Taiyuan subway launches ticket assist

  Original title: Taiyuan subway launched a ticket snorkeling and rectification of civilization is the most basic literacy of each public, however there is always some passengers who choose to escape a little "cheap". From now on, Taiyuan China Railway Rail Company Joint Taiyuan City Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement team, monthly will not regularly carry out special work, effectively curb the phenomenon of evade, and provide a fair and good ride environment for the general public.

  Inspection site involves Taiyuan Metro Line 2 full-line station, key station such as Changfeng Street Station, Da Nanmen Station, Fu West Street Station, etc. Subway ticketing is aimed at passengers to use preferential ticket cards, tailing others into (out) stations, crossing the rigidity and other regulatory actions, etc. An important means.

  The ticket procurement team will adopt daily fixed-point inspections and special joint audit operations, combined with the passenger flow changes, and combine the escape personnel in combination.

According to Article 33 of the Administrative Measures for Urban Rail Transit Operations in Taiyuan City, no ticket, invalid ticket or invalid ride, the rail transportation operation unit can suppress the ticket according to the highest fare of the one-way fare; Take a car or fake tickets, vouchers, by the city, by the municipal transport authority, shall be fined 50 yuan or more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, the public security organs are handled according to law.

  Taiyuan China Railway Rail Company called on passengers to travel civilized, honestly, and jointly safeguard the harmonious environment of public travel.

(Reporter Li Tao).

Research on Quality Control of Tibetan Pharmaceutical Support Capacity

In the survey, please wait.

If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page. Tibetan medicine is a unique pharmaceutical system formed by Tibetan people through long-term practice. It is an important part of my country’s traditional medicine. It is also one of the advantageous industries in Qinghai Province. For the health of all ethnic people, Promoting the development of my country’s Tibetan medicine industry, adjusting the industrial structure of agriculture and animal husbandry, and maintaining social stability is important.

The hidden medicine group is unique, usually the prescription drug tastes, the use of the animal and mineral medicinal materials, but due to the start of the Tibetan drug industry, the basic research lag, etc., causing relatively backward in quality control and security risks, many features Central Tibetan Pharmaceutical resources have no attention and development due to the lack of basic data supported by quality research.

  Qinghai Province was published twice in 2010 and 2011, 60 kinds of provincial-level supplementary basic drug hidden drugs, most of which were still implemented in the "Department of Health Medicine Standards" in 1995, the standard of Tibetan drugs, the standard quality control technology is relatively Backward, the limited amount of mineral medicine and toxic medicinal materials has no clear statements, and the product quality controllable is poor. At the same time, the quality control mode uses a single medicinal flavor, a single component control method, and there is more quality control blind spots. In addition, the distribution of heavy metal elements has no systematic research, which also has become a bottleneck problem that hinders the development of Tibetan drugs. Quality control research and standardization construction is one of the core contents of traditional Chinese medicine (including Tibetan drugs). It is also the only way for Chinese traditional medicine to international and universal more people.

The lag of Tibetan drug quality control and security risk research is difficult to play the resources of specialty national medicine, which restricts Qinghai Province and even the national production, sales, promotion and clinical use of Tibetan drugs. The Key Laboratory of Quality Control of Chinese Medicine (Tibetan Pharmaceutical) is the key laboratory of the National Drug Administration, which is also based in the Qinghai Provincial Drug Inspection and Testing Institute and jointly established the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Administration, which is constructed by the Northwest Plateau Biological Research Institute. The laboratory has 4 provincial key points. Laboratory, 4 China Tibetan Pharmaceutical Research Platform, 2 Scientific Research Science Bases, Adhering to Characteristics, Innovation, Open Development Concepts, for the basic, key quality and security issues in the full life cycle of Tibetan drugs, and conduct new methods of supervision, testing New technologies, standard revised, drug safety evaluation, emergency public event disposal, etc.

