Sun Mengmeng quickly stopped disappearance,It is a smile that can’t stop the corner of your mouth.,Drinking a doctor,嗤 嗤,Once again laugh again。

The reason why they can’t help but,It is that Sun Mengmeng has heard of this matter.。
Not only her one person heard,Many small nurses in private, have heard of。
In fact, Dr. Zhang is very good.,Family conditions are also very good,Many nurse sisters secretly like。
It is not known that he is passing out.。
In private,These small nurses will be discussed by Dr. Zhang.,Will not think of that paragraph。
One of the most important points,Sun Mengmeng is still tongue with his predecessor.,“……Your family is my loved ones.,Your pet is my brother……”
Sun Mengmeng did not expect,Summer has heard of it。yy1s
And actually looking at Dr. Zhang,I have said these words.。
It can be imperative.。
Eye gods become weird。
This guy is not a starter.。
She heard,Dr. Zhang, this person, looks smoothly,But actually a guy who saw the rudder。
At that time, I was heard by the family of two patients.,Boarding the house on the spot,I want to retaliate,The result is reversed。
“You,You find dead!”
Dr. Zhang finally returned to God,Face a burst of blue and white,Immediately。
Just at this time,I saw that there is still a ward behind them and have been pushed away.,Calling it out of four or five people。
“Doctor,Patient shock……”
These individuals who rushed out should be the patient’s family,Or a patient with the same ward,A look anxious,Flooding panic。
They quickly saw Dr. Zhang, who was wearing a white coat.,I hurriedly ran over and shouted,“Doctor,Go and see it.,Patient shock。”
Dr. Zhang is on the air,Immediate repulsive,“Yell,Here is the hospital,Not your home,What is the big call?!”
After the end,This is not good to point to the left side.,“Medical room,Go to the doctor on duty inside.。”
Listen to him this way,Several families of the look of the same,Tight anger。
Two of them quickly ran to the left,The rest of the people,“Doctor,Let’s go first.,We are patients in the same ward,The son of the patient’s family is now going to buy breakfast.……”
Doctor’s face indifference,Apronlessness,“I said,I am not a doctor here.,Then,Shock shock,Where is it easy to die?。”
Here,One of the patients of the patient saw it.,“I said, what is your person?,Now people live,Still here。”
“Yes,Do you still have a medical morality?,How can I see death?。”
“Be,I have never seen a doctor like you.。”
Seeing that these people blame themselves,Dr. Zhang’s face is always shameless.。
“What,What do you do!I said,I am not a doctor doctor,I still have something now.,All open。”
Toned,It’s a little laugh.,“There are more people who die every day.,I haven’t seen them like you, and noisy.,Then,The patient’s family is still,What is your heart?……”
Fall into the voice,Acknowledge。
Sound a sound。
Everyone still doesn’t know what is going on.,I only see Dr. Master.,Heavy collision on one side of the wall,A sudden sound。
A few people suddenly swayed。
What is giving birth?。

