Super simple rules for creating a beautiful couple

Super simple rules for creating a beautiful couple

Preview you walking on the way to work. Pedestrians pass by in a hurry. You suddenly see a pair of lovers full of happiness coming together. The hands of the two people are clasped tightly, and their sweetness and beauty are scattered in the air.

What do you feel?

Have a quick look at it?

Still scornful but scornful but resentful all night: Why are they so lucky?

If your response is normal, then you should reflect on your heart: facing a stable and happy couple, it is difficult for you to force yourself not to insult. Are you being burned in order to maintain your relationship?

  Encouraging and praising the most important men and women when they first join in love, they will commend each other’s merits to each other, the transformation relationship is fixed, and after the initial temperature drops slightly, people do less of this kind of thing, even two people stillVery devoted to each other, but no longer claiming praise and encouragement.

  If there is no sincere praise and encouragement, the wonderful feelings and gratitude that the initial praise brings to each other will be greatly reduced, and the direct result will be that the relationship between the two becomes weak.

  Therefore, you must encourage each other, treat him as a respectable object, and tell him that you are very fascinated with a certain characteristic of him, especially men who are proud but rarely understand what others think, Is his good social skills, unknown little habit, even his fit body.

  For example: Kailin of 27 is very experienced in this regard: “Every time I see my boyfriend put on a suit, I will tell him that the suit suits him best, and the shape of his lips is very sexy.

When I say this, it can obviously polish his whole body to rejuvenate.

“Another wonderful thing about praise is that it can be contagious, often cheering on the other person, and he will also get used to looking for the shining points in your body and giving encouragement and appreciation.

  If you want something, you can say imitation: Nana hates her husband before going to bed without going to bed.

In this way, when he forgets, she will be angry, don’t sleep well, and even pretend to be sick.

And her inexplicable husband will only keep asking her: Where are you uncomfortable?

  I believe you are no stranger to this dramatic scene.

Many women are like Nana, hoping that their husband or boyfriend is a super-perceived person, and they can make the romantic behavior they like without explanation. However, people with this kind of perceptual ability in the world are really rare. TheyDo not install eavesdroppers in your heart and decipher your voice at any time.

If they knew you were waiting for him to decipher, they would just make them cry.

  In a good couple relationship, this guessing game is resolutely discarded, and the most solid and deep love needs to be based on communication without obstacles.

What you need, what you are upset with, and what you want the other person to say or do, it ‘s better to say it directly.

If you do not say anything, you will make the other person feel uncomfortable and depressed, which will easily lead to contradictions and conflicts.

  An innocuous hobby can ignore the spouses and couples who have lived together for a long time. Individual habits and hobbies will show up in front of each other. No matter how he makes you dazzled, living together is a beginning to test your patience and tolerance.

He may whistle and tie to work every morning, or he may always put used towels on the floor.

No matter how weird weirdness is, wise women should choose to ignore it all.

You will soon find that opening one eye and closing one eye on these little things is definitely more beneficial than bad.

Since it has been a habit that has been formed for many years, it is absolutely unnecessary to waste time in such matters, and not to be too small.

  It is manifested as: Zhang Dandan ‘s boyfriend is used to driving on the steering wheel with the music of the radio while driving. This habit did not attract her attention at the beginning, but she felt unbearable for a long time and could not wait to hit the window with her head.

“But I’m used to looking at this problem a little bit. He has so many advantages I like, how can it be covered up by this little ridiculous quirk?

The entanglement in this matter is worthless.

“Intimacy should not be in the form. In love, the beginning of expressing each other’s love begins with a kiss. It should be noted that do n’t treat kisses as a routine business before making love because you have been in contact for a long time. Be aware of your everyA kiss, every time you kiss, be sincere and gentle, and always feel as excited and joyful as when you first kissed.

A kiss is a wonderful behavior, which can well express a feeling of “I can’t let go of you”. The other party will feel that you are deeply attracted to him, and his love is what you desire.

Try these four big vegetarians in the fall season.

Try these four big vegetarians in the fall season.

The cool autumn is coming. In this beautiful season, it is indeed a good time to maintain health from the perspective of health experts. Let’s look at the four vegetarian diets suitable for eating in the fall.


Cabbage: Its vitamin C content is 3 of tomatoes.

