[Effects and Effects of Ginseng Flower Tea]_Ginseng Flower Tea_Effect_Effect

[Effects and Effects of Ginseng Flower Tea]_Ginseng Flower Tea_Effect_Effect

Ginseng scented tea is a relatively common medicinal material, so it is very common and easy at ordinary times. Ginseng scented tea can dispel heat and dissipate heat from the body, and has good ventilation.People who have dizziness during sleep often have qi and blood deficiency, which has a certain effect.

Origin: Ginseng flower is native to Changbai Mountain. Efficacy: Ginseng flower function and effect: Contains 20 kinds of saponified active substances, 17 kinds of amino acids, 10 kinds of trace elements, some anti-cancer active selenium and crude protein.

It has qi and blood circulation, regulates endocrine and promotes metabolism; it has strong heart and kidney, Shengjin and thirst, kidney and stomach, soothe the nerves and increase intelligence.


Clearing heat and reducing inflammation, clearing liver and clearing fire, detoxifying and soothing throat, lowering blood pressure, dizziness, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, acne, acne, acute respiratory inflammation and other health care functions; stable spirit, eyesight, intelligence, chronic lung disease, Prolong life, soothe the nerves, refresh the heat and detoxify, nourish the lungs and clear the fire.

Precautions: Precautions for ginseng flowers: Please keep it in a cool and dry place indoors, and avoid children from taking it by themselves.

Suitable for: ginseng flowers are suitable for peony, buffalo, rose king, white hibiscus, rhododendron, carnation, laurel cinnamon, primrose, bromelia, carnation, carnation, calendula, orange spinach, wax plum, snowLily flower, blue-grass tea, lemon balm, lemon grass, ganoderma, lavender, red snow tea, wolfberry, etc.

How to drink: how to run and drink ginseng flowers: a teaspoon of dried petals, brew with a cup of boiling water, and simmer for about ten minutes; add brown sugar or honey jam as appropriate.

[Benefits of drinking enzymes on an empty stomach in the morning]

[Benefits of drinking enzymes on an empty stomach in the morning]

Many people may not be unfamiliar with mentioning enzymes. Enzymes can only make people’s bodies healthier, and can also achieve the effect of weight loss and beauty. The function of the human body is also different at different time periods. Therefore, the time to eat enzymes is different.The role it plays is also different. Although enzymes are good, many people do n’t know how to know. In fact, if you want to be healthy, it is best to drink enzymes on an empty stomach in the morning. What are the benefits of drinking enzymes on an empty stomach in the morning?

The benefits of drinking enzymes on an empty stomach in the morning clears the stomach and the stomach after a night of metabolism. After getting up in the morning, the human body has been emptied. At this time, drinking a cup of enzymes on an empty stomach can wash away the residue of the stomach wall and reduce the secretion of gastric acid, so that the nutrition of three meals a day can be moreFull absorption.

Awake mind After getting up in the morning, many people’s brains may be in a confused and unconscious state. Drinking a cup of enzyme on an empty stomach in the morning can promote blood cell circulation and metabolism, so that the body can wake up from sleep, which can help refresh the brain.

Supplementary energy In the night sleep, although the human body is not in a state of motion, the body’s water is also consumed through urine, breathing, skin secretion and other methods, so it is easy to feel thirsty and lose appetite in the morning.

Drinking a cup of enzyme on an empty stomach in the morning can timely replenish the water, vitamins and minerals lost during metabolism due to sleep, leaving the skin plump and elastic.

Promote defecation by drinking enzymes on an empty stomach in the morning, which can scour and clean up residues in the initialized garbage, and stimulate nesting vibrations, and turn into softeners for feces, promote wastes remaining in the body, toxin replacement, help the body to restore regular defecation, and preventConstipation works well.

Reduce the low density in the blood. Because the body is in a dehydration state due to sleep at night and the loss of water, the body’s blood viscosity will be higher, resulting in slower blood circulation. This is also the incidence of cerebral infarction when waking up in the morning.High at the same time.

