67 people’s arrears, all recovered!

"Thank you for helping us have to go back to the wage that we are arreled, our hanging heart can finally let go.

"Recently, Yangjiang City, Guangjiang City, Guangdong Province, I express my gratitude to Yangjiang City Federation. It is reported that Yangjiang Union actively promotes the practice of" I am doing practical things for the masses ", successfully recovering banks, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

One day in July this year, Yangjiang City has received news, and the construction of construction workers in a business city in Yangchun City.

Yangjiang City always transfers to the Yangchun City Federation of Trade Unions according to the principle of management and grading management, and conducts business guidance and tracking supervision.

After the total understanding of Yangchun City, the business city was started on April 20 this year, and the monthly pre-departure workers were agreed as a living fee.

After the construction site developers and contractors have disputes, there is disputes in the payment nodes of the construction, causing the workers’ remaining wages to be delayed.

A total of 67 workers were arrears in salary.

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, July 29, Huang Chuangguan, vice chairman of Yangjiang City, leads the rights of rights, leading the rights of the rights, the town of the trade city, and the Yangchun City People’s Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, local towns The relevant departments of the town government convene the owners, construction units, labor applications and employee representatives of the trade city project, and seek solving the way through the topic coordination meetings, individual interviews.

On July 30th, under the coordination of Yangjiang Trade Union Organization, the owners, construction units and labor applications of the Trade City project were written in writing.

On August 22, workers who stayed in the construction site have all received a wage arreled. For individuals who have returned home, they have contacted, coordinated and verified, and they have directly hit them on their cards.