but,This is also his scruples about the existence behind the woman in black,This woman in black would never think,He has been calculated several times before,So I have been alert to this silent method of disturbing my mind。

otherwise,I am afraid that at this moment, he will really stupidly treat the weird woman in black as a relative.,Then know everything,Endless words。
but,Who is he?He Sun Wukong is the master of a thousand world monster races,King of the Demon King,Relatives?What a joke?He only has people,No relatives。
Chat Group Hall,Nezha looked at the affectionate look of Sun Wukong on the live broadcast screen.,And the seemingly affectionate words just said,Leaning on the chair and laughing almost fell off the chair。
He didn’t expect Monkey King to be so powerful,This method of opening your eyes and telling lies is really powerful,If he didn’t know the nature of Monkey King,,I must think that Monkey King is really so funny。
“I didn’t expect that Monkey King group members are so powerful,It’s courageous to be like this,It’s good to just say that I will send you to the west to see the Lord of Buddhism Tathagata,Said so affectionate as the sea,No matter how you look,Feel awkward。”
Sedum looks at the live broadcast in front of him,Sighed,With emotion,He didn’t expect,Sun Wukong, who has always been killing and decisive, will open his eyes and talk nonsense,This is obviously bullying the black-clothed woman’s nature of not seeing Monkey King。
“Brother Nezha,What does the Monkey King mean??Why can’t understand anything,Big Sedum and Big Brother Nezha smile so happily?”
Sanqi sitting on a chair,Staring blankly at the live broadcast in front of me,I glanced at the big brother Nezha who was smiling happily,And at the moment, the big Sedum with a smile on his face,Curiously asked。
do not know why,She feels that she should also laugh with Big Brother Nezha,It’s just that she really doesn’t know what Nezha and Sedum are laughing at。
Magic Sword looked at the live broadcast in front of him,A smile flashed on his face,She didn’t expect,It seems that the decisive Monkey King would have such an affectionate side。
but,She glanced at the Nezha group members and Sedum bosses who seemed to be smiling and extremely happy,I know I think too much,Monkey King is just fooling that foreigner。
and,If she remembers correctly,She should have gone to the pub in the heavens before, with the big brother Jingtian and the members of Nezha,Why does the Monkey King know so clearly?Could it be that King Sedum told the Monkey King?
Zhang Chulan calmly watched the live broadcast,Although he hasn’t been in a relationship,But he knows there is never any love for no reason,therefore,Zhang Chulan made up his mind。
If one day,There was a woman who only met for the first time so affectionate that she wanted to be with him,He doesn’t need to think,Don’t hesitate,Slash it directly with sword energy,This is obviously bad intentions。
“Can’t the members of the Sanqi group understand??Let me talk about it for you,Monkey King wants to confuse this foreigner,First dawn with affection,And then take advantage of it,Let the guest from another world be wiped out,The kind with no bones。”
“So members of the 37th group should be more cautious in the future,Don’t be careless,Otherwise it is easy to encounter danger,Some people,Looks affectionate,Actually, I was thinking how to kill you without leaving any troubles。”
After Nezha heard the question from the Sanqi group,Leaning on the chair,Said with a smile,It seems that Monkey King also knows what it means to be cautious,Did not rush,Instead, he chose to let the black woman relax her vigilance first。

If it’s convenient for you,Help me find people,What support is needed for this,I’m doing my best here,This is all from my own side。

Qin Feng knew that Wei Guoqiang also needed a lot of manpower and material resources,He also knows very well what he should do now。
“it is good,Then I will search over there first,Maybe there can be any traces。”
Wei Guoqiang said while looking at the people below him:“You all go to the front side,Spread out,If you find something,Direct report。”
In the middle of the night,Everyone be careful,Don’t be bitten by snakes, insects, mice, ants,Which fellow has any medicinal liquor,I pay for it here,Give us some first。
Wei Guoqiang is a really good leader,Because he also knows the situation here,So he also did a lot of preparatory work。
“leadership,What you said,At this time these things are already matters in our village,Just use this medicinal wine,Someone will follow us。”
“Mary next door,Come to our village in the middle of the night and blow up our house
,These people are awesome enough,Do you really think the men in our village are all dead??”
“We also follow,leadership,How do you direct。”
Many villagers shout out spontaneously,This scene touches Qin Feng a bit,These people still haven’t been blinded by money。
To know,Many people are already worth millions,Under normal circumstances,These people won’t take risks anymore。
But now these people are still following,This is to say that makes people feel untouchable,That is a false situation。
Qin Feng also went with him,The master’s house on my own side doesn’t move,I also count on others desperately failing?
When a group of people searched the forest,They also quickly found some traces,That’s the traces some people have stepped on。
If you change to normal, no one will pay attention,But at such a sensitive moment,There are several people’s footprints in the mud,Naturally someone will care。
After carefully inspecting several traces,Then these people also chase separately,Some people chase west,Some people go to the east。

