[Can you drink lemonade when menstruation comes?]_ Menstrual period_Can you drink it?

[Can you drink lemonade when menstruation comes?]_ Menstrual period_Can you drink it?

When a girl comes to menstruation every month, when the girl ‘s physical resistance is the lowest, and when her immunity is poor, many girls will have a lot of reactions when they come to menstruation. At this time, girls should pay special attentionFor the protection of the body, especially in terms of diet, pay attention to the fact that many foods cannot be eaten during menstruation, and some foods will worsen the adverse reactions of girls during menstruation.

You can drink lemonade during your period.

Menstrual blood is the dividing fluid of blood and some replaced endometrium, cervical mucus and vaginal secretions, belonging to the blood vessels of the body.

During menstruation, women’s bodies are more or less inadequate, but this is also a very good time for detoxification. Women can help their bodies defecate through dietary conditioning.

During menstruation, you can drink more brown sugar water to improve the elimination of toxins and congestion. You should also pay attention to rest and supplement nutrition. Generally, you can take some qi and stasis medicine, such as Bazhen Yimu Pill, Motherwort Granules,Proper consumption of pig blood can also help the role of drainage of blood.

Brown sugar is a common food in life.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm, sweet, and enters the spleen meridian. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that granulated sugar (brown sugar) has the effects of relieving liver and spleen, nourishing blood, activating blood, stasis, and excreting lochia.

Drinking brown sugar water during menstruation can warm the body, increase energy, activate qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, and discharge a lot of menstruation.

What to eat during menstruation 1, cauliflower, carrots Before and after menstruation, due to the effects of hormone secretion and physical discomfort, women often have some adverse emotional changes.

Vitamin B6 can help synthesize neurotransmitters that enhance mood and maintain emotional stability.

Cauliflower, carrots, and other foods are rich in vitamin B6. Women who eat properly can provide a lot of vitamin B6 to the body and help stabilize mood.

2. Some women with spinach will experience complications and breast tenderness during menstruation.

Spinach vitamin E can reduce the production of prostaglandin, which is a substance that can cause premenstrual pain.

Eating spinach can effectively supplement vitamin E and improve pain.

3, pumpkin due to endocrine reasons, women are prone to acne during menstruation.

Menstrual women can eat some pumpkins. Zinc can be added to pumpkins. Zinc can reduce skin oil secretion and reduce the chance of infection.

4. Some women in soy are always hungry and have a strong desire for food.

Pre-absorption of more calcium-containing foods such as soy can reduce the feeling of obesity, because the estrogen secretion increases at this time, preventing calcium from being dissolved in the blood.

[Can passion fruit be cooked]_ production method _ home practice

[Can passion fruit be cooked]_ production method _ home practice

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit. It is rich in vitamins and other nutrients needed by the human body.

To eat passion fruit, cut it with a knife and use a spoon to dig out the flesh inside.

Passion fruit can be eaten in many other ways, some of which are squeezed with lemon to make juice.

Some people think of passion fruit after cooking.

So can passion fruit be cooked?

Passion fruit scientific name Passionflower, native to Brazil.

Passion fruit phospholipids are essential for the human body, including 17 kinds of amino acids, 160 kinds of vitamins, and trace elements.

Among them, the rich natural active flavonoids are the basic elements for reducing irritability and stress, and their excellent pressure-relieving effect helps to fall asleep.

People often consume passion fruit and its processed products, which can produce certain benefits to the human body, such as helping digestion, refreshing, refreshing blood, strengthening the body, sedating and pain, reducing stress and reducing fat.

First teach everyone how to cut passion fruit.

Align Passion Fruit, lay the knife horizontally and cut across. This will prevent the juice from splashing or passing through during the cutting process.

How to eat one, cut open, scrape out the flesh and seeds, add sugar or honey and mix well, then eat like this.

Passion fruit is sour when eaten directly.

Method two, scrape out the flesh and seeds, add an appropriate amount of sugar, honey and water to stir the juice. You can also add the above ingredients with ice cubes into the blender and add the juice for better flavor.