I insist,I care,You are also as a friend.,Please fulfill me。

Otherwise, even if you go to bed with you, one thousand times.,I am also the same choice.。
“I’ll walk you home,Find some slaves to settle at home.。”
Gao Baoyi helpless。He feels that he has lost a solitary gin.,Although he has never had。
“Labor。This time,Solo family, please pay more。”
Shanle galo respects to Gao Baoyi。
Gao Bo Yi helps Shanleo arranged Yang Zhong’s behind the body,Leave Yangfu。Shanleo is no different from his attitude towards him.,It seems that I have the heart to be Yang Jia Shou。
Gao Baoyi asked for a few times,Every time you soliciate, you agree with him.,Said that there is nothing big to sleep with you.,But but strict words refused to walk with Gao Bao。
Shanleo wants Yang Yong to make a strong and mind very strong,She also knows that if Gao Bi wants to play what wrist,Now solo is very difficult,She is hard to refuse。
She is also afraid that Gao Bi will secretly poison death Yang Yong.,Dare to reject the other party。
Also good Gao Biyi did not propose。
Gao Baoyi is also a proud person,Since the other party puts a pair, it doesn’t matter if I play with you, but I don’t want to go with you.,He also understands,Shanleo is relying on Yang Yong as a spiritual support。She is to do Yangjia’s chastity。
I will forced her again.,Extremely likely to die。
Gao Baoyi is lost,I can’t recall how I was in bed.。
He only has the opposite face in his brain.。
Gao Baoyi in the love of the unfavorable,Take the taste of failure at a time,Even if he is actually paying the opponent。
NS431chapter Desperate situation
New Year,Changan City will come back news,Wasteful emperor,Dead in your bedroom。
According to a very urgent disease, it is sick.。
at the same time“Die”There is also all of Yu 觉 觉 亲 亲 亲!
Changan City began to circulate various news,One of the most,It is Yu Wenjing and his relatives, actually Yu Wen poison.!
For such a rumor,Yu Wenzhi’s 大 冢 府 深 深,Neither acknowledge,There is no standing to deny。
But it has doubled the strength of the guards.!Guard is strict than the palace!
In fact, you can see that you can see it.,Yu Wenjing is Yu Wen’s Naruto,And the other party is just unscrupulous!Not afraid that others know!
Yu Wenjian,Just to shock the hearts of the Yu Wentai。After listening to this news,Looking directly at home, you can’t afford it.,I don’t know if it is true or false disease.。
Zhao Gui was killed,Solitary message in front of life and death,Li Yuzhong,I don’t think old hometown,Six major countries have went to their four!Plus Li Hu, who has already passed away,Nowadays only existing column,That is the big old,Others are Chen Mo Chong, who does not exist.!
Eight columnar system name,Yu Wenzhi rely on his approach to his neighborhood,Firmly master the military and political power of Beizhou!

The brilliant god is shining for nine days ten,Directly sweeping the sky27Downtown light source,These splendid light sources stand deeply,However, this figure is the same as the darkness of the moment.。

It is difficult to feel anything。
Similarly, this nine color gods directly enhances the figure of all the strong people in front of Shimen.,At this moment, the secrets of all the strong people have no doubt this moment.。
Only Lin Feng’s figure is like a fog。
“not good,It is the light of the god!”Lin Feng wrist, the people of the robbery lost their voice:“Owner retreat!”
“That’s too late。”Lin Feng is going to retreat,However, the light of the god has already shine on his body.,fear,overbearing,The power of devastating is spread to him.。
Putting the monk of the people in the world is also overwhelming.,Tiaoba people die ash,Preparing to meet death,But I found that this is only flooded with his Yuanshen.。
There is no substantial injury to the gods.,There is no change in the same thing of Lin Feng.。
“This?”The world is shocked。
“What is the light of the god?”Lin Feng asked。
“The so-called light of the god is a goddess that bursts out of the mirror.,This kind of god is hurt for any sexual strength.,Here, the so-called dephoto power is the power of strong people who have already touched the field of God.。”Tiaoba people explain:“Specially blocking half-step god,God。”
“so it is,Cream,That’s the mirror?”Lin Fengnhen does not stand a stone mirror on the stone door.。
“good,It is that mirror,Making God Mirror is a artifact,This artifact is very famous after the birth of the god.,Hand-held mirror is enough to sweep the world。”Tiaoba people still have a little bit of interest:“This Yuanmei is really a big hand,Actually use a artifact to arrange this all。”
“Is to prevent half-step god,Some people have been robbed,Sure enough, there is a half-step I want to mix it.。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“good,Ok, I have a destiny.,I observed that everything of everyone is under the mirror.,Only the master’s figure is like a fog,Not a master of the hand of the fate。”Tiaoba people sigh。
Although Lin Feng is low,But the gods have specifically detected the fashionable artifact so,But I can’t pick up Lin Feng,This has proved terrible potential of Lin Feng.。
Just when the voice of the robbery is just falling.,That destroyed light is more powerful,Flooded this time and space。
suddenly,Wu Zokian,And the depths of the Yuanshen of the Tai Wastea, float all the particles,These two particles burn directly,Similarly, their body also burned,Painful mourning sound in this void。
“host”Wu Zikian painful looks,His ginseng speed melting。
Another strong person is also the same,Yuan god ablation,Meat shell crash,Trend。
“Humph,Wu Zokian,I seal your Yuan Shenbao!”Just at this moment, I went out.,The owner of this shadow is unbeaten by Nanming.,Nanming is unbearable。
Handhearted knife,A knife,Transverse void,Directly crush the god of Wuyu days,His Yuanyuan is instantly destroyed,Only left a diet in the void。 However, this is not hurt from the mysterious nine-color god.,The moment is unbeaten between Nanming.,His hand palm overflows a blood,Improving this Yuanyuan。
Among the same sky,The two 朦胧 身 天 天 天 天 血,They suffered severely,Each face is pale,They are dead to stare at the stone door on the Magic Mountain.。
The nine-color gods in front of Shimen gradually dissipates this moment.,The creation of the mirror of the door is gradually weak.,The ancient stone door is gradually open,A vast world appeared in front of everyone,This world is full of scarlet light。
Lin Feng,Nanming is unbeaten,No-sea,The figure of the strong people, such as Yangtong, rushed into the stone door,Just in the moment they rushed into Shimen,The ancient stone door is crashing between。
The moment of Shimen is turned off in the moment of horror,This power is directly impacted on the bridge。