At this moment,Lu Menglin held his head high,Strode to the podium。

All the classmates suddenly got a nest,I didn’t expect him to go up,This kid ate the bear heart and leopard gall,Still not awake?
Lu Menglin no longer pays attention to the surprised eyes around,Attention,No distraction,Grabbed the chalk,Written on the blackboard。
rustle,Sha Sha Sha!
A line of beautiful writing on the blackboard flows out of Lu Menglin’s chalk tip,Soon it filled the small half of the blackboard。
The classroom suddenly became silent,Horribly quiet。
Including Old Monster Liu,Everyone is dumbfounded。
This,How can this be?
Isn’t this a dream?!
Someone twisted his arm hard,Open mouth,Staring at the thin but powerful back on the podium with disbelief。
All houses are annihilated
All prosperity disappeared
The sea is overwhelming,The sea is boundless
What’s left today,Only one leaf boat,Go with the flow
How sad you will be tomorrow……
A total of five English-Chinese poems,All in front of the class,Neat and powerful handwriting,At least better than Old Monster Liu’s words。
The classmates with the best English scores all made a fuss。
Because the first two sentences written by Lu Menglin,Almost exactly the same as their standard answer,It’s just that the expression is more Chinese。
And then a few sentences,Although it is somewhat different from the translation in the English dictionary,But there are still similarities,Very worthy of scrutiny。
at least,It’s not like Lu Menglin’s English ability,It’s just like a dream。

The leader of the Dark Dragon is very wise,All of a sudden, I got an insight into the key points of the battlefield change。

then,It spreads its wings,Flew straight to the space battleship。
Live broadcast via satellite communications,All humans on the earth are watching this battle for the survival of the entire human race。
When they saw the biggest and strongest demon in the sky flying towards the space battleship representing human hope,Stood up excitedly,Someone cursed,Someone prays,But more people are meditating in their hearts,Hope someone can stop that demon,Don’t let it break the last hope of mankind。
Lu Menglin sat on the bow of the ship,At the moment the leader of the dark dragon appeared,He has discovered the existence of the other party。
Because of the strong and deep space energy of the opponent,It’s so noticeable。
The leader of this dark dragon,Stronger than all the dark monsters Lu Menglin has seen before,Because of the spatial energy in its body,As if endless,Bottomless。
No wonder the leader of this dark dragon came out,It disturbs the earth world,Even Daoist Li Shixing died under its clutches,Beat the human coalition to almost lose confidence。
The leader of the dark dragon in the sky also found Lu Menglin,It doesn’t understand,A human,Why sit there alone,Seems to be waiting for myself。
“Terran,Where did these light-weave weapons and equipment come from?”The leader of the Dark Dragon is very cautious,Did not launch the attack immediately,Instead, it hovered in the sky above Lu Menglin’s head,Whispered。
Lu Menglin raised his head,Took a look at that mighty big guy,Smiled and hooked his fingers,Loud voice:“You come down!I’ll tell you when I come down!”
“This ship does not belong to the human race,It’s not a creation of the god nation!Do you dare to challenge my confidence,Is it from it??”The Lord of Dark Dragon roared。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you,Come down and have a good fight!I’ll tell you if I win!Hey,You are not afraid to fight?”
The leader of the dark dragon raised his head,Actually made an action similar to the human beings who laughed。
“you look like,A little better than the human races I killed last time,Let me send you into the realm of eternal death!”

“amount,Patronizing,Forget about business!”Michelle scratched her head embarrassedly。

