It’s all over,Still watching the show here?

“Let’s go too,I have to participate in the fight tomorrow,”Strange to say,My body was in pain just now,I feel fine now。
Relaxed,The sharp pain just now seemed to happen in a flash。
“Brother Hao,You were really fierce just now,It was a mess,Quell me directly。”
Huang Xiaoding recalled the scene just now,He simply blinded his titanium dog eyes。
At this moment, Qin Hao can’t wait to see the reward given by the system just now,Tiger Roar, Longyin Dali Pills are of little use,He’s not a kid with kidney deficiency?
Naturally do not need this powerful Viagra。
“This oneCGrade genetic modification medicine is interesting,”Qin Hao took a look at its function。
Used on anyone,Will transform their physical attributes,But there is no guarantee that the attributes will be successfully promoted。
There is a certain chance to reduce physical attributes。
in other words,This is looking at the face,Whose face is black,Not only can’t help them,Also reduces physical attributes。
“Can be used with Lucky Potion,100% success rate。”
Then a product popped up from the merit store。
“CLucky Potion,Cooperate with allCGrade material items use,100% success rate。”
Qin Hao glanced at the price,A thousand merits。
However, after buying the powerful explosive potion and the vitality burst potion, he still has six thousand merit points.。

Lu Hao Cheng was suddenly dangerous,What he wants to know,I can’t know.。

“Since you don’t say,Let’s later do this.!”His sound line is very good,Reprinted threat。
The danger of spreading from him,Instantly shrouded the whole body of Blue Xin。
Blue Xinjing,It’s hard to support him.,The pair of deep into the scorpion,With a shares to wear everything。
His sentence is like this?What makes her cool behind her。
I can’t take care of what is at the moment.,She looked straight into Lu Haozheng,“Lu Hao Cheng,You are like me like this.,Do you want to wait for your lover??Does your conscience will not hurt??You will not hurt,My pain。”
“hehe”Lu Hao Cheng suddenly laughed。
Looking at her, this Ming Yanyi’s face,Evil:“Blue,Do you think more?。”His words said。
Blue Xinyi,After knowing the obsession, I found the meaning of his words.。
“why me?”She is still a problem that has just been entangled,She is full of stress.,The clear eyes look at his handsome,Don’t let go of a single face on her face。
Such a look,Blue Xin’s heart can’t help but despise yourself,What is her in mind??
Lu Haochi inserted in the trouser pocket,It’s noble.:“You want to know,I am still that problem.?Your mobile password,Why is it0923?”
Blue Xin slightly,Look at him,He knows her things,Follow up:“This is a ginger,After I wake up,Several numbers I remember,I am afraid for forgetting.,Used to do lock screen。
Every day,Will not forget,I don’t know what special meaning it is.,But I just remember these numbers.,Remember these numbers,Maybe it is possible to unveil my life.。”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,The bottom of the heart is full of warmth,She doesn’t remember anything.,Remember his birthday。
She lost the day,Just is his birthday。
And that day,It is also his most painful time.。
His father,The same ruthless to my mother?
He even thought about it away from home.,Go to find mom?
But he knows,he can not,he’s gone,Just like Qin Ning’s meaning。
Looking at Lu Hao Cheng’s complex emotions,Lan Xin only feels that Lu Hao Cheng, who is in front of him.,Let her simply touch his sex。
“Continental,You still have not answered my question?”
Lu Haocheng is a smile,Watching on her bright and moving small face,Philippine lips,Slowly open:“Because,Can only be you!”
Gentle sentence,But let Luoxin feel that he fell into the ice.,She is like a tiger,Nowhere to escape。
NS141chapter:It is the warmth of his memories.

NS141chapter:It is the warmth of his memories.
She is like that.,The mind is echoed by Lu Hao Cheng,“Because,Can only be you!”
“Ding”Elevator door open,Blue Xin has just returned to God,Lu Hao accommodates over her hand,Go on the car。
Blue Xin is still immersed in that sentence,I even forgot to struggle,I forgot to reject Lu Hao Cheng,Slitting his pace。
I have been sitting at the car,Lu Haocheng gave her seat belt,Strong heterosexum,Haunting in her nose,She suddenly returned to God。
She lifted,But I suddenly hit a pair of deep-in-depth-enceeding,Her heart,Keep up with one tight,She instantly feels his gaze,Like a shackle,Keep her firmly,Let her not escape now!
Lu Haocheng saw her nervous,But just gently hook the lips,Didn’t say anything,White jade finger,Slowly hold the direction of the parking lot。
All the way,There is no sentence in a quiet sentence.。
Blue Xin doesn’t know what to say to Lu Hao?

