Liu Guiyao: The construction of the key counties of Dulan green organic agricultural and livestock products is on track

According to Liu Guiyao, the secretary of the Dulan County Party Committee, since last year, Dulan County has carefully formulated plans, carefully research measures, improves the working mechanism, and clearly targets and tasks. Combined with the "eight major actions" of rural revitalization The key county of the product output is on track. In terms of the construction of the Dralan National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, there are currently 21 projects, with a total investment of 100 million yuan. 3, 2 brand promotion projects, water plants, sewage treatment plants, heat source plants, asphalt roads, supporting lighting, wolfberry industry defense, 3,000 tons of wolfberry health wine, good breed and good wood cultivation base, white thorn fruit and wolfberry profound essence The implementation of projects and other projects has further enhanced the ability of the park’s absorption and carrying capacity, and improved the added value, the scale of industrial development and product sales of wolfberry products. At the same time, the construction of the Green Quinoa Industrial Park, the construction of the Yak Tibetan Tibetan traceability system, the construction of farmland and the reconstruction of the infrastructure, and the achievements of reservoir have been achieved. "Non -graining" and the rectification work of the wasteland have been continuously promoted, "Dulan Youpin" has been fully promoted, stabilized grain to ensure orderly scheduling, and comprehensively grasping the work of spring plowing and production has also achieved significant results. In the construction of major projects, in 2022, Dulan County undertook the funding for rural rejuvenation subsidy 100 million yuan, and planned to implement 19 rural revitalization projects. Integrate various types of agricultural funds for 100 million yuan, and plan to implement 29 projects such as agricultural and animal husbandry production and development, rural infrastructure construction.

Liu Guiyao said that in the next step, the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of Qinghai Province will be implemented, and with a more vigorous spirit and more resolute execution, it will continue to promote the construction of the output of Diaoli green organic agricultural and livestock products.

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“Um?This is”

I haven’t allowed him to react,He is very soon,One drop of water became two drops of water,Three drops of water countless drops!
Like someone splashing from the sky,The heavy rain of the pour is directly down from the sky,Put the upper strip that has not reacted directly, a soup。
The upper surface that has no expression feels a cold meaning because of rain.,And listen to the ear,Just walked to Xiaomei teacher’s exclamation,Look up and watch the sky。
“Magic division unfortunately。”
At this time。
“Um?You have no umbilicals.?”Xiaomei teacher,Looking at a male and one girl standing downstairs in her house,Asked。
“”The red priest and cracked in a moment were opposed to the eye.,Helpless sigh。
(This chapter is over)
NS104chapter Spiritual bath towel party.
“this”When the Qing Palace is moving into the door of Xiaomei teacher,When I saw this strange scene in the house,Rao is the brain circuit of the Qing Palace,I can’t stay a stay,“What did you do??”
Don’t blame the palace without reacting,Just this scene is too unclear.。
Aquarium,On the head, the upper strip of the bandage is attached to the face of the face, but the same, the same nightgown bath towel, Steier and God.,Ignore the expression of the three faces,It seems that it is going to be average,Inbrek, a red rabbit pajamas, is standing in front of the upper strip,A face‘fierce’Staring at cracked and Steier,But with her Loli’s body,How is the kind of fierce expression?。A wet Xiaomei teacher is innocent to see a few people,With a face“Obviously, this is my home, what do you want to do?”Expression,It seems that I have to cry out。Look at the look of a few people,The atmosphere should be very dignified and even tense,But I don’t know why,They are as going to open a pajamas party.,Alever or the feeling of the enemies that have just been taken from the bathhouse,It all makes the original nervous atmosphere become very quirky,I even make a little laughter。
I saw the Qing Palace.,The face of the upper and Yintick is suddenly loose,And the cracks and Steier are serious.,Especially cracking,See the moment of the Qing Palace,Also think about holding the handle before you think,But the hand is out of half.,Cracks reacted,At this time, I didn’t wear anything outside a long bath towel.,Suddenly,Hand is also stiff in the waist,I don’t have it for a time.,Face slightly red,It looks very embarrassed。
“Upper strip?”Qing Palace,Looking at the top of a face,And the expression of Yintick’s face angry,Turning again, watching the faceless Steier,And a bath towel,Face micro-red cracked,Suddenly I can’t help but take a cold air,“you”
Really, it is a man who has a sister.!The Qing Palace is sucking a cold air,Take a look at the eyes of the upper strip。
Short three days,Actually cracking
One time,The brain of the Qing Dynasty made a big play
“You are too much.!”The Qing Dynasty said,“Although I know that your personality is likes to be honest with the girl.,Can you have a few days after all the clict and you?,You have not been too much like this.,and also,Is Interke next to it?,You are not afraid of her sad.?”
This time,Non-but the upper strip of Yintker Shiri cracked four people,Even the Xiaomei teacher in the side also tightly,Looking at the Qing Palace,do not know what to say。
“嘎?”Originally thought that the Qing Palace was coming to the upper strip, he was suddenly stayed.,Totally, the mouth of the thunder is angry.,“What am I me??”
In his heart,Some things like belief suddenly collapsed,That kind of thing is called Qing Palace
Big brother,When you sell the exercise,Can you see some occasions??The upper strip is suddenly like a face,and also
I am a wretched person in my mind.?!!The upper heart is mad,You are a dummy.!Must be fake!1eve1 5How can you have such an allergy of this?!
Although I have to admit,Although I was very miserable by the gigant called the cracked.,But her figure is really great.
Ah, ah, I am going crazy.!I suddenly wanted to cry a game.,Especially he is seeing the opposite Steier’s faceless face.,That can’t help but hit the mouth of the mouth。
“what?What is the meaning of glasses??”Yintker,I can’t think of the Qing Palace.,“and also,Why is I sad??”
“”Steier’s mouth hidden smoked,Face has become very exciting for a time。
Personality is honest with girls.?
Steier suddenly wants to smoke,But I think that I have been pouring it by a inexplicable rain.,Even smoke is wet, can not draw,Can only take the mouth angle。
I know like this early.,Hello can wear wet clothes,Don’t succinct the little girl with that powder upstairs.,Ghost to make the gods!
As for why don’t you use magic to dry clothes??joke,Have you seen the flame to roast clothes??
Say,God will not blainage here.?

