11 provinces GDP "small steps fast" broke trillion yuan

  Original title: Local economy has faced the potential and the potential of 11 provinces. The GDP "small step fast running" broke the trillion yuan, which is a highlight of the local economic operation in the first quarter. Judging from the data released by various places, my country’s economic toughness and long -term good fundamentals have not changed.

For the current fluctuations in the current economic operation, we must face difficulty and strengthen their confidence in hedging "uncertainty" with more "certainty" to promote the brave movement of China’s economy on the track of high -quality development. After the National Bureau of Statistics announced the main economic data in the first quarter of this year, the provinces have recently released the "first quarter report" of the local economy. From the data released by various places, the fundamental fundamental fundamentals of my country’s economic toughness and long -term improvement have not changed, but the emergence of some unexpected super -expected factors has brought disturbances and challenges to the local economy. The changes in economic data are reflected. The economic growth rate is "eastward and north", and the gap between the north and the south is shrinking. It is a significant change in local economic operation in the first quarter.

  Except for the data of Xinjiang, Tibet, and Jilin provinces, the GDPs of data provinces have been announced, which has achieved positive growth, which indicates that the trend of my country’s economic recovery development is still continuing, and it is repeated by the new crown pneumonia. Influences such as interest expectations and rising commodity prices, the economic growth rate of some economic provinces in the East has fallen, and the economic growth of some provinces in the northern provinces exceeds market expectations. Behind this, the sharp rise in energy prices is one of the important reasons. Taking coal as an example, in the past year, international coal prices have risen by about 3 times, and domestic coal prices have continued to operate high.

For provinces with annual output of two coal in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, the regional economic volume is naturally rising.

According to statistics, the nominal growth rate of the two energy provinces in the first quarter exceeded 20%, and the nominal growth rates of Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu and other energy provinces also exceeded 10%. From the actual growth rate, a total of 7 provinces in the country increased by more than 6%in the first quarter, namely Jiangxi, Fujian, Hubei, Guizhou, Shanxi, Hunan, Hainan. It is worth noting that Jiangxi ranked first in the country with a%GDP growth rate, while Jiangxi GDP growth rate was only seventh in the same period last year.

Objectively speaking, although Jiangxi’s economic growth in the first quarter led the country, its overall economic strength was still weak in six provinces in the central region, and in the future, it still faces the arduous task of "more than chasing".

  11 provinces GDP "run fast running" broke trillion yuan, and the "trillion yuan club" added new members, which is a highlight of the local economic operation in the first quarter.

  At present, the scale of GDP in 11 provinces including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, and Henan exceeds 1 trillion yuan, which means that the top ten GDP in the first quarter of this year has entered the "trillion yuan club". Not only that, compared with the same period last year, the "club" also added three new members of Hubei, Anhui and Shanghai. In addition, there are also obvious differentiation within the "club". Among them, the total economic volume of Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces exceed 2 trillion yuan. Only one step away.

These changes reflect the further improvement of my country’s strong economic provinces to respond to external shocks and control complex situations.

  While watching the GDP growth rate of "fast" and "slow", "big" and "small", the comprehensive performance of some provinces in promoting high -quality economic development is more worthy of attention.

For example, the comprehensive performance of Fujian and Hubei provinces in the first quarter is excellent, not only maintaining a higher economic aggregate, but also achieved rapid growth on the high base. Essence It should be pointed out that since this round of epidemic occurs mainly after March, the Shanghai economy still maintains a%growth rate in the first quarter. If the epidemic cannot be controlled in May, it is still not optimistic on the impact of the Shanghai economy in the second quarter.

In addition, although Tianjin’s GDP in the first quarter only increased by%, at the bottom of the country, thanks to the "manufacturing market" strategy implemented last year, local biomedicine, aerospace, integrated circuits and other emerging industries such as emerging industries are better. It is expected to be expected to be expected Become a booster for Tianjin’s economic recovery development. At present, the impact brought by the epidemic is still continuing. From the perspective of the practice of co -ordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development from Guangdong and other places, only by controlling the epidemic and accelerating the production and re -production as soon as possible can the local economic growth in the second quarter and the second half of the year be able to grow steadily. Provide effective support.