The laboratory has been carried out from the high quality standards, the overall quality control, illegal addition supplemental inspection method, safety risk research and the analysis of the investigation and analysis of the research and analysis of the research and analysis of the research and analysis of the production of the Qinghai Province, which promotes the development and solving the people in the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The masses have a problem of technical support and protection.

  Increasing the quality standard level for some hidden quality standards, the laboratory has selected regional characteristics, using extensive, clinical treatment and patients need to improve the quality standards in quality standards. In the original standard,% of the variety of varieties, the other varieties are most limited to the micro, physical and TLC identification, less content measurement items, single, specialty poor, low liquid flavor control rate, and quality standards need to be revised.

  Through the study, the improved qualitative identification is increased to establish a method of determination of an active ingredient / index component.

The qualitative index control rate of the revised quality standard is rising to 100%, and the quantitative index control rate is up to 100%, and the average powder control rate rises from% to%.

  After the study, the laboratory formed and reported to the draft quality standard. 5 of these standards were included in the "China Pharmacopoeia", and 2 standards were publicized by the National Pharmacopoeia Commission.

The 17 hidden medicines involved 29 manufacturing companies and 76 drug approval numbers across the country. The implementation of the new standard will effectively protect the safety and effectiveness of the drug.

  Create quality control research New model selection clinically used a wide range of pearl pill series (twenty-five-flavored pearl pills, seventy-taste Pearl pills) and cleansing preparations (Qing Baolong, white capsules) 4 Tibetan pharmaceutical classics, introducing modern drug analysis Technical and overall quality control concepts, respectively establish integral quality control methods such as fingerprint / characteristic map / near infrared model, detect analysis of series varieties and multi-group dish, break through the traditional quality control method of single-drug flavor, single component, single project, establish 6 groups of TLC multi-component discriminant methods, 4 groups of HPLC feature patterns / fingerprint map methods included in 4 groups, 1 group volatile drug GC feature map method, 1 group of 14 amino acid measurement methods, 1 group of 23 metal elements ICP-AES assay method, 1 group of GC assays for 22 organochlorine pesticides and 2 groups of NIR consistency evaluation methods, providing new models and ideas for hidden quality control research, with important demonstrations.

  In addition, the laboratory also uses modern drug analysis methods to carry out hypetide ukkines, rats in 16 hidden drugs with potential medication safety risks, horses, gap, podium toxins, aristolt acid i, etc. Limited measurement of toxic ingredients, a series of safety risk assessments such as heavy metals and harmful elements such as lead-cadmium arsencies, 22 organic chlorine-like pesticide residues and animal toxicity experiments.

  The results show that the 16 varieties have high security, and the research results provide technical methods and reference for the extensive research safety risk assessment. For scientific and reasonable, safe and effective use of hidden medicines, selection, and expand Qinghai Province basic drug hidden drugs Guiding significance and reference value.

  In-depth investigation comprehensive evaluation is the status quo of the use of the Tibetan medicine, and the laboratory has a production process, quality management, circulation channel, clinical use, adverse reaction, etc. The investigation and comprehensive evaluation of comprehensive systems are carried out, providing scientific basis for safety and reasonable use of Tibetan medicine. In the case of a combination of questionnaires and fields, it has been in 3 years, involving 290 provinces and cities in Qinghai Province (state) and preparations for medical institutions at various levels of medical institutions at various levels of medical institutions in the province, and the production of preparations; 23 Qinghai Province Tibetan drug production enterprises and Tibet, Gansu, Ningxia Three provinces (districts) 28 indicators in the bidding enterprises; 16 indicators of 81 business enterprises; retrieval analysis of 4 years of adverse drug adverse reactions.

