Three tips for winter sun protection


Three tips for winter sun protection

Many people think that in the summer, the ultraviolet rays are strong, and of course it is necessary to have sun protection.

But the weather is getting cooler and the sunscreen is running out, so few people will go to “catch up.”

Moreover, even in winter, we still need to pay attention to sun protection. This is a matter of all seasons, and it is a matter of every day.

  Tips (1) What should not be changed? Many people think that sunscreen will not be absorbed by the skin anyway, and it should not have a big impact if it is changed.

In fact, according to some dermatologists, many sensitivities are caused by the use of inappropriate sunscreen.

  Although the composition of sunscreen is relatively simple, it will not be absorbed by the skin, but there is a “run-in” process with the skin.

Just like some masks, you may not be breathable, uncomfortable, or your skin may have some adverse reactions.

Therefore, if you are used to a sunscreen, do not change it easily, it is recommended to use it for a long time.

  Some skin care products have been used for a long time, and the skin has a certain “immunity”. It seems to have no effect. It should be replaced.

The sunscreen does not have this problem, but the skin will have a “memory function”. It is adapted to a sunscreen. If you change it easily, it may reverse the effect.

  Tips (2) Of course, you still have to change. Of course, it is not absolute to say that you should not change sunscreen.

Because there is still a problem of seasonal change from summer to autumn, there may be a relative adjustment in UV intensity and daily life.

If you do not change according to the actual situation, it may actually make sunscreen a burden on the skin.

  In summer, we generally favor the use of sunscreens around SPF30. If exposed to the outdoors for a long time, the index can be higher.

In autumn and winter, the intensity of ultraviolet rays may not be so great, and some swimming and other items have become less.

We suggest that you can adjust the SPF index to 15-25.

Because the index is elevated, the pressure on the skin is also OK, so it is not necessary to be too high.

  In winter, it is also a good choice to buy a foundation with SPF index.

For summer, the foundation may be too heavy, and the face is easy to sweat when sweating, but in autumn and winter, it is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone. It can both protect the sun and modify the skin.

  Tips (3) Who decides whether to trade or not?

  Should I change it or not?

Of course, you have to ask your own skin.

Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s not absolute.

  For example, different races have different skin structures and different requirements for sun protection.

In the simplest terms, with the same UV intensity, white-skinned European and American women will have sunburn symptoms in 5 minutes, while yellow-skinned Oriental women can support for 15 minutes, three times as much apart.

Therefore, students with pale skin should pay more attention to sun protection, and can increase the sun protection index appropriately.

  In addition, liquid skin sunscreen should be selected for oily skin; creamy sunscreen should be selected for dry skin; both are suitable for normal skin.

In different seasons, your skin may show different states. Maybe it is oily in summer, but it is neutral in autumn and winter. So whether to adjust sunscreen products depends on your skin.

  Supermarket product recommendations: 1.

La Roche-Posay SPF50 + PA +++ Sun Protection Lotion SPF50 + PA +++ 278 yuan / 125ml 2.

Klitina Aurora Sunscreen SPF30 + 242 yuan / 50g 3.

Ulai Water Brightening Sunscreen SPF30 + PA +++ 150 RMB / 50g

Steamed buns are more nutritious than flat cakes

Steamed buns are more nutritious than flat cakes

After fermentation, the nutritional value of pasta is increased by 3-4 times. Yeast or liver protection is also pasta. Fermented steamed bread and bread are more nutritious than unfermented food such as flat cakes and noodles.

Studies have shown that yeast not only changes the structure of dough, making them softer and more delicious, but also greatly increases the nutritional value of steamed bread and bread.

  There are many ways that yeast can protect the liver and allow flour to ferment, such as baking soda fermentation, old noodle fermentation, yeast fermentation, etc.

These methods are the same in principle, that is, a large amount of carbon dioxide gas is generated in the dough by the starter. During the cooking process, the carbon dioxide is heated to expand, so the pasta becomes soft and delicious.

However, the first two methods have their own disadvantages. Baking soda will seriously damage the B vitamins in the flour. Old dough fermentation will cause the dough to have a sour taste. Only yeast fermentation can make the pasta taste good and improve its nutritional value.

  Yeast is divided into two types: fresh yeast and dry yeast. It is an edible, nutrient-rich, single-cell microorganism. It is called “an inexhaustible source of nutrition” in nutrition.

In addition to protein, carbohydrates, and lipids, yeast contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Experiments have shown that the protein contained in 1 kg of dry yeast is equivalent to 5 kg of rice, 2 kg of soybeans or 2.

Protein content of 5 kg of pork.

Therefore, steamed bread and bread contain 3 to 4 times more nutrients than biscuits and noodles, and protein has increased by almost 2 times.

  Fermented yeast is also a strong antioxidant, which can protect the liver and has a certain detoxification effect.

Selenium, chromium and other minerals in yeast can fight aging, tumors, prevent arteriosclerosis, and improve the body’s immunity.

After fermentation, a phytic acid in the flour that affects the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron and other elements can be broken down, thereby improving the body’s absorption and utilization of these nutrients.

  People with weak digestive function should eat more fermented bread. Steamed bread is good for digestion and absorption. This is because the enzymes in yeast can promote the breakdown of nutrients.

Therefore, people who are thin and have weak digestive functions, such as children and the elderly, are more suitable to eat this kind of food.