5 times, the calcium content is twice that of cucumber.

Cabbage also contains trace amounts of trace elements such as molybdenum and manganese, which are essential raw materials for the production of enzymes, hormones and other active substances.

It can promote the metabolism of human body and is very beneficial to children’s growth and development.

Its large amount of vitamin C can enhance the body’s ability to fight cancer.


Radish: Radish contains a lot of water, vitamin C, a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, starch and a small amount of protein, iron and other vitamins, also contains lignin, choline, oxidase, glycase, amylase, mustard oil, etc.Beneficial ingredients.

The motherland medicine believes that the radish is cool and sweet, enters the lungs, and the stomach is dichotomous. It can eliminate stagnation, phlegm and heat, lower air, detoxification, and is used for food expansion and urination.

It can be seen that the effect of radish on regulating the spleen and spleen and stomach is not small, so there is a saying that “the radish ginseng after the autumn” is said to have common dyspepsia, wind-heat type cold, tonsillitis, cough and asthma, sore throat and other diseases.effect.


Taro: Taro edible starch, nutritious.

Each of the 100 grams of fresh products contains an intermediate 91 card, protein 2.

4 grams, 姨0.

2 grams, carbonic acid 20.

5 grams, calcium 14 mg, phosphorus 43 mg, iron 0.

5 mg, vitamin C 10 mg, vitamin B10.

09 mg, vitamin B20.

04 mg.

It contains milk, mild and smooth, easy to digest, and has a stomachic effect. It is especially suitable for patients with spleen and stomach weakness, disease, tuberculosis and recovery patients. It is a good food for infants and the elderly.


Sweet potato (especially the sweet potato of the yellow heart): It is a nutrient-rich food in food.

Because sweet potato can supply a large amount of mucus protein, sugar, vitamin A and vitamin C, it has the effects of nourishing deficiency, benefiting Qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, strengthening kidney yin and stomach, warming the stomach and benefiting the lungs.

Therefore, eating sweet potatoes often prevents connective tissue atrophy in the liver and kidneys and prevents the occurrence of collagen disease.

Wash out the Housewife’s Hands

Wash out the “Housewife’s Hands”

Washing out and washing out the “Housewife’s Hands” The human hand’s skin originally had a protective film, but long-term use of various detergents will wash away the oil on the surface of the skin, so that the skin on the hands becomes dry.Even long burrs, severe cases of peeling.
This kind of hand skin disease is commonly known as “Housewife’s Hand”. It is actually a skin disease called “chronic contact irritative dermatitis”.
In addition to patients often engaged in household chores, housewives who have unprotected hands touching various chemical detergents such as soap, washing powder, detergent and so on, as well as cleaners, shampoos, beauticians, nurses, etc.
Except for direct contact with chemical cleaning products without protective measures, direct contact with irritating foods such as garlic and onions, or supplies containing metal substances such as hair dyes, and frequent soaking in cold water will cause “Housewife hand. ”
In addition, the “housewife hand” has a certain relationship with the physique. People with allergies are more likely to suffer from the “housewife hand”.
Experts point out that do not believe that some washing products on the market “do not hurt your hands” as long as they are used to remove oil, it will inevitably contain surface active ingredients, and excessive contact with these ingredients will hurt the skin of the hands.
Experts remind that if you want to prevent “Housewives” effectively: 1.
Wear gloves to avoid direct contact with washing chemicals, as they can cause skin irritation and inflammation.
Avoid prolonged or excessive hand washing.
Switch to a soap with a higher fat content.
After washing, wash your hands repeatedly with water, and then apply a moisturizing and revitalizing hand cream.
Those with severe illness must go to a regular hospital.
Skin through the lungs, eat more almonds, Yuzhu, lily, Luo Han Guo and other foods to nourish the lungs.

Autumn and winter are the most likely to feel dry mouth, do you know why?

Autumn and winter are the most likely to feel dry mouth, do you know why?

We all want to be healthy, but we will always encounter some diseases and become a roadblock on the road to health.

People are afraid to face, but they have to face it. In fact, people need to pay more attention to it. In terms of oral cavity, people who pay attention to health care will always pay attention to oral health and changes in oral taste.

In life, people often dry their mouths, even if they drink plenty of water, they still have dry mouth. What is the reason for this, what does the mouth intervention show?

