Love the flower old man got a few plants

Love the flower old man got a few plants

Old people love to raise flowers, planting flowers and plants may be able to cultivate their health, and they can also exercise moderately under the body. However, seemingly harmless plants are not so kind and pleasant, and old people should be careful about the harm of plants.

The following small series introduces several dangerous plants for elderly friends.

  Inadvertently wounded oleandrin contains oleandrin in its bark, branches and leaves.

After eating, nausea, vomiting, irritability, and severe cases can cause death.

  Evergreen, calla lily can cause burns in the mouth, throat, esophagus, plasma mucosa, etc., and even damage the vocal cords, causing speech loss.

  The color of the five-color plum has red, orange, yellow, pink, white and so on. It is also called “seven flowers”, its leaves are poisonous, causing abdominal pain after eating.

  Daffodils can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea after eating.

  Poinsettia can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms after eating.

  Contact the common potted flowers of the calla lily, which is also commonly used in flower arrangement.

Its leaves contain toxic substances such as aspartate, which can cause dermatitis and itching when it comes into contact with human skin.

  Evergreen leaves are green, and they contain the same ingredients and damage to humans as calla.

  A red flower in a circle under the order of Poinsettia, with beautiful posture, bright colors and green leaves, is an ideal ornamental flower.

But when people come into contact with their white milk, they can make the skin red and swollen and hot.

  The cactus is green and thorny, and the thorn is poisonous.

If it is accidentally stabbed, it can cause redness, heat or itching.

  The swallow palm has beautiful leaves and is always green and green, so it is also called Yushu.

It contains large scorpion, which is exposed to the leaf juice of the human body, which can cause redness, swelling, and blistering of the skin. If it is splashed into the eye, it can cause blindness.

If you have a swallow’s palm in your home, you should guard against contact with your child to avoid accidents.

  Mimosa opens lavender velvet flowers, and its petioles have a sensitive feeling. Due to the swell of grass blades, the leaves will slowly close as soon as they are slightly touched, so they are called mimosa.

Because there is a kind of mimosin in mimosa, if it is exposed for a long time, it can cause hair and eyebrows to be replaced.

  The red flower on the top of the tiger thorn is very beautiful.

However, this kind of flower has long thorns. If it is stabbed, it is rich in toxins in the liquid juice, causing redness and swelling of the stab wound.

  The daffodils bloom before and after the annual Spring Festival. The white or yellow flower petals are fluttering, the flowers are full of fragrance, the leaves are green, straight and straight, and it is an ideal winter indoor ornamental flower.

However, its onion bulb contains toxins such as colchicine, which can cause allergies after contact.

  The scent hurts the clove peony, also known as jade clove, its pollen is white, open layer by layer, the fragrance is fragrant and fragrant, the leaves are green and shaped like peach leaves.

However, the flower scent of clove peony contains toxins. If it is repeatedly absorbed, it can make people feel weak and wheezing.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to put the lilac peony indoors, but not to move into the bedroom, so as to avoid poisoning; the flowers of the pine and cypresses will affect the appetite for a long time; the fragrance of orchids and lilies will make people excited; the jasmine fragrance can cause headaches.

  More than the above is only a part of the flower that has harm to people. According to experts, there are more than 100 kinds of flowers that can cause harm to people.

Therefore, in the process of raising flowers in the family, we must pay attention to whether the flowers are toxic. If we have toxic flowers, we must be vigilant, strengthen protection and avoid injury.

Eat kelp after the fall, stabilize blood sugar, protect the heart, and have a good health effect. People who have eaten say good.

Eat kelp after the fall, stabilize blood sugar, protect the heart, and have a good health effect. People who have eaten say good.

Kelp is one of the most common vegetables in life. It is also the most visible food in recent years. Some people say that kelp can cause thyroid disease. Others say that kelp can prevent thyroid disease. The truth iswhat?

In response to this situation, the problem of kelp should not be eaten.

In fact, whether it is to prevent thyroid disease or lead to thyroid disease, it is related to possible iodine in kelp, which requires us to pay attention to the amount of food.

That is to say, in areas where iodine is relatively scarce, it is completely problemless to eat the amount of iodine, which is said to be iodine.

In areas where iodine is already very high, in this case, eating large amounts of iodine does increase the probability of thyroid disease.

The best way is to check the urine iodine, so that you can determine if your body is short of iodine, and you know how much you eat.

