“Hey-hey,Zhang Shu and Wang Shu are really people,Since Zhang Shu said this,Then I can’t do this black heart.,I will give half first.,Wait until the end, give it to the other half??”

This time Wang Dahai is first opening.。
“Can,Can,Xiao Li,Although you can rest assured,We guarantee to give you a beautiful。”
Li Hui said that Wang Dahai said this.,I also laughed and handed the money.。
Just give money,Li Hui’s wind is a paper and pen let two receipts.。
In this way, although let Wang Dahai will feel uncomfortable with Zhang Fugui,But he still do so,It is something that is afraid of two people who have been given.。
Everything is fine,Li speaks directly to the wind.,Let the other party don’t let go of the other。
After Li Hui,Wang Dahai is a unhappy face。
“Old Zhang, what is going on?,Drink a bottle of wine, you can’t find things in the north and south.?
You are lung,How to do people?
Still not letting you write a receipt and press the handset?
Don’t be old good people in the future.。”
“Hey,I didn’t expect it.,However, it may be cautious in doing things.?”
For those who give money to the money,There are very few people in rural areas.,Even the hometown of the township borrow money does not need to write the loan.。
Li Hui also understands this reason.,But after being deceived by Sun Yaru,He is not so stupid who believes.。
He even has changed, except for his parents, no one believes.。
I am writing, but we,This is equal to hitting our face.,When the old brother, I was so suspiciously.?”
“All right,All right,Work,Maybe people have been cheated??”
It’s going to work in two people.,Zhang Fugui is suddenly received by his son.。
“dad,Are you in Lotus Village??”
Chapter 17 Comprivion Exploitation
Zhao Qingyou received a hot fire after receiving his wife.。
He thought that his son was still,I didn’t expect my baby to have a pig’s head.。
This is not the most critical,The most important thing is that the teeth have fallen five,How to teeth this thing is not renewable?。
Looking at the son lying on the bed,Zhao Qingyou’s heart feels in the blood。
For so many years, he also hits his son.,But every time, the rain is small.,Basically, very few people。
Think about the baby son who is not willing to be,It’s actually so miserable today.,Zhao Qingyou’s anger in his heart feels continuous。
When you use it directly, he can use the relationship.,I quickly found the people who hit my son.。
Xu Tianci also did not expect that he can get the appreciation of the big boss like Zhao Qingyou.,He was originally just a lot of Zhao, a small tyrant in the village, but it was a lot.,And he has always been mixed with Zhao.。
This time is completely the brothers in the town called him.,It is said that Zhao You was hit.,Let him help find someone。
It is good to see Li Hui’s appearance from the monitoring.。
He immediately reported the name of Li Hui’s name and family address.。
“Zhao boss,Would you like me to bring someone to give him a family??”
Xu Tianci gives this idea,I have already started to get to the wind, I have been torture.,After all, since Li Hui is back, he will be a good thing in three times.,And I also made him a loss of a loss.,Although I have a cheap in my eyes.,Can be a loss in his eyes。
What kind of society is?
I will let you make your son.?
Do you still use you with force??

His voice,Almost awakened those ficus bees again。

“Mostly someone took it。”Said the hidden god mortal。
“hateful,It must be the person who awakened the banyan bee before,The other party uses us as bait for ficus bees,Not only disperse us,Also took the title deed to the young dragon valley,This land deed is very valuable,My master has urged you to get it!”Xu Mao flushed with anger。
“It must be for Minglang,There are other people around him。”Zhao Xi said with great certainty。
“Have you checked Zhu Minglang’s details?,Have to deal with him,Why don’t you know him at all!”Xu Mao angrily said。
“We checked,May Minglang not be in the imperial capital for many years……We only know that there is always a woman with him,Also participated in the power competition。”Zhao Xi looked up at the tree trunk。
Above the trunk,There is a trace of black ink,Zhao Xi stared for a while,Suddenly realized,“I understand,It’s her,Is that painter!”
“What painter?”Xu Mao frowned。
“Is the woman who entered the competition with Zhu Minglang,She is a Shenfan painter,Although the demonstrated strength is difficult to judge,But before we were attacked by ficus bees,There is a dragon with ink painting,Crashed into a banyan tree!”Zhao Xi said very positively。
“Find them,Find them for me!”Xu Mao angered。
At the tower。
A referee drove the pterosaur and landed on the spacious part of the tower,Under his pterodactyl claws,There is also an object wrapped in a big black cloth。
Haoyong ran out desperately,Almost crying。

Nan Yusu stretched out her slender fingers,A little bit in the air,A ball of flame suddenly swept across the area she touched,Form a terrible burst!