Party building leads to the practical thinking of social governance innovation in Tibet

The power of Xiong Yuan to the party comes from the organization, and the organization can double the strength.

Innovative social governance systems should put resources, services, and management to the grassroots level, and combine grass -roots governance with grass -roots party building. The key to achieving long -term stability and sustainable development of Tibetan areas lies in the party.

The social governance innovation involved in Tibet is the key to the work of the grassroots party. Many years of practical experience shows that the key to the party building leading the social governance innovation in Tibet is the key to comprehensively implement the general requirements of the party’s construction in the new era, unswervingly promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, and thoroughly study and implement the party’s 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China The spirit of the session of the session, deeply understand the decisive significance of "two establishment", strengthen the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self -confidences", achieve "two maintenance", and the mind "the big of the country", insist on using Xi Jinping Xinxin Xinxin Times Socialist ideology of socialist ideology armed party members, educating the masses, leading governance, firmly grasping the correct political direction, always aligning with the Party Central Committee, strengthening the party’s absolute leadership, adhering to the people -centered, respecting the masses’ pioneering spirit, realizing social forces Together, the innovation practice of local conditions, and continuously transforming the party’s political advantages into new ideas, new measures, and new results in social governance in Tibetan areas. Guided by Marxism’s position, viewpoint, and methods, adhere to the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and firmly grasp the correct direction of promoting social governance innovation in Tibet. The grass -roots party committees involved in Tibet should take on the responsibility of the main body of the resolved and disruptive division of struggles and ideological work, learn to understand and learn, and use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening and innovating social governance of social governance. Important discussions, strengthen the people’s position, firm ideals and convictions, effectively implement the party’s leadership, effectively implement the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, continuously promote the party’s construction, promote national unity, economic development, social harmony, cultural prosperity, unifying thoughts and actions to The Party Central Committee’s decision -making deployment of Tibetan work promotes social governance and innovation in Tibetan areas under the leadership of the party building along the correct direction. Take the strengthening of party organization construction as the starting point, and promote the innovation of social governance systems in Tibet.

Consolidating the party’s ruling foundation, the party’s organization is the fundamental carrier.

Social governance involved in the Tibetan region shall lead the party, educate the people, and serve the people, such as establishing county and township party committees, organ party organizations, village party branches, temple management party branches, "two new" organization party branches, etc. The responsibility system for implementation at the level and layers of implementation is promoted to the innovation and development of the diversified subject system of social governance.

