“Then you just consume,Never want to get out of trouble。”

“You don’t have to urge me,If you really worry about me,Why not do me a favor?”
“tell me the story。”
“I think your formation is strange,The supernatural power of transformation,I should be able to avoid those guys and sneak into the Huoyan Temple。”
“What do you want to do?”
“Capture the thief and the king,Abducted Master Palmprint into the Heavenly Palace and trapped him,I have the celestial seal,It’s not difficult。”
“You bastard!”Incarnate,Immediately pointed at Li Tianzhen’s nose and yelled at him,“How weak i am now,You are not afraid that the yellow loach will be driven mad and kill me?”
“Actually not that serious,He is also very pitiful,And I will let both of them assist you。”Li Tianzhen is talking,From the black scroll, he took out two smaller black crystal puppets,Not actually a crystal,It’s a rare crystallization of the soul of high-level monsters,Refined after being asked by Yuwen to extract attributes,Although the combat power is average,But extremely confusing,Particularly good at transforming as a substitute,Ordinary gods are hard to detect right away。
“you……”Looking at a crystal puppet in front of me, it quickly became his own,No matter the shape,Even the tiny square array structure at the microscopic level is exactly the same,Avatar dumbfounded,I was so angry that I couldn’t speak。
Li Tianzhen is like a rich man who suddenly dug out the treasure,I don’t know how many babies are hidden in the scroll in my hand,Whatever you dig out are some top stuff,What the avatar doesn’t know,This is only a small part of it,Treasures stored in the depths of the space, Li Tianzhi has not had time to check and clean up。
“The black crystal Ruyi in my hand is too sharp,It will kill you,Especially for the gods to which Tiangong belongs to absolute suppression,Keep this person,Brother Yuwen is not easy,I don’t want to kill anymore。”
Chapter 814 Please enter the urn
The incarnation didn’t sway Li Tianzhen in the end,Bringing the Tiangong seal and two puppets into a breeze and drifting into the South Tianmen,At the moment of entering,The sacred beast Paixiu at the door suddenly rounded his eyes,A crystal puppet appeared in its vision,But a puff from nostrils,Did not say anything。
The Nantianmen has been disrupted,Horrible energy surge,There are roars and explosions everywhere,Incarnate as a phantom and floating,Be careful to bypass the most central battlefield is,The Flame Phoenix who was hiding on the side was suddenly startled,She also saw two crystal puppets,That was a plaything called by the Lord Yuwen,How come here suddenly?It must come from the black gold Ruyi in Li Tianzhi’s hands,Then this kid is here too?
Yanhuo Phoenix didn’t say a word,Watching the two crystal puppets, the phantom floated to the entrance of the Huoyan Temple,There are several gods along the way that have also seen this strange thing,But the weird thing is that no one says anything。
Suddenly a red stamp appeared out of thin air,There is a ghost beside the big seal,Hidden deep,It has never been exposed,Say it’s too late,A gap has been opened at the gate of Tiangong,Three phantoms got in with the Fang Yin,Then there was a bang,The door opened directly。
This trick is quite weird,Not close the door and open the door,But just open the door,The warrior didn’t care,Even if the idlers who are watching the game find out, it’s hard to be sure if someone got in first.。
“stop!”A loud shout came from the hall,Loud voice,Like thunder,It’s the host of the Fire Palace Yuwen asking for agreement。
All the gods were shocked on the spot,Not fighting,Those who don’t fight naturally don’t watch the excitement anymore,They all stared stupidly at the gate of the heavenly palace,A tall figure sitting on the throne,Leopard eyes wide open,Beard,A dark red robe,Isn’t it the Fire Palace Master??
There are also many gods who cannot control the sudden excitement,Kneeled to the ground with a puff,The old palace lord is not dead?At least his soul projection is safe and sound?

