Ten new products to help you change your skin’s fate

Ten new products to help you change your skin’s fate

Of course, long-term maintenance is an indispensable task for every woman, but those high-efficiency maintenance that can see the effects in a few weeks or moments still make us tempted.

With the continuous development of technology and the deepening of research in the field of dermatology, many brands have launched their own new products!

Today, you will count the new spring day products of high-efficient beauty, change the destiny of the skin, and start from today!

  Brand: Dior New Product: Xue Jing Ling Huan Bai Liangcai Night Repair Essence Time to Market: March 2010 Innovation: Dior Dior and the French Atomic Energy Commission’s Nucleic Acid Damage Research Laboratory have successfully discovered that it can accurately identify and monitor the DNA repair at nightDuring the process of biochemical enzymes, scientists from both sides have further perfected the complex composed of active ingredients, and fully activated the efficacy of this biochemical enzyme through the latest transfection technology, thereby helping cells to “transform” due to the chain reaction.Excessive melanin makes the skin heavy and flawless.

  Editor’s comment: DNA repair is a hot keyword in the beauty industry in 09-10. DNA damage cannot be effectively repaired during the day.

Only by sleeping at night can skin cells be protected from daytime aggression, thereby transforming the damage suffered.

This unprecedented serum will match the skin’s repair rhythm at night, acting on the core part of the target cell, significantly lightening the pigmentation, achieving the best translucency during the golden repair period at night, making the skin shine like top diamondsBright, crystal clear.

  Key recommendation: Dior Dior Snow Whitening Night Recovery Essence RMB950 / 30ml Brand: Chanel New Product: Whitening Series Time to Market: February 26, 2010 New Point: Chanel Skin Research Laboratory has experimentally proven that Chanel is exclusively developedThe four-effect complex of melanin sleep can lock down some key factors that inhibit melanin formation, successfully block the various chain reactions of melanin formation step by step, and effectively control the activity of pigment mother cells.

  Editor’s comment: The new products launched by Chanel Whitening Series this season include a variety of new skin care products and new makeup products. As always, the pure white packaging is noble and elegant, which is impressive.

The skin care series has selected high-efficiency active ingredients that effectively fight against pigmentation, perfect balance between efficacy and skin comfort, with silky viscosity and refreshing and elegant fragrance.

The new makeup series is the best extension of the whitening skin care and maintenance series with exquisite makeup ideas.

  Key recommendation: Chanel whitening and nourishing light cream RMB925 / 50g Brand: 嫒 Bizhi New product: Nourishing and brightening beauty liquid Time to market: February 2010 Innovation point: episteme nourishing and brightening beauty liquidCapillary niacin produces a mixture of phenolic esters and orange peel. It is used for self-massage of capillaries during application before lotion. This step of strengthening and anti-aging promotes better absorption of subsequent skin care products and effectively improves dullness., Puffiness and other issues.

  Editor’s comment: The skin problems caused by aging can not be avoided. The blood circulation in the capillaries becomes slower and the blood flow is insufficient, which causes the skin to appear dry, dull and dark circles.

In addition, changes in the external temperature and the environment can easily stimulate the capillaries, weakening the nutrient transport function of the capillaries, and the skin care products cannot be fully absorbed.

As the first step of strong anti-aging, episteme launched the beauty liquid before skin lotion-nourishing and brightening beauty liquid.

Tough and anti-aging, promote the absorption of subsequent skin care products, improve dullness, puffiness, improve dark circles and puffiness, it can be described as a full-effect product.

  Key recommendation: Bi Bizhi nourishing and brightening beauty liquid RMB700 / 27g Brand: French Guerlain New product: Heng Cai kinetic energy compact introduction mask Time to market: April 20, 2010 Innovation point: every Heng Cai kinetic energy compact series productsBoth are based on pure amber extract, which stimulates the synthesis of Tenstroptrophin’s elastic firming factor.

Guerlain laboratory in France found that Tensotrophin is a key molecule in the epidermal layer, which can break down the dermal mechanism to prevent wrinkles and relaxation.

  Editor’s comment: The millennium energy from amber is ancient and magical. Guerlain intensively introduces the energy of pure amber into the skin, which significantly improves the substitution phenomenon of the skin, adjusts and supports the contours from the inside, enhances the skin’s elasticity, and the facial skin obtains “micro-shaping”” The face-lifting effect, the corners of the eyes and mouth are firmer and upturned, presenting the perfect Camera Face!

  Key recommendation: French Guerlain Lanheng Moisturizing Firming Mask RMB730 / 60ml Brand: Yves Lixue New: Organic Plant Concentrate Series Listing time: March 2010 Innovation point: Yves Rocher Yves RocherSnow created a brand new cultural bio-organic plant condensed extract series by natural planting and production methods, pioneeringly selected 19 organic plants from all over the world, and obtained double certifications of Ecocert and COSMEBio.Standard, manufacture every product.

Culture Bio organic botanical extract series includes 7 products, day and night care, rejuvenating skin.

  Editor’s comment: Although the internal land has not been developed for a long time, Yves Rocher has a high reputation in France. As an advocate of plant beauty, this new organic plant condensate series is quite unique: daytime product selection has hydration, anti-oxidant, and evokesSkin effects botanical ingredients make the skin full of vitality every morning; night products are selected to make the skin relax, soothing, calming and moisturizing, making the night skin deeply nourished and repaired.