“Joe,I finally wanted to understand just now,Why today before we leave from your second uncle’s house,When I heard your second uncle talked about the last time the jade pig dragon was lost,The reason you are so excited!”
“Oh?is it?Then listen to it?”
Just before Michelle broke into the bathroom,Qiao Tianyu is about to re-examine this matter,Since Michelle has his own understanding of this,It’s okay to listen to Michelle’s thoughts first。
“Joe,I know before we go to China,There have been two problems bothering you。”Michelle turned into a roundworm in the belly of Qiao Tianyu,Explained literally。
“The first question is Lily’s authenticity,You don’t know what Lily’s intention is to send you a little fat face and Xu Jiahao to talk to you,And this question will completely determine the direction of all our actions from now on。”
“So you had to go back to China to investigate Lily’s problem,And I believe that through this investigation,You have completely dispelled this doubt,You also come to the conclusion,Lily really wants to help you,right?”
“Ok,You go on。”Qiao Tianyu is not commenting on Michelle’s question,Keep asking。
“The second question is the leak of Wu’s nephew’s plan。”Michelle went on to explain。
“That is whether Lily is loyal or evil,But there is one problem you have been puzzled。”
“That was four years ago,Borrowing from the name of the four major consortia in Southeast Asia, Wu’s uncle and nephew bought a large amount‘Diplomatic bond’In less than three months,Goldman Sachs Group began to operate in the dark‘Diplomatic bond’。”
“And shortly thereafter,Design ideas provided by Lily、Successfully developed by Xu Jiahao,And by the Goldman Sachs Group‘Diplomatic bond’Holders of large institutions‘Manhattan Conference’on,Grandly launchedDBLPBond。”
“Later on1992After the British Pound Crisis,Soon after Wu’s uncle and nephew laid down the strategy of using the pound exchange rate prevention and control system to contain the UK,Lily provides design ideas,Successfully developed by Xu Jiahao,And the Rothschild family launched a new version of the pound exchange rate prevention and control system。”
“As for why the Arrow Sakura organization can always be the first time after Wu’s uncle and nephew secretly arrange,I learned about Wu’s uncle and nephew’s secret plan,And quickly adopted highly targeted countermeasures,Suppress Wu’s uncle and nephew。”
“And Wu Minghao is pretty sure that their plan has never been leaked,This is incredible,If the plan is not leaked,How did the arrow cherry organization learn about Wu’s uncle and nephew’s plan,Or is it all just‘coincidence’?”
“Joe,I know there is never in your dictionary‘coincidence’Two words,Although you don’t know what’s wrong,But you think it’s definitely not easy。”
“And this trip to Qiao’s Castle in China,When you heard your second uncle talk about the loss of the first jade pig dragon,You suddenly get excited,If i guess right,You have determined that the problem must be with Wu’s uncle and nephew!”
“Oh?why?Why do you think I think the problem lies with Wu’s uncle and nephew?”Qiao Tianyu stared at Michelle with trial eyes and asked。
First0477chapter traitor

“Are there conflicts within the family??”

“Not surprisingly,big family,Not as united as expected,There are many interests involved,Brothers can turn back。”
“magical,It’s almost the same plot as acting in a movie。”
“20 million!”Old Cui didn’t frown。
Get!Everyone understands,That must be an important item to Cui,So that Cui can compete at all costs。
“Xiao Hu,You are getting rich。”Xin Zhao smiled。
Zhou Xing and other auction houses are very excited,It seems,This piece of Ru kiln porcelain,Will be sold at an unexpectedly high price,Far beyond their expectations。
perhaps,The highest transaction price of this auction,Not necessarily the Yongle sweet white-glazed plum bottle,This Ru Kiln porcelain in front of me,Also eligible to compete。
Populus nodded:“Is a luck。”
Anyone can see,It’s actually a dispute between their Cui family,The bid has long exceeded the value of the item itself。Next,It depends on who can’t hold it first,Make concessions。
“21 million!”Middle-aged Cui,Although I know this is a disadvantage,But still reluctant to give up,Continue to increase。
With that token,Their return,Will be more confident。If tens of millions can exchange that confidence,Will not feel at a loss。Isn’t it just money!they have。
“25 million!”Old Cui is still so domineering。
Many people at the scene couldn’t help but slap their tongues,And shook his head slightly,Tucao:Is it necessary??
Xin Zhao and they are curious,What is that?Worthy of two Cui“blood bath”?
The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment,I really don’t like another domineering personality,Don’t give them a chance to go back at all。then,The ancestors took the tribe to go abroad,Ancestral legacy,Admonish future generations,I must take their bones back home in the future。
this time,They come back,But my family doesn’t recognize them,They can’t even approach the ancestral hall。
“26 million!”
Other people can’t talk at all,Just watch these two Cui you come and go,Raise the price to a point where everyone gives up。

But don’t worry everyone,When the company turned back, negotiated with the city leaders about the land,Everyone knows that our company is rich,This matter is the big boss nodded himself,As long as the city approves the land for us,Our family area will start soon……I understand what the big guy means,But the big guy, don’t worry,I am still looking forward to dividing a big house,Can i not care,The big guy said is it true?”

