Timely high debut The 8th China Baby Industry Conference (CBI) won the "New Year’s Star" award

On December 13, 202, the 8th China Baby Industry Conference (CBI) held by Zhongxong Media was held on the online year of the baby industry in this first time, at the time of the year of the baby industry. The cloud refers to the form of the cloud, with a strong brand strength and market reputation, won the annual baby industry origin – Annual Future New Year.

The China Baby Industry Conference initiated by the industry authoritative media is the highest, most authoritative and influential industrial conference in China’s baby industry. The theme of the conference of the year of the new year of the Baby Industry Conference, explored the trend and context of the new stage of development in the development of the baby industry.

As a heavy link in the previous China Baby Industry Conference, the Chinese Baby Industry Original Award is a collection of brand, channels, and practitioners in the baby industry, recognizing the power of the industry, and continues to continue Excavate new examples and new forces for the industry, thereby highlighting the industrial spirit, promoting the innovation and development of baby industry. Wond award, achievement, potential, Xinxing is expected to create a black horse legend pick eater does not have a drink.

In the second half of 2021, the high-child birth of a high-level child milk powder in the second half of 2021. When the birth rate declined, the growth of baby powder is weak, the child’s powder market consumption is huge, and the high-level trend in the game, with forward-looking strategic eyes, open Children’s powder trail of Nuggets Road.

Timely high product strength is distinct, starting from consumer demand, the exclusive 6G formula, special research and development against children’s appetite, physical, brain, vision, focus, self-esteem, children, to provide children with children Nutrition solution. Since the time, since the listing, the precision locks 80-90 young parents group, stick to vital marketing, highlight the new potential, expectation, high-temporal attention to the black horse legend! Honor is crowned, only for better departure, in the future development journey, always highlight, build a brand internal strength, multi-dimensional communication channel, provide better products and services to consumers, in the infant industry The key period of the year, with the hard quality and innovative spirit, solid and steady, join hands with partners, and jointly promote the prosperity of industry! Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis. Editor in charge: kJ005.

Suqian Su Yu: Small and Melon

Workers are picking melons.

The people’s online Cold Kingming took the time, in the 10,000-mu of Puoyan Industrial Park, Daxing Town, Suyu District, Suqiu District, Jiangsu Province, a row of cement columns, or green or yellow melons like a small The lanterns hang high.

Square seeds can be produced, and the melon root stem can be used, and the whole body has the economical value of the melon is becoming the rich "Golden Bean" in the Suzhou Xiaowei.

"This year is a harvest year!" Fuqing melon planting professional cooperative, Wang Zhanzhen, said with a speech, while holding the scissors, hand, fell, and moved well.

50-year-old Wang Zhanzhen is a veterans.

Because the hometown of Anhui Province is a melon plantation, in 2017, he chose to start a business when he was transferred from the army.

In order to quickly master the marketing technology and investigation market, he ran more than ten cities in the five provinces in just a few months, both of the Agricultural Sciences studied, and also went into the field to teach farmers.

"Select seedlings are like finding objects, and seedling is like ‘marriage’, next is the process of ‘borno’. From spring species to autumn harvest, there are many nodes of melon planting, so it must be refined." Talking about the experience of planting melon, Wang Zhanzhen played an image.

This year is the third year of him planting melon. It has also entered the harvest from the investment period. The comprehensive income of each acre melon is between 12,000 yuan, and his more than 400 acres of planting base is about 5 million yuan. . Daxing Town Double Tea Community Village Gao Shu Lanni furtorned, in Wang Zhanzhen’s cooperatives.

"My family has 5 acres, and the previous wheat rice is only two or three thousand yuan."

"The old man said, after the land is turned to the cooperative with 900 yuan per acre," I have been working here.

One year, we have worked more than 30,000 yuan in the income of land circulation. "With the increasing increasing effect, in addition to foreign contractors, many locals in foreign workers have also returned to entrepreneurship. 3 years ago, Daxing Town" 90 "Youth Han Kun resigned returned home from Suzhou, contracted 86 acres of meloni, annual profit of approximately 300,000 yuan, driving more than 20 villagers. "Usually encounter grown problems, you can find technical personnel of agricultural service center.

"He said.