  The research results were a scientific basis for the clinical safety and effective use of the basic drug hidden medicines in Qinghai Province. The overall improvement of basic drug hidden drug species selection, procurement supply, clinical use, quality supervision level. Chinese medicine (Tibetan drug) Quality Control Key Laboratory (Qinghai Provincial Drug Inspection and Testing Institute) enhances the quality standards of Tibetan medicine and raw material medicinal materials, strengthens the construction of medical institutions, but also for hidden medicines Safe use and quality supervision provide scientific basis, standardizing production technology, providing comprehensive quality control programs and safety risk assessment methods for Tibetan drug production enterprises and medical institutions, achieving significant economic benefits and social benefits.

(Zhang Yuewei): Qinghai Province Drug Inspection and Testing Institute).

Super 80% of the visited youth expressing the most important thing if there is a chance to carry out the planning ability

Today, "Technical and Counting" has become the trend in young people, and some people have their own secondary business.

The development of the Internet, the continuous emergence of new employment forms, providing convenience conditions for young people to open "Second Occupation". But there is also a young man who follows the wind to chase and blindly enter.

What do you need to do well? A few days ago, the China Youth News Social Survey Center jointly questioned a survey conducted by 2454 years old youth,% of the visited youth believed that the deputy industry must have planned co-ordination. % Of the visited youth believes that the secondary industry must not follow the height of the hottest. % The visited youth is recommended to choose a secondary industry according to the personal situation and avoid blindness.

% Interview with younir said that if there is a chance to carry out the secondary school student package (pseudonym), a number of friends, there are many friends around, and there are a sub-business, draft painting, selling curriculum resources, and make micro-commercial … he said that if you encounter a suitable secondary industry, you will be willing to do it. Bao Yi believes that a sub-industry must improve its own comprehensive capacity, combined with expertise, find the direction suitable for you.

It is also necessary to improve the power resistance, "dare to make mistakes, dare to bear the mistake, correct the error". "I have a famous classmate to do a university, non-commercial per charge tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, commercial fees will be high, spend two or three hours each time. Hair spending time, do not have to go around, I think it is good." Hangzhou. "Hangzhou" The guy Cai Lili (the name) hopes that he can also have a secondary industry in the future. He believes that the deputy industry has certain requirements for the promotion capacity, and you have to "market" out, you need to master a certain marketing ability.

Second, we must improve self-management capabilities, "Balance the good main business and secondary industry is the prerequisite for the secondary industry". Chongqing, a college student Lu Yang (pseudonym), raising the level of income, reducing the burden of home is the main consideration of his intention. At present, he feels that he urgently needs to improve communication skills and communication levels, "can add a lot in work and life." Shaoxing’s Zhu Yajun (pseudonym) said that many people around me are doing micro-commercial, live broadcast, franchise chain, etc. But he said that he didn’t want to be worried, "I need more time to rest, adjust yourself." In the survey,% of the visited youth said that if there is a chance to carry out the secondary industry,% indicates that there is a deputy industry, only% of the people who have not been a secondary industry.

What is the ability to improve the ability to improve? % Of the visited youth believes that the prior planning and co-ordination,% of the visited youth pointed out that time management capabilities,% of the visited youth feel that it is self-constraint.

Other also: flexible strain capacity (%), interpersonal communication (%), emotional guidance (%), professional skills (%), etc. Professor of Business School, China University of Political Science and Law, Wang Wei, director of Human Resources Development and Management Research Center, China University of Political Science and Law, believes that the current flexible employment is very beneficial to traditional formal employment, can absorb more labor, providing solving national employment problems More choices and opportunities.

"There are some young people to choose sub-industries, which is for active considerations.

For example, from its own hobby, make professional ability and expertise get more improvement, can make more valuable contributions to the society, which is worth encouraging.

There are also some young people because the main business is difficult to meet individual and family life, and the material needs, passively choose to do the secondary industry. This pressure may be very large. It is difficult to take care of the family in the work, and cannot guarantee or improve the quality of the main work.

"Wang Wei said.% Of the youth pointed out that the secondary industry must not follow the wind to chase the heart. Young Liu Qing recently is planning to carry out the deputy industry. I think, some young people think that the departure of the departure is low, I am very casual, what fire Join what, it may not be suitable for you. "I think if you want to do the responsive, you must do a good job in market research and your ability."