What’s more worth mentioning is, Yves?

Li Xue abides by the protection of the plant world, and always fully supports and advocates environmental protection and reduces damage to the natural environment.

The complete product packaging adopts environmental protection design, taking into account the carbon dioxide compensation, the bottle is made of recycled glass, the packaging box is taken from the wood that effectively manages the forest, there is no lined instruction manual, and the plant is printed with plant ink.

  Key Recommendations: Yves Rocher Yves Rocher Organic Plant Concentrate Good Night Beauty Repair Essential Oil RMB 480 / 30ml Brand: L’Oreal Paris New Product: Jinzhizhenyan Series Time to Market: March 2010 Innovation: New breakthrough young technology Pro-Calcium Calcium Causes, skin-friendly form Calcium directly reaches the skin’s origin, nourishes, restores, radiance, and fully revitalizes the youth of the skin!

  Editor’s comment: The new series of L’Oreal Paris has been nicknamed the “little gold bottle” by the industry. As the most expensive line in the existing brand, the listing of the Jinzhizhenyan series has been given special significance, and the landmark Pro-Calcium calcium factorIn the form of very fine porous particles, calcium ions are sent to the inside of the skin and easily reach the origin of the skin.

  Key Recommendations: L’Oreal Paris Jinzhizhen Essence RMB320 / 30ml Brand: Impression Beauty New Product: Impression Beauty Intensive Care Qinbai Gel Cream Time to market: March 2010 Innovation: Added with the active ingredient “tetrahydro magnol” and new formula coral grass extract Prevents rough skin, stains, etc. caused by UV damage and promotes skin metabolism.

  Editor’s comment: Impressive IC whitening products have been advocating to awaken the skin’s whitening impression. This brand-new medical whitening cream can prevent skin roughness caused by UV damage, absorb nutrients and moisturize, soften keratin, and accelerate the melanin-containingHorny alternative.

Effective whitening ingredients penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, creating bright, clear skin.

At the same time, the scent of roses based on Bulgarian white roses makes the treatment more comfortable and pleasant.

  Key recommendation: Impression Beauty Concentrated Qinbai Gel Cream RMB720 / 40g Brand: Yue Muyuan New Product: Moisturizing Revitalization Series Time to Market: March 2010 Innovation: Original Yue Muyuan Source The world’s top professional natural laboratory scientific researchersDeep in the smoky desert, the magical resurrection plant-Resurrection Grass (Jerico’s Rose) was found, and brought back to the natural laboratory. After years of in-depth research, it was found that the original Resurrection Grass (Jerico’s Rose)The reason why it has such a magical “regeneration” ability is precisely because it contains a high concentration of sugar essence, which can quickly absorb water and effectively penetrate into the damaged cell volume, replenish the cell water, play a repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate the cell.efficacy.

  Editor’s comment: The origin of the famous name is finally coming to us. The Moisturizing and Revitalizing Series is composed of four major ace moisturizing ingredients. It contains sufficient carbohydrate complex essence, which can effectively reduce skin photoaging and restore it.Deep moisturizing function of cells.

  Key recommendation: ORIGINS Moisturizing Revitalizing Cream is not priced / 50ml Brand: Sophina New: Foam Massage Moisturizing Cleansing Milk Time on the market: March 2010 Innovation: always trying to explore based on dermatologyJapanese brand SOFINA research has found that with age, the microcirculation inside the skin will gradually decrease, making blood flow in the capillaries slow.

This is one of the first causes of tiredness, dullness, and lack of gloss on the skin.

SOFINA beaute core beauty series launched a unique cleansing product that acts on the “core of the skin” (inside the stratum corneum).

SOFINA believes that the first key to beautiful skin starts with cleansing every morning.

  Editor’s comment: SOFINA also launched a new product at the same time, or started a brand new cleansing habit from this moment.That’s it-a new cleansing formula that cleanses and massages the skin with a carbonated stretch foam.

Ultra-fine carbonic acid molecules can quickly enter the capillaries of the skin and promote blood circulation through massage; promoting blood circulation can help the skin recover metabolites and promote the regeneration of skin cells.

The rich and delicate foam does not need to be rubbed by hand or mesh tool, and only needs to step on the pump mouth to start a convenient and comfortable cleansing process.

  Key recommendation: SOFINA foam massage moisturizing cleansing milk RMB230 / 170g Brand: Ollie Harrison (exclusively sold by SEPHORA) New product: Day and night care set Listing time: April 2010 Innovation point: From American professional SPA skin care brand OLEHENRIKSENOllie Harrison, adhering to the essence of nature, using natural plant extracts, OLEHENRIKSEN Ollie Harrison is favored by many celebrities, including Charlize Theron, Renee Zweig, Paris Hilton, JessicaAlba, Halle Berry, etc.

The full range of products is used in all treatments of the OLEHENRIKSEN brand’s own spa center, and is also retailed in the spa center.

  Editor’s comment: The founder of the brand, OLE HENRIKSEN, is also the author of several best-selling books and is sought after by many TV shows around the world.

The smartest way to try a new brand is to choose a special set of celebrity products. This special three-piece product contains the acclaimed OLEHENRIKSEN firming essence (30ml), OLEHENRIKSENLixun Silky Whitening Cream (28g) and OLEHENRIKSEN Refreshing Night Gel (28g).