At present, the local area has established a standardized production base for planting, and Suqian City Xingyi Kemaken Co., Ltd. develops a variety of casual foods, and the melon industry chain extends. On November 11, in the company’s live broadcast, a stage printer kept "spit" out of the express delivery. The positive value "Double Eleven", the company ushered in the peak season, the order of orders all over the country fly. The little peasant "species" out of the rural resolution. Nowadays, Daxing Town has formed a melon industrial park integrated with guanle, product development, production and processing, and tourism.

Caihuo, Secretary of Daxing Town, said that the local melon planting area has reached 13,000 mu, ranking among the national towns and towns, and the industries have driven more than 5,000 villagers, and the per capita increasing approximately 4,500 yuan. (Editor: Zhang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.

The hospital stays with me to defeat pain

November 10 (Wen / Huang Dongjin) I retired is a secondary school political teacher, "Reference News" is very suitable for my appetite.

"Reference News" mainly publishes some political affairs, but also publishes some other knowledge, such as astronomical geography, sports entertainment, etc., rich in content. Read "Reference News", improve my political consciousness, open my horizons, expand my knowledge. In the long-term teaching practice, I combine the content of "reference news" with professor students, and I have been welcomed by students and received a good teaching effect.

"Reference message" became the hard work of my teaching work.

There is a feature of the article "Reference Message", which is objective, actual, both a positive article, and a negative article, both domestic time comments, and abroad. Long-term reading "Reference News", making me get great inspiration, develop a rational thinking, comprehensive look, seriously distinguish not a good habit of non-real leave.

In addition, since I subscribed to "reference news", my life law has also changed, it seems to be more active and more rhythmic. The day work is heavy, no work is reading, after ten o’clock in the evening, I always thunder to read "Reference News" and think while thinking, then slowly enter the dream. It is easy to work on the next day, with a bottom gas. "Reference News" brings me the positive energy of life, and my good teacher. After retiring, I sometimes go out to travel, except for some living supplies, don’t forget to bring "reference news". Sometimes, in a city, I bought "Reference News" in the local kiosk, and I appreciate the big rivers and mountains of the motherland, and they are happy.

It can be said without exaggeration. "Reference News" has become a good friend I can’t divide, a good companion.

I am a 70-year-old man. In recent years, I have been hospitalized in recent years, especially in a serious car accident last year, hospitalization for nearly one month. During the hospital stay, I still don’t forget to bring "reference news".

Sometimes the infusion is reading "Reference Message".

Looking at it, I have forgotten pain and trouble. "Reference News" also became my psychological medicine. As an old subscriber, in the "reference news" was founded 90 years, let me say: Thank you, "Reference News", my good helper, friend, partner and a master.

(The authors are the retired teachers of Pingnan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region).

Pathfinder joins hands with China Aerospace Space Benefits to Help "Day and Word No."

This donated clothing experienced repeated demand docile and fast R & D feedback, the finished product adopted a patented fabric, splicing net cloth increased breathable function, highlighting the combination of Long March 5 and Mars Mission, not only The work of the test players wear, but also reflects the Space Culture and Mission Commemorative Significance. In the launch of the sun, the temperature is maintained at about 37 degrees. In a few months, the task test team has been preparing for the Chinese first Mars probe task. China is named "Tian Qi No. 1" China’s first Mars detection task, the name stems from Qu Yuan’s poem "Day", expresses the tenacity and persistence of the Chinese nation’s pursuit of truth, reflecting cultural inheritance of natural and cosmic space exploration I will find a long way to explore the scientific truth, and pursue technology innovation never end.

And this idea is also compatible with the exploration spirit of "dare to be the first" inheritance in the past years.

As a national outdoor brand, the pathpell has the largest outdoor supplies R & D center in China.

He has worked with relevant units of the China Astronaut Research Training Center to carry out research and development of aerospace outdoor clothing and new materials. In the future, the space becoming the brand will carry out in-depth cooperation with the path-wide brand, collect and analyze the needs of space-first-line researchers, combining space technology and culture, research and development more suitable for the wear, distinctive costumes and equipment of the aestherence.

At the same time, the aerospace technology technology is used in daily outdoor equipment to jointly promote the advancement of heaven and earth and outdoor equipment and development. In the future, the path of the road will continue to break through the outdoor equipment research and development, strengthen the quality and performance of the product, focus on science and technology, innovation, is committed to providing comfortable and safe consolidated products for outdoor enthusiasts, with the ultimate product achievement Beyond beauty.

