Chinese Youth Wang Tianyou: Back to China’s development is "Green Leaf on the Roots"

  China News Agency, November 30th: Chinese Youth Wang Tianyou: Back to China’s development is "Green Leaf on the root" Author’s author Men Rui "Although the birthday is growing abroad, the first language I learned is Chinese.

"The American Chinese Youth Wang Tianyou said when he was interviewed by China News Service. In Wang Tianyou’s growth environment, there are not many people who speak Chinese. It can speak a fluistic language in the mother tongue, and they have rely on Wang Tianyou’s parents." They don’t want me to lose Chinese language skills, which not only insists on exchange in Chinese, but also sent me to Huawen School to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. "" Father attaches great importance to the inheritance of Chinese culture in Chinese descendants.

"Wang Tianyou recalled that his childhood followed the local overseas Chinese to study martial arts, father and local overseas Chinese jointly founded the Mid-China Experimental School, he spent most of the schools in this Chinese school." School will arrange students and from China’s high-level martial arts players exchange interaction, this is a very special learning opportunity.

"Talking about learning martial arts experience, Wang Tianyou said that he has a feeling of Chinese culture by practicing China.

"Traditional Chinese Kung Fu emphasizes self-decoration, compared with the form of anti-sexual fighting forms, while maintaining morality while strengthening the body.

"Wang Tianyou introduced that although Chinese traditional martial arts belong to the small sports in foreign countries, it is still attracting some foreigners to have more in-depth interest in Chinese culture, and even more than Wanli came to China." Some foreigners learn in China. " After that, return to the United States to open a martial art, and will recruit many Chinese students.

This makes me feel the powerful vitality of Chinese culture.

"Except for learning Chinese and martial arts, Wang Tianyou’s father also encouraged him to participate in the" China Tour "activity during the summer vacation. I hope that while integrating into the real Chinese language environment, he can also feel the speed of China’s social development.

  Wang Tianyou frankly, like many foreigners who don’t understand China, he is not deeply impressed by most Chinese cities before coming to China.

"It is an exception." Wang Tianyou said that the popular Hong Kong movie has left the Hong Kong city impression of "both retaining the tradition and leading the trend".

  "Until the first time I came to Shanghai, I found Shanghai’s urban development level and Hong Kong.

"Wang Tianyou added," China’s urbanization process is a great story. When I introduce foreign friends, they have more than 8 million people in Quanzhou, and they have more than 8 million people. They are very surprised. "The" two-headed "habits continue to work, becoming Wang Tianyou’s opportunity to stay in China.

With more deeper understanding the Chinese social environment, he chooses to cooperate with the like-minded friends in China.

  "My family is in China, I lived in the Chinese cultural environment from a small life." Wang Tianyou believed that he decided to develop in China like "green leaves on the roots". "I hope to use experience and knowledge accumulated abroad to contribute to China’s social development.

"(End) Editor: 海 闻.

Adhere to the position of "chasing wind" emergency people

"Candle her, she will seriously and responsibly" In June 2017, Jiangxi Province has a concentrated heavy rainfall, the upper reaches of Le’an River, the whole line, the river, the river, the trip to the river, Boyang River, etc. 17 The river has a superficial flood.

"At that time, we went to Wan Emergency to resettle the population. After 310,000 emergency life, after the rescue, the Ministry of Civil Affairs disaster relief, the National Disaster Reduction Center requested approval of these two data and provided written description materials.

"Zeng Lingyan recalled that in order to disseminate the doubts of the superior leader, she is particularly large, the duration is particularly long, the rainstorm and heavy rain are particularly wide, and the high rainfall intensity is strong, and the water level is particularly high. Historical flood, housing damage Especially, the establishment of a new new mechanism for advanced transfer, explains why the emergency transfer is more population; from the loss of the renewal, the loss of life is large, the loss of diet, the traffic is more, the livestock loss is large, and the difficulty of livestock is more difficult. Explain why it is necessary to have more urgent life.

At the annual nuclear disaster in that year, Zeng Lingyan was arranged to introduce disaster process organizations and key indicators. "This is a must and encouragement to our work." She said.

"Zeng Lingyan business, strong ability, explain her things, she will be serious and responsible, is a person who can suffer, dedication, and discretion.