Cloud chin forward,The people from the ground without pity directly Jiuqi,He is fiercely thrown two hand。

Nail·Ferrier’s face had swollen up,Looks more swollen,Mouth also overflow with blood。
“Ha ha。”Severe pain in his face did not allow Hammer·Ferrier wants to convergence,Even sarcastic laugh。
“Miss Chin Yun,When you first meet,I think you’re funny,But just to give you fill up a gift。”
“how,Miss Chin cloud may think this gift grand enough?”
Here is a dynamite buried in it’s early,After originally prepared in escape,Afraid someone will find a hole,To find his whereabouts from the hole,It was buried explosives,Directly to the sea cave passage connecting directly bombed。
It now really used when people die with the,Just a pity,Did not succeed。
Staring at the nail·Ferrier provocative golden pupil,Yun Chin laughed,The next second eyeful of dislike。then,People will not hesitate to throw the floor and cried,Also extremely insulting and shook his hand,Because if just met Hymer·Ferrier how dirty his hands like。
“Indeed very grand gift,I accept。We hope the next,Mr. Ferrier can access is maintained my‘Favor’!”Yunqin。
Originally, I still want to bring people back.,Directly handed over to Chong Secretary Arrangement,Now,She changed her mind.!
Nail·Ferril sent her such a big one‘present’,She always uses her three hundred and sixty-one trial means.‘Returned’People!Hope,Human residents!
finally,Yun Qin gave the Hailmer·Ferril,I can’t move people directly into the soil.,This turned and looked at this group of teammates who came to you.。
“How’s it going?”
“Because the retreat is still in time,Basically, it is only a slight injury.,Nourishment。Only two brothers are seriously injured。”The captain of the five teams supported a teammate to answer the way。
After the thrilling,The five team leader who had also had opinion on Yunqin,At this time, I am grateful to Yunqin.。
Just if she is not she finds timely,Also, I will not take him about it.,So many brothers,I am afraid it is more seriously injured.,And him,It will not be almost hurt like this now.。
True change to the team captain,Yun Qin saw the Five Team Captain,Not too guess,Nodded,Let people packed up,Leave here as soon as possible。
This island,In the end of the nail·Ferril’s‘rule’Decades,Who knows what is hidden danger?,Still getting better as soon as possible。
The captain of the two teams, of course, no opinion,Organize your teammates,Continue to escape the nail·Ferril and his hand return。
I haven’t been gone.,I hit the rush of rushing.。
Seeing the people in the crowd,It seems that there is no bigger teammate,The risk of rumor is finally tone.。
“Rising team?!”
See the five teams,The ten teams are more excited.。
This is the male god in their hearts.,A famous male warrior,Equivalent to idol,I have seen it now.,Can not be excited,Have a greece。
As for the man who is so enthusiastic, he is so enthusiastic, and the five major three thick teammates,It’s not so enthusiastic.,Simple and everyone,Always say hello。
But this is such a simple action,Also let this group of men remain excited.。Idol,Can you be excited??!!
certainly,This group‘Man’Be excited,Yunqin is not so happy.,The brow has frowned。
Two steps are walking around,Hold the weight of the ruthlessness,“Why are you here?!Not let you cultivate in the empty ship??!”
Say,Yunqin started to Tour Chong Secretary。
“What is the urgent secretary??!Ok, it’s a few departments.,Not to say, let him look at you??!Even people can’t see!”
Finish,I don’t feel relieved to see the back of the risk.,I have no big problem through the clothes of clothing.,Can’t help but pick your eyebrows。
The injury is still serious when you come out.,Now this healy?!

