I felt surprised when I came to Qin Feng,Will the guards be overconfident??after all,How dare they be sure that there is no ambush here?If they get some explosives to play a big blast,Isn’t all the guards dead??

So in Qin Feng’s opinion,These guards are a group of muscular brains and simple stuff。
Fengmeng’s office is not big,About thirty square meters in size。But this size is enough for more than twenty people。So basically these people walked in with arrogance。
“Watch the bomb!”
Qin Feng yelled very wickedly,At the same time threw something out。of course,Just a toy bomb。
It’s just maybe because Qin Feng’s voice is a little loud,Plus they are already in a hostile relationship,So these two teams fell directly。
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Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Six Clamp
Twenty people all lying on the ground,That toy grenade just fell to the ground,Make the sound of plastic hitting the ground。
The person lying on the ground feels a little embarrassed。They found themselves being tricked by people as monkeys!but,What’s the use of them even if they are angry?Blame them for being too arrogant,I didn’t find a scout before I came in。
it’s good now,Got this hand,Lost face。
Change to other times,Maybe they will rush to fight the person who humiliated them desperately。but now,They dare not act rashly。
Because it’s obvious,They discovered that there are actually two heavenly powerhouses opposite。For the appearance of Qin Feng and Bill,They actually know。
After all, the information of these two people is publicly circulated on the Internet!