the arm will effectively improve the quality of the child’s return and enhance their confidence in playing badminton.

You can also prepare a fun cartoon racket for your child, and let him carry the racket on his way to the court to improve his return rate and pride.

  ◆ Third, basic exercises · Holding the family’s upside-down golf game: Children who are new to badminton are likely to miss the ball or fail to return the ball. This shows that the child still lacks the coordination ability of the eye, hand, racket and ball.You can first let him use the racket to flip the ball to cultivate the sense of the ball. After dozens of consecutive flips, ask the child to put the ball high and then flip.

It can host a family game of subversive golf, subversion and transcendence. The longer the duration, the better.

  · Parents serve as “serving machines”: After the child learns to play the ball, the parents can throw the ball to the child at a distance of about 5 meters, allowing him to hold the ball back.

Then gradually increase the change in the direction of throwing the ball, so that the child can adapt to the way of returning the ball in various postures, laying the foundation for formal confrontation.

  · “Let the child” in badminton: Parents do not prevent “drawing as a prison” in their own position, such as drawing a circle with a diameter of 2 meters, even if they lose points, they can also let the child freely choose the “windward field” or”Headwind venue.”

Spring health cold prevention wind injury bone 3 food therapy wind pain relief

Spring health cold prevention wind injury bone 3 food therapy wind pain relief

Introduction: Spring health, people in health care to maintain diet, living, cold and heat laws are equal, and maintain yin and yang balance, this is reflected in the spirit, diet, daily life photography and the use of drugs.

Xiaobian recommend 3 medicated diet health wind and pain relief.

  Spring is the function of the human body, the period when the metabolism is at its peak, and the hormone levels are at a relative peak. At this time, non-infectious diseases such as high blood pressure or high blood pressure fluctuations and menstrual disorders; allergic diseases, so people need to pay attention in this seasonHealth.

  -Prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea First, due to the strong wind in spring, Chinese medicine believes that wind wood is good for the spleen, and that the spleen is weak and the tongue is white and diarrhea.

  Secondly, the way to keep in good health is windy days, less outdoor exposure to wind, you can take Lizhong Wan under the guidance of a doctor.

  Third, we must prevent cold in spring.

  Fourth, use dried ginger for cooking, because dried ginger can be mild.

  -Easy to catch cold, runny nose. There are many winds in spring, strong wind, easy to catch cold and runny nose. You should exercise outdoors to strengthen your immunity.

  Therefore, in the spring of dietary adjustment, according to your actual situation, choose to be able to maintain the balance of body function coordination and accumulation.

  Taboo hot, cold, rising, falling diet misunderstandings, such as cooking fish, shrimp, crab and other cold foods, the principle must be accompanied by spring onions, ginger, wine, vinegar warm seasoning to preventThis orientation is cold and cold, which will damage the spleen and stomach after eating and cause the discomfort of abdominal discomfort.

  For example, when eating leeks, garlic, papaya and other yang-aids, they are often supplemented with eggs to nourish yin to achieve the purpose of complementing yin and yang.

  Keep your mind relaxed, happy, and optimistic.

In terms of living, we must adhere to proper exercise, regular sleep, quantitative arrangements, and purposeful rehabilitation, so as to achieve the best health.

  推荐三道适宜春季的养生菜:  大蒜烧茄子  [配料]  大蒜25克,茄子500克,葱、姜、淀粉、酱油、白糖、食盐、味精、植物油、清汤各适量。  [做法]  茄子去蒂洗净,剖成两瓣,在每瓣的表面上花成十字花刀,切成长4厘米,宽2厘米的长方形块(不要切断)。  Wash and chop the shallots and ginger, wash the garlic and cut into two spares.

  Set a wok over high heat and pour in vegetable oil until it is 70% hot. Put eggplants into the pot one by one and stir fry. When yellow, add ginger, soy sauce, salt, garlic cloves and clear soup. After boiling, simmer with simmering heat.10 minutes, turn well, sprinkle green onions, and then mix with sugar, starch, and water to make a scoop.

  [功效]  凉血止血,消肿定痛。It should be used for complications such as blood in the stool, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and purple spots.

  This recipe takes the sweet and cold characteristics of eggplants, clearing blood and heat, dispersing blood stasis and swelling, diuresis and dampness, analgesic, supplemented with warm garlic, which can warm the spleen and stomach, relieve qi stagnation, eliminate dysentery, and relieve evil poison.

Vitamin D caused by eggplant can enhance blood vessel elasticity and prevent small blood vessels from bleeding.

  白烧鳝鱼  [配料]  鳝鱼500克,黄酒、葱白、生姜、食盐、胡椒粉、植物油各适量。  [做法]  鳝鱼去骨及内脏,洗净切成寸段备用,锅内到入植物油,烧至七成热时,放入鳝鱼、葱、姜,略炒后加入黄酒、食盐、少量清水, Low heat until cooked through and sprinkle with pepper.