Everyone burst into laughter!
While laughing,The grassroots、The middle-level leading cadres finally calmed down:Yes,This is a house,This is a big deal for any family,How could Director Chen not care?
Someone in the crowd shouted:“Plant manager,Tell me more about the regulations of the house division?”
Yes indeed!
The grassroots who were just happy、The middle-level cadres also realized this in an instant:Divided the house,This is a good thing,But how is this house divided??Specifically, what size house can I get?
For any family in this era,This is the top priority!
Chen Xiaoshan smiled and nodded:“There is nothing to say about this,What the boss meant,It must be impossible to eat big pot of rice,We are a Sino-foreign joint-stock company,Different from those state-owned enterprises that eat big pot of rice,So the principle of dividing the house this time is very simple,Who works seriously、Who works actively、Who brings more benefits to the company,Who can divide the house first、Big house。”
Regardless of seniority,It depends on the individual’s contribution to the company?
Everyone was in an uproar!
Not waiting for everyone to speak,Chen Xiaoshan went on to say to himself:“What the boss meant,Is to divide the whole project into three phases,About five buildings built in the first phase,So I don’t have to say anything,Talk to the frontline comrades after everyone goes back,from now on,Their performance directly determines when they can be allocated a house、What size house can be allocated。
Oh,correct,The boss said,This time the house not only has two bedrooms and one living room,There are three bedrooms and one living room、Four bedrooms and one living room,Even villas……”
I heard there is a villa,But you middle class、The response of the grassroots cadres is not so excited:Even if you can get a set of three rooms and one hall, it will burn a lot of incense,villa?That thing has nothing to do with me……
But soon,They found out that the villa could have something to do with them。
“Big boss said,villa、The four rooms and one hall are not exclusive to the cadres,He will take out a single-family villa from inside、Three sets of townhouses and five sets of four bedrooms and one hall to reward those with outstanding ability、Or outstanding workers and engineering technicians who have made outstanding contributions to the company,In addition, those who have obtained the villa can also get a private car donated by the boss。”
While saying this,Chen Xiaoshan said in his heart that it is impossible not to envy,The boss didn’t say whether he could get a villa,But envy is envy,Chen Xiaoshan understands better,For the boss’s decision,It’s better to execute honestly。
Be the team leader、After the workshop directors took the news back,,Workers, look at me、I see you,I can’t believe that such a good thing will fall on my head:I also have the opportunity to be divided into a big house with four bedrooms and one living room、Villas or even cars?!

Yang Li’s analysis,Let everyone suddenly shine:Yes indeed,Why didn’t I expect?

In terms of influence,Of course, the White House Christmas dinner can’t match the annual Super Bowl finals.、Shopping carnival“Black friday”On par,But also one of the hot news in recent days,include《New York Times》、《Washington post》Many newspapers, including the top media in the United States, gave a large report on Reagan’s first New Year’s dinner after his stay at the White House.。
Chen Geng,As the first yellow person to appear at the White House New Year’s Dinner、Chinese,Plus his identity as the youngest billionaire in America,Naturally attracted the attention of countless media chasing。
If it’s just like this,According to the statements of many American media,Reagan Commander and Fernandez·Chen Yi sees it like before、See you late,During the new year dinner,The two did it twice、Total time40Multi-minute communication,This is unique during the entire New Year’s dinner。
These media are not just making up,Many newspapers have taken as evidence the photos of Chen Geng and Reagan leader Hand Yanhuan,in the photo,Chen Geng and Reagan Commander are facing the camera,Smile happily。
If this can’t prove anything,So at the press conference held at the White House the next day,When a reporter asked about it,,The White House spokesperson frankly admitted that Mr. President and Fernandez·Chen Yi sees it like before、The two split twice during the dinner、Talked in total42Minute message,Enough to make the whole embassy look at it、And immediately revised Chen Geng’s importance level again。
Think now,Maybe this is exactly what the military officer Yang said,First, let the embassy know about Chen Geng and the White House、The relationship with the president is very good,Then there followed Chen Geng’s embassy trip,The whole thing is actually a signal sent by the White House and the U.S. government to the embassy and China.:Chen Geng is very important in the development of China-US relations,He came to the embassy this time,Actually has a special mission。
“Makes sense!”
Lian Changheng also shines,He grabbed the rope and refused to let go:“Lao Yang,You analyze and analyze,Mr. Chen Geng is here this time,What are you going to say?”
“I don’t know that,”Yang Li gave a wry smile:“anyway,If Chen Geng’s intention is so easy, we can guess it,The U.S. government doesn’t have such a big fanfare.?”
No one speaks,Everyone exchanged eyes:seem,It’s the same reason。
“Mr. Chen,welcome!”
See Chen Geng,Lian Changheng, who was specially waiting at the gate, strode forward,Shaking Chen Geng’s hand vigorously,A bright face is like a flower,A mess of enthusiasm:“Let me tell you,You came just in time,The old master Wang from the cafeteria returned home to visit relatives a few days ago,I went to learn a few tricks from a few state banquet masters,A coincidence,Just caught up,I see,Lao Wang’s craft is specially prepared for you。”
Ding Haijun nodded frequently,Two sentences with no,Perfectly acted as a supporter。