Similarly, it is best to eat fermented pasta such as bread for breakfast, because the energy in it will be released quickly, which will make you full of energy throughout the morning.

  Spontaneous flour does not increase the nutritional effect of the face. To make the yeast fully function, you can add a small amount of sugar, but it is best not to overdo it, otherwise it will inhibit the growth and reproduction of yeast.

Generally, the ratio of sugar to yeast is 11: 1, and the amount of yeast used is 1 to the weight of flour.

When 5% -2%, the fermentation effect is the best.

  Many people like to buy spontaneous flour or baking powder instead of yeast, which is convenient but loses much nutrition.

Because they are fermented with baking soda, they cannot increase the nutritional value, but will destroy the B vitamins in flour.

Why do people sleep when they are old?

Why do people sleep when they are old?

An 80-year-old man has been afraid of the coming of night every day for the past 8 years.
Over the years, he has been feeling 2-3 hours of chaos every night, and has nightmares.
Because he can’t get a good rest, he has been dizzy, exhausted, lost appetite, and emotionally unstable for a long time. Now he has symptoms of depression in the elderly.
Although sedatives continue to work, they always do more with less.
  Research surveys show that most elderly people aged 70-80 years old spend only 5% -7% of their total sleep time every night, while young people around 30 years old account for 20% -25%.
The elderly spend most of their time in the form of light sleep, which is a reflection of the aging of the human body on sleep. We don’t have to be overly nervous and worried about it, otherwise we will have more insomnia.
  20, 30, 40 Women’s Charismatic Diet The causes of sleep aging in the elderly are comprehensive. They are more common in introverted, lonely, inactive, and unwilling to think, followed by elderly with increased nocturia and snoring.
Therefore, in order to delay and reduce sleep aging, you must persistently participate in activities within your ability in daily life; do not touch things that are likely to stimulate sympathetic nerve excitement before going to bed. Reduce drinking water appropriately, take a warm bath, soakFeet.
As for relying on drugs to help you sleep, that’s not a long-term solution.

Spring health cold prevention wind injury bone 3 food therapy wind pain relief

Spring health cold prevention wind injury bone 3 food therapy wind pain relief

Introduction: Spring health, people in health care to maintain diet, living, cold and heat laws are equal, and maintain yin and yang balance, this is reflected in the spirit, diet, daily life photography and the use of drugs.

Xiaobian recommend 3 medicated diet health wind and pain relief.

  Spring is the function of the human body, the period when the metabolism is at its peak, and the hormone levels are at a relative peak. At this time, non-infectious diseases such as high blood pressure or high blood pressure fluctuations and menstrual disorders; allergic diseases, so people need to pay attention in this seasonHealth.

  -Prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea First, due to the strong wind in spring, Chinese medicine believes that wind wood is good for the spleen, and that the spleen is weak and the tongue is white and diarrhea.

  Secondly, the way to keep in good health is windy days, less outdoor exposure to wind, you can take Lizhong Wan under the guidance of a doctor.

  Third, we must prevent cold in spring.

  Fourth, use dried ginger for cooking, because dried ginger can be mild.

  -Easy to catch cold, runny nose. There are many winds in spring, strong wind, easy to catch cold and runny nose. You should exercise outdoors to strengthen your immunity.

  Therefore, in the spring of dietary adjustment, according to your actual situation, choose to be able to maintain the balance of body function coordination and accumulation.

  Taboo hot, cold, rising, falling diet misunderstandings, such as cooking fish, shrimp, crab and other cold foods, the principle must be accompanied by spring onions, ginger, wine, vinegar warm seasoning to preventThis orientation is cold and cold, which will damage the spleen and stomach after eating and cause the discomfort of abdominal discomfort.

  For example, when eating leeks, garlic, papaya and other yang-aids, they are often supplemented with eggs to nourish yin to achieve the purpose of complementing yin and yang.

  Keep your mind relaxed, happy, and optimistic.

In terms of living, we must adhere to proper exercise, regular sleep, quantitative arrangements, and purposeful rehabilitation, so as to achieve the best health.

  推荐三道适宜春季的养生菜:  大蒜烧茄子  [配料]  大蒜25克,茄子500克,葱、姜、淀粉、酱油、白糖、食盐、味精、植物油、清汤各适量。  [做法]  茄子去蒂洗净,剖成两瓣,在每瓣的表面上花成十字花刀,切成长4厘米,宽2厘米的长方形块(不要切断)。  Wash and chop the shallots and ginger, wash the garlic and cut into two spares.

  Set a wok over high heat and pour in vegetable oil until it is 70% hot. Put eggplants into the pot one by one and stir fry. When yellow, add ginger, soy sauce, salt, garlic cloves and clear soup. After boiling, simmer with simmering heat.10 minutes, turn well, sprinkle green onions, and then mix with sugar, starch, and water to make a scoop.

  [功效]  凉血止血,消肿定痛。It should be used for complications such as blood in the stool, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and purple spots.

  This recipe takes the sweet and cold characteristics of eggplants, clearing blood and heat, dispersing blood stasis and swelling, diuresis and dampness, analgesic, supplemented with warm garlic, which can warm the spleen and stomach, relieve qi stagnation, eliminate dysentery, and relieve evil poison.