Wu Jibo, Director of Disaster Relief and Material Saving Office, Jiangxi Provincial Emergency Management Office.

Chen Xiao Dan, Military Disaster Reduction and Material Safeguards, Military Emergency Administration, has begun to contact disaster management in 2015. The Zeng Lingyan in her eyes will be very persistent for business, and they will be a non-rigorous root of a data, and do not let go of any problems.

As an emergency, overtime plus point is Zeng Lingyan’s work. "Although I didn’t have a vigorous situation in the first-line rescue site, I was also in the speed of wind, running with the rain racing, a" chasing rain ", for the first time to start the disaster relief emergency response and fund support win time." (Emergency The Department of Management and People’s Network is jointly launched by the People’s Network) (Editor: Bine Morning, Bai Yu) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

3710 hectare Beijing 2022 Bouw Site Supply Plan Release

  De verslaggever werd op de hoogte gebracht van de Municipal Planning Natural Resources Committee op 28e dat het "Beijing 2022 Bouw Land Supply Plan" in de gemeentelijke overheid is goedgekeurd en ge?mplementeerd.

2022 Jaarlijkse planningsopstelling De totale toevoer van het aanbod land is 3.710 hectare, die vlak tot 2021 is. Onder hen wordt de focus gekanteld naar het stedelijk centrum en multipoints en de aanbodverhouding is niet minder dan 60%. De verslaggever leerde dat de stad strikt wordt ge?mplementeerd in stedelijke en landelijke bouwplaatsen, en het is duidelijk dat de jaarlijkse reductietaak ongeveer 10 vierkante kilometer is.

Het is duidelijk dat dit jaar is gepland om 500 hectare industrieel land in te plannen; er zijn 1060 hectare woonland, waaronder 760 hectare eigendomsrechten woonland, 300 hectare huurwoningsgebied; 650 hectare overheidsbeheer en openbare diensten; transport land 1450 hectare; wateren en waterconservatievoorzieningen 30 hectare; speciaal land 20 hectare. Vanuit een ruimtelay-out wordt het aandeel van het aanbod in de Centrale Stad op ongeveer 20% gehandhaafd, gericht op de tilt van stedelijk centrum en meerpuntsgebieden, levert verhouding niet minder dan 60%.

Tegelijkertijd, in overeenstemming met het aandeel van niet minder dan 1: 2, is het beroepsland van 70% van de stad gerangschikt in het stadsvervangend middel en een meerpuntsgebied, de agglomeratie van industrieel land verder te verbeteren, de Groei van agglomeratie met hoge precisie-industrie. Potenti?le energie.

  Volgens rapporten is dit jaar-on-land plan gestegen met 10 hectare dan 2021.

Onder hen, volgens het aandeel van niet minder dan 80%, ging het R & D Industrial Land de "twee districten" "drie stad en een district" en andere belangrijke functionele districten in en versnellen de levering van wetenschappelijke en technologische innovatie en hoog -Precision Industrial Land. Tegelijkertijd zullen we ons concentreren op de bouw van het ge?ntegreerde National Science Center, een nieuwe generatie informatietechnologie, medische gezondheid "dubbele motor" cre?ren en de levering van wetenschappelijke en technologische innovatie en hoog-precisie industrieel land versnellen.

  Het aanbod van residenti?le grond is haalbaar.

Volgens rapporten is het plan van dit jaar om huurresidenti?le landtoevoer 300 hectare en commodity residenti?le landvoorziening te regelen 300 hectare, en enkele gedeeltelijke directionele hervestigingsgebieden en jaarlijkse warehousing taken.

Onder leiding van de huuraankoop wordt de huurwoningen in de belangrijkste functionele wijk en de omgeving, en de stad, en mensen worden gemengd in de nabijheid van de belangrijkste functionele wijk en de omgeving van de sleutel, en de site van de spoorwegtransit. Wat de aandacht waard is, is dat het plan van dit jaar gepland is om 650 hectare overheidsbeheer en openbare dienstgrond te regelen. Op basis van het versterken van de grondbescherming van culturele, onderwijs, sport, medische, sociale welvaart, nutsvoorzieningen, enz. Meer aandacht aan het bevorderen van hoogwaardige basisonderwijs, medisch pensioen, resource-evenwichtslay-out, zoals openbare cultuur, verbeter de beveiligingscapaciteit van stedelijke energie en watervoorziening, de levensonderhoudfaciliteiten van mensen verbeteren, de levensduur van mensen verbeteren. Reporter Chen Xueli).

