I felt surprised when I came to Qin Feng,Will the guards be overconfident??after all,How dare they be sure that there is no ambush here?If they get some explosives to play a big blast,Isn’t all the guards dead??

So in Qin Feng’s opinion,These guards are a group of muscular brains and simple stuff。
Fengmeng’s office is not big,About thirty square meters in size。But this size is enough for more than twenty people。So basically these people walked in with arrogance。
“Watch the bomb!”
Qin Feng yelled very wickedly,At the same time threw something out。of course,Just a toy bomb。
It’s just maybe because Qin Feng’s voice is a little loud,Plus they are already in a hostile relationship,So these two teams fell directly。
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Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Six Clamp
Twenty people all lying on the ground,That toy grenade just fell to the ground,Make the sound of plastic hitting the ground。
The person lying on the ground feels a little embarrassed。They found themselves being tricked by people as monkeys!but,What’s the use of them even if they are angry?Blame them for being too arrogant,I didn’t find a scout before I came in。
it’s good now,Got this hand,Lost face。
Change to other times,Maybe they will rush to fight the person who humiliated them desperately。but now,They dare not act rashly。
Because it’s obvious,They discovered that there are actually two heavenly powerhouses opposite。For the appearance of Qin Feng and Bill,They actually know。
After all, the information of these two people is publicly circulated on the Internet!

Chapter five hundred and twenty seven prairie

“A terrible thing happened on our grassland!”Mustache speaks。
“amount.”Qin Feng wanted to say,What’s my business,I still have a lot of things waiting for me to solve,This is not so easy to deal with。
But in the end Qin Feng still didn’t say anything,After all, it sounds too kind。After all, the other party is here obviously wanting to ask for help。
“What can i do for you?”In the end, Qin Feng spoke this sentence。
“Ugh,how to say,There are not many god-level powerhouses we know now。Most importantly,No one else can be reached。I am thinking,After all, you have the strength to fight God level,Maybe can help?”Bearded a little embarrassed。But since I decided to ask Qin Feng for help,Then it’s impossible to be hypocritical。
In fact, due to leaving the scene too early,So the big beard and the mustache are just follow-up to hear such a rumor。Knowing that Qin Feng has the strength to fight a god level。
As for the authenticity,That’s hard to say。
But since it’s here,Then speak out your purpose directly,As for how the other party decides,They don’t interfere here。
“If you really have the strength to fight the gods,Then help us。This is about the survival of our entire grassland nation。”Said the mustache。
“Is it so serious?”Qin Feng was taken aback。
“Ok,Prairie wolf。Although we live on the grassland, it’s normal for wolves to appear。And our nomads have their own unique way of dealing with wolves.。But this time is different,Organized attack by hundreds of wolves,Then retreat disciplinedly,As if someone is commanding。”
The more Qin Feng listened, the more interesting this story became。
“When I rushed to the scene, there was nothing but a mess。The cattle and sheep that were killed and captured can still grit their teeth to accept,But many herdsmen died here。After a period of investigation,I finally found the wolves。Just when I was preparing to solve the pack of wolves。I found that there was someone standing behind the wolves。I’m angry。unfortunately,I can’t win,Because there are wolves around me。I can only stand out,Then look for a helper。”
After the beard finished speaking, he looked at Qin Feng。The other side should have a general impression after listening to his own description。
so,If Qin Feng doesn’t have God-level combat power,,Then he will definitely refuse this request。


Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Three Rich and poor2
The old lady who sells tea eggs carefully observes Li Tianzi,It’s like packing tea eggs,I’m afraid that my hand will touch the tea eggs, causing Li Tianzi’s disgust and reducing my income,The old man watched Li Tianzi carefully and asked,Uneasy in the eyes,Also pray。
Li Tianzi couldn’t help feeling a little funny,I will bargain for a tea egg,But will never change the deal you have made。
The development plot is slightly off,Fortunately, it is not too biased,Still under Li Tianzi’s control。
Smile and don’t say anything,Just handed out a hundred yuan bill to the old woman who sold tea eggs。
“Find money, grandma!”
Li Tianzi’s eyes are proud,Also has a taste of success。
Standing opposite the old man,The handsome figure makes many passing men look sideways。
The old woman who sells tea eggs has made trouble again。
The stone dust in my heart settled,This big business is finally done,But this one hundred dollar bill,How can I get change by myself??