  Key recommendation: OLEHENRIKSEN Day and Night Care Set RMB780 / set

Boys effectively gain weight and simple exercise therapy

Boys effectively gain weight and simple exercise therapy

Men are too thin to give people a sense of security, so how do men gain weight?

Adding fat is not something you eat alone. What you need is scientific fertilization.

Today we will give you a detailed introduction to the method of men’s fattening.

  First of all: you can’t deny the habit of picky eaters. If you don’t get up, there will definitely be some picky eaters. Picky eaters are very bad. Balanced and reasonable nutrition can provide plenty of nutrients for the body and promote the body.The production of various hormones, thereby promoting metabolism and increasing micro-accumulation.

  The best way to get rid of picky eaters is to limit some foods. For example, you are picking vegetables, don’t eat potatoes, don’t eat eggplant, don’t eat tomatoes, then you can do this.Don’t eat any vegetables for a week. After a week, you will miss vegetables very much. Your preference for vegetables will change a lot.

  Picky eaters are very serious, but after coming out to school, because the conditions are not as good as the home, the replacement is very rare, there is no need to pick, and gradually reduce the food requirements, naturally, eat more.

  Time: You can’t help but admit your appetite. There are many times when your appetite is not high, your appetite is not high, and you absorb less food, so your weight will naturally not go up.

  Loss of appetite, there are many factors, it may be that the energy in the body does not feel lack of boring, so there is no appetite, there may be no favorite food, picky eaters, so there is no appetite, or it may be because of bad mood or hot weather, appetiteNot good, wait, it’s easy to have no appetite because of these factors.

  Egg fattening method breakfast: 8 eggs clear + 2 egg yolk, boiled water and sugared reference.

If you are going to the gym, add 1 scoop of protein powder.

  10 points: 1 bottle of pure milk + 10 pieces of calcium biscuits.

  Lunch: rice + chicken breast + fish soup 80% fullness.

  3 points: 1 taro + 1 banana + protein powder 1 scoop.

  Dinner: oil cake + fish + chicken + rice + braised pork with fried eggplant, here everyone notices that eggplant is easy to absorb oil, plus fat pork is very good fattening dish.

  Add 1 banana and 1 apple after dinner and walk for 20 minutes.

  1, high blood pressure therapy you can do this lunch, dinner two meals do not eat, you can look at your appetite for the whole day the next day, see if you are still so picky about food.

  2, exercise therapy to strengthen exercise 1, lift dumbbell exercise, can make the chest muscles strong, consistently can effectively achieve the effect of chest expansion, enhance the muscle to increase the effect of the aunt.

  3, chest movement – separate legs, hands clenched dumbbells, the upper body forward, while the hips and standing remain straight.

Lift the dumbbell up and down to the chest, inhale when lifting, and exhale when you let go.

  3, strong chest and abdomen movement – neck and waist at the same time keep straight, then straighten your hands, concentrate on the abdomen, while exhaling, stretch your hands to the sides.

  4, strengthen the squat exercise – the upper body forward, one hand holding a dumbbell, the other hand pressed down to support the body; lift the dumbbell to the chest, then hang down, the left and right hands take turns 10 times.

  5, the lower oblique push – hands 5 pounds of dumbbells, pay attention to exhale when pushing, the elbow joints remain slightly curved, hold to the highest when held for about 1 second; put down the elbow to maintain a 90 degree angle,Do it about 12 times in a row.

  6, chest push – with the triceps of the arm, the beginning of the school should lift about 10 pounds of dumbbells, and pay attention to the head muscles to lock.

  7, equipment exercise – do this section of the mechanical chest expansion exercise, pay attention to the hands of the opening and closing action is slow, can not be pulled too open, stretch to 180 degrees, otherwise it is easy to strain the chest muscles.

  Through the above introduction to the method of men’s fattening, you can polish the boys to increase fat than the girls, the boys’ physical strength is good, you can do more exercise, strengthen the exercise is also fattening, it is recommended that everyone in the fatteningBe scientific and not blindly pursue results.

Does hyaluronic acid accelerate aging?

About those things about hyaluronic acid

Does hyaluronic acid accelerate aging?
About those things about hyaluronic acid

Although the role of hyaluronic acid is very powerful, and the effect is immediate.

But many people still dare not try, because it leads to misunderstanding.

Today, I will come to peace with everyone, to eliminate these misunderstandings.

About hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronic acid, is a linear polymer multi-component composed of disaccharide units.

The role is anti-aging wrinkle, facial features, sunken filling and moisturizing.

3. What should I do if I have more than one injection?

During the injection process, you may feel a little more than one part, and a little less will look better.

Then the doctor will perform kneading according to the actual situation; if the injection of hyaluronic acid is too much, the injection site is too abrupt, you can ask the doctor to use hyaluronic acid lyase (hyaluronan lyase).

In addition, the failure of hyaluronic acid injection can also be repaired and improved by injection of lytic enzyme.

4. Is the time spent after injection almost the same?

After the injection of hyaluronic acid, it can generally be kept for half a year to one year, and finally it will be completely absorbed and metabolized by the human body.

The length of time the effect will be maintained will vary depending on each individual’s physical condition, the product being injected, and the location.

However, the initial injection of hyaluronic acid will keep the effect relatively short.

5, after the injection, it is easy to be seen by others?

