First of all,What you see is the altar covered with water plants。

then,Is a large colorful coral reef growing on the stairs。
Lu Yi crosses the swift ocean current,After saying hello to many dolphins,Finally entered the pilgrimage shrine where the pillars stand——Gate of Poseidon。
Just the entrance to the temple,Was actually blocked by a huge stone gate……
Lu Yi in the door area,According to the game tips,Take action,Put his hand on the tab,Even if you use your full force to pressEkey,And didn’t pull the huge stone gate……
“Do two doors need two people to work together at the same time,To open?”Lu Yi’s instinct tells himself,It seems that one person is unlikely to complete the task……
at this time,I used to hide in the dark and observe everything“Elite.0809”Appeared in front of Lu Yi。
Sent from the public channel“together?”Invitation……
“interesting!”Lu Yi uses action interactive command pair0809Agreed。
“are you,Morning cardBUGThe player in the video that caused the global suspension?”0809And said hello on the announcement channel。
although0809Recognized Master Luban’sID,But he saw that the other party did not answer this question,I had to stand consciously on the other side of the boulder,Put his hand on the ring……

On the other side, the tears of the eavesdropping the dialogue were slightly loose.,Material is not bad,Fox‘Miss girlfriend’It’s her.。

Good thing,Description Liao Wenjie when walking the rivers and lakes,Always hang her in the mouth,From the unique image。
but‘Scorpion’This name is so super uncomfortable,Liao Wenjie mentioned before,A side face、Waist、Friends of chest butt,No threat to her,Peaceful love‘Big beauty’Describe。
The stealing dialogue also made her heartbeat,Liao Wenjie refused,Wild 冴子 步 步 紧 紧,Obviously the body。
I know that others have a girlfriend.,Still selling it here,I really don’t know much。
“So dangerous things I certainly won’t bring it.,Has been sealed……”
The wild is getting more dissatisfied,Very indifferent attitude toward Liao Wen,Snort:“About you meet this time,It is a chance to show you a gentleman’s style.,Just talk about it online,Don’t you plan to eat??”
“Reason,It’s my Tang Dynasty.。”
Liao Wenjie serious face,In the white eyes of the wild,Raise your hand and play a song,Calling a general waiter sister,Docked two simple meals。
“Disappointed,I know that I will solve the lunch in the police.。”
Wild 冴子 sigh,Standard male is too slag,Haven’t fish yet,It’s too lazy to spend money.。
“Rest assured,俩,I can still treat you.,Waiting for this thing,I invite you to eat a big meal.,Location with you。”Liao Wenjie。
“This is almost,Your Miss girlfriend is so rich,The pocket money received every day is definitely a lot,I am welcome.。”
“Who can’t stand?,I am very active.,Never spend her money。”Liao Wenji mouth。
“Attempt,I can tell you very responsibly.,No one letter of this。”
The two have a smile chat.,Take a short while,Funeral,Continue the second round to eat while。
Here,Not only to tears,I have heard it in love.,The beauty of the fox, the fox, the beauty of the fox,Know that Liao Wenjie has a flower,Also borrowed,Create a chance to get along with。
hateful,How did she not think about this?!
“Big sister,Why have you been there?,Waiting for them to finish,The brother-in-law is to be turned.。”Come and love。
“Traffic jam……”
“correct,Big sister,The other party is a policeman,How does the brother-in-law will involve this person?,Does he have any secret concealment??”
As a former female thief,And is a very successful female flying thief,To give birth to the evaluation of the police, always hooks,But wild in the wild is extremely strong,It’s not a police officer who is good at seeing.,She is still more。
“No need to manage,Give me a look,Before I arrived at the cafe,Be sure to drag them。”
ten minutes later,The two dine。
Just when they are ready to leave,Wild, scorpion pass a card holder,Frowning to see three low-headed diners,Roade your hand hammered in one person.。
Three beautiful sisters look up,Face is full of surprise,After knowing:“Senior,So smart, you encounter you,It’s so unexpected.。”
The wild is white and white.:“Not good to work,Track me to the cafe,I want me to call you the boss.,Do you have some work??”
“Know the wrong,Please do not!”