“third,The brother’s sister is married.,Dear,The other party is another sage of the brother Sun Wukong。”Niu Deyan smiles again。

Sun Wukong also arrested Tang Sanzang,Also selected a cow magic king to do a cooperation object?
Liao Jie stood a script,Obvious two monkeys have been toned,This monkey is not a monkey,The result is the same as the same hair.,It’s all pushing the King of the Niu Deyu.。
To say that there is no director’s dark hand on this,He is not believed。
“Montenegro,That is Tang Tibet,His meat can be eating a boy.,Hey, are you??”Niu Deyu,It’s more sensuality than just。
A few days ago,Sun Wukong secretly opened the hair,Take the initiative to give him Tang three。
Niu De Wang just has this kind of plan,He thought that Tang San hooded for a period of time.,Sushing, boat and monkeys start business。
Niu Deyan with sister exchange Tang San Tibet,Monkey with Master to change the little girl,Realized the strategic objectives of the Big Hands Wife and Sister,Both sides take the required,Brotherhood is further sublimated。
Never want to,Last night, the monkey came to the door.,I changed to the hammer,Be careful,For this reason, I also changed the secondary skin.。
If it is not the urinary hanging, it is not chaamless.,The Niu De Wang also thought it was the other monkeys.。
Sun Wukong means very simple,Original plan fine-tuning,Niu De Wang can take away Tang San Tibet,But you must do your own,He wants to be a good monkey who respects teachers.。
also,And the marriage of cow sisters,Can not be big Zhangqi drum,It is best to cancel various rituals,Don’t send a short post,Directly start the cave flower candle。
For the neurotide of monkeys,Niu Deyu is not intended,Since I follow Master Tang San,Monkey is more crazy,Moreover, the monkey is in the third,Nothing is so strange。
These hidden love,Niu De Wang is in the heart, did not say,Today, come to Montenegro.,Is careful consideration,He is a little unassay to the monkey.,Doubt there is fishing,After thinking,Decided to make the black mountain pale。
Simpler,aandbpartnership,bFindcOutsourcing,earning the money together,riskycA man’s back。
“Cow,Will there be no problem in this??”
Liao Jie faces,Troubleshoot:“It is good to be good for ease of life.,I can eat Tang Yan meat can have a long life, I don’t know which to pass it.,No one has tasted,Is it true or a problem。”
“Adventure for this kind of virtual,Will you know,After all, Tang Sanzang is taking the scriptures.,Too big risk,What should I do if I have a head group??”
“Hahaha,Montenegro,You are too cautious.。”
Niu De Wang,Four times,Small channel:“Matters,Snoving you,Don’t pass out,I got reliable inside by a friend.,Tang San Tibet has gone through nine times,Every time you fail,This time no exception。”
Liao Jie:
Dare to ask,Your friend,Is it called Jinyi??
“so,The surface is we eat Tang Yan meat.,In fact, it is a plan with the light head.,As long as we low-key,Don’t be big in the event,Thank you so much on the side of the Buddha.!”
Liao Jie:
Wonderful,It turns out that this is the monster’s repeated war.,Before ahead。
anyway,Is there such a possibility?,Every monster have to get an exclusive insider,I didn’t take the consequences of Tang Yan.?
“How about it,Montenegro,You don’t do this ticket.?”
“Ah this year”
Liao Jie exposed as a difficult color,Warm-eyed eyes,Finally, I am sighed.:“Niu Ge is looking for your own brother,Also said this confidentiality,It can be seen that I am convinced of me.,If I have a general,Which brother is still!”
“Good dealer,I don’t miss you.!”