Vitamin D caused by eggplant can enhance blood vessel elasticity and prevent small blood vessels from bleeding.

  白烧鳝鱼  [配料]  鳝鱼500克,黄酒、葱白、生姜、食盐、胡椒粉、植物油各适量。  [做法]  鳝鱼去骨及内脏,洗净切成寸段备用,锅内到入植物油,烧至七成热时,放入鳝鱼、葱、姜,略炒后加入黄酒、食盐、少量清水, Low heat until cooked through and sprinkle with pepper.

  [功效]  补虚损,止便血。It is especially effective for postpartum dysentery, hemorrhoid bleeding, lower pus, pus and blood, and viscera depletion.

  Note: No matter how you cook catfish in some way, don’t forget to add pepper.

  杜仲腰花  [配料]  杜仲12克,猪肾250克,葱、姜、蒜、花椒、醋、酱油、绍酒、干淀粉、盐、白砂糖、植物油、味精各适量。  [做法]  杜仲清水煎浓汁50毫升,(加淀粉、绍酒、味精、酱油、盐、白砂糖,兑成芡汁分成三份备用)。  Remove the lumbosacral fascia from pork loin slices, cut into waist flowers, immerse them in a piece of loquat juice, wash and slice the onions, ginger, and garlic, and use the slices for later use.

  Heat the wok over high heat. Pour in vegetable oil and bake until it is 80% hot. Add peppercorns and wait until the aroma comes out. Add cashew, spring onion, ginger, and garlic and stir-fry. Add stir-fry for a few minutes.Stir in vinegar and serve.

Yoga cares our spine

Yoga cares our spine

Yoga leads us to discover the body, and yoga helps us to maintain the body.

  S-curve of the spine The spine is a large pillar of our body. In order to prevent external shocks from being transmitted directly to the brain, the spine is S-curved.

If this normal S-curve is maintained and the impact is dispersed, the spine will have no burden, and the spinal nerve functions can be exerted normally, and the body is healthy and beautiful.

  If the S-shape is skewed and the OL is shifted for 8 hours or more per day, the muscles have no chance to expand and contract, and the entire spindle body weight is all pressed on the lumbosacral region, resulting in uneven pressure distribution.

In the long run, if the normal S-shape is skewed, the waist will also be skewed. You will feel back pain, flash back . In severe cases, lumbar rigidity may occur, and lumbar disc herniation . S-shaped skewed body and postureWill become unsightly. A few simple and effective yoga therapies, persevere!

Maintain the normal curvature of the S-shaped spine, reject lumbar spine disorders, move muscles, and perfect posture.

Fully enjoy the backless, backless fun!

  Recommended posture 1: Snake-style: lying on your back with your jaw on the ground; don’t grab your arm to help, but lift your upper body from the top of your head to allow your body to try to get off the ground; pay attention to your lower limbs to relax.

Self-examination: If you control the posture, if you feel weakness or pain in the back muscles, and occasionally numbness, dizziness, and difficulty breathing during motion control, etc.

Please go to the hospital and authoritative organization for professional inspection and diagnosis.

  Recommended posture 2: Spider-style: legs open, body leaning forward and sitting; hands crossed under thighs, back and back, intersect behind; chin, step on, heel, step on the ground at four points.

  Recommended posture 3: Wheeled: Lie on your back with your knees in contact with your thighs with your knees bent; your hands should be aligned with your shoulders and your shoulders should be in contact with your palms against your feet;With strength, lift your body and head up to make your body look like a wheel. Adjust the distance between your hands and feet to try to change it. Breathe naturally and keep your posture for 30 seconds. Slowly lower your body and return to the original movement.

Repeat 4 times.

  Recommended posture 4: Peak style: Sit on your knees, correct your hands forward, take the Vajra sitting position, slowly move away from your calf, and press your palms against the ground; inhale, arm, abdomen exert force to support the body at the same time, step down, lift the heel;, Arms, shoulders, press down on the back, straighten straight, heels completely step down on the ground, point forward not to arch; relax and replace, the head naturally sags, the body is inverted V-shaped.

Hold the posture for 10 seconds. After breathing evenly, repeat the action 3 times.

  Life 1. Stretch and flex your body after working for a certain period of time. 2. Change the habit of crossing legs. 3. Add calcium and protein, and often bask in the sun. 4. If you have lumbar diseases, pay attention to keep your waist and abdomen warm.A soft and hard bed.

What does a dream sexual experience symbolize?

What does a dream sexual experience symbolize?

Generally speaking, people with sexual experience are more likely to have a clear “spring dream” than people without sexual experience. The spring dreams of people without sexual experience are often vague; people with low sexual depression are more likely to be naked”Chun Meng”, the “Chun Meng” of people with high degree of sexual depression is obscure and concealed.

“Chun Meng” may have a direct relationship with actual human psychology, or it may have nothing to do with sex, but only a psychological reaction in interpersonal communication.

The specific dreams need specific analysis.

  The basic symbolic meaning of “naked” in the dream is to be undisguised and sincere and frank.

Or a shy fulfillment of human sexual desire.

Some kind of dreams are very close to “spring dreams”, that is, “naked” dreams.

There was a joke: Once, Roosevelt broke into Churchill’s bathroom, but naked Churchill let out his hands and said, “The chief of the British Empire has nothing to hide from you.