But thinking that Li Hui helps help him.,His heart is still a bit difficult to accept。

“Lee brother,Would you like me?,That’s what you do,At least you can bear your responsibility。”
“Hey-hey,Really,Xu Da Ge’s kindness, my heart is,You hurry with them.。”
I heard that Li Hui finally called him Xu Da Ge.,Xu Tianci is also very happy。
Li Hui naturally also saw the little action just Tang Can,But this is this Xu Tianci or help him.,This makes him feel grateful in his heart.。
Although this is a grasp,But it doesn’t mean that others can ignore him.。
“Forehead,OK then,Let’s go back waiting for you.,We will stare at this thing,If you are caught,I will be responsible for helping you fight the lawsuit.。”
“Hey-hey,it is good,You hurry back.。”
Xu Tianci still wants to say something,Tang Can is pulling Sun Yuru to go out.。
Sun Yarru, I still want to say anything.,But I saw that Li Hui’s roots were turned into the eyes. She didn’t look at it.,It’s also a loss in the heart.。
Run, Tang Canla, went out。
He Dashan also hugged the box with Li Hui Feng,Then I went out。
Xu Tianci last left。
After a few people,Li Hui has directly called Li Wanguo。
After Li Wan, he heard Li Hui’s words.,The whole person is also a glimpse。
“Xiao Li,You can kill people really?
Not indiscriminate?”
For Li Huifeng, killing more than a dozen people like this,He can’t keep the opponent’s,Unless Li Hui has sufficient evidence。
“Yes,Just check it out,100% can be determined。”
“Row,Don’t go there,I call them to cooperate with you.。”
I said that Li Wan Guo didn’t happen directly.。
Then start contacting。
soon,Li Hui also received a telephone number of the Rao Shang Military Region and the police.。
Then he said it is true.。
KTVThe boss has never thought of such a serious thing tonight.,And there are Zhao Feilong in the dead people.。
In the whole, Zhao Fei, can be said to be the king in the night.。
He basically controls the underground power of the whole city.。
Now he is dead now,KTVThe boss feels that Rao Shang City is afraid to earthquake.。
really,Not long,Policemen,The people in the military are to block the scene.。
At the same time, the first time is also transferred to the monitoring.。
Li Hui Feng is directly taken out,Then wait for the arrival of Li Wangers。
Li Wan Guo is also a special plane。
He has learned from Li with the wind.,Then I started to deal with it.。
No one thought that Li Hui Feng actually made Li Wanguo personally came.。
This background,No one dares to look。
In less than a day,All things have been investigated。

Nail bell bell,The phone on the desk rang again,Zhao Hong picked it up,Smiled immediately:“Oh!It is you!I can hear it,You are calling these days,Xia Jian did not return to Xiping Village,Could something happen to him??“

What did the other party say?,Zhao Hong hung up the phone,Asked with an unhappy look:“Why are you so stubborn?,Just say something clearly on the phone,People call me every day,Is this interesting“
“Have“Xia Jianchong and Zhao Hong roared,So he got up and walked out of the village committee。
These days,Xia Jian was actually not happy,As long as one is free,His heart will spring up in his heart.。
Old Xiao、Xiao Xiao、Wang Lin、And Zhou Li and Fang Fang,They are like a movie,Always appearing in Xia Jian’s mind,he knows,I can’t let go of these people in my heart,But the reality is here after all,Can’t let go。
These days since he came back,Everyday people call to find him,But he didn’t answer any of them,According to Zhao Hong’s description,Zhou Li called the most,Next is Wang Lin,It’s weird that Old Xiao ignored him,This made Xia Jian very uncomfortable。
Unknowingly has returned home,Mother Sun Yuejuan is talking about lunch,When she saw Xia Jian,Smiled and said:“What would you like to eat today?Why are you back a bit early?“
Xia Jian just looked at his watch,Oh my God,It’s just after eleven,During this time, the villagers rushed to dig a canal,When everyone comes back for dinner,It’s a little bit faster,He is angry with Zhao Hong,Otherwise I can’t come so early。
“Do you have something in your heart,Young people don’t think too much,Be generous,I want to start everything,Relaxed,dont you agree“Sun Yuejuan smiled,Gently patted Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,He very much agrees with his mother’s open-mindedness,In fact, in his character,Has mother’s genetics。
Xia Jian just stepped into the door,Suddenly turned around,Shouted at Sun Yuejuan:“mom!I want to buy a motorcycle,Our transportation is not convenient,Traveling is indeed a bit inconvenient“
“Buy if you want!You earned all the money at home anyway,Besides, you are also an adult,You can do some things yourself,But I want to ask you something,Don’t you have a car?“Sun Yuejuan stopped her work,Asking Xia Jiandao with a little doubt。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Which car is from other company,Not selfish to myself,Buy a motorcycle,You can also go on the trail,Convenient,Look at the road in our village,How many places can drive a car,But motorcycles are available“