How to eat three, the scraped pulp and seeds mixed with honey and spread on cakes and bread, sweet and sour is better than ordinary jam.

How to eat four, cut in half and add to the cup, add boiling water, add sugar or honey, soak for about 5 minutes.

How to eat five, scrape out the flesh and seeds, add to the cup, add Cola Sprite, a little ice cube is better.

The remaining husk is also very useful. It can be used for making wine or tea, making ravioli, stewing, and stewing.

[Can you eat guava for menstruation]_ guava_ menstrual period_ can you eat

[Can you eat guava for menstruation]_ guava_ menstrual period_ can you eat

Many people in life like to eat guava very much. In life, it is also called guava. It has a unique taste and fragrance, and it is rich in many nutrients needed by the human body. Then you can eat guava during menstruation.?

Menstrual period can eat hot fruit called guava TCM refers to fruit with high transfer and high sugar content.

For example: jujube, hawthorn, cherry, pomegranate, lychee, green fruit, durian, papaya, tangerine, mandarin, ginkgo, guava are all warm fruits.

Cool fruits: watermelon, melon, pear, banana, mulberry, persimmon, coriander, etc.

Cold and cold fruits relieve dryness and heat, and warm fruits make up for coldness.

 As long as you don’t eat cold fruits during menstruation, other fruits can be eaten, so guava can be eaten during menstruation.

Benefits of eating guava Female friends are prone to body swelling and acne symptoms during menstruation. In fact, these symptoms can be alleviated.

Guava is rich in nutrients. Eating guava often can reduce blood sugar and other effects, and it also has this effect.

Guava is rich in dietary fiber, which is good for people with constipation.

For people who are losing weight, Guava’s high fiber content is also targeted.

If guava is considered a daily food, then according to research results, guava has the effect of resisting cancer and treating heart disease.

Yili shares (600887): Buybacks are used to stimulate development confidence

Yili shares (600887): Buybacks are used to stimulate development confidence

The company plans to repurchase the company’s total shares 2.

5 to 5%, fully enjoying the new regulatory dividend.

The re-encouragement of the previous round of repurchases has strengthened the company’s cohesion and achieved steady growth in performance.

Year-to-date, the company ‘s performance exceeded market expectations, and strong revenue growth is expected to make the profit inflection point come earlier. It is recommended to actively arrange investment opportunities in the next two years.

Slightly adjusted EPS1 for 19-21.


32, 1.

63, corresponding to a growth rate of 8%, 16%, 23%, given a price of 27XPE for 20 years, a target price of 35 yuan, maintaining the “strong recommendation-A” rating.

Event: Yili shares announced that it intends to use its own funds to not exceed RMB 35.

The price of 00 yuan / share (150% of the average price in the first 30 trading days) repurchases 2 of the company’s total shares.

5 to 5% is used to implement equity incentives, and the repurchase period is no more than 12 months from the date of approval of the plan by the board of directors.

The large-scale repurchase has enough incentives to fully enjoy the new regulatory dividend.

The number of shares repurchased this time is not less than 151,953,191 shares and not more than 303,906,380 shares, accounting for 2 of the total share capital.

5% -5%, the upper limit of the amount according to the price limit is 5.3-10 billion.

We believe that this repurchase amount breakthrough, leaving sufficient margin for future incentives, the next round of incentives or expanding the scope of incentives (29 people in 2006, 317 people in 14 years, and 294 people in 16 years).

In the short term, it shows development confidence and releases positive signals.

In the long run, because repurchase is an equity incentive, it will help strengthen the company’s cohesion and benefit long-term development.

In addition, the company formulates share repurchase and can enjoy the new repurchase policy, which may involve: 1) the holding time of treasury shares is relaxed from one year to three years: it can be redistributed or transferred within three years for the purpose of distributing incentives.

