Lin Yuner listened to Xiao Fan’s words,I was just stunned,Then I took a look at my clothes,Then smiled awkwardly,Then he said to Lin Yaqing:“Ha ha ha,Yes,Ya Qing,look,Neither of us noticed yet?Both of us are now wearing home clothes?”

Lin Yaqing also smiled awkwardly,Just said directly:“Yes,Yes,You look,Why did I forget this??”
Finished,Lin Yaqing ran towards the bedroom with Lin Yuner。
“Xiao Fan,Wait for us,We change clothes,Come out soon。”Lin Yoona is on the way back to the room,He turned his head and said something to Xiao Fan,I went back to the room quickly。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er, who was in a hurry to change clothes, but still didn’t forget to say a word to him.,So he shook his head helplessly。
right now,Xiao Fan is really curious,As simple as Lin Yoona, how did she make good girlfriends with Lin Yaqing, who is so scheming?。
This time,Lin Yaqing and Lin Yoona can be said to have no women’s exclusive rights,That is to let the man wait for a long time。
because,Xiao Fan didn’t feel how long he waited for Lin Yoona and Lin Yaqing downstairs,These two people have already walked down from the second floor。
Lin Yoona wore a sky blue skirt today,My hair is not tied up as usual,Just casually scattered behind,Although the dress is very casual,But it seems,It’s really beautiful!
“Yoona,You are so beautiful!”Xiao Fan said these words unconsciously。
Lin Yaqing looked at Xiao Fan’s normal look and his words that couldn’t be more natural.,There was an envy and jealousy in my heart for no reason.。
When Lin Yaqing realized that she had such an idea now,Even she herself can’t believe it。
Because Lin Yaqing has always been a person with high self-esteem,She never thought,There will be one day,She will also care about a man,What made her even more unexpected was,She still has a keen interest in a married man。
and,This person is not someone else,Still her best friend of the past。
if it is possible,She really wants to continue to be girlfriends with Lin Yoona。
only,nowadays,Lin Yaqing’s identity,She is absolutely not allowed to continue to be girlfriends with Lin Yoona。
Because her mind is different from that of college。


Little Tsai is one year old,Ask for a day off,At the same time cheeky begging for votes
Today is the day when the millennium frame Xiaozizai turns one year old,Actually it is5month11day,But considering that relatives and friends are more convenient,So Xiao Zizai’s birthday banquet was held today,Congratulations and toasts in the face of relatives and friends,I really have to drink it for a thousand years,And drank very happy。
Just drank alcohol,I can’t code words,Sitting in front of the computer for almost three hours,Can’t just write2000Words,Feel bad,and so,Ask for leave with brothers,Please forgive me brothers,After all, today is a happy event。
At last,In the name of our little boy who is one year old,Brothers, can you give me some monthly tickets for my little boy?Thank you brothers and sisters for thousands of years。
First319chapter Do our job,Reputation is important
“Mr. Fernandez,Very nice to meet you,I’m kenneth,”Just meet,Colonel Kenneth gave Chen Geng a stern compliment:“Yourhummergave me a deep impression。”
“Thank you,”Chen Gengqian’s unpretentious way:“American soldiers are the bravest soldiers,The bravest soldier should have the best weapon。”
“The bravest soldier should have the best weapon?That’s a good point,”Colonel Kenneth thumbs up,Admiration:“Now I understand why I can develophummerSuch an excellent product。”
“Can’t say that,”Chen Geng’s humble expression:“Mainly because my company has many retired veterans who have fought in the Vietnam War。”
“inhummerIn the development process,These veterans have given our R&D department many valuable experiences,Let us know what kind of car the army really needs……”
Colonel Kenneth overturned Chen Geng’s impression of soldiers。
Because the officers he had contacted before were all domestic officers,Everyone is more serious,But Colonel Kenneth is a very funny guy,And special chat,Always find pleasant topics,Such as the issue of veterans,The defense departments of these American auto giants,Which one does not have a large number of experienced veterans?
You’re welcome,The number of veterans in the hands of these car giants,At least dozens of times that of Fernandez,Not even those working in the first-line production workshop、Just as a production worker as an ordinary employee。
Also a veteran,In the hands of your Fernandez company, they exploded several times their combat effectiveness,At Ford Defense、Chrysler’s defense turned into a pile of shit?
Just kidding!
But Colonel Kenneth has the ability to chat with you very happily,But Colonel Kenneth tried so hard to chat with Chen Geng,Obviously not to make Chen Geng happy……

