“village head,I have to take my brother to the patriarch’s house,Don’t he have a few treasures in his house??Brother is fair,Sell him best。”

The village chief waved his hand:“then you go!Xiao Hu is indeed a real person,There is nothing wrong with selling things to him。”
A pair of stone lions,Just give one million,I believe that other antique buyers can’t give it,Can give one hundred thousand,I’m afraid it’s all found by conscience。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Nine Get angry
When Hu Yang rushed to the house of the so-called patriarch,Found that there are still people left,Bargaining,Has given up to half a million。
No wonder,The host didn’t drive this person away,Give to 500,000,Is already rare,At least it seems sincere to the villagers?
The villagers who brought Populus and the others are a bit embarrassed,Said it is only sold to Populus,But found that there are still people left,Look at this posture,If Populus and they don’t come,Maybe it’s already a deal。
“All 500,000 is not enough。”A middle-aged man shook his head and said。
Hall,The oldest old man did not speak,Quietly watching these people talk about prices,Not involved,Doesn’t seem to care too much。
Some people have questions in the live broadcast room,Many older generations,Heirlooms are rarely sold,Feel shameless。But this village,Doesn’t seem to be the case。
They ignored,The source of these items,Strictly,These are loot,Not created by my ancestors,So I didn’t insist on saying that what I uploaded cannot be sold。
Hu Yang, they listened:All 500,000?
They look over,There are seven or eight objects on the table,Most gold and silverware,Almost all ancient women’s jewelry,Put them in a three-layer box。
In the eyes of rural people,Gold and silverware must be more valuable than ordinary things。Give all 500,000,A little dissatisfied。
Just say go to the gold shop to buy gold bracelets,Slightly larger,Tens of thousands!Tens of thousands are not in the minority,Not to mention antiques。