  [功效]  补虚损,止便血。It is especially effective for postpartum dysentery, hemorrhoid bleeding, lower pus, pus and blood, and viscera depletion.

  Note: No matter how you cook catfish in some way, don’t forget to add pepper.

  杜仲腰花  [配料]  杜仲12克,猪肾250克,葱、姜、蒜、花椒、醋、酱油、绍酒、干淀粉、盐、白砂糖、植物油、味精各适量。  [做法]  杜仲清水煎浓汁50毫升,(加淀粉、绍酒、味精、酱油、盐、白砂糖,兑成芡汁分成三份备用)。  Remove the lumbosacral fascia from pork loin slices, cut into waist flowers, immerse them in a piece of loquat juice, wash and slice the onions, ginger, and garlic, and use the slices for later use.

  Heat the wok over high heat. Pour in vegetable oil and bake until it is 80% hot. Add peppercorns and wait until the aroma comes out. Add cashew, spring onion, ginger, and garlic and stir-fry. Add stir-fry for a few minutes.Stir in vinegar and serve.

What is wrong in the mouth?

What is wrong in the mouth?

Many times we feel bitter, and many people often have other flavors in their mouths, sour, sweet, salty, etc. Why is this happening?

The old Chinese medicine explained that the mixed taste in the mouth may be caused by the disease.

  Blindly: bitter mouth performance: five upset hot, dry mouth and throat.

  Reason: caused by liver and gallbladder fever, bile gas fumigation, often associated with bile metabolism loss, more common in acute and chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones and hepatobiliary tumors.

  Coping Strategies: Spinach is sweet and cold, enters the intestines, and the stomach is meridian.

It has the functions of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, benefiting the five internal organs, communicating the blood, quenching thirst and intestines, nourishing yin and flattening the liver, assisting digestion, clearing gastrointestinal heat toxicity, and often has good effects on adjuvant treatment of liver qi discomfort and gastric disease.

  Second taste: sweet mouth performance: sweet mouth is sticky, sweet food is sour, nausea and nausea, heavy limbs tired.

  Causes: Mostly caused by damp-heat of the spleen and stomach, liver and spleen, and fire, and it is common in diabetes and digestive disorders.

  Coping strategies: The essence of causing spleen-stomach dampness-heat syndrome is the result of effective treatment of the above-mentioned disease replacement, and gradually repeating activities and development.

As a result, it is related to bad lifestyles, such as consuming the fat in the abdomen, eating spicy foods, smoking and drinking, etc., which lead to spleen and stomach injuries and heat accumulation.

  This shows that to prevent the occurrence of hot and humid spleen and stomach, we must first actively treat the above-mentioned basic diseases.

At the same time, it is necessary to change the unhealthy lifestyle, to achieve a moderate diet, do not smoke, do not drink, etc.

  Three flavors: Sour mouth performance: inflammation of the stomach fire, which can cause upset stomach qi, nausea, vomiting, acid, bitter yellow water and other symptoms.

  Reason: It is caused by the heat of liver and gallbladder multiplying the spleen. It is more common in gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers.

  Response strategy: Elimination interventions should be adopted.

Such as complete treatment of chronic gastritis, avoid spicy, hard diet and drugs that are irritating to the stomach, and treat chronic infections of the mouth and throat.

  Those who have too much stomach acid should abstain from concentrated chicken soup and other concentrated fresh soups, acidic foods, large amounts of protein, etc. to avoid causing increased gastric acid secretion.

Eat milk, soy milk, cream, puree, porridge, noodles, bread, etc.

  Four flavors: salty mouth performance: five upset and hot, dry throat; red tongue, less Jin, weak pulse.

  Causes: Caused by insufficient kidney yin and virtual fire rising, more common in neurosis, chronic nephritis, chronic laryngitis, and oral ulcers.

  Coping strategies: mainly nourishing and tonifying the kidney and yin, Liuli Dihuang Wan, Zuo Gui Wan, Zuo Gui Yin and the like are commonly used.

If the heart and kidneys do not intersect, choose Huanglian Ejiao Decoction; Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency, Liver Yang Hyperactivity, choose Qiju Dihuang Decoction, Zhengan Xifeng Decoction; Fire and Fire, choose Zhibai Dihuang Pill; Lung and Kidney Yin DeficiencyChoose Lily Gujin Decoction, Maiwei Dihuang Wan and the like.

Five flavors: Spicy taste: Excessive drinking, indiscriminate diet, overheating and thick taste.