Liao Wenjie said with a smile:“My friend tells me,In fact, the Sindi Galastic organizes very well.,One is misunderstood,Take all the wanted orders and bounty of Mr. Hayenz that night.,Now he is a free free person.,Can be bright and big to accompany your daughter。”

“Truly,A group of good business people,Oath swearing in the name of God,Should not lie。”
“Ager,Swear if it is useful,Will not have a whole day……”
Yongshi will believe,See Liao Wenjie on his face.,Eyes,Behck behind the cold sweat。
After a moment,He takes a deep breath:“Are you still there??”
“Yongshi Uncle,You think too much,My friend just talks about it.,No threat,Don’t kill people。”
Liao Wenjie explained,I want to add a sentence.:“People are worried,The members of the Sindida organization lack basic trust in my companions.,According to my friends,When he left, he heard the gunshots of the disbanded,Now……Unfortunately,May have died a lot of people。”
Yongshi eye angle pumping,After all, I have experienced people who have experienced big waves.,I quickly accepted the reality.,Silently send a blessing to Hayenz,Say:“Ager,Your friend should not……”
“Will not,A friend!”
“Uh,You don’t have to cover up,As long as I ask Mikier,He will say that your friend is not you。”
“Don’t be difficult for him,I have warned him.,Friends are friends,I am me,Not a person。”
You happy,Do not,Your friend is happy.!
Yongshi sighed:“Listen to your tone,It seems that I haven’t intended to tell Xiao tears.,I know you want to protect her.,But there is no need,She is more than you think.。”
“Contrary,She is more weak than you think.。”
“Ok,Anyway, it is your young people.,I don’t have much old man.。”
Yongshi looks to the four people in the father and women,See the garden Hayantz is inspired,Posted for three daughters,Laugh:“Look, they will be busy for a long time.,How about it,Interested to go fishing??”
“it’s here?”
Liao Wenjie,According to what he knows,Europe’s regulations on fishing is very complicated,Not anyone who wants to fish。
“It’s ok,I know a few friends.,And there are not a fine。”
Near night,Black sedan back to the manor,Liao Wenjie returned to the room,Bubble in the bathtub to clean the fish smell。
At this time,Bathroom door pushed,Come to tears and unclear,Lake a foot to the edge of the bath,Leg curve with black silk package。
Liao Wenjie blinked,Good heart reminded:“Tear sister,You go out。”
“Know that I am walking,Don’t help me with your hand,Where is your gentleman’s style??”
“Ah this year……”
Liao Wenjie took a breath of cold,I don’t see some time.,The demon girl’s mana has improved,It is difficult to escape tonight tonight.。
Wearing tears wearing clothes into the bathtub,Lying on him,Emotionally。
“Tear sister,Be,calm down,The sound insulation effect of this room is not very good.。”
“I do not care!”
————Thundermond world dragon snake,Rainfall elder grass soft————
bedroom,Come to tears in Liao Wenjie shoulder,Biting his neck wants to declare the sovereign chapter,Because of the skin,She didn’t succeed several times.。
“Tear sister,You don’t want to accompany Mr. Haynz,What to do here is?”
“I miss you。”
Come to tears hug Liao Wenjie’s neck,Noodles slightly moist:“Father said,You are getting Morocco from Egypt from North Africa,I still wander a circle in the Sahara desert.,After finding him,Risk of life and taking the chasing his Cindya organization。”
“Have it,I do not know how?”
Come and tear deep kiss Liao Wenjie:“I don’t say anything, I went to north.,No need to do so much for me,If you have an accident,what do I do?”
“Where is the surprise?,And I am not a fool,Have dangerous run more than anyone else。”