Su Ran nodded,Yiming and Shen Lin also had a lot of feelings after seeing this scene,Because they are really good friends,So I don’t want the other party to be overworked because of themselves。

But at the same time I also hope that the other party can live well,Able to solve the immediate difficulties,Then return to a normal life,Four people can continue to work effectively。
Xiao Fan looked at these four people and was very moved,I also feel relieved,Because he cultivated these four people and really hoped that the four of them could support each other。
If one day he really needs to go out to deal with some other things,In that case, he would be relieved to give all the things on hand to the four of them.。
Now it seems that he can really rest assured,Because the four of them have no grudges,And there is no other strange mind,Are all for each other sincerely。
So Xiao Fan doesn’t have to worry about anything,Xiao Fan felt very uncomfortable watching Su Ran cry,Because after all, no one can face such things calmly。
And Su Ran has grown a lot after experiencing such a thing,Force myself to calmly deal with Fan’s illness,Deal with things in the villa。
Xiao Fan looked a little distressed。Xiao Fan told Chu Yao and Su Ran:“You two should do your own thing according to each other’s wholeheartedness。
Since Chu Yao didn’t feel tired,And I feel that doing these things can give me peace of mind,Then Su Ran,You just bear it silently,After all, this kind of thing will sooner or later you will share the joys and sorrows together。
Now you have trouble asking them to help you,Until one day Chu Yao and the others encountered difficulties,You will help them without hesitation,So don’t care too much。
The four of you are a neat team,Forward and backward,So now you are in difficulty, they both help you,It’s also their own part,Don’t feel guilty,Don’t feel like you don’t know how to repay。”
Su Ran heard what Xiao Fan said and felt that it made sense again,Then I can only think about treating Yiming and Chu Yao well in the future。
Several people chatted a few more words,Most of it revolves around Fan’s condition,These days Xiao Fan is almost always staying in the villa,Because he has to observe Fan’s condition repeatedly,Then know exactly where the problem is。
I hope I can wake up Fan Lao soon,Only then can we know all the truth。But Xiao Fan also knows that this kind of thing can’t come,The more anxious, the more mistakes you may make。
So he hopes to dig out the truth a little bit,Fortunately, Mr. Fan has no life worry now,Nothing else,Just unconscious。
So Xiao Fan is also testing what kind of poison it is,He often stays in his small research room recently,Want to research these things。

after all,In case I admit it myself,Who knows what Xiao Fan will say to him in a while?!

so,For the pot Xiao Fan insisted on throwing himself,Lin Yoona can’t memorize anything。
Xiao Fan heard Lin Yuner’s answer,The whole person is almost stunned,What plane,This sentence is clearly what Lin Yuner said to herself just now。
but,right now,She didn’t admit it in an instant!
Xiao Fan is really very confused now,The beauty who is sitting in her own co-pilot now,Is she still her gentle wife?。
Why today,Xiao Fan suddenly felt that she was not the Lin Yooner she was familiar with.!
Own wife,The Lin Yoona I knew before is very gentle and virtuous。
But now Lin Yoona really doesn’t care how he looks,That’s not very reasonable!
What about Lin Yoona at this time?,She still has no guilty conscience at this moment,Just look at Xiao Fan,It looks like what I said is wrong。
Xiao Fan also said that he was really helpless。
Ok,You are my woman,Your biggest!
You just say everything。
but,Although Xiao Fan didn’t care about what Lin Yuner said just now,But she still asked Yoona:“That’s the one,Yoona,Can i ask you a question?”
“Just ask,You said,I’m listening!”Lin Yuner said indifferently。
“That one,If i remember correctly,Just now,Why didn’t you say that sentence?,You didn’t tell me like that,That’s why I unreservedly tell you the truest thoughts in my heart?”Xiao Fan asked suspiciously。
“no!Of course not what I said!Because that sentence is what you Xiao Fan said,Not what Lin Yoona said。”Lin Yoona still insists on her opinion。
“but.but.”Xiao Fan, who has always been eloquent, suddenly felt that his words were poor。
damn it!