De leiders van het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China, het Permanent Comité van het Congres van National People, de Raad van State, enz. Doe mee aan het 13e National People’s Congress, vijf conferentiedelegaties

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing 6 maart, het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China, het Comité van het Nationaal Personeelscongres, de Raad van de Staat, enz. De leiders van de delegatie nam deel aan de overweging: Ding XuExiang, Guo Shengwei, Cao Jianming, Wan Ejuan, Wang Dongming, Wang Yi, Zhang Jun, etc. Ding Xuexiang nam deel aan de Guizhou Group voor overweging van het Comité van het Politiek Bureau van de Communistische Partij van China, Ding XuExiang, Directeur van het Centraal Bureau van het Centraal Comité, zei in de vergadering van Guizhou Delegatie op de 6e, volledig overeengekomen Werkverslag overheid. XI Jinping’s hoofd van de secretaris van de secretaresse, Xi Jinping’s wetenschappelijke begeleiding van socialistisch denken aan Chinese kenmerken in het nieuwe tijdperk is de fundamentele garantie van de ontwikkeling van de partij en het nationale bedrijf. We moeten de "twee vastgestelde" beslissende betekenis zeer begrijpen, waardoor het hoge bewustzijn van "twee onderhoud" voortdurend versterken, het hele proces en alle aspecten van de prestaties implementeren en voldoen aan de 20 overwinning van de partij.

Behoud een soepele en gezonde economische omgeving, volledige, nauwkeurige, uitgebreide implementatie van het nieuwe ontwikkelingsconcept, stabiliseer de economische groei en versterken de weg van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling.

Guotai People’s Social Milieu houden, beschermen en verbeteren en verbeteren van het levensonderhoud van mensen en het streven ernaar om aanzienlijke risico’s te voorkomen.

Houd de politieke context waarin de wind is positief, de consolidatie van de ontwikkeling van de partij geschiedenis, het bevorderen van de geest van de grote website, en onwankelbaar bevorderen van de partij zelf-revolutie, en verdiepen van de volledigheid van de partij.

Guo Shengyu deelgenomen aan de Yunnan Group voor de behandeling van het Comité van het Politiek Bureau van de Communistische Partij van China en het Centraal Politiek en juridische commissie, Guo Shengyu, nam deel aan de Yunnan delegatie op de 5e, zei dat de regering werk rapport was volledig overeengekomen. Partij Centraal Comite met kameraad Xi Jinping als de kern van de kern van de binnenlandse internationale internationale internationalities, co?rdinatie van de epidemie preventie en bestrijding en de economische en sociale ontwikkeling, het co?rdineren van de ontwikkeling en veiligheid, niet een goede zaak om een groot evenement te hebben, en overwinnen een moeilijke risico uitdaging "14e Five" het realiseren van een goede start, de partij en de nationale ondernemingen hebben nieuwe grote successen behaald.

De resultaten zijn niet gemakkelijk, en de meest fundamentele reden is dat de secretaris-generaal Xi Jinping als de kern van de partij Centraal Comite, de kern van de hele partij, en er is een Chinese karakteristieke socialistische ideologische wetenschappelijke gids in Xi Jinping.

We moeten diep inzicht in de doorslaggevende betekenis van "twee gevestigde", om "twee onderhoud te bereiken", bevordering van de kwaliteit ontwikkeling van de politieke en juridische werk hoog is, met het oog op het behoud van een glad en gezond economisch klimaat, de sociale omgeving van Guotai Min’an, het politieke klimaat van de wind is solide, Welkom twintigste overwinning van de partij in de daadwerkelijke actie. Cao Jianming deelgenomen aan de Sichuan Groep voor de behandeling van de vice-voorzitter van het Nationaal Volkscongres, Cao Jianming, woonden de Sichuan delegatie, zei dat het rapport van Li Keqiang is een goed verslag, de sterkte van de kracht en urgente meldingen, helemaal mee eens. In het afgelopen jaar, de partij Centraal Comité van Xi Jinping als de kern is verenigd, het co?rdineren van de preventie en bestrijding van binnenlandse en internationale, co?rdineerde de ontwikkeling en veiligheid, onderhoudt strategische en bekwaam, en leidt de Chinese economie gestaag. De nieuwe grote prestaties in de partij en de nationale ondernemingen zijn sterk verbeterd het zelfvertrouwen trots van alle etnische groepen in het hele land, en de cohesiesterkte.