In addition to being rich in iodine, kelp has the following health effects: From the perspective of the nutrients of kelp, kelp is rich in magnesium, which has a very positive effect on the heart population.

It can be a cofactor for a variety of enzymes in our body, the role of activating factors, above the rhythm of the heart, and the frequent excitement of the heart, magnesium can achieve a certain regulation, and protect the health of the heart.

In addition, related research has also found that magnesium, which has a certain inhibitory effect on bad cholesterol in the body, can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease for people with cardiovascular disease.

For hypertensive patients with imbalanced potassium and sodium, kelp is also a good ingredient, and kelp is also rich in potassium.

The most important thing is that even the kelp root that people usually like to throw away is a kind of blood pressure lowering food in the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners.

After washing the kelp root, use it to boil water. If you feel that the ingredients are relatively monotonous, do not hinder the addition of some other foods according to your eating habits, or stew with meat, with Pinggan blood pressure.efficacy.
Therefore, people with high blood pressure may wish to join the kelp in the daily income.

In fact, kelp is also beneficial to people with diabetes and high blood sugar. It is rich in minerals, trace elements, and a large amount of supplemental fiber, which is very beneficial for weight control and blood sugar control of diabetes.

In the autumn when the high temperature has not subsided, make a cold kelp, or stewed seaweed soup instead, cool and healthy, but also good for the disease, is a good ideal food.

Finally, everyone is reminded that although kelp has so many benefits, it survives in the sea and is easily infected with some heavy metals.

Therefore, it is recommended that you cook and cook when you cook kelp.

Don’t eat kelp in large quantities to avoid food poisoning and other phenomena caused by accidental consumption of heavy metals in kelp.

Dear friends, do you like to eat kelp?

How do you like to eat it?

Please leave a comment in the comments below and share it with our nutritionist.

Half an hour after a meal, the golden health period!

Doing these things well can protect the intestines and stomach, prolong life

Half an hour after a meal, the golden health period!
Doing these things well can protect the intestines and stomach, prolong life

Each of us hopes that the longer we live, the better, but in many cases, there is a great relationship between longevity and our daily habits.

For example, some small habits after a meal, after doing the right thing, can make you live longer, but many people don’t know much about these, follow Xiao Ji together to understand it!

Doing these things after a meal can make you replace life:?

After eating, after eating, there will be a lot of food residue in our mouth. At this time, it is recommended to use mouthwash or salt water for mouthwash.

It can effectively protect the health of teeth, effectively remove some bacterial residues in the mouth and reduce bacterial infection.

Some people who have teeth after a meal, it is recommended to use dental floss to remove the mouth after meals, which is necessary to ensure oral health.


After the meal, the first thing that people stand after the meal is to sit or lie down, especially some office workers. The rest time at noon is relatively short, and it is necessary to hurry for lunch break.

It is actually more disadvantageous for longevity.

After the meal, it is recommended to develop a good habit of standing against the wall, which can help reduce fat.

This is actually a kind of exercise. After a meal, standing against the wall can promote digestion, so that the body will not gain weight. If you go to rest after leaning against the wall after a meal, it is good for your health and is good for longevity.


Walking after a meal, walking after a meal and standing against the wall are all suitable for exercise after a meal. The difference is that you can walk immediately after a meal by walking on the wall. Because after dinner, our blood is concentrated in the gastrointestinal tract for digestion.It is suitable for walking and dispersing blood, which is easy to affect normal digestion. The correct one should go for a walk about half an hour after a meal. Walking after a meal is very beneficial to your health and is very necessary for people who want to live longer.


Taking a nap after a meal of course means that after lunch, you can take a nap about half an hour after lunch.

Can improve mood, relieve stress and improve memory.

Under normal circumstances, the time for nap can be about half an hour.

It will lead to very significant results and is more needed for the people working.


After drinking rice, you can drink some water properly. It is generally recommended to drink a small amount of warm water to help promote the metabolism of the implant.

Reducing meat food, wine damage to the stomach, is more beneficial to health.

The above is to introduce you to some good habits after a meal that are good for longevity. These habits are easy to watch, but they are very important for longevity.

And if you want to persist for a long time, you need willpower. If you want to live longer, you will have to stick to these little habits. If you persist, you will find yourself becoming very long-lived.