  Cause: Caused by pulmonary fever or gastroenteritis, more common in hypertension, neurosis, menopausal syndrome, and chronic low fever.

  Coping strategy: Qingfei Pear.

Hollow the inside of the pear and cook it with chuanbei, rock sugar, honey, etc .; or mung bean soup, 2-3 times a day.

Light mouth performance: like warm and happy to press, light mouth is not thirsty, limbs are not warm, stool is thin.

  Reason: due to spleen and stomach deficiency and insufficiency of transport, more common in digestive and endocrine system diseases, malnutrition, vitamin and trace element zinc deficiency.

  Coping strategies: Eat more high-protein foods and high-vitamin foods to ensure the accumulation of various nutrients in the body to prevent anemia and malnutrition. For anemia and malnutrition, foods supplemented with protein and heme iron should be added to the diet, such asInternal meat such as lean meat, chicken, fish, liver, and waist.

  Foods high in vitamins include dark fresh vegetables and fruits, such as leafy greens, tomatoes, eggplant, and red dates.

It is best to eat 2-3 fresh hawthorns at each meal to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice.

Who is blowing the black whistle for you in the workplace

Who is blowing the “black whistle” for you in the workplace

When the Chinese football team passed the Asian Cup with a referee’s controversial verdict, everyone could only applaud.
In the arena of football we can start again, but in the workplace, if you unfortunately encounter a “black whistle”, can you have the confidence to start again?
A survey by a career consulting company in this city shows that about 60% of the professional white-collar workers who changed jobs in August complained that they had been treated unfairly, and nearly 40% of them had encountered “black whistle” in the workplace.
There is a saying well: there are rivers and lakes where there are people, and there are disputes where there are rivers and lakes, especially in the workplace where there are crouching dragons and crouching tigers.
Just because there are more battles for fame and fortune, so many unfair things will happen.
But evasion is not the best way after all. Only by solving the problem can we treat both the symptoms and the symptoms.
  Interpersonal “black whistle”-workplace “reef” This kind of “black whistle” is very common, because in the dictionary of office politics, there is never “reasonable”, “irrational”, only “clever”, “not clever”.
As long as you are in it, you cannot avoid dealing with different types of people.
  案例   经过几年奋斗,赵晓雨已经升任公司市场部主管,本以为凭借一定的工作经验和专业水平,能在新部门里有一番作为,可是没过3个月,她便发觉事情没有想得那么简单.
The relationship between colleagues in the department was complex and delicate, and some people formed small groups, which made it difficult for her to manage.
Zhao Xiaoyu is a person who does not like to engage in relationships.
Although there is no favoritism or crackdown on anyone at work, it has also been criticized.
At the end of the year, she had the lowest score in the departmental assessment. Seeing such a result, Zhao Xiaoyu was very disappointed and even a little discouraged.
  Responding to Cheats Modern enterprises pay attention to team spirit and emphasize teamwork, but in group life, some conflicts of interest will inevitably arise.
You must first figure out who is the core person in the team (a person who is related to the company’s core business), find a way to build a relationship with it, and don’t cause yourself unnecessary trouble.
We should also study office politics in a timely manner and help others without asking for immediate returns.
Within the scope of your ability, actively helping your colleagues is a win-win way to accumulate interpersonal capital.
Compromises are often necessary when fighting for and defending your rights.
If you take the lead in everything, it’s easy to be the target of criticism.
Not seeking a moment of victory, or even the strategic “minor triumphs, major triumphs” are smart workplace practices.
  Boss “black whistle”-workplace “land mine” This “whistle” is terrible and can bleak your career prospects very bleak.
  Case Study Yunfeng Feng is a very motivated person. After switching to the current company’s marketing department two years ago, she has been working hard and created many good results.
Unexpectedly, the company transferred a new manager to propose a personnel reform proposal. He burned the fire to the marketing department first, from department heads to employees, all replaced by the new manager’s line of arms.
Yun Feng was transferred to the research department as an analyst.
Yun Feng couldn’t figure it out. He was so hard-working on weekdays, and his business ability was not weak. The current vice president who had worked together also said that as long as he stayed for another two years, he was promoted to be the deputy.?
In fact, it is the so-called “knowing people knowing their faces and not knowing their hearts” that made this decision is the vice president who has always convinced him.
  Dealing with Cheats Don’t be too convinced that all your bosses can distinguish right from wrong, public and private, and can be very tolerant of you at any time; don’t expect your boss to be an educator, and teach you when you are confused.
The “black whistle” often sounds invisible. What you have to do is not to blame the sky, because negative confrontation will not help.
Remember, showing your skills (business abilities, resources, connections) at the right time, and it is important for your boss to look at you.
In addition, we must pay attention to methods so as not to cause too much threat to the boss.
When the boss has no time to go (or has difficulty), he naturally uses emotions to win people’s hearts. Once the crisis has passed, you know his history, know that he ate the “pearl emerald white jade soup” scene, and you are used to oldI patted him on the shoulder, who didn’t kill you?
  Subordinates “black whistle” — a unique “hidden weapon” This “black whistle” makes you defenseless.
Although “employment is not doubtful, suspects do not need to”, but often the most trusted person is the person who betrayed you.
  Case Study Zhang Lin’s advertising company has been doing well, with more than half of the more than 20 employees being company veterans.
Zhang Lin has always believed in the principle of treating employees with generosity and sincerity.
During the festival, he always sends some red envelopes to everyone, and the management is not particularly strict.
As he was busy preparing for the branch office, Zhang Lin handed over the management power of the company to the vice president.
But not long ago, the vice president suddenly disappeared, and the company’s more than 1 million yuan of funds disappeared.”I was miserable by him!