De strijd van het jaar is uiterst moeilijk, en de resultaten zijn zeer ongebruikelijk, volledig aandacht voor de buitengewone politieke wijsheid van de partij Centraal Comite van kameraad Xi Jinping als de kern, een sterke missie diep voor de gevoelens van mensen en uitstekende leiderschap, volledig markeren "China "de unieke politieke voor- en systeem voordelen" fully wijst op de sterke taaiheid en enorme potentieel van de Chinese economie. Wan Hao deelgenomen aan de Henan Groep Wanxiang, de vice-voorzitter van het Permanent Comité van het Nationale Volkscongres, Wan Hawang overwegen, het bijwonen van de delegatie Henan, volle steun van de regering werk verslag van Li Keqiang premier.

Het rapport volledig recht doet aan de democratie, pragmatische vooruitgang, condenseren, en bemoedigend. Het rapport station is hoog, en de artikelen die lopen door nieuw tijdperk van de Chinese kenmerken Xi Jinping’s. Het is het duidelijk standpunt benadrukt dat hecht aan "twee inrichting" en krijgt de "twee onderhoud", aandacht voor de grote voordelen van de socialistische systeem met Chinese kenmerken. .

Het rapport samengevat vorig jaar daalde, en volledig, op zoek naar de waarheid van feiten, gegevens gedetailleerd, een samenvatting van de score is niet uitgebreid, rechttoe rechtaan problemen niet te vermijden te vermijden, het vertellen van de waarheid, en het beheer van de bodem.

Het rapport is erg boos, en het nieuwe jaar is ingericht, dicht bij de verwachtingen van het volk, co?rdinatie van de epidemie preventie en bestrijding van de economische en sociale ontwikkeling, en actief inspelen op de verschillende risico’s uitdagingen, stok om de stabiliteit van het woord, gestage , en het doel is redelijk. de opdracht is duidelijk, de co?rdinatie van het beleid, de inzet is redelijk, het initiatief is solide, het moreel is ge?nspireerd, en het vertrouwen wordt geworpen. Wang Dongming deelgenomen aan de Sichuan Group, Wang Dongming, vice-voorzitter van de National People’s Congress Permanent Comite, zei op de 6e, in de overweging van de Sichuan delegatie het volledig eens met de overheid werk rapport.

In het afgelopen jaar, de eenheid van de partij Centraal Comite van de kameraad Xi Jinping als de kern van de hele partij, de mensen van alle nationaliteiten, het harde werk, het bevorderen van de nieuwe grote prestaties in de partij en het land, en realiseerde de "14e Five-Year Plan" Ga door met een nieuw hoofdstuk van de "twee wonderen" te schrijven.

Heb een goede baan in het werk van dit jaar, moet u krachtig te ondersteunen de "twee establishment", verdere versterking van de "vier awareness", stevig "vier vertrouwen" en "twee onderhoud" om de besluitvorming inzet feestje te implementeren. Alle niveaus van de vakbonden moeten nauwgezet voldoen aan hun politieke verantwoordelijkheid te begeleiden honderden miljoenen werknemers om te luisteren naar Chinese partij, en voel de partij, met de partij, en verenigen de medewerkers om de tweede honderd jaar van strijd te bereiken om een werk-industrie op te bouwen . Het is noodzakelijk om een goede baan in de bescherming van de rechten van het werk te doen, en goed onderhouden politieke veiligheid in het gebied van de arbeid, en voldoen aan de twintigste overwinning van de partij. Wang Yi nam deel aan de Chongqing groep te overwegen Wang Yi, Wang Yi, die heeft deelgenomen aan de Chongqing delegatie op de 5e, zei dat Li Keqiang premiell wordt geleid door nieuw tijdperk van de socialistische denken Xi Jinping, en volledig uit te voeren party centrale besluitvorming implementatie., proberen de waarheid en pragmatisme, urgent, ben ik het volledig mee eens en ondersteuning.

