Don’t let the heroes shed blood, sweat and tears!

And for Qiao Tianyu,The creed he has always upheld is,Everything that is beneficial to China’s national and social development,Everything that can improve the quality of life of the Chinese people,He will spare no effort to promote,This is also his lifelong pursuit of the heart of a flaming child!
“Keying,You immediately help me meet the vice president,If the other party agrees,I want to treat him to dinner。”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“okay,no problem!”Soon after the little fat face hung up,Then he called,“The other party agreed!”
See each other,Qiao Tianyu was overjoyed,Hurry up and make an appointment with the little fat face to be the most expensive in Dubai in an hourLa pitabile Maiso
Meet at the restaurant。
However, the chubby face quickly replied that the other party was in a bad mood,No mood to have a big meal,I made an appointment with them at a regular cafe on the beach。
Not in the mood for a big meal?
Qiao Tianyu keenly captured useful information,It seems to be similar to Qiao Tianyu’s previous expectations,They did meet**annoyed,Otherwise, they won’t keep the high180Ten thousand dollars in cost,Wandering on the coast of the Persian Gulf。
Without delay,Qiao Tianyu immediately took a taxi,Arrived at the agreed coffee shop a quarter of an hour before。
Before the other party comes,Qiao Tianyu specially asked for a quieter private room,He doesn’t want to be interrupted when he talks。
About ten minutes later,Xiao Pang Lian quickly rushed over with the vice president,Qiao Tianyu greeted each other quickly and came to the private room to sit down。
After some introduction and greetings,Qiao Tianyu knew that the other party was called Huang Shuliang,Is China’s third largest oil company—Vice President of Huayou Group。
But Qiao Tianyu found a detail,Since I saw the first side,To everyone to meet each other,Mr. Huang always frowned,Even if you smile politely,It always gives people a bitter smile。
It seems like the little fat face just said,President Huang is indeed in a bad mood,Should be encountered**annoyed。
Qiao Tianyu wanted to ask what happened,What’s the difficulty?,Qiao Tianyu hasn’t asked yet,Mr. Huang can’t sit still。
“Mr. Joe,I heard from Li Dahai of China Energy International Construction Group,You are proficient in financial trading,Is a big man who can stir Wall Street,They Zhongneng International won the Mexican railway project more than half a month ago,All thanks to you,I came here today too!”
Li Dahai of China Energy International Construction Group?
Hear the name,Qiao Tianyu glanced at Xiaopang’s face,The chubby face smiled and stuck out his tongue at Qiao Tianyu。