In other words,When others are busy with relatives,Xia Jian can also take a break at home。He is lying on his bed,Staring at the roof。

starting today,Xia Jian has to change his way of life。Should take care of,Should also take care of。He can be regarded as someone supervised。Thought of here,Xia Jian suddenly panicked。Are you afraid of getting married?
Just at this time,I only heard the door bang when I was pushed open。Then came the voice of Chen Erniu:“This car parked at the entrance of the village,Isn’t he going to Ma Yan’s house again?!”
First2291chapter Someone is in charge
Xia Jian heard Chen Erniu’s voice,Hurriedly got up to welcome out。I saw Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu coming。Holding a salute in one hand,The other is holding a plastic bag,It’s all filled with tickets。
Xia Jian patted his forehead,He just remembered。Today is the third grade,They said they were going to burn paper on Zhao Hong’s grave,By the way, put it at Xia Jian’s house,Zhao Hong’s tablets are also burned。
Xia Jian hesitated,A bit clueless。Chen Erniu said nothing,Got a big snakeskin bag,An ancient tablet of Zhao Hong,And her picture,Stuffed into a snakeskin bag。
Then he said to Xiajian:“Open the window,Auntie said,This room will be the guest room from now on,No more paper burning”Xia Jian just understood。All this was originally arranged by the fuck,Otherwise Chen Erniu won’t be so caring。
Zhao Hong’s tomb is behind the vegetable growing shed in Xiping Village。Because people often come to clean up,So her grave is round and full,There is not even a weed on it。
The pines and cypresses planted on both sides of the tomb have grown lush,Feel like standing in two rows。Breeze blowing,Pine and cypress branches move slightly,Seems to be beckoning to them。
First incense,Some wax,Then burn the Ming ticket。Wait for the fire to burn,Chen Erniu put Zhao Hong’s wooden tablet on the fire,The flame burst out。
“Blast!”With Chen Erniu’s command。Xia Sanhu who was ready,So he lit the big salute he brought。With the deafening cannon sound,Xia Jian’s heart also feels soaring。
They burned a lot of paper tickets for Zhao Hong,Xia Jian looked blank during the whole process。He doesn’t know if it’s useful to burn these,But he knew very well,This is everyone’s heart。
When returning from Zhao Hong’s grave,Night has come,The last round of salute sounded in the village。After tonight,There will be fewer and fewer people shooting,Means that the Spring Festival is over。
Sun Yuejuan coming back from Ma Yan’s house,Happy face。Not to mention the achievements of Xia Ze,His dark face is slightly red,And when I saw Xia Jian,And smiled at him。
“Yo!This is two drinks!”Xia Jian sees his father so happy,He’s not good at making him happy。So he sat down on the sofa opposite him。
Xia Zecheng shook his head first,Then he laughed:“Not bad!I have little contact with your father-in-law,I didn’t expect we met today,I feel very angry。He is a bold man,And I am a refreshing person,This marriage is paired”
“Your dad!Everything is good。After two drinks,Started talking nonsense,Can’t stop it”Sun Yuejuan complained a little。
Xia Zecheng was not happy to hear it,He stared and shouted“You old lady,Tell your son right after he comes back。What is nonsense,Am I not telling the truth?”

And looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng didn’t feel anything at all。

“Zhang Yunfei,Now should you say something?”
When Wang Teng saw this,Wang Teng said to this side even more rudely。
Not far away,Zhang Yunfei gritted his teeth。
“Wang Teng,You are purely funny here。”
Chapter 177 Zhang Yunfei’s Surprise
in fact,Such a thing,In itself,It doesn’t feel much at all。
I just looked at him subconsciously,Look at these,Wang Teng at this time,I don’t think there are many problems。
slowly,Seeing these,Wang Teng said directly:“Stop talking nonsense,Hurry up on me!”
The people around see here,obviously,In their hearts,Began to doubt。
Next,What should I do?
After all, look now,Such a problem,It’s still necessary to solve this problem properly.。
And the more so,In fact, looking at the front again。

The same also understand,Want speed is not reached,I really have to follow up.,So consequences may be more serious than he thinks.。