“And my grandfather Qiao Renfu is at best a collateral descendant of the Qiao family.,Not eligible to inherit the Fuxing Society,Not even qualified to inherit such a large amount of assets。”

“So the children and grandchildren of the four major families have found my grandpa to force the palace,My grandfather must hand over the status of the head of the Fuxing Club and all his assets!”
“As the second head of the Fuxing Society,My grandfather is well aware of the good intentions of Mr. Qiao’s efforts to let the four major families withdraw from the Fuxing Society.,Just to put aside the relationship between Fuxing Society and the four major families。”
“So my grandfather just wants to take on the mission of protecting China Finance,I don’t want to take care of the unscrupulous descendants of the four major families,I don’t want to get involved with the four big families,So in the beginning, the children and grandchildren of the four major families were allowed to quarrel for a while。”
“And the children and grandchildren of the four major families have nothing to do with my grandpa,So the two sides have been deadlocked。”
“But then the situation took a turn for the worse,My grandpa had to get involved with the four big families again。”
“At that time, the Arrow Sakura organization knew that the descendants of the four major families were all straw bags,So they saw the perfect time for the death of Qiao Yuanshan.,Frequent attacks on the four major families。”
“Without the shelter of Qiao Yuanshan and other veterans,The descendants of the Four Great Families were quickly defeated under the fierce attack of the Arrow Sakura organization,Finally had to leave the U.S.,All over the world。”
“Seeing that the four big families that were glorious for a while have declined,And my grandfather, who is also Joe’s family, naturally couldn’t bear it,I feel ashamed of Qiao Yuanshan and other first generation sages。”
“So my grandpa went all over the world,I found the descendants of the four major families in exile,Plan to use part of the funds of the Fuxing Society,Help the four big families make a comeback。”
“But what are the descendants of the four major families,Naturally, my grandpa knows well,I know that if the children of the four big families are allowed to fight alone,It is estimated that it will be eaten by the arrow cherry tissue again soon。”
“So after some consideration, grandpa,Decided to learn the practices of Qiao Yuanshan and other sages back then,Let the four big families hug together to keep warm,And gave them a large amount of assets as starting capital。”
“But grandpa knows that the offspring of those four major families are wolves, tigers and leopards,One day wait for them to turn over,They will definitely be ungrateful,I will also ask my grandpa to ask for Fuxing Society and its huge assets。”
“In other words,As long as the Fuxing Society is in my grandfather’s hands for one day,Those descendants of the four major families will not stop!”
“And the children and grandchildren of the four major families are the top three,But if you want to point them to the revitalization of the four major families,I’m afraid it’s a foolish dream!So if we want to realize the real revival of the four big families,Can only be placed on the next generation。”
“So after thinking about it,For the future of Fuxingshe,Also for the real revival of the four big families,My grandpa decided to start immediately‘Succession plan’。”

After graduating from university,The salary earned is very low,If according to that wage level,The money that may be invested in for a lifetime,Can’t get it back!

Not even dare to think about it,The cost of the child’s future marriage!。
I feel the book is for nothing,Meaningless at all,Just wasted a lot of time out of thin air!
The family becomes very sleepy because of the child’s education。
Instead of,It’s better to save the money from the beginning。
Leave it to the kids to do a business,Buy a house and car!
But later he had his own child,Look back at those who he thinks are not good。
Not only do they already have a lot of income,And has a high social status。
The same opportunity lies ahead,People can easily grasp it after going to university。
But without that diploma,Don’t even think about it!
At that time he understood a truth,As long as it is a book that has been carefully read,It’s definitely not a waste of time!
That knowledge will bring more insights,More opportunities,A broader view……
Zhou Xiang’s words left the students in silence。
“What Lao Zhou said makes sense,Sometimes we don’t look down on people who have gone to college,Say they are nerds。”
A male classmate sighed。