The center of the flame burst,Fire Kirin Dragon with its head upright,Appeared in a fiery flame,The dancing fire scales set off this ancient dragon beast even more mighty and sacred!
Nan Yusuo’s Dragon,They all seem to be Zulong。
The strength of this fire unicorn,Zhu Minglang has also seen it,Basically don’t pay attention to the group of ghosts and dragons!
Fire unicorn dragon with majestic limbs,Tall,That special unicorn head is covered with flames,Windless。
Where it stepped,There will be a scorch mark,Where to stay,Will ignite flames,At this time, the fire unicorn dragon also stood in front of the Bingchen Bailong,Its nose,Spouting hot flames,The flame spreads around like a whirlpool!
Incinerating power!
Those rough-skinned ghouls just suffered from the cold,Now suddenly hit by flames,The body’s resistance is strong and it is impossible to be safe!
Pieces of ghouls were burned to the point that no ashes were left,Even the ghouls outside the Songxun Mountain formation that have just crawled out of the grave,Are not spared!
“It seems you don’t like burial,Enjoy the cremation!”Nan Yu said with a charming smile。
The fire unicorn dragon raised its forelimbs,Then he trampled down on the mountain forest。
The earth burst open,Extremely hot flame slurry gushes from the area trampled by the fire unicorn dragon,To irrigate the dense graves in the forest。

“Then you just consume,Never want to get out of trouble。”

“You don’t have to urge me,If you really worry about me,Why not do me a favor?”
“tell me the story。”
“I think your formation is strange,The supernatural power of transformation,I should be able to avoid those guys and sneak into the Huoyan Temple。”
“What do you want to do?”
“Capture the thief and the king,Abducted Master Palmprint into the Heavenly Palace and trapped him,I have the celestial seal,It’s not difficult。”
“You bastard!”Incarnate,Immediately pointed at Li Tianzhen’s nose and yelled at him,“How weak i am now,You are not afraid that the yellow loach will be driven mad and kill me?”
“Actually not that serious,He is also very pitiful,And I will let both of them assist you。”Li Tianzhen is talking,From the black scroll, he took out two smaller black crystal puppets,Not actually a crystal,It’s a rare crystallization of the soul of high-level monsters,Refined after being asked by Yuwen to extract attributes,Although the combat power is average,But extremely confusing,Particularly good at transforming as a substitute,Ordinary gods are hard to detect right away。
“you……”Looking at a crystal puppet in front of me, it quickly became his own,No matter the shape,Even the tiny square array structure at the microscopic level is exactly the same,Avatar dumbfounded,I was so angry that I couldn’t speak。
Li Tianzhen is like a rich man who suddenly dug out the treasure,I don’t know how many babies are hidden in the scroll in my hand,Whatever you dig out are some top stuff,What the avatar doesn’t know,This is only a small part of it,Treasures stored in the depths of the space, Li Tianzhi has not had time to check and clean up。
“The black crystal Ruyi in my hand is too sharp,It will kill you,Especially for the gods to which Tiangong belongs to absolute suppression,Keep this person,Brother Yuwen is not easy,I don’t want to kill anymore。”
Chapter 814 Please enter the urn
The incarnation didn’t sway Li Tianzhen in the end,Bringing the Tiangong seal and two puppets into a breeze and drifting into the South Tianmen,At the moment of entering,The sacred beast Paixiu at the door suddenly rounded his eyes,A crystal puppet appeared in its vision,But a puff from nostrils,Did not say anything。
The Nantianmen has been disrupted,Horrible energy surge,There are roars and explosions everywhere,Incarnate as a phantom and floating,Be careful to bypass the most central battlefield is,The Flame Phoenix who was hiding on the side was suddenly startled,She also saw two crystal puppets,That was a plaything called by the Lord Yuwen,How come here suddenly?It must come from the black gold Ruyi in Li Tianzhi’s hands,Then this kid is here too?
Yanhuo Phoenix didn’t say a word,Watching the two crystal puppets, the phantom floated to the entrance of the Huoyan Temple,There are several gods along the way that have also seen this strange thing,But the weird thing is that no one says anything。
Suddenly a red stamp appeared out of thin air,There is a ghost beside the big seal,Hidden deep,It has never been exposed,Say it’s too late,A gap has been opened at the gate of Tiangong,Three phantoms got in with the Fang Yin,Then there was a bang,The door opened directly。
This trick is quite weird,Not close the door and open the door,But just open the door,The warrior didn’t care,Even if the idlers who are watching the game find out, it’s hard to be sure if someone got in first.。
“stop!”A loud shout came from the hall,Loud voice,Like thunder,It’s the host of the Fire Palace Yuwen asking for agreement。
All the gods were shocked on the spot,Not fighting,Those who don’t fight naturally don’t watch the excitement anymore,They all stared stupidly at the gate of the heavenly palace,A tall figure sitting on the throne,Leopard eyes wide open,Beard,A dark red robe,Isn’t it the Fire Palace Master??
There are also many gods who cannot control the sudden excitement,Kneeled to the ground with a puff,The old palace lord is not dead?At least his soul projection is safe and sound?