Looking at Qin Suya into the villa,He is also directly in the corner of the intersection, flying out.。
The Qin Sui Ya Yaqi, which is returned home, is also from the appearance of Luo Yichen.,This makes her also shocked。
At this time, Li Hui’s phone call is also hit.。
Li Hui is waiting for an afternoon,Feel the Qin Su Ya,Only the other party。
“Little Ya,do you miss me?”
Listening to the phone with the sound of magnetic sound,Qin Su Ya is also invincible。
“think,Every day I want to,So, do you miss me??”
“Hey-hey,I want, too,And still thinking about day,During this time, I was ready to go to find you for a while.,Welcome me?”
Somehow,I heard Li Hui’s words,Qin Su Ya’s heart suddenly was a little panic,She suddenly was afraid Li Hui Rong and Luo Yichen met.。
“welcome,Of course, welcome.。”
“Hey-hey,Is there so much pursuer around the little sister recently??”
To say that there is no pursuit in Qin Su, he will not believe it at all.,But I have to say that it is difficult for him.。
After all, he feels that he has a understanding of Qin Ya.。
“What are you??
How many boring people pursue,At the beginning, there may be,But now it is so long.,Everyone is familiar with it.,No chase,If there is something, I don’t dare to express it.,Because as long as the show is chasing me,I won’t take care.。”
When I said this,Qin Su Ya’s mind suddenly emerged from Luo Yimei,This makes her heart feel a little panic.。
She suddenly felt that she was cheated.,After all, now there seems to have only Luo Yichen.。
And many of her small secrets don’t seem to know。
“Hey-hey,Little Ya,You explain a bit more,In fact, it is not explained.,I believe in you,Of course, if Xiao Yajie is really encountered by yourself.,Love,Can tell me,I won’t stop Xiao Ya’s sister.。”
do not know why,Li Hui said that there is some pain in his heart when he said this.,It seems that it is really like to lose the other party.。
And Qin Su Ya heard that Li Hui Feng said like this.,He is not compared with Luo Yichen.。
If it is Luo Yichen,Will definitely don’t let go.?
This idea is coming out.,Qin Su is very terrible。
“breeze,You think too much,If you don’t worry,Then let’s take your life first.,Anyway, I feel almost the same.。”
“Hey-hey,Need not,I do not know why either,Will suddenly say this,And I have been very painful in my heart.。”
On the evening,Li Hui is chatting with Qin Yasai.。
The next morning,Li Hui Feng decided to solve Tianshier earlier.,Then go to Qin Su Ya。
He always feels something,But what he doesn’t know if he himself?。
Morning,He took Yang Li to Tian Da Zhuang’s home.。

The friends who were surrounded by the rich second-generation male protagonist betrayed overnight,Even at the wine bureau that night, the male lead could not come to stage。Young green tea classmates,Various show operations before and after the protagonist’s bankruptcy,For example, while reiterating here,She loves the hero,Not the money of the hero,But secretly copied the male protagonist’s address book,Start looking for the next object,and many more,and many more。

If there are any advantages of this drama,Probably the handling of various conflicts is very intense,As an idol drama is also very qualified,Because the ending is said to be very warm,When the actor looks at his heart,After discovering that what he was thinking of was Bai Mu,Use love to transform this two-dimensional girl into a three-dimensional normal human,Then the prince and princess finally lived happily together。
Of course, the plot of this drama is probably a moderate rating,But I can’t stand the acting skills of these virtual characters one by one.,Whether it’s the hero or Bai Mu or scheming bitch,Really bring the role to life,Plus the director is still a software,Full of gimmicks,Just released,I get a lot of complaints and attention,And was sealed as the first TV series in history produced by all artificial intelligence software,It belongs to the TV series to be in history books,Natural response。
like、Critical、Protesting、Reflective,All kinds of voices。
If it weren’t for the sudden emergence of high-energy solid-state batteries from the Brain Machine Society, it has grabbed the heated discussion,This TV series once dominated the headlines of controversial Weibo topics。
Whether it is shoddy or well-crafted, all parties have always disputed。
But one thing is beyond doubt,When the Xin system was promoted in China,Some people’s jobs are really passive。
This means that Changxiang Technology is not listed,If you really want to belong to a listed company,Just by this TV show,At least several daily limit,Plus solid high-energy batteries,It is estimated that at least a dozen or even dozens of daily limit can be closed。
But even if the company is not listed,Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian are also very complicated now。
Nothing else,Mainly the shares in Guo Xiaoyi’s hands。
According to Wang Yufei’s previous interview with the two,Guo Xiaoyi used the previous seven thousand yuan of pocket money to invest,I have already received nearly 10 million dividends,Has always owned five thousandths of Changxiang Technology。
Or original stock。
Before the company’s most famous product was only a brain-computer chip,Last year’s dividends changed to a set of advanced flats,The two adults can still bear it。
But this year suddenly broke out,This is Xin system again,Smart software again,It’s high-energy battery again……
Now think about how much the five thousandths of the shares are worth?
Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian didn’t dare to think about it。