Passing the challenge to the society, exploring unknown, constantly moving the spirit of the times.

(Editor: Yang Lei, Hu Xuecong).

Transforming resource advantages into development advantages – Documentary of investment promotion in Keong County, Qiqihar City

Rural revitalization, industry first. Since this year, Ke Dong County has taken the initiative to attack, optimize services, increase the investment of agricultural projects, and focus on building a agricultural industrial chain, and the land of the earth has become a hot land of agricultural investment. The total investment of 100 million Huihai Coading Cold chain logistics quick frozen vegetable project signed land, the north latitude 47-speed frozen vegetable processing industrial park project an orderly promotion, Feihe special medical powder and the Orui Jin milk powder tank project is launched in the year … "Ten At the beginning of the four five ", in Khanda, a agricultural agricultural product investment promotion project has also landed, and the agricultural industry chain is growing.

Kandone is one of the world’s three cold black tapes. It is the national important commodity grain production base and green food base. In order to give full play to the local agricultural resources advantage, the Campanian party and government team took the initiative to attack, and actively innovate investment promotion methods, set up 7 Key projects leading the county-level leaders to promote special officers, screen the target enterprises, dig deep into investment clues, follow up the intentional project, strictly implement the half-month report, the end of the month, through the leading cadres, investment, smart investment, Fully promote a batch of quality projects to build. The start is a sprint, and the opening is a decisive battle. Since this year, the main leaders of the party and government in Ke Dong County have led the team to Beijing, Suzhou and other foreign market investment, receiving Tianjin, Shandong and other places, launching a variety of form in investment activities, 147 agricultural and agricultural products, have signed item 5 Signing funds billion.

The project must not only make it, but it is necessary to make it.

Kandong County strengthens tracking service, formulate "Kandong County to carry out" into enterprises, listen to the sound, breaking difficulties, do practical "resident service implementation plan", carry out "one-on-one" stationary service, help companies have some sites, Take the bridge, engage in coordination, breaking problems, and realize the full coverage of the assistant enterprises, full protection, and policies.

Henan Mingsuyuan Group is "conquer" by the Queon "babysitter" service.

In 2017, the company settled in Que Dong. After submitting the material, it took only 5 hours to get the business license. It took only two months to complete the project to land in other places, "Kandong Speed" won the Headquarters Praise.

"The Kandong business environment is very good, the local party committee, the government includes various functional departments, and it is very supportive for our companies.

These touched us to the development of Khande.

Zhang Shuai, general manager of Kandong Animal Musarum Co., Ltd., said that county is specially equipped with a deputy-level leader to be responsible for the animal project, which takes the initiative to provide efficient and warm services to enterprises, and prefer "intimate babysitter". Quality service attracting enterprise investment In the 5 years, the Muyuan Group continues to increase the construction of Khande, and then built 10 scale farms. It is 230,000 pigs in the column of raw pig. scale.

The investment is not stopped, and the service is endless.

Li Wenjun, director of the Kevo County OECD, and the trip to the daily reception, negotiation, investigation, etc. He said, now Kantong is up and down, everyone carries forward nail nails, tightened the project, nail, vowed to transform the resources of Kanda into economic advantages and development advantages. (Su Guangxin Gaohui reporter Bao Zhiqiang) (Editor: Li Jiahui, Wang Yan) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Product Floor: To help the transformation, refuel for green development

. In July this year, the industry’s leading industry Internet company consolidated the Floor Shengling Mini Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xichang Ji Mini") officially launched.

Adhere to the "virtual use of it, use it uns", with "a headquarters, multi-base, online line linkage" as the development layout, Xichang Jiyin new interpretation of the product of the product "Fully help industry" Business architecture of development and renewable resource recycling ". From the perspective of "loop development", it can be seen that the product of the culturally-linked restrictions helps the traditional industry to innovate from the traditional model, and is also a process of contributing the dynamics of green development. Helping the transformation, constructing the formation of integrated ecological circles Since its inception, the product is fully insisted on the orientation of industrial chain customers, accelerating growth, and trusts to provide customers with extreme service.

The increase in the number of customers and the expansion of the business scale, which in turn is formed and improved. The homogenous ecotropic circle is the initial "online" "off" combined with development, and then the product is continuously upgraded and going to the product of Omo.