The skin condition is getting better, the nose is more stiff, the chin is more obvious, etc. These are all obvious effects.

But if you are worried about the obvious traces of surgery, it depends on your personal situation.

In general, there will be obvious pinholes after injection, but it will be completely empty in 6 hours.

A person will have redness and bruises, and it is generally expected to be 1-2 days.

If you want to quietly become beautiful, you can choose to inject on the rest day.

6, how to extend the hold time?

Need to be injected frequently?

Regular injection of hyaluronic acid is not the only way to prolong the maintenance time of hyaluronic acid. The surgeon can correctly grasp the injection level and perform precise injection when the hyaluronic acid is injected. After the injection, the surgeon can do the basic injection site care work (this is not the filling part)); put in, do not steam sauna in a short period of time, etc.; After the rehabilitation period, temporarily replace the bad habits of living (such as frequent drinking, staying up late), etc., will prolong the maintenance time of hyaluronic acid to some extent.

7, addiction after the injection, stop the injection will accelerate aging?

Hyaluronic acid is not the same as hormones and does not cause skin to replenish.

When you inject, the hyaluronic acid effect will be slowly absorbed and metabolized by the human body according to your personal situation. If you do not take the injection, reabsorb the absorption metabolism and restore the effect before the injection, but it will not accelerate the aging.

After reading this article, do you have any misunderstanding of hyaluronic acid?

The price of hyaluronic acid on the surface of the market is very wide, but plastic surgery is no small matter. What you buy is just a product, it is a doctor’s technology, and ultimately your own safety.

Whether it is any medical beauty, safety is the foundation of everything!

So everyone must choose a hospital, a professional doctor.

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Still drinking with soaking water?

You have been wrong for so many years!

Still drinking with soaking water?
You have been wrong for so many years!

It is not only a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, but also a health food.

It can be said that the thermos cup + 枸杞 is already the normal state of modern health.

At this year, there were not a few cockroaches floating in the mug, and I was embarrassed to say that I was in health.

But can you really keep your hands in the mug?

Fundamentally, it is rich in nutrients and has a variety of effects. The nutrient substance is rich in nutrients such as protein, sugar, fiber, vitamins, etc., which are rich in fiber, vitamin A andIron.
》Efficacy 2015 version of the National Pharmacopoeia on the function and indications of 枸杞 is described as: nourishing liver and kidney, Yijing Mingmu.

It is used for consumptive loss, waist and knee pain, dizziness, tinnitus, impotence and nocturnal emission, internal heat and thirst, blood deficiency and sallowness, and dizziness is unknown.

Modern research shows that medlar contains polysaccharides such as lycium barbarum, betaine, carotene and vitamin C, which enhances immunity, promotes hematopoiesis, anti-aging, liver protection, anti-fatigue, blood sugar lowering, blood fat reduction, blood pressure lowering, etc.effect.
So useful, hurry to buy some soaking drinks?

Don’t worry, you haven’t gotten to the point. Drink plenty of water and drink water.

The only good thing is that you finally remember to drink more water.

Because it is rich in nutrients, it can be used to soak in water. It may be: → The time and temperature of the bubble are insufficient, and the dissolved active substance is replaced.

→ Drink only water, do not eat cockroaches, can not absorb the active ingredients.

Therefore, if you want to use the water to make a living, you must grasp the water that is focused on – not soaked.

How to eat to get the most effective effect?


1: The easiest and most effective way to eat/eat is to eat raw.

You can choose to throw it directly into your mouth, or you can eat it with bread. In short, just eat it.

However, it should be noted that it is not good, but don’t be greedy. It is recommended not to eat more than 20g every day.

In addition, not everyone is suitable for eating sputum, spleen and stomach weakness, high blood pressure, diarrhea, colds, it is not appropriate to take sputum.


2: Tanning / sputum can be combined with some of the products of spleen and blood to curb or drink soup, such as black sesame, gelatin, longan, jujube, etc., can also be added to cereals, porridge, such as glutinous rice with ricePorridge.

3: Although soaking water/drinking water is the most common practice, but the active ingredients in the sputum can not be fully dissolved. Therefore, the sputum water can not only drink water, it is best to eat cockroaches.

Recommended in autumn: 枸杞 and Sydney, lily, white fungus, hawthorn, etc., or a proper amount of 枸杞 ,, with the previous rice porridge, has a good nourishing effect.

Click on the title below to read more health articles: a remedy for the kidneys of the millennium, recommended by CCTV, from the drug Wang Sunsi!

Men want to be thin but why are they thin

Men want to be thin but why are they thin

In the past, the so-called successful man’s white picture always added a phrase “a slightly aligned belly and a no-perfect figure is a reliable sign for men.” Even Shakespeare used “insidious” to describe thin people.

Women should be slim and slim, men, fat is a sign of success.

But now, more and more women do not want their partner to be a “reliable fat man.”

According to an online survey, more than 50% of women between the ages of 20 and 40 care about their partner’s body. If fat men are reliable, they would rather be reliable thin men.

  Why are men “hard”?

  Some people think that “the heart is wide and fat,” and fat is a carefree performance.

This is not unreasonable, which is one of the reasons why most men get married as quickly as the balloon is blown up.

But in fact, weight is rising by the age of men.

There are about 30 billion unfortunate cells in a man’s body, and these cells will heavier as they get older.