2) The amount of repurchase is included in the amount of cash dividends: The new rules treat cash paid for repurchased shares as cash dividends, and the amount of share repurchases that have been implemented in the year is calculated by the amount of cash dividends, which is a concept of cash dividends.

3) Green channel for financing: According to the “Opinions on Supporting Listed Companies to Repurchase Shares”, listed companies apply for refinancing after implementing share 杭州桑拿论坛 repurchases, and the financing scale does not exceed ten times the total amount of share repurchases in the last twelve months. RefinancingThe board of directors that issued the stocks has decided that the date of the previous fund raising will not be limited by the financing interval, and it will give priority to such refinancing applications during the review.

With reference to the previous round of repurchase incentives, layout investment opportunities in the next two years.

The last round of re-examination: 1) Share repurchase: The announcement of the repurchase plan was announced on July 9, 2015, and the maximum repurchase price was 18.

13 yuan, the first repurchase on September 11, announced on November 3 that the company repurchased shares of 63,941,958 shares, accounting for 1 of the company’s total share capital.

04%, the highest price is 16.

48 yuan / share, the lowest transaction price is 15.

The total amount paid for 01 yuan / share (the actual purchase price is about 20% from the upper limit) is 1 billion yuan.

2) Equity incentive: On December 28, 2016, an equity incentive plan was announced, granting 45 million stock options and 15 million shares of stock, stipulating unlocking conditions for two years of 17, 18, and then unlocking successfully.

Since the end of 16 years, performance estimates have double-clicked and are expected to nearly double.

With reference to the previous round of equity incentives, we believe that the repurchase price and the grant price are fair and reasonable, and after the implementation of the distribution incentives, the company’s performance has achieved steady growth under the high-level high-level cohesion.

We believe that after launching a new round of equity incentives in 20 years, we will improve and strengthen cohesion to ensure the company’s rapid development and achieve strategic goals. We recommend that investors actively arrange investment opportunities in the next two years.

Outlook for the next 1-2 years: income exceeds expectations, and the starting point of profit inflection point is expected.

We mentioned in the comments in the annual report that the company will operate around the top five hundred billion in 19-20, and it is likely to enter the year of profit release by 2021. The reasons are: 1) After an upward cycle of about three years from 18-20 years,20-21 may enter a price increase year, or raw milk prices will turn down. From the historical data, in the last year when raw milk prices go up or raw milk prices go down for the first year, the company’s profit often strengthens rapidly (such as 13-14 Years); 2) After the mid-term target is reached in 21, the cost is expected to slow down gradually; 3) Under the situation of increasing scale, the company’s profit will return to 9 in 16 years.

About 4% is reasonable.

From the beginning of the year to this year, Yili’s fundamentals have been strong and exceeded market expectations. We believe that the current profit growth of Yili is higher than expected. The profit inflection point has arrived earlier. From a one-year perspective, if demand continues to exceed expectations, The period of corporate profit release is expected to be advanced to 2020 or even earlier.

However, we also recommend that investors from the perspective of market share and industry pricing power, buy the leading strength of Yili increasingly strengthened.

Repurchase is used as an incentive to demonstrate development confidence and maintain the investment rating of “Highly Recommended-A”.

19 years will be the key sprint year for the company to achieve the 100 billion revenue target in 2020. The company’s target management is clear. Through effective incentives to maintain efficient operations, the leading style is fully demonstrated.

Slightly adjusted EPS1 for 19-21.14.1.

32, 1.

63 (previous time 1.


27, 1.

60), corresponding to a growth rate of 8%, 16%, 23%, given 27XPE for 20 years, a target price of 35 yuan (previously 32 yuan), maintaining the “strong recommendation-A” rating.

Risk warning: demand declines, costs increase, competition intensifies, and new product promotion falls short of expectations.

