“Hey-hey,Zhang Shu and Wang Shu are really people,Since Zhang Shu said this,Then I can’t do this black heart.,I will give half first.,Wait until the end, give it to the other half??”

This time Wang Dahai is first opening.。
“Can,Can,Xiao Li,Although you can rest assured,We guarantee to give you a beautiful。”
Li Hui said that Wang Dahai said this.,I also laughed and handed the money.。
Just give money,Li Hui’s wind is a paper and pen let two receipts.。
In this way, although let Wang Dahai will feel uncomfortable with Zhang Fugui,But he still do so,It is something that is afraid of two people who have been given.。
Everything is fine,Li speaks directly to the wind.,Let the other party don’t let go of the other。
After Li Hui,Wang Dahai is a unhappy face。
“Old Zhang, what is going on?,Drink a bottle of wine, you can’t find things in the north and south.?
You are lung,How to do people?
Still not letting you write a receipt and press the handset?
Don’t be old good people in the future.。”
“Hey,I didn’t expect it.,However, it may be cautious in doing things.?”
For those who give money to the money,There are very few people in rural areas.,Even the hometown of the township borrow money does not need to write the loan.。
Li Hui also understands this reason.,But after being deceived by Sun Yaru,He is not so stupid who believes.。
He even has changed, except for his parents, no one believes.。
I am writing, but we,This is equal to hitting our face.,When the old brother, I was so suspiciously.?”
“All right,All right,Work,Maybe people have been cheated??”
It’s going to work in two people.,Zhang Fugui is suddenly received by his son.。
“dad,Are you in Lotus Village??”
Chapter 17 Comprivion Exploitation
Zhao Qingyou received a hot fire after receiving his wife.。
He thought that his son was still,I didn’t expect my baby to have a pig’s head.。
This is not the most critical,The most important thing is that the teeth have fallen five,How to teeth this thing is not renewable?。
Looking at the son lying on the bed,Zhao Qingyou’s heart feels in the blood。
For so many years, he also hits his son.,But every time, the rain is small.,Basically, very few people。
Think about the baby son who is not willing to be,It’s actually so miserable today.,Zhao Qingyou’s anger in his heart feels continuous。
When you use it directly, he can use the relationship.,I quickly found the people who hit my son.。
Xu Tianci also did not expect that he can get the appreciation of the big boss like Zhao Qingyou.,He was originally just a lot of Zhao, a small tyrant in the village, but it was a lot.,And he has always been mixed with Zhao.。
This time is completely the brothers in the town called him.,It is said that Zhao You was hit.,Let him help find someone。
It is good to see Li Hui’s appearance from the monitoring.。
He immediately reported the name of Li Hui’s name and family address.。
“Zhao boss,Would you like me to bring someone to give him a family??”
Xu Tianci gives this idea,I have already started to get to the wind, I have been torture.,After all, since Li Hui is back, he will be a good thing in three times.,And I also made him a loss of a loss.,Although I have a cheap in my eyes.,Can be a loss in his eyes。
What kind of society is?
I will let you make your son.?
Do you still use you with force??

First of all,What you see is the altar covered with water plants。

then,Is a large colorful coral reef growing on the stairs。
Lu Yi crosses the swift ocean current,After saying hello to many dolphins,Finally entered the pilgrimage shrine where the pillars stand——Gate of Poseidon。
Just the entrance to the temple,Was actually blocked by a huge stone gate……
Lu Yi in the door area,According to the game tips,Take action,Put his hand on the tab,Even if you use your full force to pressEkey,And didn’t pull the huge stone gate……
“Do two doors need two people to work together at the same time,To open?”Lu Yi’s instinct tells himself,It seems that one person is unlikely to complete the task……
at this time,I used to hide in the dark and observe everything“Elite.0809”Appeared in front of Lu Yi。
Sent from the public channel“together?”Invitation……
“interesting!”Lu Yi uses action interactive command pair0809Agreed。
“are you,Morning cardBUGThe player in the video that caused the global suspension?”0809And said hello on the announcement channel。
although0809Recognized Master Luban’sID,But he saw that the other party did not answer this question,I had to stand consciously on the other side of the boulder,Put his hand on the ring……

“It really doesn’t work here,So just……”