Chen Na opened the room door,Smiled slightly:“Wronged brother king,You come in first,I’ll get some wine back“

Wang Youcai is not stupid,Here and there is to invite him to drink,Obviously just like what he implied。Wang Youcai, who entered the door at last, smoothly locked the door behind him.,Then smiled and said:“What wine to drink,Just drink yours“Wang Youcai said,Took Chen Na into his arms。
Woman writhing,I feel a little embarrassed。In such an environment,Is such a woman again,Which group of fire in Wang Youcai’s heart burst out instantly。
He pushed Chen Na down on the sofa。A heavy breathing of men and women suddenly filled the room。
the next morning,Wang Youcai left here with panda eyes,He never expected,He who has been walking between women,I lost to Chen Na this time。This is really the outer building of Qingshanlou outside the mountain,A strong player must have a strong player。
Made a call,Called Tian Wa over,The two casually ate breakfast,Wang Youcai drove his Beijing Jeep into the mountain。He has been busy with the nightclub these days,He is afraid that if the output of the mining area is not high, he will be approved by the boss。
Yawning non-stop along the way,Finally drove the car into the factory。Wang Youcai put out the fire,Three steps and two steps into his room。
Even Liu Ying called him,Wang Youcai didn’t care。Kick off shoes,Fell asleep on the bed。This sleep until the sun goes down,He didn’t even care about lunch。
When going out to wash your face,Wang Youcai happened to meet Liu Ying,Liu Ying glanced at the exhausted Wang Youcai and said:“Be careful of your body,I’m tired of you“
“What do women know,To make your meal is“Wang Youcai said a little unhappy。
Liu Ying glared at him and said:“No land damaged,Only exhausted cows,Just be this exhausted cow!“
Liu Ying’s words,Make Wang Youcai laugh,He laughed and said:“You still know a lot!Which piece of your land is too fat,Generally not arable“Wang Youcai said,Looked around,Seeing no one laughed loudly。
Liu Ying blushed by Wang Youcai’s words,When he was about to kick Wang Youcai,The miners yelled and ran into the yard,Turns out it’s time to get off work,Liu Ying had no choice but to go back to the kitchen。
Stir-fry and porridge again,But there is no fixed power supply here,All by a generator,Let alone a refrigerator or something,So every meal is just those kinds of vegetables。Over time,Wang Youcai is tired of eating。
The workers are different,Everyone hugs me after class,For fear of not being full。these people,Only when eating is passion is the fullest moment。
Wang Youcai didn’t go there for dinner,But standing at the door watching everyone eat,Fast food,After eating, I rushed into the bathroom to take a bath,And who are slow,Just opened his mouth。Wang Youcai couldn’t help shaking his head。
At this moment,Liu Changgui, in charge of mine production, came over。This is a middle-aged man in his forties,Generally not good at laughing,Just work but a good hand,And the special letter is really careful。So Wang Youcai asked him to be the mine production director。