Drinking enzymes on an empty stomach in the morning can help reduce blood, reduce blood viscosity, promote blood circulation, and effectively prevent cardiovascular disease.

Of course, supplementing your enzymes properly will do more with less.

If you continue to take it for a long time, you can better digest and absorb nutrients, and also maintain the enzyme balance in the body, so that you can have a healthier body.

The method of digesting enzymes on an empty stomach in the morning: After getting up in the morning, washing and re-drinking, 30ml of enzyme stock solution, add warm water (150ml) below 40 ° C, stir and stir directly. After drinking the enzyme, replenish the amount of drinking water to help the enzymes betterPlay a role in promoting detoxification in the body.

Sinopec (600028) Quarterly Report Comment: Performance is slightly higher than expected Increase in crude oil procurement costs drags down refining profit

Sinopec (600028) Quarterly Report Comment: Performance is slightly higher than expected Increase in crude oil procurement costs drags down refining profit

The third quarter performance was slightly lower than expected Q1-3, and the company achieved operating income of 22,333.

05 ten percent, +7.

7%; net profit attributable to mother 432.

8.1 billion, a year -27.

8%; deduct non-net profit 415.

4.6 billion, ten years -27.


In Q3, a net profit of 119 was achieved.

4.3 billion, lower than our previous expectations.

Lower-than-expected expectations: 1) The impact of the significant increase in crude oil procurement costs on the formation of the refining business, and Q3 refining profit increased month-on-month; 2) Third-quarter operating income from upstream exploration and development.

800 million, a small amount of fabric.

Upstream exploration and development: In the first three quarters, the cost reduction effect was significant, and capital expenditure expanded to increase the company’s crude oil production in the first three quarters.

1.3 billion barrels, at least -1.

6%; of which domestic crude oil production is 1.

8.7 billion barrels, +0 a year.

1%; natural gas production is 773.4 billion cubic meters, +8 in ten years.


Exploration and development capital expenditures were 34.8 billion, exceeding + 76% of the average realized price of crude oil in the first three quarters of 58.

8 dollars / barrel, ten years -6.

3 USD / barrel.

The exploration and development segment achieved operating income of 8.7 billion in the first three quarters, a significant increase of 98 previously.

0 billion.

At the same time that prices have been reduced, profits have increased significantly, mainly due to active cost reductions.

Refining: The impact of increased crude oil procurement costs on refining. In the future, the chemical industry may further pressure the refining 失败:重查 segment in the first three quarters to achieve operating income of 22.5 billion (Q1 / Q2 / Q3 were 120/71 / 3.4 billion, respectively), and profits will decrease quarter by quarter.First of all: 1) In terms of crude oil procurement, the depreciation of the RMB and the increase in Saudi Arabian official prices + heavy oil premiums have caused the increase in crude oil procurement costs by Q3.

2) Except for gasoline and coal, market-priced by-products such as naphtha, asphalt and other by-products drag down the price difference.

In the first three quarters of the chemical sector, operating revenues reached 16.6 billion (Q1 / Q2 / Q3 were 7/49 / 4.7 billion).

Industry average. In the third quarter, the ethylene price difference narrowed by 54 yuan / ton, and the PX price difference narrowed by 158 yuan / ton. Looking forward to the fourth quarter and next year, ethylene is facing the dual impact of lightweighting and integrated refining projects.The pressure brought by ZPEC to put into production is expected to further pressure the profit of the chemical sector.

Sales: The operating income in the third quarter increased significantly month-on-month, and the advantages of refining and integrating sales were obvious. The sales segment in the first three quarters achieved operating income of 23.3 billion (Q1 / Q2 / Q3 were 7.9 / 6.8 / 8.5 billion, respectively), and the third quarter improved and recovered.

The company has 30,676 gas stations. With the increasingly fierce sales of refined oil products, the integration of refining and marketing is the company’s core competitive advantage.