Midea Group (000333): Consumer electronics and HVAC leader in pursuit of excellence_1

Midea Group (000333): Consumer electronics and HVAC leader in pursuit of excellence
Opinion focus on maintaining outperforming industry investment recommendations 杭州桑拿论坛 We believe that Midea Group has competitive advantages and flexible resilience in the consumer electronics and HVAC markets, and tries to maintain a steady growth trend in pro-cyclical and counter-cyclical markets.We maintain our Outperform rating with a target price of 72.20 yuan.  Reasons Competitive advantages are obvious: 1) Product leadership, efficiency-driven, global operation is a beautiful business strategy.2) Clear governance structure, professional manager culture, and incentives in place.3) High production efficiency, scale effect, integrated industrial chain, and intelligent manufacturing advantages.4) Implement T + 3 policy and pay attention to terminal needs.  Strong adaptability and rapid market share increase: 1) Historically, the United States has flexible adaptability to market changes.2) In 2018, Midea 重庆耍耍网 adopted the brand matrix to launch high-end brands, and Internet brands responded to consumer segmentation in different markets.3) In 2019, the channels will be reformed to reduce secondary dealers and strengthen the “Internet approval” model; boldly use Internet talent.4) In February 2019, next month in the air-conditioning market decisively adopted a price reduction promotion method, 1Q?3Q19 Midea’s online and offline retail sales were +6 respectively.6ppt, + 3.2ppt.Due to the advantages of the entire industry chain, the net profit margin of the air-conditioning business remained stable.  Home appliance consumption upgrade and sustainable development: We believe that 1) In the short term, China’s home appliance market is in a downturn.In the long run, China’s home appliance market is in the second wave of home appliance popularity. Consumption upgrades, market concentration, and the possibility of rapid growth of new categories of home appliances are intertwined.2) China’s leading household appliances have global competitiveness. At present, the proportion of brands in overseas markets is low. In the future, they will become the first-tier brands in overseas markets through independent brand expansion and mergers and acquisitions.  Earnings Forecasts and Estimates We maintain our 2019 / 20e EPS forecast3.48 yuan / 4.01 yuan.Maintain Outperform rating and raise target price by 11% to 72 considering the impact of estimated conversion.20 yuan, corresponding to 21 times the 2019 price-earnings ratio and 18 2020 price-earnings ratio, there is 22% upside compared to the current mainstream.  The current contradiction corresponds to a 17x / 15x P / E ratio in 2019/2020.  Risks Market demand fluctuates leading to lower-than-expected revenue; integration business integration risks; exchange rate fluctuation risks.

Tongwei Shares (600438): New 4-year expansion plan

Tongwei Shares (600438): New 4-year expansion plan
The company ‘s recent situation Tongwei announced the development plan of high-purity crystalline silicon and solar cell business from 2020 to 2023 on the evening of February 11 and the “Announcement on Investment and Construction of 30 GW of High-Efficiency Solar Cells and 杭州夜网论坛 Supporting Projects”.And in the evening, the antique telephone will communicate with the market: by the end of 2021-2023, the monocrystalline silicon material production capacity will be increased from the current 8 per year to 11 respectively.5-15 budget / year, 15-22 budget / year, 22-29 budget / year.By the end of 2021-2023, the battery production capacity will be increased from the current 30-40GW / year to 40-60GW / year, 60-80GW / year, and 80-100GW / year. Technology and cost targets: The proportion of single crystal materials is above 85%, the proportion of N-type materials reaches 40-80%, the production cost is 3-4 million tons / ton, and the cash cost is 2-3 million tons / ton.PERC battery non-silicon cost toxicity 0.Below 18 yuan / watt. Comment on the expansion of silicon material to withdraw from production 北京夜生活网 capacity and further increase market share.According to the statistics of the Silicon Industry Association, due to the low price of silicon materials in the second half of 2019, about 7 old domestic silicon material production capacity will be withdrawn, and the Korean silicon material company OCI also plans to withdraw from South Korea in 20205.2 Initial production capacity.We estimate that the company ‘s 14-21 year silicon raw material capacity expansion in the next 4 years will basically replace these blanks after the exit of old capacity. Under the background of continuous growth in photovoltaic demand, the current 12% global market share will be further increased to 30%the above. The comprehensive layout of battery multi-technology points maintains scale and cost advantages.In Tongwei’s current 50-60GW expansion plan, the new battery production line is based on traditional PERC technology and 210mm product size, downward compatible with other silicon wafer sizes and upward compatible with P-type PERC + and N-type Topcon batteries.We expect that the company is expected to achieve the industry’s first battery capacity scale and comprehensive layout for different technical routes, and to maintain its leadership in the next round of battery technological innovation. Multi-faceted funding to support professional strategies.We think Tongwei’s current expansion plan shows the company’s focus on silicon and the strategy of connecting the two batteries to the same.The funding target takes into account that 58 to 80 billion yuan of funds will be spent in 4 years (average annual value of 140 to 200 billion yuan), and the company’s annual operating cash flow is 8 to 9 billion yuan. The company is expected to pass project loans, green bonds andPossible equity financing channels to raise the remaining funding gap. Estimates suggest that we re-optimistic about the company’s double benefit of stabilizing battery profitability under the background of silicon material price rebound and silicon wafer price reversal in 2020, and maintain outperform industry rating and target price.37 yuan, corresponding to 20.5 and 16.1x 2020/21 price-earnings ratio, which has 30% more upside than before.Currently leading trades at 15.8 and 12.4x 2020/21 PE ratio. Risks Overseas photovoltaic demand is less than expected; backward production capacity of silicon materials has not exited as scheduled.

