She is full of curiosity about all unknown things,That’s why I came here,Not hesitate to waste,Make clothes for others,Let’s take a look at the so-called sacrifice summoning heroes.。

Strange,Although Mu Feiyan is not the most diligent one among the Mu clan,But she is the most talented one in the family,Known as the first genius in Hongliu City,Many levels of practice,It’s extremely difficult for others,But with her,But it can easily cross。
In fact, she has a faint feeling,So-called genius,Maybe it’s because of my true temperament,Not focused on improving,On the contrary, the state is more relaxed,Easier to break through。
only,Mu Feiyan also knows,Difficult to change the old habits of God people,If I make such an argument rashly,,Not only won’t be approved,And may be regarded as heresy,So she just wants to wait until her level is higher,After reaching level 40,If it can continue to lead the trend,Overwhelm your own generation,It’s never too late to propose again。
Among the three generations of the four families of Hongliucheng,Mufeiyan maverick,Unconventional,Bei Gong Wang Qian is gentle and heavy,Long sleeve dance,That Ding’s Ding Fu has a fat man with yin and yang,Has always been out of gregariousness,There is also Qin Mingsheng, the eldest son of Qin,I went to Crazy Battle City a few years ago,I heard enlisted in the mad war army,I’m not the same with them。
So Mu Feiyan can barely see it,There is only the Beigongwang brother in front of you。Two years ago, there were elders who thought about rubbing Bei Gongwang and Mu Feiyan,However, it was later revealed that Mu Feiyan beautiful women are more interested than men,This matter can only be left out。
“The goal of our trip,It’s the Hall of Cow Demon。I heard that the bull demon over there has been resurrected。”Nangong glanced at the hero Lu Menglin,Then he said to Mu Feiyan。
Mu Feiyan nodded,I knew I was coming to Cangyue Island before I went.,She guessed that the most likely end point is the Great Hall of Bull Demon。
There are three dark monster dens on Cangyue Island,They are Cow Demon Temple、Bone Demon Cave and Corpse Demon Cave,Among them, the dark monster is the most powerful,The most explosive rate is the Cow Demon Temple。
It’s not easy to get rid of the Bull Demon King,No wonder the two giants of Hongliu City are needed to join forces.。
“We have to deal with the bull devil?Is this decision too hasty??If I knew I had invited a forty-level archmage over。”Mu Feiyan frowned,Said。
Originally, she thought that the level 30 or so manpower she brought was enough,But that is only for the periphery of Niu Modong,The bull generals and bull magicians outside the temple are not weak,And the burst rate is not bad,It is an area frequented by masters of the gods。
Bei Gongwang laughed,Tao:“Bull Demon King is one of the strongest monsters we can kill at this level,If you don’t burst it,How can it embody the role of summoning heroes??Besides, I want to take a look,Sacrifice with the Bull Demon King,Will it increase the success rate。”


Work for a while,The eight-spear spiders who were just looking at each other actually stood in order,And there is one on the surrounding stone pillars。
Then their heads turned upright,Under the gaze of the two of them, the other party collectively started spinning。
What do they want?
The black thread goes straight to the sky,Countless roots appear at the same time,Make the scene at this moment extremely spectacular。
The black rushing to the sky reached a very high altitude,Start to stretch around,Gradually a piece of black appeared in the sky。
“not good!”
Too late to explain,Xia Chenglong’s body has gone towards the sky,Zanglong waved a gorgeous flame in his hand,Mixed with a strong fire attribute aura, cut a sword。
When the sword light soars into the sky,A piece of black quickly condensed in the sky above him,and“Windfall”’S power was actually blocked by those black threads。
even-No ripples appeared!
The body catches the momentum and rotates to one side,Then he swung the same sword in another clearing,Such a perfect move and shot,It didn’t play any role。
After shooting another sword,Wherever the sword light went, a piece of black appeared again,Directly block the sword light。
“No way,It must be destroyed before it is fully formed。”
Xia Chenglong made up his mind,I don’t know if I can use that trick without the Xiaotian Sword,But this is probably the only chance。

Don’t let the heroes shed blood, sweat and tears!