Wang Yi zei dat vorig jaar, onder de sterke leiding van de partij centra, de partij centra in de kern van Xi Jinping, zullen we de 100ste geboortedag van de partij te vieren, en met succes het bereiken van de "14e Five-Year Plan", in de wereld chaos, in de global change Maak een nieuw bureau. Een reeks grote successen hebben bewezen dat secretaris-generaal Xi Jinping roer piloot en de sterke leiding van de partij Centraal Comite is de fundamentele politieke garantie van de overwinning in de partij en de nationale ondernemingen. Het diplomatieke systeem zal resoluut ondersteunen de "twee inrichting", om "twee maintenance" te bereiken, actief bevorderen van de diplomatie van de Chinese kenmerken, om een gunstiger externe omgeving in een all-afronding socialistische modernisering te cre?ren, om de partij 20 overwinning met uitstekende voldoen resultaten.

Zhang Jun woonden de Opperste Volksparket, Zhang Jun, die de Hoge Raad Volksparket was, werd gehouden in de Heilongjiang delegatie, en er was een mijlpaal in de geschiedenis van de partij en het land in 2021. De mensen van alle mensen van de hele partij waren in het hart van kameraad Xi Jinping. Onder de sterke leiding van de centrale overheid, is vasthoudend en hard om een indrukwekkende prestatie te maken, en volledig aandacht vestigen op de enorme voordelen van het socialistische systeem van de Chinese kenmerken. De overheid werk is een verslag over de hele nieuw tijdperk van Xi Jinping, de socialistische denken van de Chinese kenmerken, lopen door het volk gerichte denken, als gevolg van de wijzigingen in de belangrijkste tegenstellingen, het werk voor de overheid meer gericht op het oplossen van de ontwikkeling van de onbalans, en voldoen aan de mensen die ik heb meer dan een goed leven dat groeit, ben ik helemaal conopered.

In het nieuwe jaar, zou de procuraat de "vier grote procurators" rol in het juridisch denken Xi Jinping’s te nemen, en de rol van de wettelijke controle effectief uit te voeren, bijzondere aandacht schenken aan de bouw van het team, het verbeteren van de procuratoriale werk, en zorgen voor de tweede honderd jaar van strijd Krachtige rechtsbescherming.

People’s Daily Network Three Review "’One Knife Cut’ Phenomenon" Two Diseases

"A thousand lines above, one of the following needs." The more complicated the case where the cadres are directly facing, and the pressure of each part of the part is also huge. The base layer is not easy, we must fully understand.

Seeing others to pick up is always not taking.

We criticize the phenomenon of "a knife", and it is even more "one knife to cut" to pigeon.

At the same time, we have to point out that a knife that does not care, it seems to be positive, and it is in violation of the law, and it is impatient, and the desire is not reached.

In this year, returning to the country this year, fully reminded, necessary prevention and control, strictly strengthen, but very few places so-called "strict defense death,", let a lot of returning people directly "can’t understand".

Some misinterpreses the "home health monitoring" is equivalent to home isolation, and "unnecessary non-returning home" is understood as "no need to return home"; some blindly compare, stipulate that the rural rises are high, the nucleic acid The detection period is shortened to 3 days.

One requirement to simplify, manipulate the "knife", punish the stroke, cut the original scientific, realistic policy, cut, and useless, no use, even add a chaos, the masses This is comments. Here is the fire, where the smoke is, "a knife cut" has been banned? Needless to say, some people are passionate about "a knife", because this method is most "easy", the risk is small, the cost is low, the brain is the least, the hand is least, the fastest is the fastest.

In fact, in fact, these thunderstorms are similar, seemingly "dynamic", as if "hard", actually "unwilling, do not, do not dare", can only expose Individual leading cadres and lack of lack of leading cadres, lotus, level Fault.