Ji Bao bottle does not answer。

She waves,Sword in hand,Changed to the suffocation。
Then I suddenly grabbed the right side.。
More than ten meters,Sword falling on the ground,Violently shaking,Then, it will be photographed in the hand.。
She is cold and staring at Martin,Feel a strong death threat。
At this time,Martin cold road,“I study ancient times for many years,Know the promotion of ancient Wu,so,I cultivate the fighter in the same way.,Unfortunately,Did not achieve the so-called unique,Later I found secrets,Do you want to know?”
Ji Bao bottle is still doing。
But the sword above the long sword began to dramatically volatile,More and more thorn。
“Your Huaxia’s so-called unique,Just refine the end of the cell.,Let it be more pure,But can’t fight,Because the vitality itself is extremely rapid,Just reach the heavedom level,It is equivalent to your unique。”
Ji Bao bottle,Spinish,“Unfortunately,Fighting is not systematically cultivated,There are also few people to fix the heroes.。”
“Yes,Fighting does not practice,except me,Practice to the highest,Only one of Orlando,Dacted pseudo,And it is still killed。”
Martin sigh,“Important,Many abilities in the Western world,Especially control,It is also difficult to practice to the hero level,Not,Not very difficult,But there is no one,My ability,Thirty-order,It is still fourth order,If it breaks through the five-order word,You will die just now.。”
He looks straight into the Bao Bao Bottle,“I know that you still have a strong basement.,bring it on,Make a hand,Let me see how strong。”
Ji Bao Bottle Face Change,Stare at each other,Hands of the sword of the sword,Get more and more。
The atmosphere is getting more and more dignified。
Martin hands stand before and after,The air of the body seems to be distorted,That is his special formation‘Domain’。
Ji Bao bottle is free,Jian miles straight up。
at the same time,Her body seems to float the fog,Simulation of the rain silk in the diffusion。
[ ]Really meaning。
Sword!Ji Bao Bot does not do extra action,Just sword to the sky,It has caused a vision。
And she is like a rock,Be unhappy。
Martin’s face is lifting。
The surrounding air is like a ripple generally distorted,His whole person is also covered with a substantive golden。
In the middle of the night,Like a golden war。
The essence of the two sides is highly concentrated。
all know。
If you don’t show up,One will be shocked by the stone。
At this time,The fog of the Ji Bao bottle is shrouded.,Or……All were invested in the sword。
Also in an instant,She shot。

“Oh,It’s over eleven o’clock,You just order it after 6pmF3569flight。Hotel Reservation Oriental Hotel,Two standard rooms will do。You leave this to someone else to do,Hurry home and prepare yourself,We drove over immediately”

Xia Jian saw that Guan Tingna had already settled the matter for him,He doesn’t say much,Made arrangements for Li Yue。
Li Yue responded,Just walk away。Anyway,They are goingGZ,I should bring two clothes!Of course,Girls are different from men,Bring a little more。
Li Yueyi left,Xia Jian http://www.cdczjx.cncalled Ma Yan,Tell him to goGZFew days,Let her take care of herself,And asked her what she wanted,Buy her when he comes back。But Ma Yan said she didn’t need anything,Let him come back early。
Xia Jiangang hung up the phone,Guan Tingna smiled and walked in,She said smugly:“The arrangements I made for you this time are considered considerate!”
“Very caring,I have to thank you”
When Xia Jian said this,,A look of helplessness。
Guan Tingna’s goal is achieved, She couldn’t help laughing:“You have to take care of it,I can’t let you run around alone。Oh!When going to the airport,Or drive my car,Li Yue drives,Better handling than your car,Everyone will relax”
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“it is good!I listen to you。I’m hereGZRear,Do you want to report to you at any time?”
“Don’t bother you,I have arranged this for Li Yue。She will report on your work every night,And report your whereabouts at night,Of course,Who did you meet,She has to report to me”
Guan Tingna lowered her voice,Whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and asked:“Is it necessary to be so troublesome??You might as well go with me”
“I really want to go with you,But the current situation of the company is really not enough,But if you are not honest,I will fly over and look at you right away”
Guan Tingna finished,Laughing away。It feels like she has achieved a major victory。
Xia Jian looked at this kind of domineering woman,There is really no way。
Twelve o’clock,Everyone in the company left work,If only Xia Jian and Guan Tingna are left in the big office。Xia Jian glanced anxiously at his watch,He couldn’t help saying:“Why haven’t you come yet?”