And for Qiao Tianyu,The creed he has always upheld is,Everything that is beneficial to China’s national and social development,Everything that can improve the quality of life of the Chinese people,He will spare no effort to promote,This is also his lifelong pursuit of the heart of a flaming child!
“Keying,You immediately help me meet the vice president,If the other party agrees,I want to treat him to dinner。”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“okay,no problem!”Soon after the little fat face hung up,Then he called,“The other party agreed!”
See each other,Qiao Tianyu was overjoyed,Hurry up and make an appointment with the little fat face to be the most expensive in Dubai in an hourLa pitabile Maiso
Meet at the restaurant。
However, the chubby face quickly replied that the other party was in a bad mood,No mood to have a big meal,I made an appointment with them at a regular cafe on the beach。
Not in the mood for a big meal?
Qiao Tianyu keenly captured useful information,It seems to be similar to Qiao Tianyu’s previous expectations,They did meet**annoyed,Otherwise, they won’t keep the high180Ten thousand dollars in cost,Wandering on the coast of the Persian Gulf。
Without delay,Qiao Tianyu immediately took a taxi,Arrived at the agreed coffee shop a quarter of an hour before。
Before the other party comes,Qiao Tianyu specially asked for a quieter private room,He doesn’t want to be interrupted when he talks。
About ten minutes later,Xiao Pang Lian quickly rushed over with the vice president,Qiao Tianyu greeted each other quickly and came to the private room to sit down。
After some introduction and greetings,Qiao Tianyu knew that the other party was called Huang Shuliang,Is China’s third largest oil company—Vice President of Huayou Group。
But Qiao Tianyu found a detail,Since I saw the first side,To everyone to meet each other,Mr. Huang always frowned,Even if you smile politely,It always gives people a bitter smile。
It seems like the little fat face just said,President Huang is indeed in a bad mood,Should be encountered**annoyed。
Qiao Tianyu wanted to ask what happened,What’s the difficulty?,Qiao Tianyu hasn’t asked yet,Mr. Huang can’t sit still。
“Mr. Joe,I heard from Li Dahai of China Energy International Construction Group,You are proficient in financial trading,Is a big man who can stir Wall Street,They Zhongneng International won the Mexican railway project more than half a month ago,All thanks to you,I came here today too!”
Li Dahai of China Energy International Construction Group?
Hear the name,Qiao Tianyu glanced at Xiaopang’s face,The chubby face smiled and stuck out his tongue at Qiao Tianyu。

Although Zong Xueqin is a married woman,,But this guy is a beautiful girl,Age in thirties,For an ordinary woman,Should have started to go downhill,But for a cultivator,Thirty years old is the time to show your charm!

These guys have a few temptations to resist Zong Xueqin?Yelling one by one,Looks like a monster!
“Humph,Ignorant guys!”
Zong Xueqin looked at these guys,Turned back to the background,this place,It’s just a temporary place,Anytime,Settled elsewhere,You must have your own power,For Zong Xueqin,This matter is very important,Till today,It’s finally time for me to officially prepare for revenge!
Chapter One Thousand and One Swallow
Haicheng,Although it’s a small place,But this place is definitely hiding the dragon and the tiger,Not far from Haicheng is the South China Sea Battlefield,As one of the six thrones of the army, Wanghai, the sea king, is here,Simultaneously,Some senior members of the Huangpu family also have a lot of eyeliners in this place。
Haicheng is not big,But it’s the place where the entire Dahua country is drunk and at large,It’s also the most dangerous place in the entire Dahua country。
After Zong Xueqin escaped from Bincheng,Hiding everywhere,Xia Chenglong’s forces are very powerful,Can monitor almost half of the country,If your whereabouts are exposed,It is very likely that this guy will come directly to the door,So before I have to,This guy is hidden in the mountains and forests。
After arriving at Haicheng,This guy built a small weathered place in this place with his own power,As an ambitious woman,Zong Xueqin hates this kind of place,But I have to say,This kind of place is in this city,Best for rapid development!
Relying on my beauty,Zong Xueqin alarmed a guy in Haicheng,Patriarch of the Mu Family in Haicheng,This old guy is not old,Want old cows to eat tender grass,So I came to this place,But this guy has never been able to succeed every time,Come and go,This guy simply wrapped up this place,Gave Zong Xueqin a lot of money!
An instant,This woman who was already desperate gained her own power,Start to develop and grow yourself in this place,Ready to take back Ben Thanh one day!
Although the strength in Haicheng is not much,But the background of each one is not small,This place has almost become a trivial zone,It is difficult for the royal family to reach this place,The officials in this place are even guys from these families,Named official,It’s just a puppet of the family!
There are a lot of warriors in this place,And every guy’s strength is very strong,Zong Xueqin also secretly gained a lot of power in this place,Today is the big day of the fireworks willow alley,It’s also when Zong Xueqin is ready to rise in this city!
“Has everything been done??”
In the room,Zong Xueqin’s face is cold,Half-kneeling beside him is a middle-aged man with no trace of glamour,This guy has actually been killed,It’s just being refined into a puppet by some special method,Now it’s a puppet of Zong Xueqin!