Because this girl’s appearance,Let him become more sincere,tolerant,Facing undulating life and impermanent destiny,Also become more powerful,Let yourself go in your own way of life.,Will wrap around the surrounding environment。

Maybe in the persistent person,This is a heart,It is an unhappy,Can’t extricate love。
But for him in growth,He is indeed true love,But not ignore。
He smiled warmly,Large office,He looks unusually lonely。
“Blue,I know I will lose you.,I didn’t expect it to be so fast.,but,Thank you, there is you,Have your time is really good。”
His eyesight,But it is a smile of relief。
His pain,She also hurts,If he is involuntarily,How do she get peace of mind?。
He thought for a long time,Only sending a message to Blue Xin。
“Blue,congratulations,please be happy,I,Le Zhenxi,I have to look at your happiness in my own eyes.。”
Blue Xin looks at the word on the phone screen,Gently laugh,Back a sentence:“熙,You must also be happy,Let’s happiness together!”
熙,It is a more important thing in her life.,so,Many things must be said,There will be no resentment between them.。
Xi Xi understood her,She also knows Xi Xi。
She witnessed the growth of Xi Xi.,He won’t be cut from an apple.,Growing up to everyone,Fan City, Fan City, a great name,these years,She witnessed his growth。
She smiled slightly:“熙,Work is tight,But still is tight,I have to remember to eat again.。”
Le Zhenxi looked at her warm reminder,Touching lip corner:“knew,Blue,but,Still want to tell you, thank you,Thank you for your annual companionship.,We are still as early as the beginning。”
Blue Xin saw“We are still as early as the beginning”Several words,Her eyes have flowed out.。
Xi Xi will not say sweet words like other men.,Go to a very powerful,Or use your own speech to verify yourself as a man’s charm。
He is a very sincere boy,They need warmth between them,But it is very awake between each other.。
Between them,Sincere,Things say,Remain as early as。
Blue Xin is also sent to the past:“Remain as early as!”
Thank you all the way, you。
“Hoot”Blue Xin gently clear。
Lu Haocheng took the garbage back,I saw her in tears.,Anxious,Square meteor is going to her,Kneel in front of her,Carefully ask:“Blue,What’s wrong with you?”
Blue Xin hugged him,Tears fell fierce。
“Lu Hao Cheng,熙”Lu Haicheng looked at her quickly,Her she is crying for 熙?
“Blue,How is Le Xi??”
He looked at the pearl of her eyes as broken.。
Blue Xin, crying and laughing:“he’s good,He finally thought of,We are still as early as the beginning。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”He lost garbage,Her and Le Zhenxi,What happened?。
“Blue,What is still as early as?”
Lu Haocheng feels that he is very necessary to figure out this matter.,otherwise,His heart can’t be quiet,after all,Le Zhenxi in his heart,I have always been a first love。
Convince a European,He can’t convince a Le Zhenxi。
He did not confident,After all, the blue and Le Zhenxi have bits this seven years.,It is not that he is empty for more than ten years.,So he will not be confident so。
Blue Xin eased his emotions,Wipe the tears on your face,Looking at Lu Hao,Tell Lu Hao Cheng。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Essentials,Le Zhenxi is easy to give up。
This makes him suddenly feel that he is in the cotton in cotton.,His number one love,When he did not make anything,Announcement。
Le Zhenxi,Shouldn’t he be very happy??
Why is there a joy?。

The most important thing is that the other party has a habit of eating black.,He doesn’t know if he is with Lu Chang.。

I only know that the other side likes to play black.。
After all, according to Lu Changsheng’s investigation,All industries in the other parties involve black areas。
But when this person is investigated,But there is no smashing。
Generally, there are two cases that do not investigate.,The other party has a powerful strength in the inland,Powerful to the relevant departments will take the initiative to cover up。
The other is that the other party is not a Chinese,Other country。
No matter what situation,They are unwilling to face。
This is the same as the fight,Know thyself, ever-victorious,But now the other side knows what is the situation,I don’t know what the other party is.。
As a result,Whether it is Lu Changsheng or Song Kaiyuan, he doesn’t know anything about the cloud show.。
Just know that the other party has the ability to make private goods,But who is around?,What kind of relationship is there?,What kind of Tongtian skills?,Do not know at all。
“Um,I also know this.,However, we should count from a long question.,This order is really too big.,And I let you investigate the details of each other,How is your investigation?。”
Lu Changsheng also has the same concerns with Song Kaiyuan.。
“Nothing to investigate,I only know that the other ancestral home seems to be a Chinese.,But what is the specific identity is almost,There is also the same as Li’s brother who is introduced to me.。”
“Now that his identity can’t find out.,It was before, he left a lot of clues.,I can find it according to what you said.。”
The words of Song Dynasty let Lu Changsheng。
“Li Hui’s file is not found。”
“Yup,You don’t know this?”
I thought that Lu Changsheng will make Li Hui Feng.,But now it seems to be free.。
“have no idea,I only know that he is a congenital,Before I sent people to investigate, I can easily investigate all of his files.。”
“It seems that this has happened what happened to someone helped to cover up.。”
When I said this,Lu Changsheng also counts the silent plate in his heart.。
After all, he is very optimistic about Li Hui,Otherwise, you will not go straight to Lianhua Village to spend Li and Hui。
“Um,That line,Waiting for us to find him together,Then eat that batch。”
“I am walking,Just distributes Li Xiangfeng how much?”
Song Kaiyuan thought of let Li Hui help,What is definitely given?,I can’t have a difference between it and let Li Hui’s white help.。
“A hundred million!Let’s three people,how do you feel?
After all, he is also innate.,And if you don’t feel that we really can’t even live such a big life.。”
I heard that Lu Changsheng said.,Song Kaiyuan is also no hesitant,Laugh:“Row,Then listen to the brothers。”
Two people chatted for a while,I started a point of action。
Lu Changsheng also said directly to Li Mei.,Ready to go to Shenzhen to find Li Hui。
Song Kaiyuan is always looking for himself.,And the person in charge of the large casino in the Okang。