Let’s take a look at what is dry mouth and what is the connection between dry mouth and health.

What is dry mouth and dry mouth is a common situation, which is extremely common in diseases, showing dry mouth and even feeling too dry when drinking too much water. This situation will cause people’s attention.

The appearance of dry mouth is not arbitrary, there is no sign, it is also related to the disease, then, what causes the dry mouth to appear in life?

What causes dry mouth?

Diabetes mellitus may cause dry mouth.

This is because the typical symptoms of diabetes, including more than three and one less, more than three eat more, drink more, more urine, and less, it is weight loss.

This is because polyuria will cause loss of water in the body, and then drink more water, and then transfer urine, the amount of blood sugar in the body, urine volume, sugar in the urine, is proportional, need to be caused.

In the life of hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism also needs everyone’s attention.

The energy metabolism in patients with hyperthyroidism will be very fast, and accordingly, the oxygen consumption will increase and the production will increase.

Of course, the amount of heat in the body will increase, and then there will be symptoms of sweating and dry mouth.

Taking too much medicine sometimes, taking medicine can also cause dry mouth.

This is because taking medicine will affect the metabolism of the body fluid.

Taking a drug for a long time may cause dry mouth.

Affects the role of nourishing yin and fluid in the mouth.

Oral disease Oral lesions may also affect dry mouth, for example, chronic submandibular gland resection, mumps, etc. These complications will affect the oral glands, resulting in reduced secretions and dry mouth sticks.

Diabetes insipidus is above. When we talk about diabetes, we say that we have more urine. In fact, there will be diabetes insipidus in our life. The mouth is dry, the drink is more, the urine is longer and more obvious, in terms of urine volume.Some are even at 10 liters, which is scary.

There is a dry mouth, how to care, and many people are very concerned, so what should I do?

How to effectively relieve dry mouth, drink water, health care, drink water as much as possible to do a small number of times.

In other words, the amount of water should not be too much each time. It should be repeated several times. If you drink eight times a day, you may want to reduce the amount of water each time by a little, and increase the number to 10 times.

Click on the blue word to find out more: In the morning, the first bite of water determines your health. You must not drink the vegetables and fruits you tried when eating fruits and vegetables.

These foods can supplement carbohydrates. For the promotion of oral health care, the regulation is very good, so that your mouth fluid is sufficient.

As for dry mouth, I will introduce so much. I hope that you can know more about it, what is the cause of dry mouth, what is the cause of dry mouth, what should we do, and how to better promote health care. I hope everyone will realize it.

Summer fruits and vegetables: peach and shrimp

Summer fruits and vegetables: peach and shrimp

Modern nutritionists agree that shrimp are rich in nutritional value, with a lot of trace, trace elements (phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, etc.) and a lot of amino acids. They also contain hormones that help to nourish the kidneys and impotence.

  Juicy peaches are rich in sweetness, rich in iron, and have the effects of rejuvenating the intestines, promoting blood circulation and eliminating product, and moisturizing and beautifying the skin.

Juicy peaches are divided into yellow flesh peaches and white flesh peaches. The former is smooth and sweet, and the fragrance is crisp and tender. Among them, it can be made into cans in addition to fresh food.

In hot summer, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, in order to clear the heat and relieve heat, appetite and spleen, and this peach peach shrimp is the best solution to relieve heat.

  Ingredients for deep-frying (two servings): Fresh shrimp (130g), canned peaches with yellow meat (4 pieces), onions (1/4), eggs (1), marinade: rice wine (1/2 tablespoon)), White pepper powder (1/5 tablespoons), salt (1/4 tablespoon), raw flour (1/2 tablespoon), water (3 tablespoons) seasoning: oil (2 tablespoons) cooking step 1.

Remove the head and shell of the shrimp, leave the shrimp tail shell alone, cut a knife across the back of the shrimp, add the marinade and mix well, and marinate for 15 minutes.


Wash the onions and cut into thin filaments; beat the eggs into a bowl and separate the yolks and egg whites.


Heat 2 tablespoons of oil, stir-fry the fragrant onions over low heat, and stir-fry the shrimps until they turn red.


Add egg yolks and stir well with the shrimps.


Increase the peach oxide concentration, cut it obliquely into four pieces, and discharge into the dish.