For example, because one day there will be a marriage proposal,marry,Then you will have your own children。So no matter what happens,I will give you the greatest knowledge behind my back,Let you live your happiest life。

So that you will not regret following me to complete some growth experiences,And help me do something,So you two must be cautious about this time.。
Must not let yourself be in any danger,Understand?”Yiming couldn’t help but smiled,Because Brother Fan actually used three cautions in a row,Obviously they really care about some of their safety。
Then Yiming smiled and said to Brother Fan:“Brother, don’t worry,This time we will be cautious and cautious,Don’t worry,As for the marriage proposal。
We must discuss it carefully when we go back,Maybe,You will have to raise the children born then,The two of us have to work for you。”
Then Xiao Fan smiled and said:“Row,Give it to me then,Alright,Don’t brush your mouth,Call Chu Yao over now,I will arrange for you two,Let me let you know what your real mission is。
In fact, I said that you have come into contact with this task once before,But I don’t know if you remember. Besides, this mission is more dangerous and not as easy to solve as that time.,That’s why I make you cautious。
So come here and let me tell you what the task is。”Then he called Chu Yao,Let her know what their mission is,Actually Xiao Fan didn’t know how to tell them。
But with years of tacit understanding and so many years of experience,The two of them should also be able to guess what task Xiao Fan will give them,It’s nothing more than undercover or gathering some evidence,Inside and outside to complete some tasks。
Yiming and Chu Yao can actually predict this,And after the two of them came,Xiao Fan looked at them both,No matter when I see my two younger siblings,He felt that there were some things left to them。
Really rest assured。Because they don’t care what happens,Will trust yourself unconditionally,There may be other situations,But they will never betray themselves。
Even if one day they are really told to betray Xiao Fan or do some other things,Xiao Fan won’t believe it,Because Xiao Fan knew that they must betray themselves for a certain task or because of other things。
So Xiao Fan knows this very well,Dare to give them such a task with confidence,Because if something unexpected happens,,It might be the other way around,Xiao Fan was hurt。
No more danger for others,That’s why Xiao Fan brought the two of them over this time,Give this task to them two,Let them do it。After the two of them came over, Xiao Fan didn’t sell Guanzi again。
After all, I won’t tell them two,Yiming and Chu Yao don’t have time to prepare,I won’t be able to leave the mission on time tomorrow,Then Xiao Fan told them both:“Your two tasks this time are still more important。
But it still needs an experience,I don’t know what means you will use to complete such a task,But actually you two are also lovers,So many things are more convenient。
That’s why I left this matter to you,Hope you two can do it smoothly,But we still need to emphasize safety first,Especially Chu Yao, as for some follow-up things,Yiming will tell you when the time comes。
The most important thing now is to tell you,What is the task given to you and now you need to remember what your task is,In fact, I want you to do an undercover task。
Let you gather evidence. After all, this person is a person who does everything.,What can I find so I hope you can complete such a task,Then there is evidence that they did something wrong。
Then I can just clean them all,Also convince them,Speechless,I won’t speak up for myself,I don’t think I’m bullying others,So this time the matter must be resolved。