What is the mentality of young people to do? The survey shows that% of the visited youth refers to the heel of wind.

Other also: Urgent work is available (%), speculative (%), make fast money (%), suffering from loss (%). Package is said that some young people are always "three minutes of heat", they can’t persist, and the mentality "DPRK four", often, the sesame, lost watermelon. "Seeing the peers’ merits", there is a psychological psychology that is very eager to make, I hope to make money immediately.

Doing things still have to be down, seriously, "

"I found that youth is more likely to have a problem that is very urgent, and the problem of speculating.

For example, in the short video platform, many are the secondary industry to shoot short video, and finally become live band, but the quality cannot be guaranteed, there are many problems. "Cai Li Li said.

Zhu Yajun believes that this era gives young people with more opportunities. The channels engaged in sub-industries have become more flexible. As long as they have a skill, they can show themselves with different platforms.

But I want to do long, or I have a footprint, I can’t ask for fast. In the eyes of Wang Wei, now choose some sub-industries through the platform, the threshold is relatively low. But young people have to have a positive vision concept, decided to engage in a line, do it, do special, reflect the value of individuals. So even if you choose a secondary industry, you must fully understand the skills of this profession.

In the process of engaged in this profession, it should reflect a sense of responsibility and steady.

% Interview with youth, it is necessary to choose a secondary industry according to the personal situation, and avoid blindness. I can learn from the video tutorial.

Looking at the threshold is low, once it decides, it will continue to invest in many times, cost, still need to make a decision. "Cai Li Li said. Wang Wang suggested that from the perspective of protecting itself, everyone should learn more about the corresponding labor safety, labor rights and interests, and can more effectively pass the law when there is some unnecessary labor disputes. Means to protect their rights.

"I think that before you are engaged in the secondary industry, you must first respect this industry. You can see if you can have the ability, have time, high quality. On the other hand, you must learn how to effectively protect your own rights." . Liu Qing reminded the young people in the second business, pay attention to the protection of personal privacy information. "To improve your vigilance, protect personal information security, do not easily drag the personal information to each other."

At the same time, we must be careful to be a network fraud.

Safety awareness must have ". She also said that because she is planning to do the secondary industry, I am consulting the relevant tax payment," I will do my homework, consciously pay taxes in advance ".% Of the visited youth believes that according to the individual situation, Avoid blindness,% of the visited youth points out that do not affect the main industry,% of the visited youth believes that the industry market research is taken in advance, and% of the visited youth expressed the necessary legal knowledge,% of the visited youth feels mentality It is necessary to steady and stabilize, not in a hurry. In the youth, men account for%, women account for%. Living in a first-tier city account for%, the second-tier cities account for%, the three-tier cities account for%, the town or county, the county Accounting for%. (Reporter Du Yuan Chun Wang Jiulong).

Save him! He is a reporter, teacher, the father of poverty cadre and 4 years old!

The Caijiang River visited poverty. The colleague of the Caijiang River has made Fox Changong said: Jiang River is very strong, often work overtime, as long as the work is not completed, he will never rest.

Jiang River likes to think, he always reads the book, write something to the middle of the night ……. In the eyes of Caijiang River sister Cai police, his brother is a special responsible brother: "Our family is in Guizhou Bijie Rural, parents Live farmers, body is not good, and income is slightly thin.

My brother has diligently, with a student loan to complete the undergraduate, master, and the mother’s husband, and the mother is suffering from the cerebral infarction.

My brother reluctantly abandoned the opportunity to read and gave birth to the mother everywhere. Later, the brother was working on the work to study loans, while supporting my college.

My brother work in Tongqi County, and he also took the mother to his side and taking care of the mother.

When he added a class every day, he made the mother to eat on the next day, wash the mother to clean up, busy to the middle of the night, and read the book.