It is necessary to give full play to the leadership of the party committee to take the overall situation and coordinate the leadership of all parties, penetrate the party’s leadership into all aspects of social governance, and convert the party’s leadership’s political and institutional advantages into the strong effectiveness of social governance, so that the party leadership The intention of the party organization and the wishes of the masses can be fully realized. Adhere to the mass line, and promote social governance innovation by relying on the masses, the organization of the masses, and serving the masses. The party building work must first serve the mass production and life. To take the mass line of the new era, we always take the main position of the masses by relying on the masses, organizing the masses, and serving the masses as an effective way to strengthen social governance, give full play to the role of the masses, and actively guide the masses to major coordinates of social governance at the grassroots level. Find your own small coordinate points in the department, take the initiative to integrate into the management of village -level affairs, promote the civil and civilian discussions, civilian, private, civilian management, and finally realize that grass -roots governance will be transformed by the government to village -level organizations. Seeing changes and benefits in the construction, so that grass -roots party organizations can truly become a strong fortress serving the masses and promoting development. Adhere to the thinking of the rule of law, and promote the rule of law and enforcement of the social governance system involved in Tibet through strengthening system innovation and system execution. There are more faith in the people involved in Tibetan are more than believe in the law and the habits. To achieve long -term stability in Tibetan areas, we must emancipate their minds and break through the rules, and do a good job of social governance innovation with the spirit of reform and innovation. Grass -roots party organizations and their party members and cadres should use the principles of the rule of law to understand, analyze, and deal with social governance issues. Through institutional innovation, improve and improve the public service system, stimulate people’s creativity and enthusiasm And promoting social wealth continuously, and promoting social progress in Tibetan areas. Adhere to the problem orientation, and promote social governance innovation with diligence, goodness, and daring to solve practical problems. If you want to do a good job, you must dare to face up to the problem, be good at discovering problems, dedicated to research, and longer than solve the problem. We must adhere to the people -centered, effectively protect the vital interests of the masses, systematically thinking, in -depth plans, and promote it pragmatically. In the hearts of the masses, we can trust the people with the actual results of the problem solving, so that the party’s image will enter the deep inside of the masses, and enhance the masses’ listening to the party, feeling the party, and the political consciousness of the party.

  Adhering to development is the first priority to cultivate social governance innovation in Tibetan regions in order to cultivate the modern industrial system and gradually improve its self -development capabilities. It is necessary to always take liberation and development of social productivity as the fundamental task of promoting social governance innovation in Tibet, and put "the brain and the heart of the people" in a more prominent position. The main line of the main line is to promote the core values ??of socialism, focusing on the cultivation of modern industries that are suitable for the actual area of ??Tibetan areas, and in -depth theoretical preaching of the Party Central Committee’s modern industrial policies. , Condense the consensus, stimulate the people in the uprightness of the masses, strive for the recognition and support of the masses, continue to build spiritual homes, and provide social governance with ideological guarantees, spiritual power, moral nourishment and cultural foundation. It is the key to adhere to cadres, and to promote the enthusiasm of cadres to promote social governance innovation in Tibet.

It is necessary to guide cadres at all levels to do their own things about the vital interests of the masses, strengthen ideological tempering, political experience, practical exercise, and professional training, and continuously improve the level of ability to respond to challenges, resist risks, and resolve contradictions.

We must always maintain the style of close connection with the masses, adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, penetrate the mass line through all aspects of social governance, use the agency to "sink" to drive the grassroots to "move", and use cadres to "go down" to promote the masses " "To create a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship, the officer, and the business officers who want to work, the officer, and the work of doing things, and win the support of the masses with good work achievements, and open up the" last meter "of serving the masses.

  Persist in the focus at the grassroots level and promote social governance innovation through integration of resources. We must always adhere to people to the grassroots level, use things to the grassroots, money to the grassroots, and work hard to the grassroots, to maximize the governance industry resources, departmental resources, and mass resources, and through the establishment of a three -level special working group in county and rural areas, joint party organizations, etc. , Overcoming the disadvantages of grass -roots social governance forces and resource decentralization, and even mutual constraints, improve the working mechanisms of party committee leaders, government responsibility, social collaboration, and public participation, promote the integration of resource integration, strength integration, functional aggregation, form up and down, left and right coordination, vertical vertical, vertical, vertical In the end, the work force of the horizontal to the edge, improve the sense of identity and belonging of the masses, and gradually form a mass participation system with the masses of the masses, the masses of the masses, and the sharing of the people shared by the masses, and create a grass -roots level with the vitality and motivation of the development of the regional development of the party to create a grassroots level. "Mass Autonomous Circle" and "Social Communist Governance Circle" inject multiple forces into grassroots social governance.

  Adhere to the implementation of systematic thinking and promote social governance innovation in Tibet.

We must adhere to systematic thinking, pay attention to the construction of theoretical guidance, organizational framework, system operation, and system management system, and coordinate and coordinate. We must focus on implementation, adhere to the unified goals, problem -oriented, and result -oriented, and success in the success of real performance, win -win results with results, and overcome the "two skin" phenomenon of goals and means. It is necessary to consolidate party members and the masses around the party organizations, focusing on the thoughts, production, and life of party members and the masses, and focusing on the fields of ecological protection and national security, focusing on the focus and main energy on these tasks, concentrated resources, concentrated on resources, concentrated Power and concentration, and make these major events related to the big situation and long -term development.

