Successful man in a smug man,The next consciousness seized the body of Yunqin。The wheezing seems to be heavier.。

Next second,Men put Yu Qin back pressure on the bed。
“woman!You should be the ear of my ear.?!”
Men’s furry head is close to Yunqin,Thick magnetic,Take a faint-duck voice in Yunqin ear。
What did you say?!
The head is like Yunqin that is burnt into paste.,Where can I have other energy to recall the memory of my body?。Can only rely with instinctivity,I got a man.。
Zhang Zhangzhu,Just say something,The neck is tingling,The man has biting Yun Qin’s slender neck.。
Sudden action,Let Yunqin people can’t help but call out。
However,for the rest of the time,Yunqin is completely excited.。
A hot man has completely covered Yunqin,It’s like it is like a bone of Yunqin.。
Obviously hot body,Like a burns,During the skin,Yunqin has given birth from the body,Everything is eager,Moth fire。
As if I can’t stand it again,Yun Qin started,Lift your arms,I bite it back in the shoulders of the man.。
Insert,Yunqin seems to hear a burst of knocking,Soon, I was a man on my body.。
Next day。Overnight‘Work hard’Yunqin went away from the man’s arm。
Above,At this time,It is a lot of freshness.。
Excellent curtains,http://www.chaigz.cnTightly block,Niki sunshine you want to jump in,Only in the gap,Faint,Let Yunqin can distinguish,At this time, you should already do it.。
The whole room is dim,Yunqin can only see the outline of some furniture。
Touching the striking breast muscles,Yun Qin sighs in the dark and dark sigh。
Although she wants to stay here, she will continue to sleep back.,and,I also want to see what he is growing in this world.,but,Her mission this task,Must leave him temporarily。I can only leave first.。
for equality,She doesn’t look at this world.,Just punish her think about him every day.,Think about what is long?,What is your name!Inthele I have suffering.!
in the dark,Yunqin one‘Lovesick’shape。
Zero zero:You are sure not to think about it.?!!
Think,Yunqin is going to recover yourself‘Dishonest’Hand,Ready to open the quilt。
Where is it?,Men have already in Yunqin’s caress,Wake up,Yunqin’s life,Has been re-opposed to the bed。
“Ha ha,So woken up early,It turned out that yesterday is still not satisfied yesterday.?!So,Meet you。”Two laughs,Men bring because of just waking up,Slightly hoarse sexy sound in the ear。
With the voice of men talking,With warm nose,Spray in Yunqin,Stimulating Yunqin a tremble,Skin flooded on chicken dull bumps。
Yunqin is not coming to send a sense of exclamation,Just pulled by a man,Relocated again, it happened over again last night.。
I have seen things to develop towards themselves.,Yunqin a bit bite tooth,I finally at the moment of men,A pair of palms to the men’s neck。
Men send a stuffy,The whole person is soft in Yun Qin。
Heavy body,Pressing Yunqin is difficult to move,Yunqin is a big force,It can only push men open。
Lying flat, breathing,After restored,Yunqin quickly took the bed,Flying clothes on shirts,trousers,Fly to the door,Opened the room。
Close,Occasionally see the door‘1208’House number,Yun Qin is slightly,Turn around,Quickly left the hotel。
Solitary man in the room lying on the bed,Until one minute,I woken away again.。
揉 揉 揉 痛 neck,Thinking about what happened before the past,Men’s consciousness。
beside,Sure enough, no one。
Man frowned,I got a big bed.,A little low spell。

“In this way,I want to say thank you。”

“You’re welcome!”
Chen Xiu walked to the door,Even more sharply:“Old man,Get out of me quickly,Otherwise I really don’t respect the old!”
“I want to see why you are not welcome。”
“Oh yo,You old man don’t know what is good or bad!”
Chen Xiu stretched http://www.shkaibei.cnout his hand to push away the old man blocking the door,I’m about to touch the old man’s shoulder,Don’t want the old man’s shoulder to shake slightly,Actually caught some time。
Now Chen Xiu knows that the other party is definitely not an ordinary old man,One step backward。
“Who are you!”Chen Xiu said sharply。
“Dai Yun。”
“What is your purpose for sending someone to catch me!”
“Catch you?”
Dai Yun shook his head and said:“I was sending someone to kill you!”
“Since you have caught me,Why don’t you kill me!”
“The one who caught you told me,You can actually use the Ninth Stage True Qi。This is really unexpected。
Dai Yun slowly said:“Three hundred years,No one in the world can cultivate to the 9th-grade true Qi,I can’t help but be curious to see,What kind of peerless genius are you。”
Chen Xiu also heard Zhu Huiwei mention it before,It seems that since the late Ming and early Qing,Budo begins to decline,There are only a few talents who have cultivated“Feeling angry”To the realm。
As for the reason,Chen Xiu has no way of knowing,At this time, I heard Dai Yun say this again,More curious,Even more thought:“What the old man keeps talking about,Is he not a worldly person himself?”