If it is in China,Summer encounters this situation,Will definitely do not hesitate to shoot。

But can’t do abroad。
Because he has experienced too much。
many things,Not as simple as the surface looks like。
Moreover,He has to consider the personal safety of Luo Qianjin,I don’t want to be tired of Zhang Wenli and Hu Li Li.。
He just listened clearly,The woman seems to be what the Chinese,And those young people are obviously a gang member。
He doesn’t want to get involved in。
However,As the woman runs rapidly,I saw four people in front of it.,Especially after seeing the skin color,The woman’s eyes are swept away,Struggle。
“Hook name……Help!Helpful,I am also Chinese!”
She first shouted in Cantonese.,Immediate turn to Mandarin,After approaching,No matter what you can’t take the summer and Zhang Wenli。
“Ask for you,help me。As long as I let me enter the hotel hall, you can enter the hotel hall.。”
Isi,If you encounter robbery and violent incident,Regardless of tourists or immigrants,Usually hid into a public place with security guards。
And those criminals will follow some rules,Will not enter。
But there is a premise,Like this gang,The security guards of the hotel will not let the leisure of hate。
so,If the public security environment,The whole world,There are not several countries to be better than to China。
now,After listening to the woman’s words,Zhang Wenli and Hu Li Li’s face immediately became difficult to look。
Even if the summer is also a brow,I don’t like my heart.。
If this time doesn’t have your own,Zhang Wenli three people can’t save her,Instead, it will be tired。
And the other party drills behind himself,Obviously treat them as a block……Some selfish。
“Miss,We don’t know you,Please don’t even be tired……”
Zhang Wenli immediately opened,And then urging Lu Qianjin to continue。
However, in summer, it is a sigh.。How did this go?,Has been tired。
NS640chapter Poor performance
A group of youths behind,When I saw the woman hiding in the summer, I was waiting.,Suddenly。
Then, it is the fierce god.。
but,When they see Luo Qianjin Angels and the hot body,Cordial,And behind it, a trace of evil。
Luo Qianjin still wears a professional suit,One black long hair discharge two shoulders,White lace bottom shirt,The straight-long legs below the high heel。
The most critical is the exquisite doll face.,Bring a visual contrast and impact with a graceful figure,People can’t help but think,Swallow。
Squat,Almost no slight,A group of people will surround them。
“Since it is a group of people,That is taken away!”
One of the young people wearing sportswear said that some models were said to the companions.,The back is in English。
“If you don’t want to die,Take us with us immediately。”
“Correct,No one can save you,It’s not the police.。”
These people said,While watching greedy in Luo Qianjin,It’s like a kind of estrous public dog generally does not hide。
In fact, it is still a lot of situations in the case of Sie.。
Underground,Those drunkenness and addicts only dare to rob one of themselves。

Shaking head,Say:“The teacher draws a safety area to our map.,As long as you don’t run out, it is not dangerous.。”