Performance predictions and estimates Based on Q3 performance expectations, we lowered our 2019 performance forecast to 55.3 billion (previous value of 62.8 billion) and maintain the same in 2020/2021. The current replacement corresponds to PE11 / 10/10 times 2019/2020/2021.Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: the drop in oil prices leads to the increase of upstream and the risk of loss of refining inventory; the risk of increased competition in the refining and chemical industry; exchange rate, freight, discounts and other factors continue to affect the risk of crude oil import costs

Zhonggong Education (002607): Q1 expense rate improvement clearly looks good company management ability

Zhonggong Education (002607): Q1 expense rate improvement clearly looks good company management ability

The company disclosed the first quarter of 2019: Realized revenue13.

12 ppm, an increase of 61 in ten years.

93%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

0.6 million yuan, an increase of 304 in ten years.


The company’s Q1 net profit fell in the middle and upper range of the previous performance forecast.

The first quarter is the traditional off-season of the company’s business. The training programs that can confirm revenue are replaced, but the costs 杭州桑拿 and expenses are almost average.

Market dividends combine the advantages of the company model, driving high revenue growth.

The company’s revenue growth rate was as high as 62%, and the advance account measurement increased by 127 at the end of 2018.

08%, reaching 43.

US $ 6 billion, which confirms a high-growth basis for subsequent revenue. The company has made progress in new categories (such as teacher sequences, research and recruitment training, etc.), course product upgrades, and online products. We believe that it mainly benefits from the company’s strong curriculum development.And product standardization capabilities, the company’s current model has expanded competitive advantages.

The gross profit margin increased slightly, and the expense ratio improved significantly.

In 2019Q1, the company’s gross profit margin was 58%, which exceeded the increase by 3pct; the company’s management expense rate was 17%, which continued to decline by 6pct, and the sales expense rate was 22%, which gradually decreased by 6pct.Due to the scale effect of the company’s R & D and management model in expansion, and the industry’s leading brand effect to further promote sales, we believe that the company’s 2019 expense ratio ratio will fall in 2018, driving high growth.

Industry concentration is expected to continue to increase.

The vocational training industry is currently one of the best tracks in investment in the education industry. The industry has a large market space, strong demand, high degree of marketization, and strong policy support.

We are optimistic about the company’s upper-level accumulation of standardized management and refined services. We believe that the long-term employment pressure has been overcome and the industry supervision is becoming severe. The industry door for vocational training has generally become higher. In the future market standardization process, the industry concentration will continueWith the improvement, the company will continue to grow and maintain a high level of product pricing and cost control capabilities. In terms of growth, it is recommended in 2019 to focus on research and recruitment training and online business.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

It is estimated that the company’s attributable net profit for 2019/2020/2021 will be 16 respectively.



34 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.



44 yuan, corresponding to PE of 47/33/28 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warnings: Cross-track layout exceeds expectations; market competition exceeds expectations; the company’s online business has low expectations; changes in admissions policies; internal management risks; market system risks

Teach you to make soy milk catfish soup with higher nutritional value

Teach you to make soy milk catfish soup with higher nutritional value

Milk soup is a major feature of Cantonese soup. It can make the soup more delicate and rich, but I do n’t know who created it with soy milk, but it is probably inspired by milk.

  Like today ‘s soy milk catfish soup, soy milk supplements have the same effect as milk, and soy milk and fish are cooked and eaten together. The protein composition is more reasonable and the nutritional value is higher.

  Seasoning: 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 spoons of cooking wine, salt amount Moderation: Soy beans are soaked one night in advance, you can also soak them for 6-7 hours. Pour off the water before use, rinse it again; put soy beans and the right amount of water in soy milkMachine, click the switch, and after a few minutes, the fresh and hot soy milk will be “baked out”, and then use a strainer to remove the bean dregs.The teeth in the back of the throat have a thick muddy smell), drain the water; wash the green onions and cut into sections; put the oil in a hot pot, put the fish and ginger slices when the oil is 60% hot, and fry the onions on both sides until slightly yellow.Cut the wine, cover with a short simmer, wait for the wine to evaporate; pour in soy milk, cover with a boil and turn to low heat for 30 minutes, season with salt and taste.

  Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, moisturizing beauty.

  ● Beautiful soup heart water 1.