  From the age of 20, the ratio of adult to muscle tissue tends to increase.

Age, the harder the exercise, the strength and plasticity of the muscles begin to decline from the age of 20, and by the age of 40, the function of the heart and lungs gradually weakens, the joint ligaments become hard, and the body becomes more and more vulnerable.

Therefore, almost every man is always heavier than before when he is 30 years old.

And his genes, hormones and slowed metabolism all began to affect his abdomen.

Therefore, it is not a woman’s patent to go through the age of growth.

  Long-term sedentary work, lack of exercise due to work stress, or seeking comfort from food or alcohol due to depression, these are the reasons why men get fat.

And the weight and stress will form a vicious circle: the average person is easy to overeating under stress, and the indigestion causes overweight, so it is more susceptible to stress.

The balance between the weight and the old man is balanced and reasonable.

The balance between the weight and the old man is balanced and reasonable.

With the improvement of living standards, the people’s health awareness is getting stronger and stronger. They like to eat coarse grains and eat less grains to become a contemporary health care trend.

  Due to its simple processing, coarse grains contain nutrients that are not found in many fine grains, which penetrate the food fiber and cause B vitamins and minerals.

Many coarse grains also have medicinal value: American scientists have found that oat bran can lower blood fat, blood sugar, and help diabetes.

A survey by Harbin Medical University also showed that buckwheat is more beneficial for diabetes.

Corn can accelerate bowel movements, which is beneficial to detoxification in the body, thus reducing the chance of colorectal cancer.

In addition, it can effectively prevent high blood fat, arteriosclerosis, gallstones and so on.

Therefore, eating more whole grains is a good choice for the elderly who are prone to obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and constipation.

  However, long-term, excessive consumption of coarse grains is also detrimental to health.

This is because the elderly have their own specialities in strengthening nutrition.

In the old age, the metabolic rate of the body is reduced, the physiological function is reduced, and the ability to adjust and adapt to the digestive system is also reduced.

These physiological changes will also cause a corresponding change in the nutritional needs of the elderly.

Therefore, the elderly should eat moderately.

  First, the coarse grains contain high dietary fiber, which is good for relieving senile constipation.

However, long-term eating of high-fiber foods, long-term high protein supplementation is blocked, slight supplementation is greatly reduced, trace elements are lacking, so that the function of the heart, bones and other organs, as well as hematopoietic function is affected, anemia occurs, and human immunity is reduced.force.

  At present, the fiber food guidelines developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations suggest that 30 should be included in the daily diet.
50g fiber.

Generally, in every 100 g of food, the bran contains 18 g of fiber and the soy contains 11.

9 grams, buckwheat contains 6.

5 grams, corn noodles contain 2.

1 gram, millet contains 1.

3 grams.

It is most reasonable to mix and match 6 servings of coarse grains and 4 servings of fine grains.

  From a nutritional point of view, corn, millet, soybeans, etc. are not as good to eat as they are in a certain proportion. The nutritional value is high because the mixture can make the protein complement each other.

The Laba porridge, the eight-treasure porridge, the rice millet porridge, the buckwheat noodles with white noodles, the noodles with white noodles, etc., which we often eat in daily life, are all scientific and coarse foods mixed with food.

  In addition, minerals should be replenished in time while eating whole grains.

Buckwheat, oats, and corn have high levels of phytic acid, which hinders the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus, and affects the metabolism of internal minerals. Therefore, the elderly should increase the absorption of these minerals when eating coarse grains.

Be wary of bacterial vaginitis, how to treat six major complications

Be wary of bacterial vaginitis, how to treat six major complications

Getting bacterial vaginitis can make you feel miserable.

It is also considered to be a non-absolute vaginitis mainly due to the mixing of some bacteria causing infection of the vagina.

So what are the complications of general bacterial vaginitis?

How to treat?

Women must look at it.

Six major complications of bacterial vaginitis 1. The genital tract of pelvic inflammatory disease is secreted and reproduced in the genital tract. The most frequently isolated flora is consistent with the BV flora, including the pseudobacteria, the number of digestive streptococci, and the vagina.Gardnerella et al.

2, abnormal uterine bleeding and endometritis abnormal uterine bleeding caused by endometritis, abnormal uterine bleeding caused by abnormal infection of the endometrium of the infected ovarian hormone or by the endometrial infection or direct damage caused by inflammation.
3, gynecological complications In women who died of surgery, the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease in women with pregnancy and BV was not included in women with BV.

7 times.

4, cervical cancer BV, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and genital tract human papillomavirus infection have the same epidemiological relationship, BV anaerobic bacteria metabolism of vaginal secretion of ammonia and carcinogenic nitrite.
5, HIV infection of BV patients can increase the risk of HIV transmission.

As the pH increases, HIV’s viability and ability to intervene also increase and may make transmission easier.

6, infertility and abortion BV patients with tubal factors infertility increased.

In the treatment of assisted pregnancy, the growth rate of BV patients and non-BV patients is similar, but the early pregnancy of BV patients is higher than that of non-BV patients.

Treatment of bacterial vaginosis 1, general treatment.

Keep the vulva clean and dry to avoid scratching.

Do not eat spicy spicy foods.

Change your underwear frequently, wash it with warm water, and do not mix it with other clothes to avoid cross infection.

2, topical therapy.