“This is precisely the basic symbolic meaning of” nakedness “in dreams-no cover-up, frankness, and sincerity.

A psychologist often dreams of “being naked and not ashamed.”

The “nakedness” here symbolizes his frankness and sincerity towards people.

Of course, dreaming about being naked also means “being seen through”.

For example, a university lecturer often dreamed that he was walking on campus or reading a book in the reading room, and suddenly felt that everyone was watching him. He looked down and found that he was naked, wearing only shoes and socks.

Through the interpretation of dreams, I learned that the dreamer does not think highly of himself and thinks that his dissertation is suspected of deceiving the world. Therefore, he is often worried by others.

  ”Nude” is often related to sex, and the feeling of being naked in your dreams is an indication of your attitude towards sex.

“Dreaming the emotional feeling when dreaming about your nudity is pleasant, indicating that the dreamer’s attitude towards sex is more calm and without sexual depression; on the contrary, it indicates that the dreamer is afraid to face his desires.

“The presence of others in your dreams about your nakedness is a symbol of what other people think of you in real life.

For example, someone dreams that the teacher is naked and the genitals are small. This dream shows that he thinks the teacher is sincere, but also thinks that the teacher is not manly.

If a naked opposite sex appears in the dream and evokes a strong sexual drive in the dreamer, this is just a compensation for the dreamer’s unrealized sexual desire.

  The “sexual behavior” in the dream indicates the desire of the dreamer to communicate smoothly with others.

  Is it possible to speculate that “Spring Dream” is a “public” satisfaction of psychological sexuality?

Actually not necessarily.

Because, because of “openness”, dreamers generally have less sexual depression and a more open attitude towards sex; the reason why they have clear sexual behavior is because the dreamer has rich actual sexual experience.

  The common specific meanings are as follows: If you dream of having sex with a colleague of the opposite sex (the dreamer has never thought of it in reality), and the emotional tone is pleasant, it is symbolized as the dreamer working with colleagues in actual workVery pleasant and smooth.

For example, an employee dreams of having sex with a female boss.

It was learned through Dream Interpretation that he had not been able to communicate smoothly with the female supervisor at work, and psychologically hoped to improve this poor communication with her.

The “sexual behavior” in the dream represents his desire to communicate smoothly with the female boss.

  If you dream about having sex with a loved one or your elder, it can be roughly divided into two situations. If the sexual object is a father or mother, psychoanalytic theory considers it to be a psychological reflection of the dreamer ‘s “incest” desire.Deeps complex. ”

However, research by psychologists has shown that “incest sexual desire rarely occurs in dreams. Instead, it appears metaphorically and symbolically, and such dreams are often manifested in evil dreams.

“Some psychologists also explain” non-sex “according to specific dreams, such as dreaming of sexual intercourse with a married woman, indicating that the dreamer” can be saved “; dreaming of sexual intercourse with his mother indicates that he can” get a lot of wisdom “.
  Sexual objects are elders or elders who are respected or revered by dreamers, and symbolize communication and resonance in thought.

For example, a female psychologist dreamed that she had sex with a very famous old man.

The old man represents tradition. This dream means that her thoughts communicated and resonated with the representatives of traditional thoughts.

  There are also painful “Spring Dreams”.

A girl dreamed that “I was raped, but after rape, someone in my dream would always tell me he was unsuccessful, and I was still a virgin.

Strangely, the rape in my dream was voluntary, and the person who raped me was the same old man as my grandfather.

What’s even weirder is that they raped me from behind.

“In this dream,” rape “symbolizes a will that is imposed on her.

“Rape behind” symbolizes that she has made a decision against her will in front of her.”Grandpa” and “old man” symbolize the male elders or stale thoughts that impose her will.

“Voluntary” means her obedience to imposing will.

“He was unsuccessful, I’m still a virgin,” said that despite imposing will on her, she could not change her original thinking.

The doctor said that I had been on the OCD for five years

The doctor said that I had been on the OCD for five years

Today, I have the record on this reservation registration form: Wen Jing, female, 20 years old, junior.

He has been suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder for five years, and has had great problems in interpersonal communication. He has recently been reluctant to go to school and often conflicts with his father, who also causes obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  As soon as I entered the meeting room, Wen Jing immediately stood up and greeted, “I have been looking forward to meeting you. I really want to communicate with you.

“The first impression Wen Jing gave me was: beautiful, educated, and good at communication. I foresee that this will be a relatively smooth exchange, but I don’t want this exchange to cause me deep thinking and it will be unforgettable.

  After sitting down, Wen Jing started what she called.

  My parents are ordinary workers. Although they do n’t have much culture, they are very strict with my tutoring. I grew up under strict constraints.

Father’s military precision equipment installation, the unit stipulated that if the parts are lost, personal compensation is required, which should be acknowledged to the father who has a very low income, so he trembled at work every day, for fear of losing parts.

In my sixth grade, my father was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

At that time, the atmosphere in the home was particularly depressed, and his father’s personality changed a lot.

This atmosphere affected my studies. When Xiaosheng started, I only entered an ordinary junior high school.

  Junior high school is the best three years of my life, with excellent grades and active participation in various school activities. Teachers and classmates like me very much. I also became the vice chairman of the student union.