Chapter Eighty Seven Against lightning

At this time, Qin Feng has experienced the baptism of thunder and lightning, and his body strength has reached a shocking strength.,Seeing Qin Feng stretched out his palm gradually,Reach out to thunder and lightning,Qin Feng’s hand just approached Thunder,Thunder seems to be angry,It’s boiling towards Qin Feng。
Qin Feng smiled,The palm continues to zoom in,At this time Qin Feng’s body is slowly absorbing the lightning,This lightning is transformed by the spiritual power of nature,Just too powerful,Most people can’t afford it。
But Qin Feng,Can bear after baptism,That’s why I dare to step forward and resist the lightning,At this time, the lightning was actually absorbed by Qin Feng a little bit,The thunder and lightning are now more vigorous,Ah let the Buddha come to the end of the world。
Qin Feng is also dumbfounded,Unexpectedly, this lightning seems to have its own consciousness。
Of course Qin Feng is not afraid,I have just been hacked to get super hardness,At random, Qin Feng didn’t panic at all seeing thunder and lightning hit him,Instead, he patted out with the other palm to fight the lightning。
Just such a person and Lei Dian are fighting in Qin Feng’s own small world,after awhile,Lightning sees Qin Feng absorb lightning faster and faster,Had to retreat,Otherwise, that will only make Qin Feng stronger。
Qin Feng saw the thunder and lightning retreat,In a hurry,With both hands,Two thunderbolts held in hand,Qin Feng looked at these two thunder and lightning,Qin Feng absorbed it instantly。
Qin Feng felt an extra strength in his body at this time,This is the power of thunder and lightning,Qin Feng worked hard,Arc in the palm。
It turns out that this is how Thor can control thunder and lightning,This was covered by Qin Feng in the thunder and lightning just now,Because at the time I felt that I could control the lightning。
At that time, it was confirmed that the name is Lei Shen Jue,Now Qin Feng can’t help but feel happy seeing this effect。
Qin Feng then came out of his own little world,Open the door,Jiang Yan is sitting there and playing with her mobile phone。
After Jiang Yan saw Qin Feng coming out,Asked:“Why stay in the room for so long,Are you hiding something from me?”
“Nowhere,I’m so hiding from you,Yan Yan,Stop thinking about it。”Qin Feng walked over,Sitting on the sand,Hold Jiang Yan next to her in her arms。
“Yan Yan,Why do you think people suddenly feel their heartbeat sometimes”
Qin Feng squinted at Jiang Yan,Provoke Jiang Yan’s eyes。
But the intellectual beauty Jiang Yan doesn’t care about Qin Feng’s wretched youth,Instead, he explained seriously。
“Heartbeat,Either coronary heart disease or seeing beautiful girls,I’m stupid。”

Doudou City Stadium,There are so many people watching the game。Of course there is not much more,It’s basically unlikely that this kind of stuff will happen。

After all, in the United States,There are too many sports competitions。Especially in the eyes of some people,Rugby is the real“football”。
So even if you buy tickets before the opening,How many people can still buy tickets and find seats。
But Qin Feng’s group came over with a few black bodyguards guarding them,This instinctively makes fans think that this should be the son who ran out of the rich man’s house.?
But think about it,Don’t talk about dozens of dollars in a game,You know that this price is enough to eat one or two hearty meals。
And the front rowvipThe price is even more scary。
so,The average family really cannot afford this kind of spiritual consumption。
“I just said,The fans are rich。”Qin Feng spit out while looking for a location。
Yang Xi was laughing aside。
of course,Liu Xing is here too,It’s just that now his attention is naturally not around,In the past two days, Qin Feng also briefly explained his current strength to Liu Xing.。
Dark period,This is not just a matter of strength。
This is a manifestation of qigong,Since this is intangible in itself,Difficult to explain。Just understand“gas”This is enough to make Liu Xing vomit blood。
Take his words,“This thing is more difficult than college entrance examination!”
Several people sit down in the middle row,But their area is not where the avid fans are,So the atmosphere is not strong。fair enough,Qin Feng is not a fan,Naturally it’s hard to get in touch with these people,He just came here to take a look。the most important is,In his eyes,Maybe in the future this Doudou City Club will be his own。
After all, the team owner’s daughter did too much to Wang Mengmeng,This naturally requires an apology!Just apologizing will definitely not be able to realize how wrong you have done,So need compensation。
As for the compensation amount,Of course Qin Feng has the final say。
Down a game,The Doudou City team actually failed to win the opponent at home,Only kicked one1ratio1Score down。
of course,After the game,The audience began to exit。Some conscientious viewers will stay to pick up the garbage。
But Qin Feng didn’t leave,But go backstage。

What else does he say,But was interrupted by that person again,“Qi Yue,What did you call me just now?”

The other party seems to pause,Just whispered:“Yanzhi……”
Then it seemed to say something,Huo Rongxuan and they can’t hear them too far away。
At this moment, Shen Han suddenly told him:“Today the tutor asked me to talk,Said he wanted to accept me as his graduate student。”
Huo Rongxuan couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard this,But think again,I have been waiting for four years,Two more years is nothing。
It’s just that there is something wrong in my heart,Just when he adjusted his mood and just wanted to say something,But I heard Shen Han tell him:“I refused。”
Huo Rongxuan was really surprised,He can tell how much Shen Han likes the current school,Can’t help but be surprised:“how?”
He thought Shen Han had other favorite mentors or schools,But I didn’t expect Shen Han to tell him:“I want to go back to my country。”
He paused,Awkwardly explain:“I want to go home after graduation,be with you。”
At this moment,The clock on the square struck a few times,Tossing all night,It’s already past twelve by this time。Calculate according to domestic days,This day happens to be the time of New Year’s Eve。
This day has no special meaning to Westerners,On their side, only Huo Rongxuan and Shen Han stopped suddenly。
Austria is a bit cold at night,Huo Rongxuan first stretched out his hand to tighten the collar of Shen Han’s coat,Just squeezed his cheek,Seeing that kid still looked at himself with a silly look,He had no choice but to give the other party a New Year’s greetings first:“Shen Han,happy New Year。”