“Holding grass,This is the brain water?Such an expensive thing。”

“I’m also a little confused about this。”
“what,have pictures,It turned out to be like this,I want it,Ten million。”
Many people were still skeptical,But after seeing the photo,And those things were forgotten by them instantly。
All kinds of battles,Qin Feng also saw that the ginseng was almost 50 million。
But Qin Feng is not happy,Because he knows,This is to trouble him。
It’s the same thing to know how to take away these fifty million,Also, when some people make trouble, it will make your scalp numb.。
But thinking that the money can handle most situations,Qin Feng didn’t think so much。
“What happened this time has nothing to do with me,I just leave,You are responsible for passing it on yourself。”
Qin Feng looked at this force and said,The backpack in his hand is also for the other party,Anyway, as long as he has money,If there is no money,He won’t let go。
“it is good。”That person also quickly took things away,Qin Feng just got a check back。
Qin Feng also has a headache,The money is not so easy to handle。
This is also nothing,Anyway, when the money should be used,I can hold on here。Qin Feng just wanted to see it,But Qin Feng found out that there are many treasures,So he also directly expressed his request。

Chapter Eighty Seven Against lightning

At this time, Qin Feng has experienced the baptism of thunder and lightning, and his body strength has reached a shocking strength.,Seeing Qin Feng stretched out his palm gradually,Reach out to thunder and lightning,Qin Feng’s hand just approached Thunder,Thunder seems to be angry,It’s boiling towards Qin Feng。
Qin Feng smiled,The palm continues to zoom in,At this time Qin Feng’s body is slowly absorbing the lightning,This lightning is transformed by the spiritual power of nature,Just too powerful,Most people can’t afford it。
But Qin Feng,Can bear after baptism,That’s why I dare to step forward and resist the lightning,At this time, the lightning was actually absorbed by Qin Feng a little bit,The thunder and lightning are now more vigorous,Ah let the Buddha come to the end of the world。
Qin Feng is also dumbfounded,Unexpectedly, this lightning seems to have its own consciousness。
Of course Qin Feng is not afraid,I have just been hacked to get super hardness,At random, Qin Feng didn’t panic at all seeing thunder and lightning hit him,Instead, he patted out with the other palm to fight the lightning。
Just such a person and Lei Dian are fighting in Qin Feng’s own small world,after awhile,Lightning sees Qin Feng absorb lightning faster and faster,Had to retreat,Otherwise, that will only make Qin Feng stronger。
Qin Feng saw the thunder and lightning retreat,In a hurry,With both hands,Two thunderbolts held in hand,Qin Feng looked at these two thunder and lightning,Qin Feng absorbed it instantly。
Qin Feng felt an extra strength in his body at this time,This is the power of thunder and lightning,Qin Feng worked hard,Arc in the palm。
It turns out that this is how Thor can control thunder and lightning,This was covered by Qin Feng in the thunder and lightning just now,Because at the time I felt that I could control the lightning。
At that time, it was confirmed that the name is Lei Shen Jue,Now Qin Feng can’t help but feel happy seeing this effect。
Qin Feng then came out of his own little world,Open the door,Jiang Yan is sitting there and playing with her mobile phone。
After Jiang Yan saw Qin Feng coming out,Asked:“Why stay in the room for so long,Are you hiding something from me?”
“Nowhere,I’m so hiding from you,Yan Yan,Stop thinking about it。”Qin Feng walked over,Sitting on the sand,Hold Jiang Yan next to her in her arms。
“Yan Yan,Why do you think people suddenly feel their heartbeat sometimes”
Qin Feng squinted at Jiang Yan,Provoke Jiang Yan’s eyes。
But the intellectual beauty Jiang Yan doesn’t care about Qin Feng’s wretched youth,Instead, he explained seriously。
“Heartbeat,Either coronary heart disease or seeing beautiful girls,I’m stupid。”

Okay,Everything is in his plan,The warriors from other places are coming in this direction,That his battle is effective。

Chapter six hundred and eighty two Escape the golden cicada
After the delay,It’s still an hour and a half before dark。
So no matter what, he must go to forcibly shake a Saint-level master who is above Rank 5,This kind of thing is not a joke,Even if he is supernatural,No matter how powerful,It’s not strong enough to fight with dozens of Level 5 or higher masters。
But their purpose has changed,The invitation from the very beginning became a mandatory retention,So Martial Artists around him appeared in front of him at the same time。
So I plan to do it at the same time!
well,Xia Chenglong likes this atmosphere very much。
Someone stood up,The Three Elders of the Tujia,Tu Cancan’s Third Grandpa Tu Zhi,The other party is a genuine Eight-Rank Entering Holy Land,Look at the grade,They belong to the same,But Tu Zhi also felt that he could not defeat the black-robed man in front of him,So he stood with everyone。
“Throughout the ages,No one in Lingxiao City can come and go as freely as you,Whether you stay or not today,Will be an important part of history here。”
“I just want to kill someone who doesn’t matter to you。”
Tu Zhiyixiao,Put your hands in each other’s cuffs:“So you achieved your goal,Lingxiao City is still very sensible in this respect。”