Thus,Zhu Minglang feels even more that the art of knowing the dragon is actually the art of metaphysics。

Gamble on dragons later,Be sure to bring the star painting girl,It is estimated that you can make a lot of money!
“Queen Xiayu,I wish Minglang no merit,Please also pass this hundred thousand gold to the little maid by your side,Also express my sincere thanks for me,This little firefly,I like it very much。”Zhu Minglang said。
First399chapter Fit Spirit Chain
Queen Xiayu accepted the gold,Smiling and looking at Zhu Minglang。
Zhu Minglang just keeps a polite smile。
“Gongzi is leaving??”Queen Xiayu asked。
“Yes,I am very satisfied today。”Zhu Minglang said。
“After you leave the palace, release this wild scorpion into the bay by the way,As a little merit?”Queen Xiayu handed the petite wild dragon to Zhu Minglang。
Zhu Minglang glanced at this poor Xiaoye Jiao,Nodded。
Leaving Xiayu Gambling Dragon Palace,Zhu Minglang and Luo Shaoyan walk towards How To Train Your Dragon。
Luo Shaoyan looked at that Xiaoye Jiao,Sighed:“This is fate,Why are you not Thunder King?,If it is Thunder Dragon,The whole city will be a sensation for you,It just happens to be a wild bird,I almost got used to make wine。”
Zhu Minglang walked to the bay,Put this Xiaoye Jiao into the water gently。
Use clean water,Washed away the mud from its shoes,Then Zhu Minglang picked it up again。
“What are you doing?”Luo Shaoyan puzzled。
“Do you think it’s a new born Xiaoye Jiao,How long can you live in this bay?”Zhu Minglang said。


First2403chapter For the sake of my son
“Hey!There is no King Fa, right??Call the police if it doesn’t work,Big deal, let’s lose some money”Wang Youcai’s fire when he hears it,He yelled。
Wang Youfa shook his head and said:“Where is it so simple as you think”
“then what should we do?”Wang Youcai is getting a little impatient,Song Fang is the only one in my heart,I won’t come back。Anyway, there is this woman,They don’t have a stable life。
Wang Youfa took a look at Wang Youcai,Suddenly burst into tears:“If Song Fang can’t get home,I don’t want to live anymore。You as my brother,Then figure it out”
“Yo ha!This is lazy。Looks like he recognizes his brother again this time”Wang Youcai really wants to say that Wang Youcai sent a few words。But seeing his pitiful face with tears,He can’t bear it。
How to do it?The way he came up with,Wang Youfa said no,Then this matter can be very troublesome。Wang Youcai thinks about it,Just can’t think of a good way。
Finally out of helplessness,He had to tell Wang You:“This is too big,I really don’t know what to do。Or let’s go home,Listen to our dad”
that’s it,Wang Youcai pulls Wang Youfa,The two went home together。Wang Degui heard this,Blew hair on the spot,He cursed Wang Youfa and bowed his head in silence,Even Chen Yueqin was too scared to say a word。
It seems,Wang Degui is really angry this time。Wang Degui cursed the breath in his heart,He stopped the voice。Curse,After all, Wang Youfa is his own son,Something happened to the son,I’m not in a hurry,Who can be anxious。
“It seems simple,Actually quite troublesome,Not that you can solve the problem by calling the police。I read,Someone has to go down here”Wang Degui finally calmed down,He took a long breath and said。
Wang Youfa listened,Quickly nodded and said:“I think so too,But I don’t know who should go down。SZWhich side is different from ours,Those who go are not strong,Don’t say it’s taking people back,I’m afraid the people who go will get into trouble too”

Tens of billions of miles northeast of Jiuhe City,Is a very wide area,The sea is as gorgeous as jade。

And in the blue sky,There are countless islands scattered on it。Most of them are real【Island】,And others,If based on the standard of the material plane,Undoubtedly【mainland】,There are even islands larger than the size of a physical plane。
And on one of these huge islands。There is a colorful city【Lin Puppet City】。
Lin Puppet City was once the residence of the master who created the death puppet,Although the master has already fallen,But it has gathered a group of people who are good at alchemy,Create all kinds of puppet gods。Simultaneously,This place is also the center of metal life production,The price is 30% cheaper than outside。
But Elek didn’t have much spare money to buy puppets,She even plans to sell the puppets given by her brother。
“Damn it,Elsewhere, my high-ranking death puppet can sell 70 million source stones.,Why can only sell 55 million source stones here?!”Elek’s eyes widened,The staff looking at the blue sky castle。
The staff member rolled his eyes,But because the other party is a high-level beauty, I still explained it.:“This lady,We are Lin Puppet City,The origin of the puppet of the entire life god world,The price of puppet goods is much cheaper,No matter the sale。”
“Hey,Then sell these godheads and sundries!”Elek gritted his teeth,Take out the remaining belongings。The death puppet is his most important combat power。
“Ok,Eight Higher Godheads,Source stone worth 56 million。”
“15 high-level artifacts,And the middle godhead,Several mid-level artifacts,A total of 16 million source stones。”
“These clutter,Add up to three million source stones!”
The staff finally gave Eleker a total of 75 million source stones。
Elek gritted his teeth,She saw it just now,The cheapest house in Puppet City costs 80 million source stones,And she has nothing else except the artifact in her hand。It seems,I can only sell the death puppet,But I’m really unwilling。
“Elec sister,I put together 12 million source stones here!”A barefoot girl in black ran over,Shouted to Elek。
Elek was taken aback:“Denise,Where did you get so many source stones?!”
The middle god known as Denise smiled:“We sold some of the weapons on our three handles,Then sell the upper godhead。”