In this process, the total system is growing year by year: September 2015, with the "car cargo" model, for the owner, the carrier, the owner of the "bridge" building "bridge" is online; 2016, the total number of tabs started R & D, online payment function is online; 2017, the micro-index, cycle, Yuncai, Yunjing cloud processing successively online; 2018, China has made big ecotropic circles, built industrial Internet platforms; 2019, upgrade digital warehouse, Transportation network, cycle, index, chemical, etc. The integrated industrial park cluster and ecotropic circles are gradually improved. With new technology, the industry-leading industry-leading industry is established, and it is constructed to build a large-scale property chain to serve the ecological circle, adhere to the "ultimate service" concept, providing steel, vanadium, and chemicals for industrial chain customers. One-stop service and overall solution such as the smart warehousing, high-end processing, smart logistics, online transactions, supply chain services, platform technology output, market supporting.

Up to now, the Tibetan Federation has been built contains a total of 26 large sectors, and the platform of GMV transaction volume is more than 100 billion yuan, and the link industry chain is 100,000, and gradually deepens the OMO fusion mode.

  At the 17th Working Group held in July this year, Chen Yuan, a high-level vice president of the ColiClin, said that the tide of the digital economy, the integration of digital economy and physical industries becomes a high-quality development of enterprises. Bulk question. Building a well-cultivated sea industrial park complex, building a digital smart park; online construction of industry Internet platform ethnic groups, with new technology services traditional industries, teducation development, high-efficiency dual platform to enter the industrial chain , Build new services with mature industrial Internet ecotropic circles.

Through the change of digital intelligent core products, the product is supported by the transformation of the three directions of intelligent factory + platform-working operation + synergy, and actively helps traditional industries. It is no longer limited to the old model of the traditional industry. Currently, the industrial ecology of the product of the product is already entered into the "new era", and the model is integrated with the development of the industry, accelerates the digital intelligence of industries. Process, gradually realize improvement results, accelerate transformation and upgrading. .

  Digital interpretation of green development vision is the result of the new generation of industrial revolution, the digital economy is the inevitable technological change, and the society seeks "green development" export.

Some experts pointed out that "green development is an inevitable choice for production logic to life logic, traditional industries to the ecological industrial transformation, is an important way to achieve advanced production, livable life, beautiful ecological harmony and unity.

"The lack of deep logic behind the current" carbon neutral "and" carbon-carbon peak ", and also the intention of the industry’s digital development, the new social economic development. This is in the traditional industry transition upgrade array One of the parts, the cultivary Iron Ingredients in the process of driving the traditional industry transformation and upgrading, quickly responding to the national policy call, actively playing the mission of state-owned enterprises, and actively playing the power of self-power in the trend of the new economic development and green development goals. On July 21, the Mini Bandai and Dongfeng Commercial Co. Strive to promote the construction of modern smart logistics ecotropic circles. Similar to the target vision of "recycled resource recycling", "new energy vehicles" is involved in "new energy vehicles", which is the character, innovation, and continuous pursuit of the role of the product. – To practice "traditional industries to ecological industries", we must contribute to the social green development of "traditional industries to the ecological industry", future economic development, and the efforts of "innovation", The Terraces will continue.

(Jiang Yan) [Editor in charge: Xu Meida].

One of the people’s online three comments "Net sales prescription drugs": You want to buy me to sell, "e-commerce" too much

The People’s Network has recently been investigated by the chaos of the net sales prescription, and the result is quite shocked.

"You" want to buy "I" to sell, as for the treatment of a good medicine will become a deadly "poison", "I" did not care. I can’t help but ask, people live, do medical e-commerce so, what is conscience? Pharmaceutical safety is about life safety, drug trading is never paying money, handling trading.

Those "you want to buy me, sell" is dangerous, and those who sell prescriptions are wrong.

For pharmaceutical e-commerce, whether it is independent operator or a third-party platform operator, it must fulfill the obligation of reviewing, in physician qualification review, drug store qualification review, online opening, prescription flow, online shopping, etc. It can’t be missing, otherwise it is difficult to become a healthy helper, but becoming a harm of manufacturing tragedy.