Also at this moment,Zhao Feng has an inexplicable impulse in his heart,Eager to shoot an arrow in person,Not in conscious space,But in reality,I really shoot an arrow with a crossbow in my hand,Don’t care if you hit the target。

“Put it down,But don’t just throw it away,Slowly let the bowstring return to its original shape,Feel where the power comes from,Where did it disappear again……”
Follow Tantai Diabolo’s instructions,Zhao Feng begins to let go,But when the string is played, it consumes more energy,Causing the muscles of the right arm to tighten instantly,The elbow even trembles slightly because the force reaches its limit,Zhao Feng didn’t even have time to feel where the power went,Was brought to the half-string position by the bowstring,And then return to the initial state。
“Ha ha,It’s hard……Are you still going to give up?”Tantai Diabolo smiled,If Zhuang Chongyang was there,I’m afraid I might think I saw an illusion,His old friend has not smiled since his wife passed away。
“Really hard,but,I have confidence!Thank you senior for your guidance!”Zhao Feng hurries to thank you。
“Ok,Since you want to continue learning,I have to rearrange your homework as a teacher……You are right-handed?”Tantai Diabolo’s claim to Zhao Feng changed,It can be seen that Zhao Feng has been regarded as an official disciple。
“The first thing,You from now on,You can only pull the bowstring with your left hand!”
“Second thing,Since today,No matter how strong your impulse,Before getting permission to be a teacher,Forbid you to take the arrow!”Tantai Diabolo quickly recovered its former indifference,Said sternly。
“This……”Zhao Feng was stunned,He just thought about finding a chance to experience the real feeling of archery。
“how?You can’t do it?”
“Is not……Disciple lead!”Zhao Fengyi gritted his teeth,Agreed。
“Ok,The original homework of drawing a full bow 500 times a day for seven days,Also change……You practice for a month first,One month later,Based on your achievements,Decide whether to let you fight……You go。”Tantai Diabolo nodded,Wave your hand,Then turned back to the bamboo house。

As long as the president is elected,There is no one who doesn’t care about approval ratings,Franco is no exception,But he pays more attention to approval ratings than other presidents,Not because of anything else,Is why his throne came not so“orthodox”。

PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
of course,strictly speaking,Chen Geng also donated a large sum of money to several charitable and educational foundations in Brazil,The total amount is up to800Ten thousand U.S. dollars,It can be regarded as the largest donation received by these foundations in recent years.,But whether it’s President Franco or the Brazilian government,I’m not very satisfied with the result,Because their previous ideas fell through:Before,They hope to be able to extract from Chen Geng at least2Billion dollar wool,but now,The total amount of wool is less than5000Ten thousand U.S. dollars……
to this end,Before leaving,President Franco also made a special trip to meet with Chen Geng,This time,President Franco’s tone is extraordinarily sincere:“Mr. Fernandez,There are still many places worth investing in in Brazil,Are you really not thinking about it anymore?”
“Mr President,What can i say?I originally planned to build a computer production base in Brazil,Even intend to persuade our partners to build an electronic product foundry factory in Brazil,You should know,Such foundries can provide a large number of jobs in Brazil,”Chen Geng shrugged,A look of regret:“But because we all know,and so……”
Franco frowned,He didn’t expect Chen Geng to be so persistent on this matter,Unexpectedly, he refused to give in,But an electronic product foundry factory。
He knows,A large electronic product foundry factory can directly create tens of thousands of jobs,And around this electronic product foundry factory,Will also create catering、hotel accomodation、retail、Thousands of service industry positions including non-staple food supply,For the related upstream and downstream supporting and import and export industries,At least one hundred thousand jobs can be created,Directly stimulate the economy of this area,Not to mention the huge amount of tax,Franco moved,But Chen Geng’s previous conditions……
“Mr. Fernandez,Your previous conditions,Makes me very embarrassed。”
Chen Geng smiled,he knows,When Franco said these words,In fact, it means he has shaken:“Your Excellency,You should know that we have a good cooperative relationship with several electronic product foundry companies,And in the electronics foundry,I’m telling the truth,There are not many large-scale factories in South America,Think about it,If there is such a company that can directly create tens of thousands of jobs、Enterprises that indirectly create hundreds of thousands of upstream, downstream and peripheral service positions,How much support you will get?”
Support rate……
Chen Geng’s words can be regarded as poking into the heart of President Franco。
First1049chapter Big dogs