It can be treated with topical drugs, such as metronidazole suppository, once a night for 7 days.

3, comorbid treatment.

Those who detect other pathogens should use other pathogens to avoid abuse of antibiotics.

Pay attention to the general condition medication, can give support and immunotherapy at the same time, pay attention to adverse drug reactions.

4, sexual partner treatment.

Male sexual partners take treatment at the same time.

Experts remind: female friends should take their own health as their priority, pay more attention to their own physical problems, and do daily maintenance and maintenance work to ensure their health.

Drinking tea for different seasons

Drinking tea for different seasons

There is an old saying in Chinese folks: “The seven things that go home, the rice, oil, salt and vinegar tea”, this means that tea is essential in some people’s lives.

However, people only know that drinking tea is very fun, and it is good for human health, but they don’t know how to drink tea. If you drink tea in different seasons, you will be very particular about it.

The motherland medical advocates: spring drinking tea, drinking green tea in summer, drinking green tea in autumn, drinking black tea in winter.

  Most of the spring drinking tea is monsoon climate, spring temperature, summer heat, autumn cool, winter cold, four seasons are very distinct.

In the spring days, the spring breeze recovers, the yang produces, and brings vitality to all things. However, people are generally trapped in sleepiness and fatigue, showing the phenomenon of spring sleep.

People who drink tea can alleviate the adverse effects of spring sleep.

The flower tea is cool and fragrant and fragrant, which is conducive to dissipating the winter cold evil accumulated in the human body, promoting the yang qi in the body, making people feel refreshed and refreshed.

  Huacha is a treasure of tea that combines the beauty of tea and the fragrance of flowers.

“Flower tea scent, complement each other”, it is the most famous name of jasmine tea by using the principle of absorbing the characteristics of baking green tea and other tea-based tea and the scent characteristics of flowers.

This is because the scent of jasmine is clear and the taste of the tea is refreshing and refreshing.

For high-end flower tea, you should add a transparent glass cover cup, take 3 grams of flower tea, put it into the cup, brew it with a little boiling water to a temperature of about 90 °C, then cover the cup to prevent the fragrance from being lost.

After two or three minutes, you can drink, and you will feel refreshed and refreshed.

  Summer drink green tea is hot in summer, hot in the sun, people in it, sweating, rain, people’s physical exertion a lot, lack of energy, then green tea is better.

Because green tea is unfermented tea, it is cold, “cold can clear heat”, the most can go to the fire, thirst, digestion and phlegm, and accelerate the healing of oral and mild gastric ulcer.

Moreover, it has high nutrient content, and also has medicinal value such as blood fat reduction and anti-vascular sclerosis.

After the tea is brewed, the water color is clear, the aroma is quiet, the taste is fresh and refreshing, the daily drinking is in the summer, the heat is relieved, and the body is strengthened.

The treasures in green tea are Longjing of Zhejiang Shifeng, the color of the soup is green, and the fragrance is pleasant. It is known as the “Chinese green tea leader”; Jiangsu Taihu Biluochun, brown and green, with strong aroma; Anhui Huangshan Maofeng, tea flavor fragrance.

  Brew green tea, take 90 °C boiling water, high-grade green tea and delicate tea, the leaves are delicate, the aroma is mostly low-boiling fragrance, brew with 80 °C boiling water, do not need to cover when brewingCover the cup to avoid hot suffocation and affect the freshness of the tea soup.

  Autumn drinking green tea autumn, high sky and cloud, gold wind bleak, flowers and trees withered, dry climate, dry mouth, dry lips, Chinese medicine called “autumn dry”, then it is appropriate to drink green tea.

Green tea, also known as oolong tea, is a semi-fermented tea, between green and black tea.

The color is brown and brown. After brewing, you can see that the leaves are cyan in the middle and the leaves are red. It is known as the “green leaf cascading”. It has both the fragrance of green tea and the natural floral fragrance, and the mellow taste of black tea. It is neither cold nor hot.Moderate temperature, emollient, throat, Shengjin, remove heat accumulated in the body, let the body adapt to the changes of the natural environment.

Common oolong teas are Fujian Wulong, Guangdong Oolong, and Taiwan Oolong, which are famous for Wuyi Rock Tea in northern Fujian and Anxi Tieguanyin in southern Anhui.

However, many oolong teas are divided into tea tree varieties, including Tieguanyin, Qilan, Meizhan, Narcissus, peach kernel, and hairy crab.

Oolong tea is used to drink, pay attention to taste and smell. For brewing oolong tea, it needs 100°C boiling water. After soaking, pour the tea in the teapot into the cup. The aroma is rich and the gums are fragrant.

  In winter, the weather is cold, the objects are crouching, the cold sin attacks people, the physiological functions of the human body are diminished, and the yang is weakening. The Chinese medicine believes that: “When the winter is cold, all things are closed, and the human body’s physiological activities are in a state of inhibition.

The way to keep in good health is to keep warm and keep warm. So drink tea in winter and use black tea as top grade.

Black tea is warm and can raise human body yang; black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which is hot and abdomen, enhances the body’s ability to resist cold, and helps digestion and greasy.

Black tea is fermented in the process of processing to make the tea pre-oxidized, so it is also called full-fermented tea.

The fresh tea leaves are oxidized to form a red oxidized polymerization product – theaflavins, thearubigins, and the theaflavins. These pigments are partially incorporated into water and brewed to form a red tea soup.