The party building must have temperature, attractiveness, and appeal in order to achieve the cohesion and appeal of party organizations, in order to integrate various tasks, and ultimately form a strong productivity and combat effectiveness. The party building leads social governance innovation. Only by using the people’s longing for a better life to string this line, using the party’s centralized unified leadership, and dripping through the stones and catching it to the end Real effect.

  (The author is deputy secretary of the Huangnan State Committee of Qinghai Province) Website editor: Wang Han.

Xia Shuyue knew there was no way to persuade her parents,Old thinking is not one day or two days,Can only say with a smile,“Ok,Ok,Now the Xia family has a grandson,Ugh,You guys,Old feudalism!”

Wang Sulian is afraid that Xia Shuyue will go back,double confirm,“You do not understand,Your father has no boys,I feel like I can’t lift my head in front of others,We are done,The child was born with the surname Xia,Don’t you bluff me。”
Xia Shuyue nodded,“No dad anyway,Can’t follow other people’s last name,The last name is the same,The last name is Xia。”
Wang Sulian changed her position,Worried again,“Now you and your second sister have children,What worries me most is your older sister,Been married so long,Till now there are no children,Long time,I’m afraid your brother-in-law has ideas。”
“Worrying all day,Worry about this for a while,Worry about that for a while,You are free。”
Of course Xia Shuyue knew something was wrong with her sister’s marriage,And very serious,currently,Just a divorce certificate,This relationship is no different from a divorce,But she still dare not tell Wang Sulian,Worried about her。
“Now of course you think I am worrying,Waiting for your child to land,You know what it’s like to be a mother,See if you are like me。”
“I believe it won’t be like you,Can exhaust myself。”
After Yang Yong sent Xia Shuyue to the hospital,I went straight to the store,Everything is normal in the shop,Chen Dan is playing the spirit of ownership,In roll call and arrange work for the day。
Cen Cheng and her classmates came later,Because their main job is to promote,It’s no use coming early,So there is no time limit,Relatively free。
“Yo,Brother Yang,You dress like this today,Xia Shuyue is not here again,Who do you wear?”Cen Cheng sees Yang Yong’s cleaning up today is different from the past,Asked with a smile at the corner of his mouth。
“When I took her to the hospital in the morning,She saw。”Yang Yong also joked。
Yang Yong thinks about the store,It’s enough to be managed by Chen Dan,Everyone has his own position,The printed printing,The camera of the camera,Everything is in order,With Chen Dan staring at attendance, it’s almost the same。
Currently the loosest is peripheral work,and so,He decided to focus his work on publicity,So I decided to get closer with Cen Cheng,It’s okay to make a joke。
“You clean up for a long time,Just to show her a look,very tired,Did she like you?”Cen Cheng has already smiled and bent over。
“Maybe not。”Yang Yong also smiled and shook his head。

Study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee.

  On March 18, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee held a meeting to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Political Bureau on March 17, listen to the report of the emergency response of the city’s epidemic, further study the deployment of the epidemic prevention and control work Essence

  Chen Minle, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Hu Henghua, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee attended.

The Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and the Party Group of the CPPCC, the main responsible comrades, and the relevant city leaders attended.

  The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and delivered an important speech to analyze the situation of the new crown pneumonia. The deployment of strict grasp of the epidemic prevention and control has provided us with scientific guidance and methods for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation. guide.

Since the prevention and control of the normalization epidemic, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, my country’s economic development and epidemic prevention and control have maintained a global leading position, which fully reflects the solid strength and strong ability of my country’s prevention and control epidemic. The significant advantage of the Communist Party leaders and our socialist system.

Persistence is victory.

All departments at all levels in the city must conscientiously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, and further unify their thoughts and actions into the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. Starting the political responsibility of preventing and controlling the epidemic, strictly grasped the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  The meeting emphasized that we must understand the important judgments on the situation of the epidemic, and deeply understand the complexity, arduousness, and repetition of the current epidemic prevention and control, further mobilize, unify their minds, firm confidence, persistence, and always adhere to the people’s supremacy and life supremacy. Grasp the various epidemic prevention work, and make every effort to protect the lives of the people’s lives and health. The meeting pointed out that we must understand the important requirements of improving the level of scientific and precise prevention and control, compact the responsibilities of the land, department, unit, and individuals, implement early discovery, early reports, early isolation, early treatment requirements, and continuously optimize the prevention and control measures of the epidemic. Strive to achieve the society as soon as possible. The traceability of the flow should be scientific and precise, thoroughly check the source of infection, find out the trajectory of the action, and cut off the spread of the spread. Nucleic acid testing should be scientifically accurate, and the rapid detection method of antigen is used to further improve the detection capacity efficiency, so as to achieve convenience and orderly and orderly. Isolation and control should be scientifically accurate, strictly isolation of places standardized management, continuous service guarantee, and strengthening the isolation point reserves.