Some experts appeal, "The control of the prescription drug needs is like a strict gun management." In fact, my country’s corresponding policies and norms have never been missing. The current pharmaceutical management method clearly stipulates that the prescription must be delivered, purchased and used by practicing physicians or practitioners. In April 2018, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on" Internet + Medical Health "Development, and clearly proposes common diseases issued on the line, chronic diseases, need to be audited by pharmacists. In December 2018, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "New Year’s Negative List (2018 Edition)", "in" prohibiting access "is clearly stipulated," drug production, business enterprises must not violate the regulations adopt mailing, Internet transactions, etc. Direct sales of prescription directly. "

Whether it is a pharmaceutical business company, it is also a company that provides a third-party trading platform service of drugs, and has not fulfilled the responsibility, touches the legal red line, will be severely punished.

For pharmaceutical e-commerce, we must fulfill the responsibility of the shoulder, and bear the responsibility of the commitment. On the basis of protecting the patient safety medicine, there is a qualification to obtain a related return. In recent years, from the Internet registered to the Internet, "Doctors’ online consultation, online opening" gradually enters people’s lives.

The rise of Internet medical is injecting a strong intensive agent into the prosperity of the pharmaceutical market.

The drug tougin is indeed provided a huge convenience to patients to a certain extent.

How to create a safe medication environment between demand and supply is worth thinking. (Editor: Dong Xiaowei, Wang Qian).

Read the "cause" behind the young people "self-medication"

Nowadays, with the convenience of netization, many college students have a health problems, the first time I thought I didn’t go to school hospital or school hospital, but opened mobile Internet query disorder, and then buy it through the takeaway order .

"Self-medication" is increasingly popular in young people, some experts warmers, such unsafe medication methods or serious health damage. (On December 10th, "China Youth Daily") has a laughter: "How to use a sentence to anger doctor? Online saying." What is the doctor? I can’t blindly believe in "network search", can’t be blindly confident in good health, and ask doctors in time, it is the performance of scientific and health.

"Self-medication" became "young and fashion", so the trend is worrying. "Ancient and modern" has a cloud: "Looking for the four words, sincere the master of the doctor.

"In fact, regardless of Chinese medicine Western medicine, only face-to-face observations can provide relatively accurate drug recommendations.

Just online query disorder, avoiding the foundation inspection steps, easy to fall into medical misunderstandings. As everyone knows "is a three-point poison", don’t let blind medication increase health burden.

Body problems, don’t necessarily understand themselves. Cool, some young people are used to "self-medicine", do not believe in doctors, not happy to go to the hospital, deep "cause" may have a lot. For example, the current medical cost is not low, university college students lack income source, and the Internet will become the cheapest self-rescue method; for example, some young people regard health problems as "privacy", please go to the hospital self-exposure, may have a negative impact . At the moment of high development of the Internet, mobile phones have become hands and feet, do not want to go out, relying on network to meet the needs of clothing and food and housing, have become a habit of young people.

In the fast-paced modern life, the young people have been working, entertainment, social exemption, go to the hospital registration, line up all day, only solve the epidemic disease, and may "not efficiency" in some eyes. " "Self-medication" is the result of the influence of multifacence. It is undeniable that access to the Internet society, all kinds of services can seek from online, relying on network implementation, and Internet medical services have been raised.

Many experts have known the public number of the video, teaching health knowledge, popularize medical concept, and effectively reduce the cost of mass medical care.

However, standing in the patient’s perspective, with it to check the disease on the Internet, it is to seek medical services, but it is better to seek media services. Young people "self-medicine" is still cautious, when seeking professional people solve professional problems.

In the face of young people "self-medication" trends, they should be dialective. On the one hand, it is believed that young people pay attention to health; on the other hand, they should encourage young people to update medical concepts and encourage them to seek professional medical institutions to solve health problems.

At the same time, the relevant departments call on relevant departments to provide low-cost medical services, enter the dormitory into the teaching class, facing the face to help young people eliminate disease hidden dangers.

"Youth, then the country, the youth, the state is strong." Young people have a strong body, in order to build the grandmaster of the motherland. Pay attention to young people "self-medication" issues, and all walks of life are pouring more heart.


Pleasant Jinke: Explore the way to the workplace in the "big coffee assistant" internship

Pleasant Golden Mother Company Yinxin College Xingyao Future 2020, 2021 students Zhao Mingzhe, the founder of Yuxin Company, CEO Tang Ning, is the second week of Internship assistant, I received a title of Tang Poly Sharing An article named "Why is the important thing".