The advocacy, guided work is alienated into mandatory requirements, and the surface will look at "the courage" "strong", and it is actually far from "nothing to implement", and "promotes the work" will not take it. side. It seems to be in the pursuit of perfect administrative objectives, and the active means is too rough; it seems that the research is frequent, and it goes to the form, and it goes through the field. The root cause of "a knife cut" is still in some leading cadres "three views" misplaced: the power concept is distorted, the political achievements have a deviation, and the career view is lost.

When the foundation, the scientific decision-making, the closed door "Take the head decision", engage in "one words"; the situation is good, flexible, and satisfied "knowing" "forward" "arrangement", only Accident. "Horizontal and vertical knife cut", in nature is the work effect, damaging the interests of the people, consumes the energy of grassroots cadres. If you find a lesion, you have to die. For "one knife cut" uncompromising, comprehensive viewing, targeting actigation, giving full play to "creative implementation" capabilities at all levels, under the rectification of this stubborn disease, can let the central government to implement the "last kilometer", Let the cadres can keep the strength of the head to make policy initiatives to get the effect of landing. The facts have shown that the most demand "one knife" is precisely the "one knife cut" thinking, working method. 【related news】.

Cultivate the construction of Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center Arrangement Deployment Conference

Original title: Cultivating the construction of the Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center Arrangement Conference held on March 2, the Lanzhou Science and Technology Bureau held a party group theory study center group study and expansion meeting and cultivated the construction of the Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center to arrange the deployment meeting, informing Lanzhou City Cultivate the spirit of the Symposium of the Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center, arranged to deploy the Science and Technology Bureau system accelerated the development of the establishment of Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center. Meeting requires that the Ministry of Science and Technology system should have a high degree of political highness and deep understanding of the development of the Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center is a pragmatic initiative for the development theme of the times and actively serving the country. I have to understand "In the new journey of building socialist modern countries in an all-round way, Lanzhou can lead to the national development, realize the truck, and innovative drive strategy is the key.

Lanzhou should take the cultivation of Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center to strive for the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, building modern industrial systems, and promote economic high-quality development, and effectively unify thoughts and actions to the Municipal Committee. The municipal government’s arrangement is deployed. The meeting stressed that the establishment of the Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center is a major event in Lanzhou future and fate, will determine the status and impact of Lanzhou in Lanzhou. The Science and Technology Bureau should make cultivation to build Lanzhou Comprehensive countries As the primary task of scientific and technological innovation, the scientific and technological innovation work, first and other major events, clear understanding of Lanzhou City to cultivate the advantages and short boards of Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center, firm confidence, actively strive, try to create conditions, self-improvement, hard work, fully promote Lanzhou The cultivation construction of the comprehensive national science center. To grasp the main grasp, optimize the layout, optimize resources, steps, have a key point, and have a level of promoting planning, major scientific infrastructure and innovative platform carrier construction. Actively planning, active, and strive to go, attack hard, cultivate the construction of Lanzhou Comprehensive National Science Center to grasp the team, strong team, change the style, and improve, strive for forging politics, hard business, hard work, hard style Cadres team.

(Editor: Chen Cheng, Jiao Long).

The hospital stays with me to defeat pain

November 10 (Wen / Huang Dongjin) I retired is a secondary school political teacher, "Reference News" is very suitable for my appetite.

"Reference News" mainly publishes some political affairs, but also publishes some other knowledge, such as astronomical geography, sports entertainment, etc., rich in content. Read "Reference News", improve my political consciousness, open my horizons, expand my knowledge. In the long-term teaching practice, I combine the content of "reference news" with professor students, and I have been welcomed by students and received a good teaching effect.

"Reference message" became the hard work of my teaching work.

There is a feature of the article "Reference Message", which is objective, actual, both a positive article, and a negative article, both domestic time comments, and abroad. Long-term reading "Reference News", making me get great inspiration, develop a rational thinking, comprehensive look, seriously distinguish not a good habit of non-real leave.

In addition, since I subscribed to "reference news", my life law has also changed, it seems to be more active and more rhythmic. The day work is heavy, no work is reading, after ten o’clock in the evening, I always thunder to read "Reference News" and think while thinking, then slowly enter the dream. It is easy to work on the next day, with a bottom gas. "Reference News" brings me the positive energy of life, and my good teacher. After retiring, I sometimes go out to travel, except for some living supplies, don’t forget to bring "reference news". Sometimes, in a city, I bought "Reference News" in the local kiosk, and I appreciate the big rivers and mountains of the motherland, and they are happy.