Xiaohua in pain is going crazy。

He wanted to get up and fight with the tank angrily,But at the moment he has no strength to resist,Can’t even stand up,So he had to keep the tank’s legs,Not let him kick down,Shouting angrily:“What are you pretending to be!Don’t you just like Xiaoji?What are you pretending to be!Who knows the relationship behind you?Why are you helping Xiaoji?I’m with her and you don’t care!Have you fallen asleep long ago?So you don’t care if she has a boyfriend!is not it?”
No power to fight back,Under the pain of being beaten,angry、The cry of Hysteria yelled out the doubts and speculations that had been accumulated in the heart for a long time……
that moment,Xiao Ji was dumbfounded……
She never dreamed,In Xiaohua’s heart,Turned out to be this kind of person?
If Xiao Ji suffered a crit before,At the moment,Is close to a fatal blow。
Xiao Ji stared at Xiaohua,I wonder if he has always known him、The one I like。
“I am in your heart,Such a woman?”
“How do i know if you are?How do i know if you are?Didn’t you take the initiative to kiss me that day?Who did you learn so proactively??Is a tank a good person??He is a bastard!Why does he help you with such a bastard??Why don’t you even care if you have a boyfriend?It’s because he sleeps, you don’t need to care, right?!”Xiaohua has no choice but to speak,Painful stimulation drives him crazy,He has no strength to fight back,At this moment, subconsciously use all the words to counterattack,To attack,To hurt!
“Son of a bitch!”The tank grabbed Xiaohua’s hair,Punched past。
Chen Wenjin in the dark came out quickly,Holding the tank by the wrist,Stop him from continuing to punch and say:“Don’t punch the head!”
Chen Wenjin knows tank training,I haven’t used punches just now, but I still have a sense of measure,I’m a bit irrational now,Hit Xiaohua on the head so lightly,Very likely to happen。
The tank is a little awake,Push Xiaohua to the ground,Another fierce kick。
In the dark,Qiangwei said worriedly again:“Almost done,Have been playing for so long,Don’t fight,Something to happen……”
Chen Wenjin is convinced,Qiangwei is a full set of acting,Obviously one more:It’s over,Xiaohua didn’t realize the result of being cheated。
A liar,Can take care of the aftermath,It abruptly turns the scam into one that convinces the victim‘Good story’,This level,Really high enough!
Xiaohua who was deceived by her might not realize the truth forever,Maybe even when I think about Qiangwei in the future,Still moved,I miss the short and beautiful contact that I once had……
Chen Wenjin thinks it’s almost done,Just say:“tank,about there。Xiaoji just needs to recognize this guy’s true face,It doesn’t make sense to kill him。”
The key to this is Xiao Ji,And deliberately clicked the word kill。
Xiaoji recognized Xiaohua’s true face,For tanks it means、He has hope。

“Chengyu was small before,Don’t understand the difficulties of uncles and aunts,Now his ideas will naturally change,In his heart,Mom and Dad are the most important,Auntie, don’t be sad。”