“All right!In this case, give me the account book,I opened the note,You go to do it this afternoon。Also I will call”
Director Dong is very refreshing,Wang Youcai’s words he interrupted,I immediately took over the account book from Wang Youcai,I quickly wrote a note,And signed his own name。
Director Dong glanced at the door,Whispered to Wang Youcai:“Don’t talk nonsense about this kind of thing。Our city’s construction five is not easy to enter,Because as long as you enter Jianwu,Primary schools have the opportunity to build primary schools。I don’t need to talk about the rest”
“Thank you Director Dong!I won’t say much if you are polite。Come to Japan,There are more things we deal with”
Wang Youcai finished,I put my bag on it and left。Director Dong sits still,Just said a word:“Goodbye!”
From the Education Bureau,Wang Youcai started the car and drove towards Jianwu Kindergarten。Ni Xiaoli saw that he was silent,Can still handle things。She comforted quietly:“It’s ok!No, let’s think of another way。People nowadays are very realistic,Your second brother is no longer working here,Who will buy your bill”
“Buy it!He has to buy。One sentence thing,nailed it”
Wang Youcai said proudly。
Ni Xiaoli,Hehe smiled and said:“An official brother is cowhide”
The two are joking,We went to Jianwu Kindergarten again。Where did the head of the garden have received a call from Director Dong?。So everything is going well,I’ve agreed to take the child over the next day。
After finishing these things,Wang Youcai took Ni Xiaoli to his private clinic,Then I went to the private hospital that was cleaning。Walk around,Ni Xiaoli smiled and said:“You can still toss,But let me remind you,Flying high fall exhibition”
Wang Youcai didn’t expect Ni Xiaoli to say such things to him,His eyes changed immediately。He said coldly:“Ni Xiaoli!Do not take you like this。Why don’t you want me to be well?Are you jealous?”
“You haven’t grown up at all。Are such big bosses now,Should be able to listen to the truth。I didn’t want you to be good,Not to mention being jealous of you。I mean people must not be careless when going downwind,Headwind because there is a tailwind。And the bigger you do,Once it fails,The worse you fall。I remind you,Don’t be too proud”
Ni Xiaoli smiled,Be patient and explain it to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai is still a little unhappy:“OK,I appreciate your kindness。Do whatever you should do!I’m still in the city these two days,If the child has other business, just call me”
Wang Youcai said,So he took out a business card he rarely sent to others and gave it to Ni Xiaoli。Because he suddenly remembered that Ni Xiaoli didn’t have his new phone number。
Sent away Ni Xiaoli,Wang Youcai began to call Ma Chuntao, the elder of Zhangyang Village。Once the sanitation in this hospital is cleaned,The green plants and office desks and chairs can start to come in。I originally planned to ventilate this building well,Now it seems that time is really out of time。

On the other side, the tears of the eavesdropping the dialogue were slightly loose.,Material is not bad,Fox‘Miss girlfriend’It’s her.。

Good thing,Description Liao Wenjie when walking the rivers and lakes,Always hang her in the mouth,From the unique image。
but‘Scorpion’This name is so super uncomfortable,Liao Wenjie mentioned before,A side face、Waist、Friends of chest butt,No threat to her,Peaceful love‘Big beauty’Describe。
The stealing dialogue also made her heartbeat,Liao Wenjie refused,Wild 冴子 步 步 紧 紧,Obviously the body。
I know that others have a girlfriend.,Still selling it here,I really don’t know much。
“So dangerous things I certainly won’t bring it.,Has been sealed……”
The wild is getting more dissatisfied,Very indifferent attitude toward Liao Wen,Snort:“About you meet this time,It is a chance to show you a gentleman’s style.,Just talk about it online,Don’t you plan to eat??”
“Reason,It’s my Tang Dynasty.。”
Liao Wenjie serious face,In the white eyes of the wild,Raise your hand and play a song,Calling a general waiter sister,Docked two simple meals。
“Disappointed,I know that I will solve the lunch in the police.。”
Wild 冴子 sigh,Standard male is too slag,Haven’t fish yet,It’s too lazy to spend money.。
“Rest assured,俩,I can still treat you.,Waiting for this thing,I invite you to eat a big meal.,Location with you。”Liao Wenjie。
“This is almost,Your Miss girlfriend is so rich,The pocket money received every day is definitely a lot,I am welcome.。”
“Who can’t stand?,I am very active.,Never spend her money。”Liao Wenji mouth。
“Attempt,I can tell you very responsibly.,No one letter of this。”
The two have a smile chat.,Take a short while,Funeral,Continue the second round to eat while。
Here,Not only to tears,I have heard it in love.,The beauty of the fox, the fox, the beauty of the fox,Know that Liao Wenjie has a flower,Also borrowed,Create a chance to get along with。
hateful,How did she not think about this?!
“Big sister,Why have you been there?,Waiting for them to finish,The brother-in-law is to be turned.。”Come and love。
“Traffic jam……”
“correct,Big sister,The other party is a policeman,How does the brother-in-law will involve this person?,Does he have any secret concealment??”
As a former female thief,And is a very successful female flying thief,To give birth to the evaluation of the police, always hooks,But wild in the wild is extremely strong,It’s not a police officer who is good at seeing.,She is still more。
“No need to manage,Give me a look,Before I arrived at the cafe,Be sure to drag them。”
ten minutes later,The two dine。
Just when they are ready to leave,Wild, scorpion pass a card holder,Frowning to see three low-headed diners,Roade your hand hammered in one person.。
Three beautiful sisters look up,Face is full of surprise,After knowing:“Senior,So smart, you encounter you,It’s so unexpected.。”
The wild is white and white.:“Not good to work,Track me to the cafe,I want me to call you the boss.,Do you have some work??”
“Know the wrong,Please do not!”