Of course, high economic growth is not necessarily equal to high -quality development, and "speed" and "quantity" should not be the only ruler for measuring local economic development. For the fluctuations in the current economic operation, we must adhere to the rational and objective attitude. We must not only meet the difficulties and strengthen the development confidence, but also coordinate the development and safety, the long -term, and the long -term. Multi -"certainty" hedging "uncertainty" has promoted the Chinese economy to move forward in the orbit of high -quality development.

(Gu Yang) [Editor in charge: Zhang Muchen].

The cave is protected by the formation of Chisang Temple,It has its own layout restrictions,Generally, it is difficult to break through the edge of the road!

Eternal kingdom。
“Somo,What happened to the world practitioner who killed Xuanbo??”Emperor Qiyun is aloof。
“Emperor,We have targeted the twelve practitioners,As long as the people we arrange take photos of Suobo’s eternal blood,Sent to the hands of a Taoist we invited who is good at deduction,I can immediately determine who it is!”
Deal with the unknown,A very potential practitioner,The Eternal Clan even let an emperor who is good at cause and effect take action。
The emperor,The goal of the hands-on practitioner has been limited to one of twelve goals。
But these http://www.zyxwq.cn twelve,Nine of them are treasures of the major forces of the Dao League,The eternal clan dare not attack them easily。
Just deal with one alone,If you deal with twelve at the same time,Will definitely anger the entire Dao League。
not to mention,If their information is correct,That practitioner was a world realm where the strongest way was integrated。
It was the world at that time,Now it is very likely that you have reached the first step–It’s not impossible even for the second step,After all, the Daoist broke through from one step to two steps quickly。
A two-path master who integrates the strongest way,If you are good at defense,Lord Somo is not necessarily sure to kill the opponent。
The Eternal Clan has limited ability to mobilize influence in the Dao League,Against a monarch of this level,Still have to plan in detail。
First20chapter http://www.kali-linux.cn Thousand Saints Sovereign
People come and go,Like a mountain like a sea。
Over a million people in the world,Hundreds of Taoists gather together。
“I don’t know what treasures there will be this time,If I remember correctly, the last treasure was a natal soldier?。”
“Yes,It’s a http://www.libaidi.cn shield-type magic weapon,Be‘Xia Xie Daojun’Buy,At that time 28 million cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid was spent。”

China (Anhui) Free Trade Zone’s second batch of linkage innovation zones was approved

The reporter recently learned from the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce that the China (Anhui) Free Trade Zone Construction Leading Group formally approved the second batch of linkage innovation zones of China (Anhui) Free Trade Zone, agreed to include Huaibei, Suzhou, Huainan, Liu’an, Tongling Seven provinces and cities, including Chizhou and Huangshan, set up China (Anhui) Pilot Innovation Zone in China (Anhui). This marks that all 13 cities outside the Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone have established a linkage innovation zone, forming a "one game of chess" in the "Pilot Free Trade Zone+linkage innovation zone" in the province. It is understood that in September 2020, the State Council approved the overall plan of the Anhui Free Trade Zone, established the China (Anhui) Free Trade Pilot Zone, covering three areas of Hefei, Wuhu, and Bengbu, and the implementation scope was square kilometers. In February 2022, the implementation plan of the Anhui Free Trade Zone Linking Innovation Zone was formally approved and implemented. The first batch of free trade pilot zone linkage innovation zones were established in 6 cities including Luzhou, Fuyang, Luzhou, Ma’anshan, Xuancheng, and Anqing. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Commerce stated that an important task of the linkage innovation zone is to replicate and promote the results of the reform and innovation of the Pilot Free Trade Zone. The pilot experience and the best practice cases, as well as the first batch of 44 reform pilot experience in the Anhui Free Trade Zone, allowing the linkage innovation zone to maximize the dividends of the reform and innovation of the Pilot Free Trade Zone.