It can be said without exaggeration. "Reference News" has become a good friend I can’t divide, a good companion.

I am a 70-year-old man. In recent years, I have been hospitalized in recent years, especially in a serious car accident last year, hospitalization for nearly one month. During the hospital stay, I still don’t forget to bring "reference news".

Sometimes the infusion is reading "Reference Message".

Looking at it, I have forgotten pain and trouble. "Reference News" also became my psychological medicine. As an old subscriber, in the "reference news" was founded 90 years, let me say: Thank you, "Reference News", my good helper, friend, partner and a master.

(The authors are the retired teachers of Pingnan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region).

US military equipment borrowed Greece transfer Russia worried NATO Chen Bing Greece

On December 13, according to Tasca, Athens, the Russian press Secretary, Pestkov, in an interview with the Greek antenna, said Russia set up in NATO and US military in Greek territory, as well as NATO Alexander through Greece Drew Polis is concerned with military equipment. The eve of the eve of the meeting of Russian President Putin and Greek Prime Minister Muzaki, on the 8th, the antenna is broadcast on the 11th evening program "Special Report".

When asked by Moscow, Peskov replied: this question is simple when he is concerned about Greece and the US revised defense agreement.

More and more NATO and US military are assembled in your country.

You are shipped into hundreds of military equipment through Alexandrew Polys.

You have opened up new bases for NATO, and NATO said that we are enemies. NATO will also curb Russia as the main goal.

This makes us uneasy.

For Greece, it is also concerned about Russia to provide S-400 remote air defense missile system to Turkey. He said that Greece is constrained by NATO Member States.

This is a matter of NATO, because NATO is in the border of us.

We see NATO to expand our border and expand to Ukraine.

Reference message network December 13 reports According to Tasca, Athens, the Russian Presidential News Secretary Peskov said in an interview with the Greek antenna, Russia gathered in NATO and US military in Greek territory, and NATO through Greece Alexandrew Polys is concerned with military equipment.

The eve of the eve of the meeting of Russian President Putin and Greek Prime Minister Muzaki, on the 8th, the antenna is broadcast on the 11th evening program "Special Report".

When asked by Moscow, Peskov replied: this question is simple when he is concerned about Greece and the US revised defense agreement.

More and more NATO and US military are assembled in your country.

You are shipped into hundreds of military equipment through Alexandrew Polys.

You have opened up new bases for NATO, and NATO said that we are enemies. NATO will also curb Russia as the main goal.

This makes us uneasy.

For Greece, it is also concerned about Russia to provide S-400 remote air defense missile system to Turkey.

He said that Greece is constrained by NATO Member States.

This is a matter of NATO, because NATO is in the border of us.

We see NATO to expand our border and expand to Ukraine.

At the end of November, the Greek "radical report" reported that the large-scale action of the US military equipment was launched in Port Alexandrew.

According to the recently updated defense agreement between Greek and the United States, more than 120 armed helicopters and 1,000 battles passed through this port, and then deployed to several regions of NATO East Wings, including Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. The Greek "Important News" weekly report said that there is a railway connection with the Black Sea port with Bulgaria and Romania, and the possibility of bypassing the Bosphorus, Alexandrew Polys is gradually become a NATO military equipment. Transport point. A large number of US AH-64D martial arts and black Eagle helicopters in Greek port assembly information.

(US National Defense Official Website).

Save him! He is a reporter, teacher, the father of poverty cadre and 4 years old!

The Caijiang River visited poverty. The colleague of the Caijiang River has made Fox Changong said: Jiang River is very strong, often work overtime, as long as the work is not completed, he will never rest.

Jiang River likes to think, he always reads the book, write something to the middle of the night ……. In the eyes of Caijiang River sister Cai police, his brother is a special responsible brother: "Our family is in Guizhou Bijie Rural, parents Live farmers, body is not good, and income is slightly thin.

My brother has diligently, with a student loan to complete the undergraduate, master, and the mother’s husband, and the mother is suffering from the cerebral infarction.