His voice,Almost awakened those ficus bees again。

“Mostly someone took it。”Said the hidden god mortal。
“hateful,It must be the person who awakened the banyan bee before,The other party uses us as bait for ficus bees,Not only disperse us,Also took the title deed to the young dragon valley,This land deed is very valuable,My master has urged you to get it!”Xu Mao flushed with anger。
“It must be for Minglang,There are other people around him。”Zhao Xi said with great certainty。
“Have you checked Zhu Minglang’s details?,Have to deal with him,Why don’t you know him at all!”Xu Mao angrily said。
“We checked,May Minglang not be in the imperial capital for many years……We only know that there is always a woman with him,Also participated in the power competition。”Zhao Xi looked up at the tree trunk。
Above the trunk,There is a trace of black ink,Zhao Xi stared for a while,Suddenly realized,“I understand,It’s her,Is that painter!”
“What painter?”Xu Mao frowned。
“Is the woman who entered the competition with Zhu Minglang,She is a Shenfan painter,Although the demonstrated strength is difficult to judge,But before we were attacked by ficus bees,There is a dragon with ink painting,Crashed into a banyan tree!”Zhao Xi said very positively。
“Find them,Find them for me!”Xu Mao angered。
At the tower。
A referee drove the pterosaur and landed on the spacious part of the tower,Under his pterodactyl claws,There is also an object wrapped in a big black cloth。
Haoyong ran out desperately,Almost crying。

Two people muttered to the side,at this time,Soldiers from the bases rushed into the underground palace one after another,Acquaintances headed by,Hu Dehai、Quan Xingguo、Gu Jian et al,Everyone looked at this huge and magnificent natural cave,I can’t find North,See Li Tianzhi again,Wu Fang,Even more shocked,One by one rushed over excitedly。

