“You can report to the instructor,I will not avoid the responsibility。”

“What kind of attitude?Give me the gun。”Shen Yingjie is so angry。
“Can’t,I’m afraid you can hold this stuff and point to me。”Li Tianchou is not angry either,The pistol is stuck in the back。
“you……”Shen Yingjie will speak again later,But after seeing Qi Baozhu, who had come back, suddenly rushed over like crazy,There is a foot on the face of the man who has passed out,Very vicious。
“Got it,Got it,Half life left。”Li Tianchou quickly pulled Qi Baozhu away,Turning to look at Shen Yingjie who was a little crazy,“He definitely didn’t mean it,Stimulated。The shot just now,Only half a centimeter away from his head。”
“Leave here first。”Li Tianchou has no intention to continue entanglement,But his hands firmly grasped Qi Baozhu who was going crazy,“It’s almost Baozhu,This is not a place to talk,How about going to your car shop?”
Qi Baozhu, who couldn’t get rid of with all his best, was slumped,Closed my eyes in pain,Unconsciously, two lines of tears were left。
“Don’t think so much,Take a rest and look for countermeasures,Always get better。”Li Tianchou is also sad,But more of anger and self-blame,Five dead and seven injured,This incident is most likely caused by him,So many innocent people became victims,How can he be indifferent。
Shen Yingjie died seeing this situation,She has some understanding of the incident,And sympathize with Yuxing’s current situation,A moment of silence。
“Even a paralyzed person,I don’t agree with them!”Qi Baozhu yells up to the sky,But Li Tianchou’s heart trembled,“You said Xiaohuo had an accident?”
Qi Baozhu doesn’t speak,Turn around。
“Do me a favor,Go to the hospital right away to check the people who died in the wine bar,Try to be accurate。”Li Tianchou looked at the silent Shen Yingjie,Took out the phone and handed it to the other party,“There is the address of the dealership,Find me there afterwards。”
The hesitating Shen Yingjie nodded seriously,At this time, it is meaningless to consider whether the other party is deceiving her,Maybe some help within our capacity can ease Li Tianchou’s current mood。
A high-end residential complex on Fuqing Road in the southwestern suburb of Fushan,Wen Hui is pacing in his study,Restless。