“I’m fine,What’s your business?”Although Qin Feng just slept,,But I heard Zhang Dong cares about himself so much,Also very pleased。

“Is such a boss,The classmates gathering tonight was originally scheduled,Changed to this afternoon,Now the classmates are in heaven and earth,You’re the boss。”Zhang Dong on the phone said anxiously。
“This afternoon?Isn’t it tomorrow’s class reunion??”Qin Feng thought he had heard it wrong,Asked again。
“Not tomorrow or today,Didn’t I tell you yesterday to set the time at night?,Later, the students discussed,Haven’t seen it for a long time,Want to talk more,It’s set for this afternoon。”Zhang Dong explained。
“You told me this morning,Is tomorrow,Why did it change today??”Qin Feng hates this most,Decided,Suddenly changed。
“Not this morning,Yesterday morning!”Zhang Dong thought,I started calling last night,I haven’t responded until now,I couldn’t find Qin Fengren at all in the morning,How can you tell him。
“What day is today?”Qin Feng asked in a daze。
“The seventeenth。”Compared to Qin Feng,Zhang Dong is not much better,I was confused by Qin Feng’s words。
“Row,I know,Go right away。”hang up the phone,Qin Feng glanced at the phone,It’s really number seventeen,Why have I slept for so long?。
Qin Feng wore a casual dress,Go out and see Jiang Yan in the living room,Said hello,Jiang Yan ignored him either。
Qin Feng had to tell him that he had something to go out,Don’t know when to come back,Tell Jiang Yan not to wait for him and leave the house。
“Zhang Dong,When will Qin Feng come?,How long have we been waiting,Is he coming anymore。”Zhang Dong just hung up the phone,A voice rang in his ear。
“You didn’t hear me calling,I’ll be there after a while。Traffic jam now!”Zhang Dong said angrily。
They all found out,The classmate meeting this time obviously has ulterior motives。
Just some good people,Let’s watch the jokes of the bad guys,At this moment, Zhang Dong hopes Qin Feng will say he will not come,Then he only needs to say that he has not contacted Qin Feng,Even if the students blamed him, they would only blame him alone。
but,If Qin Feng comes,What is waiting for him may be the cynicism of his classmates。
in those days,Qin Feng is a man in the school,There are all kinds of women who chase him,There are school flowers,There loli,You Yujie,This makes the students very jealous。

For this,Xia Chenglong found that he didn’t seem to have any room to fight。

did not expect,They didn’t lose anything after doing it for a long time,Yingzi is happier,Finally she won’t be sad because of what happened before。
No one asked anything,According to Qi Chong,Don’t care about anything today,Just drink。
Drink this drink till dawn,Everyone finally slept,Only slowed down in the afternoon。
People who practiced would not go like this,But they all know they don’t have the ability to climb to the top,This kind of life is already very satisfying for them。
Just when everyone was asleep,The outside world is messed up,Especially the union。
one night,A captain who lived in the union was killed,I received a notice in the morning,Vice Chairman Lin Lao Er died on the main road。
Such a big event naturally makes this area boiling。
But the point is that you can’t find out who did it?
Because they couldn’t find such a person,Can enter the strictly guarded union quietly and kill the transforming warriors。
Then he squeezed the throat of the transcendent master directly,This kind of strength is definitely the level of entering the holy realm,Or at least to reach the peak of the Transcendent Realm。
And in this area,There are only a few masters at the peak of the Transcendent Realm。
Li Letian, President of the Sixth Branch,Fenghui, the owner of Cuifengju,Cao Yan, owner of Tianxia Commercial Bank,But why do they do this?
No reason,These people have a good relationship with Lin’s second child,How could he suddenly make a move。
in the afternoon,The union people are here,Look at their aura,Because it’s not just ordinary people,And the chairman Li Letian mentioned earlier。
The field under his jurisdiction,A vice chairman died,A captain,This kind of thing must be explained to the above,But Qi Chong and others have a conflict with Lin Lao Er。