If it’s convenient for you,Help me find people,What support is needed for this,I’m doing my best here,This is all from my own side。

Qin Feng knew that Wei Guoqiang also needed a lot of manpower and material resources,He also knows very well what he should do now。
“it is good,Then I will search over there first,Maybe there can be any traces。”
Wei Guoqiang said while looking at the people below him:“You all go to the front side,Spread out,If you find something,Direct report。”
In the middle of the night,Everyone be careful,Don’t be bitten by snakes, insects, mice, ants,Which fellow has any medicinal liquor,I pay for it here,Give us some first。
Wei Guoqiang is a really good leader,Because he also knows the situation here,So he also did a lot of preparatory work。
“leadership,What you said,At this time these things are already matters in our village,Just use this medicinal wine,Someone will follow us。”
“Mary next door,Come to our village in the middle of the night and blow up our house
,These people are awesome enough,Do you really think the men in our village are all dead??”
“We also follow,leadership,How do you direct。”
Many villagers shout out spontaneously,This scene touches Qin Feng a bit,These people still haven’t been blinded by money。
To know,Many people are already worth millions,Under normal circumstances,These people won’t take risks anymore。
But now these people are still following,This is to say that makes people feel untouchable,That is a false situation。
Qin Feng also went with him,The master’s house on my own side doesn’t move,I also count on others desperately failing?
When a group of people searched the forest,They also quickly found some traces,That’s the traces some people have stepped on。
If you change to normal, no one will pay attention,But at such a sensitive moment,There are several people’s footprints in the mud,Naturally someone will care。
After carefully inspecting several traces,Then these people also chase separately,Some people chase west,Some people go to the east。

Lin Yuner listened to Xiao Fan’s words,I was just stunned,Then I took a look at my clothes,Then smiled awkwardly,Then he said to Lin Yaqing:“Ha ha ha,Yes,Ya Qing,look,Neither of us noticed yet?Both of us are now wearing home clothes?”

Lin Yaqing also smiled awkwardly,Just said directly:“Yes,Yes,You look,Why did I forget this??”
Finished,Lin Yaqing ran towards the bedroom with Lin Yuner。
“Xiao Fan,Wait for us,We change clothes,Come out soon。”Lin Yoona is on the way back to the room,He turned his head and said something to Xiao Fan,I went back to the room quickly。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er, who was in a hurry to change clothes, but still didn’t forget to say a word to him.,So he shook his head helplessly。
right now,Xiao Fan is really curious,As simple as Lin Yoona, how did she make good girlfriends with Lin Yaqing, who is so scheming?。
This time,Lin Yaqing and Lin Yoona can be said to have no women’s exclusive rights,That is to let the man wait for a long time。
because,Xiao Fan didn’t feel how long he waited for Lin Yoona and Lin Yaqing downstairs,These two people have already walked down from the second floor。
Lin Yoona wore a sky blue skirt today,My hair is not tied up as usual,Just casually scattered behind,Although the dress is very casual,But it seems,It’s really beautiful!
“Yoona,You are so beautiful!”Xiao Fan said these words unconsciously。
Lin Yaqing looked at Xiao Fan’s normal look and his words that couldn’t be more natural.,There was an envy and jealousy in my heart for no reason.。
When Lin Yaqing realized that she had such an idea now,Even she herself can’t believe it。
Because Lin Yaqing has always been a person with high self-esteem,She never thought,There will be one day,She will also care about a man,What made her even more unexpected was,She still has a keen interest in a married man。
and,This person is not someone else,Still her best friend of the past。
if it is possible,She really wants to continue to be girlfriends with Lin Yoona。
only,nowadays,Lin Yaqing’s identity,She is absolutely not allowed to continue to be girlfriends with Lin Yoona。
Because her mind is different from that of college。