Those days were busy and fulfilling. I truly experienced that fate was in my hands. I firmly believed that I could make life more exciting . After I was admitted to a key high school, I was determined to maintain a good state of junior high school for three years.Lead the success of the college entrance examination.

  The smoothness of Wen Jing’s thoughts, the accuracy of her language, and her gaze led me to be full of doubts about the “five years with OCD” on the appointment registration, but I did not interrupt her talk and encouraged her to continue speaking.

  At that time, I was exposed to Carnegie’s successful psychology. At that time, I thought that the psychologist was the most learned and trusted person in the world.

They listen to people’s distress, discover and help correct the problems that people have in their hearts, and they can also discover people’s potential, and they can turn a stone into gold . In my mind, the psychiatrist is simply too lofty and amazing!

  Listening to Wen Jing’s over description of the psychologist made me feel uneasy, and even had an ominous hunch . In high school, the teacher appointed me as the monitor. I was happy at the time and felt that I had achieved my “plan”.

As a monitor, I have to deal with classmates and deal with the relationship between teachers and classmates, classmates and classmates. I also understand some contradictions that ordinary students are hard to know . I originally thought that people should trust each other, butWhat I realized was not the case at all, and it led to suffering.

I don’t know if I am wrong or if there is something wrong with the people around me?

I discussed with my classmates, but most of them simply said that they didn’t think about it.

I was more nervous and worried that I had a psychological problem. At that time, I had a strong desire in my heart, hoping to fully understand the problem.

  Wen Jing at the junior high school stage is often affirmed by the teacher, life is full of joy, and change the path that the teacher has indicated to go down and gain a sense of accomplishment.

After entering high school, through the enhancement of sense of adulthood and self-awareness, she reexamined herself while also examining her surroundings with critical eyes.

Because a perfect self-evaluation system has not yet been established, the limitations of cognitive development and the lack of life experience, it is normal to be filled with contradictions and conflicts.

As a monitor, Wen Jing faced the differences between the new environment and the old environment, the conflict of personal and crowd interests, the same time when classmates and teachers set certain standards on her, and so on.

She is a child with a lot of introspection, and this certainly reinforces her conflict and conflict.

  I firmly believe that the psychiatrist is the only person who can help me, so I strongly urge my mother to take me to try and tell her that as long as I solve this problem, I will learn better.

I still remember how excited I was that morning when I saw the psychologist. I firmly believe that when I return from the psychiatrist, everything will be smooth and I will have more bright futures.

  However, my first impression from the psychologist was: quite disappointed!

He wasn’t as gentle as he wrote in the book, or asked me coldly: “Why are you here?

“I was a little bit cold at the time, and replied,” My mind is very chaotic. I always think about many things. I hope to talk to you and get your advice.

The second sentence of the psychologist is: “Does your family have a history of mental illness?”

“I was a little bit blind at the time, as if stung by a wasp:” My dad has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

As soon as the words came out, I was particularly nervous, as if I felt something in advance. The doctor gave me a cold look, and slowly said, “You are obsessive-compulsive consciousness, a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Take some medicine first, it will relieve someof.

“I was caught at the time, I was obsessive-compulsive!

  I walked out of the consulting room unconsciously and mechanically said to my mother, “I am obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“How I wish my mother told me this was not true, but my mother said with tears:” I was worried that you followed him, it really is like that, life!

“She went prescribingly.

  Wen Jing said it was a little cold and put on her coat.My heart twitched a bit, and I really realized the helplessness of a girl full of longing for life.

  ”So how did you come over the years?

What have you experienced

What is your feeling?

“Wen Jing burst into tears:” For the first time in five years, someone asked me this way and cared about my feelings . I always wanted someone to calm down and listen to my heart, but no, including my parents, they thoughtAll I say is crazy.

“I want to study hard and try to change my destiny and create a better life for my parents. But after coming out of the psychologist, I know that I have no qualifications and ability.

I was looking for a psychiatrist to be able to recover better. I didn’t expect to become a patient who needs medicine to maintain my condition.

  I obeyed my mother’s arrangement and insisted on taking medication, although the other was very large.

But inside, I haven’t thought I was sick.

Later, my mother took me to several other hospitals. Some doctors said that I was not obsessive-compulsive disorder, but it didn’t help me.

Later, I bought a book on psychotherapy and learned that inheritance is indeed an important factor in mental illness. I no longer struggled and realized that I was sick.

At that time, how much I needed someone to understand my feelings and tell me how to do it without thinking and continue to learn . Wen Jing couldn’t control her emotions, covered her face and started crying. I didn’t disturb her, and quietly put her hands on her.On her shoulder, the other hand patted her shoulder gently.

  Dad often sighed . After he got sick, he stopped working, and lived on his mother’s meager income, hoping that I could give him an old age.

When I was diagnosed with a disease, his attitude towards me changed a lot, saying that I was a “death star” . At that time I believed that my classmates said that adults are selfish and always in their interestsFor the center, if the child meets their wishes, they love the child, and once they find that the child cannot fulfill their wishes, they will become cold . I started to fight with my parents, I could n’t stand it outside the house, my bad moodThere must be an exit for release.

Otherwise I’m really going crazy.

  ”Wen Jing, in this state, have you always been studying?

“I couldn’t help asking.


I am determined to learn as long as I can control my behavior.