Monkey King walked to the space channel,Looking back at the Qitian Great Sage who was suppressed under Wuzhi Mountain,Nodded,then,Walk into the space channel without hesitation。

Seeing this, Su Xue has no time to take another look at the legendary Monkey King,Follow Master Sun into the dark passage in front of you,perhaps,She wears a black dress when she gets married。
Subsequently,Space channel dissipation,Monkey Sun looked at himself in another world and the woman in black had already left,Sighed,That woman in black is really mentally disabled。
I just left with myself in another world so silly,I’m afraid that the woman in black is going to be so bad now,but,It has nothing to do with him。
He just stay here honestly,Waiting for the time that I said in another world,Then he took the opportunity to escape,Lead the whole family of demons to go to the Heavenless Buddha。
Consequences of not having shelter from the strong,Monkey Sun has already experienced it,He doesn’t want to experience it again,Subsequently,Sun Monkey glanced at the pot of monkey wine beside him。
Determined,After he comes out from under Wuzhi Mountain,Meet me in another world,I must teach this guy who has fallen into trouble。
then,Sun monkey close his eyes,Smell the smell of monkey wine brewed by the people of the hometown,Peacefully fall asleep。
Dark abyss,In the endless darkness,A ray of Buddha light floats all over the dark abyss,Light up the dark abyss。
at this time,A dark space channel suddenly appeared in the dark abyss,Monkey King calmly walked out of the space channel,Staring blankly at my palm,At this moment, the hand of the woman in black is holding his hand tightly。
Next second,After Su Xue walked out of the dark passage,Glanced around,I feel that the world this time seems a little different from what she imagined,but,After Su Xue noticed Sun Gongzi’s gaze,Whispered。
“Now that I have decided to go to other worlds with the son,I won’t break my promise,I also entered that dark passage for the first time,A little scared,Gongzi won’t mind。”
Just now after Su Xue walked into the dark passage,A little scared,I accidentally grabbed Sun Gongzi’s hand in a hurry,So Su Xue who reacted at this moment was a little embarrassed。
but,Even so,Su Xue didn’t let go of Sun Gongzi’s hand either,She doesn’t like mother-in-law,Dare to love and hate is her character Su Xue,but,This strange place in front of her made her a little scared。
Do not know why,Su Xue looked at the strange black space in front of her,And the strands of golden light,Somewhat at a loss,Did she and Sun Gongzi accidentally come to the wrong world??
“Mind?I certainly wouldn’t mind,Happy girl。”
After Sun Wukong heard the words of the black woman in front of him,Come back,Said with a smile,then,Monkey King looked at the dark abyss before him,He can feel a terrifying devouring power hovering beside him and the woman in black。
But it didn’t swallow him and the woman in black,And those Buddha lights floating around,Monkey King reacted instantly,Those Buddha lights should be the methods of the lawless bosses。
And the reason why he and the woman in black are safe and sound,It’s because the Buddha light perceives his breath,Then the woman in black is holding her hand right now。

“Mr. Ye,this late,has not rested yet?”

Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty meeting
Ye Qing walked straight to Kong Xi’s side in a professional outfit,Her face and temperament,Almost no different from daytime,As if this whole day’s work didn’t affect her at all,I have to admire her energy。
“Team Kong is also watching this video?”
“Can’t help it,Competition at sea is the highlight of the next stage,Can Warwick rise in a short period of time,Probably just watch this time。”
Kong Xi’s words are really not alarmist,Actually Warwick’s current situation,Already very severe。
City side,Before the start of the global war,Hardly any major changes,Even if,With Warwick’s current foundation,Can’t get better,therefore,The competition at sea is particularly important。
And maybe it’s really God Bless Warwick,Not long ago,Han Ming led the guild members in the process of continuously completing team tasks,I was lucky enough to get a canoe drawing。
This is probably the second one in China。
And this,It is a golden opportunity for Warwick。
After all, I believe in old guilds like the Warring States Period,Limited by Lu Zhe,The number of canoes is very limited,It is difficult to carry out a regular marine expedition,And the canoe has mileage and time limit,It is possible that none of them are gone now。
Warwick,But in the previous period,Hard to accumulate canoes,Ye Qing is very willing to spend money,Just the materials in the game,Already invested tens of millions of RMB。
And all this confidential work is done very well,No one knows so far,If Lian Lu Zhe didn’t have Wu Miao, this little spy,,No way to know。