A-share upward logic is still gradually performing the main line layout

A-share upward logic is still gradually performing the main line layout

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  Original title: A-share upward logic is still in a gradual and progressive mainline layout. □ Our reporter, Niu Zhongyi, on January 21st, the three major A-share stock indexes were replaced across the board.

Among them, the Shanghai stock index closed down by 1.

41% to close at 3052.

14 points; Shen Cheng refers to a decline of 1.

46% to 10953.

41 points; the ChiNext Index fell 0.

76% to 1967.

03 o’clock.

On the disk, pharmaceutical stocks strengthened against the market, and some leading technology stocks also performed strongly.

  The analysis points out that profit recovery, mild policies, and a fall in the risk premium are the main driving factors of market growth since December 2019. At present, the logic of rebound is still valid.

  The spring market is expected to continue on January 21st. The Shanghai Index maintains a weak shock throughout the day. From the technical surface, on the 21st, the Shanghai Index no longer falls below the 20-day moving average and covers the upward gap on January 2nd.Spring market will be preliminary?

The Spring Festival is approaching, do investors want to hold currency for the holiday?

  Haitong Securities said that the index is likely to remain in a narrow range before the Spring Festival holiday, but based on the current monetary policy and the internal and external environment, it remains optimistic about the market after the holiday and the structural market is easy to continue.

  In addition to holding money or holding stocks, Huaxin Securities’ strategic research points out that holding stocks is a better option for investors.

The agency said that the probability of the wind-wide A index gaining 60% over the past decade.

In terms of industries, including the consumption, transportation, and semiconductor industries, the probability of increase is over 70%.

According to statistics, in the past ten years, the A-share market in the last week before the holiday has almost become popular across the board.

  Great Wall Securities stated that under the background of global “asset shortage”, the underestimation and growth of A-shares have better investment attractiveness, and the trend of long-term net foreign inflows into A-shares has not changed.

  The three main lines Nuggets Huachuang Securities proposed to grasp the current market according to the three main lines.

First of all, under the situation that risk expectations are trending upward and market liquidity remains friendly, the TMT sector continues to be optimistic. The GEM blue chips are expected to continue to trigger the market style; second, the industry-side supply-side changes have undergone profound changes.

Under the expectation of economic improvement, based on the mid-stream structural replenishment logic, the infrastructure, automobile and real estate completion chain is a structural highlight, which can focus on light industry manufacturing, textiles and apparel, automobiles, machinery, home appliances, and chemical industries; finally, the theme of the recent stageSexual attractions are active, and you can focus on technology-themed opportunities such as domestic substitution, consumer electronics, semiconductors, new energy vehicles, and Internet finance.

  Guotai Junan said that the spring market is expected to continue, and it is recommended to choose a new “β” direction in the industry configuration, including banks, machinery, pharmaceuticals, and industries that are expected to grow faster than expected under reverse conversion, such as media, automobiles and computers.

In terms of segmentation of industries, from the perspective of the cost of configuration, it is recommended to pay attention to the industry’s concentration, which has a lot of room for improvement. The existing industry’s prosperity, by 2020, the profit recovery rate, replacement, 成都桑拿网 industries that have significant advantages over industry leaders, including panels,Aviation, hotels, real estate, paper packaging.

  BOC International stated that following the main line of performance, it is recommended to pay attention to opportunities for growth sector performance exceeding expectations.

In the short term, the market ‘s liquidity will be tightly balanced before the holiday. Through the update of the quarterly report of the first quarter of 2020, the market ‘s attention to performance factors will continue to increase.

It is expected that the impairment of goodwill in 2019 will have a weaker impact on the company’s earnings. The growth of the growth sector represented by the GEM is expected to recover.