Place the shrimp on the peaches and place the rest on the plate to serve.

  Tip 1.

It is recommended to use yellow flesh peaches for the dish, and flavour it with white flesh peaches. The peach flavor is strong, the taste is smooth and the taste is sweet.


Fresh shrimps should be marinated, which can be marinated to taste a little bit, but also can remove the fishy smell.


The onion shreds should be fried in the pan first. After being fried until softened, the onion will release the sweetness and make the top sweet and mellow.


Juicy peaches should be eaten as soon as possible after cutting. If left for too long, the peaches will become softer and their fragrance will become weaker.

6 kinds of fruits strengthen resistance in spring

6 kinds of fruits strengthen resistance in spring

Eating fruits not only supplements the body’s necessary vitamins and moisture, but some fruits can also enhance the body’s resistance.

Spring is a disease-ridden season. Eating more of the following 6 fruits can help you strengthen your immunity and improve your body’s immunity. Let’s take a look at which spring fruits to eat to enhance your immunity.


Bananas Eating bananas can help people who are weak and sentimental dispel pessimism, irritability, and maintain a peaceful and happy mood.

  This is mainly because it can increase the content of pleasing serotonin in the brain.

Studies have found that depression patients have less serotonin in their brains than normal people.


Lili is an invigorating and vibrant fruit.

Its water content, absorption of vitamins a, b, c, d, e and trace element iodine, can maintain the healthy state of cell tissues, help organs detoxify, purify, and soften blood vessels, prompting the blood to transport more calcium to theskeleton.

But when eating pears, you must chew them slowly to better absorb them.


Strawberries eat strawberries can cultivate patience, because it belongs to a low-grass stalk plant, which is susceptible to pollution during growth. Therefore, it must be patiently washed before eating: first remove the leaves, rinse them under running water, and then soak them in brine for 5?
10 minutes, and finally soak with cold water for 1?
2 minutes.

After that, you can eat this nutritious “live vitamin pill”.


Tangerine is often emotional and increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

Experts at Harvard Medical School recommend that people eat oranges often to reduce these diseases.

But be careful not to eat more than 4 a day, otherwise Chinese medicine may be called “lit” performance, such as aphthous ulcers.


Grapes Grapes are especially suitable for “lazy” people, because the healthiest way to eat is “no peeling, no spitting of seeds.”

Grape skin and grape seeds are more nutritious than grape flesh.

Red wine has better health effects than white wine because it is made with skin.

Researchers from the University of Bordeaux, France also found that grape seeds are rich in immunity, which delays the aging substance opc. After entering the body, 85% are absorbed and used.


Cherries Cherry has a high iron content and is a fruit especially suitable for women. It has the effect of nourishing and nourishing blood.

US researchers have also found that eating cherries can significantly reduce pain.

Dry in winter, prone to odor in the mouth, squeeze out cherry juice, add water to replace the mouth, you can eliminate this trouble.

Sex travels at the peak of ecstasy

Sex travels at the peak of ecstasy

The night is very moving, and the woman at night is very charming.

On an intoxicating night, the beautiful woman who opened her heart burst out with a touch of warmth, through the intoxication of the night, slowly warming up. This is the nine tricks that swayed in front of him and made him ecstasy.

  The voice will also say that the woman who loves you during the day is smart and beautiful, but the woman at night must have these put away.

Let yourself be stupid, so that you will fly in paradise.

Generally speaking, language communication is relatively clear and it is not easy to misunderstand.

  But because it is relatively straightforward, sometimes it will inevitably “destroy the atmosphere.”

Therefore, if you are in love, you can communicate in a “non-verbal” way.

For example, if you want him to move lighter, touch his cheek; if he wants to slow down, push his arm. Let the painting add color to the body. Nowadays, performance art has entered the home life of the street.Let us also let it join your bed life.

If your nightlife has become more procedural, then it does not hinder the use of this trick “takenism.”

Imagine that you used an afternoon of love and tenderness in a suburban pastoral beauty, then what kind of passion and emotion will you have when he picks up your clothes at night?

  The tempting grape “bullet” is so fresh, why not let it also decorate the “battlefield”?

If you are lying in bed gently and caressing, you can sneak away when he is intoxicated, then take out your grape “bullet” from the refrigerator and play it to him playfully.