“Attention to each group,Immediately seal all holes、Entrance,No one can go in and out at will。”Old Dai ordered loudly,He just exchanged opinions with the instructor,The situation in the cave is complicated,Many things are unclear,A strict cordon must be established first,Secondly, notify Shanwai,The entire outer area of Wuming Mountain has also been strengthened.,Until things are clear。
Dark night,Gale Fury,Rows of military tents have been erected on the edge of the northeastward canyon in Wuming Mountain,There are sentries around one of the tents,Five people sitting in the tent,Seriously and seriously listen to Shen Yingjie’s description of the incident,Li Tianzhen is unwilling to talk to people,Sitting alone in the underground palace quietly,But anyhow there is a sentence to explain,I will have a private chat with the instructor tomorrow,Other people are free,Can’t believe it。
Except for instructors、Lao Dai and Li Shaobo,And Gu Changfeng who just arrived and a strange old man。
The whole incident was full of horror、Weird and incredible,But the preliminary cleaning results from the underground palace to the cave show that,There are indeed traces of several fierce fights and gun battles,There are many destructive impacts on the rocks that are beyond human reach。
Many corpses were cleared from dozens of battle scenes, large and small,Close to hundred,This does not include the ancient corpses in the cave,Many of the Zhang family dressed in black,There are also many old men in gray coarse clothes,These are called‘Tianzhenwei’Mystery,When I look at these corpses,Zhang Changting and Fu Tong’s expressions have different abnormal reactions,The instructor observes very carefully。
There is also a kind of weird corpse,The number is about a dozen,Wearing a blue-gray stretch tights,Very special material,Can’t cut it with a dagger,The whole body exudes a strange smell,From the fact that the face is about to shrink and collapse,Seems to have been dead for a long time。
The most peculiar corpse is the gleaming silver giant called Akui,About two feet tall,Very strong limbs,The facial features are not much different from ordinary faces,But the body is so heavy,Dozens of fighters can’t move together,Had to give up temporarily。
There was a small disturbance in the process,Li Shaobo ordered the body to be lifted,Was immediately rejected by Li Tianzhen,Li Shaobo insisted,But was almost grabbed and beaten by Li Tianzhi,If not for the instructor’s presence and mud,Things must be troublesome。
But everyone present was secretly surprised,Li Shaobo’s skills are no worse than instructors,But Li Tianzhen casually pinched his neck and couldn’t move。thus,Many people believe that‘Ranger’’S shadow members are not in vain,May be more vigorous than the legend。
There is another silver giant,Didn’t die,I’m just weak and unable to move temporarily,Stuck in a cave,Hidden danger,Is it the god-man Shin Yingjie said?,Or a new mutant species,No one knows,Anyway, everyone is like a big enemy,Layers of fortification。
Li Tianzhen is also very concerned about this monster,Call it Jiachou,Actually moved from the underground palace to sit in the cave,Sitting beside the giant,No one to persuade,Threats are useless,Instead, he was surprised by Li Tianzhen’s instructor and Li Shaobo with a word.。
“Once this person wakes up,No one can stop。The escaped Li Wushuang and Zhang Huagen are the key points,The limited manpower need not be wasted on me。”
Shen Yingjie spoke for more than an hour,Nothing to hide,No need to hide,She knows very well,Her words will directly affect Li Tianzhi’s situation,Even though the opponent has a stunt against the sky,But after all, one less troublesome thing is one thing,After all, there are ordinary family members to live。
“So Zhang Zhiqiang ran away?And that Taoist who can chant mantras, you confirm that it is Zhang Baogen?”Gu Changfeng asked。
“Convinced,It’s the dead‘Tianzhenwei’What the old man said,It was later confirmed by Li Tianzhi,Zhang Baogen’s disfigurement,I am an old man in Liuyun Guan,But the actual age will not exceed fifty。”
“Logically,How could he hide from Daoist Baiyun who gets along with him day and night?”Instructor shaking his head。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven Talk about yourself

“It is indeed possible……but,You come to me now,She instructed you,Or you want to come by yourself?”

“Is her plan,Is her last instruction。”
Yu Zhe suddenly laughed,It’s just that there is a bit of sadness in this smile。
Shi Muluo still wants to kick her out after all,Of course he knows that the other party just wants him to survive,But compared to living alone without thinking about it,He would rather meet death with Shi Muluo。
“Can i see her again……”
“I can’t even see me now。”
“What’s her situation now?”
Zheng Ye sighed again after another,Don’t know how to answer。
“Not very optimistic,She had always concealed the fact that she had recovered,I just don’t want to cooperate with Qi Xianwei’s plan,But you saw it that day,She was completely normal in front of Qi Xianwei……I don’t know what conditions she used in exchange to make everything go smoothly,Anyway since that time,I will never see her again。”
The two were silent with their own concerns。
Yu Zhe is distressed,Just meet up in a hurry,In the end, I couldn’t even say a word,The distance between the two was only five meters,But it’s like a gap that cannot be crossed,In the end everything just returns to the original starting point,He still couldn’t find any news about Shi Muluo。
And Zheng Ye is also desperate,He has no bottom now,Although he and Shi Muluo are on the same front,But compared to revenge,He is now worried that Shi Mu Luo no longer needs him,So I will try to get rid of him who knows too much。
Just thinking,suddenly,The room door was opened again,The two of them are probably too fascinated,So that I didn’t notice that there were other people outside the door,Really was a little scared by the sound of the door opening。
But fortunately,An acquaintance came in,
The two of them are relieved now。
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Yuan Yu Daojun,Also practiced《Yanhe Escape》,Master Chaos Water,The flight speed reached eight times the limit of heaven,It is extremely fast in the Taoist level!