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Refreshing and proud no longer。

He stands there,Dare to continue rushing,Syringed on the summer,Right arm trembles non-stop。
Summer stares at http://www.chousx.cn him,“I want me to sit in the upper half of the next half.?What is there?,Although make it out,Let Laozi also insight。”
Xu Bo is angry and angry,Along with annoyance and shame。
Previous proud contempt each other,But it was broken and the wrist was broken.,At the same time,The face is even firefighter。
“No?Then I am。”
Summer striking。
Xu Bo wants to do not want,Storm,Rolling to the cabin with the fastest speed。
Summer is clear,How can you easily let him get away?。
Not a summer shot。
Instead, the box door has been greatly opened from the outside.。
Also live this Xu Bo unlucky。
It’s good to die.,He just rushed to the past。
Be uncomfortable,The whole person and the door have an extremely intimate contact.。
If it is a regular person,Under relative http://www.scgcsl.cn strength,People will definitely be hit by。
But Xu Bo is not a common man。
He not only has God’s skill,Still。
In Liu Qingqing and Luo Tao,Even in summer,They looked at Xu Bo into the door.。
The box door is suddenly blown,The sound is like fried beans.,Takash。
Following the wood debris blows four sides,啦 啦 惊 地 地。
Then……Xu Bo’s whole person is inlaid into the door。
Liu Qingqing stayed。
Luo Tao stayed。
Summer is also widened,Looking at Xu Bo,Turn your eyes。
Black pressure station in the door of the box,It’s all some of my body.。
But at this moment, these strong people are also a face.。
The front standing is a middle-aged middle age of a 367,He stared at his eyes,Xu Bo, inlaid in the door,And very confused。
Xu Bo is called a painful,At this moment, my clothes is broken.,The face http://www.hongsheng-hsh.cn is also drawing a blood mark。
喀 声。
He squeezed out from the door.,Row again,It hits it with a group of big people opposite,Suddenly sounded a drink and curse。
“Ha ha!”
Summer did not chase,Looking at the box door that is hitting the humanoid space,I can’t help but laugh.,Like I saw the best laugh under the sky。

Hanging the public announcement sign and handing out the new business card -Dongchangfu District presses the "fast -forward key" of optimizing the business environment

  ■ Text/Goto Reporter Sun Kefeng’s business environment is the cultivation of the market economy, and the oxygen of the life of the market subject. In recent years, Dongchangfu District has continued to make precise efforts in streamlining approval matters and regulating regulatory behaviors, and the business environment has been continuously optimized.

On the morning of March 1, Mei Yongjie, member of the Standing Committee of the Dongchang House District Committee and executive deputy district, said.

    On the same day, the listing ceremony of the publicity supervision of the business environment of Dongchang Prefecture and the optimization business environment symposium was held at the Phoenix Industrial Park in Dongchang Mansion District. Before the supervisor’s public announcement was hung at the entrance seminar, Mei Yongjie and his party hung a piece of optimized business environment supervision publicity plate at the entrance of the investment center of Liaocheng New Energy Vehicle Parts Industrial Park.

  The publicity sign indicates that when encountering the problem of damaging the business environment, please report the company, and announce the reporting telephone, and make a clear attitude: based on market evaluation as the first evaluation, the company’s feelings as the first experience, the satisfaction of the masses as the first one as the first standard. The reporter noticed that there are three units in the publicity sign, namely Dongchang Mansion District continued to optimize the business environment and promoted the government’s functional transformation leadership group office, Dongchang House Discipline Inspection Commission, and Dongchang House District Supervision Committee.

  At the listing ceremony, Zhang Zongyi, the investment director of Liaocheng New Energy Vehicle Parts Industrial Park, said: This supervision publicity sign is hung to the door, making our confidence even more. Zhang Ming, a business environment and social supervisor in Dongchangfu District, said that optimizing the business environment is reflected in one by one, and the establishment of a public announcement sign is a microcosm of Dongchangfu District to create a first -class business environment.