It was still a hot kiss, and it became a cold “pain” in a moment. He didn’t smile and shouted to catch you this little “real murderer”!

  Let the lip print “gentle” in the end is always a classic that women can’t say, and any man will be emotional.

Carefully design your lips, then place a piece of fragrant tissue printed with your lips on your beloved pillow. Believe that lifelike, sexy and sultry red lips can instantly warm up his body.

  A little soft light to pursue the love of the line If the night light is still the same, then tonight does not hinder the change of a soft soft light, it can be pink, or light blue.

And you stand in the soft light, let him carefully look at your body, if there is a dark faint, your body cover has a long-lost mystery.

And he also ignited the desire to re-explore.

  The “cold” lips don’t have to worry about catching a cold in the summer, so you can eat cold drinks and ice water at will, and your lips will be cold and cool for a moment.

If you want to “revenge” him at this time, you can use your ice and lips to “attack”, the coldness of the skin and the hope of the body can not be combined, and instantly return to you, of course, his body language full of strength and heat.

  Happy ice wine is the best carrier for interpreting sex. Let the red wine help your honey life tonight.

Drop the red wine on his back, then gently massage with your fingers, and kiss with your lips.

Although the coordinates of the lip movement are small, the shock brought to him is abnormal.

  ”Win-win” love needs to communicate with men who don’t like cold, dry, passively accepted bed women, who want to hear some emotional, playful, and full of life.

Maybe some women on the bed will feel the heart, use the gaze hints, will actively turn off the lights . but just forget, you can also gently open your lips, boldly say your feelings and praise to your husband.

This is an important part of getting perfect sex.

Sexual psychological interaction is also an indispensable replacement for the two sides in exchanging their own emotions.

Say your feelings boldly, let him who loves you full of wandering in the peak of hope.

  Be kind to your “Frog Prince” After many men complete the “content” of the bed, they can’t wait to roll over or jump out of bed to leave for a while.

The woman with resentment in her heart suddenly gave the men a nickname “Frog Prince.”

In fact, a smart woman does not have to be angry with it, it is the result of men’s physiological adjustment.

If you are still exhausting him when he is exhausted, use his fingers to fatigue him, put his face close to his chest and feel his heartbeat, and spread his long hair gently on his body, the two feel warm together, believeWaiting for him must be a double love and a passion for you.

  Editor’s Note: Sex, not all of the emotional life, is the exclusive SAR of the two.

Good sex can obviously close the distance between each other, and it also has a more powerful effect on psychological and emotional aspects.

I believe that after you have learned these nine ideas, you and he will be able to “sexual blessings” forever!

Toothache really kills Wushifang can effectively relieve pain

Toothache really kills Wushifang can effectively relieve pain

Toothache is not a disease, it hurts.

Many people have experienced toothache. Toothache refers to the pain of teeth caused by various reasons. It is one of the common symptoms in oral diseases.

Toothache is a small illness that often hurts our lives. Getting angry, having long wisdom teeth, cold sore throat, etc. can cause toothache.

Toothache can be generally divided into three types: tooth decay, caries, toothache due to fever, and toothache due to fiery fire. So how can you easily and effectively relieve toothache?

The following is a collection of toothache dietary supplements for everyone at home. If you have toothache, you may try it.

  Fang I: Achyranthes bidentata with black bean porridge 12 g, raw rehmannia glutinosa, cooked rehmannia glutinosa 15 g each, black beans 60 g, 100 g rice.

Wash each item separately with water, chop the ground foxgloves, add proper amount of water to boil the porridge, remove the achyranthes roots, the dregs of the ground foxglove, and season with salt to taste.

Suitable for elderly patients with frailty and weakness.

  Party 2: 2 salted duck eggs with salted egg, oyster and congee, 100 grams of oyster congee (dried oyster meat), rice porridge, eat 2-3 days.

Suitable for those who suffer from toothache with virtual fire and inflammation.

  Party 3: Preserved Eggs, Tofu and Salted Lean Congee, 2 Preserved Eggs, 60g of Shuifa Yuba, 100g of Lean Pork, rice (or millet) moderate porridge, eat 2-3 days.

Suitable for those with virtual fire and dental caries.