Traditional Gongfu black tea famous products are lake red, Yihong, Ninghong, blush, Taiwan red, blush, famous for the blush in Anhui Province.

Brewing black tea should be brewed with freshly boiled water and placed in a lid to avoid scent.

British people generally have the habit of drinking “afternoon tea”. They often mix blush with Indian black tea, add milk and sugar.

In some of these places, there is also the habit of replacing black tea with sugar, milk, and sesame seeds, so that it can not only produce heat and warm the abdomen, but also add nutrients and strengthen the body.

Old people eating peanut seeds help to keep health

Old people eating peanut seeds help to keep health

Eating snacks is generally a matter for children.

In fact, if the elderly feel obese between meals, they can supplement the body with a little digestible and nutritious snacks, which is good for health.

  The ancients referred to peanuts as longevity fruit, and each hundred grams of peanuts contained folic acid 104.

9 micrograms, adult daily intake of 60 micrograms of folic acid, can meet the normal physiological needs.

Therefore, peanuts have the effect of replenishing the spleen and stomach

For the elderly with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, often eat vinegar soaked peanuts, which is beneficial for blood pressure reduction and softening of blood vessels.

  Point pumpkin seeds to supplement the phosphorus on the age of the gums, easy to cause loose teeth, teeth become longer or even replace.

This is caused by the shrinkage of the gums, the reduction of nutrients transported to the alveolar bone, and the formation of atrophy of the alveolar bone. The stomatology is called bone resorption. Eating pumpkin seeds can change this phenomenon.

Pumpkin seed kernels are two major types of nutrients that are important for gums and alveolar bone.

First, it contains a large amount of phosphorus, and 1159 mg of phosphorus is contained per 100 g of pumpkin seed kernel. The atrophy of the alveolar bone in the elderly is related to the loss of phosphorus.

The second is oxide carotene and vitamin E, these two substances can directly nourish the gums and prevent gum atrophy.

It is best to grind the pumpkin seeds into powder and eat about 30 grams a day for better results.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are also rich in potassium foods. Potassium-rich foods can help your legs muscles contract and prevent leg cramps, helping to protect your legs.

The potassium content of pistachios is also very rich, more than four times that of bananas.

  Almonds are common dry fruits in life. Recently, researchers have found that some sweet-shaped almonds are added to the diet of high-fat people. After 30 days, the levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglyceride and total cholesterol in the blood will be significantly reduced.This is mainly due to the fact that almonds contain free radical unsaturated fatty acids (nearly 50%) and vitamin E. These substances have the effect of lowering fat.

In addition, almonds have a high content of precipitated fiber (about 17%), which promotes the slight metabolism of the human body.

Adding some seasonal almonds to the income can also increase the vitality of some enzymes in the body, and enhance the body’s ability to scavenge free radicals and delay aging.

  Sunflowers are born in the sun, where the sun goes, where it goes, it absorbs the sun with the most qi, so sunflower seeds have a good yang effect.

Vitamin E contained in sunflower seeds is a resistant antioxidant that protects blood vessels, promotes metabolism, enhances body resistance, improves blood vessel elasticity, delays cell aging, and helps delay the development of arteriosclerosis.

Insomnia caused by small arteriosclerosis, forgetfulness, heart palpitations, chest tightness, etc., can be eaten raw sunflower seeds: take 30 grams of sunflower seeds before going to bed every night, chew and eat.

There are arteriosclerosis, fatigue and fatigue caused by insufficient blood supply to the tissues, drowsiness, discomfort such as dim flowers, and can eat pumpkin seeds and pistachios, which contain unsaturated fatty acids, carotene and enzymes, which soften blood vessels and improve the brain.The effectiveness of the blood supply.

  If you eat sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, it is best to peel them by hand. Do not use your mouth. If you use your mouth, a lot of saliva will stick to the seeds and lose.

Chinese medicine believes that the thicker in saliva is saliva, and the thinner is saliva.

The spleen is saliva, and the kidney fluid is saliva.

In addition to the function of moistening and dissolving food, making it easy to swallow, and cleaning and protecting the oral cavity, saliva also nourishes the essence of kidney essence.

Because saliva is the temper to help the kidneys of the essence of the birth, more saliva or a long time will inevitably consume kidney and temper.

Lixia health should increase acid and reduce bitterness

Lixia health should increase acid and reduce bitterness

It is now the summer festival and the first solar term in summer.

In the past few days, the temperature in Guangdong has risen and the sun is shining. At noon, the heat is pressing, and the weather is early summer.

Professor He Xiaoling, the inherited expert of the Chinese traditional Chinese medicine expert, director of the Department of Liver Diseases of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine pointed out that Chinese medicine believes that “summer gas and heart gas pass”, Lixia health should pay attention to early sleep and get up early, think “resting”, avoid sweating after exerciseHey, “Khan” out of the yang, in the diet, should adopt the principle of “increasing acid and reducing bitterness, nourishing the kidney and helping the liver, and nourishing the stomach”. The diet should be light, eat more vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains.

  Wood-type people eat more heat and nourish yin and sputum food physique characteristics: pale skin, small head, long face, wide shoulders, straight back, weak body, flexible hands and feet.

  Living nursed back to health: should go to bed early and get up early, avoid anger, emotional should be optimistic.

