Okay,Everything is in his plan,The warriors from other places are coming in this direction,That his battle is effective。

Chapter six hundred and eighty two Escape the golden cicada
After the delay,It’s still an hour and a half before dark。
So no matter what, he must go to forcibly shake a Saint-level master who is above Rank 5,This kind of thing is not a joke,Even if he is supernatural,No matter how powerful,It’s not strong enough to fight with dozens of Level 5 or higher masters。
But their purpose has changed,The invitation from the very beginning became a mandatory retention,So Martial Artists around him appeared in front of him at the same time。
So I plan to do it at the same time!
well,Xia Chenglong likes this atmosphere very much。
Someone stood up,The Three Elders of the Tujia,Tu Cancan’s Third Grandpa Tu Zhi,The other party is a genuine Eight-Rank Entering Holy Land,Look at the grade,They belong to the same,But Tu Zhi also felt that he could not defeat the black-robed man in front of him,So he stood with everyone。
“Throughout the ages,No one in Lingxiao City can come and go as freely as you,Whether you stay or not today,Will be an important part of history here。”
“I just want to kill someone who doesn’t matter to you。”
Tu Zhiyixiao,Put your hands in each other’s cuffs:“So you achieved your goal,Lingxiao City is still very sensible in this respect。”