  Party 4: 100 grams of salted lean pork porridge with oysters and preserved eggs, 2 pieces of preserved eggs, 100 grams of salted lean pork, and rice porridge.

Suitable for those with yin deficiency and tooth swelling and hoarse throat.

  Fifth: mussels, hibiscus and black bean soup mussels (mussels, seafood), 30 grams each of Cistanche, 150 grams of black beans.

Rinse the mussel sand mud, wash the black beans, slice the cistanche, put in a pot and add an appropriate amount of water and cook for more than 1 hour, then take the juice and serve it once.

Take 1 dose daily for several days until the toothache is healed.

Mussels enter the kidney meridian, nourishing yin and lowering fire; black beans nourish kidneys, remove heat from the chest, and disperse heat from the five internal organs.

Suitable for those who have caries, toothaches, and swollen and sore gums.

No-cost white salt sweet and sour whitening method

No-cost white salt sweet and sour whitening method

Does beautiful skin really need to be smashed by silver?

not necessarily!

In fact, the oil and salt sweet and sour, which is cheap like cooking in the kitchen, can also be a beautiful skin.

Let’s look at the commentary for you.

  1. After normal salt exfoliation and normal cleaning, apply fine salt to the aligned skin, and then gently massage in circular motion at both ends. The thicker stratum corneum can be massaged once more. Massage 3-After 5 minutes, wash off with warm water and you will notice that the skin is much clearer and cleaner.

  Note: Exfoliating can be done once a week. Use with caution on sensitive skin.

  2, white sugar to remove acne and acne, but the acne is still “stubborn” on the face, affecting the appearance, don’t worry, white sugar can help you.

After cleaning, apply white sugar to the acne marks, and gently massage and rest for 3 minutes. When the sugar is completely dry, wash it off. Within a week, you will find that the acne marks are gone.

  3, white vinegar oil control For the T-shaped part with strong secretion of oil, even in autumn, many “oil production” of oily skin is continuous.

For local areas, white vinegar and purified water can be mixed at a ratio of 1: 3. Wipe gently with a cotton pad and the mixture. After 3-5 times, wash with warm water.

In less than two Wednesdays, you will find that “oil volume” will really reduce production through your persistence.

  4, brown sugar to blackheads This is a very popular method on the Internet, but it does work.

First add a small amount of brown sugar, then add a few drops of honey. After blending, apply evenly to the T area, and then massage the blackhead alignment part with your hands for 5 minutes. Rinse with water.

  5. Olive oil mask Heat pure olive oil to about 37 ° C, then add an appropriate amount of honey, then soak the non-woven mask or gauze block in the oil and remove it, cover it on a wooden board, and remove it after 20 minutes to prevent it.Skin aging, moisturizing, freckle removing and wrinkle removal effect, suitable for those with particularly dry skin.

Two days after menstruation suitable for yoga fat burning

Two days after menstruation suitable for yoga fat burning

A woman experiences 400 menstrual periods in her life, ranging from 2-8 days each.

In this way, 1/10 of a woman’s life is entangled with the physiological period.

Although dysmenorrhea and emotional excitement are the troubles of menstruation, experts also reminded: “Menstruation is actually a very delicate physiological adjustment process. At the same time, a series of things that usually make you headaches such as breast enhancement and abdomen become easy.Row!

1. Breast enhancement: 1-3 days are the best order for breast enhancement. When Sharon Stone just debuted, her black hair was mediocre. After a few years, the size has grown rapidly!

Her breast-enhancing secrets are by no means filling surgery, and include a special diet to match hormonal changes during the physiological period.

  American medical experts say that the first 1-3 days of menstruation is the best budget for breast enhancement, because the ovarian estrus hormones that affect the fullness of the tibia during these 3 days will be secreted in equal amounts for 24 hours, which is the best timing to stimulate the slight accumulation of breasts.

  If you eat more carrots, potatoes, soybeans and nuts in these 3 days, the breast enhancement effect will be more than 30% better than usual.

Papaya is recognized as the best breast enhancement food, but only with the help of lactic acid bacteria, the human body can absorb papaya enzymes and papaya enzymes that have breast enhancement effects.

So if you want to make black people fuller, you might as well DIY a cup of papaya yogurt.

  2, fat burning: the last two days of menstruation, fat burning is the most effective. Dutch sports medicine experts pointed out that hormone fluctuations in the body have a great impact on unfortunate burning.