  Wang Baofeng, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Office of the Dongchang Prefecture District Government: Next, we will hung the public announcement of optimizing the business environment supervision at the entrance of 200 companies in the region to open up the first mile and last mile of the public -convenient enterprises. At the Symposium on the Progress of China Merchants, Li Qinuo, deputy general manager of OPED Chang Huarin Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong, has attracted the attention of the participants. He tells a wide range of attracting stories. Shandong Changhua Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well -known domestic papermaking machinery manufacturer with technology and market.

In 2018, Changhua Company broke the capital chain due to management problems and faced bankruptcy. Opide Group, who was far away from Guangdong, learned that Changhua Company was taken to dig to dig people.

  Dongchangfu District took the initiative to dock with OPed Group, and proposed the small goal of digging people to the big goal of cooperating to become bigger and stronger. However, Changhua Company faced various debt disputes that made OPed Group prohibitive.

  As a result, Dongchangfu District established a state -owned company to take over the adverse assets of Changhua Company, and stripped the excellent assets to the cooperative enterprises to eliminate the concerns of OPed Group. This move deeply impressed the person in charge of OPed Group, and finally cooperated with the project to land in Dongchang Mansion District. Subsequently, the Dongchang government district committee and the district government adopted the support of the horse, sent the service concept throughout the process, established a corporate service team, and carried out a small and comprehensive nanny -style shop small second -style service.

  At present, the new enterprise is in good operation and successfully applied the high -power servo direct -drive motor to the papermaking host. The energy saving effect is obvious, helping the paper industry dual decrease, filling the domestic gap. The responsibility and excellent and efficient services of the Dongchang Government Party Committee and the District Government are moving.

In this business environment, we are confident in future development.

Li Qinuo said.

  The pragmatic approach has been widely recognized to continue to optimize the business environment and stimulate the vitality of the market. This is the work that has been promoted by Dongchang Government District in recent years. The pragmatic practice has been widely recognized by market entities and all walks of life. Wang Baofeng said that the innovation of Dongchang House District has been implemented to handle the right to accept and approve more than 20 relatively simple approval matters. Through comprehensive acceptance of the front desk and the background classification approval mode, adjust it to a window to accept the staff to achieve the approval process Optimize and improve the efficiency of approval. Wang Baofeng said that they also founded the first remote video survey verification reminder and other systems in the province to comprehensively implement the enterprise’s 4012 model.

  To solve the difficulties, pain points, and blocking points of enterprises in the process and production and operation, it is the inconvenience of government departments. To this end, Dongchangfu District has formulated related work plans such as corporate whistle and departments to report to the enterprise working day to serve the enterprise and coordinate and solve relevant issues.

  The business environment is not the best, only better.

We will continue to optimize the business environment and stimulate market vitality, and promote the continuous achievement of higher quality development in Dongchang Mansion.

Mei Yongjie said.

[Editor in charge: Guo Yanna].

“If you have,Or highly assassinated,So your own is just here, let’s clean up those who oppose the broken.。Surpass,Even if you don’t do it under,In the future, the prince is going to be a base.。Prince does not do,The Prince of the Prince will also do。lt;/Pgt;

