[Can papaya and watermelon be eaten together?

]_ Xiagua_ eat together

[Can papaya and watermelon be eaten together?
]_ Xiagua_ eat together

Papaya is a common food. It is not a fruit or a vegetable.

Most of the people who eat papaya in life are women, because in today’s society, having a full sex is king for women, and papaya has a certain breast enhancement effect, which is loved by women.

However, various foods in life should be carefully matched. Can papaya be eaten with watermelon?

Papaya and watermelon can be eaten together.

Watermelon cannot be eaten with peaches Strictly speaking, watermelon and peaches cannot be eaten together, but they cannot be eaten together in excess. Eating together may cause diarrhea.

For people with more sensitive stomachs, if you want to eat these two fruits, it is recommended to eat one after a short period of time before eating the other.

In addition, watermelon and peach are both extremely sweet fruits. It doesn’t taste good and is sweet and sweet. It is not recommended to eat together.

Watermelon cannot be eaten with mutton. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eating watermelon after eating mutton is likely to “damage your vitality.”

This is because mutton is sweet and hot, and watermelon is cold, which is a cold product. After eating, it greatly reduces the warming effect of mutton and hinders the spleen and stomach.

For patients with yang deficiency or spleen deficiency, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach dysfunction.

Therefore, after eating lamb, it is not advisable to eat a lot of cold foods such as watermelon and cucumber.

Watermelon and shrimp can not be eaten with shrimp. Watermelon and shrimp are both cold foods. The two foods may irritate the gastrointestinal tract and may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. It is not recommended to eat them together.

Watermelons cannot be eaten with mangosteen as cold fruits, especially those with deficient constitution. People with normal constitution can eat three or four a day. It is best not to eat with watermelon, soybean milk, beer, cabbage, mustard,Bitter melon, winter melon and other cool food to eat together.

Can be eaten in moderation, watermelon taste cold, if you eat too much it will hurt the spleen and stomach, will cause abdominal pain or diarrhea.