They referred to the last two days of menstruation and one week after menstruation as the “fat burning period”, during which the body’s ability to break down auntie was 20% higher than usual.

  It is recommended that you do 20 minutes of yoga, 15 minutes of brisk walking and a few simple stretches during the last 2 days of menstruation.

During the 1 week after menstruation, do more than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day.

Sports medicine experts recommend 6 per hour.

5Adolescent brisk walking exercise is most effective for burning the body aunt.

  When you brisk walking, pay attention to the abdominal force. Imagine your body hangs in the air and walks fast. This is most helpful for the slight accumulation of the abdomen. It has an unexpected belly effect.

But don’t try various weight-loss pills in order to consolidate the effect of body shaping.

  Poor body immunity during menstruation, hormonal balance is easily disrupted by the chemical ingredients in weight loss pills, which is not good for shaping the body, and may even cause menstrual disorders.

  3. Detoxification: Drinking a moderate amount of water during menstruation can effectively detoxify the body. Medical experts in Singapore have found that women will secrete a smaller protein-enzyme than cell units from the first day of menstruation.

This enzyme can break down toxins in the body, allowing the blood to change from acidic to weakly alkaline, helping the body to effectively detoxify.

American health expert Xuelandon Green said that drinking a moderate amount of water during menstruation can greatly help the body detoxify, so it is necessary to drink 1,000 ml of water a day during the physiological period.

  Medical experts also said that women’s body sensitivity during menstruation is 15% higher than usual. Gently tap the Yongquan point (strongly bend the toes, the depression at the front of the sole is the Yongquan point), Zusanli (with the palm of the right hand)Pressing the top of the right leg’s abdomen with the five fingers facing downwards and extending the tip of the middle finger to the position of the right leg is three feet away), which can stimulate the body’s metabolism and promote the excretion of toxins from the body.

But experts are also very good at it, be sure to tap gently without massaging.

  4, improve memory: at the end of the menstrual period, a good time to remember words German women’s health experts said that women need a special aromatase in the process of estrogen synthesis, this enzyme through the neuromuscular, responsible for memory of cerebral cortex cellsHas a stimulating effect.

The aromatase secretion peak period is the last 1-2 days of the physiological period. If you want to improve your memory, you may wish to memorize English words or Tang poetry and Song Ci to do brain exercises at the end of the physiological period.

  At the same time, you can also chew gum while doing exercises, because chewing stimulates the hippocampus in the brain, which is responsible for memory.

More importantly, chewing gum can promote saliva secretion, and saliva enzymes help aromatase work together, which will make the cerebral cortex cell activity 14% higher than usual, and memory can be improved in the shortest time.

  5. Discover health problems: “Physiological Mirror” gives you health prevention. American medical experts call the physiological period “Physiological Mirror”.

During this period, your immune system is weakest, and some small health problems lurking in your body are most likely to surface at this time.

Just not bad!

Because during menstruation you can find health predictions that are not easy to show on weekdays, and early detection can improve early.

  A, bags under the eyes, dark circles sleep clearly for 8 hours, why are they still under the eyes and dark circles?

Japanese health experts say this means that your body’s blood circulation is not smooth enough and the blood viscosity is high, which may be related to excessive intake of meat foods.

It is recommended to balance the budget, reduce meat intake and increase dairy and legumes in the expected structure.

  B, why is gum bleeding easy as soon as the physiological period?

This is related to the insufficient health of the gums, which is a precursor to gum inflammation.

It is recommended to go to the clinic to wash your teeth after menstruation, to completely remove the calculus that causes complications, to avoid further spread of inflammation, brush your teeth carefully, and rinse your mouth with fresh saline.

In addition, a large amount of calcium and iron ions will be lost with menstrual blood, which is also the cause of physiological gum bleeding. It is recommended to supplement calcium and absorb sufficient vitamin D every day.  C, hair is easy to break If your hair becomes particularly fragile and breaks easily during the physiological period, it is likely that you are already on the verge of anemia!

During the physiological period, the hair lacks amino acid supply, the keratin content decreases, and “temporary physiological anemia” will occur, which will cause hair breakage.

Should eat more foods containing minerals and iron, such as spinach and so on, to improve the hidden dangers of anemia in the body.