Your Majesty,Why not do things now?,Ze is from the children?”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi’s words are enrolled,Combination http://www.zlxxjy.cn of this ring,Jane seamless。Higher ocean excited to take the fist:“good!good!Ok, you.,How did you think of such a stone two bird?!”lt;/Pgt;
Is it useful to kill??lt;/Pgt;
For high oceans,A little ovulation is also no Sakura, although he hate,But the emperor is what you want to do.,Gao Yan is impossible to rebel,Kill him can’t get anything,On the contrary, it will fall a bad name of the brothers.。lt;/Pgt;
But use high-end to do things.,Especially the trick of Gao Biyi,It’s just turning waste into treasure.!lt;/Pgt;
“This matter……I want to negotiate with Gao Dynasty.。But you can put him first.,Restore Wangjue。That Lu……”Gao Yang is sorry,Originally gave to Gao Baoyi,I have to send this girl back now.。lt;/Pgt;
“Your Majesty can be following me.,Gao Yan may hate me hate?。”Gao Baoyi is http://www.victoriafashion.cn very“Intimate”Ones。lt;/Pgt;
“You are rest assured,Packet。Just,Yang Hao’s gang has recently put the heads.,You can help you solve a big problem.,Hahahahahaha!”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Yang is laughing,Depression is swept away。lt;/Pgt;
“His Majesty,Ministers,Talented half。”lt;/Pgt;
Today’s things are going well,So take the heat and iron talentslt;/Pgt;
“Bar,Today, you are going to give you a boy.,I can promise you.。”A high mood, a suite, sitting on a dragon chair,The pair of Ten Lang’s legs is waiting for Gao Bao.。lt;/Pgt;
“His Majesty,Weekly to establish a new banned army before,Just link with the sluggish。There will be some fruitful achievements.,So,Group new banned army,The money required,It http://www.cl10086.cn will come from these old-breaking accounts and fields.,Thus no change in existence of existing military political patterns。lt;/Pgt;
After this banned military group successfully,It will be able to rely on itself,Carry out the next reform。At that time, Donghe Boss is open,The money will continue to receive,At the time of time,He Yusheng does not?”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Yang nodded,Immediately asked a problem:“New banned army,What do you think is better??”lt;/Pgt;

Nailizhi style photography exhibitions in Guangzhou opened more than 100 photos to reproduce the "net land"

  "The Place of Peach Blossoms -Nyingchi Style Photography Exhibition" officially opened at the Guangzhou Art Museum on the 3rd, exhibiting a number of photography works, leading the audience to appreciate the unique charm of "the pure and drunk beauty of the world".

  Nyingchi is located in the southeast of Tibet and the middle and lower reaches of the Yarlung Tibetan River. Grand Canyon -Yarlung Tibetan Grand Canyon, the most beautiful mountain peak in China -Nanga Bawa Peak, the most beautiful glacier -Mizudi Glacier, Outdoor Paradise -Batsoncuo, the Most Beautiful Forest Sea -Lu Lunlin Sea, etc. Natural landscape.

A total of more than 100 photographic works showed more than 100 photographic works Chen Yizhen. The exhibition showed the themes of the natural style, local customs, folk customs, animal and plant resources, etc. through more than 100 photographic works. Further understand the beautiful prospects of the revitalization of Nyingchi. The exhibition is also planned and launched with the Ninzhi Peach Blossom Tourism Culture Festival. The Vara Village, known as the "First Village of Tibetan Taozhi Taohua", is the main venue of the Ninzhi Peach Blossom Tourism Culture Festival every year. Gala Village is located on the beautiful Niyang River in Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region. The total area of ??Taolin in the village exceeds 500 acres, of which more than 270 acres of mountains and peaches have a history of hundreds of years. Here is famous for its spring peach blossoms. Citizens’ Watching Exhibition Chen Yizhen was guided by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau) and the Ninth Assistance Team of Guangdong Province. Co -sponsored by the Bureau of Management of Lun Scenic Area, Yigong Tea Farm in Tibet, and Guangzhou Art Museum, and organized by the Guangdong Provincial Museum.

  According to reports, the exhibition will be exhibited at the Guangzhou Art Museum until March 17th, and will be in Luna Village, Lulang National Aid Exhibition Hall, Dongguan Oyster Gang Site Museum, Wengyuan County Museum, Haifeng County Museum and other places in Luna Village Tour.

(Responsible editor: Li Wenzhi).

Boarding the strong people on the sea,Just to seek a land,But in the case of leaving the night,This one thief is actually no more war.,Robin actually chooses to stay.。