Medical treatment must be scientifically accurate, resolutely keep the bottom line of preventing the hospital, ensure the needs of the masses to seek medical treatment, and care about the front -line medical staff.

Foreign defense inputs should be scientific and precise, adhere to people, things, and environmental defense, implement prevention and control measures such as cold chains, express logistics, etc., and make up for shortcomings and weaknesses. The normalization of key places must be scientifically accurate, and further implement detailed prevention and control measures and emergency plans to check hidden dangers and eliminate risks in a timely manner.

Information release and news propaganda should be scientifically accurate, actively respond to social concerns, guide the masses to do personal protection, strengthen vaccination vaccination, and build a group defense line control line.

  The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to understand the important requirements of the party and government’s responsibility and grasp the common management, so as to achieve responsibility and the responsibility of keeping the soil. Strengthen organizational leadership, resolutely overcome paralysis thoughts, mood, luck, and relaxed mentality, and the command system at all levels maintains efficient operation. Improve epidemic prevention skills, be proficient in the latest epidemic prevention policies, and do well in personnel training and professional counseling.

Give full play to the role of party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members and cadres, actively help the masses to solve problems, and make the party flag flutter high in the front line of the struggle for prevention and control of the epidemic.

To strengthen supervision and accountability, if the outbreak of the outbreak of the outbreak is caused by discipline and regulations, and serious accountability should be investigated according to the rules. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to understand the important requirements for the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, maintain strategic determination, adhere to the stability of progress, coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic, and strive to achieve the greatest prevention and control at the minimum cost. Effects, minimize the impact of epidemic on economic and social development. Strengthen economic operation scheduling, increase the construction of projects, expand effective investment, promote consumption to continue to recover, stabilize foreign trade and foreign capital, do a good job of spring plowing and cultivation, and promote the stable and healthy development of the economy.

Strengthen safety production and petitions to maintain stability, do a good job of forest fire prevention, maintain normal production and life, and ensure the harmony and stability of the overall social situation.

  The meeting also reviewed the implementation opinions on promoting the high -quality development of national work in the new era with the consciousness of the Chinese nation community as the main line.

  The person in charge of the relevant municipal departments attended. (Reporter Yang Fan Zhang Ye) (Editor: Chen Yi, Liu Zhengning) Share more people to see the client download.

If it is said,I will encounter a policeman for a while,He has to panic again.,I’m broken.,His vote is white.。

“Big brother,I don’t want to take a prison。”
The monkey keeps turning around looking at Blue Xin in the car.。
Dim light,Girl’s face is blooming,It’s just like death.。
“Big brother,She is moving,Still alive??”
“Shut up,monkey,Let me die, it is good.,Big brother will take you home soon.。”
He has a little regret with a monkey.。
His people will do more cleaner。
“Oh oh,Big brother,You concentrate on driving,Compare,I don’t want to die.。”
Big brother:“”Can you say some guilly?。
“Big brother,Where are we going??
Go down in the circle,Tiandu is bright。”
The monkey began to worry again.,The big night is not sleeping enough.。
“Going to a fixed location,Coming。
monkey,you shut up,You talk again,I went back in the evening to sew your mouth.,Let you starve,Hurry。”
This monkey is good.,Is courageous,Early love to do bad things。
The man puts the car into a black lacquered small alley.。
The ink seven slowdown in the back,He is very familiar with the terrain of Jiangyou City.,Here is the direction of Dongcheng out of the city,From here, you can get out of the city.,They want to send Miss to the city.。
Ink seven is extremely angry,Already sent a location to Lu Hao。
Lu Haocheng came here at this time.,Late night street car less people,City side,His speed is very fast。 His car speed exceeds ink seven。
Ink,Slightly raise the lips。
Frontier,Bread car parked under a cotton wattage,Two men on the car get off,A woman with a shoulder,Walk deeply to the alley。
Lu Hao became out of the remote light,Seeing the two people with their own wife,He hated that the man’s half of the man。
The right gang is excited to look at the front,“President,Be a lady。”
Lan Xin still does not come to change clothes,Her clothes wear him have seen today。
Lu Haocheng looked at the road in front of him,No road,He picked him a foot。
“get off。”
He is cold and throwing two natural people.。
People have been chasing。
Wei Jin and Qing Dynasty have followed him behind him.。
Since followed Lu Haozheng,Will encounter a lot of dangerous things,The right to have a fitness,Practice judo,Forced to do something that you don’t want to do before。

Strengthen the construction of grass -roots organizations to improve grassroots governance capabilities

According to the "People’s Daily" report, the work of the "two committees" of the national village village since October 2020 has been completed, and 10,000 village teams have completed the new and old replacement. This is the first time that the village’s "two committees" term changed from 3 years to 5 years, 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and simultaneously carried out in the county and townships.