Liu Zimin finished,Hung up,It might be inconvenient for him to talk on the phone。The phone is hung up,But Xia Jian didn’t feel sleepy at all,He didn’t understand why Du Xiaoli did this。

This night。Xia Jian hardly fell asleep,May be the reason why he has something in his heart,Fell asleep for a while,I don’t know why I fell asleep again,I always hear the rustling rain outside the window.。
Just toss about until dawn,Xia Jian actually fell asleep。In sleep,He was sleeping soundly and woke up by a ringing of his cell phone。
Xia Jian opened his eyes and took a look,Found dawn,The pendulum clock on the wall is almost nine o’clock。Xia Jian quickly stood up and got up。Took a look at the phone,See it’s a provincial phone number,But he doesn’t know。
Who could this be?Xia Jian hesitated,Should he answer this call??Maybe it was too long,Hung up。
Since it’s hung up,There is no need for him to pick it up。When Xia Jian was about to put the phone down,I didn’t expect this call to come again,It seems that the other party must let him answer the call。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He quickly connected the phone,Just listen to the voice of a woman inside:“Are you Xia Jian, the mayor of Donglin Township??”
Woman’s voice is deep and strong,Give people an invisible shock。But Xia Jianneng can tell,This woman is not young anymore,Should be over forty years old。
“I’m,Who are you?What’s up with me?”Xia Jian paused for a while,Said softly。
Just listen to the woman who raised her voice sharply:“I’m Gao Ju, the newly appointed municipal party committee secretary of Pingdu,On the way to Pingdu。Half an hour ago,Major landslide accident in Donglin Township,You rushed to the scene to deal with the accident immediately,I’ll talk about other things after I arrive”
Xia Jianyi heard this,The head can’t help but buzz,He was stupid。How could this be?Is this a dream??
“Did you hear clearly?”Gao Ju yelled loudly on the phone。
Xia Jian wakes up like a dream,He suddenly recovered and replied:“I heard Secretary Gao,I will go right away”Xia Jian finished,Lost the phone,The whole person almost rolled off the bed。
So possible?A landslide will occur in Donglin Township?He just got emotional,This happened。If something really happened,Xia Jian can’t escape this responsibility。
Xia Jian moved quickly and got dressed,When he first started shoes,The door was pushed open with a bang。Ma Yan ran in panting,She shouted:“A landslide occurred in Donglin Township,Deputy Mayor Qin asked me to rush to the scene immediately”
“what!Why did the phone call you?My phone doesn’t ring at all”Xia Jian said,Put on your shoes and run to the bathroom。
Ma Yan chased up from behind,She said loudly:“You are so embarrassed to say,The phone is out of service。It’s the money that the deputy mayor Qin just charged me,Should work now。Urgent,She filled you up,Called me immediately”
Oh my god,This mobile phone bill has never been owed,Why is the phone in arrears at the critical moment??Who is going to talk about this matter??
“Do you want us to help?Such as vehicles or people”Ma Yan asked loudly while standing outside the bathroom。
Xia Jian shouted while washing his face:“You immediately notify Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu,Select dozens of villagers with experience in this field,Bring tools and follow me to Donglin Township”

In Muzi, the eyes were obsessed with flashing.,A clear flavor is around him,What is the unique flavor of her body?,Such a beautiful one,Can you really belong to him??