Birj cloth,At that time, I still thought about restoring the construction of airspace.,Nothing to find these children,Again, there were three female Wu Shen, who had three branches.,So at that time the gods of the gods, the range of activities and the nest farther,Did not find it is normal。
Xiaoying recalls the previous life,Face with a faint smile,Life in this city like the end of the day,I will show a smile when I remember.,It can also illustrate that ferry is very good for them.。
“Everyone just started not to adapt to the life of the scavenger,Later, slowly habits slowly.。”It should be fear of buds.,Xiaoyan is immediately:“certainly,The teacher did not give us any standard,What is the material collected?,Every month will hint us to send us。”
“The nest is only a rule,That is everyone, everyone must live well.。”
“Everyone is a partner who lives in the disaster.,So do more help each other,help each other,This is the teacher who has always been for us.。”
Listen to the small hole,There are many guilty in the buds.。
If it is not the power that she can’t control the law,So, the long-term market will not turn this.,There will be a group of children who are less than sixteen, they will have to pick up the life.。
Chapter 535 Directly with variables
“Sister buds。”Bronnia observed the low emotions of the buds,Care:“Are you OK?”
Buds,“It’s fine,Small air,You continue,Continue to talk about the nest and your teacher。”
Talking about the nest and teacher,Small space seems to be can’t say,I have stopped after the entrance to the nest.。
Four people front,It is a similar alley but has been capped.。
Xiaoying ran two steps to the entrance,I pointed out one hand:“Our home is in,Welcome to the buds you come。”
Four people enter after entering,Xiaoxi called the little friend。
“Hey,It’s her.,That bad woman!”
Han Jiang and Qiana have been here before,Talking is the male child in front。
“no,no。”Xiaoyan looks back at the expression of Chiangana,Then talk to the boys:“They have saved me.,They are not bad people。”
“And I just saw the teacher.。”
“Teacher,Didn’t come back with you??”
Advance teacher,The children’s mood have a lot,Seven mouth eight tongue to ask a small emblem。
Small space is deliberate coughing two sounds,Consider:“Teacher,Let several sisters take care of us,If we have anything, you can tell the buds.,She will help us,So they are not bad people。”
“Really boring!”Qi Yana, standing around Bronia, looking at the floor under the foot,The eyes are floating outside the nest,This group of little ghosts,It seems that I don’t want to think that she is a woman’s god of justice.。
In front of the children,The gentle smile of the buds, there is a small emblem,Soon, I was accepted by this group of children.。
“I am going to play Hanjiang.。”Qi Yana left a sentence to Baronia,Turned to the entrance to the nest。
Baronia can’t stop,I sent a message to Hanjiang.。
Hanjiang, who is a few hundred meters away from the nest, has received a message to stop,There is a special collapse of a special collapse to explode,He is also ready to see,Since Qiana wants to come, wait again。
I have gone from the nest.,Two people have been encountered together。
“Why don’t you stay with buds??”
Qi Yana put the stone in the bottom of the water in the water flow,Impatient:“That group is bored,Nothing。”

There was a golden light in Wright’s eyes,That’s his apparent feature of integrating the bloodlines and talents of many gods。

“Of,I’m coming~”Next second,The space around Wright shattered directly,The body appears in the turbulence of space,A strange bird phantom suddenly appeared on his body,Shuttle in the turbulence of space at a terrifying speed。
As if it was just a moment,It’s like billions of years,Wright appeared on the highest plane of destruction–Outside of hell。
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Chapter 55 End of Panlong(on)The world is coming
hell,Sea of chaos,Since the destruction of the Supreme God opened up this side of the god plane,The sea of the chaotic sea is always flowing and covering here,During this period, countless years of time have flowed,Experienced the fall of the main gods,But this still lingers。
But this day,Countless sea water boiling,In a circular area about a million miles,A terrifying golden light rushed straight into the sky,Form an extremely magnificent beam of light。
The turbulent water is beating on the beam of light,But quickly evaporated。The upper end of the earmuff beam,There is a huge round disc,Inscribed on it is a huge magic circle。The center of the magic circle,The Supreme Excalibur in Auf’s hand is inserted,Connect with magic circle。
This is a trick formed with the help of magic circle and supreme artifact,It’s not terrible to be purely power,But its consumption of divine power is extremely small,The Master of Destiny intends to use this trick to kill the three stubborn masters。
And at the bottom of the beam,There is a slightly smaller dark red magic circle。
Inside this smaller magic circle,Three great masters are supporting。Utrede’s strength,The magic circle arranged in a short time combines the joint power of the two masters of life and death,But took down this beam of light,But they consume the power of the main god far faster than Ove。
And in a position thousands of miles above them,Fate dominates Auf’s eyes indifferently watching all this。When he found that he could not kill these three masters head-on,I plan to use this method to kill the power of the three masters,Create conditions for killing three people。