Grassroots are strong and strong, and grassroots are safe.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to the construction of the party’s rural grass -roots organizations, printing and issuing the "Regulations on the Work of the Communist Party of China (Trial)" and "Regulations on the Work of Rural grassroots organizations of the Communist Party of China", and established a long -term mechanism for the first secretary. Rectify the weak and scattered village party organizations, strengthen the evaluation and assessment of grass -roots party building work, etc., and build rural grass -roots party organizations stronger. This year, the Central Document No. 1 emphasizes that "give full play to the role of the leadership of rural grass -roots party organizations" and "improve the rural governance system that combines autonomy, rule of law, and German governance led by party organizations", and continues to promote the construction of grass -roots party organizations.

The party’s grass -roots organization must be strong, and the team must choose to be strong. The "two committees" of the village is an important part of strengthening the construction of grassroots organizations.

In this general, a large number of outstanding personnel who understand the development of good governance, have motivation, and recognize the masses have become members of the "two committees" of the village. The village team’s structure, especially the leader team, has achieved overall optimization. Data show that 74 % of the village "two committees" members of high school (technical secondary school) or above, raising a percentage point, the village party organization secretary’s college degree or above account for %, and increase a percentage point; the average age of members of the village "two committees" is The decline of the village party organization is the average age and declined; the proportion of the village party organization secretary and the director of the villagers’ committee reached %, which is a percentage point higher than the premise of renewal.

The new look of the new team must also have new and new actions, actively fight for the front line of serving the masses and rural rejuvenation, and promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. Highlight political functions, and effectively give play to the important responsibilities of propagating the party’s claims, implementing the party’s decision, leading the governance of the grassroots, uniting the masses, and promoting reform and development. Grass -roots party organizations are political organizations, political attributes are fundamental attributes, and political functions are basic functions.

Rural grass -roots party organizations should look at their responsibilities and missions at the height of building a strong battle fortress and consolidating the foundation of the governing foundation.

In -depth study and implementation of the party’s innovation theory in the new era, strengthening the party’s political construction, spreading the party’s claims and voices in a way of seeking and hearing the people, guiding the masses of grassroots cadres to deeply understand the "two establishment", and consciously achieve "two maintenance" Essence Unblock the "last mile" of the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee, and implement the deployment requirements of rural revitalization, epidemic prevention and control, production safety, etc., and do not discount or deform.

In the implementation of major tasks, the courage to take responsibility and charge in front of them, unite cadres and masses actively entrepreneurship, build a beautiful countryside, and make the party flag flutter at the grassroots level. Continuously improve the level of grassroots governance, better solve the "urgency and sorrow" of the masses, and win the trust of the masses. The rural grass -roots party organizations play the role of connecting the bridge and bond of the masses, and have the most direct and widest connection with the people of the people.

It is necessary to work with the deep feelings of the peasants, to solve the specific problems as the starting point, to do real work and demand for improving the production and living conditions of the masses, enhancing the appearance of village villages, developing characteristic industries, and people’s livelihood in difficult households. Real effect. In the work of preventing and controlling the epidemic prevention and control, rural revitalization, and the construction of Ping An rural areas, find policy implementation of "blocking points", people feel "pain points", and continuously improve the rural governance system and improve governance capabilities.

Improve the decision -making mechanism, villagers ‘autonomy mechanisms, and democratic supervision mechanisms, and carry out villagers’ affairs management in accordance with the law and regulations.

Strengthen organizational coordination, emergency management capabilities, and service guarantee capabilities, make good use of modern information technology, implement grid management, digital empowerment, refined services, improve the level of intelligent rural governance, effectively respond to difficulties, promote rural construction and development Essence The disciplinary inspection and supervision organs have strengthened supervision to promote the comprehensive progress and oversupply of grass -roots party organizations.