Yoga Master’s View of Yoga Food

Yoga Master’s View of Yoga Food

There are three types of potential energy in the universe: Pleasant power (kindness type), Mutant power (passion type), and Inert power (food type).

Pleasant powers give all things vitality, mutative powers give them uncertainty, and asynchronous power transforms all things laziness, inertia, and death. After that, forces constrain the universe onto itself and cause finely different things.

  Similarly, when choosing different types of food, people also choose different qualities, thoughts, activities, and wisdom in life.

  From the above analysis, from the above analysis, the choice of different foods has an ideological quality and behavioral results that are quite different.

Yogis believe that for physical health and peace of mind, they should eat more pleasant foods, eat less transsexual foods and avoid inherent foods at all, but if they eat too much, they also eat sterile foods.

No matter how the animals after the slaughter are handled, they will not be able to completely eliminate the “corpse poison” of the dead. Besides, the animals will have a great fear state during the slaughter, which will cause their bodies to produce some toxins. If used for a long time,, People will suffer depression.

At the same time, too much meat can easily cause cancer, hypertension and hypertension.

Human characteristics seem to be similar to fruit-eating animals and similar to herbivores. Human nature is not inherently carnivorous.

  For those who want to gain spirituality, vegetarian food has great potential.

Some nuts and seeds have as much protein as meat but do not contain more impurities.

As long as cereals and beans are combined, people can also create completely protein foods.

Vegetarian people continue to develop constipation, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, and most still have a cured life. At the same time, in old age, they can think normally and correctly and discuss issues wisely.

The yogi imitates that when the tiger and the elephant fight, the tiger cannot last more than two hours, but the elephant can fight for three days.

  If food is not cooked well or mashed badly, digestion problems will occur. The more thoroughly you chew the food, the more nutrition and energy you will get.

If a person wants to lose weight but does not want to eat food, then they can try chewing the food again and again, at least thirty times.

  Krsna has told us through yoga more than 5,000 years ago that a harmonious life can be achieved through yoga.

It should be noted that the change of lifestyle is a process and will not be done in one step. The question is whether you are willing to make changes for a high-quality life!

Eating chocolate before bed affects sleep

Eating chocolate before bed affects sleep

The National Sleep Foundation recently warned that chocolate and cola should not be consumed before bedtime.

Because chocolate and cola contain caffeine, which can make people refreshed, these foods stay in the body for an average of about 3 to 5 hours, and some even stay.

Even if you don’t think this caffeine has any effect on your falling asleep, they will also affect your sleep quality.