Xiao Fan felt puzzled here,Xiao Fan over there immediately recovered。

Yes,This is Lin Yoona’s temperament,Isn’t it?
Chapter nine hundred and forty nine lay down
The Lin Yoona I know,Should have been a pungent temper,Should have been a person who doesn’t like to suffer。
Even though the temper of Lin Yoona in this life is good,But for Xiao Fan,She is always compared to the original Lin Yoona,Something so short。
so,Lin Yuna with this personality should be the one with whom she has been familiar for many, many years, right??
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona,Oh,Do not,wrong,Should be looking at the familiar Lin Yoona,I couldn’t help but laughed out。
then,Just when Xiao Fan just laughed,Lin Yoona was immediately unhappy。
This Xiao Fan,Today is too weird,Like this for a while,Like that for a while,I’m about to confuse myself。
then,Lin Yoona didn’t hold back any of them,I just wanted to say something to Xiao Fan,I heard Xiao Fan’s voice。
“Yoona,When you just now,When I was in the big banyan tree,Have you really recovered your memory??”
“what did you say?”Lin Yoona didn’t expect Xiao Fan to jump on this topic so much,So that,After she heard Xiao Fan’s question,I thought there was something wrong with my ears,I misheard the words myself。
“I said,Just now,That is when the big banyan tree,Have you really recovered your memory??”Xiao Fan asked repeatedly。
This time,Lin Yoona didn’t directly answer Xiao Fan’s question,Instead, after a long period of time,He gave Xiao Fan an affirmative answer with a serious expression。
Xiao Fan heard the seriousness in Lin Yuner’s words,I even heard the formality in Lin Yuner’s words,then,After a bitter smile in my heart,Just continue to speak to her:“Are you sure you have remembered everything?”
Lin Yuna looked at the roof,My eyes seem to be absent for a moment。
“Yes,From the first meeting,Including why we were separated,Even including my manager’s life and life,Every cycle,It’s all in my mind!”Lin Yuner said stupidly。
“Since you already remembered,Could it be that you don’t blame me?Why after you recovered your memory,Still treat me as always!”Xiao Fan asked inexplicably。

May asked curiously:“Gold why don’t you smoke?”

Chen Wenjin hasn’t answered yet,Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“He may think smoking is easier,It’s harder not to smoke, right。”
“What do you mean?”May be confused,Unknown so。
Chen Wenjin smiled,Pointed out:“I’ll go to the rain to cool down。”
“Won’t it be cold?”Xiao Xiao and Amei feel strange。
“May be used to it。”Chen Wenjin talked about walking,I heard Amei say:“really interesting,Your ex-girlfriend and Xiao Gao also went out in the rain,You and her didn’t know each other when it was raining?”
“……you’re so smart,I guessed it。”Chen Wenjin smiled and waved goodbye,Walk into the rain。
Chen Wenjin doesn’t think it’s too interesting to do anything now,Game bar,I have played all the fun in this era;Movie bar,I’ve seen all the good-looking ones。Two great entertainments are gone,He doesn’t like drinking and dancing anymore,Playing cards is too tired,Or waste brain cells,Or just send money to be happy with others。
Walking in the rain,Chen Wenjin thinks about the future,I feel this way to live again into the future,It’s still a few years,I have to have some fun……
‘What Justice League of Wang Shuai……If the main purpose is to punish evil,It’s interesting……’Chen Wenjin wondered,I think I can really think about it。
When Wang Shuai first mentioned it,He tried to guide Wang Shuai to shift the fun to the direction that has the least impact on the kind and innocent people.,So I didn’t say rejection,Now I feel,I’m still a little bit on this matter,Can also make sense。
Small beach by the sea at night,Almost submerged by the waves coming up。
When Chen Wenjin approaches,Saw two figures,It’s probably Huihe Xiaogao,So he changed direction,To a reef,So as not to disturb them。
The rain almost stopped,Chen Wenjin sitting on the rock,Listen to the waves,Howling wind。
The sound of nature to man,It doesn’t seem to be noise anymore,Obviously so loud,But can instead focus on thinking problems。
It’s about people in the reproduction of generations,I’m used to the background sound created by nature.。
In the dark,Amei came with Xiao Xiao,Saw the figure on the reef,Recognized for a moment,It’s basically Chen Wenjin。
May said:“Then i’m going back,Remember not to say that I came with you。”

I didn’t wait for Ding Ruoyan to finish,Ding Haijun reacted,I think it’s a good thing for a girl to bring her classmates home to do homework:Although everyone knows that for Chen Geng’s arrival today,All parties will inevitably make the most comprehensive preparations,Never allow any mistakes,Can be nominal,This is still a private visit after all,If a girl’s classmate is with her girl at home“Do homework”,At least look natural,And two such cute little girls are at home,I can adjust the atmosphere a little bit?