First161chapter Tomb of the Nine Army

“Zhu Minglang?”
At this moment,Downhill,Wen Mengru, a female disciple of the Mianshan Sword Sect with excellent hearing, also turned around,Lifting his gaze to stare at the man in white shirt on the hillside。
“You dispose of these divine wastes。”Wen Mengru spoke to the two female swordsmen beside him。
“Yes,Sister……”The short-haired female disciple said。
“Does that person really wish bright,Is the young swordsman who once broke through our gate?”Another female disciple of the Mianshan Sword Sect asked in a low voice。
“Seems to be him,I heard that Sister lost to him。”The short hair woman said。
Wen Mengru’s hearing is very powerful,The words of my two junior sisters naturally caught her ears,This naturally made her feel a bit more hostile!
Wen Mengru was only 16 or 7 years old,She met a young man who wanted to break into the Mianshan Sword Sect。
After some inquiries,I knew that this person was a disciple of the Sword Sect of Yaoshan,Came from thousands of miles to their Mianshan Jianzong to challenge。
Everyone knows,The two great forests of Jianzong,Yaoshan Jianzong and Mianshan Jianzong!
People often compare Yaoshan Jianzong with Mianshan Jianzong,I want to know which faction is the strongest Jian Xiuzong Lin。
Wen Mengru as a female disciple of the Mianshan Jianzong,Of course I know the existence of the Sword Sect in Yaoshan,She also wanted to see this as well as them,What’s so extraordinary about the Sword Sect of Mount Yao who has never fought。
That battle,Right at the gate。
Wen Mengru was known as the number one wizard of Mianshan Jianzong,She is about the same age as the young man from the sword sect who came to provoke.。
As a result, she didn’t even hold on to Zhu Minglang’s three tricks。
I wish Minglang all the way down the mountain gate,Whether it is a disciple,Or some uncles,Directly provocatively fight,Wen Mengru’s sister was only when she almost resisted the villa,Concubine Wen Ling defeated。
But Concubine Wen Ling is no longer a disciple,Even the teacher who taught the disciples swordsmanship。
Zhu Minglang eventually lost。

Monkey King walked to the space channel,Looking back at the Qitian Great Sage who was suppressed under Wuzhi Mountain,Nodded,then,Walk into the space channel without hesitation。

Seeing this, Su Xue has no time to take another look at the legendary Monkey King,Follow Master Sun into the dark passage in front of you,perhaps,She wears a black dress when she gets married。
Subsequently,Space channel dissipation,Monkey Sun looked at himself in another world and the woman in black had already left,Sighed,That woman in black is really mentally disabled。
I just left with myself in another world so silly,I’m afraid that the woman in black is going to be so bad now,but,It has nothing to do with him。
He just stay here honestly,Waiting for the time that I said in another world,Then he took the opportunity to escape,Lead the whole family of demons to go to the Heavenless Buddha。
Consequences of not having shelter from the strong,Monkey Sun has already experienced it,He doesn’t want to experience it again,Subsequently,Sun Monkey glanced at the pot of monkey wine beside him。
Determined,After he comes out from under Wuzhi Mountain,Meet me in another world,I must teach this guy who has fallen into trouble。
then,Sun monkey close his eyes,Smell the smell of monkey wine brewed by the people of the hometown,Peacefully fall asleep。
Dark abyss,In the endless darkness,A ray of Buddha light floats all over the dark abyss,Light up the dark abyss。
at this time,A dark space channel suddenly appeared in the dark abyss,Monkey King calmly walked out of the space channel,Staring blankly at my palm,At this moment, the hand of the woman in black is holding his hand tightly。
Next second,After Su Xue walked out of the dark passage,Glanced around,I feel that the world this time seems a little different from what she imagined,but,After Su Xue noticed Sun Gongzi’s gaze,Whispered。
“Now that I have decided to go to other worlds with the son,I won’t break my promise,I also entered that dark passage for the first time,A little scared,Gongzi won’t mind。”
Just now after Su Xue walked into the dark passage,A little scared,I accidentally grabbed Sun Gongzi’s hand in a hurry,So Su Xue who reacted at this moment was a little embarrassed。
but,Even so,Su Xue didn’t let go of Sun Gongzi’s hand either,She doesn’t like mother-in-law,Dare to love and hate is her character Su Xue,but,This strange place in front of her made her a little scared。
Do not know why,Su Xue looked at the strange black space in front of her,And the strands of golden light,Somewhat at a loss,Did she and Sun Gongzi accidentally come to the wrong world??
“Mind?I certainly wouldn’t mind,Happy girl。”
After Sun Wukong heard the words of the black woman in front of him,Come back,Said with a smile,then,Monkey King looked at the dark abyss before him,He can feel a terrifying devouring power hovering beside him and the woman in black。
But it didn’t swallow him and the woman in black,And those Buddha lights floating around,Monkey King reacted instantly,Those Buddha lights should be the methods of the lawless bosses。
And the reason why he and the woman in black are safe and sound,It’s because the Buddha light perceives his breath,Then the woman in black is holding her hand right now。