Now, my brother still lives in public rent … "The wife Shao Yihong eyes, the husband Caijiang River is a person who is bitter to her shoulders.

"This year, Jiang River often feels fatigue, but he is working in the work, did not have a holiday, it is really uncomfortable, work during the day, infusion at night.

I advise him to go to the hospital to check, he always said, wait until this, then go … "" The son is only 4 years old! " I saw the river that was governed by the disease in the hospital bed. I thought that the mother of the river was in the bed, I dared to imagine. I didn’t want the river. From now on, our days were black … "Shao Yihong Holding a three-year-old birthday, a three-year-old birthday, the painlessly said.

"Jiang River said, he wanted to live, he wanted to take care of his son Zhou Quan, he sent the parents to the old, he wanted to return to the job early!" Shao Yihong said.

Plan with "Ecological +", planning to develop Liang Ping full to promote new industrialization

Chongqing Liangping High New Technology Industrial Development Zone. Correspondent Xiong Weipian / Visual Chongqing This year, the frost, the grapefruit is ripe, and a new grapefruit fruit can be officially processed; this year, the 5G RF frequency of the new investment will also be put into production … In recent years, Liang Ping is tight "Actively undertake industrial transfer in coastal and main city urban areas, absorb the population transfer of the ecological functional area", with "ecological +" concept, "+ ecological" ideas development industry, fully promote new industrialization, speed up construction 100 billion industrial zones.

  In the first half of this year, GDP growth in Liangping District has successfully created the first municipal high-level high-tech zone in "two groups". Undertaking the external industrial transfer pomelo, seeing fruit wine is the fifth project of the Qiang Industrial settled Liang Ping, with "Shuang", "Chen Yi" and other famous brands. As a company that undertakes industrial transfer in coastal areas, the Quege Industry not only starts in Liang Ping, leading the Liang Pi piopleplickers to the 5 billion yuan of industrial clusters, but also gathered in the integration of Rongkang packaging, Zemong pipe industry, etc. Fujian enterprises, forming a merchant industrial park. "Based on the big plain, join the main city, build a large three greess, collaborate in the northeast of Chuan, gradually building industrial transfer demonstration zones in coastal areas and main city urban areas.

"The person in charge of Liang Ping District said that Liang Ping actively undertakes industrial transfer in the eastern coast and the main city of Sichuan, and strives to build an integrated circuit, leisure food, smart home, modern logistics service industry and other construction base. With a rich bamboo resources, Liang Ping is in Pingjin Town Create the northeast of Chuan, Northeast Bamboo Wood Home Industrial Park. Strive to 500 bamboo processing enterprises in the region, the comprehensive output value exceeds 100 billion yuan, built a hundred billion-level Mingyue Mountain Bamboo Home Industrial Park. Gathering strength After the industrial Chongqing Pingwei Industrial Co., Ltd. settled in Liang Ping, the growth was a national-level enterprise technology center, and was also included in the first batch of 5 lighthouse factory unveiled units in the whole city.

"The relevant person in charge of Liang Ping District said that Liang Ping District has to develop high-tech industries and food industry through the truncation of strong, Jackie Chan, Science and Technology Ending, Strong Chain. Lifting.

  Relying on the Pingwei Industrial, the current Liang Ping has set up the Pingwei Optoelectronics, Jiel Shi shows that more than 20 semiconductors and supporting enterprises such as Tianheng Electronics, build the set of industrial chain, innovative chain, talent chain, service chain, funds chain one Integrated circuit industry ecology. From January to September this year, the integrated circuit industry in the region has achieved 35 billion yuan in industrial output, accounting for% in the whole region. Science and technology empowerment, Liang Ping accumulates 47 scientific research and development institutions, including 1 national enterprise technology center.

64 national high-tech enterprises, 13 municipal digital workshops, and 3 smart factories.