“Zhang Lin didn’t expect it.

The person he trusts most often does this kind of thing.

  Although coping with cheats is indispensable, it is necessary to guard against them.

As a manager, we must be cautious in employing people, which is the so-called “road knows horsepower and sees people’s hearts for a long time.”

In a large company, you should often chat with employees in various departments, learn more about the subordinates and employees’ ideas, and do not close the door to become the “Emperor of the Earth.”

In this way, once your subordinates are different, you can take precautions first.

  The “black whistle” of an enterprise — The victims of the heavy “bomb” such a whistle are usually employees. In order to seek maximum benefits in market competition, enterprises often make employees take risks.

  Case Study Li Li is the company’s finance director. He works hard and earns the trust of his boss.

However, something that has caused him a headache recently has happened.

Recently, the company’s operating conditions are not good, and the performance has improved. The boss hopes that he can modify the financial statements according to his wishes.

After repeated consideration, Li Li was a good obedient employee. He never thought that the boss’s requirements were increasing.

Li Li really didn’t want to share the same fate with his boss, and he became a “solitary and troublemaker” in the company.

In desperation, Li Li resigned.

  Dealing with cheats in the workplace, you have the right to choose your boss, and you have the right to choose whether to do something or not.

When you encounter something that you are not sure about, ask yourself a few questions: Does the boss let you do something that is against professional ethics?

Is he the main responsibility bearer?

If the answer is yes, it is wrong to do it, and it is wrong not to do it. Is there a need to continue?

Generally, employees in an enterprise can be divided into three categories: third-class employees, whose destiny is determined by the boss, and cannot be controlled by themselves if they “live and kill”; second-class employees can sit down and talk to their boss about their conditions.Race size will also be considered a bit; first-class employees not only decide to stay, they can also “influence the boss’s decision.”

In the face of “red and black”, would you choose to be an employee?

No-cost white salt sweet and sour whitening method

No-cost white salt sweet and sour whitening method

Does beautiful skin really need to be smashed by silver?

not necessarily!

In fact, the oil and salt sweet and sour, which is cheap like cooking in the kitchen, can also be a beautiful skin.

Let’s look at the commentary for you.

  1. After normal salt exfoliation and normal cleaning, apply fine salt to the aligned skin, and then gently massage in circular motion at both ends. The thicker stratum corneum can be massaged once more. Massage 3-After 5 minutes, wash off with warm water and you will notice that the skin is much clearer and cleaner.

  Note: Exfoliating can be done once a week. Use with caution on sensitive skin.

  2, white sugar to remove acne and acne, but the acne is still “stubborn” on the face, affecting the appearance, don’t worry, white sugar can help you.

After cleaning, apply white sugar to the acne marks, and gently massage and rest for 3 minutes. When the sugar is completely dry, wash it off. Within a week, you will find that the acne marks are gone.

  3, white vinegar oil control For the T-shaped part with strong secretion of oil, even in autumn, many “oil production” of oily skin is continuous.

For local areas, white vinegar and purified water can be mixed at a ratio of 1: 3. Wipe gently with a cotton pad and the mixture. After 3-5 times, wash with warm water.

In less than two Wednesdays, you will find that “oil volume” will really reduce production through your persistence.

  4, brown sugar to blackheads This is a very popular method on the Internet, but it does work.

First add a small amount of brown sugar, then add a few drops of honey. After blending, apply evenly to the T area, and then massage the blackhead alignment part with your hands for 5 minutes. Rinse with water.

  5. Olive oil mask Heat pure olive oil to about 37 ° C, then add an appropriate amount of honey, then soak the non-woven mask or gauze block in the oil and remove it, cover it on a wooden board, and remove it after 20 minutes to prevent it.Skin aging, moisturizing, freckle removing and wrinkle removal effect, suitable for those with particularly dry skin.