“unknowingly,Is this embarrassment?……”
Chapter 756 Prepare to take people to Justice
Night is not known,In his opinion, Robin is very common,In Robin, it seems to have never experienced。
Previous Robin attached to other strong people,The purpose is but it is for survival.,And those powerful farmers,It’s just that I want to use her knowledge.。
In short, everyone is using each other.,Robin has never experienced the so-called“Companion”,Saulo said to her,There will be some partners waiting for her.,She has never encountered these http://www.fuzuweb.cn years.。
And this time,Childhood’s darkness makes Robin not believes anyone,Self-selling,Also a quite common thing。
But just at this time,Night is like a dawn appearance,And saved her from Crowd Dal.。
Others only value her to translate the value of this article,And the night is not the same as others.。
Ancient weapons“Patent”,Night, but abandoned,And in front of Klock Darr,Robin’s presence,What is more money than a pile of iron。
This is the first time Robin first touched,The man doesn’t care about her ability to interpret the history of this article.,And just simply care about her.。
For the curiosity of the night, we suspect,Robin resolutely decided to go to the night of the night。
And until you encounter a general,Night is still not given up,But after choosing the same house,Let them go first。
After this time,Robin is confident that this man is different from others.!
Saulo did not lie to himself,Robin feels some partners who have been suffering.,Must be a night。
So even if there is a government in this islandCPorganize,Robin still http://www.cqidcsys.cn chooses to be firmly left。
Because she doesn’t want to have a partner who is not easy to encounter,She also believes that since the night is about it.,I will definitely go here.。
I learned that Robin has been,Always follow the agreement waiting for the night return,In the end, it will be caught.,The heart of the night is invincible.。
I used to have a temporary Temporary Robin.,Waiting for it, I will encounter Lu Fei.,Let Roblin follow them together。
But now the idea of the night is……,Go to the special plot to collapse,Since people do this to this extent,Do he take one of them“Son of the devil”Is there no courage??
“Kius,How much is our people?,Call everyone to copy the guys,Follow me to Sunday Island。
Anyway, Laozi is in the naval eye,Originally the notorious guy,Then there is no reason to be stinky.。”
I http://www.rkhvk.cn heard the words of the night.,Original Dog One Piece,All people, including Kysius,I am excited.。
Silent for half a year,They have been waiting for a long time this day.,I can finally be more troubled.。
Those who left before,Now the intestines have repented it.,What is the end of those small pirates?。
Take a look at their captain,Not only strength explosion,And just came back,Directly prepare Judic Island, one of the three major places of the World Government!
“captain,The person who caught Robin big sister is sitting in the sea train leaving.,Although our ship has been made,But at the speed of acetab,Fundamentally chase Shanghai listeners。”
Although it is possible to make trouble,Kystein said very happy,But I think of the sediment of water seems to have only one sea train.,Let’s go firstCP9Start away。
Waiting for their 100 pirates to arrive at Judi Island,Robin big sister is afraid that it has been moved to other places.。
“It’s ok,Daddy and then go to the city,Guy who is unconfident with your own strength can stay。
After all, Justic Island and the promotion of the city are a nightmare.,Waiting for me here, it is also possible.。”
I heard the words of the night.,The people around them are speechless.,Justice、Navy、Push the city three major places,It is a navy’s stationery。
I have never heard of it.,That a thief has hit there.,And their captain’s tone is too mad.,As if I am going to these places,That’s like a favorite……
But I want to think about the strength of the night.,Recalling his record,Everyone feels,If it is a captain,Even if it is big, the Justic Island is promoted.,Want to retreat,It seems to be a very simple thing。
As for the night, he said,The crew who is willing to stay will naturally be no。
What is joking?,The reason why these people will choose to stay,In addition to the kindness of the night,That is not a big job.?
It’s a good opportunity to be in front of you now.,How can they miss?!
Nami on the side,I also plan to go to Justice.,After the eyes are quickly turned,Immediately go to night。
“Night,Do you have to go to Judic Island??It’s better to join.,In fact, the sediment of the water is still the second sea train.。”
Namei’s ideas are very simple,Since the night is also ready to go to Judi Island,So why not with the other party??