Although Zong Xueqin is a married woman,,But this guy is a beautiful girl,Age in thirties,For an ordinary woman,Should have started to go downhill,But for a cultivator,Thirty years old is the time to show your charm!

These guys have a few temptations to resist Zong Xueqin?Yelling one by one,Looks like a monster!
“Humph,Ignorant guys!”
Zong Xueqin looked at these guys,Turned back to the background,this place,It’s just a temporary place,Anytime,Settled elsewhere,You must have your own power,For Zong Xueqin,This matter is very important,Till today,It’s finally time for me to officially prepare for revenge!
Chapter One Thousand and One Swallow
Haicheng,Although it’s a small place,But this place is definitely hiding the dragon and the tiger,Not far from Haicheng is the South China Sea Battlefield,As one of the six thrones of the army, Wanghai, the sea king, is here,Simultaneously,Some senior members of the Huangpu family also have a lot of eyeliners in this place。
Haicheng is not big,But it’s the place where the entire Dahua country is drunk and at large,It’s also the most dangerous place in the entire Dahua country。
After Zong Xueqin escaped from Bincheng,Hiding everywhere,Xia Chenglong’s forces are very powerful,Can monitor almost half of the country,If your whereabouts are exposed,It is very likely that this guy will come directly to the door,So before I have to,This guy is hidden in the mountains and forests。
After arriving at Haicheng,This guy built a small weathered place in this place with his own power,As an ambitious woman,Zong Xueqin hates this kind of place,But I have to say,This kind of place is in this city,Best for rapid development!
Relying on my beauty,Zong Xueqin alarmed a guy in Haicheng,Patriarch of the Mu Family in Haicheng,This old guy is not old,Want old cows to eat tender grass,So I came to this place,But this guy has never been able to succeed every time,Come and go,This guy simply wrapped up this place,Gave Zong Xueqin a lot of money!
An instant,This woman who was already desperate gained her own power,Start to develop and grow yourself in this place,Ready to take back Ben Thanh one day!
Although the strength in Haicheng is not much,But the background of each one is not small,This place has almost become a trivial zone,It is difficult for the royal family to reach this place,The officials in this place are even guys from these families,Named official,It’s just a puppet of the family!
There are a lot of warriors in this place,And every guy’s strength is very strong,Zong Xueqin also secretly gained a lot of power in this place,Today is the big day of the fireworks willow alley,It’s also when Zong Xueqin is ready to rise in this city!
“Has everything been done??”
In the room,Zong Xueqin’s face is cold,Half-kneeling beside him is a middle-aged man with no trace of glamour,This guy has actually been killed,It’s just being refined into a puppet by some special method,Now it’s a puppet of Zong Xueqin!