  In addition, some people think that alcohol is a sedative that can help you fall asleep.

But in fact, don’t add any food 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Eating too full or drinking too much will make you feel uncomfortable when you turn your head to sleep.

Spicy foods can make your heart beat faster, make it difficult to fall asleep, and feel uncomfortable all night.

Alcohol disruption interrupts sleep and makes you never close your eyes when you wake up in the middle of the night.

  Recommended foods that can promote sleep: 1.

Milk hypnosis: Tryptophan in milk is one of the eight essential amino acids in the human body. It has the effect of inhibiting brain excitement and also contains the effect of making people feel tired.

It is one of the amino acids that are not medicinal in the body. The content in a glass of milk is enough to make people sleep, which can make people fall asleep faster.


Fruit hypnosis: People who suffer from excessive fatigue and insomnia, eat apples, bananas, and other fruits before going to bed can fight muscle fatigue; if fruits such as oranges are placed by the pillow, their fragrance can also promote sleep.


Jujube Hypnosis: Jujube is sweet, sugary, protein, vitamin C, organic acid, slime, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., has the effect of nourishing the spleen and calming the nerves.

Use 30-60g of jujube every night, add water to cook, and help to fall asleep.

What does a dream sexual experience symbolize?

What does a dream sexual experience symbolize?

Generally speaking, people with sexual experience are more likely to have a clear “spring dream” than people without sexual experience. The spring dreams of people without sexual experience are often vague; people with low sexual depression are more likely to be naked”Chun Meng”, the “Chun Meng” of people with high degree of sexual depression is obscure and concealed.

“Chun Meng” may have a direct relationship with actual human psychology, or it may have nothing to do with sex, but only a psychological reaction in interpersonal communication.

The specific dreams need specific analysis.

  The basic symbolic meaning of “naked” in the dream is to be undisguised and sincere and frank.

Or a shy fulfillment of human sexual desire.

Some kind of dreams are very close to “spring dreams”, that is, “naked” dreams.

There was a joke: Once, Roosevelt broke into Churchill’s bathroom, but naked Churchill let out his hands and said, “The chief of the British Empire has nothing to hide from you.

“This is precisely the basic symbolic meaning of” nakedness “in dreams-no cover-up, frankness, and sincerity.

A psychologist often dreams of “being naked and not ashamed.”

The “nakedness” here symbolizes his frankness and sincerity towards people.

Of course, dreaming about being naked also means “being seen through”.

For example, a university lecturer often dreamed that he was walking on campus or reading a book in the reading room, and suddenly felt that everyone was watching him. He looked down and found that he was naked, wearing only shoes and socks.

Through the interpretation of dreams, I learned that the dreamer does not think highly of himself and thinks that his dissertation is suspected of deceiving the world. Therefore, he is often worried by others.

  ”Nude” is often related to sex, and the feeling of being naked in your dreams is an indication of your attitude towards sex.

“Dreaming the emotional feeling when dreaming about your nudity is pleasant, indicating that the dreamer’s attitude towards sex is more calm and without sexual depression; on the contrary, it indicates that the dreamer is afraid to face his desires.

“The presence of others in your dreams about your nakedness is a symbol of what other people think of you in real life.

For example, someone dreams that the teacher is naked and the genitals are small. This dream shows that he thinks the teacher is sincere, but also thinks that the teacher is not manly.

If a naked opposite sex appears in the dream and evokes a strong sexual drive in the dreamer, this is just a compensation for the dreamer’s unrealized sexual desire.

  The “sexual behavior” in the dream indicates the desire of the dreamer to communicate smoothly with others.

  Is it possible to speculate that “Spring Dream” is a “public” satisfaction of psychological sexuality?

Actually not necessarily.

Because, because of “openness”, dreamers generally have less sexual depression and a more open attitude towards sex; the reason why they have clear sexual behavior is because the dreamer has rich actual sexual experience.