I insist on classes, sometimes because of the substitution of drugs, my brain reacts very slowly, and I can’t keep up with the teacher’s ideas, but I always insist, but my grades have dropped from the top ten in the class to the bottom ten.

  ”In this state, you can still be admitted to the university to show that you have superman control. I admire you very much!

In the past few years, what is your relationship with the people around you?

What did you mean by enduring outside the home?

Wen Jing paused, wrapped her jacket tightly, and I put her coat on, too. She stuck her face to my clothes, took a deep breath, and slowly went down.

  After seeing a psychologist, I resigned from the position of monitor, and I believe that I do not have this qualification and ability.

I lament the misery of my fate, and at the same time I am jealous of the health of everyone around me.

I’m like a virus carrier, always reminding myself that you can’t interact with people on an equal basis.

It’s best to walk away before others disapprove of me.

I feel that my language skills are deteriorating, and it is difficult for people to understand what I say. I am not a normal person, just shut up.

The classmates thought I was weird. Slowly, I had no friends and lived in my own world.

  It is appropriate to say that the high school stage is okay, and having the college entrance examination as a life goal, I don’t care if I can communicate with everyone.

I have really known depression since I went to college.

My interpersonal skills are too poor. What’s the point of living like this?

The classmates around me are in love, and some boys have expressed favor to me, but I know that I am not qualified to have children, and my obsessive-compulsive disorder will be passed on to the children.

Since you can’t have children, you can’t marry in love.

Therefore, when the boy showed me his favor, I would reject it incoherently.

So, I may really be alone forever.

  My hand held Wen Jing tightly and refused word by word: “Wen Jing, if I tell you, you are not OCD, do you believe it?

“Thank you, I believe you will give me good comfort and guidance, but you said that I am not sick, I do not believe it.

The doctor has given me a diagnosis, and I know that I am sick, and I can accept this fate.”I drew to the psychiatrist Yue Xiaodong the concept map of the” grey area “of psychological counseling and told her that this theory uses the colors of white, light gray, dark gray, and black to represent people’s different mental states.

White people have a healthy personality, a high degree of self-confidence and a strong adaptability; light gray people are psychological conflicts caused by normal people due to various life pressures, and need help from psychological counselors or social workers;Various abnormal personality and personality abnormalities and obstacles are dark gray populations, which need to be treated by a psychologist through a clinical psychology model; black populations are schizophrenic patients and are treated by a psychiatrist through a medical model.

  Counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists each perform their duties and serve the people they should serve.

Everyone should have a preliminary definition of themselves when receiving services and choose a rescuer that suits them.

When you find a psychologist, he assumes that you have confirmed that you are symptomatic, and your father’s obsessive-compulsive disorder undoubtedly provides strong evidence for his diagnosis.

  ”Why can’t he listen to me seriously?

Why did you prescribe me immediately?

Why don’t you test it scientifically?

It hit me so hard, it brought me an amazing disaster!

“Wen Jing’s face turned red.

I poured her a glass of water to calm her down slowly.

  ”Child, you have been struggling for the past five years, and I feel heartache.

You can go to today and pay what others cannot imagine and bear.

I can also understand your current mood. I hope to overthrow the original diagnosis, and it is difficult to bear the painful price I once paid.

But we cannot live in the past. Today we are responsible for ourselves tomorrow.

do you think so?

“Do you mean that my five-year shame has been written off?

“Not” is not write-off, you have obtained a huge wealth of life.

When you first came into contact with successful psychology, you were still young. You blindly deified the psychologist, took the initiative to give up your judgment, and accepted all the cues from the psychologist.

In fact, any occupation in the society is only a means of earning a living, and it is by no means a symbol of noble personality.

“Wen Jing nodded thoughtfully,” I overestimated him, didn’t he intentionally hurt me?

“”of course.

In the future, when you encounter people around you in a state of pain and helplessness, you will understand them well, give them equality and care, and these two will spread love to the surroundings and also create your affinity.

Based on this, you are qualified to be a mother, and you can know when your child needs the support and care from parents.

“” You mean I can fall in love?

“Yeah, people who have experienced pain know more about the meaning of love.”

Wen Jing smiled shyly, her smile was really beautiful.

  ”Wen Jing, the first time I saw you, I was always illuminated by the fire of your life.

Five years of hard work have not made you decadent, and you still have a god in your eyes. I believe that you will be stronger in the face of future difficulties and setbacks!

“I would like to share my experience with more people, and I hope to use my own experience to awaken everyone’s respect for life, whether it is a helpless and painful child or an adult around them.

“” I will support you!

“Wen Jing was hugging me tightly before leaving, leaving with joy.

Email me a week later: Teacher Li Shan: Hello!

  ”Child, how have you been here over the years?

What have you experienced
What is your feeling?
“After hearing such words, I was really touched. At that moment, what had been in my mind for five years suddenly found an outlet for release.

Makes me feel that my pain is not my shame-it is too important to me!

These five years of painful struggle are no longer unseen experiences!
My heart knot opened . “Wake up people’s respect for life”, I engraved this sentence in my heart, always reviewing myself.
Psychological counselors provide services to the human mind and are responsible for the quality of life.

Nowadays, there are still many people who do not want to “spend money for psychological counseling”, and if they take medicine, they think it is “worth it”.