Normal edge,It’s five times the limit speed of Heaven。
The God of Aura on Speed,It’s only six times!
Unfortunately,The Dharmakaya cannot perform this escape technique,So her deity shot,Carry three puppets,Is absolutely sure!
On the same day, Qiongzong and Huangshen Taoist counted the timing of each other.,There was a slight change in the temple of the gods。
The main hall of the pupil hall,The real core‘Temple of God’Inside,A statue wearing a burly golden armor,Two ordinary arms,Two legs,But there are three pairs of faces,The six-eyed golden puppet opened his eyes。
“What a long time。”
“It seems,It is the little guy who is qualified to be trained by the master again.。”
“let me see!”
Golden puppet,But he followed the god pupil,The strongest puppet under his command。
On strength,He has reached the so-called king-level puppet level—Which is comparable to the peak Taoist,It is also one of the biggest gains of the god pupil emperor in the dark sea。
God pupil emperor,Very old,Even served as the lord of the holy city for a while。
By contrast,Long before Tianqiong’s ancestor Hedao eternal,He left the endless territory early。
Leaving the Temple of God,But it’s not just for kindness to nurture younger generations。
“The master and the eternal family took over the great enmity,Although leaving the endless territory,But also left the heart。”
“Eternal race,The Devourer of the Daoist,Enemy with the Dao League。”
“Although the strength is far inferior to the Dao League,But the Dao League can’t help the eternal kingdom!”

Otherwise, you will not know so clearly.。

Come to the bar,Nie Yang is sulking。
I saw that Li Hui is coming.,Also just nod, greeted。
There is no previous enthusiasm。
Although Li Hui is prepared by him,But his heart is still not happy.。
After all, he is to Jin Xijie.,It is really feeling right for this.,And this is the land of his guardian.。
“Nie Lao Big,What’s wrong?
A face is happy。”
I will not see Nie Yang’s face.,I immediately walked to Li Hui’s side.:“That Gong Hongyu is a traitor,I have already ran now.,And I also put us before running.。”
Although the sound will not be great,But I was heard by Nie Yang.。
Nie Yang heard this will not be deep,Face is more ugly。
“Hahahaha, I am angry.?”
“Who is Gong Hongyu??”
I heard the question of Li Hui Feng,Nie Yang is a little wish:“Ye Fengchun’s old silver coin!”
“He is still far away from us.?”
“Then I feel that he should have started to the Di Hut.,After all, your people have adjusted the bar.,Then the Di Hall is definitely not protective。”
Nie Yang heard this,The face is not so ugly before.。
“fine,I have already arranged there.,If he went to it, he can’t gain it.。”
Li Hui Feng has a little doubtful to Nie Yang.,That’s time before,He never found that Nie Yang has any protection means。
“This is really true.,I have also struggled with them for so many years.,What is the character of each other?,Ye Fengchun has been hitting my idea here.,But I am also playing my idea over there.。”
“So we have half a catty,If he is smart, it should not come.。”
When I said this,Nie Yang is also full of confidence。
At this time,Gong Hongyu has directly rushed to the Di Hall with a group of people.,If you don’t have anything, you have to start smashing.。
As a result, he just prepared to do it.,I found that things are not bad.。
Because a police car appeared soon,Sni。
Instant,He knows.。
Following him, it is also scared to escape.。
Gong Hongyu did not escape,But he is going to see the direction of his brother’s escape.,He choice。
soon,He found that as a younger brother is arrested,The police force outside the outside police is also slowly relaxing。
I immediately threw something directly,Then take the jacket off,Taking advantage of others,Turned into a crowd of not far away。
Gong Hongyu went back,Ye Fengchun directly wants to swear。


First86chapter I am not a little boy!
“how about it?”
Seeing Fang Yu walked out。
The dean walked over and asked。
“Happening……Not optimistic!but,The overall situation is stable!Tell me Hu Yili’s phone number,I have something to find her!”Fang Yu Shen said。
“Miss Hu’s phone number……You can find Mr. Hu!I don’t know this!”
The dean waved his hand helplessly。
Hu Yili is not his friend either,He only has Mr. Hu’s phone number。
“understood!You let someone take care of her first,In case,call my phone!”
Finished,Fang Yu called Li Yan。
Let her transfer to Hu Yongchang!
“Find my daughter?”
Hu Yongchang said strangely。
Fang Yu didn’t go to treat Jiang Wan’er,How does it involve my daughter??
“Yes!has a problem?”
Fang Yu said strangely。
Ask Hu Yili’s contact information,Is it weird?