Le Yu:“Son,Be unhappy,You first take the injury,I have received a script in these days.,Now I am now looking at the script.,If he likes, this role will be interpreted first.,As for my other artists,I have already contracted it.,I have worked hard for many years.,Just give yourself a fake now,Only responsible。”
These seven years,Different people and blue brothers,Really the tensioned belt,Not stopping your own progress。
She also got her hard work.,these years,She also earned a lot of money.。
“what”Mu Ziyou looked at this,I suddenly wanted to cry.,Sure enough, I guess it.,He is relaxing,The opportunity is slipping from him.。
“Gather,How can you do this to me??
Don’t you say that you have to sign a contract with me??
I do not care,I want to work with you.。”
Mu Ziyou looked at her grievance,Just like instant abandoned puppies。
“hehe”Le Yu looks at him.,Can’t help but laugh,This Mu Zi hesites her feel like a child.。
“Muzi,Opportunity, I still leave it.,but,If there is a good resource,I will not give up,I have a humanity under my hand.,Are you afraid that you have no one here??
Raw acting,It is a well-known industry director.,Now,It is a good opportunity for him.,As long as the script is good,People have good,I don’t want him to miss it.。”
Mu Ziyou looked at her,“Gather,You are really good,Ok, there is a good mom like you.,Of course happiness,His mother is also very happy。”
And the three people who listen to this outside are a misty water.。
Xu Fengguang passes through the glass,Detailed look at Le Yu,She has children.?
Le Yu:“of course,Blue child,Also my child,I am doing the job of the mother.。”
Xu Feng this is understanding,She thought that this girl has a child.?
Scared her big jump。
but,Looking at the son and talking about it.,Do you want to wait for a while??
Xu Feng this idea has not fallen,A gloomy land of Lu Si is pushed in。
“Mu big brother。”
Lu Si He looked at Mu Zizi in the bed,When watching Mu Ziqi,She became gentle again。
Suddenly someone comes in,And still Lu Si,Mu Zizi, gentle water,Herone face change,Some unbelievable looks。
How do she know that he is in the hospital??
“How did you come?”
Icy tone,Let Le Yu are also a glimpse,I have known Mu Zi Yu for a long time.,I have never seen him so cold.。
Constantine,I didn’t expect that he is still so cold to himself.,He thought he has always been such a cold person.,But she wants to be wrong.,He saw that he saw another side she had never seen.,He can also be so gentle?
and,It is gentle as another woman.。
She toughly pulled out a smile,“Mu big brother,I and Mu Auntie,Uncle Mu,I heard that you are hospitalized.,Just come over and see you,You are fine.?
I will stay in tonight.。”

It’s all over,Still watching the show here?

“Let’s go too,I have to participate in the fight tomorrow,”Strange to say,My body was in pain just now,I feel fine now。
Relaxed,The sharp pain just now seemed to happen in a flash。
“Brother Hao,You were really fierce just now,It was a mess,Quell me directly。”
Huang Xiaoding recalled the scene just now,He simply blinded his titanium dog eyes。
At this moment, Qin Hao can’t wait to see the reward given by the system just now,Tiger Roar, Longyin Dali Pills are of little use,He’s not a kid with kidney deficiency?
Naturally do not need this powerful Viagra。
“This oneCGrade genetic modification medicine is interesting,”Qin Hao took a look at its function。
Used on anyone,Will transform their physical attributes,But there is no guarantee that the attributes will be successfully promoted。
There is a certain chance to reduce physical attributes。
in other words,This is looking at the face,Whose face is black,Not only can’t help them,Also reduces physical attributes。
“Can be used with Lucky Potion,100% success rate。”
Then a product popped up from the merit store。
“CLucky Potion,Cooperate with allCGrade material items use,100% success rate。”
Qin Hao glanced at the price,A thousand merits。
However, after buying the powerful explosive potion and the vitality burst potion, he still has six thousand merit points.。

At the intersection of Ouyang Hongjia’s community,Xia Jian found a place and stopped the car first,Then I found a fruit shop,Bought a lot of seasonal fruits。