Because this girl’s appearance,Let him become more sincere,tolerant,Facing undulating life and impermanent destiny,Also become more powerful,Let yourself go in your own way of life.,Will wrap around the surrounding environment。

Maybe in the persistent person,This is a heart,It is an unhappy,Can’t extricate love。
But for him in growth,He is indeed true love,But not ignore。
He smiled warmly,Large office,He looks unusually lonely。
“Blue,I know I will lose you.,I didn’t expect it to be so fast.,but,Thank you, there is you,Have your time is really good。”
His eyesight,But it is a smile of relief。
His pain,She also hurts,If he is involuntarily,How do she get peace of mind?。
He thought for a long time,Only sending a message to Blue Xin。
“Blue,congratulations,please be happy,I,Le Zhenxi,I have to look at your happiness in my own eyes.。”
Blue Xin looks at the word on the phone screen,Gently laugh,Back a sentence:“熙,You must also be happy,Let’s happiness together!”
熙,It is a more important thing in her life.,so,Many things must be said,There will be no resentment between them.。
Xi Xi understood her,She also knows Xi Xi。
She witnessed the growth of Xi Xi.,He won’t be cut from an apple.,Growing up to everyone,Fan City, Fan City, a great name,these years,She witnessed his growth。
She smiled slightly:“熙,Work is tight,But still is tight,I have to remember to eat again.。”
Le Zhenxi looked at her warm reminder,Touching lip corner:“knew,Blue,but,Still want to tell you, thank you,Thank you for your annual companionship.,We are still as early as the beginning。”
Blue Xin saw“We are still as early as the beginning”Several words,Her eyes have flowed out.。
Xi Xi will not say sweet words like other men.,Go to a very powerful,Or use your own speech to verify yourself as a man’s charm。
He is a very sincere boy,They need warmth between them,But it is very awake between each other.。
Between them,Sincere,Things say,Remain as early as。
Blue Xin is also sent to the past:“Remain as early as!”
Thank you all the way, you。
“Hoot”Blue Xin gently clear。
Lu Haocheng took the garbage back,I saw her in tears.,Anxious,Square meteor is going to her,Kneel in front of her,Carefully ask:“Blue,What’s wrong with you?”
Blue Xin hugged him,Tears fell fierce。
“Lu Hao Cheng,熙”Lu Haicheng looked at her quickly,Her she is crying for 熙?
“Blue,How is Le Xi??”
He looked at the pearl of her eyes as broken.。
Blue Xin, crying and laughing:“he’s good,He finally thought of,We are still as early as the beginning。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”He lost garbage,Her and Le Zhenxi,What happened?。
“Blue,What is still as early as?”
Lu Haocheng feels that he is very necessary to figure out this matter.,otherwise,His heart can’t be quiet,after all,Le Zhenxi in his heart,I have always been a first love。
Convince a European,He can’t convince a Le Zhenxi。
He did not confident,After all, the blue and Le Zhenxi have bits this seven years.,It is not that he is empty for more than ten years.,So he will not be confident so。
Blue Xin eased his emotions,Wipe the tears on your face,Looking at Lu Hao,Tell Lu Hao Cheng。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Essentials,Le Zhenxi is easy to give up。
This makes him suddenly feel that he is in the cotton in cotton.,His number one love,When he did not make anything,Announcement。
Le Zhenxi,Shouldn’t he be very happy??
Why is there a joy?。

Nail bell bell,The phone on the desk rang again,Zhao Hong picked it up,Smiled immediately:“Oh!It is you!I can hear it,You are calling these days,Xia Jian did not return to Xiping Village,Could something happen to him??“