After the soy milk is boiled, turn to low heat and keep the water surface slightly blooming, because the soybean milk is too easy to burn.

  If you think the cooked soy milk is not enough for soup, you can add some water.


If there is no soymilk machine, you can buy soymilk from the market instead.

  ● Gourmet Science Soymilk Home This domestic soymilk machine is so easy to use. Just remember to soak the beans in advance, add water and put them in, and you can drink good soymilk in a few minutes, and the real materials are reassuring.

  I’ve heard that the soybean milk sold outside uses a small amount of soybeans and even extends the rice, so the soybean milk maker is a practical small appliance for people who like to drink soybean milk for a long time.

  In addition, you can also make peanut milk, sesame walnut milk, red date soybean milk, etc., so that you can easily add various nutrients.

The filtered bean dregs can be fried into cakes with egg liquid and a small amount of flour, and even taste good, and make full use without wasting nutrition.

  Of course, soy milk is one of the soybean products. It is rich in plant proteins, phospholipids, vitamins B1, B2, niacin and iron, calcium and other minerals. It is an ideal food rich in lipids, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other diseases.

  Supplementing plant protein by drinking hot soy milk can enhance people’s resistance to disease, regulate the endocrine system of middle-aged and elderly women, eliminate and improve menopausal symptoms, delay aging, reduce the occurrence of female skin acne and acne, and make the skin white and moist.
  Soy milk has many benefits, but it is not a “no-no-no-taboo”. For example, you cannot beat eggs in soy milk, do not add brown sugar, do not take it on an empty stomach, gastritis, kidney stones, kidney failure, and gout patients are not suitable for consumption.

  Soy milk is usually fresh to drink, but soup is also very suitable, soy milk fresh mushroom soup, soy milk tofu catfish soup, soy milk pumpkin soup, soy milk seafood soup and so on.

I have tasted the taste of soy milk in soup, you can try it without hindrance.

Why do people sleep when they are old?

Why do people sleep when they are old?

An 80-year-old man has been afraid of the coming of night every day for the past 8 years.
Over the years, he has been feeling 2-3 hours of chaos every night, and has nightmares.
Because he can’t get a good rest, he has been dizzy, exhausted, lost appetite, and emotionally unstable for a long time. Now he has symptoms of depression in the elderly.
Although sedatives continue to work, they always do more with less.
  Research surveys show that most elderly people aged 70-80 years old spend only 5% -7% of their total sleep time every night, while young people around 30 years old account for 20% -25%.
The elderly spend most of their time in the form of light sleep, which is a reflection of the aging of the human body on sleep. We don’t have to be overly nervous and worried about it, otherwise we will have more insomnia.
  20, 30, 40 Women’s Charismatic Diet The causes of sleep aging in the elderly are comprehensive. They are more common in introverted, lonely, inactive, and unwilling to think, followed by elderly with increased nocturia and snoring.
Therefore, in order to delay and reduce sleep aging, you must persistently participate in activities within your ability in daily life; do not touch things that are likely to stimulate sympathetic nerve excitement before going to bed. Reduce drinking water appropriately, take a warm bath, soakFeet.
As for relying on drugs to help you sleep, that’s not a long-term solution.

Master 4 maintenance tips to make your skin supple_1

Master 4 maintenance tips to make your skin supple

Whether the effective ingredients in skin care products can be removed, the most important thing is to prevent the absorption of nutrients from the skin.

For example, the whitening ingredients must penetrate deep into the basal layer deep in the skin to achieve the whitening effect. As long as you master 4 tips, you can double the absorption of the skin.

  How to make skin efficiently absorb nutrients?

  1. When the skin is supplemented with enough water to provide the skin with sufficient water supply, it will reduce the barrier function and allow water to penetrate the stratum corneum cells.

When the amount of water in the skin is insufficient, it will affect the absorption of skin care products. You may wish to use lotion first, so that the skin can get sufficient moisture.

Care should be done in life, and every time after washing your face, you should apply skin care products with moisturizing and water-retaining effect.

  2. Regularly remove the stratum corneum. When the stratum corneum is too thick, it will cause rough skin, make the complexion look dull, and affect the skin’s absorption of skin care products.