In this case, how can the doctor calmly listen to the visitor?

The value of the career of a psychological counselor is that the visitor realizes that with the company of others, he says goodbye to the pain and keeps growing.

The formation of modern consumption concepts has gradually changed the status quo.

  As a psychological counselor, if you can concentrate on accompanying the visitor and give them effective support and help, you must constantly clarify yourself, constantly find the pain points of your own mind, and heal them in time and effectively, otherwiseThoroughly shoot yourself at the visitor, affect each other’s consultation, and cause harm to both parties.

This visitor’s confession made me re-understand my work—each counselor’s influence on the visitor was profound.

  ”Wake people’s respect for life”, also said to parents who are facing growing children, to carefully observe the children’s psychological changes, to give children the support and encouragement they need most, not to let them realize the despair andhelpless.

Master 4 maintenance tips to make your skin supple_1

Master 4 maintenance tips to make your skin supple

Whether the effective ingredients in skin care products can be removed, the most important thing is to prevent the absorption of nutrients from the skin.

For example, the whitening ingredients must penetrate deep into the basal layer deep in the skin to achieve the whitening effect. As long as you master 4 tips, you can double the absorption of the skin.

  How to make skin efficiently absorb nutrients?

  1. When the skin is supplemented with enough water to provide the skin with sufficient water supply, it will reduce the barrier function and allow water to penetrate the stratum corneum cells.

When the amount of water in the skin is insufficient, it will affect the absorption of skin care products. You may wish to use lotion first, so that the skin can get sufficient moisture.

Care should be done in life, and every time after washing your face, you should apply skin care products with moisturizing and water-retaining effect.

  2. Regularly remove the stratum corneum. When the stratum corneum is too thick, it will cause rough skin, make the complexion look dull, and affect the skin’s absorption of skin care products.

As long as the stratum corneum is made thinner, the active ingredients in skin care products can more easily enter the skin, thus exerting its effects.

You can choose a facial cleanser or scrub with scrub particles to sand the skin.

In addition, you can choose fruit acid products to speed up the replacement and replacement of the stratum corneum.

  3. Allow skin care products to stay on the skin. The concentration of active ingredients in skin care products affects the skin’s absorption of nutrients. If it stays in the skin for too short a time, it will weaken its absorption effect.

For example, the concentration of active ingredients in the essence is very high, and it can only exert its skin care effect if it is fully absorbed by the skin.

If the lotion is applied immediately after the essence is applied, it will replace the product with a high active concentration, which affects its effect.

  4. Appropriate massage to promote absorption After applying the skin care products, the massage should be done correctly, so that some small particles of active ingredients can quickly enter the skin and hair follicles, and finally reach the basal layer.

However, the massage time should not be too long. It can be controlled for about 15 minutes, which can accelerate the absorption of nutrients by the skin.

In addition, the rational use of the mask can promote the skin’s absorption of active ingredients.

Because the mask can seal the local skin, it increases the water-holding function, raises the local skin temperature, and facilitates the penetration of water molecules.

  Reminder: The above 4 methods work together to better absorb nutrients, but you must choose the right skin care products according to your skin quality and age. You ca n’t choose inferior ones because you want to be cheap, but eat more fresh ones.vegetables and fruits.

Go to the stratum corneum at least once a week to avoid staying up late and ensure adequate sleep.

Autumn qi and nourishing food diet recipe

Autumn qi and nourishing food diet recipe

The autumn is dry. After the human body consumes heat, it gradually becomes physiologically balanced, the human body sweats less, and the digestive function basically returns to normal.

In effect, the body has reached a predicted restorative recovery phase.

During this period, tonics according to different systems were very beneficial to the body.

The autumn diet is mainly for preventing dryness and nourishing yin, nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, and can be used in conjunction with taking traditional Chinese medicine to relieve phlegm, nourish yin, and nourish qi.

  Qi deficiency manifests as burnout, fatigue, pale, shortness of breath, lazy speech, pale color, pale tongue, and thin pulse.

Shibu can use lean meat and white ginseng, add water and stew.

  Tan brown angelica stewed black chicken: Wash one black chicken to remove the internal organs and chicken feet, put it in warm water and add cooking wine and boil over high heat; when the pot is opened, remove the black chicken and put it in water to wash away the foam and smash the bloody smell.

Put black chicken, 15 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of angelica, 10 red dates, ginger slices into a casserole with warm water, add wine, and simmer crispy with gentle fire.

Finally add 30 grams of wolfberry, rock sugar, and salt to taste and boil for 3 minutes.

Yiqi, nourishing blood, suitable for those with insufficient qi and blood, weak body, have the effect of yin and yang tonic, especially suitable for spring, autumn and winter.

  The blood deficiency type manifests as pale or pale, white gums, fatigue, weight loss, insomnia, upset, pale tongue and thin pulse.

Food supplement can be fried pork liver, carrot rice or raw carrots, soaked in rice wine for 24 hours, then stewed in water, add peanuts, stir with sugar sugar, or paste into cold paste, one spoon at a time, eachTwice a day.

  Tremella and jujube papaya donkey-hide gelatin: Soak an appropriate amount of Tremella and jujube in warm water, wash and cut into small pieces for later use; papaya half peeled, seeded, and cut into small pieces for later use; add water to the pot, add papaya, Tremella, red dates, rock sugar, First boil with a high fire, then use a low fire to boil the white fungus until it is soft and glutinous; add wolfberry, gelatin powder and cook 3?
5 minutes.