When the daily supervision is done, the supervision of the sinking, the landing, and the supervision of the supervision are not issued, so that the cadres can feel the supervision and habit of being supervised, and let the masses know supervision and participate in supervision. We will conduct in -depth inspections of municipal and county, strengthen the communication and cooperation between the grass -roots discipline inspection and supervision organization and the village affairs supervision committee, and strengthen the supervision of village cadres. In -depth rectification of corruption and style of the masses, deepen the case and promote the treatment, combine rectification and rectification with the system, promote the governance, make up for the system loopholes, regulate the operation of grassroots power Rural revitalization.

(Responsible editor: Wang Zifeng, Wang Keyuan).

Tiangong’s eyes are falling on both people。

Although it is only very casual,But the face of the two changes。
“Two Dear,I came here.,This is to pay one thing to two.,Just Jiang Jun mainly took the king,I have to come out。”
Paused,Also,“Every year’s player assessment,The nine main peaks of the neutral hospital will reach an order,Assessment period,Everything is dominated by players,No one must privately fight in the city,No one must pass over the rules。”
This sentence,Ginger is not the amount of eyes,Convincing。
Li Tong is just the opposite,Delicate between the look。
As for Changping and Li Shuya,As a Wu Wangjing, they,At this moment, you shake as sieve。
“Tiangong brother,This matter may be misunderstood。”
Li talks immediately,Since,“I will investigate……”He has to grab the first。
Because he knows,Once the Tiangong is challenging,Then there is no room for turning.。
only——Have not finished,Tiangong swing,Positive color,“Wang Wei、The first re-assessment of left small fish,I am acting as an examiner.,The experience on the road,Encounter,I am looking in my eyes.,So the retrieval player called Ling smoke,I also learned a little.。”
Li Tong’s face became difficult to see the extreme,Silence。
Tiangong also,“This time,Formal players and reform players,A total of one thousand and twenty four people did not participate in the assessment,Our law must be enforced,Due to the teacher’s reason,So I have been paying attention to Wang Wei.,so……About Ling smoke,I have made a comprehensive investigation。”
Lee talks to you,Not a taste in your heart。
Of course he knows,Tiangong is telling the truth。
缥缈 缥缈 is one of the main peaks of nine,There are thousands of big cities below。
Every year’s assessment,There must be such an accident like this.……Of course, there are still some 龌蹉。
Underground,Everyone is in some cases,The eyes are only in the eyes.。
Now it is not。
Just because this is called Wang Wei’s player,In the first re-assessment,I was concerned by Tiangong.。
Today, it became a name disciple of ethereal old ancestors.。
Want to make a pass,Totally impossible。
Tiangong looks to the summer,I can’t find some nodes.,Then look at the left fish,Smile。
finally,The eyes fall in Changping and Li Yazi。
“Changping、Li Ya,Private grievances between you with Ling smoke,Not related to law enforcement,But she is one of the inner hospital reform players.,Have you killed by Changping you,You can admit?”
One is watching in Changping。
He has already faced a pale,Shaking,The face has a desperate color on the face。
Help’s eyes look to Li Yae,However,Li Yazai is equally fearful。
immediately,Changping prayed to talk to Li。
Li talks about low eyebrows,I don’t look at it.。
He laughs,Be in the face,“Disciple admitted,I am afraid that she is entangled in me.,So the disciples have a kill。”
The real situation is of course not so。
In fact,He has not killed the thoughts of smoke since he ended.。

Luo Yan, a representative of the National People’s Congress: helps to promote the development of national culture with the heart

Original title: Perform members of the representative of the development of national and cultural development with their hearts. "As an entrepreneur representative of the Yi embroidery industry, to do a good job of non -genetic inheritance and promote the development of the national cultural industry, it is my inconsistent responsibility." The National People’s Congress Luo Yan, the chairman of the representative of the Chu Xiong and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, is the chairman of the Yiyao County Mimi National Clothing Products Co., Ltd., has been committed to promoting the development of the non -heritage industry and national culture in Yunnan Province.

Since being elected as a representative of the National People’s Congress in 2018, Luo Yan has always kept in mind the mission of serving the people. By visiting the development of the cultural industry of the ethnic minorities, combined with the actual situation of Yunnan Province, the "Development of the UNARCOCE has the development of non -heritage industrialization at the 13th National People’s Congress. Suggestions for supporting and promoting industrial poverty alleviation "" Suggestions on accelerating the development of national cultural industries to build a national cultural brand "and other suggestions. Among them, the "Suggestions on Accelerating the Development of the National Cultural Industry in the" post -epidemic "era of the" post -epidemic "era of the Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress was listed as one of the 16 key suggestions in the country. In the past five years, Luo Yan has not only carefully prepared a suggestion, but also played an exemplary role in daily work, and used practical actions to interpret the people’s mission of the people’s congress representatives for the people. Luo Yan led the company to set up nine Yi embroidery associations and cooperative branches in various villages in Dayao County, built the Yi embroidery workshop to the village, built to the masses, and carried out voluntary Yi embroidery industry skills training through regular development, so that the Yi family women’s football team You can start a business without going out of the village. It not only solves the problems of their home support for the elderly and the childcare children, but also increases family income, which effectively drives rural women to participate in the Yi embroidery industry to increase their income and become rich. At present, a number of leaders who have trained a number of skills and operations have become the leaders of the wealthy ethnic minorities, which stand out in the province’s embroidery competition in the province, laying the foundation for the development of the Yi embroidery industry.