Diplomatic,My mind is turning fast!
Ding Haijun who quickly understood this,Before my daughter was finished, she smiled and nodded:“Xiao Miao is here?it is good,Good,You guys do your homework first,Uncle Ding calls you to eat later。”
Meng Xiaomiao stuck out his tongue,A little embarrassed to confess:“Uncle Ding,Don’t blame Ruoyan,I begged Ruoyan to bring me here,I just want to see what Mr. Chen Geng looks like,Is it as young as everyone said?……do not worry,I won’t cause you trouble。”
Hearing what Meng Xiaomiao said,Ding Haijun didn’t think much,Chen Geng is going to visit this at his own home,The whole foreign affairs department doesn’t know,Xiao Miao heard、It’s not weird to want to come and see,How could he think that these words were taught by Lao Meng?Subconsciously think this is Meng Xiaomiao’s own careful thinking:The little girl who has entered puberty,Have a crush on young men who have a successful career,This is normal,Besides, Meng Xiaomiao took the initiative to confess?Said with a smile immediately:“No blame,All right,Go do your homework。”
“Ok。”Meng Xiaomiao agreed,Obediently followed Ding Ruoyan to her little boudoir to do homework。
Hu Jin never spoke,Until the two kids came in,She whispered to Ding Haijun:“This……no problem?”
at this time,She still thought about the little emotions just now?
“What can be the problem?”Ding Haijun waved his hand,Quite disapproving:“You think too much,Xiao Miao is just one13……14Year old girl,In all likelihood, I heard Lao Meng talk about Chen Geng,Curious,I want to follow my girl,Not a big deal,And don’t you think what the girl said makes sense?,There are such two little girls at home to adjust the atmosphere,Can also look natural。”
“Also。”Hu Jin thought for a while,I feel my worry is over,It’s just a 13 or 14 year old girl,I think too much。
Just finished,Someone knocked on the door:“Old Ding,Mr. Chen Geng is coming,We will help you check the hygiene……”
A bunch of people standing at the door,There are more than ten men and women。

Chen Geng is not polite to the two,Speak directly:“Now Bank Negara and China Eastern Airlines are preparing to purchase a batch of large aircraft for heavy international flight missions.……”

Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Guo Wenxiang will understand,Air China Group and China Eastern Airlines Group are preparing to purchase a batch of10000He certainly knows about the North American and European flights on aircraft with a range of more than kilometers.,The initial intention is Airbusa330、Boeing767McDonnell Doumd-11,But which aircraft to choose?,The debate is still quite big now:
Some people think that Boeing767With McDonnell Douglasmd-11、Airbusa330A bit smaller;
Some people thinkmd-11Some issues with security,Although ready to ordermd-11It is the improved dual-issue version,But after no time has passed to prove the dual-release versionmd-11Than the third versionmd-11Before having a more outstanding performance in terms of safety,md-11Should not be considered;
Some people think that Airbusa330Service time is short……
Anyway no matter who it is,Can always find a lot of reasons for support and opposition。
But now,Listen to Chen Geng,Actually let Air China Group、Eastern Airlines talks about purchasing McDonnell Douglasmd-11?
Guo Wenxiang hesitated:“This one……Mr. Chen,mustmd-11Is it?”
“Of course not necessarilymd-11,”Chen Geng first expressed his attitude:“But Mr. Guo, do you think,Let’s not talk about the things that are in dispute,Speak only with products,Airbusa330、Boeing767as well asmd-11For the three aircraft,Actually Boeing767Is a small circle,Strictly speaking with Airbusa330、McDonnell Douglasmd-11Half a level in size,Right?”
Guo Wenxiang thought for a while,Nod:This is true,Boeing767It’s really small。
Actually everyone understands,For China Eastern Airlines and Air China, Boeing767Just an escort,Boeing was the first to be eliminated after entering the formal election767,Since it’s finally on Airbusa330McDonnell Doumd-11Choose one of two,Naturally choose the one that is most beneficial to you. This is what Chen Geng meant。
Chen Geng said with a smile:“In the case that the performance of the two aircraft is not much different,We can say to McDonnell Douglas:If you McDonnell Douglas introduce ourf150,We just buy yoursmd-11,If you don’t introduce our technology,Let’s buy a European plane,You say,Does Little MacDonald have any options??”
Guo Wenxiang suddenly laughed,Secretary Li laughed too。
Both are in a good mood:Before we bought planes,It’s pure money,This time I can find a little more,Tut……Earned。