It is moisturizing and not greasy. It can nourish the spleen and appetite, clear heat and dryness, nourish qi and clear the intestines. It can moisturize the skin after long-term consumption, and has the effect of removing facial melasma and freckles.

  Yin deficiency is manifested by hot flashes in the afternoon, flushing complexion, weight loss, dry mouth without drinking, backache, and soft knees.

Tonic can be made with honey stewed pears, American ginseng tea (for those with qi and yin deficiency), and old duck soup.

  Goose meat tonic soup: first wash 250 grams of goose meat, simmer thoroughly in a boiling water pot, remove the shreds.

Wash 250 grams of pork (lean), simmer it in a boiling water pot for a while, and remove the shreds.

Detoxify the yam, Beishen and Yuzhu separately, and fill the gauze bag.

Fill the pot with chicken broth, add goose shredded pork, shredded pork, medicine bag, refined salt, rice wine, pepper, spring onion, ginger slices, cook until the meat is cooked, remove the onion ginger, pour chicken oil, and MSGServe and serve.

  Those with yang deficiency showed pale complexion, fatigue, chills, cold limbs, clear and long urine, thin stools, fat and moist tongue, thin moss, and slow pulse.

Food supplement can be Angelica ginger mutton soup, beef bone marrow soup and so on.

  Angelica Ginger Lamb Soup: Wash 1 kg of mutton, cut into pieces, blanch with boiling water, and drain the water; Angelica and ginger are washed with water and sliced with ginger.

Stir the ginger in the pot for a while, then stir-fry the mutton until the blood is dry, scoop it up, place it in a casserole with angelica, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with wuhuo, then use a simmering pot 2?
Season for 3 hours.

Effectively and quickly repair skin


Effectively and quickly repair skin

Single damage is for repair.

hzh {display: none; }  当你看着镜中的面庞,看到的是局部色素沉淀,或痘痕,或换季后持续的敏感、干燥脱皮等小瑕疵,你能清晰地辨别问题和原因,那么The type of skin damage can be classified as a single type of damaged skin, and the types of skin problems are relatively single. Once the targeted method is mastered, the repair speed is still very fast.

  Quick fix love drug makeup drug makeup products for skin experiencing a single problem, they often repair quickly, because they are more targeted, some are for the defense of sensitive skin reconstruction, some are for the repair of acne marks, someIt is for the repair of painful skin after surgery, and ordinary skin care products focus on the maintenance of healthy skin.

However, when using cosmeceutical products for repair, it is best to replace them with the advice of a doctor, and have a very strict grasp of the dosage, because excessive or inadvertent use of cosmeceuticals can easily cause the original minor skin problemsExtremely severe.

  Self-repairing and moisturizing first. In fact, our skin itself has the ability to repair itself. Especially for younger skin, the oil secretion will be reduced in autumn and winter. By hydrating and moisturizing, it is easy to achieve the state of water-oil balance.In this state, the skin’s self-healing function works particularly quickly, and many damages can self-adjust.

Moreover, the damage to this type of skin mainly occurs in the epidermal layer, and the effect of moisturizing products is more direct. Therefore, even in the case of some pigmentation caused by sunburn, many young girls can only restore whiteness through moisturizing.
  Exquisite repair starts from make-up products when the skin appears local pigmentation, acne marks, sensitive redness caused by seasonal changes, and we always think that plain face may be the best treatment for the skin. As everyone knows, the current make-up products have not only enhanced the skin.Adding color, it also has deeper repairing effects, but now some high-end liquid foundations can not only fade the stains, but also slow down the dryness and smooth the wrinkles; and we have also seen new ones for sensitive skinConcealer products, without any fragrance and preservatives, have the effect of soothing sensitive skin and quenching thirst for dry skin.

It seems that no matter what kind of skin, delicate repair is no longer a dream.

  ①Avene Avene Huanhuan translucent concealer powder 238 yuan completely does not contain any spices, makeup on sensitive skin without any impurities, there is a certain soothing effect.

  ②ESTEELAUDER Multi-level Instant Moisturizing Mask This mask can instantly inject mineral water into the skin and keep it for several hours. The fragrance of water lily is especially comfortable.

  ③SUPREMEAUPRES whitening and breathable powder honey SPF20 PA ++ 340 yuan After absorption of this powder and honey, the light and breathable feeling always follows the skin, the moisturizing factor keeps the skin from drying in autumn and winter, and its unique whitening complex canEffectively control the production of melanin and repair the skin caused by pigmentation.

  ④ SISLEY Sisley Invigorating Moisturizing Cream 1600 yuan combines plants, minerals, aromatherapy and other active ingredients, can deeply “irrigate” the skin, especially the skin caused by lack of water.

  ⑤European plant acne repair gel 170 yuan it contains P.


S plant complex has the effect of repairing the skin and promoting regeneration, and is especially suitable for use after the onset of acne.

  ⑥ HR Helena’s Ultimate Beauty Foundation SPF20 / PA ++ 980 yuan has the ultimate skin care effect, because the luxurious formula containing the plant essence microcapsules in the creams of this series of products is excellent in reducing pigmentation and slowing down dryness.