  Creating an Energy Industry Base in May this year, Liang Ping District and Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield, Sinopec Chongqing Gasite Signed a Strategic Framework Agreement, During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, PetroChina, Sinopec intertwined more than 20 billion in Liang Ping, strive for natural gas (shale gas) capacity More than 50% of the party.

  The relevant person in charge of the Development and Reform Commission of Liang Ping District introduced that the gas pipeline in Liang Ping has more than 500 kilometers, and there is 5 production, gas supply stations. The air supply line and the surrounding area counties, and Hubei, Shanghai is connected to each other, basically forming gas supply Strong natural gas collecting gas hub in strong radiation area. After the completion of the reservoir in Shaping Fair in the territory, it will be the largest gas storage library in the country, the storage capacity of 10 billion cubic meters, and the peak will be charged 100 million square meters per day, and it has laid a good foundation for the promotion of Chongqing (Liang Ping) energy industry base.

  To this end, Liang Ping coordinated natural gas exploration and development and ecological environment protection, and promoted the rational development and utilization of natural gas resources, accelerating natural gas purified demulfurization facilities.

  This year, PetroChina Chongqing gas deposit has been investing 60 million yuan to detect the massive gas volume of the large page, and the investment of 90 million yuan to build Yun’an × 16 collection project. After completion, production capacity can reach 400,000 square / day.

Sinopec invests billion yuan to build the Changxing Group of Xinglong Gas Field, the production capacity of 300,000 square meters after the completion of the completion of the construction and desulfurization. Our reporter Peng Yu (Editor: Chen Yi, Liu Zhengning) Share more people see.

The first batch of food in Shaanxi Province arrived in the village

At 21:15 on the same day, after three hours, the six-car ingredients arrived in the whole city, the escort staff and the colleagues of the Hong Kong Human Branch were handed over, the number of ingredients, the temperature of the car … All detailsInspection, check the tissue unloading, after the entire distribution work, has arrived late at night.

With the completion of ingredients in the entrance of the ingredients, the high-tech madeware "Waiting" will turn gorgeous and turned into a "escort" "courier", put more energy into the next stage of food safety guarantee work..Although the identity changes, the work content will also change, but the eternal is the initiative of them "doing the shield, protect the food!"

(Local Contributed Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The opening of the Chinese Enterprise Pavilion of the Air Change Call on the company to help the carbon

  Xinhua News Agency, Glasgow, November 3 (Reporter Zhang Dai Jinjing) "The Second Sixth Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) The Chinese Enterprise 2nd Afternoon.

The attendee of the event said that in terms of carbon neutralization goals, companies need to play an important role and bear the responsibility of the should be.

  Former US Vice President Gore stressed that companies and investors are the main participants in carbon neutralization, in order to realize the sustainable development of the global market, companies play a key role with investors. Wang Shi, a representative of the Chinese entrepreneur, and the Director of the Vanke Public Welfare Foundation say that Chinese companies play an important role in national economic development, which can help countries achieve carbon neutralization goals. During the transformation of national economic development, some companies in China played a pioneering role in the development and application of renewable energy technology.

At the same time, some energy, transportation, and manufacturing companies still face challenges, need to challenge to opportunities, accelerate adjustment to achieve green transformation. Climate experts, COP26 Organizing Committee, representatives, appeal to global companies to contribute to climate change.

Representatives of Sustainable Buildings, Green Finance, Climate Fund, Volunteer, and other fields have discussed topics such as climate actions to help sustainable development, and how to cooperate with innovation and innovation. According to reports, Chinese enterprises in China will hold more than 30 scenes of activities, buildings, energy, finance, industrial, transportation, Internet, retail, and other fields, will participate in these activities on site or online during this conference.

  Cop26 opens on October 31st in Glasgow, England. This session is the first Conference of the Parties after the "Paris Agreement" entered the implementation phase. The international community generally expects all parties in developed countries to truly implement reduction commitments, joint action to effectively bring crisis and challenges to climate change. (Editor: Cui Yue, Yan Wei) Sharing let more people see.