Four porridges that nourish the five internal organs and blood

Four porridges that nourish the five internal organs and blood

Walnut peanut polenta will be corn, walnut, peanuts and water together with the boiled, simmer into a porridge.

Peanut is rich in phosphorus and a large amount of linoleic acid, phosphorus can nourish the brain, linoleic acid can cause arterialization; peanuts are beneficial to the heart with amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of heart disease; corn metabolism of unsaturated fatty acidsIn particular, the content of linoleic acid is as high as 60% or more, which contributes to the normal metabolism of the human body and mild hypertension, and can reduce deposition in blood vessels, thereby softening arterial blood vessels.

Lotus root fungus porridge lotus root peeled and cut into small pieces, black fungus shredded, melon, right amount, if you cook porridge, add rice, water and glutinous rice can be porridge; if you make soup, add water to cook, and finally add some salt to tastecan.
Lotus root has a lipid-lowering effect, black fungus can soften blood vessels, and melon diuretic blood pressure.

Rice porridge corn glutinous rice, half of each rice.

Add the appropriate amount of corn bran to the water and mix it thoroughly. When the rice is cooked to 50% or 60%, add the cornmeal and cook until it is thick.

It has the benefits of benefiting the lungs, regulating the appetite, softening the blood vessels and so on.

Patients with cardiovascular disease such as arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and coronary heart disease.

Garlic porridge purple peeled garlic several peeling, the garlic skin is boiled for about 1 minute and then fished out, then the rice is put into the boiled garlic skin to boil the porridge, then the garlic is put into the same, and the porridge can be cooked.

It has the effects of softening blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat.

The most common carcinogens around us

The most common carcinogens around us

Carcinogens from household commodities, such as medicines, pesticides in vegetables, cosmetics, household plastics and rubber products; carcinogens from foods such as bacon, pickles, fried foods, etc., have gradually attracted people’s attention, but stillThere are some little-known carcinogens that have not caught people’s attention.

  Researchers at the Wisconsin Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health found that the bactericide-bleaching powder added to tap water releases active chlorine. Long-term use of tap water with active chlorine may cause bladder and rectal cancer. The carcinogenic factors are notThe bleaching powder itself is a by-product of some of the chlorine that is produced by the chemical interaction with many of the water.

  White paper foreign scientists have found that people’s daily use of white paper is also one of the carcinogens.

Paper usually contains a carcinogenic compound, which is easily absorbed by trace amounts. If a small amount of food is contained in a paper package, the compound may be dissolved into the food, and people may become ill without knowing it.

  Due to the modernization of household appliances, a large number of household appliances enter the home, and household appliances generate electromagnetic waves of various wavelengths and frequencies, forming electromagnetic pollution that threatens people’s health.

Scientists have conducted microwave radiation experiments in mice and found that their white blood cells spread irregularly, which is very similar to the height of white blood cells produced by blood cancer, so that microwaves may cause cancer.

  The radiation-induced carcinogenesis of the ground is the ground radiation, which is an energy emitted by the pipeline under high pressure. Especially at the intersection of the pipeline, the intensity of the ground radiation will be superimposed and increased, forming a strong radiation.Can cause cancer of human cells to cause cancer; second, resonance materials in buildings, such as helium, etc., generally contain some radioactive substances in different household building materials, especially new houses, which will not cause danger.Cancer substances are prone to cause cancer.

Method of fitness for the elderly

Method of fitness for the elderly

Middle-aged and elderly people (aged over 80 years old) have to undergo manual operation due to the obvious decline in the function of various organs of the body.

Because of the muscle atrophy and osteoporosis, the elderly can not withstand high-intensity exercise, otherwise it will easily cause bone and joint and muscle damage.

After the exercise of the elderly, the body recovery process is slow. If the exercise is overworked, the body will not recover, but the body function will decline.

  Older people should choose each joint, each muscle group can get active systemic sports, slow and rhythmic movements, such as alternating walks, jogging, practicing Tai Chi, Qigong, Ba Duan Jin, health massage, goal kick,Sunbathing, air bath, cold bath and more.

When participating in fitness exercise, if the body feels uncomfortable, you should not be reluctant, and you should wait until you recover.

In addition, it is best for elderly seniors to have medical supervision, check the body before and after fitness exercise, record the heart rate and blood pressure before, during and after exercise, and make an electrocardiogram when conditions are available. Adjust the exercise intensity according to the reaction situation and change if necessary.Sports project.