This year, Luo Yan carefully prepared the "Suggestions on Vigorously Developing the Ethnic Cultural Industry to promote rural revitalization". It is hoped that by increasing capital investment and improving infrastructure construction, strengthening innovative talent support, improving the competitiveness of national cultural industry, cultivating leading enterprises, enhancing The role of market entities will further promote the national cultural industry to continue to move forward.

"I must earnestly fulfill the people’s vows to represent the representative of me, and my representative as the people, and face new challenges with a fuller enthusiasm, so that the people will call and I respond." The representative’s example is the role of bridge links that connect the masses and reflect the public opinion, and show the representative style of the people’s congress in the new era. (Reporter Deng Qingwen/Wen Zhou Can/Picture) (Responsible editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Share to let more people see it.

“exist,Before I,only,Only you come out,I later,In addition to the guests with me,I don’t know.!I really don’t know.!Please let me go!Let me go!”

明子 hugs,Tall,Try to relieve pain。
磕 磕 的 回 无 无 话,Speak,There is no arrogance,Full of strong desire!
“Come into the people is your personal idea,Still family support?”Feng Yuyu ignores the asking for Mingzi,Continue to ask。
“It’s me.!Yes,My father also supports this decision.。Channel is a family-spending skill,Talented!”
I know that Yu Mingzi can’t lie in front of himself.,It’s almost the same as it.,Feng Yuyu went through the Qing Mingzi。
Ignorant,The red eyes have returned to the normal tan。
Ku Mingzi gradually saved,Crawn your own breath。
Phoenix turns,I’m going back to Yunqin in the interest.。
At this time,A footsteps came from outside the door,soon,Forgetting the Pavilion and the door to participate in the bigby person this time,Into the heavy building,Appear in front of everyone。
See the scene on the stage,Facilizes questions。
“Mingsonge,You can see the eyes of Ying Mingzi!That is clear that the color of the magic talent!He is the magic.!”Cheng Bank accuses。
Be right,Several people who have never been like,It is because I forget that the Psycho-Hand and Hao Fei, one of the captains of the captain.,Cheng Bank and other five disciples。
Vain,It is the three people who are still in the elderly and still。
The five major three-thick Ming Song Pavilion looked at the eyes,I saw that Yu Mingzi did not completely exposed the eyes.,Fruit is really red,Suddenly there is a kind of fraudulent anger。
“Yan Mingzi!You are actually a magic!Say it,You hide your identity,What is the trouble?!”
Mingsong Pavilion walked into,Pointing at the Wolf Sizes, a condemnation。
Linghua hide behind everyone,The probe looked at the land of the ground,Bite the lip,Don’t say more!
The accused of the kozi is not the master of Mingsonge,Breathed a breath,I finally gradually recovered calm.。
“good,well!You don’t say it.?!Today, there are so many people,I will teach his apprentice for the front of the front of the front.!”
Obviously the Matsum Pavilion does not care about him.,Full of angry continuation:“Popular Pavilion disciple,Yan Mingzi,Hide identity,Insert,Hide!today,Ben Haki exercises the power,Abolish it forgetting the comfort of the disciples!Forget the Pavilion!”
“Mingsonge,You handle the way,Is it too arbitrary??It is better to figure out what happened.?”I will take the long walk before。
Mingsong Pavilion is cold,No, I will listen to the old man.。
“Not your virtual door out of the devil,You can of course don’t care!”
In this world,The devil is getting guilty,He forgets the dust to say clearly,I can’t do anything because of such a devil.!!
I am saying that my dumb,The martial arts walked forward to play a round field。
“Ai!You a big man,Talk to female!”
Sweeping the east of the east,Mingsong Pavilion,Not talking。
Wusong old sweeping a circle,Highly sound:“Who can tell me,What happened here?”
Speech,The three people who have fallen in the door have come to Yunqin and other people.。
“Yun Qin teacher is fine.?”Yunqin, who is quietly stunned。