“It is indeed possible……but,You come to me now,She instructed you,Or you want to come by yourself?”

“Is her plan,Is her last instruction。”
Yu Zhe suddenly laughed,It’s just that there is a bit of sadness in this smile。
Shi Muluo still wants to kick her out after all,Of course he knows that the other party just wants him to survive,But compared to living alone without thinking about it,He would rather meet death with Shi Muluo。
“Can i see her again……”
“I can’t even see me now。”
“What’s her situation now?”
Zheng Ye sighed again after another,Don’t know how to answer。
“Not very optimistic,She had always concealed the fact that she had recovered,I just don’t want to cooperate with Qi Xianwei’s plan,But you saw it that day,She was completely normal in front of Qi Xianwei……I don’t know what conditions she used in exchange to make everything go smoothly,Anyway since that time,I will never see her again。”
The two were silent with their own concerns。
Yu Zhe is distressed,Just meet up in a hurry,In the end, I couldn’t even say a word,The distance between the two was only five meters,But it’s like a gap that cannot be crossed,In the end everything just returns to the original starting point,He still couldn’t find any news about Shi Muluo。
And Zheng Ye is also desperate,He has no bottom now,Although he and Shi Muluo are on the same front,But compared to revenge,He is now worried that Shi Mu Luo no longer needs him,So I will try to get rid of him who knows too much。
Just thinking,suddenly,The room door was opened again,The two of them are probably too fascinated,So that I didn’t notice that there were other people outside the door,Really was a little scared by the sound of the door opening。
But fortunately,An acquaintance came in,
The two of them are relieved now。
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