Chapter five hundred and twenty seven prairie

“A terrible thing happened on our grassland!”Mustache speaks。
“amount.”Qin Feng wanted to say,What’s my business,I still have a lot of things waiting for me to solve,This is not so easy to deal with。
But in the end Qin Feng still didn’t say anything,After all, it sounds too kind。After all, the other party is here obviously wanting to ask for help。
“What can i do for you?”In the end, Qin Feng spoke this sentence。
“Ugh,how to say,There are not many god-level powerhouses we know now。Most importantly,No one else can be reached。I am thinking,After all, you have the strength to fight God level,Maybe can help?”Bearded a little embarrassed。But since I decided to ask Qin Feng for help,Then it’s impossible to be hypocritical。
In fact, due to leaving the scene too early,So the big beard and the mustache are just follow-up to hear such a rumor。Knowing that Qin Feng has the strength to fight a god level。
As for the authenticity,That’s hard to say。
But since it’s here,Then speak out your purpose directly,As for how the other party decides,They don’t interfere here。
“If you really have the strength to fight the gods,Then help us。This is about the survival of our entire grassland nation。”Said the mustache。
“Is it so serious?”Qin Feng was taken aback。
“Ok,Prairie wolf。Although we live on the grassland, it’s normal for wolves to appear。And our nomads have their own unique way of dealing with wolves.。But this time is different,Organized attack by hundreds of wolves,Then retreat disciplinedly,As if someone is commanding。”
The more Qin Feng listened, the more interesting this story became。
“When I rushed to the scene, there was nothing but a mess。The cattle and sheep that were killed and captured can still grit their teeth to accept,But many herdsmen died here。After a period of investigation,I finally found the wolves。Just when I was preparing to solve the pack of wolves。I found that there was someone standing behind the wolves。I’m angry。unfortunately,I can’t win,Because there are wolves around me。I can only stand out,Then look for a helper。”
After the beard finished speaking, he looked at Qin Feng。The other side should have a general impression after listening to his own description。
so,If Qin Feng doesn’t have God-level combat power,,Then he will definitely refuse this request。

The meniscus blade that was originally attached to Shanyou’s arm has dropped,No one said it,But everyone seems to know,Success or failure is this time!

Suddenly there was an explosion on one side of the encirclement,Then there was a state of turning over,All,Including Long Shi,I didn’t know what was going on,Shan and quickly shot,Insert his crescent blade into the forehead of the person closest to him。
The meniscus brings out a piece of liquid,It did not expand its advantages,Instead,Pulled on Long Shi and ran wildly。
“Where did I learn the second lesson from Xiang Chen,Never single out a group of people,If you can run,To run tirelessly!”
Legs running,I feel out of breath when I talk again。
“Didn’t Dragon Five and Dragon Six leave??”
Long Shi looked at Shan You in surprise,Of course it’s touching,But there is also a bit of indescribable loss。
It seems to know what Long Shi is thinking,Long Liu’s voice also came out。
“Youngest, don’t worry,We have sent the message you sent home,Now we are here to take you home!”
Shan You and Long Shi are running at their fastest speed,There are constant gunfire around me,But both people ignored it,They believe in Dragon Five’s marksmanship,Just a bullet chasing behind,It still hurts to hit the body。
“These shameless,Actually used a gun!”
Blocked most of the bullets for Long Shi,Single can feel,Those bruising marks on my body,May already be connected。
Whispered a complaint,Shan You and Long Shi also successfully merged with Long Wu and Long Liu。
Ten minutes ago,Long Shi absolutely dare not imagine this scene,I can escape with my teammates,It’s as happy as winning the lottery。