  Diet nursed back to health: should eat more foods that can clear the heat and nourish yin and spleen, such as sputum, cantaloupe, white peony, fungus, white fungus and so on.

  The choice of medicated diet is “peony porridge”: 20 grams of white peony, 100 grams of previous rice, 15 jujubes, and moderate amount of maltose.

First, add white peony, jujube and water, sauté the juice, remove the dregs, add water, and add the previous rice. After boiling with a large fire, use a small fire to make a thin porridge.

When eating, you can add appropriate amount of maltose, which has the effect of nourishing yin and softening the liver.

  Fire type tomato 荸荠 can clear heat and qi and laxative physical characteristics: skin red, wide back muscles, thin face, small head, shoulders and abdomen well-proportioned, small hands and feet, steady walking, temperament.

  Living nursed back to health: sleep well, the elderly should avoid high-intensity exercise, choose Taijiquan, Ba Duanjin, etc. to adjust yin and yang blood.

  Diet and nourishment: increase acid and reduce bitterness, nourish the stomach, eat more tomatoes, cantaloupe, wolfberry, raw land, lily, cypress kernel and so on.

  The medicated diet can be “tomato sipping”: 200 grams, 200 grams of tomato, 30 grams of sugar.

Wash, peel, chop, and juice the juice; wash the tomatoes, chop them, and sip the juice.

Combine the tomatoes, simmer the juice, add the sugar and mix well.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, replenishing the blood and invigorating the body, and promoting the qi and fluid, and relaxing the bowel.

  Soil type people Huaishan Atractylodes spleen and liver and kidney physique characteristics: yellow skin, round face, large head, rich shoulders, large abdomen, thighs to fleas are born strong, small hands and feet, muscle fullness.

  Life nursed back to health: go back to bed at four o’clock, go to bed early and get up early.

  Diet nursed back to health: eat more spleen, kidney and kidney products, such as pig lean meat, fish, Huaishan, Atractylodes, Amomum, papaya and so on.

  Medicated meal replaces “Amomum bean sprouts broth”: 100 grams of bean sprouts, 6 grams of Amomum vulgaris, 50 grams of lean pork, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of onion, 5 grams of salt, 1 egg, 20 grams of raw flour, 30 oilGram, 10 grams of soy sauce.

The amomum is shelled and ground into fine powder; the yellow bean sprouts are removed to the roots; the ginger slices and the onions are cut into sections.

Wash the pork lean meat, cut into 4 cm long, 2 cm wide slices, put into the bowl, beat the eggs, add raw powder, soy sauce, salt, amomum powder, add a small amount of water, let it hang the pulp, waituse.
Put the wok on the fire to heat, add the oil, burn 60% hot, add ginger, scallion, add 800 ml of water, boil with martial arts, add the bean sprouts, first simmer for 20 minutes, then use the fire to burnBoil, add pork lean meat, cooked and served.

It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, and purifying the skin.

  Gold type clear heart and lungs avoid anger physical characteristics: body shape is relatively small, but the shoulders are wider, square face, nose straight mouth wide, limbs are thin, quick movement, white skin.

  Life nursed back to health: avoid anger, keep your mind calm, in order to prevent liver fire, burn lungs.

Exercise in the morning or evening to avoid sweating and yang.

  Diet nursed back to health: eat more Qingxin Runfei products, such as white fungus, black fungus, dragonfly, lily and so on.

  Medicated meal replaces “double ear fried liver waist”: 20 grams of white fungus, 20 grams of black fungus, 50 grams of pork liver, 50 grams of pork loin, 6 grams of Shao wine, 3 grams of salt, 3 grams of MSG, 10 grams of onion, 3 grams of ginger,20 grams of raw flour, 35 grams of vegetarian oil.

The white fungus and black fungus are soaked in warm water for 2 hours, go to the scalp, and the impurities are torn into petals. The pig liver is washed and cut into thin slices. The pig’s waist is washed, cut into two halves, and the white parotid gland is cut into the waist.Use raw powder, salt, MSG to grasp and mix, sizing; ginger slices, onions and cut into sections.

Put the wok on the fire to heat, add the oil, burn 60% hot, add ginger, onion and fragrant, then go into the pig liver, pork loin, Shao wine, white fungus, black fungus, salt, MSG, fried and ready.
It has the effect of moistening the lungs and liver.

  Water type human corn jujube nourishing stomach and dampness physical characteristics: body shape is relatively fat, short, head thorn, wide crotch, fracture cut, skin black, waist and hip slightly, short fingers, dense and black, afraidCold and warm.

  Life nursed back to sleep: sleep well, take care of the dirty.

Maintain a happy mood and avoid temper, to prevent liver spleen.

Avoid drinking cold drinks after exercise and damage the spleen and stomach.

  Diet nursed back to health: eat more spleen and dampness, stomach products, such as corn, black beans, carrots, Huaishan and so on.

  The medicinal diet can be used as “corn jujube black bean porridge”: 1 corn (about 150 grams), 30 grams of jujube, 30 grams of black beans, 90 grams of carrots, and 200 grams of rice.Wash the corn and carrots, cut the corn, cut the carrots, and wash the jujube, black beans and the previous rice into the casserole, add the appropriate amount of water, first boil with a big fire, then boil the porridge with a small fire.

It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the liver, clearing heat and dampness.