As long as the stratum corneum is made thinner, the active ingredients in skin care products can more easily enter the skin, thus exerting its effects.

You can choose a facial cleanser or scrub with scrub particles to sand the skin.

In addition, you can choose fruit acid products to speed up the replacement and replacement of the stratum corneum.

  3. Allow skin care products to stay on the skin. The concentration of active ingredients in skin care products affects the skin’s absorption of nutrients. If it stays in the skin for too short a time, it will weaken its absorption effect.

For example, the concentration of active ingredients in the essence is very high, and it can only exert its skin care effect if it is fully absorbed by the skin.

If the lotion is applied immediately after the essence is applied, it will replace the product with a high active concentration, which affects its effect.

  4. Appropriate massage to promote absorption After applying the skin care products, the massage should be done correctly, so that some small particles of active ingredients can quickly enter the skin and hair follicles, and finally reach the basal layer.

However, the massage time should not be too long. It can be controlled for about 15 minutes, which can accelerate the absorption of nutrients by the skin.

In addition, the rational use of the mask can promote the skin’s absorption of active ingredients.

Because the mask can seal the local skin, it increases the water-holding function, raises the local skin temperature, and facilitates the penetration of water molecules.

  Reminder: The above 4 methods work together to better absorb nutrients, but you must choose the right skin care products according to your skin quality and age. You ca n’t choose inferior ones because you want to be cheap, but eat more fresh ones.vegetables and fruits.

Go to the stratum corneum at least once a week to avoid staying up late and ensure adequate sleep.

Super simple rules for creating a beautiful couple

Super simple rules for creating a beautiful couple

Preview you walking on the way to work. Pedestrians pass by in a hurry. You suddenly see a pair of lovers full of happiness coming together. The hands of the two people are clasped tightly, and their sweetness and beauty are scattered in the air.

What do you feel?

Have a quick look at it?

Still scornful but scornful but resentful all night: Why are they so lucky?

If your response is normal, then you should reflect on your heart: facing a stable and happy couple, it is difficult for you to force yourself not to insult. Are you being burned in order to maintain your relationship?

  Encouraging and praising the most important men and women when they first join in love, they will commend each other’s merits to each other, the transformation relationship is fixed, and after the initial temperature drops slightly, people do less of this kind of thing, even two people stillVery devoted to each other, but no longer claiming praise and encouragement.

  If there is no sincere praise and encouragement, the wonderful feelings and gratitude that the initial praise brings to each other will be greatly reduced, and the direct result will be that the relationship between the two becomes weak.

  Therefore, you must encourage each other, treat him as a respectable object, and tell him that you are very fascinated with a certain characteristic of him, especially men who are proud but rarely understand what others think, Is his good social skills, unknown little habit, even his fit body.

  For example: Kailin of 27 is very experienced in this regard: “Every time I see my boyfriend put on a suit, I will tell him that the suit suits him best, and the shape of his lips is very sexy.

When I say this, it can obviously polish his whole body to rejuvenate.

“Another wonderful thing about praise is that it can be contagious, often cheering on the other person, and he will also get used to looking for the shining points in your body and giving encouragement and appreciation.

  If you want something, you can say imitation: Nana hates her husband before going to bed without going to bed.

In this way, when he forgets, she will be angry, don’t sleep well, and even pretend to be sick.

And her inexplicable husband will only keep asking her: Where are you uncomfortable?

  I believe you are no stranger to this dramatic scene.

Many women are like Nana, hoping that their husband or boyfriend is a super-perceived person, and they can make the romantic behavior they like without explanation. However, people with this kind of perceptual ability in the world are really rare. TheyDo not install eavesdroppers in your heart and decipher your voice at any time.

If they knew you were waiting for him to decipher, they would just make them cry.

  In a good couple relationship, this guessing game is resolutely discarded, and the most solid and deep love needs to be based on communication without obstacles.

What you need, what you are upset with, and what you want the other person to say or do, it ‘s better to say it directly.