For example, because one day there will be a marriage proposal,marry,Then you will have your own children。So no matter what happens,I will give you the greatest knowledge behind my back,Let you live your happiest life。

So that you will not regret following me to complete some growth experiences,And help me do something,So you two must be cautious about this time.。
Must not let yourself be in any danger,Understand?”Yiming couldn’t help but smiled,Because Brother Fan actually used three cautions in a row,Obviously they really care about some of their safety。
Then Yiming smiled and said to Brother Fan:“Brother, don’t worry,This time we will be cautious and cautious,Don’t worry,As for the marriage proposal。
We must discuss it carefully when we go back,Maybe,You will have to raise the children born then,The two of us have to work for you。”
Then Xiao Fan smiled and said:“Row,Give it to me then,Alright,Don’t brush your mouth,Call Chu Yao over now,I will arrange for you two,Let me let you know what your real mission is。
In fact, I said that you have come into contact with this task once before,But I don’t know if you remember. Besides, this mission is more dangerous and not as easy to solve as that time.,That’s why I make you cautious。
So come here and let me tell you what the task is。”Then he called Chu Yao,Let her know what their mission is,Actually Xiao Fan didn’t know how to tell them。
But with years of tacit understanding and so many years of experience,The two of them should also be able to guess what task Xiao Fan will give them,It’s nothing more than undercover or gathering some evidence,Inside and outside to complete some tasks。
Yiming and Chu Yao can actually predict this,And after the two of them came,Xiao Fan looked at them both,No matter when I see my two younger siblings,He felt that there were some things left to them。
Really rest assured。Because they don’t care what happens,Will trust yourself unconditionally,There may be other situations,But they will never betray themselves。
Even if one day they are really told to betray Xiao Fan or do some other things,Xiao Fan won’t believe it,Because Xiao Fan knew that they must betray themselves for a certain task or because of other things。
So Xiao Fan knows this very well,Dare to give them such a task with confidence,Because if something unexpected happens,,It might be the other way around,Xiao Fan was hurt。
No more danger for others,That’s why Xiao Fan brought the two of them over this time,Give this task to them two,Let them do it。After the two of them came over, Xiao Fan didn’t sell Guanzi again。
After all, I won’t tell them two,Yiming and Chu Yao don’t have time to prepare,I won’t be able to leave the mission on time tomorrow,Then Xiao Fan told them both:“Your two tasks this time are still more important。
But it still needs an experience,I don’t know what means you will use to complete such a task,But actually you two are also lovers,So many things are more convenient。
That’s why I left this matter to you,Hope you two can do it smoothly,But we still need to emphasize safety first,Especially Chu Yao, as for some follow-up things,Yiming will tell you when the time comes。
The most important thing now is to tell you,What is the task given to you and now you need to remember what your task is,In fact, I want you to do an undercover task。
Let you gather evidence. After all, this person is a person who does everything.,What can I find so I hope you can complete such a task,Then there is evidence that they did something wrong。
Then I can just clean them all,Also convince them,Speechless,I won’t speak up for myself,I don’t think I’m bullying others,So this time the matter must be resolved。

“I’m not your brother!”