What did the other party say?,Zhao Hong hung up the phone,Asked with an unhappy look:“Why are you so stubborn?,Just say something clearly on the phone,People call me every day,Is this interesting“
“Have“Xia Jianchong and Zhao Hong roared,So he got up and walked out of the village committee。
These days,Xia Jian was actually not happy,As long as one is free,His heart will spring up in his heart.。
Old Xiao、Xiao Xiao、Wang Lin、And Zhou Li and Fang Fang,They are like a movie,Always appearing in Xia Jian’s mind,he knows,I can’t let go of these people in my heart,But the reality is here after all,Can’t let go。
These days since he came back,Everyday people call to find him,But he didn’t answer any of them,According to Zhao Hong’s description,Zhou Li called the most,Next is Wang Lin,It’s weird that Old Xiao ignored him,This made Xia Jian very uncomfortable。
Unknowingly has returned home,Mother Sun Yuejuan is talking about lunch,When she saw Xia Jian,Smiled and said:“What would you like to eat today?Why are you back a bit early?“
Xia Jian just looked at his watch,Oh my God,It’s just after eleven,During this time, the villagers rushed to dig a canal,When everyone comes back for dinner,It’s a little bit faster,He is angry with Zhao Hong,Otherwise I can’t come so early。
“Do you have something in your heart,Young people don’t think too much,Be generous,I want to start everything,Relaxed,dont you agree“Sun Yuejuan smiled,Gently patted Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,He very much agrees with his mother’s open-mindedness,In fact, in his character,Has mother’s genetics。
Xia Jian just stepped into the door,Suddenly turned around,Shouted at Sun Yuejuan:“mom!I want to buy a motorcycle,Our transportation is not convenient,Traveling is indeed a bit inconvenient“
“Buy if you want!You earned all the money at home anyway,Besides, you are also an adult,You can do some things yourself,But I want to ask you something,Don’t you have a car?“Sun Yuejuan stopped her work,Asking Xia Jiandao with a little doubt。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Which car is from other company,Not selfish to myself,Buy a motorcycle,You can also go on the trail,Convenient,Look at the road in our village,How many places can drive a car,But motorcycles are available“

“My dad……Really almost died?”

Cai Yuhe has a lingering heart。
She is just crazy!
“Didn’t you see it yourself?His dying state,So he needs more time to rest……And he is worried that you will also be affected,So let me rush over!”
Fang Yu said calmly。
“Can you save us……That means。You can catch that person too?”
Cai Yuhe grabbed Fang Yu’s hand,Said seriously。
“Miss Cai……Why don’t you let go。In case someone misunderstands,I can’t explain!Theoretically so……But the other party is supernatural。You think you can catch?
Furthermore,before this,You may not be safe now!”
Fang Yu reminded。
“He will come?”
Cai Yuhe looked solemn。
that person,Don’t let them go?

Wang Teng waved his hand,Don’t forget to say here。

“Actually all this,itself,It doesn’t matter anymore。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,obviously,To make those around you,Look all over here。
After all, such a problem,How to solve it。
Just this,In fact, it has become very difficult。
And seeing these,Now,Wang Teng looks here,Even more directly。
“All right,What you want me to say,Actually let’s next,There is no need to continue to toss。”
“Make the Li family happy for a while,Isn’t it a good thing?”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,The people around see here。
Actually here,These people feel more and more thinking about it,these questions,In fact, this is absolutely necessary,It should be handled properly.。
And Wang Teng itself,Actually don’t think there is anything。
“It’s too simple for you all。”
“Let the Li family do this,Actually, it’s for our people,Easier to start!”