If you do not say anything, you will make the other person feel uncomfortable and depressed, which will easily lead to contradictions and conflicts.

  An innocuous hobby can ignore the spouses and couples who have lived together for a long time. Individual habits and hobbies will show up in front of each other. No matter how he makes you dazzled, living together is a beginning to test your patience and tolerance.

He may whistle and tie to work every morning, or he may always put used towels on the floor.

No matter how weird weirdness is, wise women should choose to ignore it all.

You will soon find that opening one eye and closing one eye on these little things is definitely more beneficial than bad.

Since it has been a habit that has been formed for many years, it is absolutely unnecessary to waste time in such matters, and not to be too small.

  It is manifested as: Zhang Dandan ‘s boyfriend is used to driving on the steering wheel with the music of the radio while driving. This habit did not attract her attention at the beginning, but she felt unbearable for a long time and could not wait to hit the window with her head.

“But I’m used to looking at this problem a little bit. He has so many advantages I like, how can it be covered up by this little ridiculous quirk?

The entanglement in this matter is worthless.

“Intimacy should not be in the form. In love, the beginning of expressing each other’s love begins with a kiss. It should be noted that do n’t treat kisses as a routine business before making love because you have been in contact for a long time. Be aware of your everyA kiss, every time you kiss, be sincere and gentle, and always feel as excited and joyful as when you first kissed.

A kiss is a wonderful behavior, which can well express a feeling of “I can’t let go of you”. The other party will feel that you are deeply attracted to him, and his love is what you desire.

Toothache really kills Wushifang can effectively relieve pain

Toothache really kills Wushifang can effectively relieve pain

Toothache is not a disease, it hurts.

Many people have experienced toothache. Toothache refers to the pain of teeth caused by various reasons. It is one of the common symptoms in oral diseases.

Toothache is a small illness that often hurts our lives. Getting angry, having long wisdom teeth, cold sore throat, etc. can cause toothache.

Toothache can be generally divided into three types: tooth decay, caries, toothache due to fever, and toothache due to fiery fire. So how can you easily and effectively relieve toothache?

The following is a collection of toothache dietary supplements for everyone at home. If you have toothache, you may try it.

  Fang I: Achyranthes bidentata with black bean porridge 12 g, raw rehmannia glutinosa, cooked rehmannia glutinosa 15 g each, black beans 60 g, 100 g rice.

Wash each item separately with water, chop the ground foxgloves, add proper amount of water to boil the porridge, remove the achyranthes roots, the dregs of the ground foxglove, and season with salt to taste.

Suitable for elderly patients with frailty and weakness.

  Party 2: 2 salted duck eggs with salted egg, oyster and congee, 100 grams of oyster congee (dried oyster meat), rice porridge, eat 2-3 days.

Suitable for those who suffer from toothache with virtual fire and inflammation.

  Party 3: Preserved Eggs, Tofu and Salted Lean Congee, 2 Preserved Eggs, 60g of Shuifa Yuba, 100g of Lean Pork, rice (or millet) moderate porridge, eat 2-3 days.

Suitable for those with virtual fire and dental caries.

  Party 4: 100 grams of salted lean pork porridge with oysters and preserved eggs, 2 pieces of preserved eggs, 100 grams of salted lean pork, and rice porridge.

Suitable for those with yin deficiency and tooth swelling and hoarse throat.

  Fifth: mussels, hibiscus and black bean soup mussels (mussels, seafood), 30 grams each of Cistanche, 150 grams of black beans.

Rinse the mussel sand mud, wash the black beans, slice the cistanche, put in a pot and add an appropriate amount of water and cook for more than 1 hour, then take the juice and serve it once.

Take 1 dose daily for several days until the toothache is healed.

Mussels enter the kidney meridian, nourishing yin and lowering fire; black beans nourish kidneys, remove heat from the chest, and disperse heat from the five internal organs.

Suitable for those who have caries, toothaches, and swollen and sore gums.

Ten things that are most feared in the life of the elderly

Ten things that are most feared in the life of the elderly

Presumably with the young people, the old people’s hearing, physical strength, and eyesight have all declined. There are a lot of inconveniences when going out. Let’s take a look at the ten most fearful things in the life of the elderly.