Xiang Chen rolled his eyes,Made Li Tianzi a big blush,It also stopped the smile on Li Tianxing’s face abruptly。
Originally, I saw Xiang Chen and Li Tianzi fighting each other,No matter who wins or loses, Li Tianxing finds it very interesting,It’s just Xiang Chen’s sentence that I am not your brother,Li Tianxing felt that this melon was not sweet anymore!
“let go!let go!”
Shoulder pain,Li Tianxing’s difficult opening,Xiang Chen also released his hand under the gaze of the people aroundwww.ycfmey.。
“You are really bored with Ye Qing?”
Li Tianxing continues to eat,But still whispered to Xiang Chen quietly。
“My big brother,Saved my life,But I don’t plan to agree!”
Xiang Chen helplessly explained it again,I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with Li Tianxing,In short, if he doesn’t solve the problem,It’s nothing more than I find someone to chat with him every night,How to choose,All up to him。
Turning to look at Ye gently,Xiang Chen changed to another tone when speaking,The difference is obvious,It’s not difficult for people with hearing problems to tell。
“Your brother Ye Ting and Big Brother Ding both saved my life,Your brother is gone now,Whether you mind or not,We are all your brothers。”Xiang Chen smiled and said to Ye gently,When I leaned back on the chair, I switched to another tone。
“I believe that there are some pretty young ladies,Don’t bully children with elders anymore?”
“Brother Xiang, you seem to be two years older than me,Don’t talk so old-fashioned。”Ye murmured softly。
No one speaks,And Ye Qingming, who has learned some information from Ding Sheng and Zhu Ziqing,I also know the relationship between Xiang Chen and his late elder brother。
Zhu Ziqing’s words need to be considered,But Ding Sheng,Ye Qingchun still knows。
No wonder some self-willed behaviors can always be tolerated,Looked at Ding Sheng with embarrassment,Ye Qingchun didn’t expect that he had a glass of wine,It’s not just my career in the showbiz,And Ding Sheng’s wealth。
But it’s fine now,It’s not that Xiang Chen will stand up for himself,But the appearance of Ding Sheng and Xiang Chen,More or less let Ye feel some of the residual warmth left by his elder brother。
“Big day is big!”
Xiang Chen glanced at Ye lightly,The tone of speech is not so angry that it smells like gunpowder。
Seeing Ye Qingqing smiled embarrassedly,So is Xiang Chen,Pointing to Zhu Ziqing and Shan You who are not far away from Zhiye respectively,Speak:“See him for administrative issues in the future,Ask him for fighting problems!As for some people in the magic city to trouble you,Hit him directly!What are the consequences,Let them find me!”

“And my grandfather Qiao Renfu is at best a collateral descendant of the Qiao family.,Not eligible to inherit the Fuxing Society,Not even qualified to inherit such a large amount of assets。”

“So the children and grandchildren of the four major families have found my grandpa to force the palace,My grandfather must hand over the status of the head of the Fuxing Club and all his assets!”
“As the second head of the Fuxing Society,My grandfather is well aware of the good intentions of Mr. Qiao’s efforts to let the four major families withdraw from the Fuxing Society.,Just to put aside the relationship between Fuxing Society and the four major families。”
“So my grandfather just wants to take on the mission of protecting China Finance,I don’t want to take care of the unscrupulous descendants of the four major families,I don’t want to get involved with the four big families,So in the beginning, the children and grandchildren of the four major families were allowed to quarrel for a while。”
“And the children and grandchildren of the four major families have nothing to do with my grandpa,So the two sides have been deadlocked。”
“But then the situation took a turn for the worse,My grandpa had to get involved with the four big families again。”
“At that time, the Arrow Sakura organization knew that the descendants of the four major families were all straw bags,So they saw the perfect time for the death of Qiao Yuanshan.,Frequent attacks on the four major families。”
“Without the shelter of Qiao Yuanshan and other veterans,The descendants of the Four Great Families were quickly defeated under the fierce attack of the Arrow Sakura organization,Finally had to leave the U.S.,All over the world。”
“Seeing that the four big families that were glorious for a while have declined,And my grandfather, who is also Joe’s family, naturally couldn’t bear it,I feel ashamed of Qiao Yuanshan and other first generation sages。”
“So my grandpa went all over the world,I found the descendants of the four major families in exile,Plan to use part of the funds of the Fuxing Society,Help the four big families make a comeback。”
“But what are the descendants of the four major families,Naturally, my grandpa knows well,I know that if the children of the four big families are allowed to fight alone,It is estimated that it will be eaten by the arrow cherry tissue again soon。”
“So after some consideration, grandpa,Decided to learn the practices of Qiao Yuanshan and other sages back then,Let the four big families hug together to keep warm,And gave them a large amount of assets as starting capital。”
“But grandpa knows that the offspring of those four major families are wolves, tigers and leopards,One day wait for them to turn over,They will definitely be ungrateful,I will also ask my grandpa to ask for Fuxing Society and its huge assets。”
“In other words,As long as the Fuxing Society is in my grandfather’s hands for one day,Those descendants of the four major families will not stop!”
“And the children and grandchildren of the four major families are the top three,But if you want to point them to the revitalization of the four major families,I’m afraid it’s a foolish dream!So if we want to realize the real revival of the four big families,Can only be placed on the next generation。”
“So after thinking about it,For the future of Fuxingshe,Also for the real revival of the four big families,My grandpa decided to start immediately‘Succession plan’。”