Really unexpected,This fat guy has directly broken through the third rank,Something。

Wait for the other person to open their eyes,Feel the change in one’s realm,I can’t smile already。
Harvest a piece of black silk soft armor that can resist the attack of the gods,Will be upgraded to third grade,This kind of harvest is already extremely satisfying。
“Long brother,How!”
“That is,Don’t look at my business chart……Who is his eldest brother?”
There is no need to stay here anymore,The last thing Xia Chenglong did was to re-seal the caves。
There is nothing good in it,It’s the home of pure Jian Chen,He wants to keep it peaceful forever。
“Long brother,Where do we go next?”
“Let’s go up first!”
“Go up,It’s not easy,Me one……”
Shang Tutu smashed the space jade slip in his hand,However, one thing that is very embarrassing is,Space jade slip doesn’t work。
The magnetic field here is not so simple,This space jade slip is useless。
So when I thought of climbing up step by step,Thinking of their experience when they fell,Some people just crash。

For this,Xia Chenglong found that he didn’t seem to have any room to fight。

did not expect,They didn’t lose anything after doing it for a long time,Yingzi is happier,Finally she won’t be sad because of what happened before。
No one asked anything,According to Qi Chong,Don’t care about anything today,Just drink。
Drink this drink till dawn,Everyone finally slept,Only slowed down in the afternoon。
People who practiced would not go like this,But they all know they don’t have the ability to climb to the top,This kind of life is already very satisfying for them。
Just when everyone was asleep,The outside world is messed up,Especially the union。
one night,A captain who lived in the union was killed,I received a notice in the morning,Vice Chairman Lin Lao Er died on the main road。
Such a big event naturally makes this area boiling。
But the point is that you can’t find out who did it?
Because they couldn’t find such a person,Can enter the strictly guarded union quietly and kill the transforming warriors。
Then he squeezed the throat of the transcendent master directly,This kind of strength is definitely the level of entering the holy realm,Or at least to reach the peak of the Transcendent Realm。
And in this area,There are only a few masters at the peak of the Transcendent Realm。
Li Letian, President of the Sixth Branch,Fenghui, the owner of Cuifengju,Cao Yan, owner of Tianxia Commercial Bank,But why do they do this?
No reason,These people have a good relationship with Lin’s second child,How could he suddenly make a move。
in the afternoon,The union people are here,Look at their aura,Because it’s not just ordinary people,And the chairman Li Letian mentioned earlier。
The field under his jurisdiction,A vice chairman died,A captain,This kind of thing must be explained to the above,But Qi Chong and others have a conflict with Lin Lao Er。

I didn’t wait for Ding Ruoyan to finish,Ding Haijun reacted,I think it’s a good thing for a girl to bring her classmates home to do homework:Although everyone knows that for Chen Geng’s arrival today,All parties will inevitably make the most comprehensive preparations,Never allow any mistakes,Can be nominal,This is still a private visit after all,If a girl’s classmate is with her girl at home“Do homework”,At least look natural,And two such cute little girls are at home,I can adjust the atmosphere a little bit?

Diplomatic,My mind is turning fast!
Ding Haijun who quickly understood this,Before my daughter was finished, she smiled and nodded:“Xiao Miao is here?it is good,Good,You guys do your homework first,Uncle Ding calls you to eat later。”
Meng Xiaomiao stuck out his tongue,A little embarrassed to confess:“Uncle Ding,Don’t blame Ruoyan,I begged Ruoyan to bring me here,I just want to see what Mr. Chen Geng looks like,Is it as young as everyone said?……do not worry,I won’t cause you trouble。”
Hearing what Meng Xiaomiao said,Ding Haijun didn’t think much,Chen Geng is going to visit this at his own home,The whole foreign affairs department doesn’t know,Xiao Miao heard、It’s not weird to want to come and see,How could he think that these words were taught by Lao Meng?Subconsciously think this is Meng Xiaomiao’s own careful thinking:The little girl who has entered puberty,Have a crush on young men who have a successful career,This is normal,Besides, Meng Xiaomiao took the initiative to confess?Said with a smile immediately:“No blame,All right,Go do your homework。”
“Ok。”Meng Xiaomiao agreed,Obediently followed Ding Ruoyan to her little boudoir to do homework。
Hu Jin never spoke,Until the two kids came in,She whispered to Ding Haijun:“This……no problem?”
at this time,She still thought about the little emotions just now?
“What can be the problem?”Ding Haijun waved his hand,Quite disapproving:“You think too much,Xiao Miao is just one13……14Year old girl,In all likelihood, I heard Lao Meng talk about Chen Geng,Curious,I want to follow my girl,Not a big deal,And don’t you think what the girl said makes sense?,There are such two little girls at home to adjust the atmosphere,Can also look natural。”
“Also。”Hu Jin thought for a while,I feel my worry is over,It’s just a 13 or 14 year old girl,I think too much。
Just finished,Someone knocked on the door:“Old Ding,Mr. Chen Geng is coming,We will help you check the hygiene……”
A bunch of people standing at the door,There are more than ten men and women。