“Auntie is not sad,Just a little bit emotional,Chengyu is very sensible now,I can listen to different opinions,My father and I are very pleased。”
AThe only relative in the city is gone,He still refuses to go home,Mr. Zhou and Mrs. Zhou don’t understand,Learned he was for a woman,So I don’t force him to come back anymore。
Who knows that when I come back, I call for help,Although it was framed,But the problem still lies with him,No matter how annoyed, we must solve the problem first,Must be handled,There will be no difference in the future。
I’m not happy,It’s misfortune for my son to be calculated,So lucky to go home,Years of exercise,His ability and courage have greatly improved,Can take over the company,The credit for all this is Yang Liu,Mrs. Zhou can’t figure out whether she should be gratified or sad。
Yang Liu didn’t know what Mrs. Zhou was thinking,Since having a child,Deeply understand the difficulty of being a parent,In the dead of night,She will reflect on what she has done over the years,To the father who has always loved her,Repay a deep guilt。
Turn around and hug Mrs. Zhou,Comforting softly in her ear,“Aunt,Don’t be sad,Everyone’s fate is arranged by heaven,Even if you want to compete, you can’t compete。no matter what happens,Are all destined,so,Don’t always think about the past,You and Chengyu are mother and son,This is an unchangeable fact,I didn’t see that he was not kissing you,It’s just that men are restrained,It’s not like we women cry when they want to cry,You have to believe,He is the person who loves you most in this world。”
Destined?Mrs. Zhou wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes,Looking at willow incredulously,Such a young girl,How can you have the mentality of an old man?
Yangliu naturally saw what she thought,Can’t help nodding,My mood is indeed much older,“Aunt,Although Chengyu has suffered a lot,,But his efforts and achievements it’s the same,If not……
Mrs. Zhou sees her stuck,Knowing that she remembered the unpleasant things again,Quickly turn off the topic,“Yiyi,Come and taste,I made this ribs corn soup,Have been cooking for an afternoon,The ribs are so crispy,Corn is sweet and soft,Zhou Zhou likes it the most,I’ll serve it alone for him later,If we don’t like it, add some salt.。”
Mr. Zhou and Mrs. Zhou are so kind to their mother and child,She and Chengyu are friends,It’s normal for a friend to have two ribs,I didn’t expect such a generous return in exchange for。
Yangliu’s eye circles are red,“Aunt,You are so good to us,I don’t know how to thank you。”
Mrs. Zhou gave her an unhappy look,Feint:“What are you talking about?When you and your mom wanted to sell the house to save Chengyu,Ever wanted to repay?I’ll say this later,Auntie is going to be angry。”
Mr. Zhou didn’t know when he came,Hear my wife’s words,Very agree,“Yiyi,These years,Haven’t you considered us as a family??”
Yangliu didn’t mean that,Just about to explain,Was interrupted again,“You helped us Chengyu before,Still helping him,This is between you,We have no right to intervene,Zhouzhou,”
Zhou Zilin hugged Xiaodoudinger who was following,Looked at with a smile,“Zhouzhou is our grandson,Bring countless joy to our old couple,Just by this,You don’t have to be grateful。”
Continent where people look the most,Immediately kiss Zhou Zilin on the face,“Zhouzhou loves grandpa the most。”
See grandpa wink,Xiaodoudinger understands,Turn your head and look at grandma,“Zhouzhou loves grandma the most。”Thought for a while,Added:“Zhou Zhou loves his mother the most,I love uncle the most。”
names not listed in order,There is no favoritism,The family is his favorite。

“village head,I have to take my brother to the patriarch’s house,Don’t he have a few treasures in his house??Brother is fair,Sell him best。”

The village chief waved his hand:“then you go!Xiao Hu is indeed a real person,There is nothing wrong with selling things to him。”
A pair of stone lions,Just give one million,I believe that other antique buyers can’t give it,Can give one hundred thousand,I’m afraid it’s all found by conscience。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Nine Get angry
When Hu Yang rushed to the house of the so-called patriarch,Found that there are still people left,Bargaining,Has given up to half a million。
No wonder,The host didn’t drive this person away,Give to 500,000,Is already rare,At least it seems sincere to the villagers?
The villagers who brought Populus and the others are a bit embarrassed,Said it is only sold to Populus,But found that there are still people left,Look at this posture,If Populus and they don’t come,Maybe it’s already a deal。
“All 500,000 is not enough。”A middle-aged man shook his head and said。
Hall,The oldest old man did not speak,Quietly watching these people talk about prices,Not involved,Doesn’t seem to care too much。
Some people have questions in the live broadcast room,Many older generations,Heirlooms are rarely sold,Feel shameless。But this village,Doesn’t seem to be the case。
They ignored,The source of these items,Strictly,These are loot,Not created by my ancestors,So I didn’t insist on saying that what I uploaded cannot be sold。
Hu Yang, they listened:All 500,000?
They look over,There are seven or eight objects on the table,Most gold and silverware,Almost all ancient women’s jewelry,Put them in a three-layer box。
In the eyes of rural people,Gold and silverware must be more valuable than ordinary things。Give all 500,000,A little dissatisfied。
Just say go to the gold shop to buy gold bracelets,Slightly larger,Tens of thousands!Tens of thousands are not in the minority,Not to mention antiques。

“Sister Bai,I didn’t expect you to think so,I still think I can help you by your side。”