My brother reluctantly abandoned the opportunity to read and gave birth to the mother everywhere. Later, the brother was working on the work to study loans, while supporting my college.

My brother work in Tongqi County, and he also took the mother to his side and taking care of the mother.

When he added a class every day, he made the mother to eat on the next day, wash the mother to clean up, busy to the middle of the night, and read the book.

Now, my brother still lives in public rent … "The wife Shao Yihong eyes, the husband Caijiang River is a person who is bitter to her shoulders.

"This year, Jiang River often feels fatigue, but he is working in the work, did not have a holiday, it is really uncomfortable, work during the day, infusion at night.

I advise him to go to the hospital to check, he always said, wait until this, then go … "" The son is only 4 years old! " I saw the river that was governed by the disease in the hospital bed. I thought that the mother of the river was in the bed, I dared to imagine. I didn’t want the river. From now on, our days were black … "Shao Yihong Holding a three-year-old birthday, a three-year-old birthday, the painlessly said.

"Jiang River said, he wanted to live, he wanted to take care of his son Zhou Quan, he sent the parents to the old, he wanted to return to the job early!" Shao Yihong said.

“Hey-hey,Zhang Shu and Wang Shu are really people,Since Zhang Shu said this,Then I can’t do this black heart.,I will give half first.,Wait until the end, give it to the other half??”

This time Wang Dahai is first opening.。
“Can,Can,Xiao Li,Although you can rest assured,We guarantee to give you a beautiful。”
Li Hui said that Wang Dahai said this.,I also laughed and handed the money.。
Just give money,Li Hui’s wind is a paper and pen let two receipts.。
In this way, although let Wang Dahai will feel uncomfortable with Zhang Fugui,But he still do so,It is something that is afraid of two people who have been given.。
Everything is fine,Li speaks directly to the wind.,Let the other party don’t let go of the other。
After Li Hui,Wang Dahai is a unhappy face。
“Old Zhang, what is going on?,Drink a bottle of wine, you can’t find things in the north and south.?
You are lung,How to do people?
Still not letting you write a receipt and press the handset?
Don’t be old good people in the future.。”
“Hey,I didn’t expect it.,However, it may be cautious in doing things.?”
For those who give money to the money,There are very few people in rural areas.,Even the hometown of the township borrow money does not need to write the loan.。
Li Hui also understands this reason.,But after being deceived by Sun Yaru,He is not so stupid who believes.。
He even has changed, except for his parents, no one believes.。
I am writing, but we,This is equal to hitting our face.,When the old brother, I was so suspiciously.?”
“All right,All right,Work,Maybe people have been cheated??”
It’s going to work in two people.,Zhang Fugui is suddenly received by his son.。
“dad,Are you in Lotus Village??”
Chapter 17 Comprivion Exploitation
Zhao Qingyou received a hot fire after receiving his wife.。
He thought that his son was still,I didn’t expect my baby to have a pig’s head.。
This is not the most critical,The most important thing is that the teeth have fallen five,How to teeth this thing is not renewable?。
Looking at the son lying on the bed,Zhao Qingyou’s heart feels in the blood。
For so many years, he also hits his son.,But every time, the rain is small.,Basically, very few people。
Think about the baby son who is not willing to be,It’s actually so miserable today.,Zhao Qingyou’s anger in his heart feels continuous。
When you use it directly, he can use the relationship.,I quickly found the people who hit my son.。
Xu Tianci also did not expect that he can get the appreciation of the big boss like Zhao Qingyou.,He was originally just a lot of Zhao, a small tyrant in the village, but it was a lot.,And he has always been mixed with Zhao.。
This time is completely the brothers in the town called him.,It is said that Zhao You was hit.,Let him help find someone。
It is good to see Li Hui’s appearance from the monitoring.。
He immediately reported the name of Li Hui’s name and family address.。
“Zhao boss,Would you like me to bring someone to give him a family??”
Xu Tianci gives this idea,I have already started to get to the wind, I have been torture.,After all, since Li Hui is back, he will be a good thing in three times.,And I also made him a loss of a loss.,Although I have a cheap in my eyes.,Can be a loss in his eyes。
What kind of society is?
I will let you make your son.?
Do you still use you with force??