First2403chapter For the sake of my son
“Hey!There is no King Fa, right??Call the police if it doesn’t work,Big deal, let’s lose some money”Wang Youcai’s fire when he hears it,He yelled。
Wang Youfa shook his head and said:“Where is it so simple as you think”
“then what should we do?”Wang Youcai is getting a little impatient,Song Fang is the only one in my heart,I won’t come back。Anyway, there is this woman,They don’t have a stable life。
Wang Youfa took a look at Wang Youcai,Suddenly burst into tears:“If Song Fang can’t get home,I don’t want to live anymore。You as my brother,Then figure it out”
“Yo ha!This is lazy。Looks like he recognizes his brother again this time”Wang Youcai really wants to say that Wang Youcai sent a few words。But seeing his pitiful face with tears,He can’t bear it。
How to do it?The way he came up with,Wang Youfa said no,Then this matter can be very troublesome。Wang Youcai thinks about it,Just can’t think of a good way。
Finally out of helplessness,He had to tell Wang You:“This is too big,I really don’t know what to do。Or let’s go home,Listen to our dad”
that’s it,Wang Youcai pulls Wang Youfa,The two went home together。Wang Degui heard this,Blew hair on the spot,He cursed Wang Youfa and bowed his head in silence,Even Chen Yueqin was too scared to say a word。
It seems,Wang Degui is really angry this time。Wang Degui cursed the breath in his heart,He stopped the voice。Curse,After all, Wang Youfa is his own son,Something happened to the son,I’m not in a hurry,Who can be anxious。
“It seems simple,Actually quite troublesome,Not that you can solve the problem by calling the police。I read,Someone has to go down here”Wang Degui finally calmed down,He took a long breath and said。
Wang Youfa listened,Quickly nodded and said:“I think so too,But I don’t know who should go down。SZWhich side is different from ours,Those who go are not strong,Don’t say it’s taking people back,I’m afraid the people who go will get into trouble too”