“I have nothing to fear like this,I didn’t expect you to let me design it,I have to learn well。”
“I don’t want to disappoint Xiao Fan,I don’t want to disappoint those who trust me。”
“Your school is for children who can’t afford to go to have a place to go,Never let them down。”
“Sister Bai,Look here and here,These designs are mainly not too different from our teaching building。”
“Because our teaching building has only three floors,So the design should be quite relatively simple, right??”
“Yes。So there are only three floors,That is not bad,Because what we design is that the school does not have much to do with the usual household design。”
“School design words,The whole class,Occasionally, a few will differ from others,The internal structure of the class should be similar。”
“So you don’t have to worry too much about me anyway, I’ll help you,If you have a mistake or a bad job, I will naturally point it out to you,Do not worry。”
Lin Yoona is still under great pressure,Although Xiao Fan,Baiqi has already said so,But she is still scared。
But it doesn’t matter,What should come is always coming,I will be involved in the design of the teaching building soon,Why is he still afraid?,I have to rely on him!
She has to work hard with Bai Qi,They are in the office,A piece of data studying architectural design。
The second design department just started work,The workload at this time is not very large,Their new products for the new season have already begun production。
So the design of the design department in the next season,Is slowly going on,No need to worry,their job,Not too much。
so,Baiqi and Lin Yuan, the two talents, can have enough time to study the design of the teaching building。
In Xiao Fan’s office,Xiao Fan sat alone at the desk in a daze。
Lin Yun spent a week in his office before,Work with her every day。Suddenly Lin Yoona is back to Design Part 2,He still feels a little uncomfortable。

Several people drove back to Yunshi,Xiao Fan kept holding Lin Yoona’s hand while driving,The two said nothing,But it just feels very solid,Because of being around,Because not leaving,Because of mutual trust。

Xiao Fan knew someone wanted a necklace,But no one really has the ability to take the necklace from him,No one can hurt Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan is not worried about these people,He will not let anyone hurt him easily now。
Gu Jin called Xiao Fan yesterday,Said Xiaonian Gao missed him,I might go to see Xiao Fan these days,Xiao Fan smiled helplessly,I missed him after only a few days away。
Xiao Fan asked Xiaonian Gao to answer the phone,The small nian gao babbled at the other end called Uncle Xiao Fan,Listening to his little milk voice, Xiao Fan felt that he missed him a little,Just tell Gu Jin and the others to be careful on the way。
Xiao Nian Gao knew that he could see Uncle Xiao Fan again,So very happy,Gu Jin pretended to be angry and said that he liked Uncle Xiao Fan more than Dad。Little nian gao seems to understand,Put a kiss on Gu Jin’s face。
Gu Jin couldn’t get angry right away,no way,Who makes this kid so smart and cute。Bai Chen will also go this time,After all, Gu Jin can’t bring a child by herself。
Su Ran told Shen Lin to let him take over the new base.,Be careful about everything,Shen Lin touched her head and said she was a small housekeeper,Su Ran smiled and wanted to hit him。
In fact, little trouble in life is the simplest happiness,Like Su Ran and Shen Lin,Although the two are young,But there are so many things we experienced together,Although not so romantic,But there is a real sense of happiness。
Yiming had a great time at Greenwood Villa this time,Now the base is well managed,The company is operating normally,Boss Xiao Fan is back,He thinks his life is complete,Besides being a single dog。
But what Yiming doesn’t know is,I’m about to meet true love soon,I’ll be single soon,Our Yiming life is really a complete success。But he still has to work for Xiao Fanxiao’s boss。
But for Yiming,Helping Xiao Fan is his most successful place,This is unconditional support,No matter what, Xiao Fan has a diehard fan of Yiming。Loyalty。
Why do you feel so comfortable,Because someone supports you unconditionally,This sentence is most suitable for Xiao Fan,But actually the good is mutual,Xiao Fan is also good to Yiming。
Yiming is backcbase,Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner returned to Lin’s house,Shen Lin sends Su Ran backAbase,Then go to the new base,The new base is called the new base without a code。This is also special。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner returned to the Lin family,When I went back, Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng were sitting in the living room and chatting,Saw them back,Happy to let them sit down and rest。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona sat down,Two people are as loving as before,Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng looked happy,Nothing is more important than the happiness of your daughter。
Xiao Fan feels tolerated by everyone,Lin Yuner thinks Xiao Fan tolerated her,Therefore,The relationship between two people is so good,I always feel that the other person treats me better。