  The common specific meanings are as follows: If you dream of having sex with a colleague of the opposite sex (the dreamer has never thought of it in reality), and the emotional tone is pleasant, it is symbolized as the dreamer working with colleagues in actual workVery pleasant and smooth.

For example, an employee dreams of having sex with a female boss.

It was learned through Dream Interpretation that he had not been able to communicate smoothly with the female supervisor at work, and psychologically hoped to improve this poor communication with her.

The “sexual behavior” in the dream represents his desire to communicate smoothly with the female boss.

  If you dream about having sex with a loved one or your elder, it can be roughly divided into two situations. If the sexual object is a father or mother, psychoanalytic theory considers it to be a psychological reflection of the dreamer ‘s “incest” desire.Deeps complex. ”

However, research by psychologists has shown that “incest sexual desire rarely occurs in dreams. Instead, it appears metaphorically and symbolically, and such dreams are often manifested in evil dreams.

“Some psychologists also explain” non-sex “according to specific dreams, such as dreaming of sexual intercourse with a married woman, indicating that the dreamer” can be saved “; dreaming of sexual intercourse with his mother indicates that he can” get a lot of wisdom “.
  Sexual objects are elders or elders who are respected or revered by dreamers, and symbolize communication and resonance in thought.

For example, a female psychologist dreamed that she had sex with a very famous old man.

The old man represents tradition. This dream means that her thoughts communicated and resonated with the representatives of traditional thoughts.

  There are also painful “Spring Dreams”.

A girl dreamed that “I was raped, but after rape, someone in my dream would always tell me he was unsuccessful, and I was still a virgin.

Strangely, the rape in my dream was voluntary, and the person who raped me was the same old man as my grandfather.

What’s even weirder is that they raped me from behind.

“In this dream,” rape “symbolizes a will that is imposed on her.

“Rape behind” symbolizes that she has made a decision against her will in front of her.”Grandpa” and “old man” symbolize the male elders or stale thoughts that impose her will.

“Voluntary” means her obedience to imposing will.

“He was unsuccessful, I’m still a virgin,” said that despite imposing will on her, she could not change her original thinking.

Eat leek in the early spring effectively improves the body’s immunity


Eat leek in the early spring effectively improves the body’s immunity

[Leader]”Early in the early spring, late in the fall and late,” this “leek” is naturally leek.

The quality of leek in early spring is the best, followed by late autumn, and the worst in summer. It is said that “spring food is fragrant, and summer food is stinky”.

  As the temperature rises, the quality of various vegetables improves.

The quality of leafy vegetables has recently increased by a large margin, and the quality of leeks has increased the most, from the previous 90.

2% rose to 95.

2%, raise 5 budgets.

  TCM experts suggest that early spring leek should be eaten to improve their immunity.

  Leeks are also called sungrass. They taste very delicious and have their unique aroma.

The unique spice of chives is formed by the sulfides contained in them. These sulfides have a certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, which helps the body improve its immune system.

These sulfides in chives can also help the body absorb vitamin B1 and vitamin A. Therefore, if chives are matched with pork foods rich in vitamin B1, it is a more nutritious way to eat.

  However, the sulfide is volatile when heated, so you need to fry it quickly when you cure it. If you heat it slightly, it will lose its flavor.

  The main nutritional components of chives are vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, carotene, rare earth and minerals.

Leeks are also rich in fiber, containing 1 per 100 grams of chives.

5 grams of cellulose, higher than green onions and celery, can promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer, while reducing the absorption of plasma, prevent and treat arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other diseases.

  Although leek has many benefits for the human body, it is not good for more.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” once recorded: “Looking at more chives is dizzy, especially when drinking.”

Modern medicine believes that people with hyperactivity and thermal implantation are not suitable for consumption.

The leek’s crude fiber is brittle and difficult to digest and absorb, so you cannot eat too much leek at one time, otherwise a large amount of crude fiber will stimulate the intestinal wall and often cause diarrhea.

The best control is 100 grams to 200 grams, not more than 400 grams.