Chengkou: Yayan Inherits Civilized Classic Inflicted Hearts

  People’s Daily Online, Chongqing, March 11th, the most good spring, reading it at the time. On the afternoon of March 10th, Chengkou County Experimental Primary School’s first reading ceremony and children’s love relay service activities with the theme of "Classic Inherit Civilization Classics" were successfully held in the county experimental primary school South Campus. Chengkou County Library and Jiangbei District Library entered the school to carry out reading service activities, bringing a unique and unique reading feast for more than 1,000 teachers and students and parent representatives. This activity adopts a passionate book+classic recitation show+theme exhibition+reading little expert commendation+wishful gift condolences and other models, creating a strong reading atmosphere, guiding the majority of children and children to read more books, read good books, and read well. During the classic recitation and exhibition, the principal team recitation, teacher representative recitation, student division reading competition, parent -child reading story sharing, performing classic recitation programs such as "Chinese Teenagers" and "Not forgotten Promise". It is better to show the school’s effectiveness in recent years to carry out the school -based curriculum around the classics. In the process of children’s love relay service, the county library launched a graphic exhibition "The Sea Sang field", allowing the audience to witness the change of the city in the video and condense the majestic power of the new era.

The county library manager Tu Defu awarded to the experimental primary school "Children’s Love Relay Service Circulation Point", conveyed 300 love books, and donated 200 books to the school on behalf of the Jiangbei District Library. In addition, they also gave their wish gifts for 23 left -behind children in the school in the fourth and fifth grades of the school. The entire care operation injected new vitality into the classics of teachers and students in the school, adding color to the school -based curriculum performance. Reading the dream of flying, love with each other.

In recent years, Chengkou County Library has given full play to the role of reading the main position, continuously strengthened the integration and co -construction with primary and secondary schools, pushed the classic recitation to deepen, and allowed teachers and students to inherit the excellent Chinese culture in the reading Self -confidence and pride, further create a fragrance campus and promote the reading of the whole people.

It is reported that the "Children’s Children’s Love Relay Services Circulation Point" is the first circulation point established by the county library in 2022. It will be regularly carried out to carry out reading promotion services for experimental primary schools to build a fragrant campus.

(Liu Zhengning, Jiang Haitao) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Yi) Share more people see it.

The whole half bowl of millet。

Sit back,She is still content,Aiming at the bottom of the waiter,A little thinking,Torp:“I http://www.qcypcg.cn remember that there is a big mount next door.,You went to buy a pepper squid.、A sauce, a sly bone and a spicy small yellow fish back,Money, you first mat,Back to post。”
The buns are unfair to sit:“My legs were called today.,A bit painful,Let’s go, let’s go.。”
“2Block money running leg fee,Build from community funds。”
The buns stationed immediately,Twisted,I am afraid who will grab her with her.。
Zhou Siyun,He is keenly noted,The leg of the little cousin may really hurt,She quickly walks the posture of the road.。
He is not guess in his heart.。
Nan Ge found her small video gave himself.?
He is not moving and aiming at the nerve
Nan Ge is burning with chopsticks in the bowl bowl, stir,It seems that her mood seems yet.,Shock your head,He heard her songs。
Like a nursery rhyme。
What is the sky http://www.nchmyy.cn in the sky?
At this time, the group suddenly hugged his arm.,It looks like being spoiled,But the degeneration is very serious:“The group won the group”
So he quickly called a phone call.,Let her bring a boiled fish in the way。
Just a few minutes,Bun is coming back.。
Nan Ge blinked two eyes。
Package is very calm explanation:“I will let them send it.。”
“You are quite smart。”
“A total102。”
“Eat it back and then allocate。”
“I feel a bit more.。”Buns aiming to gradually,“And there are many fish fishes of squid.,Your teeth are just。”
“It is a lot of fish.!The more you better!”
“Your behavior is called repetitive diet in psychology。”Zhou Zhiye’s conclusion。
“Really a psychologist”
I said that this cousin is not awkward.,Because she is no longer a psychological member.,So she squatted at the table,Low line,I stared at the bottom of the pot that gradually started to take a small bubble.,Capsicums floating above。
Say,She hasn’t eaten a good time for a long time.。
Cooked in the bottom of the pot,Cotton swab consciously,The takeaway from the next door has also been sent,Zhou left to the group to modulate fish soup rice。
This little thing is really a wonderful cat,I have been reasonable for so long.,She should know how her royal special fish soup is going on.,But she is hard to do the preciousness of fish soup rice.。
I don’t know what the principle is.。