First2319chapter Beating
Xia Jian plucked up the courage to press the doorbell,With the Ding Dong sound,The door opened slightly,Ouyang Hong’s familiar voice came from inside。
“Who to call?”Ouyang Hong’s voice looks a little tired。
It makes Xia Jian feel a little uncomfortable,Vigorous in the past,Ouyang Hong, who used to be majestic in front of everyone,I didn’t expect to become like today。
Xia Jian takes a step forward,Slammed the door open a bit。Ouyang with messy red hair standing at the door,Junsu’s face,Exhausted。
“how?Don’t want me to sit in?”Xia Jian looked at Ouyang Hong like this,While talking,Squeezed into the door。
At this time, Ouyang Hong just recovered,She asked softly:“How did you come?Who told you i live here?”
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,He put the fruit in his hand on the table,Then looked into the room。Here is a set of two rooms and two halls。The house is well designed and decorated,But the interior looks like it’s been a long time,Looks messy。
“The house is a bit messy,You sit down first,I’m going to change clothes。You say me like this,Will it scare you”After recovering, Ouyang Hong found herself a bit sloppy,So he ran into the bedroom。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He began to clean up the room for Ouyang Hong。classification,Put neatly,Summarized in place。Actually nothing,It only took a few minutes。The living room has changed。
Xia Jian carefully observed for a while,He found the bathroom,Take out the mop,Dragged every corner of the room。And wipe the dust off the TV,Just a few minutes。
See the new living room,Xia Jian also felt a sense of accomplishment。Is to take care of others’ sense of accomplishment。
Ouyang Hong changed a suit in the room,I also painted a light makeup,Then I gently opened the door and walked out。When I see the big change in the living room,She asked in disbelief:“This is what you packed?”
“It’s not me. Did you see other people??”Xia Jian smiled proudly。
Ouyang Hong walked over slightly awkwardly,She gently sat beside Xia Jian。Xia Jian fixed his eyes for a while and Ouyang Hong said:“now it’s right,Is it still pretty to dress up??Look at you just now,Really can’t be seen directly”
Xia Jian said to Ouyang Hong jokingly。Ouyang Hong lowered her head in embarrassment:“Too much happened recently,Make people lose fighting spirit。Plus resting at home during this time,So it became like this”
“What a big deal!Not divorced,Is there still something wrong with work??What is this?We can find another divorce,If there is a problem at work, we can change it again!It’s not the end of the world,Do you have to be like this?”Xia Jian said to Ouyang Hong in a mocking tone。
Ouyang Hong wanted to cry Xia Jian,Spit out my unhappiness,I didn’t expect Xia Jian to talk to her like this。For a time,She can’t get upset at all。

“You can report to the instructor,I will not avoid the responsibility。”

“What kind of attitude?Give me the gun。”Shen Yingjie is so angry。
“Can’t,I’m afraid you can hold this stuff and point to me。”Li Tianchou is not angry either,The pistol is stuck in the back。
“you……”Shen Yingjie will speak again later,But after seeing Qi Baozhu, who had come back, suddenly rushed over like crazy,There is a foot on the face of the man who has passed out,Very vicious。
“Got it,Got it,Half life left。”Li Tianchou quickly pulled Qi Baozhu away,Turning to look at Shen Yingjie who was a little crazy,“He definitely didn’t mean it,Stimulated。The shot just now,Only half a centimeter away from his head。”
“Leave here first。”Li Tianchou has no intention to continue entanglement,But his hands firmly grasped Qi Baozhu who was going crazy,“It’s almost Baozhu,This is not a place to talk,How about going to your car shop?”
Qi Baozhu, who couldn’t get rid of with all his best, was slumped,Closed my eyes in pain,Unconsciously, two lines of tears were left。
“Don’t think so much,Take a rest and look for countermeasures,Always get better。”Li Tianchou is also sad,But more of anger and self-blame,Five dead and seven injured,This incident is most likely caused by him,So many innocent people became victims,How can he be indifferent。
Shen Yingjie died seeing this situation,She has some understanding of the incident,And sympathize with Yuxing’s current situation,A moment of silence。
“Even a paralyzed person,I don’t agree with them!”Qi Baozhu yells up to the sky,But Li Tianchou’s heart trembled,“You said Xiaohuo had an accident?”
Qi Baozhu doesn’t speak,Turn around。
“Do me a favor,Go to the hospital right away to check the people who died in the wine bar,Try to be accurate。”Li Tianchou looked at the silent Shen Yingjie,Took out the phone and handed it to the other party,“There is the address of the dealership,Find me there afterwards。”
The hesitating Shen Yingjie nodded seriously,At this time, it is meaningless to consider whether the other party is deceiving her,Maybe some help within our capacity can ease Li Tianchou’s current mood。
A high-end residential complex on Fuqing Road in the southwestern suburb of Fushan,Wen Hui is pacing in his study,Restless。