  1. The traffic lights change too fast. “The traffic lights on the sidewalks are too unreliable. Is it necessary to train us as the “elderly version” Liu Xiang?

Feng Guoxin, a 72-year-old retired teacher, expressed the voice of too many elderly people.

He said that the 30-second green light crossed the 200-meter road, “you can’t even make a baby.”

  2, the escalator speeding station is not stable “I am so afraid of sitting on the escalator, almost standing unstable.

“81-year-old Feng mother-in-law, healthy and sturdy, often goes to the mall with her children and grandchildren, but she is most afraid of taking the escalator.”

Too many old people and Feng’s mother-in-law have similar feelings. They think that they should be on the escalator. If they are surfing, they are not irritating or even very “toothed” (dangerous). “Especially cold in winter, more clothes, it is easy to stand up and fall.”

Feng Yingpo added.

  3, the overpass is too steep. The overpass is originally designed to protect pedestrian safety, but some slopes are too steep. Otherwise, the ladder is too high, and it is unsafe for us to walk.

Meng Bobo, who lives in Jianshe Street, said that he had to cross the bridge every day to go to the martyrs cemetery for morning exercise. The two bridges were slower, but there were a lot of people. People often rode bicycles up and down the bridge. On several occasions, he was almost knocked down.

  4, the station sounds like a mosquito word like a fly Zhang Laobo is 73 years old, living with his son, and his 90-year-old mother lives in Longdong, Tianhe District.

He visits his old mother twice a month. If he is not accompanied by his children, he will not get off the station or get off early. The reason is that the car is reporting the wrong station, the station is too small, and the road map font is not big.

Zhang Laobo said: “I am very nervous every time I ride a car, and I keep asking the driver or other passengers.

5, shopping malls legs soft nowhere to rest New Year’s Day this day, the daughter of a family with Liang mother-in-law to Taikoo Hui drinking morning tea, shopping.

“The mall is really big, it is really an eye-opener, but unfortunately there is no place to rest.

After less than an hour of shopping, Liang’s mother felt a little tired. There were only a few seats in the lobby, and she was already full of people. The seat set in the shop was too embarrassed to go in.

  6, the public toilets are less dirty than the elderly, when the elderly said that they were most afraid of going out to find the toilet.

  There are also elderly people with inconvenient legs and legs. Public toilets are mainly toilets, and there are not many toilets or even toilets. “The most unacceptable, some young people, it is convenient to step on the toilet directly.

“The elderly who use a lot of wheelchairs or crutches are very inconvenient.

  7, ATM quick and fast instructions a little more “Security Brother, help you press a password?

Ye Jian, a bank security guard who has been in business for more than three years, has been asking for help from time to time.

Once, he wanted to help an old man to complete the operation. After reading a statement to the elderly, he helped to confirm, and then turned around to enter the password by the old man himself. Several times, the old man failed to enter.

Ye Jian thought that he had forgotten the password. It turned out that the password was only 8 seconds.

Ye Jian said: “We are young, hands and feet are fast, and the elderly can’t cope.

“8, hotline services such as entering the “dead hutong” citizen Lu Laobo said that too much hotline, only Mandarin and foreign language options, there is no Cantonese option.

Calling the old Guangyi, like him, is like entering a “hearing test”, and it takes a long time to do it. It can’t be a trivial matter.

  9, want to play online shopping, there is no old online shop, but also occasionally challenge the online shopping, Professor Huang believes that not only young people love online shopping, the elderly should also easily enjoy online shopping convenience, but unfortunately serve the elderly, there is almost no special online shop, he said: “This is also the reason why the elderly can not attract online shopping.

“10, can the office window open the old man window?” I think that the window of the work should be set up for the elderly.

The 63-year-old Lu Zhiyong is an elderly volunteer who is often enthusiastic about helping other elderly people in the community go to the window unit to do business.

He believes that it is best for the elderly to come to the old man to do it. The procedure is relatively simple. For example, the form with a narrow frame is used instead of the large size table.