After Zhao Mingzhe after reading this article, even somewhat doubt whether the author was monitoring him.

At the founder of Zhao Mingzhe and Yixin Company, CEO Tang Ning discussed this article, Tang Tong always mentioned the three major elements of success, the first is Academicexcellence (excellent academic achievement and rich professional knowledge), the second is Athleticexcellentance (health The body), the third is SocialNetworkingAndleadership (social and leadership).

Not only that, he also gave Zhao Mingzhe a mission, which is to report to Tang Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty. Many graduates are in progress in the workplace, and they are in charge of themselves, do everything, take the initiative to weaken some motives that are in contact with others.

But if you want to become success, it means to actively communicate with others, get rid of your social phobia. This is also the first alert to the social topic to the social topic to the workplace.

Tang Tong said with Zhao Mingzhe, I have a lot of outstanding people, and some of them are very outgoing, good at communicating. Now they are very successful in financial investment in financial investment; and some people, they are somewhat Inner direction, don’t like to communicate with people, although they have strong potential, but there is no advantage to exactly. Of course, the nature of people is different. If you avoid social, communicate with people, this doesn’t matter, your work and life will continue.

However, if you want to succeed, you must talk more, communicate more, alwaysbetalking. Zhao Mingzhe has doubts and confused in graduation, and how to survive in the fierce competition in the competitive society, in this experience in the admirement of the CEO, Zhao Mingzhe realized the social and expanded people. The importance, truly felt that they have treated their growth and interpersonal growth, which will become a golden compass that points to the future successful route of the workplace. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Editor in charge: kJ005.

One thing is a lifetime! Wang Jiye’s future generation tells the "Shim Island Story" to the teachers and students of the Kindergarten.

Modern Express News (Correspondent Li Hongfoxuan Lu Ren) is a spirit of learning the party history, learning the people’s model Wang Ji’s spirit of party loyalty, dedication, and home, June 15, Jiangsu Provincial Military Region Kindergarten Held " Five-Star Red Flag – Celebrating Party Century Series Activities on the Sale of the Tips. All the teachers and students enjoy the film "The Islanders" of the film, and invited Wang Jiji’s future generations to tell the "Shim Island Hero" in the scene. △ Wang Xiangyang tells the story of Grandpa Wang Jiji, △ Wang Xiangyang sharing to Beijing to participate in the film "The Island" premiere experience "The Yellow Sea has a Jihaoyama, Kaishan Island is my grandfather, Dad’s home … grandfather never left We, I want to learn from Grandpa, one thing for a lifetime. "The scene, Wang Xiangyang told the story of Grandpa Wang Ji Cai.

Wang Jiyi has been in silent adheres in a small island without fresh water, no electricity, less than 20 acres of island, and serves youth to China.

Couples of Wang Ji Cai were rated as "Touching China 2018", he has obtained honorary titles such as National Love National Defense Family, "National Top Ten Oceanic People".

△ Wang Fan gives a book "home in Kaishan Island". "Everyone in each of our people need to stick to it. Hold the belief, will not lose the direction of the front; hold the principle, will not succumb to the powerful lure; hold the conscience, will not let the private desire; guard Responsibility, it won’t be afraid of difficulties.

"Wang Ji Ci’s little daughter Wang Fan also shared, and gave a book" home in Kaishan Island ". A class of Wu Yizhen said: "We must study our grandparents as an example, study hard, and grow up for the motherland. "The big three classes Li Shiyu said:" We live so good now because there are many people like Wang Ji Cai’s grandfather. We have to cherish the current life and make people useful to society after growing. "△" The movie "The Islander" with the real story of Wang Jiji is about to be released, and all teachers and children appreciate the movie flowers.

Teacher Jiang Guanghui said: "As an entry of the party’s active molecule, the class teacher, learning Wang Ji is to start their own work, start from a little bit, put the integrity to the army, put the love to the child, and give enthusiasm to parents." Song Rui, secretary of kindergarten party branch It is said that "the five-star red flag on the wave" is a special red education, which will stimulate all the faculty and staff to establish the value pursuits and faith of the new era, and motivate young children’s heart to the party, and serve the firmness of the motherland. (Correspondent for map) related recommendations.