First161chapter Tomb of the Nine Army

“Zhu Minglang?”
At this moment,Downhill,Wen Mengru, a female disciple of the Mianshan Sword Sect with excellent hearing, also turned around,Lifting his gaze to stare at the man in white shirt on the hillside。
“You dispose of these divine wastes。”Wen Mengru spoke to the two female swordsmen beside him。
“Yes,Sister……”The short-haired female disciple said。
“Does that person really wish bright,Is the young swordsman who once broke through our gate?”Another female disciple of the Mianshan Sword Sect asked in a low voice。
“Seems to be him,I heard that Sister lost to him。”The short hair woman said。
Wen Mengru’s hearing is very powerful,The words of my two junior sisters naturally caught her ears,This naturally made her feel a bit more hostile!
Wen Mengru was only 16 or 7 years old,She met a young man who wanted to break into the Mianshan Sword Sect。
After some inquiries,I knew that this person was a disciple of the Sword Sect of Yaoshan,Came from thousands of miles to their Mianshan Jianzong to challenge。
Everyone knows,The two great forests of Jianzong,Yaoshan Jianzong and Mianshan Jianzong!
People often compare Yaoshan Jianzong with Mianshan Jianzong,I want to know which faction is the strongest Jian Xiuzong Lin。
Wen Mengru as a female disciple of the Mianshan Jianzong,Of course I know the existence of the Sword Sect in Yaoshan,She also wanted to see this as well as them,What’s so extraordinary about the Sword Sect of Mount Yao who has never fought。
That battle,Right at the gate。
Wen Mengru was known as the number one wizard of Mianshan Jianzong,She is about the same age as the young man from the sword sect who came to provoke.。
As a result, she didn’t even hold on to Zhu Minglang’s three tricks。
I wish Minglang all the way down the mountain gate,Whether it is a disciple,Or some uncles,Directly provocatively fight,Wen Mengru’s sister was only when she almost resisted the villa,Concubine Wen Ling defeated。
But Concubine Wen Ling is no longer a disciple,Even the teacher who taught the disciples swordsmanship。
Zhu Minglang eventually lost。

So-called fierce land,Refers to the place where the beasts gather。The fierce beasts are as weak as ordinary humans,The strong ones are comparable to warriors,Grandmaster martial artist and even warrior master martial artist have。

Shenwu Continent,In fact, there are stars、Constant star、Cosmic argument,But what most people call is the honorific title。
Star rating,Just ordinary people in Shenwu Continent,Normal people can reach planetary level three or four in adulthood,As long as you reach the seventh level,The strength is obviously stronger than ordinary people,Quasi-warrior。
Constant star,Martial Artist。
Universe,Great Warrior。
As for the domain master,Is respected as a master warrior。
As for the master class?Li Ming is not clear,
As for the spiritual teacher?Generally not mentioned separately,After all, the spiritual teacher also needs the corresponding martial artist level。
In Shenwu Continent,The title of warrior is quite solemn,A bit similar to the earth in the base city period。
Any warrior,Are considered privileged,And the great warrior is either side‘State domain’Senior figures。
‘State domain’,It’s a region divided by Shenwu Continent,‘Yan Ye domain’It’s a relatively small state,But it also has an area of tens of billions of square kilometers。
Shenwu Continent does not have a unified force organization,Generally, the major forces develop within their own state,Only some top forces will rule several states。
According to what Yang Shi introduced,‘Yan Ye domain’The highest status is‘Qi Feng Wuguan’Guan Qifeng,And the owner of Lieshan Martial Arts Hall‘Old Man Lieshan’—The former is the name,The latter is the title。These two are‘Yan Ye domain’The two strongest masters on the bright side—Of course Yang Xiaoya and Yang Xiaoshi both said,There may be hidden masters。
The strongest under these two martial arts,Five big families and two big chambers of commerce,Legend has it that every family has a master and martial artist level.。The master martial artist-level guest of the two major chambers of commerce is on the bright side.。
And it is said that in a powerful state that is closer‘Lettuce’Inside,The most powerful is sectarian power,It is said that the ancestors of the sect have surpassed the master martial artist。
“But although side-by-side,These two siblings are not clear‘Shenwu Order’Things,But know‘Black list’!This Shenwu Continent is quite similar to the world view depicted in some Gaowu martial arts works on earth—Actually, those who are extremely evil are written into the black list,Then the whole continent is open!But with this ability,It is estimated that there must be a unified force in the upper levels of these many states.,It’s just that the brother and sister are not sure。And the two of them just knew there was a black list,Who is on the black list but knows nothing—The black list is heavenly to them。”Li Ming thinking:“It seems,And to‘Yan Ye domain’Get some connections。”
“Koishi、Xiaoya,You two seem to be close to the martial artist so young,Is it a member of the two martial arts??”
“Brother Li,Quasi-warriors like us,It’s not easy to join the two martial arts,Either pass the test,Or you have to pay extremely high fees,Get a full five hundred dollars,In fact, we have made a lot of money over the years,It was enough to hunt down a fierce beast close to the warrior level.。”Yang Xiaoshi smiled bitterly:“I’m nothing,But Xiaoya actually has the potential to pass the test。But this girl has to wait for me to join the martial arts hall。”Li Ming almost understands here,This one‘Big money’The value of is still quite high。